Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 5
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, 1916. ' 1 ' Study Food Values Food provided for the family table deserves the careful thought of every housewife. Do you use thought when buying baking powder? The quality of cake, biscuits find all quickly raised Hour, foods depends largely u)x>n the kind of baking powder used. Dr, Price's Cream Baking Powder is made from cream of tartar derived from grapes, 4t is absolutely pure and has proved its excellence for making: food of finest qual ity find wholcsorneness for generations. There is no alum nor phosphate in DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER ' MADE FROM CREAM OF TARTAR DERIVED FR.OM GRAPES Find Mrs. .r. «"'. Tr.wy. Karl* Trnfff. Ml'-.*' IJiM.i Trru'fV nnd Vlrctl f'h-t!- rm v !" F<>!i<'-a ins t)ir ilirifvr the 'nfU-r- EILERS-ESHLEMAN Weeding Occurred Wednesday Morn- iir< at Br^rfc's Horns. U i ,|ii, ' .|,i >. •- <it"! 1:111:.: .'M t i.Vi'irk Arii' M Kilt-r-' ;i*i.i [ Clvdi K'-.Mrt?! MS. 1'i'Mi "' 1-"fn<-!-»!' tvi'tf unit'-il in rn,->:» •l-til" ! >y U> s Vi>, •(:'. p;V«»l "f the Kv- Th' i.i'ty >••-.< -' Hit" «, i!n< •:'•.'••!•! tbc <•!<•!!•!•'<•% u ' t (- t!;" Nl'I'-'N |>;t!f-nt». Mr THIS IS THE TIME YOU WANT A LOT OF GOOD THINGS TO EAT. LOOK THIS LIST OVER. WE CAN FILL YOUR ORDER. ROLLS AND COFFEE CAKE BREADS HOME MADE PIES I: CAKKS COOKIES. ETC. .. .-. 'i ii>v In i-.bii- ,,f Mi i-».'t«<n. ./ s.'uv, n With thr \ mine.'-'-'t Site ir<it f Kin- \vnm- ! who Srtn-lu j f \ SOCIAL AFFAIRS L!^!^, ly : A H|>I " 1MIM AV "-" r Vil KIIIIIII • I « i . .11 I i , i,,..,,. i --rn i J Hf'fl til t (oft, "A 1,'-(UT To H.ltllil" CHRISTMAS PROGRAMS Some ^Very Good "I ,; Have Bcop Arranged For Closing Exercises, IC.xi'rri^c - "A i.'hrtMtiiKiH Mury." l>l:ilt>eiir-...Wii(llii«: f»r thn Train." I'miliitiilno—"M«'iry''(;ini><(rit[>M I'iiy." Aftrr iln« |tni«nniit Hiinln Claus IM xp«'flc(|- l<» bo iirpsriit to I'sslRt in • .i\w iircs^nlfl from the Thf iti'oorn »•• thf s«n <»f Mr. :u!<l ,Mr« .mil'"-, 1', K*':!ftnf»ii. of F,:iiu'iisfc i r, I'M..! • •'•rtliliM '" I'nvfn.'n :ilwit|f t««t yr-nrf<j .Ml, find Mr*. rXfib-intin Ifft on td"j 1! «»o<-k tr.-tln for an r»xtr>nitrd trip !hr«MiKii<>nt th r> rrot vi*hitin thr> sjrwm';' i "tils ;i!i(l relative*. Tbey Will •>«• 'It liomn to tbci! friend" af'i r M;ut-h 1st. Tbc ninny fib-nds of tin- yntin« c v <itt- l>!e will jt'in in wlnlilnc brlKht future, , • WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT Miss Laura O. Corle and Benjamin E, Kreider Will Wed Today. If! l<> \\'f lt;i\r' l"rnl;iy I 1 ) i;rf;ihf:»fif f "iiuv'rt!<i)> (Ircrrnui < " ttonnit Cutft",' i ',i Itmf. Our Bread il fresh every worn- ing. Try it lomorrew. Not« th« favor. We are sure it will please you. " Coffee Cafce* and Roll* are just Ih* thirtg for breakf^tt. Easy and economical to *ervc. I! c t; ., ! •!-:!«, <J !.,' M-j'tf u t'n-)i;.y_:ri ) :-• l;is,< inrT> ;..i.; l;i i- !;!n ir-v . . ' •. . I* Our Mints , Pif $ art m.irle of the very bfcst of homemade i"fiittcprn*'3l. Our Raisin Pics am made with California Son Mntri naitms. Our Fruits nre fbo bc*t that tan b* bought. Tim ,-»ssu^-r? you ,.as (join! a pic as can baked. HI III A ' l< i ;» •< ' ..... ?/ f'!ui! <";ikts f v PLACE YOUR ORDER NOW FOR YOUR HOLIDAY GOODS. WE WILL CfELIVER THEM CHRISTMAS MORNING " OYST'ER PATTIES, OIHTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES TO ORDER TELEPHONE U9 YOUR WANTS Sterling Steam Baking Co. STERLING, ILLINOIS AUTO DELIVERY I A mm T. ItfHWlck. teuebi-r. ! MISCELLANEOUS SHOWER A cliilNtntHH pi«i;nim will be nivi-n L, -. , ~. _ . . , 'Mrs. Charles Haflcman Entertained lit tho Cobb webmii In t-Ntb'k ,1'rldny j Lntt Evening. I>ee. L'»nd, Tlu* follotviiiK pro.! t ...... ..i_, . , i tit the 4 ll;i|{l'- iu b<ut- Ktttm will In- Wong, "Uiim IJclhi Hint;". Sciim.!. H«'''Hnl|itn, "A (''irislinii's Wi'lrm —Joarplihic .Urlriiuna. "Tinn- AVI-IIKCH A!l"-- A' vt'i y j)lf>a.Mnnt Mlsw !<oiiiNr> CnHsi'iiH hint liomi; of hor KlHtvr, Mr** 1*1 mun «iRt of thin olty. It' or i»f n;, "Sluiif" l-'lvc t'lilblrcn. Ohil»K» t * "Too Much tioirowliiK." nprltatloii, "rti;iilnn ymitii" •-f/itircn tntir- to \Vprnt»r Hlailiz. which will OP^ rtir In <hr» near futurp. Thp itttownr wa» of'n mlncelhintHiiiN iiiitniMv MIHH Cfi^- HI>HH received many handsome glftn, inrludliiK llix'iiH, cut Tin- Avr-ililini; jinntMinri'nu-nt of titiiira I*. Corlf. of Mortr-nlifird. !'«.. Hi-nJ.-iniin K. Kr«'itler. of I^xncnstpr, Mill (drill* as M Htirprls«» (o nifili)* in thin fo?hmuntiy. ,Vll.«M t'orlf Mr. Kri-ldt'i" hiivi- both rc.ililf-d In vicinity for a number of ye.un whi-r*» they h.ivf innde ninny frl«»ndH who will fx.tMid their bc'Rt wl.ihrs to them. LEAP YEAR DANCE MONDAY EVE. Tin* Ix>n|i Vr-ar ibtnce Kiv»«n Monday in flif K. I*, hall WIIH a very affair. The hull W;»K prettily lecorati-d for the ovcfinion. A1xmt GO ouploM wen- present and dancing was enjoyed by all until a latcjiunr. • t, "My (*hrl;itni.iK TMT" -- Beftlm^Dykhuls'.rn. . KiclvJi" 1 —-f'A.M Klnd.i "f t'liildn-n," Dl«1ogm*-~"llttrt;aln l)<iy jit the (!:il- lery." rttldn, "The l>»y After t'hrlst- njtt»"—Howard Irlon. HnnR- "Th<> Iti'll-i'' Six <;ir!t< Itu1 nnn<l P»ln'«'<l chlnn. At « hiti> hour ••-"-'— rcfri'HbiiH'ntt* wrro sct'Vod by ho«|ff««. Mii«lf "and yt-il ilTiriiiK tlio PVfuinB anil about t'i)J».V«Hl th«« nffnir. "Doily'H Ii*'!:w,'.u"- •••Kdtiu Johneon. IfljCTt'lw— -"Ijrtv*' nml <!lv<'." UnMtatlon—"Waltlm: for Kantu"—jrnMiiL^Uinuor Htindny. Th« Uiblp Turncy. JHi'tlstlcally dworalcd for th<- AT THE OTTEN HOME |Mr*. Aiina Otton EntoHaintd at a Rabbit Dinner. Mr*. Anna Ott«n, of Com«>. cntcrtaln- a fi>\v rclatlvpM and frl.»*nd» at u b1« NEW TRAVEL FESTIVAL. Hawaii i« a'jmrt of- Uie world tlml ;»«'einn to have nil artisllc trrnpenunont. TJio tyin'i* of Itn people, thfln ru.Mtonin, •lie NCMiery of iln» land, all are dMTfr- vni and very lUtritctlvrlv different. Ameih-iinH Hrst realij-.ed the art In thlti|C8 Hawaii when lt« 'niusU* camn 'o the ITnlti-d State*. -They will now more fully appreciate the land that lu- Knoll inuwlc. Th« nrii.siic nt- Cut Glass from Buzzard's If? a Splendid Gift What could IK.? inoro npiM'ojH'into or ^i'Vt i ^ffafrr «l«'liglit tlinn l/t'iiutiful <-nt da.^s, if in always troas- urt'd liy ilu» recipient. Farlhorinorc, wo aro ofTcr- in^ K to you, rij^hl now just bofoiij ('lifi.stnms.'iit a hi^ saving, Croatuors jiiul .sugaj-H. $1.25;' celery boats, $1.40; pickle trays. $1.05; 8 inch fruit bowln, $2.75; olive trays, $1.25; \v:ifor sct-s $2.25; and vases lL^Llu 2^ to -*>n per cent Ties more. Just received a new shipment of those famous 50c ties in elegant holiday boxes. numphero of Hnwall Cannot be od \\ wordn, it moving pic- •1l«cJtHtIo». "My (!«• rnndlr* f >rll|~~Hlx "—Wilbur and the followlnu {tm'Hts ' the affair: Mr. and Mr*. John'Oliffii and H'ij-M and SUfamlly, Mr. and Mr«. Bookor Ottrn. Mr. :.:..-,--• A GIFT .' • .! - : most approprjatu 1'or OHH18TMAS, uoecrptilblo.- ntid ptM'inaiiunt in its iutluvucu oil charactorliiud life ture .(Dm to fompn-lH'iiMlvely explain lt« ty. This IIHH bi>«»n acconipliHh- cii bj-J^nian II, liow« who brln-^.H hl.s now Travel Fewtlval to the Aeadutny of. MuHlc. ~ nemlay.. D n rcrruirUttble travel experience with 11 Vitilt to thft fiery crntrr of a volcano which nddH Homo Uirlllw to . a niotn l>b-MMlnK linprrHHlon . of Uncle .S;un'n inland poHBi'Mhloji. Oth»?j 1 Intc-r*««tin«- features will b« metlineval itnd modern Spain; Norway, A Bargain in Tea Spoons H.xtra special: (jenuine IS47 Kogei-s P.ros. fonner price ^,50, sjfl.00 'ainl $IM. T«inom>\v,>2.00. $8 Rinps, «putial .-,-.•- T, .$1.50 . $15.00 Elgin Wfttches ,. ,.$10.00 Bracelet W«tch»r, ...,,.$4.00 up Fountain P«ns .'. .,.$1.00 up Paul W. Buzzard Our S5c~nnt! 75c tio.s nro Miro to more ilmii |il«'as<«.' They look liki» >i dollar lint \vo ask only G5c and 75c, ' Other ties 25c, 35c, $1.00,. $1.50 Special boys' ties at 25c. HH ImmeiiMe berdti , of reindeer, rjortlN and tow'eriiiK moiintiiiiiH: lieau- tlful npe<'irneim of liirdM and frcub wnt- «>r Huh In -iiatuntl colorit; tin- Unlte<l States Military Academy wt AVest Point it and diversified aetivititH by the siilon- dldly tralneul cadets, und air new animated jMirlooiiH. ' - * . jn "WHICH ONE SHALL I .At .tho Acttdnqjy of Mutilc un Friday, J«'«vMion art* Hhmvn In u «ttrriiiK com- ., . . new May entitled "Which Out. filmli | rlld liy - tlu , Marry?" The '|»la» IUIK a npr!uu».jf n vf love and honor for lt» CPU- I ' ihemp. but »m» an abundanca »f !' W !lttln B hu»nortu carry i riti-rn aro cloven lit'ttudful MCVIIOH car- .,,,., ''' 1 with .tlu» iiuoxtlun which «t ' '" ? '''"''" t " <<at imn " Moron, KnslaviiiK iiien of lU-lKium luukH lik aiiother black eye on the countenaiu two of civillriition. *!! e.s- A Savings Account for the Boy and Girl (tladdcii their hearts and tfive them tha nentinl ntart in tho ri^lit dirwtipn with n Savings Book and the Attractive |Little Savings Bank , which go with every new Saving* Atrjount. Thene are great incentives to . , ' SAVE. NlilROUS TIMitY SUCeESTIONS FOB SHOPPERS Th« huHlnt«u houHi-s of, Sterling have mad^a apeclal effort to «n>ctire 1h« host p.m- line of ChrlHtmuM presents and the'fojfowlttg iHBefc'itU.oiiM'JIM .ofjCuruU tula-ip thos« who wish to buy early nnci eetth*« iMjst Obermilh'f's for. overciiata, $,&.()0 to i f3>1 -" 0 - , , ! Woods Htor\jvoukKji|eai*c her,. set for him. We can tell .you all about kodnk* and ! Kxrltixlve de>nfnii In pcrfum** am|t Ur»r t'o ulcturo takins. Only Mock In town.' tojin waters. Ileiwlricks'Drug Co ' Sj-Vclal I'erry & Hoover. i All the lal«?«t noveltlra in JaUkt, 1 s»t Jennings, A rug--|*H v rt:haHfd ^mun. the lioy O,| A manleur* net for, her. A fihavlns •o them at llemlrk'kt) in ladies' wfttcho llalliimrk braciMff wuteh In ur. yeUf %'old JHIeU case. $!'....(». JenningH. 1 at T)»» Ilcotcry N« hom«> In complete without a Kim- TJIlft Ilnlilt when yolt uewi foot wc«r. Come to The Hootery. for uomcn. mon nntl chll- > ball pl»no. Sold on e««y payments. i You hhould try tho Ktmball iilay. ll-c-n m«U« ni«pr<iprlutn aifta. J \w \ Holly brand chocohttt-H. }, a, 3, mid i M«n» you liuv. The faintly choico. UiMiti-ry. y\ IvuM Thliil Htroot. ' 5 |b. IMIXM at Ihmhar's, j rntw i»li*it ut Duntxir'*. l.'lar llm< of homn made bulk and box <-<, mo and IngpiHt our Block of rtiKH,' <Jlv.,« aluminum ware, <mr Krommn NIII's (.'onToctloncry. u splendid aiwortmcnt and prlco« rlshl, *I5 Klulu wutchen |10. OunmoroV. jut Forstcr £• Hons big fiirnfture Htore Yc-arly KuhHcrlptlon to u maKuzlne.. I I'yre.v Oven Bhisswate mukea an Ideal •*p«» Dunbar's At I'^orHtej 'n Hs|. i*r ft i Hons furniture store l*,-uu'inent offers remarkable, vnltten Wyi(ii-3)ei»ver P U. You are Invited to call ami Kift. «>ur display IH complete, \Vynt- ;f»»r beautiful larK*' Htoek," whether y«n I }**!• v**»»" II /^ *"*« " i.»i......> M n*ii,. * * _.^. .* •*«? ».. L«... ,_ I leaver O, Cl Co. ; buy or not, TJi«« Hoy .U. Woods iStora. Cheer Xmas uu will iliul thfl largest lino of prac- i A Hooaler KUche.ii cabinet or an Al- ' H ' 11 ' Wl>l »' f ' apjireclaUi a nervinK tray glfls'ev'cr shown in Sterling. J. K. Hnimon guarantei'w hi« Christ' nut* cigar«. Money rcfuiuU'd If not r«ti .cents iios and- up. Hiiy pmctieal gifts at the Hoy O. \Voods Store) Stocks ' Nft tlng» at Jennings.' Toyland. Heckmans." Open msur comblnntum wood, coal and ««» l »inv» would her nuiro than anything you could buy and tuive her many , miles of aU-im for ymra to come. The i Hoy U. Woods Store, Dolls! I>oll«! Koore.H of them «t tli* Wlect at the r l>. tl. Co. cljgurtf, ^'i und a box; n't Give that young«tur • » Tinker Toy •e.t, H« will Jump with joy. Het 4-lc. Wyi\«-iJ«aver 1), U. Co, " Jcnniiigit' • jewelry «tor« — .the idt'al ?ift store. '• Why mot one of Huer's bic>cle«? Krct'tor pets for boys., Coiule'0HarU- Hig Stoiv, "Interestlng,dl8play, Wyne« -* j Ueuvi»r 1). G> Co. ' Toyland, IleeKmtimi.' Open .Candy eunes, Illinois Candy Kitchen. Carving Het«, toasters. . percolators nd ttluminum ware. l'he!p» lidw. Co. Make It an uyerland for tli« wholi 1 lunitly. Cot* Hrotherw. MI-II'.H gold riii«M S-'..'iO up. Durunore'H Tim whole family <'.'in enjoy « phun- >graph. II.HT Mills them. i-'int'M line 4<{ uatcli*'.s tiuiii Imlli-H 1 •»mi se«t',s. at oppold'a Jewelry new liIcuB in ivory on pe ntuek of diamonds tit Jen' ' . • . ' . s • * "Wear- Ever" Mluhtltumi at Ct>nde'» inakeu a gift that lusts for t»lay. Main floor, Wyiif-Ueaver IX $!. Co. ... Auto lunch kits, full equipment, -leed at »r.'.75 to »j».50. The J7*K. Chester t'o. ' s _ i il»ejmillet j>i t J[or _Chene J'_ !LecJt4i"JPart Dua't wait ,1111. the lut-t liiinuto about i new l?»li»oii or you will gef left. Perry & Hoover. 'rt tcr Kt'yheitBon utuler- ' ~~-- - I'ntbrellus niuke utivfut ;nii1 gifts for men u'ud women. Come with Uru.utif.ully emvcd lutndlej*.' some trimmed with wilvcr," others ..with gol^. ci-a"i«iig«» ft out Sl.&O to J5.UU The J', K. I'hc-fittcr di, " "___, " x -' Wou'll Ihni many n*'W ideas here lit W,\ii«--l>eaver ti. ever.. Illinois candy Kitchen home m»dc i-andie*. loc Ib^. an;J up. Special prices to thurche* jn«T schools, • Pocket knivea. rungcj, skuten, shears. ritleu, and gunn at f'helpa Hdvv, Co. You can get a nice cedar cheat jit jh<» Hoy U, Woods 'Htotv. a at jMinlvity prices at Dun- Why not give her-* useful gift— for instance H set of furs Our display feat tires the newest model*. Wyue- lieaver IX (!. Co, The ideal gift - a bicycle. For the '•test M-«* Hoy It, llaer. .For motoring — u watm , nuto robe, Special new dewing for gift giving W)»c> Denver l>. tj, Co. *t si-let -tjon of rings in «the eit> ld'n _JHi-elry JHtojre, i »l>et miller 1 ? for AluHory h«t«, $3 Ot>" Kur your swe.etheatr or- ttixier — u beautiful p»ir of <Jordan silk h<>«ior> Auto arc x enjK»rl<'"<- Hoy it. Haer., A lurgo «,shortniei\i of K>tt (locket at Comlo'tt Illinuls Ciiiuiy KlU'hen boxed candles rtf lit to I5.DO. Why i»o| «lv<» her an aluminum " "* "' ' " it6!>c.' Wyim- i>«siivpr D, G. Co,. I'huiioMi'aphs, onU .$5.'i<>, at IJaer'a,, • A tine (iui<nnobili' robe uxiUvti u nice ;iu < tM>nt Con Hrothets. Uo||fi- ,*Uuipj!i. lee Hkaies and .*t I'omlii'j* ||untwuiv. buy her a newlug cabinet thin ('hrlsit- inus at tho Hoy U, Wuoiin Wtore. _|'or new iin-i up-to-tlate y, clockn. dl.imoiulH and watches, store, * ' If it i:» to b" Cloves RIVC her Kay- .'er. she knows has receive<l Un i>-it. Wj ne-Uruver 1>. (». Co. < 'bet niiller'»< for Kdi'iH'ubeinn'f anils Hand bnyHuri' ,<«h(iwit h>*re in line UH- •<«trimeiit, h«il *u- K''.»I Ht-,il leather, \«th newmt fet.\b' iramcfi. All lutc-nt .futi>«'»».- Priees 1 raiise I'rotu $1,0(J to i'.*oy, Tim Jt K. ChenUM' Co. iitnt'ina. UN »|inVV be.tultrul -o IS.50 t>t |I5,0». Wyne-Ueaver ut U. wvi^.Yjavg p'ci?^ lH ' 8t t0 b " • t>aU j A _' u> l v Lli^ 4 "' «'""•• M< " u '- v »•»•»» and traveling bas», an un- tine MMHortntent. priced from II,:, 1 -. «<> |u.o<», The J. K. Cheater K», for with *tjk initial. <' t>> 5)'c. baml nful Mother coiibl Mireiy Jii-.<l a place fi«r a new v i is{ for ewry , model ute, W.\ nc- l>eayer • ' till the l.t»t m'th>itc untl einlh-jtx variety, pr), CM (-.inge ,« ii''\v ivilMin <u 'thinmed, [iVrsy Ac I|«iu\ei 1 i 'I't-rmlllfi s Illillaii | Co.- - jlit rt'ins'iU |1 SO, 'fh v j. K, Clifhtn '. ib<>riniller'j) i'ur Cooper un«lfr\\ear M\J, -" Uov him ;i «p«'t liuldt <>r We eun tell )ou all ulniiit Ji"<UK« uud j l!.»i ytAtlmtkery makes >j m^nt acoept- j M'^u'v- Hack T»r«« Slmi. picluce taking. «'nly »tock. In lywn j.iblt- gut Sfv our bed Mif'il lute llt-ii- j»«> M un 41 iVlTiut .1 'Ui'i.M I'tfug «''.». . I'iii'>, ,K»!'ti ) i'.'i j'k'l v^ C.. IH-I l\vn ,u .11 ;."i>- ,jnJ Imldt or niniiir uuter< tin h- is ADVERTISED LETTERS.' At th<- b'terllns. 111.,, P. O.,' 4 tM^k en<iiii« Dec. IB, 1016: Ladies— "^- & Muiy Heck. Mm. Annio Bird,?! ,MI»« May Huttc-r, 5il»t» Mnrgorot an, Mifsi Ann:i Jacknon, Alia. W. , Mr«. Nellie lavrn, FREE SHOWS_FOR KIDS Grand Theater Will Entertain School Children Saturday Morning. MiiiniK^r (iiporuo (irwiioiiKH uf-tlie (Irand Thi-aO'r has' hit .tijmn' « plan th ( ;»fwi!l ma'kri all of th»> srhoo! chlN ilrt-it of StctlliiK. Hoi'U Kails ami tho iiirroimdinft cf'tniuunity. haiipy a« m .start Inwards a |>h'amii)t i'hri«tmax for iin aiiniMiiH:c(l today that all school •hlblii'ii of the rommiinity aro invllcd ;o fi*iM' ahowH Hattirdiiy nio.tiiin^ at the Grand, Throe H|IO\VM will ho siven from » to T'J o'clock, each tdiow. lat-tiiiK om- . unir. l''ai!Kl.i«ma. a Mpeolaf r.hildii-n'» Ila!n ' s « Alva Johnson. *'. II. Klrchroek, Walter (I.-Klrrtr. Halph Lumly, Miller] HIOH. Jt«-nJ i-:»tatc, J. D. Heaves. *, J ,M, f'liivm, V. " •Xj l'o?»tiincra, Alr«. Owar Hunel. OpnU«™ im-n—IVter Harth, Harry Hrlmn«ld,| Ohiirlrji Cassldy, Albeit form-Is, qjJ.'S bcrt Kmmltt. Hov Kox, Frt. Agt. Union ]J»ie. Wrn..K. J. I'Yedriek, Wm. G son, A. ,\J. lliuton, A. Illnclltr, i.ii«*iur« will bo thi! No parents or a<lult« will be admfttw under any rlrcumKtancen, Thix i« \ 'teat for the children only, I'arenii •iced not worry about the safety of thel .^hlblri'i). ho\vev«>r, for th<« polloe mt< .lii'iin'ii will In- on bund to look afte '.hein carofnlly. Hanta <'lauH'Will Ul»« ie on hand and add to the fitrth<: •leutmre of tho children by nreKeiitin •ach child with a sack of candy vlll be furnished by the Hti-rllnB I'*ni;land i.s solng. tt» tear up wonw o, tH lailroiid trai-kw in order to aetul elsewhere _ in iirowceiiting the var Heru Is real lievotlon U> p. t'ausp •• Effort« nr«« behifj- niudj* to re-vivo the jiiil mod,-e. but t'ol. o tontH'iU to blood fran.sftiHlon if tie .•! in I'urntah the !<anuiiineoiiM'lluul. We solicit Your Xmas Order Make your selection from thy following: Marthflll's Beat Flour, jack.$2.65 Coffee thai »ati ? f!oi, tb.25 to S8e Sweet Potntocc, lt>. ,.^.....^6c Cranberries, 2 quarts ........25o Michigan Celery, bunch..5 to 15e pill Picklei, doaten .........,15e Sweet Pickles, quart ,30o American ^CtTc»*e, tb. ,$Qo Prick Cheese, fb. ..,.:•,..... ,32« Pimento Cheese, tb. ......,., 16c Canada Nippy Cheese, pk0...10c Candied Cherries, pkg, ...... 15c Bulk Ostca, tb, .18p Plum Pudding, can^. 30c Baltimore Oyster*, quart ,, ,,45c Florida 0"ango». do*. ,,30 to 40c Grapa Fruit, large ,,., ,? 4 for 25e Apples, peck ...'.. 40e to iTQc Nuts, 1916 crop, pound '.., ,,.?5c Xma* Candio», ft. . 18,to 25c Xma» Trce», mounted..40c to $1 'Holly Wreaths, extra fine 20c Xma« Candtef, 2 do*. box..,.10c Fancy Cookies, Ib .15 to 30o Ward Cjike*, fres.h ...... 12c Small Animal Cookies, Ib,,. Me Rockford and -Sterling Bread, loaf .•;.•,.:,. ..,..> % ,g, and 10c Ami many-oilier linns tVuj ,un- (IH'ltll.H (o llli'Jl! it'll. • ' ' . *. ' • • • ^ Please ordci early. W« cioic ail day on X«n<u. | Call-in" and-feel-at hgm'e at Eshleman'M Grdeery .-/'* Hints to the Xmas Shopper Toilet Bets Manicure Sets Military Sets Travellers' Sets Shaving Sets Perfumes t Candy Cigars Stationery .,* Our showing of . t! above mentioned lines very complete, We satisfied that your early inspection of our'.gift'of. Seringa will result in § speedy solution of your Xmas gift problems, We are showing a great many articles not seen In, other stores _ &nd you ftffr ag T sured when purchasing here, that you are getting .omethiug exclusive and one that will not be * Heated,, !HEN[)RI(KSl)Rl)()(0. Stci-Ih-ti' 111

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