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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1916
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IT- ft t«*ly — The Big f*»p«*» print it to- R « * d today's in TH«* G.irett?.' STERLING DAILY GAZETTE AND DAILY STANDARD .-•-..>«n YAR—N0.146. THE 0AZKTTfc Give» v fiv» time* ft* much *dv»rt»»i«g for th» mfriwy s* can b« bought arty Stfi- srp!*c«. Trying i« pravifig. STERLING, ILLINOIS, THURSDAY, DEC. 21. 1916. "S1N3D OM130iHd THE ALLIED POWERS Trade Commission. jlishers And Manufacturers Are Meeting. TO FIND A WAY .Prorate Print Paper Supply Q Prevent Hundreds Of Pa- l 0rs { Hy t'ftHfl F*| f>-3t;. | N >\\ York. N },. t >.«€•. 21.-A mm-id hfintl rrUlrrmd, including; hi hlKvp ami \ip rolllne stork,! (••ill In* shlpred (<» ih«* entente jt!!i* >> ;» for »•»»> in II P war you*- as soon ,ir> it • •:m be jiiii Ijoil,, Herman Hoenfcen, jites- lib-nt of tbi» f'hUviK' 1 . . Anamnsrf rtnd j. Not thwe-jffitt ttiirond said today. Tin- null i<s :;"I..! mii('H ions and hns 'birr >»•}*, two combination «•> i>«*«pnirer <nr« nml recently nrmnred 'to lay behind t to «ix freight tars. f?reji| Britain !my rails In Of he hlMory of newspaper mnklnjsri ^""1", ,,,."L.V, t . a . ... . . .1 iJlC'flt Mil.Alii. eft tied In Washington a few days; i ___ : has not yet completed Its *~ The mc't'ltng was ml let) by The J Trade Commission to if possible, some method of of print imper, by which the <f papers of if IP country annthllrtftiiii through the "Int paper, Hepre«enlntlves were i(ftt ftt the original meeting from American Newspaper Publisher* Ifon. Including the largest pa- j th* country, from the National -ThouKh-24 hours have elapsed since Association Including varians; the Interior of the Leader |>r«>N;< and Ofgiuilidtlons which represented i editorial rooms were ruined by fire and 7MW of th« smaller dally nnd [water, the oiitdn of the blay.e Is now FIRE IS A MYSTERY *«.« mi * «.• ^» < ». Is Now Thought An Ovcrheat- ed Stove Was Not The Cause Of Leader Fire. newwpapern. The experiences d from the newHpnitem all this eountry are very dlmltar to of The Oawtte which huve l>een about to make contract* at that run from 2 Mi cent» to a lit- over 3 centu |x>r pound while the paper* have- 'been paying any- from f to 8 C'enta a 'pound and of-th*m'navi» been comjM>lleil to cxpresit charges" additional in or- { lo R*t p«per nnough ty keep ro- AJrenrty many newKpupert* h&ve compelled to nuppend arid hiin- Of othyrs will Iw driven to the befora the yt«ar IK out unlen* there IMef. manufacturer of .print paper tnftt th*y ha3 no desire to in- Mty of th« vmaller publications but IN: willing and ready In every .way " to W«l them. The smaller pub- that & fair increase a greater nource of mvniery than over. Hay* this mornlhtt'n Leader. At flrnt It t wa« thotiRlit that an overhenteil-jRtoVe pet fire to the building, Tmi 11 'is now a1mu7tT~r»'i luHPTtlHT the blasse, could not have oriitlnated from mich a. cans*. Henry'Krnmber, the proKunan, declare* that he left the move In good condition about 'a half hour previous to the fire. The stove was located back of the big prewi. and wa* of sufficient dlntanre away from the wall to make ignition almost nn The ceiling above lh«' »tove wax )ow but was partly protected by a steel sheathing. Examination of the burned area by daylight revealed that' there b« wcpwjted but objected to oubl*i and In nome place* threw much a* the larger paper* are Tit*- final volution of th» mat- *UU in th« hands of repreeenta- Vflrjow* wrin,t t paper organ - organleatlonn electric light wires crossing the space where the fire had been the most intense, and this may have been the cause. The damage sustained by tho build Ing I* sora*wbat heavier than was utf°* tne first anticipated, a blast of ga«*e which.i meaj)Ur * and > . . „ * BM A^*B .-.«• J-. t* *M J Mayor And Council Find The Drafting Of Ordinance No Easy Matter. EVERY CITY IS DIFFERENT Duties Of The Sealer Depend Upon The Needs Of The Various Cities. The mayor nnd member* of the city council nre having their 'hands full In drafting nn «>jdlnnnn.» for a city seftler. They are finding it n biui;f>r study thati- they first thought ami It will take time to gft what is n«-'»'dcd for tlu> clttr. The mnyor IIUH been wntllni: nil over the for liti'ialiire iriiiiidlnn tbi' work tind he (?nd« fitch council iw* fixed tin* of tin'", neuter to Htilt the ne»>ds the city. M»tt of fhe clfles emit seliler have published "pamphlets ti-lliwr in an extended way what t» Included in the ordinance*. All of the larger cities of the wtiite have sealers find word from then* rjiie* say tlmt the merchants) ure wvll pleaded with their work. Another thing tbitt few people of the city understand I.H In'creating the office of city sealer, there will •>!»<» no salary nttache<l to""ihe office nnd the payment for .the sealers work will be from fees ttlone. A birK« number of applications huve been sent Into the members of the council already asking for the appointment, nnd there will be nn salaried officer nnd It nimht be well if those jiwkinK for the petition understood this fully, Just whitt Much n place will pay bus not yet been determined upon, nnd it in hard for tho member* of the council to make any estimate AH. to what the pay will be, for no one know* how mnny there will l»e In the city to us* inspected and Healed weights und measures., | The method in use by mnny of the j cities in to net a price for the work of j>av!nst wr> to ,Ian'• tifiry I, ]«1S. at thf bnrpnln rate of $2.50 n year, Thjit BIKUI-' if jou ir^ paid until nt-xt .lutjf or »mv oth«-j- period In IfllT, yoif f)Xn pay the'balance of thp yrar 1fl)7 at the t2.f>«) rnt<>, N'o .«n!tMi'riiition«i will lif nifeptfd bf>vnnd Januaiy 1, t'.'Jtj, at the $L'.f.i» rntf. ixx<k'al yfnir t1at». figure up the months to January I, Jfts, nnd tho bargain prlt:»» !« 21? a month. I'Miple whose time exiiircp January 1st or who are not now on the Hot cnn Hiihscrfhe for all of the year I SI 7 for t2M. The milwription rnt« to The fJa- ?.t-tte after Janm^y 1nt will b»> $3 by mall outride of tfie ^terlinK and Itoek Vnlls post «ifrirrn. There In fio promlwe thnt the $3 price will be. maintained, VnlcHs The Onsftte ftetn a con- * tract for print paper af n fair price •the wihqcriptlnn jirif<"< to Tho'Oa- «»'lte will be K3.50. - ,tf you wish to take the advantage of thi* offer^he^ter do KO .fabuary Int. THIS WAS THE REAL REASON BEHIND U. S. NOTE TO THE BELLIGERENTS sTRnwfc PFArP wriTF rn j'GERMAN PEACE PROPOSALS AND LLOYD ALL THE BELLIGEftENTS! GEORGE'S SPEECH NOT CONSIDERED blew out the from_ ^window* of th* businemTorricen also"rra«^«4 the River street wall. Tb«r fire burning from the biiKetwnt wan on each wetKbt and It depends upon how many each merchant wishes to "u»e, U to cerUtn they will be a« ffw a» posHl* ble. No merchant in going to pay for a^lot of wwightK nnd measures he'can tet'oloiiff, without. U-BOAMICTIM Fnmck_CruissL_Sufffira Is Reported Sunk With The Loss Of 718 Men. A STEAMER WAS CUT IN TWO The full text t»f Trrslrtpnt Wilson's note to the .hr'Hijteront n«llon« in pre- wen ted here. Th«» word* in brackets* »how differt-ntatlonfi in the note dellv- ered to the (tertnan govervment In Ilerlin from that presented to the Hrit- Ixh gnvernment In London. "I)»»imttmpnt of Btate. "Washington. t)ec. is, jitifi. • "The Secretary of 8tnt« to Atnba*- ' sndor.W. II. I'ag'e: (J. W, (lerard). The l'r«'»ld«'nt. directs me to nend . followInK communication to! immediately to the mln- ! Isler of foreign affatr» of the govern- 1 tnent to which you are accredfU'd: | "The PreHident of the United States his Instructed me to miBKe«t to Illn ' MajeHljt'ir government (the Imperial j («erm«n (ioverntnent) n cour«e of nc- j lion with regard to the present war; which he hopes that the British gov- i ernment — «-M»*»—lun»«'riftl-O»rm*fl — Uuv^ ernment) win take under <-oriRid<THt!on President Demanded Showdown Because Rights of U. a Have Been Invaded Until the Situation Was Becoming Intolerable. s By Robert J. Bender, (Staff Correspondent of United Press,) Washington, D. 0., Doc. 21.—Plainly hinting that there is danger, of the United States being brought into the war, Secretary Lansing said this was the real reason behind President Wilson's message to the belligerents. "The situation of the United States as a neutral is rapidly becoming intolerable," he declared. "Therefore the president demanded a showdown. Our rights have been invaded until the situation is becoming intolerable. More and more our British Steamer Sunk Without Warning But The Six Arner* icans Were Saved. but by the war nnd whose content for its early conclusion arUeH out of a ,m&n> to safcRuurd tfHme interests if the war t am in- It parties are now tonnage re- paper in the country to lot PVdwal Trade Comml«» he awtimlwlon to al»o to be. iftsd with jlyX tonn«R* that will be ~ ~ from,ttt» Various print paper stur*r». The Federal Commlu- offerwl. In order to g>et nn distribution and to save many from being puTout-^f tumlnesti. Jertake th* work of distributing Ho each paper its »h«r« of the .uraotmt of paper manufr<eturedr |f« method it IH be!loved that while will be compelled to cut jS'tlfelr *|p*_v0ry jnaterially yet it papw Van thus i many by what had formerly been a WJ&' partition. to the upper Hoot* by the «pare formed ( QM Qf ^ ||Un|{|( to , )p Ufcl ^ upon way, but which was cnclcwd by ^ |by tho council i« the price charged by The space formed a nat-|mj urnl air abaft, and by this meanH tho' fire was easily conducted, dered it verj to get to the * 8 *» J * r for >'»**'«« and baling. (»y Knlted Press.) Amsterdam, Holland, Dec, 21,—The French cruiser Kuffern, reporte*! an lout in tho Klrench oiliclnl tttatement of Dec. 8th. WHH torpedoed by a Oerman nub- marine according to a Berlin statement today. The undersea boat sent the warship to the bottom on Nov'em- ber 20 _a(t tho Portugu**? coast, nnd 'the crew of 718 men wan loaf. «tructe<i to make the THE GERMAN VERDICT 8TEAMEW-CUT-IN TWO. United Prftw.) ranee. Dec. 21.—An Italian stennior~wSs cut entirely In two by Here will have to be n Hurt of a scale, the hVench waruhlp Tiunun. ac- Uo work from and it is hnrd to deter- cording to dispatches from Toulon to | mine. | It ban been roughly estimated there are between four and' live hundred | Italian vessel were rescued Ihy th« weights^and measures in the city which] French warship. The accident occur- will probably come under the eye of rf .,| at night, the city ' sealer. Theru • uiv twenty- particular time hecau«e it may now have been prompted by the re-, cenl overtureH of the central power* j (In the Oerman note, "prompted by « j day. Fifteen on the- paper (iMtructlonZ ther tills plan can finally b .out or not will be developet ?v As an indication of how nrgen |e«p«rate IB the situation Tiie On uaUed to wire to I., B.' Pal of th« American .News .Publishers Aanoclatlon, full par In r*g»rd to lt» iR'fdMjtnd th< (unotint of paper it couh fuitU on the coming year b> If "down .It* Ww> very materially, hie writing U IB Impossible t< the outcome, l>u t t tho In of thounand* of, the' smaller tho country tnimt in some or tho 'lohscii will be H ii( to be ho|>fd of r«j|»? wilj be worked out b> K^ntUnHen who are worhlUK ou opo«Jtipn Of pro rating the news OtjPftlW-fc? Ml the iiuperjj of lh« tHfi fl^Wlhir.ypar In proportion actual requirements. OF NANCsCOTT m« RMldont of Sterling P«»*ed f Aw»y L.Mt Night. Nancy Seatt died Wednesday about 9 o'vlock at the home | daughter, Mr«. Jane Ifubburt, City. Th» t'HU*e of deutii, was ante, Mis. Scott having IUMMI 111 ten day*. Tho funeral will riday for«»mou at 1« o'clock hcane, wHhflJnterment' in lilver- bay long been a 8i«,« leftve«"Uitf folldwlnit . John »»ott uf ^llnnraota. JatitLtlUbhart wiih whom vhc J {Wilpflg, «nd 'a brother. John of Siwrlinjjr. \Mr. Hcott. the Of the 4yct>ttat>U, died a num- V«rk U (j|i|l|»tur« . Witl Be A»k*d T« Cembut, H. C. L. (My United l»«'w».) N, V., pec. 31. -In an-ef- *wtot itoe- high ^ itlon of a atttt«» food t» #yught of {«»»v. V H'giaUi'llirt', the cluurnian Qmt ham. bw-n lino-- cai^Uitlone ann»unci*d todnv. That The War Will Be tied On In View Of The British Attitude. -- -By-Cart- W. (Stuff Correspondent of l}er"lln. tier.. Dec, 21,- three grooeries In the city and It ic certain each one of them will be (orced j to have at leant three or BULGAR8 ADVANCE. I By' United Press.) Koliu. Uulgnria. l>ec. 21.—Continued Hn d a» many measures for such thlngn advance of.the Bulgarian troops in the oil, vinegar, . and • HO on. fihus making an aggregate &f far over Tho German one hundred far Uil» cluxii of merchantK (alone, Thpn. there are seven or eight f meat markets, and—they* too,-haw from tbr«* to four-HpaJa*.—There public 1» determined ,to curry on the war In view of Premier Lloyd. Oeorge'ii •Mfiecclu... Th« of the Written prime minister huve been examined a'large number "6f people selling coal. The drug utores hnve all kinds weight^ and .meuxureH for both and solid goods, and tht« will add to the number largely. T-Ma la only u be- by the humblest eltlssen and fr**m-Hfifmins of the vurlQun merchuntH do- lit'aiUiiuirtcrK to 1'otttidum. Tin general public's verdict in the same The official view point will not bo nntilt known In all probability until the ru- celpt of the, official -text of the allied reply. J£ven the sorlalUl leader.^Dr. Hcheld tnuiiii, declures if JLloyd George expects Oermuny to publish -its peace conditions as HM next step, he will be disappointed. Dr. Hchi'Ulnuinii also rt-- nuirked incidftualiy, that imperial Chancellor von £k<thmann-Iiollweg fol lowtnl the Hoi'lallHtw' Idcun in making thi» peace pro offer. " Theodore Wofff, writing in thi» Tage- uuys; "Premier Lloyd rt>JvctD the overtures for pi>uct» by makin(r»<,K>rmuny publl«b its peace terms, knowing that no htfUlgerent can publish it a terms." (TluTTjnov* story WUM of course writ ten before President Wllnon made his l«»«i'e suggestions.) GERMAN GENERAL ILL Governor of J9*lgi«n Capital U 8uff*r- ing WUh Pneumonia, . • (Hy If iiited Preuaji . Amsterdam. Holland, l>ec, at, — Oen- Von Hlsalngr, governor geiieral of Belgium, was it-poittnl dangerously ill with pni'unuiniu in dlsputehes from he front tinlny. IJu Iws been tern- jorurlly displaced ut AN Jnion Pacific Al»o Give* Bonu* of Ona Month's Pay to Many. (Hy rjiiUsd j'i'viw> ---- . ;,N'«nv Yoik, N. Y-, Ucc, 2t, *n|on Puclilc d^ciutx-ii an extra dlvii end »>f « j>or i'vni, tuduy on coinntou lock und a' bonus iif mu- iiimuh's «;il inn selling and buying In tin city which would como under tb« jur isdiction of the city seult'r. There js A question In some kinds of business as to whether they will be touched. und it Is thes.e cases which nr<< puxssHiiK the minds of (he mayor and the co"hi» With the many complaints coming of short weights und nuuisurds ifjrnlPKt several denier* in the eity it is quite sure the matter of a city settler will be furred on, tlu* city souner or luler, then •I pt*,rsun will know If he la gettlnK-erMV rec-t amounts ' of the Krocerifs,» moat, or anything wfljihinK or mttasurtng, Tlu'rt»for*» It is^yp to the cit>T council of Sterling to creith 1 such an office after pttsfiituc—«n ordtnancn U(STof this officer, and what it ^vlll fiiMt to havf the sume in regularly and sealed. • FREQUENT SURPRISES " ' ' ____ __ Changes Have Oome So Rapid' ly Even Prohibition Is Likely In England. Jly J. W. IVgler. Staff corrt'sjHHiib'nt of !?iilit'<l i*r«>ss.) J^nulon. ICiiii.. JH-c. 2I,~,Wlthin 48 u»ur« of f'rtintvr JJoyd Ut-orgi-V ilrst pcech, Kuslttwd— iiuH- bin«ir w.nprcf«>d- 'iitedly MWttkeiM'd to the actualifluK of war. -HevttHuiMUary cljunKi** havf conu- with sui'h I'.ipld *uctv«s|on tlmt the wuuid not be much xurtnistnl ut .uiy tieVMopmeitt, if nutionul prohihi- (loir,of ilijuiti t-lrould In* aim'iunci.'it tb^ it wi>ultl "prwbaly evuke 4ioth- jimu tecphyr of hostiiity. prohibition tnuy not bu m» r«?- inotc eHlu-r, opeclully .since 'it is n<- _ to i(s viupli>>«-s if. vh u»j;. li-f... than ! ported -li«|tu»r Will MIOH !«*' t>ntitcl> luit tin b« 1"> by W-ould havit cliur«t' of UM.' tion wurlt 1 MunU'lpttri nuuUft.s will Hy if you ciui, I>M' of your oidvrn up 1-1 TALIAN PEOPLE AOREE WITH THE 8RITISH VIEW - in MlihT_ to l_Hcr«'«.st output yf tiltippniK by pontttttuit: Uioi work b<| 'bhtp buiMuii; litbofvrj* by <!»• •(•t'ustni; ibi* t'lUji''!'!* (\S boiijM 1 , *''lu" pi'lilic iissstt-H .tin ."'I'-p Uii iJobrunMu region WM». reported in today's offlciAl stHtemeht". ~ "The popiira- tion of Diidage warmly welcomed our troops," the HtatenuMU sai-,1. -- —BRITISH STEAMER SUNK. (By United Press.) WushlnKton. D. .«',, Dec. £1. -».Thw American consul'at 'Malta reported to thn state department that tin- British Hteumer St. Ursula,' with xlx Americans on boiU'd, was torpedoed without wuinlng. None of Utf A inert vans were killed. GERMAN A.ER08 BROUGHT DOWN. (Hy J'nited Press.) Paris. 1'Yance, Dee. 21.—Four German aeroplunvM wert» brought dovv th« Hommc-lEHnl,- it -»VHH o^iciaiiy nutinct'd tuday, 'Otherwise there wan'a lull in the llithtimr. On the iSulonlkl front ttnow anil rain was reporter!. BAGS TWENTY—FIRST AERO. (Hy United Press.) Paris, France, Dec. 21 —Lieut, Nun- bttiiiKht down hltt .twtnty'-llrst tu<j;t.v. <>luimhing ti-n steadily to the- record of t l«"Ya.w < 4V» other star, uvlutor, Sub-LU'iu. Uiiynemer. • Th*.» announcement wus nimlt- in connect ion with the day's* oitlclul statement do* lulling aerial activity over moxt of the front, rights have been v invaded by the belligerents of both sides until J;^%^;,| the situation was becoming increasingly critical. By that 1 miiiiK from therepresenta-|meaii that we were growing more and more on the verge of "*"""" '"""" , war and are entitled to know what ea^h belligerent seeks that we may better know ;the~oourse we are to take. We have pros- • pered by the war but we are entitled to know what the belligerents seek because our rights have been invaded," « ACTED INDEPENDENTLY. '. Secretary Lansing emphasised positively .that the peace proposals of tiermany and Lloyd George's speech in common! had nothing to do with the dispatch of the note, perhaps delay its sending, Touching on this he said? "No nation has been sounded on this matter and we did not know in advance what Premier Lloyd George would say, tujtd there was no consideration of the German overture* and tfet speech of Lloyd George in connection with the formation of this note. The only thing the'tferman overtures did was possibly *o-delay*tht> note for a-few-days. It was not! ed to send this note until MondayT!^ (The note was sent Monday night and Tuesday »0i Continuing he sa^cTtho difficulty faced by the PreiidSnt was that the note might be construed as a movement for-peace and in aid of the~~0erman overtures. Ho specifically denied they were a factor in the communication itself. LANSING TALKED FREELY. Previous to authorizing his statement, Secretary Lansing ^ad talked more freely then usual and in the same tenor. It had been suggested to him'that the United States .was really in no position to stop the war unless the belligerents. themselves decided to end the war, In reply to this he hinted that if the United States entered the war it would turn the balance of! power*")> It Is in (act no way, a»»o- j rlated with tlu in in; its origin and the' President- would hap delayed offering U until those overtures had befh answered (In the G$-mtin note/'Jt Ju»a in fact 'been In n<» way nuuKeBt*d'by them In'its origin and th|fr President (Continued on Pag« Three.) ALLIED CENSORS HOLD . ' UP AMERICAN MESSAGE (By United PWMJS) ' London, Kn«., Dec.. 21. — Prtsident "Wilson's metwuKo to the belligerents d niSt been released for publication at 4 o'clock this afternoon, The has lieen ivcetved by the fore-tun office hut the content*, remain ; und la- closed. It Is apparent from the above tfl*.- patch tlmt the Hrltish censor bus hold IIP all l»ij-'«i* «Jlsu>*tebi:s from the_ United .., the' president's mes- Bag*«. The l r rttted Press cabled the note last night to "its cllimis in .London and Paris, I'p to an early how no word of acknowledgment had been received. The cables_from both KIIK- land- and France were sIleTil so far a» comment*-*,«> president's mestiato* \ver« concernod. Obviously no comments of officials or others will be available until the message in by the'connor. According to a dispatch from York n man high In the councils ofj MAY RELEASE REBELS Debate In House Of Commons Indicates Settlement Of Irish Home Eule, 4J!y t'niti-i'l Prowl , • London, KiiK.,-,IH'c. 21. Iteleusw of u majority of On- lri*h rfhclH inijirthoii' after tin- Dublin it<vo|t is n step likely to \<v taken by the new govern- ilfb.iU' la^l ui^lil In tlu' huUfn of in \shi'h Hecri'iary For lr«i- litnil UnKi« and Irlwh l.cwtler ,Jubn |Hl^ lun iiurtlcipuicd. nliowcd that the j>i*»- und Uuko ;m« both inclined to tno^t of the iiri.Huiu-iH. oiu rumor*, of a i»t«tileuu'ui of th«' Irish Ufinu' rule iim-sthni lui'.'c IMMMI rorfVw4— j-si!«» the cubint'i crisbs uiul "W'otJId" Mul lie HU< pifs^il "lii~>>»'««" f i'oi iin>'iui|>t ts.Mieii men an- 1 v\itb tlu« ;uljii-slli>,-ii( lirituln expressed the most in- ! tense indignation at the action of president Wilson in addressing a peace message to the belligerents. This attitude mayMut responsible, for tlu« III it - |sh government refusliiK to p«,'rmit t publication of ili" message in. London today. STOCK MARKETTHRQWN MNTQ.WILDJXCITEMENT (Hy Hulled l»ross.) N*w yoTlf^K7~1i7r-l^rr2l.— After the Stock market broke from 2 |o 13 points in the llrwt hour today, it was thrown Into the \\ildPHt excitement nnd uncertainty ftjjlowlnu the annonnwnuwt i»l M«creta r-y "l.« nsintr- 1 hat President. Wil KOI, t mcs>uig<» was i««nt .to =thu bt-cJiuw this* country's ait a neiiirul was becoinlna In- An opening hour of stock ihimplng. proportioned with the heaviest tridlng the. l.utiUanlu was wuiilc, was.fol- lowed by a narrow lecovoiy. This up- nioyenu'iit .continiitul after I<wi- MiiUcnifiit was curried Into tin 1 The the scales and there was a-growing feeling of the danger of the United States being drawn into the war. He also said it was not in the administration's mind to suggest peace in any way, din the contrary he explained what was generally interpreted as a desire to learn the peace-terms of both sides, was in reality efforts to ascertain '-'not what would sati8fy^tfie~¥elligerent8 to end the war but from the viewpoint of rendering the positions of the neutrals less intolerable." Lansing's whole talk emphasized the idea "we will have to do something if American rights are further Tnyaded by both sides in infractions that involve American lives, property and' rights," - ' ' . _ '..-,•• Shortly after 2 o'clock this afternoon Secretary Lansing went to the White House to confer with President WUson, pre,- aumably on the matte^of the note sent to the belligerents. German Ambassador von Bernatorff, when told of, Sec tary Lansing's statement regarding the note, was obviously and plainly "disturbed. For the first time in months he would otfet-no-tjomroent either for publication or privatfly* KtgavjL i«.nt*. uacvuuiu utiei noon, !l. r >w,*HH( »huii's \vfie dumped during the HIM hour. TII*. sales up to uiiuiuntcd to more than the impression that he attached strong- significance to the re* marks <of Lansing regarding the purpose back of the note and did not seem to relish the possibility of the United States becoming involved in the war, . . . 7 - S EBP. ^KAHN IS DRAMATIC^ When informed of Secretary Lansin^Taeqlaraiion that the United States '"is in an intolerable position," Rep. Kfthn, of California, sitting with the house military committees, roie and said dramatically:- "Gentlemen of tthe committee, make haste our country is on the crust of a volcano" , , Senator Kitohco&c, of Nebraska, presented a resolution endorsing President Wilson's note to the warring powers and .\eariy s asked immediate- consideration of it, Senator Borah, df Idaho/ the ^ _, , . ..*,. . ., - ,. _ _ __. .4j_.^ opposed immediate adoption of the resolution. - - ~~ noon •' M MI nil. UIKl lli(< |,C4>plV' UC Uio ilfii:Hli«.n oJ" llu« ti'lll \S fill ll UoUt I !• to th i < ft allies' |Hwi- l'«- ti(<i|M<t>tll» \'lt IS'H'I A -I .1 U- »»iib' uls«« fur nn mcrcaw- Hi the output IU»', j uf hJH'ilS U^lU .fllUiP^Ull?' lit Viltiotl.S W.ljS IP" if U|>pltt'd VtKo|oli.jl> UiUmsihoijt tin; iln- cuuitti >. A With »•. TINKERTOY FREE. ir(l l/Uli'liiiM' "ll o|n> {•oiittll >'t" l>i UHO'U'li'tt .l.i|.ili If ,1. <•''<' lis lo I In 1 ti u .jlium •.. j ^u distinct >< K flutter <'.«.•.-, .Miitiim-d [l"rtui-ncf i«I (lly United i-'l,r., IH-I-. -'1. "ll»»ur«y " t»t Pr»-sir \v.».s inatU Hi'.uui. former TH ARGENTINE IS PLEASED " WILL ANSWER GERMANY NOTE °" ER THE PEACE MOVE IN THE NEXT Ky P. Stewart < B >' Unltfd Pr*m») \ in ttu- '*''M»'," tic by Sites OH li-e id U'Slln-lin iK'KHun.-; 'UKiil thai iH-illivl M soi>th«'»l | ilul Noah' 1 * . , tiii' to It'ul niiti'iiii .1 • 'oa WH- ' UiU'iiu.s Aires'. Argentine. Ut»«._",'! Arfe«'Htiiu' i* ffrtuin to support i'lvhl- [wtuntot a|'l»ro\. t | IN tixju'cjiKcil by wiili the j'U'ilii'ilun tlmt the whole ("ii- UlUMII U ill ll» A lilllt ill lt» SU|.p"! i O! The J K ' ('iu'Uri j MIS Ii H Htt'jt i 'I'llU'M'U^HI tt jr j t'fl'l. l.iN \V4-Jt," nV. Cpl ''H tlll'ir fvi't | in vuipit.M' at tin- iti.ti' ;uul »I'M in il I (t» vvi-ri 1 " nm ii i .U i'M't »S ONLY 2 DAYS MORE I \ti> but i s j i tuiK iiji I" xf»' tiic .-iuiil IM' iw uit w»-j| fiotn un .u-,-thf!u- nt vu-w, hi-i-.t told Mioinint h I'm- t-\|n-tli'in'i's "til I o lli'li IK I. filling tip ,t" i;.f. c i ill l\ i>(> ;t pile irf .- ntoUiiii Jtip v\i>u-xsf.| U I'* .Hill l«,3». li.-Ju-l thit tin; |ik-.i (01 •«U , |u-.i. .• !•. ni>..->t tune it In li J \ I'' It'll! l>t-" |'t t inaii ; >'a pvui-t! nutf in the next 4$ liounj, Idi-ntH'ul it-j'lloM uf the ent«uttj nuittmtf nil) lu> UtNputchi'd at the uuiue (ime— It, elinuitum-ouiily the notvK will he hamli-il tu tlu> cliploniutw nm .thi' ni'uti'ul nations winch't. n*ki>ti to act in her beiiitlf. Kxpectution that the ttlliev' \vj^l be rfttdj; before j^turUay,.-^ mi the kiiuwltidt:i' that .day by day own- fi'r»>nc<«s have been ln-lU no tin- t»-st of the i"f(ily.~ Siiu't« l«-lUlt. of till- |U'»fli'» -u U tin' Bt-iivtj»l I be u

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