Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 4
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imairotm. STCRLIf Lounging Robes for Christmas '^ In this department our range of choice is wider than usual. Colorings embrace all popular shades, as well as many new combinations — new models, at prices that appeal. ' + $5 $7.50 $10 Bradley '- on Ch. Co. .ft XJMLAS CIGARS ' 50c to $5.00 per box Our holiday eigars are the wuuc quality as we sell the year round. •MMIMVMMi««——«-»4—««—^--~-—-- 11 —-"--^-- r Pipes all prices Foot Balls Flash Ughts Fine Ime box candies KUlian's Cigar Store . . 107 Baat Third 8t. The Red Front Store FLO wwEKS The Ideal Christmas Gift Plants Christmas Baskets and Choice Cut No Jli|fht s r in l^i'ice Thau Former Yearn . The. Cljft the 10ntir<! Fymiiy Vim Kujoy STERLING FLORAL CO. ; 205 18TH AVE OAftY 0AZETTE And Daily Standard II, -Miird ycfir- -t liiur. HI,, n Kntf-r*'(1 ft pcntnrfi *r":-rin<t-r!;»*« nr<U(>-r. WEDNESDAY, DEO. .2jP t 1916, Hn!*-«— 1-y by m:Ut nt fnr I'irr-f nv>n!,h«, of i>i ff-nt^ A wf« I>;«y,-!l-!" 10 HIP r.irrifT rvery Srti!)r(i."t> mf.rniiisr. Hv rnrifl oittHido HtfrSitiK ft f?Ark 1-Vills, "|2.r>'> a y«":ir, *l."". for ANTI-TRUST LAW THAT DOESN'T '•A NT I." fir"! wr hftrl thf> Sherman l.iu-, j.n.<w«i nt a titne tvhfit vvdV iniyinsr tip or IraainB HIM t- jiti.t.whrn romhlnatkiiis of nti<,ns into trtmtn. The Inw virtuftlly WTTH n lottrr for about l!f(«M*n o? iiioif yfars, when Rovrrnnwnt units tm.ltr H w-f-rft instlKfttert vi»h morp or k-.«fi snrefjw—anrt nomo folks would rrni»hat<l*0 tb« "lr*A." Th'fn. tvhnn Wonilritw Wilson wnfl provi-rnor of N*w tio ln«titntf>d tlio famotiH St«ven antl-truint laws, culled thus bn- they wer« prven In niimlx»r. Wilson bwamw |>H>«itlent the Hf-ven SiHt«>r» wero (iikfn nft inmbMs find th« C'lnyton nnU-'tHict Irtw wn^ "om-olvcil. This w»p supposed to bo Hro ln»t law In finh-trnut laws, but ther*> FM-nm <n b<» t-imin npfcnty f«>r more words <»I1 IbO ^libjeet. \Vo nre told* by government olflelnls it Is doubtful if effiTtivft priKeeil- ln«8 enn t»e inslilutctil ttKsnnf«t the al- k<ge<l eonxplrnries tlmt Imvc flu* hltsh In the high iwt'of tin!, HUP p|K»rnlati»r sllbly Infornio tlm .|>ubllc Ib.'il h«» knew the Ol.-iyto l.-nv bnekwordH, »r wordu b> that eJlVv iiinl rei«llr.ed thitl ho eniilil nffonl t Ininrli at tlir< law, lite Koyeioinetit i\n> Mr. li!tt«» t:itl»natt« <'onNiimer, Jf (hit* IM (lie riitidliion i>f .'iffair tticre H iiiifhhm left t'» do hut t<» ink liie I'lujtiin and Khei'lnnn liiws to th denllH Hiul Imvc morn teeth put Inti thi-in. The dcntlnt may'shako hl» hem uiul HfHM't it In tin .Impossible Jv>b, In il'ii K««t lo bo doiH*. * We «nnt to ei» thiifin rtiiiHplrators nml food ppeeula torn nllvo, nnd in erder that on ja%VH—iniiMf have K<>od teeth AN AMUSEMENT CENSUS. A (fnsits i'.f tho hitrh Pfh'inl ftihlrnt"? In S*f>rinu!iF-!(I, 111., womo tln/c ac-i t'lii»- rjn«f^ (F:^ fnet thnt prnftfiflily nil of |hf>fil ,-ii t tended the phc>fo|i|ry.«; Sfl j>r. r cent of thp boys and M .,4'*T rent "f tisf* (flTl« nt tended the tRfatr^; 40 to 4S per cent nf tho boy* nncl prnctically nil tb* Without fli*> < hapfinnftK^ of fltlers; «m! in m«r*» Uian h.ilf the fttuitMnts' hnmoi* point is, the studt-nts arc not to blame. CREDIT TO WEATHER SHARPS. ttirt frtlf-ral wrath'T tmreati. " wroriff. photit.i of derision «« arise. TliP public nt surh eviitehtly doesn't Rlvo tho w«»ath- burt«u men credit for belnsc buman enough to make miBlnkes. Now give them wmin-c'reillt TheJI have been forrfastttig nt-curatply for a month or more. I)sty« In ndvalicft they have bpp InrJitnting th« vicissitudes of tho mer c-ury with Htnrlling exactness. THE th CHRISTMAS SPIRIT IN THE 1 TRENCHES. "Ulory In <?inl In ll.u» hlKli«'»t, 'l'«w< mi t'litlh unions m«;n of KI»IH| will" I ;M:«III to hirak upon UH tliH >rar «rni< « ffvoliittK twkgruititd of In Ktuopi', tint with murmurs of tliiTiURlxoit tlm wyrlil. And thtM'Kh then 1 IK nM " on rjirth." It Is mttffi of ,1 probability than It hn* IK.. . for two o|M tf> l>riil y«'iir». It I.H jnoiUwbU to take note of tho fact Hint ht»ll tho ttiwho* wuinot oxHiiKUtsIi the I'hrisjrwtK uplrlt. l-H'cn tho primitive lift m«v of passion t hut gnadx tiion t< Hlny" ihHr brother* lK__»yil«l to wnm pxffiil on tho ntrlyf-diiy; whllo colon I tit I imiMlr of tltr'nKco utealw do Info tli» linnrtH of b;uH<.<-rniul men, f.'lirintrniiM lit on Inventory of K«»H will; it Is tho one. rtny of thp y«tt wlwn mankind IB nt Us bi>»t. It IH Imrlijiwr of that ttlruwu! time wlirt ult t IIP world, ."jr. <li»y« nf tbi« >i'4i.v, wll vibrato with tht» Christmas oliord o infinite love. Thin hope In »M iiU«>sra jwtrt of tlw t'hrtmmwH »j>lrlt IUIKM\H rliiht*ttilnklne men mul women. IIM not fortfi't the* oHsenee of Christ maw and wlicnw U juilutH thp way. DON'T VVRITE IT "XMAS," '.\ movement ha« been utartrd to cliinitmH' a, cu«ioin that HUM sah^d ittrontrih In rpwrit year» which In- dlfattul'ii tf-ndem-y to do away with tho Clirtot in ChriritmaH, On iH>«tal cards In publlcntlons, and In leltern, it haw common, to write >t Every Musical Effect ' T F you dciire a player pitno •*• let 'us demonstrate the marvelous Kimball instrument to you, There is no muiical effect that cannot lie obtained with perfect ease and precision on the Kimball Player Piano It if th* very embodiment of new life w4 h»ppi»en, help* to en. .,JejHi& ypur ffienil* and U alw»yt ready to rcipond to the mutical lute of every member of your fnin- Jlr. The vital reason for the tremendous popularity of the Kimball PUyer piano it its win- dtrful rtcord for r«|i*bility M an upright piino--~»nd it* added •artinic capabilitfet M § pj«ye£r* which h»i r%htfuily earned the title 'Perfect as a. t <?3 a Playet -V<>ur liu poV vvt'tk wilt W. Kinibull Co, J, E- Moor*, M0r, THE SANE COURSE OF GREECE. It ni'tH'-'irs at this wrlthij; that Klni* i'»n«tnntlii«» nn<l most of thr> t»«»<iiilP nf »Jrr«'t'i> »ro jwfte pnoiigh ftot to on- trr thf r-rlmsfin marls! rt>tn. If King und hi*, people nro con- vlneotl Hint the roai| of tx>ftc(* i« n lx>l- onf» *o trnvpl thnVi tho ttory highway thoy shiitild t»« Iffl nlonr. nsvtlon felt th»> «nmo way, ........ ™ CAUGHT WHErFLY In nl In ArKi'ntiiia they nr« «» thpy w«ro In tho rnpltol wn« liulll- -graft !hr< roiintrurtlon of the tunv Btrucdirn In HIIOIIOS Alrrs ntnotinlH to |5,,000,000, and moro Mtill under cover, v |.*f.\vi<r rornplalntu from .the- hoy« on tho IxinhT and In Mexico tndlrntc that thpy rcnll^f that tho cllntitto IB of thp> winter resort hrfind. Another Idea of the n«*w KiiKllch pr< - rnlf-r IB that England will F.»r svilllng to make pmco with -Ocrinnny when K|U» oven with her. l-'vcry tln»» ihtMkulMcr wuniH lo kwp tlu» Colidliin cntitiriRiMitK nt h'>nu« hn a rumor of a'U-himt In the Hi. Th«« rullnwdn would Hki> t<i «r>*nd money for ^nnlpn1fei(t v by tho airload. Mil Ihry «ro suffe-HnK from a ear ahorttige. No one lutn yt»t told u» wlml oftwl the lion, J. HmiHIn'fi. pr« i H«nri» will hnvc on t'oiiftrcHHlonul UOftk room tlon. * ' ~* try live Jirltuln. up to tlld his foun- itrrut" in Urrat By all odd*. Indoor l»u»eb»H l« th«< world's greatest Indoor »port. not Th« yellow |it'H), to lii'llcvfl the burtU- evx, iw» »bift«'tl to, the tniBt ttf »». Anybow, it fthotild: li« n. lung (line until the next cuhlnPt-crJelit. 15vcn tho'value of tha 4hive of its ini'fonsing. ... MURDER OF POLICE OFFICER. ( Hm-kford HgglHtftM t«««»Ue.) . A f«w .more trug6<llui« Itko that in Ollleer llruno H. KmleriekK. of , watt aliiln will gti far t' making UlinolH "ilry." At it dawv Hall at oiM" o'-c^ork In tho 'morning ho luul rrcBtcHl u young mun' f<«r lioinK ilia- orderly. " Tho youni? mini hail bt-cn Irlnhlnti. H)H comtmniMHH «ct upon tho oflk'<*f. bhul him und kicked him nftor WIIB down, Tho brutality of tho act WIIH of I'ouriw directly due to tlrink on of all wiiicprnfd, Tho youriK men worp in Ahe mld«t of » night of \\'p |U.%-R been Jiearinjr recently from <> liiiuor «iHer*» that thi-y are In favor if roclot'ming 1 their, bu»|iu'H« from tint •Him* that attaches to the drinking ilacfc, but the st'lllnK g«x*H on and tho rinu* brod of tho I»UH|II<*HM Several >f .flip offend4»r« in. t bo above cam« were uliioi'H, ytmig- men 1'nnn faiullica in which they had bcpn bi-'od l(^-4>ettctr hingn. Tim rioternilned oimowltlon of tu> liquor interest** and their alUeit, tho lulled HofitHiea, liua hitherto prtn'cnt- i<l any attetn"i>tH to tturroiiud the dunco hall« with ' safeguard" from meeting vith Ht|txr«its, Tho intloons must oloHc t one uVlpete. The danen imlla «ro ol' wed to Hell iiuuor till three. This wa« 1m immwllttto occasion for the- out- >rcak of dteonlrr whluh led to HIP ar- est of Hie young man Htid the uluying if OHH-i'i' liruno li. Fr«Hiertck8. "* ADRIATIC WAS CHASED Ship With One Funnel Followed The Un*r Friday. 'New York, N. Y., Dec. 20.—An um- ntiHed Klup, having one funnel and wo ntHbtx, in goneml answering tlu« t-Horiptlon or tlio tlcnniui raider of hieh^ _i-nteiHt> veswlu liav«» -been nnii-i'i liy \viri>U'N« during I he hist ten aj'H, iiillowHl tho 'Wttilu Ktar linef Vdiiaiie lust friday .morning, uco-ird- to iHtssengeia oo arrivul fruiii Hv~ Tim te.i)Ka of N«wfo.uiitilHmit tlm ITS asst-rtod. 'Ilie Adriatic umk>r full ^ittiig^d ita course und it»; it stVumed in u 'In' i.i|-ui>j}y.f°fi>|- a bii<-f ipnt' i»« Ailrttttiti tind. tlu»u iiori* awuy iu-a. iittHi'iu illivtu-llon. " . '1 — Th»» Atlrlutie fardt»i,| t* nun •tniiiuiU'tl stt'Vu I'ur doft'ODv |iurj)u»i>!*, U \va» iirci 1 <la>s Juto arriving !HT«'. RAILROADS ARE CITED, MKijelii, 111, Ui-i-. in •• -K,nl !'t.;i!K I' itliuuls lyivo ln-i'11 t M('(l (>\ the Mlf- \s I Open every Evening" Open every Evening Wyne-Deaver __«___ .**mn*M '• / ' Dry Goods Cotnpany Are Finding Gill Buying Here A Pleasure & eur ut ;i ht.'iitiji; in tlft<-i nili,t lltc^ utiuttat lii-ii (u i ;il -> -li y a ft.iulucftii in ,i !.lti;.'ii t ! JH »'J .1 I'd (l^I '. JW*t U, The Big Store is in complete readiness £or the great Xmas rush that always comes jiie last few days before Xmas. We anticipate the 1 greatest holiday business in the history-of Wyne and Deaver*s and we have made preparations accordingly. Whether you plan to buy gifts that, are useful or ornamental you'll find the Big Store a depository of wondrous things. Xmas Trees 35c & 2Sc It's not a real Ohrisimas without a CliristmaH tree. Children dance with joy. and the older ones look on with delight. We've 100 trees specially priced at 35c and 25c, Hug protector in oil colors, HJZO 4x5 feet, at 85c. Xmas Sale On Best Toilet Articles The delightful toilet articles that all women want am here in jrreat almndaiice. (Mir NjHM'ia! h»w prices and highest quality are the means of !triii£iu# hundreds of the best women in the city here—they fully appreciate the values that the Wyne and Deaver Co. are presenting 1 .' Main floor. - La-Blacho Faco Powder, * the lOKiilur 50c box at... Java face powder, regulnr fi(U' nlxt' l>«s nt ......... t Hind's honey almond cream. box at ...... Molba powder nl valui'. fiOf IKIX at tJ»7C' Pebeco tooth paste, tho QQ/-» r»'Kuluf fiOi* Hljse. thl« suit* OJ/V' MasB«o° cream, •• well known romjK'iiuli. The 50e QO*» i RiEf ilt .....*.....» O V V» Freckle cream, Stillman's <|Q^, liiaml; f'Oc jar at ..... Vantine's face powder, rviculfir Itn.' va,hi»; nt ... Vantini's toilet water, «Uic 7«'r «|KC at Face powder, "l.ove Me," vfuulur TiV \.Uiti- ai ..... "Love Me" perfume, regular $1.25 Caggett and Ramsdell f\-1 btittlf. thin «altt ' QQ/» oolr ' l ' l ' l ' al "> 25c'Jnr ...... MJLC ul • */OC Vantine't talcum powder,* Pivcr's toilet water, regular - &< -^ ( J.y£ this «ali> ... l»oUlf. €JQ/» 8h " viri a stiok, best grade,* this K.iik' r. «/Ov Sf»' viiliicji, this sale ..... Colgate's ribbon cream, Piver'a face ipowdcr, $1.25 bus €JQ/» 8 «/Ov Sft Floramye, 64c 64c at ;. Vantine'a toilet water, $1.50 »H>UK". this j'ailc. Night cream, Pompeiian, the SOi- wizo jar ." Face powder, Roger and Gallet; tho -lOc |>;tckut;r Ofl^» zyc $1;29 36c at , Pro-pha-lac-tec, tooth 1 • •V valuc-s or rubber set 21c 21c 21c itb<» I'flr tuiit* at JL5/C Colgate'* talcum powder, •* ff^\ UKJ ,rt>Ktilitr 2. r 4(- VHII at.., Xt)C •M0nn*n'* talcum powder,-* f rPKulnr 25i: «-un at-..,,.. XOC Colgat*'* cold cream, . -j fk the 8Be jar nt X«/C Pond'« vanishing cream, •* f\ tin.' 26c jar at JLt/C Woodbury'e facial .«oap, rvjuilur 2Si- *-al«» at .... Cutieura loapi the regular 2Di- cake at ...,..,.,. 20c Choose reg. jl.JQ Dojls at$l Vhose looking for dressed dolls will ilo \vel.l to eome* to onr Hconomy Hascniienl, This'«lore luis Kpecinl- ixed onV'gnlur $1.51) (J>-| A A dolls for tPA»vU A Drum for the Young Lad .NVe've a good diKplay of drunm that ivill .stand up under tho heavy .Mruiu then wide it wake lad will tfivu Ihcni. Two at $1.00 and Rugs for Gifts Axmmster rugs, size 27x54 indies, in now <lo- signs,. Splendid value* at each .....$2,75 Wilton, size 27x54 inches, a 1 I Avt«ul t'losely \VDVeil pile, fjtst col- . ors iu pretty designs* Hale priee ..' .$5.00. Bisseli's vacuum sweep^ er, bent in the land-easy to operate •—givo best of «ervieo. * $8,00, $7.50 and $5,00 Kimonos at Xmas Prices ••••^ «Mi^^iWMMBWHaU> | 4MMMMH|HMMMIIMf A Miff most every woman would appreejiite. A heantii'ul kimona or n o .sho'ihl l»o in her wardroho. Crepe kimonas in pretty new patterns. Priced at ; ...... $1.00 to $2.50 Silk kimonas, very chic a n d s in art- looking. •Prifcs ..... $5.50 to $15 Umbrellas Practical Gifts They frames, have strong are well made iSnished with good looking handles; plain' or faney..$2.00 to $5,00 , Umbrellas, fust black oi' good quality. Priced at ; ,,..,. $t25 Umbrellas, exceptional specially prieed Good Towels Make Satisfactory Gifts or 65c h*«ral bordor.s, plain white, 7r>e valiH'.s at.. Brocaded or plain white Turkish . towels, e x t r u large sixer <i;V values at .. Turkish towcli, plain whito, stttiHnl or lloiHl Inn.l.i>. A*- • 'I'C —\ iilUi'J* lii l i.: •::••_ •• ^fjt\> Turkish toweU, striped with bar- 26c 3.'«- to' i.*rgo Htl Ipfh «<.!,! at ;!'» n-l* ;«t .. size, towel*, \V'>inl('jiui \.< XlU.'tH (ITS' »' ' 30c plaids Or Plain white Turkish towels with or "without colored borders. ,'JUe values Large size towels, colored "herders or plain white. niVcring.tlu' L'-V OO^ -values at A<£<l, Guest 0 size towoU, Turkish, in ,,.|..i.^Vtrl,.,- ! . u, nn -_l"it'ji-r^ ll ; v ialiiw .,,,, MiMV Turkish 'towels, full bleached— I.Jin > uwv .pink just ;iul Turkish towels.and v\aih cloihs Guest towels, soft and obsarbenl; Uivek, tea border. Hie values prieed ULC this sale 14c Bleached Turkish the Kie values, 1 O 1 your ehoiee at. ,- < *~& 'J Turkish towels, .colored, bordert, "cMi;fi I'luji;;, nut 1 fnt H^ln'S, or <-»IltMliK ».-l-. • KA« (i»«--\-.iliii'B itf trt/l^ cloths, brocaded, pretty 8c An i|i>r»'i! at 2fic 30c colorad border, i>.\(' Viuuc ;it. Husk towels, good quality |il mi w hll«' h-i •• I !u" atlfl" \ al(U'\ ,11 i 1 il liiixlt i a(" i>i!' •• . 50c Blankets and Coml'orts of Better Quality I II iVv : '.it)- lf illij •- $5-00 lo $10.75 ft

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