Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 21, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1916
Page 3
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STEALING. ILLINOIS, THUMOAY. DEC. fct THfttfe. Your Friends Are Joining We invite YOU to join our Christmas Savings Chili and be one of the happy throng who will receive checks from "Santa" next Christm&s ITbnTiniriTliiT^^^ member. When tfie checks are distributed you will be delighted and wiHetijoy A Very Merry C Because you will have money to make your relations and friends happy Make a Small Deposit Weekly and You Will be Surprised How Fast and How Easy Your •' - •:::-•:-;,;. ; -;.-. :^ ^ ... , v , Account Will Grow A few cents every week will keep your payments. You'll never miss the money. LET THE CHILDREN JOIN AND ENJOY THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT. EVERYBODY WELCOME. Firs! National Bank and First Trust and Savings Bank A Xmas Closing Out Sale Wo arc discontinuing our line of -toilet nn<] irmmmiro sets in bo?cf>«. We imist and are goinjr -$o flell cvtfry one of tliotn. In order to do this, wo JtMJliZQ' tliat wo musl-muke tlio price so low, thiit you .can not afford lo,pnss. the. opportunity by. We've If Every boxed Toilet and Manicure Set we have, „. goes at , Halt Price Hurry^ and makt your ••lection*. Wa Hav« a good number on hand but they won't la«t fong at thcte price*. MERCMNTLSJ/ViFEADj wJ they nre not at liberty ft, VISES .ST|§LJNG. WOMEN . "I^hnd «tomnc°h trouble no bud n could cnt nothing but tonpl, fruit nnd hot water. Kwythlng ebw coOmt nnd formed gas*. DIHinir did no good.- I w«i» mlwrnbli* until I trl»Hi bucktorn bark, glyrwinc, et*»,. IIMi~ mixed In Adter- l-ka, UNK SI'OO.N'f-'Ur.. bent-fltt-d mo INSTANTLY." nwnuw A<ller-l»ka empties BOTH large nnd nmall\lnte«t» tine it relieve* ANY CASK .conntipa- tlon. x«ur fltomach or gos nnd prevents jippendlritt*. It hn» QUICKEST action of anything we over' »old. The' Sterling .Pharmacy. tt_bj bis right and bin duty to point out Intlmutp Interest in I«i conclusion. less It Khoutd presently b«» too Intt? to ne- cnmplifth tho grcnter tlilriKK whle.h lie beyond Us mncluidon, Jest the situation of ueutrlit natiomt, now 'exceedingly!' hard rendered altogether f A it thl*. Ha to nerve or would be oven to'tnkft.the intolerable, and lest, more than nil, an Injury b«» done dvIlKatlcn Itself which win nev«-r foe atoriwl for or repaired. "The l*r«»«hU-nt therefore feds iiHo- KPther justified In «ntKe«tlnK ftn irh- mettlitie opportunity for a coropdrjiton of vljpws n« to the term* which mu'ttt precede iho»e ultimate arrnnitcmentN which the neutral nation* tui well UN —•— • i'thoHe at war nro ready to pluy their happy ! * u " responsible purl,,... If .the contest lnlt|«llvc>. In Its ftccomnllnhmpnt In any The Store lUtEXT OF WILSON'S ONQ, PEACE NOTE TO L THE BELLIGERENTS | plrtcrfd fiHlrcly on ite own merits arid Jan If It had been made in other clrcum- - " overture had been OKworwl/) b'ui >fop. th« concerns the qubiitlon of that U other prtptauttttTwhibh, have the n«j in • vl*w» ,,'?h« president ea^ % that nt«-»ugfe»tion be eon- "The President BURgo«t« that an early occasion be sought to call out from all' the nation* .»6* .,>!. avowal of their respective vJ»w» a» to the t«srm»-upon which the war might be concluded and tho 'arrangementa which..would be deemed uaUnfactory UK a guarantee afajnat Ita renewal or the kindling of any almllar conflict in the future a^ would make H pouslblu frankly to compare tthem. H.» i» Indifferent- to the 'mean* tiik»n to. -ne» w«y thnt might jtrove noc«<j»tahtr, but has no desire to rtPtcrmlno th« method or the Instrumentality. Onn way .will bo as ncooptabl* to him fts another If only the great object he. ban n mind be ttttnlnvd. "He takWithp liberty o( cnllinjr «t- tentton to, tln», fm-t thnt th« which Iho »UU«*Krnt'n of the on both nld<'« hn%% In mind Jn thU war arc virtually the mini*', an Ktnted . in general ternm ta tlu«lr own people and to (ho world. Hnch «Idt> dcslr(>n to make the rlghu* and prlvilPKcs of weak people* ami amall statt-« a« eecum flBu(t)«t HgKrPHHlon- or denial in the future ait the right*) nnd privil<'K«'« of-tho gh'iit nnd powerful' wtuton na^Lat war, Knell wlnh«'H ItMolf to bo mudP -spour^ In tho future, aloiiK with all other na- tloim nnd people*, nj;nln»i ttio rocur- wnrn llko thia and agninat (tR- of Melfinh intt<rfor«nc* -of kind. ICm-h would be jealous of tin formation of any more rival league* tflrpreaervn airTjnwrtuin wady to eon older the formation of n league of aa tionti to Insure pouco -• and Justice throughout the world. , "Before that final wtep can ba tnki i n however* each deemu it necessary lira to «ettle the IBBUPB of the pr«nt>nt war upon ternm which wilt certainly «nfe. guard the.liuU^pt'iideni-Jv the balance of power umhlHt inultlplylng «u»l>lclons; but each i« terrltotlul integrity and the political and commercial freedom, of the natioim involved. must continue to proceed towards undefined «»ncl« by slow attrition until the "In tho nieR«ureH to be taken, to ae* rure the future pence of the world the people and government < of the United 8t«te« arc AH vitally and aa di. reotly Interested an the government* adopted to relieve the arnaller "and weaker peoples of the world of the perl! of wrong and violence, ID aa quick and urdont an that of any otjiur people or government. They stntul ready, and t*ven eager,. to co-operate in the tfc oompltHhment of tb««e ends when the war Is over with V»ry irtfluejice and at their fommatul,. But the muxt flrot ba cunoluded, The upon whit't) it i« to be cdnolud FEEIS! Including examination, Rimmed or Rimless, The Bye Glasses have the .latest 0BNUINE SHUR-OW, Mounting Guai> anteed, % This4s your oppprtiinity to se' 1 ;j* &• very low cost,, Open every Saturday evening, ' DR. GOULDING, ' Over Obermillers'. Store > Bell Phone IQJUW First Ave, and East Third St., Sterling III OPEN SATURDAY EVENINGS , It (kits to That Sore Spot Like Magic A-a*h! TJiSt** delicious relief for those sore muscles, those stiff joints, ijiat lame hack, -, Mwerole is a clfan, white ointment, m»dc with the oil of mustard ana ^Uicr home simples," |t does the wcfrk of the^ old* jfesmcmcd mustard plaster, minus the plaster and nuiiii»,thc blister 1 ,,y«« simply ruo*M us terete on" the gypt whfrre the oaip is-r-rub it on MrtsWy—sml^usuaflj- ihejiain is gone, K'p muss, no bother, JuTt^owtQrt- Ing, soothing ivlief«-T first a geinft- gluw, thca ». <|i>{mbtful stfnse of coolness, °And best of all, no blisters like t.he old-fashicncU mustard piaster used lo ' diitis, tcuiiliNs, croup, stilV neck, astliiua. neuralgia, heailache, coitgcs- tion. v pfeurisy. rheumatism, lumbago, pfing and'aches o£ the back or joints, sprains, *orc nni-scles. hruinvs, ctnJ- blains, frusUMl »>et..«nd colds of the cllest (it o-ftcn p p «'vcnts pmrvnifiuiaK one group of bclllsteri'nt.i or thv other l wsh«ui«t«l If million after million of human HVOK must continue to bfrolTer- cU up until on, the npe wide or thVoth- er there ar* no mo^ tn> o'frtr, lfr«»i'nt- QtentA muMt b« kindjicU.'lhitt.cun never cocsi and (IftspaVriT tugendered from which there can be no recovery, hope« of peace and of the willing concert of fro*« pi-oplex will be rendered vain and idle. "The life of the, entire world ha* been Qrnfoumlly affi-cted. . Evwy, part of the/ grout family of mankind, baa felt tho burden and the toreor of this unpre- c«'dt»nti-d contest of arms. No nation In tlis? clvilUed world can be artld in truth tr> xtund outKlde lt« Influeiioe or to be Hiife iiKiUiiMt IU),.dlKturl>iiiB effect*. And yet Jh»» concrete objects for which It Is bein»? waged have never been def- Inltnly .stated. . '.'Tbo lenden> of the Heveral betliger- entH have, aa hjui__been «aid. stated )hoi<e obJectnTn "general tt'rnia. But, kuuedjn Kenerat terms, they soera the name oii bottf'iifdeMr^Never y<>t have" the mithoritative .Hpoketimen of flt\tar Hide, avowed the preciNe objects wlrteh, would, if attained, eutiufy them and their people that the war had been fought out. The world hit* been left to conjecture what definite results, what Actual oxvhiWKe of Kuariuitot's. what' political or territorial changes or re- adJUHtnuMitH. what silage of military, auccena even, would bring: the war to* »n end. . —"It may be thnt pence 1" n<*Hr**r thtin w* know; that the terms which the bul- Ugerenta on the one side and on Uie other would deem it necetiaary to lnst«t upon are not so JrreeonolllablB as norne nave feared; that an interchange of yiewa would-clear-the \vuy ut Iwwt ,for conference uiul make the permaiwnt concert of niitlona immediately jiriic- tU'ttble. » "Thii rrv«HJent IH not proptwlrif peace; he la not even offering niejdlu- t!on. Ho IM mer«ly proponing |that be taken in order timt we noay learn, the neutral nationa with! the belligerent, how near the hav^n< of poaee muy be for which uli mankind in which 1>i> tfpetUui and the objecta/which he seokw will bo understood by all con- cerjiod and h*!-conlldeiUly IHUH-M for u which will brii4 r a new: lltfhi into the uffulrn of the w««'ld.'» „ BUTTON ON TOES want to try now drug that dries up corns soHhey lift out an electric .button and you form ti contact with «. llvo wire which the lu'll. When your nho<»n prom ym>r corn Jl j>ii«h»»» iti ghnrp root* down upon u *<«»n>«IHve nerve- and you iit'l ;\ nhitck'Of pain. JiiNjMid of irl/imilnn your corns, whleh nn-rfly mukcn them Krow, ju«t ntpp Into any draw rstonr and auk for a quarU-r of an oun«> of fr(*<'S!on(«. . Thlsi- wlll rost \vry Hltl*> Imt l» HiifflH^nt to rftnovo i'V«-ry hard <»r woft corn or ca5- lu* from one's fpot. A twt drops a p. pllwl dln»ctly ujmn n tenrtor. nchiJiK Corn nto>iH the miiiifcM iiiHtaiilly. and BtH'ii theVorn »hrlv«<l»c up w> It 'lifts right out iwit and till, without pain* Thin drulg in hnrmil*,'H« niul nev«-r Jn«or t>ven IrritntvM tho mirround* tl«mu<> or xkln, ' The Night Before who 1st wlnnlnn « Rmit deal of |mUne for. his atitKc direct in^.. Tho play IK a xtory of st'iitiment, padum and ooniedy. It idiowx a young glU on thp th,rt<Hhold of life with twc Invar*, • ont» rich and the otlu-r poor. tlu» poor man, and hi»r l« l»t'twi'«-n th«> t^miittitlonti of and <>f l«ivic. Crrtttin Jicf-n of the play nr<» wlleKorli'al and othern nr«» r«*al, and the vark-us tranMfurma- j;ivi« great »copo for nwnlc dlu- ui Jtiwf ully. WILL FIGHT ROAD LAW llep, Kirby, Of Petersburg, Opposed To The Present Tice Law He Says, Is --- (By United Press.) Springfield, 111., Dec, 21.— There \a going to be a fight on ,th« Tlce Good Itoad* Luw in the Fiftieth fleneral AH- Thin I* Indicated in the many letters from the new member* of the luture In which nioKt of tho A«nimibly- men expressed fliHaatlsfuctluii with the pretient working^ of tlus act, The nuist outspoken on the present. OOCK! Hoacts law. is James H, Ktrljy, of l'i>tt»rHbi|i'K. ropi-OHt'ittatlvu from the Thirtieth dlvtrlct. On the law, Klrhy Hny», "I wtand flrst ond forever for Jh^t repeal of the Tlce What WILL IT MEAN to YOU? Is your shopping all done! Has every,one been remembered on your list of presents?* It's em- .tmrrassing tti receive without returning a gift. Wetter be safe on your part of tbe exchange and cheek up your list again to be sure that no one lias been overlooked. Our aisles and counters are literally crowded wjth gift suggestions for you —creations that are sure to" please, and .delight' the most exacting and particular taste. The list of Gift .Suggestions that Appear on tho following pages will'give you a quid? answer to that vexing problem. . What to Give for Christmas The J. K. Cherter Co The Great Christmas Shopping Center of Sterling . CONTINUED ON PAOIK4. Rood Hoadx LAW and the mtliMlluUon of a ligt^r luw; in thli^l ahull with all the energy within me. try to set some n-dhutl amcndmenUi to thl8 x aw. The present law gives Oonk.coun« iy about twWity-flv'o per cont of uJ{ the road and bridgo fund o( tho «tate and for llilw mainly. 1 am opposed to AMUSEMENTS j life HOWE'S TRAVEL FE8TIVAU If you cannot »por» tho tim«'4>r jpon- y to g,o Abroad; if, you him- not vl«- U'd thotii) utrangi? lundri you liavt* luiia- lo st'i',- it you f«'p| thnt "to be ivell- irmed you should know of I ha life, ru*it>mn, iii(lusn;U'.«, work uml •luy of )iaui>ns bt-yoitrt >our own; if •ou want to. ri-allge'lhHt tlu-y ar« fully is inletr.stills aa your own, go and -see 11. How'* Trawl Ketitlval wbiclt conu-s to' thw Ai-atU'iuy of Music, imUnci' and nlnlit on Wt-diu'wiltty, Uec. •7, 'Mitt HtHV (>ro^ram JiifUulcs Hawaii. Tli* IliU-ttdlaa of tlio l*acitlc"! bird* nil tlr,lu>s of .vailuu^ kinds-in uUtri,: Xiirwuy, "J«'ut(l of thu fnn-;-iilfr-ai--«liP -tf«it«d ury Acuitrmy ut West 1'olnt; clmnn- ig pk'turvs of- babyhood, entirely dlf- n»-iit fiom tbost; «i|io\vii by Mr,-i-t4»ve *JXirr; Suiaiy Spain; di^idvinir i«»r- .iH* .of {.iiiiuus iJH'a; new 'Hlvdy t'Wltnyns ,:tiul UltUiJ WHICH ONE "8HALt. "\V!,l,'h «nu- Sh:ill 1 M i. 'flu- p!:iy is uiKli'r cht Koui.uut :tiiil H"Vv,iii|, i^t ('htcait". i', i{t<v^lu!)d *rf r,4\nr,tlt!*' Knouu >IN o liioduc^r of '*Tlii«' Kti».uy*' .lint VpU'inbtT Morn" aini oUu-i ji'-piil »r aiui Mi, liuwai'l s;» 4 I>KI- J Quick Way ; lo End Coughs, Colds ;: end Croup I | t Am »»c«n*»t, Inex»eH»iv* Horn*. ] • Prompt 4MM1 J. MARRY. uiv '" *'«>in«- If you h«ya » Berero cou«h .or.chert cold aeootapaai<p with norenesa, throat tickle, hoarBenws, or difficult breathfoft or if your child wakes up during, tho J eht with croup and Von want quick dp, just - try this pleaMnt taeting pme-m*do cough remedy. Any dmaf cl»t c*n »upp*r you with 2% «!»«*? ?* Pvn«t .(50,cenw worUi), Pour thi» into If »lnt boltla.and WE the botWe ^th Maul <rr»nulatt"d sugar eyrup. Tnus ircMrtHi, you lave a njnt of really re« narkftblo cou^b rcmedy^ona tbat «aa 10 dopenfU-d upon to «ivo quick aud last* ns relief at all times. You <«n f'Hsl tliis take hold of a coueh 1 n a way that ineaua buuneoa. It! ;hroat tuftto imd aooUaia and ibe'al* tho j rntali'd uiitiiitTffn(*s^ tiiat—"grto— th«J 1 throat and bjrojiclilai tulxm with «uch -roniptursa, oaw and txTtuiuty that it! IHne* i» a ap^jiaf "and> highly ; irati'<J conjoouna or ««uitno I pine extract, confined with ] and ia noti'd lor itjj epcud- in o I M'Vm' c5M)gh'», turoat and client coid*. | i It» muhon« of eathu»lH*tfo users Law , ai*(k- it fanjou* tha worl 1 over. \ j TluTi 1 JUQ .wanv worthlvan imitation* of this noted mature. To svui<< i fn>i«tmc>ut, »SH for * K 2«a " i "- v " with full djr^'tioua t'lttfc A tun or jutiiit'v . _ _ witli tiiU nr*'tti TW i > i^i.i; i Cu-» Ft- Wayuij Iii4. ' ' i t. Kirby also is in favor, of amending e *Wto constitution 'to. limit Cook county reprt'nentiitlon. "county now has He points out 40 per ,e*nt of the represejitajjon and ns a result pn tlcftlly control^ all legislation. He «o fuvors a ronatitutional convent but bwlleveu the Cook county repr»«3 Kt'iitutlon~probk-m»houia be acte" * 3 fliwt. The I'eU'rwburs repreHentmlvd aj wunlH, the tux law* amended so its, ln«ure collection of Utxeit on Htocl bondx, gecuritiet). . royaltjea, gi} porwonal note** nnd real eatuto *ff«:eifc - »' - fi • Collecting the Waste • v ,. Taking <»art> of <|K» wa«t.o is a universal l Norwayf euaiacol f our <l«*|»wsitt»i*s will eolloct tile \va«t(f'Hiul- , > nuikc it a working powt»r fur you. li will pay you \voll (o invi»sti^at<>. of Sterling *5^ Illinois

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