Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 6
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BIX. STERLING, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY. DEC. 20. 1916. Are Not Visible To NakeefEye j (n Japan Says a Traveler j Looked For Them. ! 10IAS W. J. Sowles D* G. Store ^\ A Special Service ID MAKE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING EASY,' so you can buy for your friends the things" they want most, we have arranged a list of useful gifts. This list will not only be.hejp- ftil to the ladies but will assist the rrten folks to make selections for their lady acquaintances. Everyone appreciates a valuable gift. * tflTHE FOLLOWING IS A PARTIAL LIST Christmas Bargains.Thurs. & Fit TWO WERE LOCATED ;A Member Of The Court Wore! ; a Sifk Hat And Prince Al- ! i bert To His Knees, I • hastily (•H.H-jnr '.. til* 1 - non-f'Xplo- '• non -<-om1)nMi 'fllV I »t >*•!<< Towel Hels, colored ItonW?. All Linen Tfnek Totpplk liernst itched Chinese enibroiilf'V^TlOc. ITitek Toiwols, hand tonbroidercd. allope edgtl nil linen, 50c. A .Rpecinl 'im of (Jnest Bath Towels, lorwl border. 20c each. ie.'t' Kid (iloves — black, white and n, $1.25 and $1.75. Bnlh Holies, with cords tn match. ,25. in flesh silk. $1.00, 65c, 50c. no of Sweaters at ifio oM ( ' A Collars of broadelofli. satin, or and voile. Silk Petticoats, in all tho popular Carles, inelu»lini* l>!a<'!<~$3.45, S4.50 and $5,00. Fancy c 'omlH, 25c and 50c. CliaVnotcr PoJls, 25c and 50c. Poll Sets of DiRhos, 50c and 25c. Small We are offering special discounts on all trimmed hats. Every hat the latest de- and sew stock. Our Store open evenings this week* ~ ICK FALLS DAILY GAZETTE -BOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, WEDNESDAY, DEO. 20, 1016. IRISTMAS PROGRAM reoa and Elmendorf Schools Oivo Christmas Program Friday Evening. program #111 be Riven Frl- at the* Allpress jK'hool, town. The Ktittendorf 'ntul the 8 seho<>l» will unite ami give n ChHatnms program. Ml*s IJ"10 teacher of the K Irene Knrr of the BChool* nre prepnrInK for an e\- pcogrririT." ~The~AHprt>si* m-hooT depw&itert In nil the festoon* of n, TTiere will nleo b«> « Inrpe in tro», Tho following pro- Tcndered -toy thi» Allprewi * r thttt of the Elmeridorf having fully completed. »JBrlU—rfv* tlfl »ol»— Ororge Dote. Kwnnifon. GOOD SUGCesS AT SALE. A vi«ry InrKP crowd titti'mlptl lh« nalo yo«t«-r«luy «t Mrs, Ilobt. McLlmoylp'n farm osmt of town. .KvoryUnnjt Bold at n gorM] 5>rlc<\ Many men from this rlty At noon a line lunch \sas ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Xinns rmhdks at ^JM« Pnnny Htorp.* Mrs. JPHW Ailiunn H'ft for lior tiomc in Kaliapel, Mont., Tucsilny otter st-v- eral wceUs vl.«it Jtore with relatives anil frlcndn, A Iftrgo line of Xma» cainly at l»*c Ib. Men. H. ('. ( r n-turncil homo and little Monday «;vt'nl«g Strawn, of ChlraKO, arrived lu>r« ln«t evpnltiR to upend tho liojldny« with his pa run In. Home mnde chocolftic fudge, lOc Ib. l>iu)iol» ("onfectlonpry.* , G, 8, WHIlamwon, who ha» been very ^k'k. Is now Improving. Mrw. I*. H. Ilifo anil >tr«». M,. R Johnston ain-nl TwHday In ClllHun. Uimrftf lino df Xmns bulk and boxed candy In town. IitttilMs' Conffctionrry.* Harry Haiighnti, of Columbus', 't.' t.'hoi*. Hhon has ncc«itwl n In tho \Va*hb«irn (Ii-or<»fy stor«\ Mrn. M. It, \VjiKliburn left yi>at*>rdny fur Watf'rbnry. Conn., whrri* «h«> will Piwnd tho hfHidnya with her wn. Appoln. Ixtwncjf and Holly brand rhw:olat*», • DanlplH* Confwctionery.* A1r». T. .1. \V>llo and Mrx. 1L A. Joii- nlnw nro alt«'ndit>K nn lnt»tnllnt!on of tho I3astorn Ktar at Ucllvuc, la. BAlfr^CASHERENDS LIFE JPP. H«rdln>,Of Denver Had Worried Over Condition. •Denver, t'olo;, Dec. 2ft.— J. P. Hardin, of 'I>piivpr. cwshh-r of the Slnt«» bank of i4tra«hurtf, T'olo., t-ttmrnittr-d »«lcldo at 8trnnbiu-|tf by rtlHMitlnsr hlmm'lf In tho tomplo. cMMcers of thi» bunk l»p- llcva.Jui JiiuL bttcu^broodinff ovec^Ahii nnnndnl cohilithm of the which rocf-ntly • wa» closed by the _»ttatc bunk Id Howe. ltat-r;Il [Jnir-* Harold " illirirnerinan and Plautsf. Oilman. ."Two VJewH of Christmas' Oilman and Johnny 1'iuuU, if—Lull'e PoUe- i>Hn- nolo—-Mary UclRlc. :-^-MIII« Zimmerman. Hug—Phillip Hlmtjiermiiii. Mowing tho program Old Santa Will Appear' and distribute) i. from the tree, RECEPTION GIVEN Crowd 0»ve Rev. And Mr«. Holp Kti-' W«lcom» i.«»t Evening. was given llev. and Mrs. ut the <'*ont;rpf{Htlon crowd being pretten O ih* f»«w mlnlwtor anil hla wife floe jimjjT«in w.i.s f»»ndcre«l fdro imrtoi' (ho -ovcnlng. J. II, ChH»(f In btduilf of tho chun'li. thu new minlKtur, -Mrw. Iilneoln, thp ladles' Bock'tU'H of the gavo n lino talk. Kev. Klniiwter ,\i» MethftullHt church, iu»v. Thorp }je f'hrlBtlan churcii, and Iti>v, Junos FJrwt <,'nngreRHtU»n«l rburoh of gnvo BiiU'iuIld H: Mla« Iiuw«l| t>avo two fi"'Whi«t» were vxepllent, nml llMKo unng a boautlful HUI\« wan greatly appreplu-teel by nil. ^ WJHIf»in» BUVO the KreotlnKM that j Johnnton sentf' 1 l<V>)lowlng the, "dftlnly refrtshm<'iit» w«?«< H itociul time wna enjoyed Meeting Hctd In Hull L«*t Evening. ItidKO No. 3;' lii'M In'm <;vc-nin« in h»H. "A n«ir i l«wl crowd One ctitultdatti wa« in- tho lortKf Ai r fur Htc at thti tH'Xl niwt th« bu*tlnp»*M WUH U time with Unnvlng aWTHINQJEEOED Children Of Thi* Community N*«d Warm Clothing. appeal la bolnir ma(li» to the Kt»«l of thl# ciummuitty lor cloihlntf tu*@ wanted for a little l>c- 'Uu» tiKt' uf u and 1i!, at'd nlockingti anil uuit-iile the UKP of . _ wlu» lm» tiomt! t«~«lve wlTrpfcitHi* Iwtvo thr-ni W. I'- fcUtlfffr w notify her TO ©IVE PROGRAM Good Christmas Program U t Prepared For Thursday. ' K«"»t 'I'ol'tuiii fctii.'nl. ol" wlui-h Linn i» ti'ttcln-i, i.f nmkiii!,' i"'u: ^c ir;iH ( *'hi'HU»>iM iu>«— f 4o h* 4 nUfii Tjn.'-i-ilii* u',,i"t !'•>.,» j ij IIUUM- : < ,,ht <i> ti'.i-, o_r t 0r. w«« who hns been very sick, b*»tt«»r today. REFUSED $26 FOR EAH OP CORN. (My United Pre»».) HprlnKfleld. 111., »«t". 2n—.T W. Wurk- man, a farmer, rt'fuwd $25 for a «lnglff ear of corn on exhibit ut a com allow. Tho ear htui won forty'"two NVvr T«>r}<. !>«-. 2't.- At tho r-n;J of ;i ftrv«'-t>!f-r>tj fifty vi>yaR«* frojii 'her** Wf> ^rrivrl off V<tk,ih«fnn. T!sfT< k WfTf>n't artj- hftt-'l*«shiii?« in siKht; iiothlne but .1 mlltliin iltttf boats willed sarTstififif. !f»)k!ntr fit-ictiv n* thoHgh thf>y hft'l si'hoo). At lone Interval* n motrir boat jmst^t. n clumpy nfPatr i?»^»tnitig At. the ctictums hiiuf?f>. rfaily t» takf? u« tn tlif hotH, wf-ri» rtvf hiHutml 'rlrk- ntn! Hvt» ntitrimrtblb'.o. thf- latter tin- tyj". nrintnrt which renter at! the ;fs. T!u> trip tf> the hot*-! was an : o|i*ni«>r. We looked around for h<<r« i, but didn't WP nnj* aw all vetilrles arc drawn by tnt-n, ot"Cni»lonri!ty rftipv- v d by n ^Iffjiy lenm of oxt'ti. <Hi fn»Veral corners were men In smart mikinif uniform;*, carrytnit' swords. Ah. uir first glimpse oC tht« army we Wf> roth' tTinnJith the Streets we strain- j Mir eypn l<H>klnR for the Western i tho Japanese hav*» b^en nt»pro> priatiriK s<> inthistriminly. but they tint in sijiht. Ijittlc IMUVH were K bull in their wooden rings; women with tinfnntened klmona* wnik- I through thr 8trecl« Indifferent t»> the KHZC of Western eyw; men carried the .ikirts »f their kirnoniiH tip to their waists so thr> (Hl^eN. would not \>e mud* died by tlu> Htreettt. Tiny «ho[i« were everywhere. All through the day we lookAl for W extern Ideas, but w«> wiw only two; n meml»e.r of the court dressed In n «llk hat of ISPS vintacc and'a shabby I'rince Albert coat that came to ht» knew. That night .we-rcoiLln. n Yoka- homn paper that the Kovenvnwu de- •wlriNl to show the JapancMf an aero- plane and that one was hHni; carrier! throuKhout Japan for exhibition in various cities, H would be in Yokahotmi the following day. 'e ilwided fnvtwid of viewlliK the lone afn'plane.iij ttike a trip to Kami' t.hc fashionable wittering i"»>.m»rt, f lamp. f-s for tho ss. bi.2r , s ?7.«'> for I IIP jrwwn-np*. S o in <•> To r 1i o'nie. frav-clino;. anlos, even— f* } n is I o r n styHv* for .ni.irht work. Tlu-y are tho'tnoilorn uift, IT. J. Wylie 'Prescription Druggist, Rock Falls ftiwrel Buy yo&f groceries at the Basket GTO eery for Christmas and save money. Call and see our fancy Christmas Oranges. ORANGES! ORANGES! Wo have a !arp;o assort infill of fancv California N'avHV •«•(' offer at l!if hnvost prices. }M>r .o!oxen 28c, 35c Buy your trees' and i^et your choice of tlii* larjie n«- sorSinent we, just receivc^l. Call and pick them out, We have them at any price you want. and nee a* much of. runt! Japan on the way na we could In »is hours. We started at eisht next morning, and two minutes after we had punnet! the city middle aRe-H, Every man and woman was working In the rioe field* or on a farin nrf for cnuuw-ntn! i«iri»""" -« i.nly. VVlu-n t!«- automirtill"* iisi-wtf, liUJp chfliln-n- th<« <mly sign <«f future soldier* ...... thi-v tv<i\«« sl]<ni!,t'<5 tlu'lr hnmlw Wi« wi-r«- tnlil nntl that , wh«»n tht» motor earn first put l;i nn NOTICE! . We have a large assortment of fresh Candy and Huts. SWEET POTATOES, APPLES Kxtra choice JohmithnnX per }>eck .69c —— E 4 'his. head for 25c •Hotue TURNIPS To\vn. per pk. .19c it thftn. th«* On»«'day M Ilir--Knii»«'r»>r pnvo children t<i w.'n-c tlH'lr hnmt« fintl xhini! a Kr*>"titni -»f w»>li'«»ni«> to r>nru<lnK t«mr- IMM in m«»tor f-irx. Thi>* was rwt'l in ill .nrhiwl* tn Jnpnn,'* Ullty t1lM|>l«'«r<'<l r j,l*»-4ii..^n--«tuu«- J«pnn you f.'«t«l ' now when y«»u tt)r..u«;>< thf K tnunt In ri«!- "f a Kunipf.nn Not n«iv I in a mimll we ^Jr*'!*!**'! to uo to th" "The Chk-aKu "f Japan." cofintry .of .nsjHculturiciK nnd .shop kt>irp«' •ity billed '2 I.V cans Pork and Beans .for . 25c "I cans Peas for 2!9c :$ cans fancy Corn for.35c 2 cans Kraut for 29c :? cans Hominy for ...29c !» cans 'P-uinpJciw-f-trr . ,29c ,*] cans Cut Wax Beium 29c 4eans. .33c FIGS AND DATES 'J packajres for 25c l''ressed Fi^rs, per !!'».. .20c CANNED FRUITS '{cans Table Peaches ,50c :5 cans Tahle iVars ...50c .'! cans Tahle Apricots.50C 2 cans Sweet Potatoes.24c PANCAKE FLOUR :; 10c pkffs. for 25c BOTTLE GOODS Fuiu-y. Olive*, ...s< ulToil plain, fanry Pit'klos- "Swrtutl; -finTJn^-^lTrnrfi t'lu»rri('.s Apple Hut Pn-st'rves, Salad Dmssi Catsup. must rertulnly see th««.tliou- of t>?nn!.x that at a m'»m«'ntH notice coul.l In' turnrd Into •Ammunition factories, Uut,, ncnln we- were ills»i|»» It wan more like Muiici<\ 'in- K>K i nKOAU STtHUORN COCiiUb ASU COUJ3 with implonu'iitH which lh«"ir unct-stors liad used; for centurlen. • "1|Q% « ^^_^ j> Villajres were neat, tlcly^sfralm, with-— m*^*f* KimiSLT^ >ut factorlew. ''Wit* only Western idenw ^•^^^*» k ******* we *aw during the nioininK were picture post rard Htands and AtneriCAn ciKarfits. We trl«<| .to smoke Honje of tin* latter, but tho JapanoHe mntcheu Alterative FLOUR iirti Pnurie braml, absolutely ^unran- IVr 45) pound wnck , SOLD HV CASE HAS A PARALLEL: illy rhied l*res»,> I'ibana, 111.. IK-c. 2n,- Abrabftm Lincoln's famous "Hght nf the inimn" c««« bad |«n-.ilt«>l In life city court hert> when a jury refuwd. to find Warren \V«;ll«*ry Kutlty of a chars* of riding his jbley-, «•!« without a UKht «t 5:45 p. m..'Nov. 1, dncldlnu that it was not dark nt that hour on"ihe day mention'-d. THs cty of t'rbinna threatens to carry the' tu a, higher court. It iw itlmiMl a H difficult for a young man to set over a fast* of btvt." i«ick- «esS aw it Is for H women t« K«?t ovtr a bnrb^l wire fence. [ Goods almost given away! 4 The next few days will be the biggest bargain days ever seen or to be seen in Sterling* Every shoe and every bit of furnishing goods in this entire, stock is doomed for slaughter. Mail order prices discounted 30 to 50 per cent DON'T WAIT. YOUR LAST^CHANCE. C03JKE NOW AND BUY YOUIi^HOES FOR THE COMING YE$ft FINAL WIND UP ;J,:H,.:&U^^ SA LE POSITIVELY EliDS SATURDAY NIGHT, DEC. 23,1916, The people of Sterling never before had a chance like this toljecure footwear and furnishings at such panic prices as will be offered the FEW REMAINING DAYS of this sale. Don't let COLD WEA1JHEB keep you away the LAST DAYS OF.THIS SALE. PRICE WRECKING REDUCTIONS ON ENTIRE STOCltFOR A MIGHTY WHIRLWIND FINISH. _•-..,:•'.- , . . $5.00 Ladies' Shoes, button or lace, sacrifice sale price, $3.75 -X s - $4.00 Ladies 1 Shoes, button or lace, sacrifice sale price, $2.95 . SLAUGHTERED BEYOND BELIEF The final w«u|kip will ho tho moHt unique and Npcetarular irterehandiKe event ever e • nhound'ing-in.thrilling interest to every one who values economy. T ; hiH mammoth stt»ck to bo cut loose from nil former costs regardless of IOHH. The offerings an* countless and imlesputablv the most'won- tierful'eoiieeption of all foniiej' priee cutting. You-^mi ln^e\ril ( dered and astonished at what a few dollars will do her<'4he LA18T DAYS OF THIS SALE. Not one pair of shoes but what'will get the marobing order price attached to make this sale go dfewu in histojy as tjie biggest and most beneficial .sale, from u Having standpoint to'everybody who is lucky enough to grasp .opportunities when presented, and not one pair of .shoes or one bit of furnishing goo<ls will he. reserved—41 «all goes. $5.00 and $5.50 Men's Shoes, button or lace,. sacrifice sale price, $3.95 |4.00 Men's Shoes, button or lace, sacrifice sale price, $2.95 50s B*l?y Shoei, «oft 35c Shoes, 95c Lot of Ladies' Oxfords, values up to $3.50, 98e 65c Chilciren's Slippers, 48c Lot of Ladies* Shoes, * values up to $4.00, . $1.95 13,60 Sw*«Ur«, $2.45 13.00 Men 1 * Hati, $1.98 12.00 Men's Slippers, $1.60 • $3.00 , Boys' Shoes, $2.45 $240 Men's Shoes, $1.95 will in' in l,V«.|.|i,,r '. l -l(h J4;»u> I'/ 'iii u »ji«at .!'•) i,x_j. .. $440 • Men's High Lace Boots, $3.45 $3.00 Ladies' Felt Lined $1.98 L»die»' House Shoef, $1.95 12.60 Boys' Shoei, $1.95 F«lt Slippers, 95c $4.00 Boys' Shoes, $3.25 ' $2,00 'Children's Shoes, $1.45 65o Child'* AlMkn Overshoe,, 45c 880 Misses' Alaska Qve>she«Si 65c 50o Ladies* Spats, 39c $3.80 ON l»atjie»' Comfort Shot Si " -;$2.95 $3,00 M«n'* Rubber Soled $2.48 Boy** Underwear, 15c $1.50 Dr*>» Mitts, 98c Fur Driving Mitts, $2.79 Suit Caws,, 98c 144)0 M«n't Pant*, $2.95 $,1.90 98c $2.00 Men's H«t«, $1.29 Girls' T»m», 15c $1.50 Men's Hati, 98c $1,00 and Tennl* Flannel Night Robes, 89c . , ... Tennis Flannel Nigh* R6be», 45c Bargains in Overshoes, Rubbers and Hubber Boots *3.00 Traveling Bags, $2.25 $5.00 Trunks, $3.48 $1,25 Ladies' .98c ttjO Boy*' Sweaters, 75c Trunks, $6.45 $40,00 Fur Coat. »1O *7K 49.75 $6-60 Suit Cases, $4.45 12-60 » Men's Rants, $1.45, »3.00 P*nt», $1.95 Ouek Coats, Winter Caps, 48c $3.03 Sweaters, $1.95 $2.50 Men's Hats, $1.48 $1.0fl Underwear, 79c ftOo Winter Caps, 39c , Winter Caps, 98c $1.00 Winter Caps, 69c $200 Puck Coats. $1.45 $1.2$ Union Suit*, . 97c 65c Underwear, Dress ShirU, FJa/inel Shirti, 98c Only a Few Days Left'.l ill ijf UK -)• Fi.u..(Ti.- .,.' in tin,- lu -Iftli >tirfl'irliiU»l.ii. • r ,;>ir(ltfy- <•• The Beacon Sales Co. now selling lor 110 E. 3rd St. Sterling, III. Final Spurt- Last Call .,'tU-i t "« if !>I>|« ... ,..,!..,! \\. i: i L ', .' r '' "• rt< 11- •' f 'i• ,i ill tin lj".t '-iii k i !' ti.> ">!'.'k ii-riii' IM»W,

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