Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 7
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STErttJNa. »LUNQI$. WEDNESDAY, P£C> 20. .1.91.6.. nmm. GetAWayTtdsWInter! AWAITS PEACE TERMS PUDGE UWSEY SEEKS fliiflno rcwuE itnmo LAW GiviNfi HORSES .RIGHTS-TO THE WOMEN Italy Will Not Reply To The* German Proposals Until The Basis Is Known, Mini-: • 1 T' "(t . },!->' n!,"itt tlr <• ' <•!> !!> ( •-• i'ii r a fo!,l<-r I! f t-ll < f ti-ilmc (teo. F. DelVIurray, Gen f l Asrent m> •i' nit bill Rnute HAS A GREAT RECORD t'i f-t. hnf mr>n h.-ivf dc- Univorsity Of Washington Kieven Has Not Lost a Game In Nino Years. In thin tho ittat" of foutbnll f i .mi 111)* Hill "Hi! glorknia jnroi Whllo tu \V.j , l u I < * -it-., :i itl\ ' in*, nn ,in« bib' on i o* ii'it h is iiii; Hie football IfWnrN lire b«»nir around it <fti«inlj. v\,mld b<- : f t'i I n il< at t rr nid in th" triniintain Mate* every year, «»nv .if them i«!<•«•• jn -t ,s«>a>nn That s>. wnrtb jn-mc tbiiiK, when It <*f"d thi' (ifcgiin AKRit-8 «!,M!S ,f i "j>tcil IIH une «>f the country's li,,l>ii- Juts «nch«-il fniitb.ill ^« it *• \\ltlnnit a defeat. Ills ba< >' «> nn-d l.t iif.5 p(il<iti - f|.,I in o| |ni|)i>nl« HillH- (Illl. Ulli'l) !>, I H. v . nt t,, the rni\cr«il v of \VaKh- ha\«> ro||< d up U4fi V\ .i-luimton lm>> played fotty-four K-K- 1 (fiimi H in tluit period, f'>rty-tw»i and playing score- trnn Atirk nlturo col- '" i'-K" and « Kb < ireRori University. a I f>ot>j<>>. rrr-oid Mand* a5 tli»- rmip* '- • Imj ,'sitti,' m Ann rlcan fooiluiit refordu i" 1' uould do the mMcrn eLeven« credit a | to di> lu.m,ii»c to Biich it foothill! team P., wbiu« thi-x rcHt from their own mpmb- th«' note from i!i«in the f-h:im'i(>r. Not Prer*'" *o Discuss Offer. "Fhuulil pri>p"«it),,ns In* matte sui we should con. i <iib > r whnt to do. t. t- F l/ t'ir«f FOUR MEN SUSPECTED OfFi-i;?!?? Promise To Make Sen- pntional Arrest In Becker Murder Case. ,-.-r K!!M» -.,. ,,mnn e\i •-,-' i;:i rn»thr-r j-rro!-. e MU!* if,-( )'«>fh b<-fore'nnd rtfc r nui •!>« ,*>-f nr ••'rrtrri n- n-rt tT-rriTTt tn l dnv«. of utiny. *;• Trnrtr •v iri? . mimr :>,'!rtv, « s-r, k t-f f!-•<•!(• f hiliirt-n is f-ftffi->m'-;Uiy ini-iirsf, M'. iiiil t\nii!tl simply provide tint the thnt. ,'iny \\lxt- and bumnfip i"urn"i«-r Kivf," a Itofs/' or a. row at HU< h ,1 time." "At present Wf tfikc br*tt*>r care of ir rattle f belicvip s fir ri.:> T!i»» « I,. ,>-i,.f, ii| V'-t Srr 5;;< -f .!•.?:!! V. n, !.,.-< v-ll '-•\ An ,-ii '•?1C:1 T f,>ii:i I ;-, ',, ,,) i - • S-IM f.irr>t'-^ rf-.»T 'ivtii.- h i if f-x(>«'•< t«"'! ntK)«>r «rr< *• N, CLASSIFIED RATES ONE CENT A WORI) <"; i l; Mr>< '* ruly"* M^'^STH''^? ^U; !,"! i.v< r t!-,,- t, !• I'ti.,!"" ., r /•.?!. • n>1 eh;m:- ,1 f,.r >*-yw fh.m FOR SALE—RIAL ISfAfK ISM. --l!t«. j t'har- ami his iS-yfrir-fiM !>ro- neld nt HELP WANTED U'A NTKI» - SA I.P.SLA t UK'S AF'i'h nf ,.fn.<- !-'. \V. SIX AT f f.VJ A N* - r;ftr 1(1 U'ti^t A %"«!(! fil cirl f,>r K! rural !i"ti>-fwi,fk m con try r«l>f,iit U, mil'-*! fr,>rn SfrM hit' t -.f;,tr. 2:;», !!<•!! s:^;!l!3 !i AI.I.; A \ - . •k Pa tc(« in im>^ or !• ••»> rm ri pli,,m'f»- M. WANTS:!) •ITItT f-r ?J Ari'.-u!*< UIHLS \vno AUK LOOK WAKfEO than wr» do (>f rur mothers, a hill n* 'Horse*' for Women' wmdd do a\vny witfj this ,|U,|lll*,>^'-?MH>UU!l*'r!-*I>l'l «:,',lll'fl»,, ~, , , * t r t . I •>* i. hut It would !„. ,,elfh,.r pM.-tlcnl nor ""; ' . 7 lh " 1 «"*"," *"* » «'»«»*• ed in < olorndn otlu-r «tttt!s \vill soon falHn line nnd It will become n nation- Til reform." "Moreover. It «b'>uld br» understood •t ulvi'TMt i ,M Illiv. mriit tin* Y,ilc-Harvard i this fall tin at Now mnnago- IIH not to nny annoutioorn The record a l \Va«dilmMon all KOCH to > i,', tiio HI-CPS stand to M>Jllar> { UK n in idi-ntillcaUlon of playerH. That to, i.«.f.t«metblmy thnt in uell taken caie ••f at Princeton and Harvard and hard- l.,.|nn.-t th,. ( |j H i,, Yak's credit. The result was for, a had!) Jumbled report of the Rome, which rt-iiulred a fireat deal of time to out. clearly thnt no on' 1 of the entente oottid tfiho Into ctinibb rnticM any~cnf|. dition whatever which l>v hvpothewis niljtht he eventually offered l<» him under «epnr«te form. "In the public lnt»>rr-rt «nd out of respect to the allied fioverntnent«, 1 cnnr-ol communlcnte to you nnytbtng wha'tever as to the Hub«tance of the «n- «w«-r wc» shrill ftlvt' to the note of 'the four enemy power*. The ivnswer will bo published nn noon as U t« drawn up. Wish for Lading Peace. "\Vo nil \vi*di pence, and lacttnK peac". lint wo (*',ti*idi'r n liistiiik pojice to-be n careful m tth=no tit wlu>-e duratlun ill'f)r>nd.« »ot oft fb'e .noHiJ.'Hit) 'of !hf- folt».p«t with \vhirh one proplo itt hold subject to another, hul on an exact balance arming tho Htiilen. baitf-d on re- wpoot for the principal nationaKtle*. rufe» liiltl down in tbi- lrt\v>» of nntlonM, anil rouhotiti of hurnnnlly and tlun," BOSTON REMAINS WET Th» Vote W«» N.wriy.Two To One For Th« Saloons. C»m!!i is whose iiifst i«< planned ii ;i Ttn-itcrv which the niiihortfH": arc t'i i ,'t f, I i n <:. Stat'-'s* Attorney- Niwhwits: of rtavaiuirt is authority for the s«t.'it, - HH'iit thnt the nrrc-st of the fourth man may be made «*oor\, Sur* Thrte Mad a Part. "\Jge are confident, that there three persons concerned in the murder FOR RENT fUJ rsi-'.N'T -Mot)Ktt5\J!tr\<;ALnW, \Vffl Kiffh f?t., |is .00 month. .Fohri ,«r.t-,»nrl pii-ff-rrftl Writ, Av,'. S'tf-rli >pr. f/imllv In or tvill •li'>7 14J-T-I5* MISCELLANEOUS nnd think fin oftlcinl who BRUIN, A MASCOT FOR THE SOLDIERS, DIGS IN (Ily ftiH»-d Prfss) I^Middii, KUK.. l>er. "<i.—When It (•(>m»-s to living In dugouts «n th»» Wi'strrn front "Kitclipnrr," hruln ma«- rr»i -for a cprtnln Wri»trrn Canadian hnttHllon. Is "rlnht nt homo today. Itc- cf-ntly rrlrtifiy wrnthor hpsnn to nn- IHHIIH-C the appriiarh «>f winter. 'Kltrh.' an pfr insliiK t, h^ifan tn *hn\v th«- buys ¥'iitic|lilni: !i!niii1 tho T<-n! art of d!t;- t;»'!nr<- m;iny d,i,v<« hf hail rtus if fn licyoiiil !hc d«*np>'st r<uiK<> <ff thf ti'wvU'M. «hdlt. Thf u-itik ^cc-nird to crriit«» n vontclnuN np|K»tito nnd "Kltrh." hfnvy «•>•*"«, finnIly rnrnn to the xujffnef for u final look nround, Tlipn ivlth n snlflT ho rilfwppwirpd, Now w)ill*« hl.8 Imttitljon Hhlvofn. "iKtrh" l« ,«lM'ptn»c i-cni-c fully tin* IOIIK winter four," (LIB hocn a' prominent In th" iiiycutlKfition, fent who not wi*h his nnrnf tisfd, "Do ytni b<>Hf>vp n rhlld Ilk* 1 .Tack ThottinA hnd a band in such a brxititl crime?" "\Vt> do not think IIP did any of thp shooting" "1K> yoti tu-liove ho was iirrxf-n f,N* Mmn'.HX In, ' . a itltjil»Jp fur Wrltr- "M. »'-;•' <rm- cnll lift! yoittl nrr«-r 9 p tn. AUCTION SALE. PUBLIC SALE. rnv SPORTSMEN CONVENE Will Discuss Changes In State -Would Bar Shooting From Autos, •&J Perfection Smokeless Oil Heater "~~£ Household Necessity In the fall before the furnace fire I* needed — in cold weather, , when the furnace foils to keep, the corners warm, a Perfection Heater take* the chili away, >nd make* the whole houw comfortable. Th* Perfection Smdkelen Heater may be easily carried about from room to room— |,A the hwille doe| pot get hot. Ho t. mafct;, no du*t, no a*hc>. It h Odorless CM U regulated 10 the heat radiate *tr»lglu up or out* — pur« and tweet air. kAjtotenp — cheap and aiwgy* available. Any good , keroicne will give Htiifaction, f but for* bttt resulu uie Perfection Oil. • It il eaiy ; -t«- fill and rtguhte. 2$ inches high, 12 incites in duincter—- MnUliciJ in ppl!»{ied * steel or blue cdauief— tfini- ming* »re nickel or black Japan. It it au ortumciit— and in use inmoreth»n 2,000,000 hoinei. Price vsriet from 14 to $7,1^. according to finith. Look for the triangle trade mark. . Rayo Lampi give that soft mellow light whuh enable* you to read vviilt- out f ye »|rain. Gel .one^^^^ STANDARD OIL CO, . C. niralia. III., Dec. 2n.— Ileformn In {Ihe pri'Ment name and flub lawn, will |hif nttvorwly^r nt r ttto-mirrXml*tttf ^tlnfj tf Ithf rilni«'iH HportMnon's leaRue •ivhicii ojiont* here today and whieh will con- 'olude Thur.sday, Doc. 21. Officer* will be elected at tlm concluding H<'«»ton. H. c. NorrmxM of Carlylo, prwldent of the a>=«uciation, will pretdilo. Th« convention promiKod to be of the utmost Jin- Pi>ri«uc« tottll thnm interextccl in hunt- IIIK and HtdiitiK and tho eonnervntlon of cii'mo. Al thl.H KHtherhiff a definite proKram will l«> decided upon for action -at the oonilnu «eHslonjif the *t«t* le^lHlature. I*roj>OHed changeM In the Htjulrrel, prairie 'chieken and fur bearing animal open m-uBim law; ba^ and poHHP«Hion limit, etc.; hunting from iiiit.miobiU-H on public hjtrhwRyu; ellmlmrtlon of the seine; nnd many other Hubjoctn are ori- thf pit>Ki-am and will bo dlscusm-d. A movement al»o was to !»<» launched for the creation of a fund to tcrday voted to continue (he ).., ,. Jialo of liiiuor after the liveliest cams, tt'alKii "on ttu» Ibiuor ipiostlon that the pity has bad in yearn. The vote In frivol 4 of HCIIJKO was r^S.-iri'.*, with 2!». 997 against. 1^'fHt year tho vote for license was 4fi.11f» and SI. S77 airalnpt, ftnnto'n has- bpon In tho ItccnKe n\l- urnn for -forty-one consecutive yearn. In 1X7'> (lie city was "dry." North Adams went no license for the first tltnii In twenty-nine years by a vote of 1.1194 to I,.MM!, ,Lf»*t yeaV the tiet-niw force*-won, 1,741- in 4,i&7. '*' WET OR DRY CAPITAC? , Washington, 1>. «*., l>cc. 2«',~--Tho way olr.ured In the senate- for .n llnnl on Senator Kheppanl's bill for prohibition In tlw OlstHct of Columbia, and unless there Is an' unexpected lllll- Wben "Kltcb" awakes In the spring, bis' friends rnny hnv»» frotie away. Itut someone will br» mire to return and dig "Kltrh" out. If the boy, who lookp. Ilkf a veritable cherub, should b»> provoii ffullty IIP otild bp plnt-fd In tho .I«>HRt« J'omfrny and Anton, Wood cl«i<« of moral Irn- lifMjIloa bum with no sense of ri>;ht and tnml- IliiKolfntiifn (to irillM'ilir tltH liV IMlll-ll nll'l th»' ct !ll| the "IhiT nf«l»» to bo In tho direct ion of ih0 hip pwkrt. STERLING BOARD OF TRADE Maxwell Member* and Qulnlevan Hoard of Trade. 111., Ix-r. FIRE IN MINNEAPOLIS Sixty Live. Endangered .In A $400,000 Blaze. Mlnnenpnlin. Minn... Deo; 20. — lire.. which broke out in a four story -build- Ing -on Kir.Ht avenue north and Third wtreet, owned by tho M. U C'ohrn t-om'- pany. ehrla ngt«red th* lives of nlxTy "fm- Whe.t Open High Lew 20. Clote of whom were rescued by Bremen, and eau»ed a monetary half a .dosen bunine«« flrmw vnriouBty at f rorri J200,0»0 to J400.000. No one ~w«« xt>rlt>»»iy hurt. For more than three bonne tbn .entire •MlniiinrpolUi f<r» Friends pa**. it will IM» put on today. of tho meanuro expwt it to t'nderwowd'M nmomtnu-nf pr«vldlnR_ a rt'fprendum of tlu» «iuo«tlon. to dlstrbT'C rcKli1<MttM, After muny minor <*himg«8 h«d been mndn In It* phra»»n>logy tlm amondment %vaa beaten in committee of thw whole, <!H to 38. Senator Un/ler- wood Ravo notice' that ho would a«k for a wjuirato vote on It u-h«»n' tin? bill, with ami<n«lmenl;H, tame up for" final action. ed by several 'Ht. I»anl companies, but* tied (ho (lames In a HUby.ero temppra- tnre, A wrlous WintSnjrratlon in thn business dlntrici was threatened, bttt tbo Hre tlimlly was brought under control. ! - DEACHN-f+OTEfc. HRE. : \\'yo. f ]^«C 20.—«ny A. ri*y.lett. t|ftlif., hiii wife «nd idren lost their liven when fire th* Intortjcenn hotel, where (he White* were miectB. Tho bodies of May July . Corn !>«•«•. May Jtily O*t» l>f<-. May July Pork May !><T. Jan. Lard May l)«-c, Jan. Ribs May Jan. 1. .«."•% 1.40 1.6" ,1.40 l.fil'4 r' •X. TO »'G,TO 114ft IS.S7 13,67 26.40 iK.ilil 20,75 HUM) lft;ri.o_: 15.93 14.10 13.67 .47% .r-tN .49 !4 •87,r,0 26. "II lfi.45 1S.S2, 14.05 MM 1.35% .'.to .43% 26.30 27. 70 26, 76 J'fi.S.7 . H.07 13,67 * of r-ntire bnrd of dairy cattle I will on my farm just west of the Franklin Corners. 7'| miles itouthwest of Chnd- wlch. 6 mi!c« west i>f Cob-ta. 2 mll^M south of Kalrhaven nnd ',' mlten rtortli- wost of .Morrison, on FttlTMY. in-:CKMn7K, 22. 1016. 35 HKAD OF CATTLK—t'on»»ljttinir of 15 heavy spr!nKer!«, poniji with calf by thcjr p|<lr« on'day tif tmlf; 13 year- and two-year-old heifers; fi yntr- «nd two-year-old ulcers; 1 two- year-old bull, 6 llOltflKH—l black mnre comlim 10 >ears old, weight 1,7'H); l hrtiwn mnr*- coming in >ear,« old. welulit l/joo; ) Hay tfi'lditijr coming S y«>ar« old, weight l.SiMi; ] black K<'ldinK cdmiuK S \'« ar« old, weight l,3t>M; 1 bay mare "Lady r><iu" coming ,'! weight 1,000. This 'mare !« unbroken, nnd 1« one nf the best bred, ami tbr> best prospect In this county. Her dam Is by "Htr Won Coonnck" and her sire "Kentucky Lou." There* will be nothing offferei for sab- In her class Ibis winter. £0 .CI!PT%TK« WHITK SOWS, bred , are the blR tyjie and are •eel to the XfiHmrt \>(K type bonrn. Ubode Inland Hed JiooHters, 8oir.e a few small articles and Junk. Free lunch al noon; Bale immediately after, --—— TKKM8 OF HALK—All numH of $10 and under, cash. Over thl» amount 12 months will Vie given on approved note bcarlnfc 6% intercut from date if paid.when due. Otherwise 7% from date of sale. No properly removed un- tllc settled for. M. A. McCAKTY. Mest, Coo nnd Humley, K. W. ZuRBchwert, Clerk. Dec. 8, 9 IR, 16. 19, 20. I'APMOY'S r [.'ifal, bn*;»*m< ¥ rit 183-184 OKCHKSTHA— FOR Kelt phr>n« 135-160 LOCAN lUtOS. (fafcf <'.-i(l a. I •i'M-1. MHN"- nt'Il !L lomjc r •-.•jiIsii'iM how wf tf-rtch thr- bur- bt-r trade «|iiirkly, mailed free. Moler Jt:irl»-r Colli-ce, Chicacrti. 120-151* Al'Tci I-'lltK AXD THKPT a nee. Life mi-nth- r«hlp tfi. Yearly . dii-s II. Also Auto Liability. Fir« nnd Act-ldciit Insurance. Will pay ; you (o «rf me. Joiui<> II. Brier, I«'1W- r»-nre ittdiA. -127-162 i! APPLES .\,T'rf,i;.M \vi; HAVK HO.MK PINK iipploM. I'rlc-iM t» Miilt. Across from rity h.itl. nmb-r l!n«H'fi fonffftlonpry M|,in-. U!"M H. Jn«|tiPt. 145-141* CHICAGO STOCK MARKET. i » • , Chlca«o, 111,, .Dec, ^ Mra. 'White and two m>nn were found In tho rufnfl today, while, a 3 months tl»h from shallow poolK (Iiirlni? thn dry periods of the year. It in expected thnt reprctwnlativwi of the Ktatp game and flxh comnilHHjon and nt the United ute»» HUdoijclal survey, will be in at- tendnncc, tojjctbcr wlt.b otlicr« of the state nnd nation; prominent , in thh* lm> of work. TO FORM MOTOR AS€'N. Springfield Is Booitino For a State Is Bootting For a Organization. <Hy United I'IH-KH.) 111., iJec, 20,--(}y< I'ttcrK linv« been went out from TWOKIlLECf.ANQIS'HURt.. Explosion Occur* In Mine N«nr Bruceville, Ind. e, .Ind.,-'Dec. 20,-r-T«o arfl dead anrt fiftee-n Injurwl following a KR-H. explosion in the Dliphant-John- Bon mine, near hew. -Tuesday. One hiindred find fifty men wer»», CHtombeil by 'th* blast,, but ilrat aid cr««w8 froni ntMir^hy tnini'H gavn early a.istetanct* and tho workings wt»r« cleared in about four hours. • • William Jlwllwy ami Thoma« Patter- s-ori, both of Wrtioevllle. were MO badly Injured..they diV-d a short (lino afti»r bcltiij brought to (h«j"rfurfiicfv t'lilmo- tors* rpvtyed tnor« (ban Jlfty who had been overcomo by KIIM, ' Th*» fifteen Injured lire mtpecUxl' In rc^-ovor. 8ta,t« otllcorH arn inveBtlKiitliiK, th« cause of tho old tetby rcHciiBd by (Iremen died from burns. (>n« child utTill Is In tho Bmold- erlngr wreckujfo. POACHERSjaLt DEER Invaded The Estate Of Ltn Small At Kankakee. . kaiikaisee, 111., Dec. 20. — Poachers who ar<« thought to have "boon in nearch of n trophy rather than sport entered tho.privutt* r«>«ery«'ini tlus farm of l^en- Bmall. recently elected irtalo trea*ur«r, and shot the. finest buck in a, herd of ten dwer«. Only tho, head with a, hirgo L< ft' over '...., H ,881 Good ,,.,;...,, $i*.?0fj) 10.2*. -i«lirht •>. . ' Uouffh , . Cattle, istwidy, f'J.2t-ifelO.PO BOW thin 72 W. Ad»a»i St., Ctiujo.U.S.A. 63 ily to automobllP club* over Unit uttttu allifiK « mci-tiiiK In thl« city n-iir future for tho purpoHO of i Intr the "JllinoiM Motor Club Ac! lion." The plan In tu organize thn many local hodlc*: of (he state Into one <»r* ganistation for the purpoxe of prem-nt- Ing- ami pushing' IcKlNlution and. «»- Mlsiins in pood roudM inovt'inentM. Cornmunicationd may be tuldrt'n«ed to Clunncf .l,,Hoot, ijri-.sidi-iti of the .Motor C'lub,' Hpiinglldd, III, UNIVERSITYWILL BOWL Will Participate In Eastern Intercol- legiat* Lna0u». (ISy i'ntted 1'rehM,) t'rbana. III., Dec. i!u,—The Pnivcritlty of Illinois hH« tiilsi u membership in the l'J;iMtorn Intereolletiiate JtowlinK leu- KUO, and a M|U«d of i>ln ti*ppU'r» !« ni- read^y irym« for placo.s with tho varsity udU>r>- <iaiui'H will be rolled' on luune alloys, nnd' the MCOCCS wi»n.t to sjui' iif.ultiuitrtora by teicKiapb. LwWlliuT toiiniH '\vill moot oji H n*»utrwl ilkn ii» \o\v Voik to d'Tlde the chiiin- Tun ISrtict'vlllo m|n»', which is known a« "The Model" mine, of tht»«diBtrict. IIIIH iit-cii In opcrntlon only a jv«r art'! in c : <iulii|wd with Hfc-iMivlnif 1 dovice^ riH-omnicnilcd by (ho governtnent FISH DIE BY THOUSANDS Many Families Ar* M«de III By Eating Finny Trib», Sprlngtlold, 111,, l)w, «0,~Thr(»«» Ktnta comml».sl*»i*i are Investigating (he" CiuiBc of (he death pjf llicin>»an<l» of fish in tho Sangamon rly«»r. ivear here. Tho banka for many miles aro »(n«wn with of antlers wa« taken. The body, with too tendons In the hiuinchcH cut, indicating that no novice killed the animal, was found where th* poachers MWercd the head. The'caim- ty, wheriff was noti'ted and stit-coeded in tmcimr th« huntunian |or some db-' tnni-0 in^the HIIOW. but liUer.tho trail • ' l loirs ........ ; , 55.000 Out tie . ' SO'.OOW.^ ..-....•; 17,000" close fairly active nt early advance; StiPlOc than yenlorday's average, "" Intimated ............. 40,000 CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. Chicago, III,, I>ec. 20. Whfat—-No, 3 rt-d, >1,C1; No. 3 hard win tor, $1,643-8; Sample grade, tmfd mixed, 00 3*4^91 i-2; $1,58. t'orn — No, No. 4 mixed. $91-2091; No. 5 'mixed, 1-a; No. 2 yellow, 913-4; No, 3 yel- , Thb . Hluxttlntr occurred whilo IWr. Small ftiul his family wore away» f^t- IT when a hunter Jghot & nibbit near tlm herd two jwnlc. «trJcke« dWr leaped a high ft'iice and eBCHpcd. A valuable doe. !s n »t|il at lur«re, HuntinK on th« reservo has bbon prohibits, Mr, Kmnll htiM offered (i reward for th«» Mppre-hcn- slpn of lite poacher 'and fop ihc roiurn of lh» escaped Animal. low, .«JO 3-4«f 82; No. 4 91; No. 3 white, 90 i- gnuie, 87, C,uttH •— • No. 3 No. 4 white, 5 1-2: Kiinii'lP grade, 4 'white yellow, S9S-4fi 1-sJ; Sample J--'1( ,M 1 -t Hid,, &i*ir. Ity»— No naJi'8. ni'«r the river 4ir» III from «<JUlrtjg H»»h wblvh tl»«y ca tight. . - "v " Many thoiiKitiidH of irnh iitteiniitjnif tiMiTinlic tbi'ir way rlv«r to t»wu|i»» wMiiHhiitK n'ni ludow, >vtr«> »tii|>jii«d by .a dam at lh<> THE .LANDJSCONVEYEQ Twenty Acr»i N*»r Capitol For Ctn- tinnial Building, i Springlleld, III,, J>e<\ 80.—-^?h» eenlon* niai building conmiiHxion . formally (he sftuto a tract of land STERLING CITY MARKETS (f'ori-ected Daily.) Dillon- Company.) New No, 3 yellow corn ... . ..... i"J»2c Now No. 4 yellow «H»rn ,..,,.,, \VhH« oatH ..... ...... , ..... No. 3 mixed OJUB ...... ..... , ,- south of t ho rapt tdl, where U is pm- «>ug-bt tii'in wHh and ibt«(r band«, bue» to **r««t the iVnlenuttl . flw» trad i'onu»rl»«*s about twenty acres WHS puii'ha^t«t for I'J^O.OOn, CHI »{ Hpringllckl contvlbuted $100, " ' \Shwit -. ........... -.-.',.. ........ II. 4« Hycr . , , ...... , , , , , ....... , , , , . ..... 95c Harl«y .,...,, .............. ......... S5e LIVESTOCK, (I'ipport Uj-ofl. & Oa.) Pat *«e«»r«i . ------ ,...-.,,:, , •; f0.00010.20 Cows ... . ...... ".. ...... ', ... .$6.00 W 7.00 Calves ....... ---- i TUG CAPTAIN IS BLAMED Mi*t»k«n Ball Signal,Cnuted Deutich- Ni>w tuki-n bull M, Tii» rommiSKicin met In {h r's ofllce and In .(he ftbwnco of. CJo\% tbf land WIIH noroptml for the .state by JSetwtary-jjf Htate Stovcimi.n. ,Tiu» li»«iitlttHiry will be »Hkfd for a|i' Uunw for the n«>w ' building*, will l>oM«e Ktwe Inalltiitlons, , , ---- ....... ...... . , $7.00119,00 ,; '--; -v -rrv-rv ~ ....... ..... ,$S,604Ji9,5(l LOCAL 1 RETAIL MARKET, (Cash IJ&»kPt Oi-oct'ry.) Dairy— Rttail. crtuunwry butter . . . ...... 42i- ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Estate of Frwlerlck Scott, deceased. The undiTKlKiu'd ImvinR been «p- ixiinted administratrix of tJie extate. of Frederick Scott, late of tlW County of Whlti'Kide and State of illlnota, d«HH;a«e<l, hereby Klve« notice thai tdie will appear before the County Court of Whitenlde County, at the Court I.IOIIHC in .MorrlHon, at the March term, on thn Hrnt Monday in March next, at which lime all iH'rtimiM huviUK clalmit agalnxt said cxtatn are nntifU'd and r«oui>i*ted to attend fdr (h* purpose of hnviiiK tho same adjUHtcd. •. All perwons Intlelited to Hjild 'estate are re<iue»ted tO'mako immediate payment to the underKlKiH'd. Dated thla twent£etJ« day of December, A. P. 191 a. . Lottie A. 8cott, Administratrix. Carl E.- Sheldon, Attorney. Dec. 20, 27, Jan. 3. CHANCERY NOTICE ~~~ 1 of Illinois, . WhiteMide County., In tho Circuit Court to the January^ Term, A. D. 1917. ' Ida Byer« VH, David Dyers and Anna Eberly. In Chancery. Due affidavit having been made that the above named defendant, David Byera is a non-resident of WhHewlde County, ajul-State of Illinois, and hav- beeii Bled in thjo offleo of the Clerk of tbp Circuit c«ur|/;in BaLa_pounty and «t«te afort'Haiil, notice i«'hereby 'K\Ven to the naitt David Byers that nald complainant heretofore filed her bill of complaint on tho chancery side of miid court: that a nummon» in «ald i % auso thereupon issued out of Ha id •ourt uKaliiHt. nald defendant, reUw*-, .ibb> to the wild court on the, flr'xt d;i/ of (hit next January term thereof, to bo CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHS A DO/.KN I'HOTOOnAl'HS—A IKJZ-, on i>ro*ontx. Something no oni* K!VP but yonrxplf. Hpocial ft'irn now until ChrlHtmas at tho \Voavor Htttdlo, ovt-r Obprinillor's. J22-14T TYPEWRITERS ALL AJAKKS TVPKWRtTKUS FOH — runt or »!iln nt apwln.l prtcnM. Tt>rm^ to suit. Write, call or phone Bell 71- W. If you bavc office furniture or typewriter* to ncll se« n», Krelder'* Txpi'writcr Kscbangc, &t>2 I*nwrenc» 121-148 PORAL - . Kt>H bnar«. Adidph wcat of coarBP boned fpilown, Von Totnulohof. Two miles Kifok 1'allH. Karmcr'H phon?. 145-148* FOR HAM-:~R4-INCI! KOUJ3K TOP d«'Mk and rhiilr. Dark onk. flS.fio, lioll phone fi3S?4. 148* FUH HAiJC -OTTAWA C KUKLUKR, f-tr fiKH ili-RK, drive belt. Call Interstate plume 441 Y. •'OK SAUK— (H)OI> Sheldon. E, 146UT '< Ml H A LK - O N K 1 \, FL AT^l IOI/TON cornet, tdi:h unO low pitch, flut! cou- dltion, 135. v Ji J. HUaclb«rB»*r. F(IH SAU-J--UHOOK ISLAND HED roek'-relN, Mingle and roue comhu. llt-H I'OUHl. __^ 143-KC* H)Il HAT.K—HARD WOOD. SPLIT or chunks Uell 306U4. Frod Wol- lu-r. 142-145 —KKW CHOICK DUHOC Jerwcy mule pigs. Call or phono Ed. Mitchell, Morrt«on. Both phonea. 122tf FOR HALIC-FOUK EXTIiA fJOOD Hhorthorn bulln, Scotch- pedigree. Stewart MathewH, Round flrove. , Dec. 19, 20. 1!2, 23, 20. 27.» WKIOIIT 700, broke to rid*' or drive for children. Well phone 243WU. 144146" at tihe Court Houtm in', tho city of Morrison, WhilesUle County, Illiticils, on (ho Hrst Monday of Jiinhnry. A. D. 191 <, as is by law required, which caiine i« ntlll pondinKT and undetermined in Haiti'court, Charle».W. McCall, ' Clerk of wild Court*. ,N. f!. Van Sant and llobort W. l!es,so, Cornplainanffl SollcltorM. Nov. aii, Dec. 0, 13, 3 WANTED \VANTKD- TI-JNANT I'LACK ON farm by .March 1, 1817. Write "G, (!." care Oazetto. 14&-146* WANTKD—TWO ROOMS FOR 1AQHT! honhi! keeptitK or flat. Addrcsts "C, •IJ." care of Oa-jH'tte.' ^ 149(f WANTED- HIDES, PUKH AND AJUI* M, 1 uy. Vsa, ?, J Dairy hut (or ,.. glv«»n "Hy <"ai>t- John A SUCCESSFUL K'} t,. Mrs. Annie Mcllmoyl Held Sale Tuesday E<»»t Of .Rock Fallt. '!'«« l iil'li- fdc » ( ,\!i«<. Annlt. C Mr J'li;i>\i- t,c!d Tiu>iitv <u»' »ol!t> <-ii«t k'-l'i'!;- on tbc ~t»i\nl^ t,r<!t \V.IH Uitrnoy of thv)'tiiv..T. A Hfott, Jr., i thai vt'Msv.Kayi Uivt <-jt»raiun sub- i«)lHd« v d on h'ov 17, in l4\i\K Island ami mi, va» rv*lHi|t- 8ibl<» for tht< lor:« of th»» tujr wnci.its crtnv. ummltiig t>j Uu' lindinK of thf iiispoctors,- uf i >cti (itvhlijnd is cj«<.')H'i'utiHl frum Ii t. <•! I • ,- h.jti ^1,1 ,:i i • ,t \ A • ll'-I-lic the it-Id Jiud lb;- t'i'SI!«; .', . 1 (l«':lt>l(- I VKj ,i?i,J tl'i-v" . - 11. ,-( »<..!,{ \l* i 'tin,in fu'. ,M HEAD,DIE s i IT i it,. WAS Polic» Believe <)/| M*n Wf* Thrown Viaduct, Whot*»al». N«w (A. 3 Gardes.) Head lettuce, |*r head. . ..... , ,^ , . 40c . lOc . Celery, each ,...,,.,,,..,,.. .,,,,. 6c PARTITION SALE. State of IllinoiM, Whitcalde Comuy. City of Hlerlini?, In City Court, November Term, A, John IX.-IInrtnum, «(,«!. VH. Robert Thompson, et. al. Public notice is .hn-roby «'Jvcn that mntuatit to a decrco of suid court «n- emt in tmhi cuune, the underslsnod Ma«ter-In-Chancpry will offer for sale »nd sell to the highest and best bid- ier for ca«h-*iht' west twenty-two and >ne-half feot <2g*|> «f lots Tt>n (H», Cleve.n (U) and Tivclve (12) In Block Thirty-Kftvcn (87> West of liroadway In be City of Htertimi, County uf Whit*. " anil SUUe of DlinolH. id »iUo will be held at (ho'oust iovir of the City Hull in said City ».-f Sterling at Iho hour uf'U<n 110) o'clock oil Wednesday, the JJTth day of Decent• bt-r, I'Jie. , Hubert W. of junk. I ali«o have n nico Una of Fnrd ttrca .at roiinofmblo pricta. U would pay you to invptitiKato be- » fore KolliiiK your Junk or buying Urea," D. Mantleld. _ 138tf WAN'PKD—LKAHN iSARHKU THADK •— world'n moKt profitable trade. Quickly Icnrni'tt. Write for "catalog, SOI Kith Hirfct, Muliius UK, -XriiClty Collide, * 133-IB8 WANTKD - KKCOND-IIAND AUTO- mobilfH, will juiy the hlKhe*t prico. Al«o «<ell all kitulx of repalrti. HlKb- «.'«!• prices paiil for nil kind:* of fiir and blili'H, .Mike, the $10 Tailor.. Doth phonea. II(J.HIi'8T «'AHH l'UU?K8 I'AID FOR hidcK and furs, Mu»Kttn'» Hanvexa Shop, 818 Kirat Ave. 124tf J Third Ave. \V A 81 I N Q H, Mrs. U'lveefo, 8<ja Third, , \VANTBD~80MH ONK TO IX> wa^btiiR aiul ironing- >lii»t cull far and-return. Cull Well &U3-3. 144tf Ii, c. 'Ward, Attorney. D?c, 6. 15. 20. ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. Kstate of Knnna JU. (tatllMuth. LOST rowed, but not returned. Pleasa bring buck, especially Vul. 4, DeMau- M D. John. 144-Nti* each .He, Tho undersigned huviiiK IKH-II ap- AdmlnlKlrator of (he et,lqt«< »»f New polaloes, pk '.-. ,T..65cjK»«»itt H. WallifUth. lute of tbc Counts , Kansas i.Mly, I5*ff .80,- Police author^ The Wolbers Will ia*t lluuy and 8«H .' J. I | Frank UVl i l .'(Set t<( ( '>' i;..-.,. live ,„,,*.. ' ii.-.,lif ~«)l )l'.,K'«. >;ri y itii'-i ),!t in -It Three Mil** viU*. «-r wifl hiiv*> ( tit' :\n-.J Hsiii" «'iiin|!U'!i,-- v- luiu'h a'l -jit ),,.,(,t ,.,;' of Kui)(iH» City wcr«. convinced tojjay I|KU Ailbtir », SHm, woalthy JM»<V of an-oil cpmpany tif Wichj,ta, was niurdcced and robbctl and W^ i?i>dyjbri>wn oft tho Ii5 duct front «n uuioiijobiiW* ory, jiftcr having Sfound .ijini's\body, hi* ukull crusb*Hl wnd hi« bsick broken, bt ; |iUie raih-M.-M! tracks /in-neat If (ho via' dlli't, ihv tl*;iv»''r of p/uit tho bu. Bwt»«t Itutabasos, 3 lb«, Cru.nh*>rt1w f fwijcy, qt Orwsn -onions, bu'iich Spinawh, lb. , ..... Celery cal>b«go • ....'. lb. Jersey, c lb». Dry b.uiuh \V,',,. 4 , was ;'.; yt'.'u-M uKl. FOUGHT OUEt, OVER LAW.. lliHst^-n). HI, l »*•!», ;:,y, .sSvu iu's tn-rtr u».">tUi in a l/H.i-ifu.ti hero ;jo iho r.-V.ili •>» u (-"?..; f\>- ifin.-t \\-i.<ii i;. AJ i*rur»!rt .-Thr <hi'-i frtHinvfrt a rtisinUn •.'•-<T' i:-..- X>.ijiiKM.t.S «4i;iH -luiur \i\\\. Ore en i^ i'ft •,-a*i>l- ';itilif!tV»vi . , v . ,, for ' ,$2 <W ,,35c ..UV ,J»o 6* tf \Vblte8ld«* and Sitnt^ t»f Illinois, dc- j v'ea»«.d, hereby (jivt>« notice ttmt hi- will I «|ip«ar before tbe Count v Court of] Wlutt-slde County, at tlu» <'uurt HMU*.,-I iu Morrison, tit the l<Vhruur> Teun, on ih«» !jrt«t Monday in FcM'iuiiy next, ,it tim* uil pcrntJiu* IU»\IIIK clutin<- CARD OF THANKS CARD OF THANKS—Wo wu»h (0 (bank all who <>o kindly usHigtw) us dm inn (!»•• vIcktifKn and death of our mother. aiMo for the bcsautiful -floral ulTi'i uii;n. Mr.H, Kottt* 1'aKOt. . Mr, AugiiBt HT»iti. Mr, l>nwmonil Wtolb, Miss Sophia Htolb. All •n* i.t t'.t wild 4*«ttittt> ur** ii'iUfttnl . t>! utu-nd for liie pui : itu"* iiiljusictl pt-rfontt indcbt« d t^ KII- Unvoted ti» tuukt' '•1 ,!li|i 4tlj da\ of A.i re it A- FIT\ 'f)C MOREHOUSE Optometrist Ov«r Corner Drug ,'• Store ' GLASSES -,U>-u,e

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