Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 2, 1944 · Page 5
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 5

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1944
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1944 5= fire Marshal Shea Reports On His Work Hi-Ho Silver! H v i>ri oii'T' 1 \V'o!cln of .12 At-tmi street, oi'i'i't'od to remove u drum con- iint! 1'iii'K" oil from "Is property tin' oil WHS dripping over the iinda, fr'iix 1 Mai'sluil Michael F, port C»r July la the board O r warden '""' burjressiis shows. John Mnlluk was ordered to pliu-e two-way exits on his property on Greenwood street, ixiul to -i,.t> tlmt tenants usu containers in buck yiirils properly. Miiniu'l Suusa was ordorod to place n chimnoy on his Incinerator on Map'*' sct' ( -' L> £. H<? ha.s complied will) ''"' f"' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' ft"' lw ° exits on the Ihiril floor nf his property nl US Cherry street,. .Mr. Shi-ii reported. ' I'tirtiiil progress Is reported In nwking inipnvemunts on t.hc Os- boi'n Kfjilty Co. property suggested Ijv tl»' :l 'v marshal. '.Mr. Shun reported he inspected tht< liuzuiir at St. Mary's church nnil that lire extinguisher* wore pl.tcrd in euch concession. The buaii"' wll!t v '-"iti!d byhlm periocll- cnMy while It was in progress. 'He »;so reported inspecting the carni- x'lii on Kridge street, sponsored by thr Anierinan Legion. Street Dept. In Report For July Str-et IT piil r.s last month $t;M.. r i2, Snpt. of Streets l-lui'old \V. Mm'thti reported to the board uf Ho IH certainly ranged n wily from the emit open H hu.t Marine Sgl. !.<'« 1'owHI, will t>c reineiuehered for "l.oiu 1 Hunger" parts in movies. Above he's shown hlng out of n foxhole on duty, (InterimtioinU) I" UK ucpM \vlio hi* the lioli- warden and burgosses. The total payroll expense of his department In July was $3,751.70. his report showed. Other major items were: Street cleaning, $043; oiling streets, town aid. $508.03: grading streets, $1U8. aid, $-l9S.08; grading streets, $!US.OC; collecting salvage paper, $23ri.. r >7; railings, $176; borough tlunip. ? ] H: cutting brush, $803.84; borough yard, J112.-15; storm sewer muinttfna'nce, $157.98; vacations, S103.l'9. 25 Arrests In Naugatuck During Month of July July was a ijlow month for crlmo he Naugatuck, only 25 arrests being: made. Twenty-two were males and three females.' There were 28 copies, some .-having been continued, Police Chief John J. Gormley said, in ;!iis report to the board of warden and burgesses. Eleven were charged, wi'th viola- .tlon of the motor vehicles' law; seven breach of peace; four Intoxication; .two, non-support; two, violation of the borough ordinance; one, violation of the liqour control act; one, obtaining money wilier false .pretenses; one, assault. Bonds were .called in Cive cases two were found not guilty, three were nolled< by the . pro^ccutoi eight paid fines and co«ts, tlir:!t hud sentences sirsperuJod and five ciuS'>-j were continu.-.'d. The regular force lost one day as the result of illness, 038 hour^ of special duty,' were performed, 10 store* und oft'iceu 'were found open und 22 lodgers were accommodated. NAUQATUGK DAILY NEWS ^vriMVHMHHVWi^Mfc^^^^^BH^-^MI^^BIB Downs 19 Zeirosi— Collects $1,900 WON'T fIND IT IN BOOKS!" »BS?'^Xi Th« ikill o£ Hanley br«wm«»t«r3 com** from ov«r 67 yoora' «xperi«ncp in brewing Ala to perfection. That's why Hanley's U ai fine ai finm al» can bt! . ',' HANLEYS ALE Brewers of Fine Ales and Porter Since 1876 Copr. The RETURN EMPTY BOTTLES REGULARLY 7«J Hanlcy Co., Providence. R. I. i^5 Steaks And Roasts To Be Made Point- Free August 13 Washington, Aiif,'. 2—(U P)— Stenks und. ronsts from utility grades of' beef probably will be m.lde ration free on August 13lh, but hams and pork loins are expected to be returned to the ration list. Authoritative sources say that by September 1st steaks and roaats from the better commercial grades of beef ;ilso will be made point- free. Removing utility and commercial grades of beef from the ration list will make practically nil steaks and roasts point free, as the two remaining grades that will bft rationed rarely reach retail butcher shops. Fifth War Bond Drive Is Called Colossal Success Washington. Aug. 2—CUP}—The Fifth war bond drive is described as a "colossal success" by Secretary of the Treasury MorRenthau. Subscriptions totalled more than 20 billion dollars, setting an ail- time high for financing operations. Despite predictions that the in| dividual goal woulU not be met. the quota of six billion dollars wa.s overshot by a substantial margin in a last-minute spree of pocket- digging. UIUVEK ROBIIKD Boston, Aug. 2—(UP)—A taxi- o.ab driver wa.s robbed ivarly this morning by two customers. Thu Ncgros •allegedly drew a knifa or. driver Joseph Gerson of Che-ltjoa u:h^n h<3 refund to di'ivo into a dark alley. They then stole about $22 from his pockets and 'fled, BOYS' SUMMER | Washable Slax Suits Tan and Blue. Sizes 4-6-8 only. Reg-, Ceiling Price $3.95 NOW »2«9S Suspender Shorts Sizes 3 to 7 only. Reg. Ceiling Price $1,95 I Now 91.59 Short Sleeve Knit Polos Variety cf Colors — Sizes 1 to 14. Reg. Ceiling Prices 79c, 89c and $1 Now Washable Slax Pants Reg. Ceiling Price $1.95 Now $1.69 162 CHURCH STREET Ton-ranking fighter ucc of the V. S. Navy In the Pacific, Lt, Alex- antler Vrucui, 25, Kast Chicago, Ind., stopped off at the home of lil« uncle, John Tlncu, Chlcauo manufacturer, to collect » reward of $1 IMIO for shootliiK <l<>wn I!) .lap planes. Some time a.|fO Tlncu offered Ills nephew $100 for each Jaji plane he bugifed. The proud uncle wrlteH u check us the ace arid his aunt, Mrs; Sudle Tlneu look. on. • (International) Two Soldiers And Taxi Driver Were Killed In Crash Raynham, Mose., Aug. 2—(UP)— Two soldiers and. a taxi-flab driver tetvc bcem killed in a collision. Three other servicemen and two civilians were hospitalized ' as result of the crack-up between fruit truck and a taxi on the. Boston to Providence, R. I., highway. Both of the aoldlers were stationed a.t Camp MyleM Standish in Taunton artd awaiting overseas jissign- ment. Tiliose kilj«d were: Sergeant Nor- mufli Stackman, 23 years old, of Dearborn, Mich,; Sergeant Fraak J. Nietssen, 25 years old. of Alloway, New Jcrs«y; and Albert F. Yclle, 29 years old, of Taunlon. Mexico Flower Markets Sell $5,000,000 Yearly Hexlco City (UP)—Mexico flower merchants estimate they receive 25,000.000 pesos (about $5,000,000) annually from flower sales. The Federal District buys $2,000,000 of flowers, •while Veracruz is second with .$1,000,000. Fortin do 1as Florcs is the nation's /lower center. The next half- dozen flower markets are near Mexico City, such as Coyoacan and Xochimilco. The San Juan market in "Mexico City sells over $2,000 of flowers daily. AGREEMENT KEACHED VYashington, Aug-. 2—.(UP)—The State 1 'Department • soon will announce the conclusion of a British-American agreement on petroleum. Dorothy Dix, Well Known Columnist, Injured By Bus Ashevillc, N 1 . C., Auff. 2—(UP)— Dorothy Dix, 82 yearj old, confidante of the nation's love-lorn— is i-iv an Ashevllle. N. C., hospital after escaping: death under the wheels of a bus. The columnist, who in private lite is Mi-s. Elizabeth Gilmcr. was knocked to the pavement by the bus which passed over her body: Despite that, she has only a pair of skinned kncc« to allow for iher experience. According to the 19-fO census, there were 530 manufacturers, of cosmetics, perfumcte and toilet articles in the U. S. *Missy' Dies Personal sccrutury to Pr«iW«nt Kooscvult for twenty yours until her retirement » year :uid a half ago. Miss Marguerite ••Missy" Alice *J>- Ilnntl, 4fi. Somerville, Mass., died at the Chel- SCH, MUSK., Naval hospital, fol- ]owlng :i foiir-ypar illness, (international) GIFl'S FOR WEDUIXGS. SI lOWEKS, ANNIVEBSAKIKS, Etc. BTRISIFS CENTER ST. DIAL FREE!! "Catnloff planning; Your Future' 1 write, Call or phone 4-8772 JUNIOR Page Kvt " TOUCHY. SCTMECT'^;/^-jir" , Concord, N. H:| •• Aug. 2—<U P)— Horse racing proved » touchy wubjcct for the. Democratic' New ri'auipijhirc convention.^' Alter m. r'lormy session, th<> delegate* were forced to omit any-mention- of th» «port from their platform',',f«r the coming election, A -plank calling for opcraiotn ..of the Rockinliam Park race .track in Salem «• a; ktat* monopoly hod been -propViwd by the platform committee. .But it wa.t ducihlvcly turned, down., by more tl.iLn 300 o' the 3W ddlegate*. A fresb co»i of paint DO tfac wood work »na walls Witt make that room new again* And if you use tb» right paii^ you can easily keep it clcfta and new • lookioft with MMO and water. W« recommend Hurphy Paints CANS, Inc. MAPLE STREET TEL. 3507 " BUY WAR BONDS AND STAMPS S OMEDAY, a group of grim-faced men will walk stiffly into a room, sit down at a table, sign a piece of paper—and the War will be over. That'll be quite a day. It doesn't take much imagination to picture the way the hats will be tossed into the air all over America on that day. But what about the day after? What happens when the tumult and the shouting have died, ;and all of .us turn back to the job of actually making this, country the wonderful place we've drearhed it; wou Id be "after the War" ? • •• f ••'•.,'•;• '';''' ' • •No'fmaii jknows just what's going to happen then. But we.-ioriow one thing that must not happen: Weniust -not have a postwar America fumbling to restore,. ajn;out-of-gear economy, staggering under a '" burden of idle factories and idle men, wracked with internal dissension and stricken with poverty and want. We must not have breadlines and vacant farms and jobless, tired men in Army overcoats tramping city streets. That is why we must buy War Bonds—now. • For every time you buy a Bond, you not only help finance the War. You help to build up a vast reserve of postwar buying power. Buying power that can mean millions of postwar jobs making billions of dollars' worth of postwar goods and a healthy, prosperous, strong America in which there'll be a richer, happier. living for every one of us. To protect your Country, your family, and your job. after the War— buy War Bonds now! KEEP BACKING THE ATTACK! This Advertisement is a Contribution Toward America's All-Out War Effort by The NAOGATUCK DAILY NEWS

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