Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 2, 1944 · Page 6
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 6

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1944
Page 6
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NAUOATUCKiDAttY N2WSJ WEDNESDAY, ATTQU8T Now At The Gem .If ,t,f* 6 ,iT|.' if? •' **#%. Hop Brook fairways Are Much Improved Unrivalled I»H Anirrlrii'ji fnvorltr fcnilnluc trio, tint Andrews SlwUTs, Mux«ne (left), rutty :in«l UiVcrni-, un- itinonu host of star* In Unl- j. „. vrr.tiil'N "t'ollow tin' Uoyv"j "THE EVE OF ST. MARK" IS LEAD AT THE STRAND "Not only U 'Hollywood buying Broadway hit plays in a big way for screen plcliirlxatlon, but it is now adding an extra car to the N«.w Yot-k-to-Hollysvood express, The cinema capital is ivow brinij- Injr Broadway casts won to appear in the screen versions of the plays. • Prime example of the new trend Is 20th 'Century-Fox's p let urination of Maxwell Amlur.xm's "The Eve of St. Mark." Acclaimed a> title war'a j,'ct'atest lovo story, the picture Is current on the screen' at the Strand.' Not only did the studio pay one of 'the largest-price® ever recorded for the screen rights to this impelling romance, but it also imported Mix members of the original New York cast to repeat their •I'tage I'olesi on the screen. Michan-l O'Slion, who is featured with Anne Baxter and William Kythe, Is one. Thti' othi.,i-.t, till ot whom draw raves from the New York critics, are George Muthows, Stanley Pra- Ker, Joann Dolan, Ton! Favor .incl Joven E. TCoki. Others In the import film whli-h has boon :-o ably directed by Jolin M. Stahl urn Vincent Pi'ice, Ruth Nelson anil Rny Collins, . Broadway casts in (.!:e ncre^n reproduction of their hits on the Btage are the best answer. It scorns, for. the. public's cry for new f.ic^s. "Tht: live of St. Mark" closes its "FOLLOW THE BOYS" CURRENT LEAD AT THE GEM THEATER "Follow Boys." universal's wklely-horakicd all-star Him which came yesterday to the screen of the Com theater for three days, is something more than a pictorial parade of sonic two score of Hollywood's greatest personalities, although it is all of that. Such name as George Raft, Vera Znrina, Orson Welles, Marlenc Dietrich. Jpanetlc MacDonakl, Dinah Shore, W. C, Fields, Sop hit; Tucker, Donald O'Connor, the Andrews Sisters, Charles Buttorworth, Mnrla Bonti-x and Susanna Foster in the same cast attend to that, "Follow !hp Boys," for its sheer enlc'rtulnmont content, is as good piuoe as .Hollywood has turned out in this war. But additionally not- nit 1 ..') is tho wisdom oC Producer Charles K. Feldman in providing a Committee' 1 Doing Fine Work In Reclaming Hard Hit Areas ' ' •• v . At the .start of the present ing season the Hop Brook club fairways in back of the new construction on Bridge street Avere In such deplorable- condition that many members disphlred of ever getting it back to its original condition without recourse to plough- ing and re-soodin'g: '. •'•••• ' ' The rank and Illc'of members, however, are umn/cd at the Improvement in the playing conditions at this end of the course; particularly outstanding in view Of the lack of rain during the last six weeks." . .It speaks well for the efforts of "Vic" Furs and "Bill" Passeck. It is now evident that the Japanese Beetle was not the case of tho grass dying but probably the type of weather during the preceding winter. FortiliKinff of this section .and further plans to be carried out at the end of tho present playing season would indicate thut this lot will return to its, former state. 'At one time this section of tho course was considered to have the h •-;. : i -?'.< '*J\*j • 11 Service World Series Proposed; est Fairways in this section of the state. SAMMY KAYE IS WEEK-END LEAD AT STATE, HARTFORD Sammy Kayo brings his national- human story ns well, about which i )y . f a . n ious "Swing nnd'Swriy" or- to weave tho history of the show world, from the demise of vaude- ,-|||e to the present day. chostra, plus a brilliant All New Revue to the stage of the Air-Conditioned State theater, Hartford. Further strengthening the fabric i Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The of the entertainment-laden Him Is I .famed band loader presents all of in appealing romantic theme,' in- n j s famous radio stars, including voivirig George .Raft and lovely Vora Zarlnti, who are co-starred. "Follow thn Boy.;" faithfuly re- Nancy Norman. Arthur Wright, Billy William, Sally Stuart, the Three: Kavedets and the Kavu ft York", •'•A'uff.'2-e(UFJ—A service newspaper from. Cnmp Camp-, bell, Kentucky, comes up with ,a| —! suggestion which could swell bond! ' sales, and entertain both troops; and civilians.. ... . ' ... A service, world .series is thc_ new scheme and It appears to be a great idea. The suggested series would bring; together tho top team representing tho A r m y. ... .the Navy's best. . ; and . tho unofficial Marine championship nine. Which would probably be Camp Campbell Isclf for the Army, Great Lakes for the Nuvy, and Purris Island for the Marines. Attracting the most publicity of any service team, Mickey Coch- rnne's Oi'eut Lakes service team is sometimes called the seventeenth major league teum. His roster is .stuffed with former big leaguers. Cocbrane's nine bus whipped major league teams, minor league out- IHs, and other service squads. This Is apparently the top Nnyy nine In cords the contributions of show I choir. In addition. Sammy Kaye people- to morale at home and j features in his All New Revue such abrci.icl, and sketches the) founding headline' acts us radio's favorite, and tho functions of the Hollywood , Paul Wincholl with Jerry Mahoney. Victory Committee. That record' "America's Greatest Ventro-Mimic" needs no embellishment,,, and the •week run at the Strand Thursday! nim attempts none. It Is'traditipn- Tiluht. • • a,lly American, plain John Doe, in The co-feature otv tho present Strand program i.* "L.'ulii.M of Washington," which fonturos Rou- «lU ; "Oifihanrv Trudy Marshall, Anthony' Quinn and Sheila Ryan. . "Colorado's 113 national forest.?, occupy one-fifuh of the state. its treatment. Coal mined in the United States Jyas an annual value greater" than that of all ot'li-er metal or minerals combined. KUY WAR BONDS ANIJ STAMPS plus the Three Hearts, and many others. "So You Want To Lead A Band!" one of Snmrny's sensational stage novelties, is also featured on tho program. On the screen is pi'c- sented "Black Magic" with Sidney TolCr us "Charlie Chan." There will be a midnite .show oh Friday only. There arc late stage show's "Saturday and Sunday at 10 p. m. the land. Colorful Boots Poffenbergcr, former Tiger, thrower, heads the Leatherneck entry from Parris Island. At one time his squad held a win streak of 23. straight ball game's. The Camp Campbell armor raiders boast a record which reads like a Joe Louis Knockout chart. Forty- one wins in -I-l games with a victory streak of 35 straight at onu tlmu. .Proposed plans for the- service world .series would find the Army entry facing the Marines for a live game series...the winner o£ the series would face Cochranc's Navy nine. Just such a baseball circus would attract and interest service men all over the world, asserts the Camp Campbell public relations olllce. And it would provide millions in war bo/id sales. , _ ( , , Plans-call for the first gamo. between the. Campbells and Ahc Marino nine staged nt Charlotte, N. C. or Charleston, S. C. The second could be at Parris Island for thfi Dcvildog personnel and tho third, for bonds in Nashville. GI's at Camp Campbell, would see the fourth game on the home green and the .clincher game, if necessary,'would be at a neutral site decided on later. The winnfcr of this quintet would collide with Great. 1 Lakes, with possibility of two bond games in Chicago. Second Baseman Is Doing Really Marvelous Job Browns Going Great Guns In American Loop (By United 1'rown) For .1 loam that wasn't picked to win thi: Ampricfin league pennant, the St. Louis Browns arc doinyr amazingly, well. The oclds- makcrs in baseball said the Browns couldn't win, but tlic fl£htin(? St. Louis clan is doinj? its host. The Brownies walloped the Washington Senators last night— and moved five and one-half games ahead of tho Boston Red Sax. That's tbe biggest lead that Luke Sewcll's crew has held this year. Has Made 32 Out Of 35 tempted Thefts Of Btttt To Date Snuffy SJJrnwelss—tho Now Yankees base stealing second bast m;i.n—is one of the brighter in a war-dimmed rnster. The Yanks started out on •ist road trip with high hope* then bogged down sj> they <i|<i their ea.-Licr western jaunt. Slirnwelss," a fast sprinting more, piled up a terrific record. • He upped his batting avt points;—m.okmg it cJose to scored U runs. an<3 ir.r>.de 30 He's close on "tho tali of ington's George Case, the leading base pilferer. And more, the chunky liuxle New Yorker, ha.s been thrown out less iht- any other p^yer in the .majors- 1 ,,, „ , ., . -and that 1 * where The Browns whipped the Wash- ^ B «*»g you cf» n line • A<\ Tb fifteen \v MKCHANIC-F . chine »hop' only, Tel. . Horse Player Runs $2.00 To $8,000.00, And Then Loses AMERICAN LRAGUE Yestcrday'iT Ileiulta Cleveland 8, Boston 4. Philadelphia 2, Chicago 1. Detroit S, New York •!, St. .Louis 11, Washington 6, The Standing W. L. Pet. St. Louis ..' ............ 59 '12 .58-1 Boston ................ 52-10 .. r i31 Nnw York ............. , r )0 '1C .521 .Cleveland • ............. 01 -19 .510 Detroit ........... •. ; . . 4900 .-19 Chicago ...... -.-...I ____ .16 -19 ' .-IR. Philadelphia .......... 4405 .4-M Washington ........... .12 00 .429 Today'* GamoK, ?llclier» .'.Philadelphia at Chicago (2)^ ris (S-.S)' and Black (6-7) vs. Lo- pnt (5-(i) and Humphries (-t-H), Toots Shore—who runs a popular New York eatery— tells a ve'ry funny story about a 'horse player, It seems thi\s gcht"' was broke and couldn't 'naiao Uie price of a 'bet' until he managed 1 -to get two bucks «nd cojrfare-'from-.his wife, He hopped aboard a subway and dashed out to Che track. He put the $2 on the nose of irj the first race — and. the bangtail won. • . The payoff was around $40- and Mr.. Horseplayer put • it all. on a horse • iri the second race. - Again the horse won and this'kept up pntil the chap.had. run up a bankroll of about 8,000 bucks: In tho Iftst race ho bet the wad— and his horse ran- second. It didn't seem to bother the fellow a bit. He just got on the subway and went home. When hu strolled into his apartment his wife asked how he had done at the Hack. He s.ikl, nonchalantly: "Aw, I blew tho deuce." U. S. Rubber Co. To Meet Benrus Here Thursday NAtlONAI, GAS HOT WATER HEATERS AVAILABLE Automatic CAS Water Heaters can be bought now under WPB regulations. If you have no suitable means for heat* ing water or your present water heating equipment is worn out beyond repair sec your master plumber or call at our office for information pertaining to purchase regulations. . • . •.,'• - • , . GAS RANGES, TOO! Gas Ranges also are obtainable under similar regulations. Your particular situation might qualify you for either or both of these new gas appliances. Get'the details now. CONSERVE * DON'T WASTE * BUY MORE BONDS THE CONNECTICUJ IGHT& POWER Ca Ron nil* St. Louis H, Brooklyn 3, Pltl^bgurgh la.-.'Bosto'n ,8 Cincl-ninati D, New York -I Chicago-Philadelphia, postponed. Tho Standing W. L. Pet. St. Lduts '.. . G9 26 .72'G Cincinnati D3 -12 , .BfJS Pittsburgh ;....,..:,,. (50 40 .55G New York .10 M .479 Chicago ( 42 47 .472 Boston .',. 39 5G .411 Philadelphia .."'.. 3755 Brooklyn 3S 58 The "United States Rubber Co. softball team will meet the Bon•us team of Waterbury on Thursday at Recreation field irf a postponed game from the Waterbury Industrial league. .Large crowds have been turning out, for the postponed "games that, the. "U. S." team has been bringing to Naugatucit, a record, number seeing tho Scovil! club in action here recently. Benrus is doing very well in tho Watorbury loop, and recently WHS further strengthened by the addition of several star p!n3'Cr3. Last night Bourns forced Waterbury..Tool into an extra inning before being defeated, and Tool is rated very highly among softball clubs in this vicinity. The U. S. Rubber Co. team will be in tip top shape for the con- Lcsf and a ding-dong game is un-i ticlpatcd. Crack Pitcher Will Hurl For Cubans Saturday Dave '.'Impo". Barnhlll. leading pitcher of tile New York Cubans and strike-out king of the Xationa! Negro League,'is scheduled to hurl against Fred Davl's Waterbury Brnsscos whom the' cream of Cuba's wintar league moves Into Municipal Stadium on Saturday night of this week. This contest is scheduled to start at 8 p. m: sharp and should draw the largest crowd of the-year to the .Water-town Avc. layout. . J.osu Fernandez, the Cubans' pilot; has been a. member of the club for moor than 20 yeare and l«sit- year caught 97 games for the Invaders. In 1941 the Cubans played a series in Cuba with the Brooklyn Dodgers, boating them in three out of five training gomes. At present bho Cubans aTe in first place in 1 tho second half race of tho National Negro League. .v«in.isror Davi of the Brasscos will most likely start Rod Branch, former Yankee fligner, or Junior Thompson, former Cincinnati Red hiirler, against the Cumins. How Hack, popular catcher, will do receiving. As a r.' ndded attraction the W •terbury Girls' All Star Softba team will cross bats with, t-' •«trong Mcriden En dens in a pr Jlminary affair at 6 p. m, Tx>ca fans will have a chance to sec son- of the best feminine Softball pla ngton Senators 11 to G in an arc ight tilt. Tho Boston R<;d Sox look an S to -1 shellacking at the hands of tho Cleveland Indians. Tex Hughson, Boston's leading -hurlcr, was the victim of the attack. The Yankees wont down under the usunl Tiger jinx, suffering an » to -1 defeat. Joe Hoover arid Rudy York paced Detroit's 11-hit s-ssault on Ernie Eonham and Al Lyons. The Philadelphia A's nosec! out the Chicago While Sox 2 to 1, in .a ]2-inning contest. Pitcher Luke lla'mlin led off for Philadelphia but he wasn't around at the end of the contest. In the National league, the Cin- count-s. Stirwcisa—who sot a new national league record for stei. ing bases, with 73, in 1942—has u ' edge on other players. He playt; • football -it Chapel Hill-, and " the technique 'of quick-1 starts—the first essentkil of a «u& ccssful base thief. Stirweisi came up to the YM- kecs last year, but n«ver h.-Ld muck I of -a chance against Joe Gordon- New York's hard flitting second | sackcr. But this spring, the f!<*t. footed youngster stepped Go*-, don's' shoes, .when Gordon w u drafted. Stirwoi«j' base purloining succw isn't due entirely to his speed, and fast break-aways. He spent hlj time on the bench last year use- cinnati Rods edged out the New "" G un ln "- ocncn I3sl ^r use- York Giants 5 ,o 4 on tho strength fu".y — wati-.hmg tho pitchers, -on, York Giants 5 to 4 on the strength of Frank McCormick's willow- wielding. McCoriyjick clouted in .a throo-run homer in the first, and sont Ed Heusscr home with a fly in the ninth. Big Mort Cooper — the Cardinals' mound ace — was out for blood. He avenged Monday's defeat, routing the Dodgers 14 to 3. The Pittsburgh Pirates and the J3oston Braves indulged in a slugging' bee at Boston — but the game wasn't finished. The Eucs were ahead 12 to 8 at the end of the Sth when the gamo was called so that they could catch .1 train. A double-header, with Chicago scheduled 'to play at Philadelphia, was postponed because of ihe transportation strike. Here's today's schedule: In the American league, Philadelphia plays at Chicago. In the senior circuit, it's Chicago Philadelphia and St. Louis Pittsburgh. and recording their mannerisms when.they try to throw outj man on base. He knows when to break, aui I when to bo cautious. His sccr« wt'ipon is knowledge. Opposing pitchers quill when little Snuffy | starts edging off a ba;c, bccau~ the odds are with the runner. He's made 32 out of 3G attempted staJi ah-oady fhis season. yoke's entry in the tournoy. Tfct newcomers will go into action iir.- mediately,- playing the BrookJint Post team tonight. at at 48-Hours Ruins Crack Ball Club It is estimated that Ihere art aTjoul, 3,154,000 small businesses is tho U. S.- ' NOW PLAYING FOR SALE—Ti ',rooms, 2 car ,*A11 improv-em At a sacrifice. port.. [j ; O.NK-FAMir-1 each, % all i , pre-w»r buiit. ; for selling. $5,800: 6 room, 1- ?'• ' atcd on 3-4 ^.c If you want Patsy Labrio! Phone 3458 or EIGHT room. improvements, .S^car.'garage = J5.700. Also house, car;; ire ln$ l"ot. Price Tel. 2433. ' TEX-room, 2-fai of town.' Prl< Labriola. re— Naugatuck Co 3458. \TERV nice 3 Irally located. "able Sept. i. care of The N TWO fnmlJ.v h avenue. Two Scott street. F, 1 ac ! street. Price : Tel.. 5031. .. 3*. .. Wanted OXE, Two and th, wanted. Also Tel. 5031. ers in wares. the state perform ' the Mexico City Planning 100 Parks For Youth Mexico'City (UP)—Javier Roj Gome*, chief of the Federal Dis tn'ct government,- has " announcot that the Federal District, would have 100 sport parks by Januan 194G. The parks will provide rocroo tion for Mexico City youngsters and arc part of a program to con ti-ol juvenile delinquency. Tobacco taxes are now levied bj 2S states as compared wlth'only'33 states 12 years ago. BUY WAIt BOXDS AND STAMPS BUY WAU BONDS AND STASH' .•102 .390 Today 1 * GxinvM, Plterorn .St.'Louis' at Pittsburgh (njght) —Lanlcr. (1J-5) vs. Sewcl! • (11-8). Chicago ot Philadelphia—Brickson (2-S) or Chip'man (10-4) y.=. '(0-0) ' ' '" '•"'," ' " Electrical Supplies Lighting Equipment BOMB 'KM WITH BOMBS Victor — Columbia — Pecca Rocordu *' ' SWAN - : - ELECTHIC CO. 15 CHUKCH ST. TEL. 2374 ALCAZAR TODAY - THURSDAY .Dennis Morgan and Irene Manning "THE DESERT SONG" In Technicolor GREAT OAK FARM' OXl'-pBDMlOAJJ- Tel. 6040 iMIiiK -i- EGGS;/ f! J f n^Hverjr To ,^11. Part* Of - <\\' . . -Niiugatuck GEM TODAY - THURSDAY jS^^JIiNtnt M«OON*L& t <}X^' 1 /" °«5O>J »tlts '. ''-ii »**»UN( WfTfJOl * \'H **S • DINAH 'iHOtf ^ y/,' ocw/uo o-coNNot * ./, r .T J1C f«OGV »YAN (-•^1. • WC flKDl * -?A .^ ANWKWt ySTtBt . ^& f *i' GAymB'S MICKLAVIFS ' 'f no i|w«, ftiooa SIACK . OfAflUf SMv&K , touts JOtDAN Holyokc, Mass.. Aug. ~ —(U P)— Forty-eijjht hours 17 years ago suddenly has made a worjd of difference to the baseball hopes of o Holyokc team. The club sponsored by Holyoke -American Legion Post No. 23 in tile .^taie Legion tournament, was sailing- along into the semi-finals until tlio state nth'.ct- ic officer made a discovery. The, official. 'Percy Martin of Marblehead, announced that 17-year-old Ear; Lyons, second • baseman for the Holyoke loam, was born only •IS hours before tho eligibility date for junior player-. So now, -Jio tearn fi-om Pittsfield American Lc•post Xo. C8 will replace- Hoi- M-6-Mimmoth Musical! BUY MORE BONDS lot, Shirley street. Naugatuck oft •Price. $150. Cal Real Esta ~A Wantc COTTAGE, ne; Auprust 12 -.o in August. < .: • For 8 Rocmi •i Hdults.' Inq;:ir ..or 16 iShefficl THKEE nicely • housokc . pooti 2 ndults. Aoct of the Xe-.vs. .-•"tit: SKELTON MAXWEU- ANDEL THE EVE — plus — Ladies of Washington Trudy Marshall-Donald Graham "Seci-ct-M of ScotlniKl. Y:ml plus "Vcllow Rose of Texas' wMHtUN KHWIST XAVU CUOAT VAR New March of Time lliivc -You Bought Thnf BOX»? HIGHLAND GROCERY 92 HIGHLAND AVE. TEl. ,4880 ROCCO BADO, Prop. 10-Quart Cold Pack Canners T«i tt Limited Quantity Also CANNING JARS and ACCESSORIES NAUGATUCK HARDWARE NEARY BUIT.DING - ••' - Tel. 5212 — 2XD HIT — "Portbf 40 Thiey«s" Stephanie Bachelor Richard P»*ren P R I- "«O.ME I«V INDIANA 1 !; r ** • • *lft CHARLIE CAN I Chrysler and Plymouth O:. C. Trucks. : J.G.RAYTKWICH,] JR. ACCESSORIES ...,.. Repairing "lOC SOCTIt MAIN ST. Telephone 409«

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