Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 27, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 27, 1968
Page 2
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Mire* n \m SOCIETY Engagement Announced NOPE (ARK) t J 7^3431 &etween of Events •KWEBNESDAY, MA8CH tf ,.if , t Ut'TM 1 Pldells Class of the First Methodist Church will have a eliss party Wednesday, March at 7 p,m, tfi the home of Mrs, ' Hoy! Burke at DeAnn. ;;;f he Mary*M4rtha Class of the .ffifst Methodist Church will have iLpafty Wednesday, March 27 at &35 p,m, in the Fellowship room ol the church. Smoked turkey will be furnished by the hostesses. All ^embers are asked to bring a {Vegetable, salad or dessert, Al* so, members are asked to dress Sfsual. jfpRSDAY, MARCH 28 "^The monthly Ladles Bridge- Ltwcheon will be held at the Hope Country Club at 12:30p.m.Thurs- 'day, March 28. The meal will be p^tluck, and hostesses will be MVs. Lex Helms, Jr., Mrs, Thomas Hays, and Mrs. J. B, Martin. SRIDAV, MARCH 29 The Friday Music Club will leeUt &45 p.m 4 Friday, March riri the home of Mrs. Sam W. trong, Jr. with Mrs. Charles lleynerson and Mrs. James Mc- irty, co-hostesses. Please note tie change of date for the meet- j UNDAY, MARCH 31 • ; A Mixed Scotch Ball Golf Tour- i ament will be held at the Hope j lountry Club Sunday, March 31 i tt 3 p.m. The entry fee will be i i White Elephant item. A pot: uck supper will follow the tour- ment, and hosts will be: Mr. d Mrs. Jim Pruden, Mrs. By- 3jon Hefner, and Mrs. Rose Marie Shirey. g MONDAY, APRIL 1 S All the circles of the W.S.C.S. Sf the First Methodist Church meet Monday, April 1 at 2 j&UPLICATE CLUB MEETS •5 At the Diamond Monday, March 3|5 the Hope Duplicate Bridge Jlub had 4 tables of players for gis weekly meeting. Winning gouples were: first, Mrs. Lloyd ~~ icncer and Mrs. George Robi- 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. son; second, Mfs. fern melt Thompson and Mrs, E, J. Whitman; third, Df, George Wright and Luther Hollamoa. GOOD NEIGHBOR CLUB MEETS The Good Neighbor Club at Evening Shade held their March meeting with Mrs. Raymond Collins. Eight members were present to discuss garden topics and house plants. Afterwards games were played and refreshments served. WESYLEAN GUILD NO. 2 MEETS Wesylean Service Guild No. 2 met Monday March 25inthehome of Mrs. Alma Kyler. Mrs. Marie Thomss, District Secretary, was a guest of the Guild. Mrs. Joyce Russell opened the meeting with prayer and conducted a short business meeting. The minutes were read by Mrs. Jennie Sue Aslln. Films were shown by Mrs. Helen McKinney and Mrs. Thomas on how the Guild Pledge Money is used. Mrs. Dorotha Faye Huckabee presented a very inspiring program on Easter. At the conclusion of the meeting a dessert plate and hot tea were served by Mrs. Kyler. The April meeting will be in the home of Mrs. Dorothy Welsenberger. Mrs. Harden Davis will be In charge of the program. Coming. Going Mrs. Richard Woodson, who has been visiting her parents, Dr. and Mrs. Sam W. Strong, went to Dallas, Saturday, where she was met by Mr, Woodson. After a few days in Houston and Conroe, Tex., with his family, the Woodsons will return to San Mateo, Calif., where he is a pilot with United Airlines. Mrs. T. S. Cornelius and Mrs. Jim McKenzie have been recent visitors with friends in Bates- vllle. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Routon returned home Sunday after a visit with her sister, Mrs. Carroll Brown, and other relatives in Little Rock. ***** note; Miybe there's a btgfer market here than you tnlnk,»M, Deaf Helen: So often f * htar of the evils of Welfare, new a thank-you voice. Seven years ago tny husband, a entente alcoholic, walked out, leaving me with six children, t chose between work which wouM take me a*ay from my very young children, and Welfare. Welfare Radio Our oldest son, 13, ted beeft In trouble several times, possibly due to the tensions at home. So 1 especially realised ha* Important H was to have one full- time parent. By CYJffiflA AP tel«v!s1ofi*aiM!o NEW YOMt (Af>}~ Two «*« trtordintfy pfofftfnsv tlstly different in nwod thd approach, brightened the television chan* nets Tuesday night. One showed the miracle of life and the other the tragedy of age* they were ABC's thou|WAil and tender stofy of "How Life Begins," and CBS's "Don't Count the Candles," a percep- ItdWn'tlaketheneighborslong ^M&^ *&*«**« to catch on where the support the loneliness and frustration of came from. These lovely peo- Dancing years, pie 1 had known for years stop- the story of the beginning of ped speaking, even left hate-notes life came in the early evening on my door, t was a leech, period when In many homes, the taking their hard-earned tax mon- whole family could view It to* ey. gether. The program began at The greatest resentment came the beginning-with the sea, and from the fact that my children then described the way in which dressed as well or better than the many forms of life devel- theirs. They wouldn't see that oped* With Eddie Albert narrat- a good manager can make a small Ing a deceptively simple script, income go a long way. the audience was led to a point Despite the snubs, 1 am a hap- where It seemed quite natural to py woman who Is most grateful see a bitch giving birth to a lit* to the County Welfare for allow- ler of puppies, ft calf being Ing me to be home with my chll- born, and then, a smiling young dren. Their friends do not con- woman giving birth to her baby, descend. They are living a nor- it was done quietly, without drft- mal, wholesome life. matlc flourishes. The result was Tonight my youngest son pel* tremendously effective, ted his sick puppy and crooned, Film showing flowers opening "Don't worry, Mother Is AL- and chicks emerging from their WAYS here to take care of US." shells are fairly commonplace, Helen, this did more to dispel and so are the birds and bees my doubts and dissolve the cruel- stories. Although all these were ties than anything could. present In the Jules Power pro- Cur lives could so easily have ductlon, there were other, unu- been a miserable shambles had sual Illustrations of the creation it not been for the Department O f life- the fetus of a kangaroo of Welfare In our County.—NEW emerging from the womb and JERSEY MOTHER struggling to find Us mother's Dear Helen: My wife went pouch; the birth of a stream of Major and Mrs. Paul C. Hope. Miss Lawrence graduated home to mother ten months ago, tiny sea horses emerging fully Lawrence, Orlando, Florida, an- from Bourne High School, Massa- taking our daughter with her. I developed from the body of nounce the engagement of their chusetts and attended Cape Cod; .write to her every day, but no their father; film showing the daughter, Victoria Anne, to A 1C Community College and Orlando answer. Her mother is on my development of a human Robert S. Griffin of McCoy AFB, Junior College. Airman Griffin, side. She tells me how they through all the stages from con- Fla. and Woodland, North Caro- is stationed ai McCoy AFB and ! are. ceptlon to birth, llna. The wedding will take place is attending Florida Southern Uni-j How can I get It to stick in it was a truly fine program April 19th at McCoy AFB Chapel versity. The couple will reside :;my wife's mind that I love her and should be repeated often, with Dr. L. T. Lawrence grand- In Orlando until August when they';and want her and our baby back? At the other end of the eve- father of the bride, officiating, will return to college in North —J.B.W. nine there was a sometimes Dr. Lawrence Is pastor of the Carolina, First Presbyterian Church, VICTORIA ANNE LAWRENCE HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel thick I-H. SPARKS Black Patent $11.99 ADVICE TO MANUFACTURERS Dear Helen: Reading the, con- guys, due to beer, middles-age;. slump, etc., need more stomach * a wild idea. a manufacturer bring out a shirt with "lipstick" marks in varying colors all over it? This for men who would camouflage the evidence?—B.B. Dear B: Manufacturers take note. I'll bet a lip-marked shirt would go over big—not with husbands, but with wives who just adore buying nutty clothes men won't wear. . . , then insisting SnFWftfc vertisements for hair spray, sexy-smelling colognes, hair | dye, flashy clothes, "styling" ap- f pointments with a specialist who f; is no longer a mere barber. Dear J: Tell her in person, shattering study of the emptl- U you and her mother combine ness of old age and a mercl- \ forces over a long weekend you \ ess reflection of the accom- '•may persuade her it's better to panylng feeling of uselessness. ;ibe a wife than a child. Good the program was the work of Lord Snowdon, husband of England's Princess Margaret, and it was from start to finish an impressive piece of work. A still photographer by profession, Lord Snowdon was fascinated by the small, significant detail — the -wrinkles, the' warts,' the veined hands of his subjects. Copyright, 1968, res Syndicate. Inc. King Fea- Dr. Furr to Preach at Baptist Meet Dr. Some of the sequences were painful to watch. There were Noel Coward and Cecil Beaton, both keeping stiff upper lips W. T. Furr was born in . _ Is curbing "their vast waistlines forth Carolina. He has been a about advancing years and talk- any more effeminate? pastor for the past several years, ing of loneliness, There was a Won't somebody come right out Some of his pastorates Include retired admiral and his wife, a and tell the old boys they would the Royal Oaks Baptist Church granddaughter of Queen Victo- look 100 percent better in gir- Kannopolls, North Carolina, ria, grumblUig about their aches dies? Just think: No more Shelby North Carolina, Hlllcrest and pains and deafness, pants belted below the "hang- Baptist Church, Dallas, and tor There was real tragedy in a "•" LJtUtl** WIVvVI L/ClUTf 111(3 lldllK ~ IJCI-UVtah ^* ilM* %*»fty **»***•- «j • — —- - 1.1 *tt tfrl they wear them as conversation over .. t NO more droopy seats I the past four years has beenpus- sequence showing an arthritic pieces.—H. Dear Helen: There's a locker room joke that goes, "Hey, Eg You're all set to go with these dashaway flats from Cobblers Brave new colors .. . rave new looks make these little shoes the greatest things afoot this season ! califo/nia I^Lr COBBERS 1 ^ V11Q ^M*wfc »v**» jv«**»* !»•**» w-w-.^jf.—— - , i A i. 4 ttdrt -FOR TRIMMER MALES tor of the large Queensborough man betog taken to an old age Dear FTM; . . . . And no Baptist Church in Shreveport, home while on the sound track, --- more relaxed comfort! I some- Louisiana. During the four years his chUdren were explaining, al- bert, when did you start wear- how don . t see men curlng tnelr ne has ^ en at Queensborough most too much, why they could ing a girdle?'-"Since my wife "hangovers" with elastic. But some eleven hundred people have «o longer keep him with them, found it In the glove compart- then l never thought tney . d come ^ ve < olne d the churc h with 440 The old man, tears showing in ment." to back-combingtheir hair and of these being baptized. "-- hl ° ""* cfllri nnthln " lllfit took So why is it hilarious when a man wears a girdle? A lot of paste-on moustaches. Again, manufacturers take STUPS Green YeUow White "A Family Sttot t9f§ 11S fail M Strttt for a little miss / SHOE. , given with each pair ol SHOES $6,99 To $8.99 Poll-Parrot puts the glow on these special patents to bring her joy for the holidays and happy days to follow. Advertised on CAPTAIN KANGA8OQ CBS-TV XT"A Family Sfcflf Stars" "X^ _ The his eyes, said nothing, just took church'haslompleteda'beautlful off his glasses and polished auditorium seating approxl- them carefully with trembling mately 1700 people with an ex- hands. penditure of $750,000.00. This is It was not a happy hour, but It one of the outstanding churches was a moving one for those who in the state of Louisiana In Mis- could bear to sit through It. slons giving and in the number — of baptisms each year. Recommended tonight: Dr. Furr has held many plac- "Dream House," ABC, 8:30-9 es of denominational leadership EST, premiere of a quiz show in ever state where he has served, with a furnished house as the He has conducted more than 200 top prize; "Music Hall," NBC, Revivals in Southern Baptist 9-10, singer Eddy Arnold hosts a Churches. He toured the Holy show with a country fair theme land in 1959 and visited Ger- and guest stars Pattl Page, the many, Holland, Belgium, France Cowslll family of singers and and Switzerland in 1968. magician Carl Ballantlne. Dr, Furr is known throughout —' the south as a warm-hearted, John Loudon MacAdam. evangelistic preacher, Scottish engineer, was instru- * L mental in building 920 miles The emu is the national bird of good roads in the British of Australia. Isles in the early 1800s. LET'S TALK ABOUT MOVIES from a hospital bed By VELOA SEAMANS While recuperating m realise how much fun it is to be around the Saenger each nite to visit with you, and I'm missing some good pictures too, I won't get to see "Spartacus" today or tomorrow-*-and this is a really big spectacle with Kirk Douglas which you can still see today or tomorrow— H'? A n<> «f th» tetter ones of Its kind, *«********«« Friday aitf Saturday we've got ainutei <»i action show *t the Saenger for young and old "Konga" a jungle thriller and "Destination Inner Space". This is quite a pair-a 'King Kong* type binrle thriller^ and a futuristic gdventurel **»t******* On our late sho» -,iy;<i*/ wu v^- w*.-*« seem to t* more popular"with the 'in' crowd every week) w-'re bringing you the wonderful, wacky "Rosie" with Roz Russ*ll and Sandra Dee- it's i goodie tor all, and plays Sunday and Monday too. *«**«•***** With wanner weatfier promisee, everyone shouldgoout to the Dixie Drive-In this Fridiy, SUurdiy or Sunday and see "Africa Tej#s Style 1 ', plus "The Busybody", All *e can say is wfc're pretty sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment out of both of these big screen color hits. IS HERE STYIE 4504 MISS Answer Suit; three parts of 1968 news foUl in ulfra-mixlem Polyester fabric that loves your busy, on-thc-gu way of life. I.on#, lean jacket hits a double «h of scum detailing for subtle accent. Short- sleeve*.!, sklc« ventctl blouse and natty sheath ikirt arc charming on.(heir own. f 10 QC \ri£fe 5TYLE 2552 MISS Artistry in fabric .tiul dc-upi. The bi<rtx|iiv (<imlt t<t urtilhvufk on hr.icck't length sk-cvcs . . < incite Curvv* c.irvmjj ihdr svay ^raccftilly on tl)u tufio Hri/;ht ntsv fashion, 'itltuic with ,i iiusrtr's flair, in (Cir.tiuk WIHI) nylon, r<]n AC STYLE 3^01 MISS The 'In )<*>k - in tempo with the youthful woman, whatever hut age' Ulif4 Icjn, double-brt;me<t jacket h Jung, J<>n#, long and hip belied Slim jkirt holds that line Then- pam in luxunuu* Gmdon's Allegro, rayon silk Ami there* lively accent m the bvorm turtle-neck shell of ii acetate —\ $65.00 11$ lift 2nd Slite!

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