Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 7, 1947 · Page 9
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 9

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 9
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Our Geajeu "Anti-Communist" Asserts Dr. Walter. L. Nathan, Recent Woman's Club Speaker Peddles What Appears To Be Good Case For Communism And Russia , February 0, 10-17. Editor, V«»f,'»ci |rli Dnlly News, °\' u .uj;-;mic!t, Conn. r>>ar Sir: You'- Tuesday, February 4 edi- [ion carried a story on the speech „; Dr. VV.-itUir L. Nathan, Ph.D., before tho Nnugatuck Woman's Club the (lay before. This writfr did not see the ad- v.ince announcement on tho spenk- tr, thus perhaps missed a detailed iic'cnuiit »'' who or what Dr. Nathan did besides puddle what un- n^irs to be a goud cause for Con-.- iniinism and Russia. His speech, ut It-"*' what appeared in you! paper, sc-emed to be a plea for iympnthy to the Russian causo. Jt in to li:id the Woman's Clulj did not get another speaker to tell t!ip cither side of the s-tory nl the same mooting'. although per- hnps 't is Planning for a future meeting for tht> other side of the story. Dr. Nathan very subtly spoke df the concentration camps in Ger- tnuny which ho claims to htivo entered only two days after the American Army. Why didn't ho then be fair about it and give his listeners an idea of KOSYIG of the torture chambers in the Russian camps'.' forhaps Dr. Nathan would do well to read the speech of Representative Gwinri in the Congressional Rccoi-d. The congressman «jii). "Our IJO.VM (American sol- diiTB) confirm prior estimates of twenty million political opponents or suspects actually murdered outright or deliberately starved in work '"' prison sumps, and np- jjioxiniHtely fil'icfn million more | still alive but uncertain of v.-hat thi- outcome of their prosunt lot :\n virtual prisoners or slave laborers will he. Our boys arc- mystified nr the suKKcNtion that wo nharo our miitary homb secrets with a government that murders its old friends, as well as millions of its own citizens, and still assume it would not drop bombs on stran- KVI-K l\kf us if i: had them," This is not intended as a defense of the Germans, but is just brought out to point out the one-sidodness of Dr. Nathan's speech. The speaker further went on to state ;h;it if there is n wnr with Kussia, this country would not bo spared the ravages of conflict. Is that 11 threat. Dr. N.'ithan. or Just bonn fide advice'. 1 And ho went on, America sl'ou'ul \votk t'or peace. Dr. Naltian should he shown the copy of Time map;a'/,inc which stated "those who believe that the only way to prevent the next walls to woo and win Russia's shy and aching heart will have to forjfft .'i muHsive- sf.v of disagreeable facts. They would have to t'jjvKCt. tlie-RuK- Hian denial of rellfclon. tho Rus- nitin territorial expansion since World War '[I. the Russian denial of indlvlchml rights In both con- qiicn.'d nnc! satellite countries, the character ..of 'the Russian police state, the new Russian five-year plan. They will have to forget, in Hhort, that Russia isi a totalitarian sta-te." To continue further in the en- l^'htenment of Dr. Nathan, Secretary of War Robert Patterson ;;ave a stronpr reminder of .this \vhen he said; "In the long run, the greatest measure in prevention of war .will be the spread of free speech and free press throughout the world. When men are at liberty to j-ive and receive information and to take part in discussion. H-ithout the hands of the -iccrot police on their shoulders, jnd without dread of the knock on the door in the ni<rht that means •he start of the journey to the concentration camp, it will do more Minn anything else to prevent a. ruling f;rOup at the top .from i browing the manpower and the le.'iotircns of H jfruat nation into agg-ressive warfare. When that time comes, we need have no great con- ,cern about involvement in war." "We owe-a great deal to Russia," Or. Nathan is quoted as saying, "as two-thirds of the German army was in Russia, with only one third battling the Allies." Did Dr. Nathan mention the. to him, minor detail, that the equipment his Russia was fighting with to a groat extent was furnished by Ametica and Americans, and does he t'or One moment 'think that the boys who gave their lives at, Salerno, the Normandie beachhead, the Siegfried line, didn't face the same death that faced the Kus- siann'.' Incidentally, this writer is under tho impression that -the Allies included Russia, but Dr. Na- I than insists the Russians were [ fighting one war, and the rest of | the countries another. "Russia needs the Dardanelles as n back door to protect the country," snys Dr, Nathan. Has he forgotten that Hitler needed Poland. Norway, Denmark and France "for protection" as he put it, and look what happened to those countries. And just as an afterthought, from whom docs Russia need protection r In his discussion of communism. Dr. Is'athan insists the Russians had no alternative in their effort j for release from abject slavery un- ' cler the Czar. That sounds alright, but it seems to thin writer that they went from slavery under the Cxor to slavery under Communism. "There is no race discrimina- Mun," says Dr.. Nathan. But did he mention the fact that thousands of political prisoners were sent into labor camps in Siberia because they didn't agree with Communism? Did he mention that Lithuania, a country in its own right before "this war, has been absorbed by Russia and the citi- -/.f.-ns sent into Siberi.n and northern Russia, and sentenced to hard labor'. 1 And furthermore thai this ! absorption was against the prin- \ Gets Atomic Post Traffie Fatalities Reach Record tovL In Connecticut " Hartford, Feb. 7—Connecticut. ex| perienoed the loweat January .tia/- fio fatality figure 1 In 'the hlstory" f of. accidont when 18 auto accidents. The eighteen ls-.nlne recording last 'month persons were killed In was the only largo city to be fatality free for the month. The state alsto had an estimated BOO fewer ; accl'dent3 and ITS.fwer Injuries. A total of 1716 accldente •und- Sf)3 injuries were .reported. ". Towns and cities In the congested-areas which were fatality free for the ..month follow: ':.' Hartford, New Britain, Nor- walk.i Merlden, Greenwich, Norwich, West Hartford. Bristol, New London, Dahtoury, Mlddletown; Manchester, Hhmden, Stratford, East Hartford, Milford, Naupatuck, Wal- llng-ford, Enfield, Stonington, Shel- less than the total for January,* 1946 according; to the Highway i ton, Groton, Derby, Windsor, Ver- ftafety Commission. The figure Is) no r -. Putnam and Winchester, two less than the 20 recorded in 1945, a war time year, and 21 less i.han the highest January figure of 39 which was experienced in 1837. the good record 'resu,lted| from the fact that 27 of the 3(i towns and cities Jn the congested nrea group went through the month without a single fatality, according- to William M. Greene, director of the Highway Safety Com- The death of a .pedestrian injured in an accident In Willimantic ended a period of nearly 850 deathless days for that city. NtTRSE DROWNS At Mlddletown, word has been received of the death of- a nurse who used, to live in the Connecticut' city, The body of Helen La- APPOINTED DIRECTOR of the division of military applications of the Atomic Energy Commission, Col. James McCormach (above), of New Orleans, La., will be the Key man in relations between the new civilian commission and the Army and Navy. McCormack will take over most of the duties of Maj, Gen. Leslie Grove*. (international) ciples set up in the famous Atlun- Chartcr and at the Yaltn con- 'oronce? He probably did not. After nil. he was pleading a. case for Russia and Stalin. This wrUer Joes not know whether or not Dr. Nathun was paid for his speech, but it seems to me he should have presented the Woman's Club with a. check for a steely sum for (.he opportunity to jn-esent such Communistic views before n gathering of 200 people, arul the resuming number of people who might rand Dr. Nathan's misinformation and falsehoods. Sincerely yours, Anti-Communist. BODY FOUND The body of :i missing man has been found floating in a river at New Haven. Maurice Ci-emln, 70 years old, had been subject of a nine-stnU: police alarm since • 1'ail- infr to return home Tuesday, He is ruported to have been despondent lately. • . — -„_.._„ „ _ velle wns taken from a river at mission, and the fact that no town. Weehawken, N. ,T, The 38-year-old or city in the state experienced 1 woman had been missing since more, than one fatality, Hartford' Dec. 1'4. Head-Size Pinup Photos With "Oomph" Popular Chicago (UP)—Full-lenfjth pinup : photo* are being replaced in many Instance* by head-size por- traila, Bays Ray Ashman, former Hollywood photographer.' Since the end of the war, Ashman has had women request head- size photos "with a little of the sex appeal of the full-body picture retained." "Put all the oomph In my facial expression," they ask. CONSPIRACY Two Ansonians will have to be tried at Bridgeport after all on charges of conspiracy to break and ffnter, ' The defendants — Edward'Com- cowich and Jo.«cph E. Gabachucki —ha'd sought to have their trials transferred outside- 'Of Fail-field county.- NAUGATUCK NEWS (CONK.), FRIDAY. FEB. 7, IMT—PAOB • Traces U. S. Rockies To Volcanic Isles .Chicago CUP)— The. grcnt thickness of rock strata -that were warped and uplifted to form the western United States mountains originally were derived from erosion of the huge chain of volcanic islands west of the pit-peril Pa- olfio cnnstline nccording to DK E. J. Eardlcy, Un!voi8lly_ of Michigan geologist. Kardley said that the sediments comprising the layers of rock in the Rockies, Sierras and coast ran/jws were washed into ancieni. «0"t.i!low R<*:ts that extended from Alaska into Mexico. Because of the great bulk of rock dumped into troughs n what no\v is (he western Unit?d, the .ancient volcanic slandu to the west, must have been at least as Inrge as Hie present Japanese 'or Philippine archipelagos, he eaid. A final, halt to VO!C»M:C activity in the inlands caused them. to disappear, Bard ley Raid, Th IB. probably resulted from a uhlft of'earth strcsesii to the cwt, which Incrrn*- o<I the slr-c of the continental mnJn- land and produced the mountain ranges seen today. WEISS* Ben Franklin Store 15* CHURCH 8TRKKT Hot Off The 4nk« Boxen! ! POPULAR RKCOItl>S 25c OON'T MISS AUTOMATIC REDUCTION SAM! 99 N. MAIN STRKET Waterbury Tel. MTM TRY NKWS WANT ADH WE'RE ALTERING OUR STORE Watch Us Grow! CORNER CANTEEN ,•503 No. Main Street "Uoin" Tellerico, 1'rop, Teletopics FLO'S PHONE FOLLY GEE DADDY, 1 CANT HEAR, ANYTH ING ONI THE PHOME T~r OF COURSE YOU CAN T-YOUVE BROKEN THE: CORD, WHY DON'T YOU BE. MORE CAREFUL? f 1 LL GO OVER TO MORGANS AND CALL THE TELEPHONE. COMPANY. THEY'LL HAVE IT 1 FIXED IN NOTIME C DON'T SCOLD HER/V /HARRY, IT WASN'T HER ) FAULT, THE CORD'S j 1\ BEEN TWISTED FORA | I LONG TIME. I r MIGHT ,/ S. HAVE HAPPENED < i TO YOU/ THATS IT HARRY, WE DON'T WANT OUR PHONE Our OF ORDER AGAIN ITS EASY TO STRAIGHTEN A TWISTED CORD, JUST DANGLE THE RECEIVER SO THAT IT CAN WHIRL AROUND AND SHAKE OUT THE KINKS WHILE YOU HOLD THE SWITCH HOOK DOWN . The Southern New England TELEPHONE Company THAUITIOJVAL qtAI.ITY SIXCK I BOO . .. " Fin* Lodiev Wotchei. .._.. .$24.75 to $900 Diamond Solitairci .,590.00 to $2000 Compact! ....... ....5.$5.00 to $65 Bracelet* ...£.". $5.00 to $700 Sterling Cigarette Cose* $33 to 4 $00 Cufflinks $5.00 »o $150 Accurate Men's Wolchei . ,$24.75 to $300 /> >x Gifts to wrap in sentiment and tie with heartstrings . . to carry a heart-to-heart message to your beloved. Each a worthy Valentine tribute . .. genuine in quality, sincere in artistic beauty. It I VIDEO PAYMENTS IN VI TED AT .\O ADDED TOST 68 BANK ST. 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