Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 10, 1963 · Page 7
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 7

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 10, 1963
Page 7
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TIZZY By Kate Oiatin "Til* water at the pool wu wonderful today- full of boyt! H Jacoby on East Found Way to Set By OSWALD JACOBY Newspaper Enterprise Assn. That key word, "Arch," where "A" stands for "Analyze the lead"; "R" stands for "Review the bidding"; "C" stands for "Count your winners and losers"; and *H" for the all-important "How can I make or beat this hand?" should be part of every bridge player's bible. East started proceedings by taking two heart tricks. He was also sure of making a trick with the ace of spades and his problem was to find one more trick to set the contract. Obviously it wasn't coming in either minor suit or in hearts so he had to get it in trumps. This did not look promising either until East noted that if he led .a third heart he would be giving declarer a ruff and discard. While the discard would not do .'declarer any> good, the ruff might turn out to be most embarrassing. East led a third heart. South ruffed in dummy and led a trump, which East ducked. East also ducked a second trump lead and South had no way to stop East from making two trump tricks. If he led a third trump East would simply play another heart and force out South's last trumy and set South two tricks. Because it is better to go down one than two, South merely led out clubs and diamonds until East ruffed in. Bridge Circles Meet At Cameron CAMERON — The Hope Circle met in the church Thursday. Mrs. Hazel Youngquist was assisting hostess. Mrs. Marge Whitman gave the lesson. Mrs. Joanne Curtis had the devotions. Charity Circle met in the home of Mary E. Milley Thursday. Mrs. Rose was assisting hostess. Guests were Mrs. Al Reynolds of Farmington, Mich., and Mrs. Case. Miss Willey had devotions, and Mrs. Lois Youngquist had the lesson. Cameron Briefs Miss Mary and Dalpha Parker of Monmouth were callers in Cameron Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wagner left last week for their home in Palo Alto, Calif, they had been visiting her sister, Mrs. Amy Tinkham the past two wee v ks. Mr. and Mrs. Neil Riekse of Detroit, Mich., visited her mother, Mrs. Amy Tinkham during the holiday. Mr. and Mrs. AI Reynolds and family of Farmington, Mich., are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Youngquist. Phone 342-5151 PRESCRIPTIONS " IN ttAUWUW HAWTHORN! 10 WEST V 10748 • 98732 • 854 NORTH (D) A Q108 4 ¥85 • AK10 • AKQ10 EAST AA732 VAKQJ6 • 54 + 73 SOUTH + KJ98 V92 • QJ8 + J962 No one vulnerable North East South West 1 + IV 1* Pass 4 6 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead-— V 3 2 In One Pattern 766 Ctf &4HIA WltO&l NOTE: Sand pattern orders dt- raci lo Naw York. Watch addrass balow, Ordan will NOT ba ac- captad at Galaiburg nawipapar ofllca. New! Tweedy look In jumbo knits—smart with slacks, skirts, dresses. Quick to dot Jumbo-knit vest, and cardigan easy-to-do stitch. Combine worsted, mohair for tweed look, Pattern 766: knitting directions sizes 32-34; 30-38 inclusive. Thlrty-iiva cants In corns for this pattern—add 15 cents for each pattern for first-class mailing und special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler,, care of Galesburg Register-Mail, 74. Needlecraft Dept., P. O. Box 161. Old Chelsea Station New York U, N. V Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, AO- DRESS and ZONE. NEWEST RAGE—SMOCKING accessories plus 208 exciting needlecraft designs in our new 1963 Needlecraft Catalog—just outl fashions, furnishings to crochet, knit, sew, weave, embroider quilt. Plus free pattern- Send 25 centa now. Rivoli Library Reports on Circulation NEW WINDSOR - The meeting of the board of directors of Rivoli Township library was held recently. Mite. Herbert Peterson, librarian, who gave the annual report, stated the total circulation for the fiscal year which ended June 30 was 6,680 books and magazines for adults and children. The library has received 131 books from the William Veeder estate which will be placed in their order by the librarian. The total chculation for the month of June was 699. Of these, adults read 279 and children 420 books and magazines. fly nttL NftWAOM l?M refdge News Aeirytt China always has had "tog- MM ," Now it hat ''organised big* flits." Prof. Choh-Mlng Li f chairman of the Center for Chinese Studies at the University of California, has drawn up a balance sheet of Red Chinese achievements and concludes that "China has attained for the first time in modern history the status of a world power." "It has," he notes In the current issue of Challenge magazine, "extended its political and economic influence to as far away as Teacher Says China's Now World Power Cubi in the Wastern Hemisphere, Albania in eastern Kin-ope, Guinea and Ghana in Africa, not to mention the Chinese military adventures In the Far Bast and Southeast Asia." And it is from this position of strength that Red China now challenges the Soviet Union and Nikita Khrushchev for leadership of the Communist world, despite serious and continuing problems at home. fccotomlc Study Professor Li's study is primarily economic. He notes- that Red China reached its present status both with the help of Its military pact With the Soviet Union and through effective political control of this people. But the chief contributing factor, he believes, was Red China's industrialization which enabled her to more than quadruple productive capacity in the years from 1954 through 1958, enhancing her military might. This was the "great leap forward" which in 1958 merged with the rural communes. The communes were to do for agri" culture what already was being done industrially. But mismanagement, three years of drought and a miscalculation of the effects of human nature reversed the great leap forward which then became the "great fall backward." Farced fata Market China was forced into the world market to buy grains, to restore private plots to the peasants and permit a limited amount of capitalism. This year, with the help of the private plots, grain production is reported about back to the 1958 level. Industrially, other reports say the Chinese still are having trouble. Steel production last year may have been about half of the peak of ii million tons reported in i960. A shortage of coal Is said to have reduced all heavy industry to about so per cent of capacity. But with all her difficulties, Red China has neither eased up on her dispute with the Soviet Union nor slowed her economic offensive abroad. Extended Trade Relations Professor Li points out that since 1954, Red China has established trade relations with more than 86 countries outside the Communist bloc. She has, moreover, extended economic grants, technical assistance and low-interest, long- term loans to such countries as gotfa, North Korea and North Viet NOP- in the Communist blot, plus Algeria, Burma, Ghana and a half dozen others on the oflt- side, Furthermore, these com mitments have increased steadily. "In fact,' 1 Professor Li concludes, "internal stress and difficulties may impel Communist China to become bolder and more aggressive in its external relations." Set AHona Meeting ALTONA — Altona Royal Neighbors will meet Thursday at 2 p.m. at the Kufus Building in Albania, Cuba, Hungary, Mon- Altona with a sack lunch. You ( ;ui Count on I... Qua li I y ( osfs No Moir at Soars SEARS Hi tKHlK'K AND CO ALLSTATE TIRES with New P-95 Additive Easy on the Road W t^ii^a\ >• lasy on Your rantee 15-Month Gua 2 Ply Nylon, 4 Ply Rating £ 6.70x15 Tube-Type Blackwalls .or car LOW IN PRICE BUT HIGH IN QUALITY ... 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I 9 A.M. te 5:99 PM.

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