Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on April 1, 1964 · Page 16
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 16

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1964
Page 16
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BEN CASEY By NEAL ADAJIS SHORT KIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD HEV; HEY, /MAJOE... THAT'S NO WAY TO TREAT THE PRESS. ^ ACEN'T you THE JV • ^ FLASG THAT BROKE ^/T/: | / ^ THE CAIN CASE? rAND DIDN'T YOU PULL THAT DAME COSMONAUT OUT OF THE BRAZILIAN JUNGLE? THEN WHERE YOU ARE, / WE'LL GIVE YDU .. . T^r, -r-, ,,-0,.'^ » I ^ BREAK. WE'LL MAJOI?, THERE'S A STORY... A BIG ONE! HOW ABOUT GIVING LET YOU WALK OUT THET55S&. NOW BEAT IT.' WE'VE GOT WORK TO DO! MORTY 5IEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI HOWOtO WILL I HAVgTD 65 BffRDfas X CAN ONDeR6rANOWCM0<<? 1~ ALLEY OOP By V. T. HA3ILIN PRISCCLLA'S POP By AL VER3IEEB CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER VOU PB06'LV 5EEM HB ^ JWIKAUOPTH' mSHTIMTO EGVPT, IN TH' BOWEJW GOSPEL MI5510H..OK MB EISWUOEdMNICK? BAR BUrIMIk\0REFMWU5 IW COP CieCLE& AS A "FlfiURB PAMCEB." NO-THRU NO FAULT OP HS OWN, HE COULDN'T CA$H IT. rWAS #5+ AAORETKAU HAt> DJ THE &^N(C! OUK BOARDING HOUSE with 3IAJ0R HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY J. R. WTLLL^JIS 16 - Wed., April 1. 1964 Red/onc/s Dai//Facts IN HOLLYWOOD Moving Pictures . . . art or Industry? OURANCESTORS By Enldne Jdhnson HOLLYWOOD - .^^e motion pictures art or an industry? The question has been asked ever since theaters were loiown as nickelodeons and "The Great Train Robbery" was being hailed as an epic. Now, with adult themes and the rise of foreign film imports, the recurring question seems more important than ever in any discussion of the screen. The answer, of course, is always the same. They can be both. There have always been two kmds of movies — the commercial and the artistic. Truy artistic film creators would rather make movies than money. Unfortunately, movies are expensive. And most producers would rather make money than art. Also unfortunately, the recurring question is a great excuse for the fast buck movie-makers and some operators of so-called 'art" theaters. iVudily and pure junk are sold to the public as "art." There is more of this junk today than ever before because of television competition. There are more truly artistic movies', too, because of newly discovered special audiences of tastes and interests. varymg The Journal, a monthly publication of the Screen Producers Guild, tackles the old question in its March, 1964, issue under the title, "The Film — Is It Art or Industry?" The cross-section of opinions, from those who make movies to those who evaluate them, is as controversial as the question itself. Here are some of the opinions expressed: "The answer, art or busmess, lies in the eye of the beholder," writes Alan Pakula, the young producer of last year's great movie, "To Kill a Mockingbird." To the busmessman, it is a business. To the artist, it is an art. Like Siamese twins, they have been bound together byi an accident of fate." KLOCK Pair enter guilty plea to robbery LOS ANGELES (UPD-A former Burbank police officer and another man pleaded guilty Tuesday to charges of robbery of the S20,000 holdup of a North Hollywood state employment office. Dean Jenkins, 33, the former officer, will be sentenced April 28. Co-defendant Robert A. Ali- now, Burbank, will return to Superior Court May 5 for a hearing to determine whether he possessed a gun at the time of the robbery. Writer-producer Philip Dunne, however, feels that since television cut the movie audience in half, many filmmakers are "trying to be arty, artiness being the antithesis of art." "Those who talk the most about art produce the least of it," says Dunne. "The genuinely artistic people I h a v e worked with always seemed concerned with other things and never consciously — or self-consciously — with art. "Come now, Mr. Van Winkh, the guarantM was for »ix months. This model hasn't been made for TWENTY yearsl" I Cranston blasts Salinger SACRAMENTO (UPI)— Pierre SaUnger is "riding for the same fall as Richard Ni.\on," state Controller Alan Cranston said Tuesday night. The controller and the former Presidential press secretary are the chief contenders against U.S. Sen. Clair Engle in the Democratic Senate primary. SLEEPING THIEF SOUTHBEND, England (UPI) —When Mrs. M. Lyndon woke up Tuesday mommg and went downstairs to make the morning tea, she found a burglar who had broken into her house sound asleep in an easy chair. The burglar fled when Mrs. Lyndon screamed for help. Recommends increase in fees in L.A. LOS ANGELES (UPI)-An increase in county fees of nearly S4.2 million annually was recommended Tuesday by th« : Board of Supervisors. Supervisor Frank G. Bonelli urged a change in the fees in an attempt to avert fast climbing Los Angeles property taxes. The fees increases would come in county services such as marriage licenses, Superior Court filings, zone fees, smog permits and many others. .VOTICE OP TRUSTEE'S SAIE No. TDF1487<381943) On Wednesday. April 15. J964, at 10:00 o'clock a .m. at the front en"Good pictures may not be trance oC the oHice of Security conscious works of art, but they Si^^'"s'»n^'Se""c^iy'^f ^s'/„* are alwaVS artistic. And the neo- Bernardino, state of CaUfomia. SE- Wl^ -.„^»,.;i,„f» i,. CURfTY TITLE INSURANCE COM- ple who contnbute to them are PANY. as trustee under the Deed of genuine artists." Trust executed by Vanguard Con- structlon Corporation, a corporation "Art," observes John E. Fitz- recorded September 26. 1963 in Book w« ....*k»- ««j 5996 page 455 of Official Records in gerald, author and editorial the oufce of the Recorder of San consultant, "aims first for the Bernardino county. California, by , _ . I, . ^ 41. I. J reason of default m the payment or heart, secondly for the head, performance of obligations secured l Too often mowes aim only be- SS[f.''L 't ?cr'oi''i.!!3.''^ar ^re ^1S low the belt. From movies art December I9. iges in Book 60SO page can emerge. Not always, not ^^^io ^'l^''^^ 4^'tl,oS! often, but sometimes. warranty as to title, possession, or -me education of the Amen- '^^^^^^i^^^'^S^ S^''^, .r «xv.™ now Uon stage, pOmU out D a V I d California.^ described as: NOTICE OF TRCSTEE'S 8AI.B F-41S On the 28th day of April. 1964. at 10:00 a.m.. UflAtm MOBTGAG8 COMPANY, a corporation, as Tnistee under and pursuant to a deed of trust executed by George W. Pratt and Elizabeth C. Pratt, husband and wife. Dated April 12. 1961, Recorded April 25. 1961 in Book S412 pag» 438. Official Records of San Bernardino County. California, sectirinj, among other obligations, a note for S9.60O.0O in favor of PROVIDENT FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF RIVERSIDE now Levy, former vice president of NBC. "Going to the movies now is something of an event. Occasionally, the total audience nill respond to a film such as 'West Side Story.' "But a 'David and Lisa' can zero in for a special audience. And on occasion — witness 'Gone With the Wind' or 'High Noon' — the commercial film becomes an art film and an art film becomes a commercial film." CARNIVAL By Dick Turner You were right about Jimmy being too youn» to eo steady. Dad. He doesn't have a driving license and doesn't intend to get one yet!" Raising Cash Answer to.Previous Ptnzl* ACROSS 1 gold SGeta sovemment 4Uother(if Perseus SVamidKS « Above 7 Poorsons SCavaliets' 2 Ubor 12 Roman theatta STonch 13 Miss Gardner W Flower 14 Music maker HAct 13 Incline 20 Witlna (coBdl. 16 Through form) 17 Artifice 22 Musical 15 Feminine same direction (»b) 19 Took into 24 Hourglass custody material 21 Sea eagle 2S Aroma 23 Compass point 26 Ancient Irish PARCEL No." !: Lot 1. in Block 34. according to second Preliminary Map of Redlands, in the City of Redlands. as per plat recorded in tjook 5 of Maps, page 4, records of said County. Excepting therefrom the westerly 66 feet of said lot conveyed to W. C. Lukens by deed dated June 30. 1891. recorded in book 135 of Deeds, page 253. records of said County. Also excepting therefrom that portion deeded to the State of California for highway purposes, by deed recorded May 11. I960 in Book 5133. page 435. Official Records, described as follows: Beginning on the southerly line of said Lot 1, heing also the northerly line of Highland Avenue as ^hown on said Map. distant along said southerly line north 55' 58" 53" cast 66.00 feet from the most southerly comer of said Lot 1: thence along the easterly line of the westerly 66 feet of said Lot 1. north 33- 3a: 34" west 608.69 feet to the northerly line of said Lot 1: thence along last said northerly line north S6' 00' 05" east 226.67 feet: thence south 34* 17' 07" east 136.85 feet: thence south 32* 35' 10" east 471.91 feet to said southerly line of Lot 1, distant along said southerly line north 55" 58' S3" east 215.96 feet from the point of beginning: thence along said southerly line south 55* 58' 53" west 215.96 feet to the point of beginning. PARCEL No. 2: Lot 8. Block 34. according lo Map of Addition No. 1 to Second Preliminary Map of Redlands. in the City of Redlands, as per plat recorded in hooW 5 of Maps, page 4, records of said County. Excepting therefrom that portion deeded to the State of California for highway purposes, by deed recorded April 22. 1960 in book 5118. page 16. Official Records, des- crilKd as foUows: Beginning at the most westerly comer of said Lot 8: thence along the northwesterly line of said Lot 8, being also the southeasterly line of Palm Avenue, as shown on said map. north S6' 01' 17" east 288.39 feet: thence south 34- 17' 07" east 608.62 feet to the southeasterly line of said Lot 8. distant along last said southeasterly line north 56' 00' 05" east 292.67 feet from the most southerly comer of said Lot 8: thence along last said southeasterly Une south 56' 00' 05" west 292.67 feet to said most southerly comer: thence along the southwesterly line of said Lot 8. north 33' 53' 34" west €08.72 feet to th« point of lieginning. For the purpose of paying obligations secured by said Deed of Trust, including fees, charges, and expenses of the Trustee, sums expended under the terms thereof, interest thereon, and S25,000.00 in unpaid principal of the note secured thereby, with in tcrest thereon at the rate of 6^ per annum from September 34, 1963. Dated March 19. 1964. SECURITY TITLE INSURANCE COMPANY By /if Keith Renninger, Assistant Vice President. iCorporate Seal) bidder for cash (payable in lawful money of the United States at lime of sale) at the North entranca to the San Bernardino County Courthouse in the City and County of San Bernardino. SUte of California, all right, title and Interest conveyed to and now held by it under said deed of trtlst in and to the fonowing described parcel of real property situated in said County of San Bernardino. State of California, and described as follows: The South 120 feet of the Westerly 2'i feet of Lot 8 and the South 120 feet of Lot 9, Block 17. of residence Plat of Redlands. as per plat recorded in Book 5 of Maps, page 12. records of said County. Said sale will be made, but without covenant or warrant.v. express implied, regarding title, possession or encumbrance, to pay the remaining principal sum of said note, (o-wit: S9.290.86. interest, advances, if any. under the terms of said deed of trust, fees., charges and expenses of the Trustee and of trusts created by said deed of trust. "rhe beneficiary under said deed of trust, by reason of a breach or default in the obligation secured thereby, heretofore executed and delivered to the undersigned a written declaration of default and demand for sale and a written notice of default and of election to cause the undersigned to sell said property to satisfy said obligations, and thereafter, on DecemtKT 30. 1963. the undersigned caused said notice of default and election to sell lo be recorded in Book 6056 Page 100 of Official Records in the office of tfa* County Recorder of said County. Dated March 25. 1964. INLAND MORTGAGE COMPANY. By G. A. Blunden. President, (SEAL) By Robert H. Wallersteln. Seeretary. NOTICE TO CBEDITOBS No. 33427 Superior Court of the SUte et CaU­ fomia, for the County of S«a Bet* nardino. Esute of PERCY BEEVES. Deeeaiad. Notice is hereby given to fbm credf' tors of the above named decedent that all persons having claims against the said decedent are lequind to file them, with the necessary maiA- ers. in the office of the clerk of th« above entitled court, or to present them, with the necessary voaehers. to the undersigned at the offices of Russell Goodwin. Attorney at Law, 306 East State Street. Redlands, CaU­ fomia, whlclx is the place of business of the undersigned in aU matters pertaining to the esUte ot said decedent, within six months after the first publication of this notice. Dated AprU 1. 1964. A. J. OHLSON. Administrator of tt* m- tate of the above named decedent. RUSSELL GOODWIN, Attorney at Law. 306 East SUte Street. Redlands. California. Telephone: 793-4710. Attorney for Administrator. (First pubUcation April I. 1964) SWEETIE PIE By Nadine Seltzer 30 Behold (Latioj 31 Satisfy in Boots- 24 Inebriated one 27 Equalities o£ laws 32 Adjust 34Degreein science (ab.) 35 Plant disease 36 Girl's name 37 Postscript (abj 33 Make into ]z» 39Tr7 ,^ 42 Arikann In<fia9 F° 43 Negative word 44 Dry (comb, form) 46 Assured incomes 50 Gaelic 54 W'estem slate 55 -Miss West 56 Certain tide 57 Passable <con.) 58 Atmosphere 59 Masculine nickname 60 Cut 61 Feline 62 Widgeon DOWN lUp 2 Thought (con*. form), 3Cl<cet» capiUl 2S Siberian city 29 Danube tributary 47 English school 33 Mosey lender's 48 Nose (comb, place form) 37 American river 49 Cobra genoi 38 Before (var.) ^OHawaiianfood 51 Paper weight "APRIL FOOLr

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