Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 2, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1944
Page 7
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• , fj- u"f.•;•-,•• A ':. - ' r ^WEDNESDAY, AUQU8T 2. 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Pag* Seven DID YOU KNOW . that To 63 fjin rim a thi;eu Ad I'm- throe diiys? That give* you fifteen wonjs, too.-. Announcements Contractors L<w»l Jv'oliocn, Employment llrip Wanted—Mnlo >I|.;(:|IANIC—l''nr mitoinoUvb inn- cl-ino «!top. Stabilization only. Tel. Watby. -l : 6U7. plan Help Wanted—Female For Sale For SALIC—Two family HOUHC, 11 .ronm.i, " car garage ami burn. All improvements. Lot S-l x 165. The Registrars of Voters of the Town or Beacon Falls will be in scsiiion In the Town Hall, -Friday. July 28, and FHcliiy, August -1, lO-l'-J from 12:00 o'clock noon unlil 0:00 o'clock p. in. for the purpose of purty enrollment and correcting t!ie u:iuuu<i list. Dated ut. Eu;icon Falls Connecticut, this nineteenth day of July, 10-H. RUTH M. CARROLL,, ' '- HELEN C. DONLAN, , Kcfrlstrars of Voters. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application ! This is to give ". notice that I, Charles J. Lodj:c.of'27 Buebe street, Niiufratuck. Conn., 'have illed an application dated July 24, a9-1-I with the Liquor Control Commission for a Pacl!ii£c' Store permit for the sale of alcoholic, liquor... on. the premises at 40 South' Mnin Btrect, Naupatucls, Conn, The 'business 13 ownod by Mary A.-Dukes of 70 Homestead . avenue, Nautfatuclc, Conn., and will' be conducted by Charles J. Lod^c of 27 Beebe street, Nuugatuck, Conn., as permittee. 1'Al'Kn HANGING W. ]•-,- - Cota, : IT Tel. ,",.15i. mill Pnlntl up. Cedar Street. Merchandise llousoliold Articles PARLOR liwitliiK-'nluviv wood or coal. Used 3 months. Brown enamel. .Dial. £305. C •" .. . Merchandise .Household ArtlvleH DAltK oak dining titlilc; and four chairs, S10. Call 5-177.. after G P- '"• . . . .' .• .' 'jf. ' Halo n(: IL KUcrlllce. Studio couch,-.chairs and niiscellanebuB articles. Apply 178.Meadow street today,'' •! to 8 o'clock.'Must?, be sold tit once. Person 'wxcat^ng premises. ',- .,ji Merchandise ITouseTiokl Articles T11KJ£K iilar'in elockw; sewing machine, ..rugs, furniture,' good writing -desk- etc;-.I'or ,sale. Tel. 3191. . , , ..' On The Air Today p. port. j ONK-i''^'*"''^ houin'.H of -I roon ench, nil modern imyirovcmcnt pre-war built, 3 years old. Kcaao tor .sL-llinj;, owner In servlc {,'..?00, H ro«ni. 1 family house, all Im provemcnts also 3 years old, slti atctl on 3-1 acre land. Price $8,000 Jf you want to buy or .sell st> pAtay twihrinla, 172 High sU'CC ThoiiP S-I.W or 5S3-I. j;lfillT rix>m, '4-fiiinlly IIOIINO. Al Inipvovi'mi'nts. In ^-ood condition ;-cfir sarnKu and largo lot, Price S.VTOO. I\\KU 12-room 2-ftinilI> hou.ic. xarftge and extra huilclInt: Int. I'rlcu $U,300. A. Shcplcy Tel. 213;:. TKX-''()"ni, 'J-f;uniI.v IIIHIMO. All Improvements. Ixjt 30x130. West side of town. Price, ?ti,500. Patsy Uihrloln, realtor, 172 High street, NnaiaUuck Conn. Phono 583-1 or 3-lM.' Vl'ilt^' nlrr T4 family hou«H», e<»n- _trally locntccl. On'e rent avall'nbli: Sept. l. Address Box R, m cart: of Tho Xcws. T\VO fnmlly IHHIW on Highland avciuic. Two family house on Krott street. Four room, one family hmiso. I ac-ni land on Wooster stiTPt, Price S3.300, John Hcftly. T«l. 0031. ,tii Wanted To Buy ONK, Two iiml thri-p family houw<» wanted. Also farms and. low. Tel. 0031. •1 Jjind I'or siiilo Building lot, I'M l>y J()»» /<.%•» on Shirley street, two miles from Niuigutuck off -New Haven, road. Price 5 ISO. Call Watcrbury -1--.I551. Real Estate Wanted In U'unU'il To Jient Cnil.AC.l-, ii4'!ir wtiti^r wanted, CHARLES J. LODGE, Dated July '24, i'J44. 11 i,mtt And Found 'TWO Hi-aide lloundM. One brown • itind white, one black t^nd while. Lost lust week. A. Alvcs, 17 Coen struct. TWO Itoiigle liuiindii, one brown and white; one black and white, lost last week. A, Alvcs, 17 Coen .-. street, . >. Ill) Uliiiiiie.H.s OpliortunUieH •FINK i-xeliislvi' n:t>ord imd mimic iitoi'o. One of the llnest in the state. Good store location. Owner . has other business. A reul opportunity. Box K, in care of The IN'OWS, ..- : i 1 12 JUuMhicsN .AnnuuncotuentN MONUMKNTS Special pi'lccH on All Memorials ft. RICHARDS 260 So. Main 8t Is'nuRatuck Automotive M AutOH.For Sale 'DODGK — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZE.!) Sales Service Parts, Accessories Miilcolni \\~. Stair C'm-p. SS Watertown Avc. Dial 0-1M6 PACKARD "A safn place to buy" I'fiok'.'inMV.'ilt'rlHiry, Inc. S2 .Watertown Avenue Dial '1-0109 i»,'(.-i OI-DSMOUII.I.: for ,H»I«>. Good condition. Tnriuiro .130 Prospect street, Union City, after 0:30 p. m. !)•!! DODGi: (i Sedan— iliist like now. Clean, pood rubber, . low mileage. Lyons Auto Co. Thomaston (M-2. • - • ,., . August i- to 20 nr last in August. Call 3812. weeks For Rent Jtuunis To Rent F.OUK JCOOMS — Would like 2 nrlults, rnqulrc 'JOS Locust alrcct nr IB Shoffiold "Lane, CAMP TRAILER— Knelospd, separate compartments for food, clothes. Two small windows, JSO, Tel, 1S3-3 Woodbury. Merchandise T1IKKK nli'i-l.v furnished rnniiM fur Hehr housekeeping. All conveniences, good location. Sultiif/lc for 2 nrluii... AdtlrnSM Box W In care of lhn NIHVJI. lHu nuats And AccessorluM DODGK Spoi-d lloiit-^Cnpo Cod motor boat and 10-foot dory with electric motor, Tol. Wtby. 3-9SG6 to C p, m. Wntertowri 11-11 after G p. m.- . in. WOR—Rambling "with Gumbllne WABC— Broadway "Midiiwe WAT.R-WJ2—Ethel and Albert WEAF-WTlC-^Bacltst«Ke Wife . 4:15 .p. in. WEAF-WTIC—StcHa rjallas , WATR-WJZ—Don Normtin Show • WABC—Matinee; Newa 4:30 p. m. WABC—Off the Record; Neighbor!) WOrt—Detective Stories" WEAF—Lorenxo Jonc.3 ' 4:-15 |i. in. WEAF-WTIC—Younj: Widdc'r Brown WABC—Ray Scott' Orcli WATR-WJZ—Correspondents., • Abroad 5:00 [>. m. WAEC—Fun wiUi Dunn . WJ'Z-WATR—'Icrry ;uitl Pirates WEAE-WTIC— : Whcn 'a Girl Mar. ries \VOR-Uncle Don G:l,1 |>. ni. WOR—Chlclt Carter WATR—Melody Revi'ie W.IZ— Diol; Ti-any WEAF-WTfC—Love <ind Learn 5:8(1 p. 111. WABC—Throe Sisters WOR—Tom Mix Show WATR-WJ5J—Jack Armstrong WTIC-WUL-.-F—Ju.-it Plain Bill 5;.|.% p. in. WOR—Sujnirman WATR-WJ/1—Sea Mound WABC—Wildci-nei s Road WEAF—Front Page Farrei: 0:00 p. in. WOR—Headlines; Prayer •WATR-WTIC—News WEAF-WTIC-WATR-WJZ—News 0:15 p. ill. WABC—Murray Orch. and Choi'U WATR—Music for Dijiinp- WEAF—Serenade 'to America WOR-WTIC—News WJZ—Hop Harris'an B:'M p. in. WOR—News WEAF—Serenade; Bit: Stern WABC—Jeri Sullavm WATR—News; Sonps 0:43 p. in. WOR—Stan Lomnx WA-BC—Woi-ld Totiay WATR—Pleasure and Profit WEAF-WTIC—Lowell Thonvus WJZ—News ~:00 p. m. 'WABC—t I^ove a. Mystery W10AK-WTIC—Mu'sii- Shop WJK-WATR—Scramby Amby \VOR-Ncws 7:15 p. in. W O R—A11 s w (.• r Man WABC—Passing Parade WEAF-WTIC—World News 7:.'in p. m. WOR—C.-in You Top This? WABC—Easy Aces WTIC—Glee Club \VJZ—Lone Rii'r.igur WEAF—Roth Orch. & Chorus • 7:43 p. ni» WHO—Studio Program •WEAF—News '• •. ," •' WATR—For t>ho..Glrl3 .'. . •'. \ ! , 8:(W p. ni. . . . . WATR-WJX—Watch World Go By won—News; ..'••..•-. WEAF-WTJC—Mr. and Mrs. North WABC—A. Jones, Herman Orch; .8:1.5 p, in. WATR-WJZ—Lum 'n'.Abncr WOR—Xavler Cugat WABC--Dr. Christian , WJZ-WATR—Best-Girls • • •' • n:0(i p. in. - • • WABC—J.-ick Cnrson Show ':, WEAF-WTIC—A'la.n .Young Show WOR—Gabriel Hciittcr WATR-WJZ—Dunwinger 'Show WINS'—Cards vs.-Pirates 0:15 p. in. .WOR—Screen Test , , . ,, .... !»:30 p. m. • WKAF—Mr. District Attorney WABC—Mildred Bailey Show WATR-WJZ—Spotlight WOR—First Nightcr 111:01) p. in. WEA.F-WABC-AVOR-WATR— News 10:3P p. 111. WATR— Denying Discs; No wo WJZ—Green Hornet • 10:45 p. m. •: ; '•''[:•'•. WATR—Carl Rav.-ixza Orch,' 11:0(1 .p. in. -.-• , ,.-. .-• AL.LI -Stations—News .'•'." *• 11:15 p. m. ' ' \V.lZ— Portraits . VVA RC—Harold Stern Orcli. • ,;•-• WATR—News. ' -••-.• 11 :.'<(! p. m. WABC—Invitation to Music WEAF-WTIC—Arthur Hopkins : \VJZ—Rumpus Room " .... 12:00 Midnight .VEA.F-WTIC—Hnnkins; .De-sign (VABC—News: Chicago Program WJZ—Is'ew.s; Morgaji (Jrch. COMTJ-liTlS,. IIOIILC fiiriil*hlngH bought/.for cash, Higficst-prices paid for electric , refrigerators, waahora, .and "atovcs, regardless of condition.' -, Fraiicis'JTmTjitiirc Co. 4'19 NORTH MAIN STRKET ' '... Telephone 3000'- BABY—Car Keuts, rliiy pens, hatlil- nctts, cribs, h-ig'h chairs, Kantwct mattress'es, toys.- •-.'-' - TliE RADIO"SHOP ISO Grand St. 1 ' ' Watcrbury. Merchandise 01) Wanted : ro Buy J1ANK' Kufo aciitislt TiaxcK \Viinlcd Highest taali prices paid.. Wire collect, write or phono what you ' hav-fe'to offer'.'J. : J2. Murphey, Republic .C08-J,'. 81S Yeatm;in Ave, Webster Grovoa 19, Mo. FISHltfG Hqiiipmcnl. Higher prices paid for rods and reels Tel. 5473 between 5 u. m. und 2 p. m. •; • • i DIAMONDS And Old Cold Watch repairing our specialty. GRAND JEWELRY . 112 Grand Sttcet - Dial 0-0082 2!) 'Wanted '/Jo. Buy : C A 'S H Yor 'Your, MUSICAL • ' ;-.- INSTRUMENTS: Mecca Music Co, 203 Bank 4-1422 VICTUOLA FN JEXCELLKNT CONDITION WANTED/ PHONE •4-123 NAUGATUCK. UUY WAR BONUS AND STAMPS CUIBS — Carriage*, May Pens, Large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. .-• . -., BEACON KIDDIE-CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. wtby. ,ONK white onumel kitchen oil. T. J. Montambault. Union City. Tel. 2683. There^are about 17,000,producing oil wells in. Illinois.. ....].,• Merchandise Services Miscellaneous HICNGA1, ConililnuUun nlovi-. 4 oil, 4 JJTS Silent GJowfourn-jrs. Chronic pipe, copper coil: 'Like new. CaJl 3-1C9. Mcrvlcen 301) Muntual JOHN'S MUSIC SIIOI' We buy, well,, exchange, and repair all kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO-38Z So. Main St., Walby, Conn.' Poultry And DO DUCKS—live weight, .:«)c Ib. In quantities over 10. • City Hill St. .Tel. 2850. , . Services ProfeH.ilonal Services ISXCISLLEJVT 1 ING and slip covers. Amazingly : low prices.' Allen's Upholntorlnc Studio. Mastcrcraft artlnUi. ,•••! ' Grand St. Watcrbury. Dial 4-<Wi5 3!) wanted To llcndcr Service* • KLKCTIUCAL Bcpalrinc Service Appliances a .specialty. Roy Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. ••OOP. ODD .JOB 1'AHf TING A. 3. Kudzin&.x'Call after 5 p .'ra." '• ' 4260 ATTENTION JSIectrwiox Owner* ~Jiepair», genuine parU an<J service. By bonded Eier.trolux Man, t. .Nlsscn. 3 T<!rca« Avjt, Telephone 4822. 4(1 GKAJJOWSK1S Radio He pair Shop — Radios expertly j-cp.xired with the latest electronic testing equipment. Quick courteous service, moderate prices. Pick-up and delivery. Phone 5G17, Cleaning And Dyeing Three of fjvc motorists., in the U.S. never owned a new car. KIEVMAN'S Kaugatuck'a Great Dry Firm, offers its first class - dry cleaning not only in. family 'garments, bul blankets, rugs and other speei.-iHies in this field. - -. " KIEVMAN'S, - . •70 Church. Street- 'V=-. uuz S.VWYKJI ny ROV cn,v\« YOU'VE GOT TO BE SMART TO GET (OUT OF THIAMITJii AFFAIR, SAWVER, MV LAP. GOT TO K=EP FROM BEING CAUGHT 6Y THE HIPS. TIC HIM .'STAND r HIM ON SHARP SPIKES AND— SO AVOID PATHS AND ROADS. STAY IH TH8 JONGIE, MOVE CARE FUILV. SECOND, YOU'VE GOT TO. RUSTLE 200 GALLONS OF CAS. AND THIRD. TRY TO REACH NEW GUINEA. PICAJE, NO MOXf TORTORE. i— Attitude Gyro Aids [n Acrobatic FJying- New York CUP)—The attitude gyros, showing a plant 1 pilot t'h'c jositlon of his craft with reference o the earth, rcgurdluss of the eompluxity of his maneuvers, has )oen developed by the Sporry.Gy- 'oscopo Co., makers of ;t long lino if gyro flight instruments. 'Tha at- Hucic gyro is ndaptjible to .all ypcs of planes. ' . In the past ii has been imprac- ic.-il and unsafe to purform all .crobatic maneuvers without vis- :\1 reference to the earth's sur- nce. The .iltitudc gyro, however, ermits of any manuvcr with prc- ision and a high degree of safely. ETTA KETT [CONTACT,' ^F^ K^- H HOWS THE Tc J GOON-CUV.' 1—4 .•-=^-' * r'~jy W [ REMEMBB? ME?. I SOLD>OU WHEN T WAS .DCAFTED-- > WELL,-|M HOME.N' I WANT By PAUL HOPE HE WAS ir FULl U OF 6AS.' YEAH SAME PRICE WHAT DO I CARE ^v^l^eE TIMES AS MUCH J" OUST ir OFF/ IMCDMIN ON AM 'A' 2 CAPD? SEC HEX -AGENT .ENGINEER HONORED Providence, R. I.. Aug. 2—(UP) —-A locomotive citpincer. has •bee.n onored witb a diamond pin for 50 years' ici-vioo. Now Haven railroad officers presented the gift to Ed- WfH'd J, Gagnon of ^Voon.sockC't. Gagnon lived in BlacK^uon, Mass., beforj going 1 to Woouirocket.; ; . > Old Glory Flies Over Guam lliillditig MutcrlaN ^AR BONDS CONCItKTK MIXKIIS —Om; H(-S, one 7-S Jaeger make, trailer type, pncumntic tires, power loader AlKo 10,000 feet plywood concrete forms. Can he seen at north end of Ho'idlfy St. 200 house project, Liberty Contracting Co. PRIVATE BUCK By ROBERT STORM AF«AIO,,,1WBY MIT THE.. " ^ M' OUT UKC BARNEY GOOGLE .AMD >—MM KJDlN... IN (TAW WLL.,,6fT... A^MCAK f IT WONT HURT CMANCM, (TCMV. BILLV DE BECK WftftL--CORD\N TO TH£ LRU. OU&HRlD--AFORE AJOE CAN CLOSE rms FORSGRV case THAR oorec BE « SETTLEMENT 0 SOfV£ SOOT 'CORD\N IUH-UOWEN TVV rVSOON OPS. TO TvA' OC WOLLER StKKVMORe TREE ftt T^£ FORKS 0' WAVWG CREEK. O 1 VORE UNCLE •5HUCK6,-BRICK, ."*'6 JU6T A-MIRROR/ WHAT.DO VOU MEAN"JUSTA IT SINES' W/TH tr$ OWN LIGHT SANDY. 50 YOU KNOW WHAT IT REALLY \e ? By WILLIAM KITT «n<t CLARKNCE GBA« THE MIRROR TlMAK 6ENT T ME TO FIND FOR. HIM - Ht ".' CALLED IT THE "MOON MIRRORj ~' REMEMBER? MUGGg,.AJ?P SK151CTER. ADlNl^WTHEPAPER. THAT IN;. SPITSBERGEN TT-lEY 6-MOWTHS DAY AMD : ^-MOMTHS The Stars and Stripes wave over tho^honch at Guam, just-eight'min- Hte.s, after Vank foroes inviided tlie Lnlnnd. Holding Ilirflivjf-Hhove tho l« ! ucli arc Chytnlns Paul S. O'Neal, -Brighton. Mass,, land Milton- F. .Thompson, Upper'. Mohtclalr, ,X. -,7. Marine- Corps photo. -(Inter-' ' -n»tloh«i) : : .. . . ' i. MOVJ XNOOLD YA LIKE TO THfRE .P^*~^-e=; ib &.6VE > - /T/ r^- ^ >PsJ- By WALLV BISHOP UATD 6e TO PLAY AMD 6LOC&I&DS MITCWEUL/

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