Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE WSWESDAY, DEC. 2D»~19t0. AMU8EWENTS, i GRAND-Today Frank Kecnan in "The Thoroughbred" i southern story which carries one back to the old days of racing. COMEDY Fay Tincher in "The French Milliner" -THURSDAY Mary Fuller in "The Strength of the -Weak" Trstrel Picture i(J.tfi'T«} ft !'.Mn;t«? HI ttlf nfh-'-f in i"h,ir.",> : ifn n sf'tnei* f»3'! which : :'Ti«i the rrtil ftrw • evohft'.l. The trail im- •1ef|?ls tn fhp rye thrtf K !! "»;!. l)>» hurtled jo *•(!.« fears tin- «<l«rht nf f ; (I -jgJc^^HiH^'feitfe^ Hern* of the Pipe Organ Vaudette Tonight-—Vaudeville LESTER RAYMOND, novelty, QKO. MORGAN, comedian. WILSON TRIO, in»lromtnt«!i«U. '•<*«mt»:iny hud hrc-ii in tb" >»M torntlon for :i mniiy yf;n,«. If will Imve ;:tV.-'-nlrr n MM t.»-f<irr-. when !ti«' flx- •tnr«-M nif In jOm «•. The American Kx- . (ifi-KM < "(irnjiHoy. 1 which in the Mouth Imlf iff ih»' fimtn f«Tii|»tr<l liy thr Wider ' I'i>rrt|'<ny will nut I>K if'.'irlv (n K*'( oil! jt)f i'« <|IIM(«IH iinill Inlet, Tin 1 itHini 'will !tt<;»> t><- fldded In the <«nuid tlif.Mtre Miet Jackie Saurtderit. Don't mi»» it. !| episode complete. Shov/i 7 end 9. - 1 i «;i|i|'"i llfit the A( ivlll !>*• t,il;r'ii i>ut ; up In II* ptitr" tin ninl llilM work will lit- i- over twsftil SISTEtt DIED KANSAS. >!'ning fr»rn ^'.sfc" t'ltv. K;)fi«--!i«i. hiitT nf Ihf- «lf)» tb "f hi 4 * si- !<>r, Mtf. rbif-Tir fhf-panl as her home f».«t rslclit, Mr, f!tn|i!r" l^ft cm thr after- tfrtiiti trntrr f"r the TtrtrKen IrA-rnr- tr- attend., the. f until aL The. ilecjfawed fr«* «ixOy-f!vf ypstrn old nn<i lenves a f.irn- fly. Mr*. Whepnrrt livod !n St »ltf>n ft yminc s!H, Jni( irft the fi.'lli '-nluc...i'.cars TIKU.. lor. .....ihe — -eft-si. «(ir'f«' *ihe h«* lived piiicf. H«>r death m 'liy h*r bBotncr tn^nave b due to n stroke of parnlystn. DEATH FROM POOR HEART. Sterling's Greatest Gift Center Every Floor-In-This Store Teems With* Christmas Things NEWS IN BRIEF J f»« '* ITINERANT WAS VERY SICK, TiHMuIwy nlKht iilmuf 7 o'clnfk an Uin^rtint w«»nt <•> thf viiy hnll for 1> ln«|gliiK In tlif city lockup, lit- It was reamed that he-wan »oif- , fering from a bhdly injured elbow, The loan wtld he jumped off a train at Kochelle a week »r twn iu:«> anil xlip- hln elbow nuil Injuring 1 It, »md U ,lin« heen gettlnu worse rlcht alonK. He Wild he wns stenllnsr a ride on the trjiin Rl the time. The. comtiany doctor at SUrllnflbWnK nutiflttt thl* mornlni; nnd the Injured man. waw Riven n i-hme ex- fcttjlnnllott and it w.»« fmind the injury Wttm badly Infected and nnloMi* properly .ir-awd for mlsht prove fatal. Tin- corn- CL.INTON BOY WAS KILLED, A il*'i>l'ir«1t|i' Jtnd jifrldi-ntril lnit;cdv i>fi'>ii ti-il In . ( 'llnt'tn >. In ih< l»;Mi«tlliiff nf n lillc wliii-li r in-!ntii <1',ifh <»f H.-irty Klffi^r. « four- vi'fir-nl'1 li'ty. Thr Hi-Hdi-nf IM currnl .;) ihi- i««ri!*' /if ;hc itny'M (rr«nil|inrf<nt«, Nnrtlt the left t*»poimlbUUy In Hie en He nnd threw it upon the county nn<1 city under the HU• • jwfvlimr t>f the township', JOIIUM Ilaor, There Innome tliouKhl of hnyltu: the ^ county In which llo«"ltelle J» located, fltand the costH of the V*aNi«, The »•<««- '*5*ny doctor »ny« tin* man rntis«t in- -tkken to a hoBpltwl, where he will proh- to wtny for a month. The ^ <5O«t*wlll bo conHldernlile there «H well -ftii his tlaetorft blllK, . WATER COMPANY IS MOVING. The Sterling Water Company is moving ItM equipment And llxltirea <>rt< .Mr. and .Mr». II. .1. .len.ton. on l-Vmrth »lreel. \Vhllo i'lirix .len««« fvnnttnlng lilw rifle in the kitchen, little Harry Blond watching him nnd the •Hipped and III'' KIIM was dlf- Thf hnUH struck the Hoy In hreant and paswd pfrniffht Ills client. Harry HtstRprered I Inin D!I» room to his mother, hut before he funld reach her lie full to the floor and dli d immediately. Harry"* father is a . member >»f Hattery A of Iowa. which wa,< to niTlvp in Clinton .vc«ter- day from the Mexlenn border. ROBBERS FRUSTRATED. —-i-ttttrrt—ilntrn—Winters (fuSIrnTpTl a Mfi-ond iitternpt to burgiarUc Hnben- «teln'« Junk yardn In l>lson n.t an early hour when he dlHcovcred two men try? IIIR Mi lireak into the oillre, and al- tlie ofllcrr chased them for con* iiver a mile, limy made their escaj>e. As 'he turned the corner of" (itttwta Hvcntie and Itlver utreet on hlH hourly rnundH at 12:20 n, in., the oflK cer »«aw the men attempting to force. nt se •door north of Itn present location in the .Academy of Mu»lc block into the room' until inwntly occupied by the t;, 1., ompamji'. The mom h«« be«-n rt»ady for the nciMlw of ihe Water Company and the* removal IM made now -to get iwttlwl before the next quarter •Bill* be«?ointf due, . The SterliiiK Water * GO TO lObermiller '& :<# FOR J| en's Jappanette^ Hdks. with silk ^ initials, , & Pure L i n e Initial Hdks.,'the ^jftlce. hut nlmultitnp- <MJ?l$~one of the would-be luirnlars naw the pollrernan and they started tt> run wp»t. Tlio oilier, took after, them In the MIOW and rsilled^o them to stop, nnd when they fnllr«d'to heed hi» eom- mwnil he »h«»t nt them^wice, neither shot taking effect. PULLS NAIL FROM EYE. Win. Orienthal. of I>ixon, Bnffercd a very jwiinfo.1 injury, whlvh will probably cause him the loss of liln right eye. lain Mondiiy afternoon wlien the ham* Thf funeral of ,?nme,« A. Turney, droppnl 'lead nf his home in North tHxou .Monday while covering >trn«'- berry beftH with utraw. wn« Irrlrt thl»i afternoon at three o'clock, interment taking plm-e at (Mktvood. A jtiry cnm- Cf,n.,d nf J. H. Williams, rim*. I'lein. l>in l)on»van, J. R. Kelly. B. V, Sny- drr nn«1 <S. !•'. <*«>e. which wn« im- limieled i»y t'oroner \S'het.«ton. returned a verdirt that death had result^ Ml from henrt trouble. WREtiK AT DoKALB. liy the widening of the rnll« the North Weniprn tracks nf-nr IJeKnlb this forenitoiif. about 9 o'clock wvi-ral of the caff of n freight train piled together after leaving the track and t racks ^ were blocked. The wrecker from t*flnt«n was netit for and It soon had the wrecked, cars off to one Mile and traffic wna rqmimed after a three hours' Htoppage. Tho for«itK>n passenger* both ways were thus delayed on thin account, HURT AT THE SWITCH. 1/niis t'ordocotlo, an ItaHai'i. was hurt at Nelwiit yentenlay while working for the North Western Hnllroad com- >«ny. Tht« man wan In the act of turn- ins a switch when hi* right hand l»e> came on unlit In the device and us a re- HUH the end of the Index finger wan badly crunhed. He wa_n iirought to Bterltnii to the office of the company Kurgeon and purl of the digit ^*'an amputated. , _ _ _____ ''2 '.<* >,, '- X.* Store open every evening' until Christmas - The -ahimdaTTt stocksrtti ~Hncj vaTletie.s, " HENDRICK8 QO SOUTH. Mr. and .Mr*. It. !•', HendrlekH nro In* tenihnK to KO Mouth tn p«»s the winter. .They will leave Ktiltnn t>«rly In Jfui- nary and RO •«> Ht. I'otprnhnrg, Kla., lir«t, where Mr, llendrloks him it fruit farm. \V. \V. Pnv'li* of thiw city in lo- i-atcd there, nit well n« other former re«ident» of thh* county. FOR BOOT LEOOINO. Lout* C.eiwhn, former proprietor of lliO'-i-'oiiHjnt hotel ea«t of Dison. wn« urrnlgnetl In the. county court on, the charge of lH>oileg|fiiiR, whleh wn* preferred (iKiUnMt him during tho jjummer, the host of pretty, exclusive, gift ^articles not to be a€cn, elsewhere furnish ."" A Quick Answer to the Perplexing Question: __; WHAT SHALLTSiVEr t'hrislinaK sjiirit Mhoiuuis throughout th»» is reflrrtrd in tho siniling: fares and heard. n«*! t'xj>rossion. of nil rise that jtjoos to nuiko thi.H "The ChriMtnas Shopping Center." .staiuls Tho ,). 1C Co. rnputation for ijunliiy and trt^tworthi- s a reputation Jjiaf not only cnhancfK tho valun MM- -.'rff, hut nionns snt isfaot ion to tho giver in tho know ledge that tho quality will never he questioned by the person receiving it. ^ Gifts For Mother and Sister (Jluvcs, jtriccd from . . - .$1.50 to $2 v, priced from . .59c to $2.50 OLD IVORY Mirrors, jtiji Hair Bruslit- l from, $1.75 to $3.50 from ____ $1 to $2.56 Combs, from . ........ 25c to $1.00 Hair Hwcivors . . . . ........ .$1.25 Jowol Box«w. from .. .$1.95 to $2.50 -77777.. $1.25 and on his plea, of guilty JtidRo Crab- treo a8«o«B«Jd a fine of $12i« nnd Good-Bye Dyspepsia You Can Now Do Your Own Cooking, Sample Each Dith'and Still Have a Keen, Healthy Appetite. - Try Stuart'* Dyepepeia Tablet! Free. • If you enjoy preparing a luncheon or .an-attractive-'dinner, Vnil the odor ttioklntr 1'iilla on you, take o'no of Htu'art'B DyspeptUn Tnt>i«Jt« after your next men) and if you arc given to DAILY WEATHER REPORT. Tho OhlcuKO weather- hureau forecast for today la an followa: Unsettled weather tonight and Thursday; proh- ublc »w>w Iti'cant and •Houth porttonn; continued cold tonight and cold wave in Mouth vaatcrn portion. TODAY IN ILLINOIS HISTORY, On Dec. 20. 1802. a. convention, met to consider the expwllency of gdmlttlntf Blavery Into the territory of ImUunn. Toilet S<Hs $1.50 to $13.75 i'KtickN fonipli'fe with candle shatlc.'s, ull'folors $1.00 Plash Lights $1.00 I hunt kerchiefs, IIHMI'S and women's, priced from .."..;.. .10c to $1.50 uic'iiV and women's, ...98c ti Hand IJa^rs, prirod from . ,50c to $9 vSilk- [Vfli.-oats .. .$3.95 up to $7.50 Sweaters $3 50 up to $8.50 Wai sis $3.50 up to $12.00 \Vhito Aprons ...: 25c to S1.50 Cap and Seai^SotH. ,$1.25 to $1.95 Women *H Kmn«K4ersJ$1.95 to $2.50 —WtmtmrV-K-Tri1rShaWls"$l".25 tcr$2.50~ WomenV Unth Hohos.$2.95 to $6.00 Wonven's Kinionns .. .98o4o $12.50 Pnr Sets $18.00 to $75.00 Mil its , , .$3.95 to $^0.00 Sa<'he< 'Hags, in ajl Hie pretty v-ol- ors ./. 25c to$1.50 Fancy HaK-% daintily nuule, priced from ......''. .50c to $2.95 Phi ('iifsliion.s ....'...'. ,25c to $1.00 Sweet (trass Baskets at... .$1 to $2 Fancv Powder Pufl*&-,.';. .25c to 5Qc Btmnt Fancy Hat. Pins, Combs, Pins, etc. Lm'lmiry Bnifs,- fancy rrotonni», from .............. ..50c to 75c Center Piece Rolls ...... . ____ $1.00 Sfpiare, round arid oval Hwrot __ < i rass P»ttK|<(Ms J ,._JuiinnDML.H«HkPtH, Palm and Indian BaHkets, priced from ....... ........ 35cto$3,50 SILVER PLATED Miistard (JLnps, ^^,,^,.,..250 to 50c_ Sall-an<f%i)i'rerSels.56c and $1.25 • Riul Vases, at ____ ...... 25c to 50c Te Ball-ot, at ... ....... ...... 25c Bon Bon Bask'ets, at ..... ...$1.00 Sugar Shakers, at . . ;. ....... $1.00 Bake<l Apple Dishes . . ..... . . ,50c Suwir Holders, at, . . . . ,50c-tO $1.25 M u.slard, Sal t , Pep| mv Sets .,. .- . . 2Bc MfiFT pvic-ed froiii. 50c to $1.95 Jill kinds of Holiday Boxes, Greeting Cards, Tags, Seals, Ribbons, Tissue and Holly Paper on sale " v Gifts For The Uttle Tots * Wen's All Silk Initial** * Handkerchiefs, 50c m Men's Neckwear, J^ i25c, 50c, 55c«; $1.00 * 1*8 Suspenders fancy boxes, 50c ) Hose _ rs and i Bands in fancy . es, at 25c „,,„ 50c Traveling Bags, * Beauty »nd Good Digvction Go Hand in Hand. Stu«rt'» Dy*p«p»ia Tabletg Insure Both. helcliliiK, Hour riKlifgx, ferinentutioil, heavy, lumpy, feeling in the HUmwch, ln««Re«tfon, dyNpepHUi, loss of iippotlt« or trimiliir Hionutch (leraiiKeniont, ,you will find at once u remarkuhlo Improvement, ' Till* Hi-lent Hie dlgefltivw does the digesting wlu>v«v thu Bluniu'eh" «ilh«r did not do H la-foro or did U,. very H UyHpt'psia TnidotM are (or lie at all dniBK^Ni at t>0c a box. Sum! coupon hulow tixluy und \vt< at once wnil you by mull a wim- i pl«> fn»c, . * - • ' Men's Overcoats at $7.§0, $10, $18, $25, $35 free TriaJ Coupon - F, A. Stuart Co., 242 Stuart Build* ing, Marshall, Mich., M'lHl me ut nirc u fitT. trial piu-kugc Of Htuuit'ti Namn Street < -^...... City LITTLE LOCALS AVootlrufTa ntudlo, New Y«?ar photos.* Mi* John Kohl IH vlaltlng In Chicago today. ' Uookh and hlldi'f at llallett'o.* William Hchelsr in threatened with pneumonia. •M«rth» Wanhlngton candles,* J. F,.OvcrholniT Ijj transacting bu»l- In Chicago. Mi'a. J. Me»I«m> w*nt to t'hicago today on buMin««H.' --.i7 M. and Mm. L>. N. Box are mending tlm day In <*hlcas"." 'All theJatfHt wtylpa In women's l"iot» at KlllPn & Ptjlpfij,* 1^ W, Murphy wont to Chicago this tnunihiB on hiiHiiiPH,*, Mrs. Hunter .V^'ood went to C'ilnton thia uftprmwn for a visit. K. I*, dancing J««rty tonight, In K. P. hall. MmnlurB and friends Invited.* MUa Martt* ("IKYoid i» visiting at tho homo of (Mich f. JohnHon. .fancy porfumeN at. HaHelt'a.* -J. T. Willl»m« W«H H "to ChlcaKo- today on IniHincMH. The littlu son of Mr., and Mi«, Alu> Wltmt-r is on thu nick Hut, M, D, Ktitxnl. of Nclbini, Hpcni Tuesday evening vlMllliiK in thl.i city. fYank Howinan was a |ui«Mi>nKt*r to Chicago thta n,\oriting on butdiu'HM, • Judse U. W. W. Mitchell went to Chicago thin tnurnltiK on legal huHlncs«. Harry Maimi-H. of Dlxon, spent Monday vlnllltiK tn thia cUy with friendH^ Mra. G. W. Jlagurman la vt'4-y III ut her home with an attack of iflourtHy. Woodruff's jstndln. New Y«^rj>hotp».» "Get v on the liiina wagon.""" Join the MOOW. open charter for u abort tlmw. Aunounoenieut Cards . . . . . . .each 5c; dozen 50c * Baliy H(HM)nl Books .......... 25c up to $1.50 Celluloid 1# attics .'...... .25c Cdluloid BallK ... ....... 25c Tied ilnhber Dolls ........ ______ 25c up to 50c Ivory. Teething Rings -. . . ......... .25c uM* 50c Ivory Kattle« ..... .....50c (irytehen Celluloid Dolls 25c up to 50c Celluloid Bahy Comlm ..25c Celluloid Baby Brushes.5Dc Brush and Ooinh Sets .....,. ...50c up to $1.00, Threo-pitH'e Ivory. Toil e t -\Sets ..." $1.00 Hand Painted Ribbon Box, at .., .......-50c Celluloid &onp Dishes.. .25c Hand Pnintetl Ssitiu Ribbon Carriage Straps,'at... ,$1 Hand Painted Coat Hangers, Kt 50c Bfit h Thermometer .....50c Jjot Water Bottles .. ....... .-..:..50c to $1.00 -Bnliy. Piny BeiulK ....,. .50c Pislling Nets-...... ,25c to 50c Srhfp Bubble Set*. .50c to $1 Booties ; V ; L .;.'., .25c ta $1.2&^ Sweaters rr.,. .98c'v!$o $1.50 , JuckoU 1......50c to $1.00 Infants' White FUTK Pcallier MoecasiuB, a ne^V_ shipment just received, all colors, prieed the pair at The Great Christmas Shopping Center, Coupons must be redeemed on or before Dec. 31, 16 .-^ ,^-^v ^A'-:«v .i^s^.A-trv.^-^^-^rA^^^.^^,^^ ^ aiart hi* ..hom- Mif*. I'.ooiKe t>lmtttcitil went to Mor> riHon this aftvrnotm 'fur a short visit with relutivtM and frionda Toilet nria ut Hallctr'sr.* IMPROVEMENTS (Hy UnltetJ J*re»s» HpriiiKllcid, 111.. »«% I'O.—Ki'iin«lleld \n KoinK to tak« u rcul atop forwent (Iruc-o llrledlnt! was confined to her home u\f account ,of illneas Tuesday, ' Mr. and Mr*. t'harte»:J««.'l'Vver niu-nt 'b* '<loy hei;e doing Chr.I«t{nas uhop- J g 1865 BOTH PHONES, 101? XBVBHYBODY LOVES **A WJNNKB" Chat's tly> reason for come back orders on ottf , 8'-INCH KENTUCKY BLOCK COAL i'ligii in lu«at -Low in ash--A ttlfua Fiu'l (Jut- other *»troiiK favorite is our New Baden Coal at $4,75 Making n<'\v t'rit'ii(|> t'Vi'vy day. <»(»! Hi'<niaHilt'd wiHrtl»Ji> ht'ut niakcr. ' . • t . - ' . i Moses Dillon Company . Hard Coal fand Vulean Coke ? mo they uill oi'i-|id the winter. Mis. tj, W.Funkfn utfd son, Ucorgc, JiV of New Ynrfc City, tiro here for a visit \\iili triend^ nnd r.-lutivc.s. • Join the. Loyal«ttrder of MOO«C. (Itvo if-w Xm»H pje»t>nt that willJ/Ht lifetime. Ills ohum tu be lltwrnday. l>«c. 3lBt, Open FWH&.tio. J>, 'f*. Huff, U Mr. and Mrs. C|y<l« Jsiuhlenfaii went to'l^inciiMier. Pa,, thin rnornmK for an extended viMt ssith Iricnda and rolu- Mi-- 4 I'mllne I'oriei- wa» at dinner Sunday -in I'mplu-tstown by ft lend". . •- MuiHi.- Washington eandlvtt In dainty, att'uriivo hoxcH. litK- full jiound * 4. 1' 'overhulwn* left tins inoi-nlnK lor <*h.»i«u». when* he will transact Viuh»cri|>ilf>iis at Halleu'.s.* e t«ee WUH ojienttcd ori Mi»» Ihy for -^ NiuHoltiJt tuthitiiticd I*' 4 un (>l>Vratn>n at the Slerlfnt; howpilul Tuc.s- ' Kl Mm i| (ilctuu-H at Hnllelfi*,' ,,. tJari-'iel IS. Kb' wetit to Savi.uinu t;f- la> .-.hero ho «lli »(>cud several da>» •'.iudoon T. WlllianiH of the WuoUlawi ijloch C*omj>any Is doing Ini.sini-sa , In Mi.s» Hazel Harlu arrived 'home J'torn fhlcu^o iiiitiiy where t»lii) will Hin-nd thw holidayii with hpr |iarenta, Mr. and Mrs*, huviis Uarto. of this i-Hy. "A It i (.(I l^mlinan, who attenil.H tlie .IfnUcrMty'of Illinois, arrivert hnnwifr-" day to ^tN-tut thu boUilioH with hi» i<ur- t'HtK. ,\li. and Mr*. ('- J. Lcndniuu. «i«t'iul(iiyn AluK»i»y~ Is hotne- iroin .srliniil. .«|)c<ii(linK ihe hulfdayH |{. J, th llctuy Ailua, of J,yiul"n. chHirniiin of \vint< lius C. C lo <'ltU'«B*> for a ftvv ut jtmcavlll*. WIN., of pavement, tliirteon iilocliM of uruurnental li«litH and fev- cral milea of xuwerti will he |>ut In, Th»> ornamental light (miirovoment m- cltulcH ilu'.st- liKhtK in Ciijiitol avenue, thu street IwnliitK directly In Hie entrance of the utate houm». NOTICE. H l.uj^il Or«Ur at MOOJIV. « laws- to ln» imtutetl. Thursday, J>cc. All ranflidateH jrh-ase tivku notice, Vann and Huff OlHtrli t When we M|>e»k of the Htitiwh, «ov* ernitu'tu v»o really 'mean UiivUl hloyd* oin IRQ UV.^N.— A son waa born it> Mr. und m. itnlph Kyan Tucmlay mornltiK. JOHN A. WARD Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN on Heal Katato Security MORTGAGES FOR SALE 4ll Lawrence Bldg., Sttrlino, III. I'.vt'i iiiiucc uiai Muuruy nm-i titroyiiiK a thing you can Hud uac tf.» ,„ -, ,uu ^v i I ^^^»^fc — ft . A ' Jf JS jHL^r %P RJ vf fr INVESTMENT BONDS Net 4 toJl por cant ICxempt from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE .. 3,10 Lawrence Bldg, Sterling, III. ut»* for ur*p-**r .!* V i t Ili.i UUDlr homo, of the t»iih - <> tu a-. ills'. Hr> It'^il fc»t'vvltt(.r-.M.i- Walter \S'nHhlllK("il sweeiw <«el i".— -Jnlin raudU'.-i- Kip-ft 1 nod J. M<>ndu> evening ia Hchutnucher Dix'in with fi Alrw K I'ii'fer nod ilji'i'-i'ttt i U-H thif n>i> i»i ,l.itni-i»^tft, 1'a-. A lieu* they . ill and Alr< ttK (ui* i''. ll'l •••< i'1-tl tll'.st « at I! H UN-.»|UiH'Ht H.'lli'i M, wl h-tt iiiuki is •'him _ iiiiiv»'d luiiiu' toduy fr«tni Mt. ,Vvii»"n, la., when* ho I* ut- l*lU|lt»ll t'olk'£«' IO .s|H'tM( $ll<* vviih-irTS" imrcut*. l*r. and Mrs. \V. M. Caiolio. i>f this City. Mr Jt'id Airs. t'Jiai'b'M \Vhaithani. of HELLO BOYS! Erector and American Model Builder CUT PRICES Limited num.ber Mti'«t following prices: \ •' Set No. Regular Price Cut Price 1 ' $1.00 85c "" 2 $2.00 $1.70 o 3 $3,00 $a,S5 4 $5.00 $4.4$ Cut. price* on »M *tce>*cry People's Ice and Coal Co. Chtcu*;*'. a»e ht-rc las a lew day.--! •it the Atlun h(<-r p (tu v <>t iflf, —und Mr»> Juiin , ' wont tu UDI tu-ittcr. N" Y tln-\ t ilh«'t IK *lt> i JFARM LOANS AT 5, 7 or 10 year*, up to $100 per »cre if security warrant* MORTGAOfeS FOR SAUE JOHN M. STAGER L.4W office St^yt'r & Stayer ', This name is your .guarantee of quality and service, And Our BjHH'ialty in a coal to suit each individual requirement ' 211 Beifond Avenue Both

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