Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 21, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1916
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

IllfWIl THURSDAY. PE6. $1. 19.1 ft• - - PAGE T1TB Every home can have a Victrola for Christmas $15 $25 $40 $50 $75 flOO $150 $200 Jo one need be \vj_thout a^Vittrola «u far as price is concerned. Jut you may n.oji #0 one if you don't order in time! There's always a biy demand at the Christmas season-—ami some late*comen naturally get left. ___ 1- • & vicTUOLAS SOLD ON EASY TERMS. We have just received half-tone nee dies which we have had ordered for several months but were unable to get. GUIs For The Whole Family 1863 J. D. 1916 Store i yA down puts a Piano in your home [ <^PJ per month keeps it there ark e t Co. S 310 FIRST AVENUE BOTH PHONES Sterling's Original Cut-Rale Market General Offices: U. S. Yards, Chicago WHOLESALE AND RETAIL & S Specials for Fri. and Sat., Dec. 23 :,[_(At the'Store only) Extra select Native Beef Roast. 14 & 15c Extra fancy young home dressed Pork ' (Any cut desired) (Exhibition stock) AH kinds of fine Wisconsin Cheese; Sweet, Sour and Dill Pickles r Hince Meat of the good old fashioned kind, t, Round and Short Steak, and many other specialties too numer- — . ' io« - ous to mention. i pound I 8c * _ . • . • • * . „ . 0 . „ lt u CDmeLftod oelect-yaur-XTnais Poultry. . Home made Pork Sausage, bulk or link, p oultr y is scarce and amount limited. ^l&lffld_._^ J ..^,^-._^ •- -: „ t BoiUng and Soup" Meat, fc. ..... lie up ^^ Fi8h and Oy8ters rece ived dailj * Extra fancy Lamb Boast, Ib .22c all this week, r We buy Livestock and^Poultry, Butter, Eggs and Hides for cash. THE MARKET OF QUALITY, PRICE AND SERVICE Get our wholesale price on beef by the quarter. ' : • HOLIDAY' FOOTWEAR What gift 'for Christmas could bo more ^Taled^hyiTaW We have them for mother, father, sister, brother, and the children. All styles, shades ami m a t e r i a 1 s at prices that will please you* "To 1)1 ease th e sturdy boy buy him a pair of hig-h lace boots. Buy your rubbers and overshoes now. Thertn's a shortage, and prtceit-wttfbeliiffh-- er. , . Beautiful Hand- Qkerchiefe Are the Most Acceptable and Most Practical of All Gifts ir In mir m-wt % n-i\/' lim> (*!' (it*' \\V }.ariiciii;trly qnnitty, dnirftmrsK nf » t.i*»n .in -finish-. to- visit .••i V tvt> tirr .s 1ic;iiitifnt nuiyc fniin 15c to II.5U, Put up in Christmas Boxes Free of Charge. OLD IVORY Nothing More Desirable can be Imagined. TMy <lr-(i:«Htwnl. :»h<nn»V* in Kfft •:'mu.;<'-'Ui»ji« -?!ff* of I In* !fn<«M!., it «?ort which J.rlhR i|K-ir everv ilav hMiifuln'-s 4t«'(i«'in!l(HS flTT Itn> artirh'S Mirror*. pri»:i'd from Iliiir Brushes, ,.frmn < 'omits f' Hair H Trays, from V* in Kft •:'mu.;<'-'Ui»ji« -f* tin- rf« i|,i«-iit mit<-li .|r»y Iht- . ')'!><• « MM| < -an In- liftl« or yi»n ( -linn.*''. THE BOOTERY H. 0. Bray ..... . . .$1.75 to $3.50 , . .".$1.00 to $2,50 ......... 25c to $100 -,...,. .$1,25 .',. ..... .$1,00 to-f 135 ,«I. Bo.xt's, from ____ . .......... $1.95 to $2,50 I Wdor HOXPS ....... . . . . ____ , ......... , .$1.25 Toilet St-is . . . . ......... ........ $1.50 to $13.76 ( Viwlh'stit'ks. coinplofo with <'fin<1!»» and shades, Jti! colors ...... ....... ; .......... . . . . t .$1.00 FINE LINENS FOR GIFTS They are Always Appreciable 21 E. Third St, E. W. Mason | SOCIAL AFFAIRS 'fa •^ . n , M ' ' _->|friim A PRETTYWEDDING" Occurred W*dn»»day at the Home of Mr. and Mr*. W. J. Bargt. A vi-ry pretty wwhllng iK-curm! AViint'Mlay inornlni*; nl 11 d'clwk ill I if horn* of Mr .unit Mrs. WHmw J: vhi'ii Mtf»s l«itiru II, «'«rli». formerly uf !lah' c'liuiity,- I'd.. hwnifl'*» tht> hrltl** •( IV. Klmer KnMilfT. formerly <»f IM»* aHtcr, |*u. . IU»v. A. C. Oooil offloiutwl ( in thi* ircKi'tn'i' of the liiKiiftliiilf rclullv»H uiil u." few chww* l[rl«nd». After lh«* •fremony » »nmi|»t»u» dinner wu»« a^rv- •cl, Uanffl II. l^»nl|nnwrmid CliPHt^r H. ihroimrhour «b« oratlonn |»'rvAilf«1 iiornc. MI»M.. Marjorle l th<- Itrldal <-h«»ru» . hi-foro tin- i-t-ri'inony. hrldi* watt hwnit I fully puwn*Hl In whlli* <!<> chine with ti tutlt* v««ll and w r«*a lit uf myrtle* sunl an - iiii»;«'''hlOK«»omwr llt-r A I?:, Xmas Slippers Useful Christmas Gifts - Men's house slippers, 11 • ' ." ^75cto$3.00 j\ t Women's house slippers, Children's house slippers, 65? to $1,75 75cto$U5 of !*mu-uHU'r, I'u.. uctin« IH \valt»'r». Tin- brUti- wnn,'attlr*rt In n luinil- <um«» white Milk jwplin,dress. Th« «lf ,»'ii<UmtH \v<tro MlHH Jx'iia Uurtmun ami ilarry Wn«U», 'f\w hrldo and groom t«ft tlio' fulfowiiig d«y on an eg<i*iided rip thniiiijlt tli« *<iHt. wh««r« tney will ;poiid the winter ylsltlne at ' ner hom«' In MaVtliteliu to Uincm«t«r, Pa.V with )I|H i>%ri»ht|i' b*j(V^fl r«turn- i" Stt-rllnfc whpr», Uioy wlli,:muke fuiiir* lioiiu«. --' • .,' ; . hridw during Jier stay In thl« vl- ilnlty- h»H made tn^vy* friends by lu'f •ImrmliiK rit-rKormlhy and ;tlip. KWAoni H a young man of good «nd lodu«ttrlou» luiure. and ih'« muny frlenan of thlM ity ami m UK-IIV former hornet) will •xtwnd thi'lr h^ttrtleisl • ci>nftratu|«tlonK u th» ymmir iiwii>l« during th«lrliuir- •Ifd Hff. T!IB Uuy uJno marki'd tlu» •li'VJ'iitli wt'dillriK annlvtranry uf Mr. and Mr«. Wltrni»r J. Bar«t» »lw> for- uerl> of I^uii-iiHior, Pu., who hnve IK-il hero olfVfii yt-urx nnd. many in vicinity will K!HO t'xtfiid l>f*t (i tlu-ni for ninny nu»rc« happy ami Th«* KWM* Includrd Mr. nnd Mr« iirl KUvr, Hr,, ,Jhi« . K-VMOIU'-H |wr«'iiUt; Ht-r, Jr. of St«»rliiiK: Mr. and Mr» It. «>. pt'niilf. of .InliH, IU.; Mr. and Mrs DaiUfl Knapl* and fantl'iy and Mr. niul Mr«. Al»t and Ml«» Maln'l CollliiH. til Dlxon. .-•;,. Aft«?r~« -vlHl'i In <'hicnj;o, Mr. nnd Jim Klff»r will -be at homo In their many friend*! In .f t WERE MARRIED IN DiXON Vliss Caroline Awher, pf Dixon, Wedt W. E, ElUr of thin Cityl A pivity wwldliiK wax cpU'hraleil afturnoiui at the homo of ihe when M|MS OurtiHlti' Attt'her, ttf Mr«. otto Awlivr, of |30H Hixth Ktrt'cl, Dlxdi), was united M muniaut' to Mr. William KUwr of Ht*v, O, A, cJrufj patitur »f lite Lutheran olJurch, i ht-r. I'hatt. Asrhur, attnutptl tlu> «roum ind Mi.sH Mabel CollliiH wa» A hank of tvvn* fomifd ;n,uiul for th»' ruiH»|iy of rown beneuth vhich tin* t-ort'inony wa« j>^rfonn«?d. Mi»» Verna Book Been me Bride Of B. H. Peifer YnUrday. A very pr«»uy wcddlnj? Ot'V'urr^d at tho h«»in«» of Mr and Mr»*, H. H. Wook. of- ItuutUl Or<»vi». «t noon Wedn«*»i«»dft,v. Pwcmtifr 20th. \vhi-n tlk-ir tlmwhtfr. Vprnjv AI.. hiH-ann* the hr!iU> of Ht-nja- min H. IVilVr. Hev. ••Itobblni* t«f tin- ChrltiUun chur«;h..of-Sterling iH>rft the «*rctnony in ihc (»r«.'p<>nf« 4 of If tttf»r«< Is somp fri<«ttil \vh« Is nw-mlntfly l>U»st wltfjf»v<»ry« liimi'f could wish, ami Ux> vr-vtm? i'|HMtloti la what to tnvf< her. llifr«> is* a Htraluhi r«'.-n1 to hr<r nppfwlmlon '»f your •sift. if you Ki<.«* line linen*. Here are a Pew Suggestions LiwMi lhmuislC|»rit»t'd pt'ryd. from... ,75c to $2.00 Liiifii Datuask Tinvt»ls,j>ri< > i i d from. . . .50c to 75c 'Liiipn Damask Napkins, priml JK>r;duz<'ii fn»ni ....... . . .$2.50 to $6.00 Linen LniH'h Sots, priced per HP! from . .$4.50 to $7 The J. K. Chester Co. -.ONTINUEO ON PAGE B The youIIK couyle. W*TH Mr*. WHftiir Myi'iff ! *anB "Bwauw." Uy lfard«l»t, whiU* Ml»» \>n»a tlw iiiwrio, thfy of tht» li|'ld«x v Th0 hoin«uwa«. h tho color i*ch.cino hcin-y- r«n and jjr»n»n the <;an»mony h«*lij.ij.':pcrf«t'»'inod .Iwfow u liaiVk"df term'-"' ' ; " • : --' • Tim. hrido I*'/** lii-auurMlb atti^i In u Utfiisuiidj unit with fmi and shoos t-n- r-oKtuiw. A twa cmime dinner- w»u ^•rviM^ Hft"i- whk'lt ihr hrldal couplt initn«Hli(it0ly loft for i^uirastei 1 , iVmi.. JDoMA^foehvitlih a cold. Cure it. ,\\\t>rt> thoy rxjMJct to spend the winter, Tho 1»rWf IK tln» oldpf«t ilaugliter \<it j Mr. niul Mr*. .IT. W, ulw\h. iiroppproux j "arim-rn of Hounil.firov^ nnd titui won l»y her b«*atitlful nnd t>rrt*onAllt.y. . *\w lu'lns n of the l-lrst <*hrJ«tian church if KiurllnR and » Kreal church worker, T-he (?r«»ora In ihe j-oung««t son of t>. H. Polfi'r. r«-tlrs>iS farmi-rR of Uin- FVini.. anil hus nimlo HttTllnjr number of y<pnr» t Ho uia Hcort»» or fiJc.ntlH In Hi*. Twin iiul' vicinity- who will juln In him ami his bride a lung and |trox|H>r- IIIK mnrrlwJ ttf«», . . . _/ ; The followinK KUiwta from thla clly »tt<»ndi>d: Mr. nnd Mr*. L<»vl Hnnvely, \Jtit. Ktnms'-I.A'Keviv., Dr. and air». J. .. Bnavoly, * Mr, and Mrs, HiMjry '.<nu'v«»ly ,und family. Mr.. 'and Mrs. Jn-. '.•oh .-SnuVely uiul family, Mr. and MTU. I. H. Snuvt'ly, Mr. and Mr». Tom .Cwlmnk. Mm. . Btl. VVIIwin. Mrs. A. \V, , Mrs*. Wilbur Meyer*. Miss V«>rnt« .Mr. -niul Mi-». Kt»nt>r, Mr. wf Iow», Ml^» MwifUn. Air. and 'Mrs. <3uy Ikxtk. H«»v. untf Mm. Hob- *iln», Mr. Khncr lUwk, /Mis* Mabel ' SEWtNGIUB Tlllle and wero Joint ac»i- at their home last pvr-nlnR when,they entertained \\'nlluc« Htrwt 8«*\vlnff Club. The nitijn wn» iijpnjiantly »<p«nt:. la nftPr which dainty n>fre»ftm«nUi Mt-rvicil. . Headache: . come mostly from disorderaof . the stomach, ^ liver and bo Regulafe thek organsftnd free from headaches by v BEECHAM'S A»r Caroline Hamblock, Shampooing an^ 90S First Av». 0«li fhon* 371- CASCARAQUININE Tb« old fcmlly remedx-Ja t»bl*t furm-iofe, »ure, (»»y to tiUte. No i>pl«t«*-no unplwtfttnt alter efffct*. Cure* co»d» In 34 hour»-Orip in 3 day*. Money JM& U U fail*. Ckt the KBituine fao» voth Rtsl Top and Mr, HIU'* rlciihe on lt-25 «m». FLOWERS Childreji's red rubber boots, $1,50, J , , Open Eveningvs 19 East 3rd St. Blooming Plants Christmas Baskets Choice Cut! Than J»'orntc»r Tho (jiftjhu Kntiiv Kuuuiy. STi RUNG f I ORAL CO. -» -. _ !"- ^ 205 .18TJ*' AVB, --— & CHRISTMAS CANDIES • i Huyler's Chocolates \. • mid Bon Bons, (»0t% 80t% and $1,00 por jiound. " t' Liggett's Chocolates " 8pc. un^ $1.00 per pound, * Guth's Chocolates and Bon Bons HOt- ftnd '11.00 j>er poiind, .Fenway Chocolates 50{» and OOc jier pound. • SCH» our windy display* Wo «r« Bhowing » \vi<U> ttssortinent of Iwuutifail packa^tm of tho hi with fivsli and dflu-ious i'onft*ctu>uH. -Uivi? «.o windy this Christinns and bring ploaKuro and hap' Xmas Specials * • . "Tf o. Oh^moH, *'>9 <u»ntK per pound. • -r- ^ t Mailan ('hot'olatt»s, .'5!l centH ju»r pound, •< , Fruits in Crwim, W <-ontti per pound. Kutunlay Candy, > J!).<>( t nU por pound, Hendrlck Drug Go. • \ n* R&KaJLL Store • *

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