Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 3
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STERLING. ILLmot&WEDNESPAV. DEC. 20, 1916. PAfcfe " w '" A Constant Pleasure i Children prove the Enroll them as members of our big enthusiastic Christmas Savings Club ,. ... „._,„ „»™..,«... ~-.~-~- ~_ » •. , -, , , - , -"•^ffi& •;" - - -- ••" and let them acquire the habit of saving. They will enjoy the idda of saving money for -Christmas. The weekly deposits will keep the Christ mas spirit alive thejrear rquttd; and when they get checks from "Santa Clans" they will be delighted. r It's Just as Much Fun lor theGrown-Ups Enroll and set the children an example in THRIFT* Let everyone in the family join and Ml will have money , to make next Christmas in the fullest sense lor themselves, the | P families and their friends, A H4fi*I*l*m; /-m iwit^l 1 y EVERYBODY ENROLL NOW First National Bank and First Trust and Savings Bank MILLIONS USE IT TO STOP A COLD "Pape's Cold Compound" ends severe colds or grippe in few hours; - • Belief come* Instantly. » -»A done taken every two houra until - thrwt doMctt aro taken will end grippe ' rnlnory nnd break up _tt severe cold either In the head, chest, body or ! limb*. ', It promptly opens '.trilw a.t>d air JWMMUKPS in »»top» naxty aiHChargo or none [ .IJlnjr, relbivea aide headache, * f«veriahne«i), More throat, •'• •orenMB and stlffneiw. y . Don't Htay «tuffed-un! Quit, blowing lund a •""'" " ' " h««d! KUCh prompt pfcltef n» "Pape'» Cold Compound," which eonta only 25 cento int any drug more. Jt act* without cloggcd-up no»«- tho head, run- Their name* have been communicated to the American consul. (The trnnwport Russian referred to probably IH the atoamer which Hailed I from' Newport Neww Nov. 1C for Alexandria', •Kjvy.of,, which would be about due to return.) Lloyds report the sinking: of the Brttuth Htoatnwhlp We.Htmlnlnier. 4,3i'4 to.n«, w . and the PortUKuexe nteamcr Caaca. FRiNCH WARSHIP SUNK? Amsterdam, via London, Dec. 20.—A French battleHhlp of the Pntrle cla«H wa* torpedoed and badly dama«ed by a Merman .luihmnrlnw Ju. tho .^fediter- ranean on Dec. 12; uccordhiB to an «f- flclal statement' i*sued Iri Berlin, The. «taternent also reports the tor- twdoln»?'p k n Dec, 11 4»f the "armed French traimport Maghelan." a 0,000 ve»sp|, having on boatd 1,000 troop*. Official German Report. The official statement say*: Ono of our '*ubmnrlnwi. on Dec. 12 P^*nd imiifflln«! JSttnw your throbbing ] torpedoed and badly darn«KOd a French k,h*«,t« Nothing else in the world gives | lnp Hhil) flf „„, p atr ; p cltt(W flf t »nve, knota Koutheant of Malta. i 5 itutslwtarure, taDtea nice, cau*ea ho jrcpnvenjcnce. Be unro you get in- tbe OUCH! RUB BACKACHE STIFFNESS, LUMBAGO Rub Pain From Back With Small Trial Bottle Of Old -' "SI."Jacob's Oil." •Back hurt you? Can't straighten up without feeling midden pains, nharp ache* and twinge*? Now luitwn! That'* lumbago, HMatlca '. or maybe from a ntraln. and you'll Ret relief the. moment you rub your back with aooth- to Klgn the protocol, the Atnerl- 1 PACT! F'Q IA/IWP TPI I AR (<>,,k up tin. objection* pointed out UHO ' hh.^ ™I* C ^ «-_., «*. EMPTIED OF BOTTLES <lly l/nlti-d PI-CM*.) ing; piMM'tratiJitf "St. Jacobs Nothing clue take* out ', n«fnit and ,8tllTne»« «o quickly. Oil." You I'aul. The «ilHcu!i*lun* of the »ant»« topic* were taken up today. A rock ribbed attitude htu» been adopted by the Mexican commlfwlon-! Mu\t<>n, Kijg., DW, 20.—IVn'ant* on er* and there IN little probability that j the big estate, at t>stle Howard, near the Phllndelphla meeting will come to I here, haw removed nil doubt today IIH ! an end before Friday. j to the temperance view* of TUmatlnd. ' ••"• ••• —— | t'ortntesM of »..'sirlyle. the cattle'* mlN- SMUGGLERS SUSPECTED J"r N - •• __ ......'. .•-..... , _ j To prove her vi< m< UH't'.'KHUitiu'. tlu' Band Of Mexican* Supplie. Druo To ' < ' ttu " t< ' MK h; ' M Jll>lt w " lt '" )>0 »- 000 '""The Soldier* "''"• th " ™"»°»»<?. " f !h(l eawtle'n wine ' (liy I'nited 1'rvss ) j cellar, consigned back to ^Mother Karlh. Bl Pa«o, Tex,. Dec. 20—Following I Th *' W '" f> W "* >'" uml lnl ° a hu!l " '" Ol*,,very that Mexican lahorem tmv* !'"' ««> u «'^ II would have «ome day Introduced marihuana into militia fe? ^.^f^* l; 11 ^" 1 ?^" 1 ,^ 1 along the.border, ciiHtoniM' JAPAWSATISFIED Will Attempt To Bring About a Settlement Of ..Immigration After War. -iirni' to ri perfect und^rMlandinsr of ••urn other «o, tin- Issue* pending may bf *<il\i>tl KUtlsefnctorlly to till concern' By Balph II. Turner. lYewH Slultr Corre«pondent.) Tok.lo. Japan. Deo." l'o,-~ Japatiexe approval is given here today to th»- «iate- ntt'dt made in AmV-rlca liy Huron ,H;ik- iiiajii that after the w.a,r...lnpan wuuld attv-n»p'l, to brln« about a . cials itn- on the ulf-rt to check Get a small trial) -battle of old, }ione*t "St, i Jacobs OH" from any drug storo. Another Hubmarlne torpedoed on Dec. I«7, "...j" ,. . * ,,V7 ^ na 11. mutheaM of the Inland of Pantet. f," 0 . rv "" ngl( '< U8 , 1 -once, you* I'forget leria (an Italian Wand 'n the Medl- \" mt V "" " v " ll "' 1 lm " k -"" '— AMERICANS LOST ^Seventeen Muleteers And Eleven Of Crew of Britishship r Boat Perished. THEY WERE U-BOAT VICTIMS f Berlin Reports French Warship" Of The Patrie Class Was Also Sent Down. Jjfc. H<mmi4wn AnierU inuletecrH were killed and eleven ,.. tho cn.'W of iho Hritiwli horse trans- v liort Kliip ItuK:)iai), which wax «unk by ' bintirliK- in the Mediterranean on , 14. The llritish ndmli-Hlty niakea announcement u» foliowm The empty wont bound UritUh. horse I tr«nt*pprl «h![> lUu^iun wa» .sunk by a ^Tiiutiinafino in rtn»-Mt*dUi«rr«nean on the |CIeven of tho «a-«w were hijled. Vijlfiiludljig the cWef «iffict*r, the tlrsl of- fqmnnd* officer. Hf'V- AmcricUn nuileU'orn w«re killed. terranean, ftlxty nillpM «outhwe«l from Hlcily). the itrmed French tranxport MiiKlielnn of C.008 toiiM, . with 1.000 white and colored iroopa on board. (There ,are only two battleshlpa of tho Pa trio cla«K, tho I'atrle and the Kepublkiue. They displace H.630 tonn, aro 439 feet long, 7'J feet 'beam, and 27 feet draught. Their armament ia four 12-inch Runs in turrets and ten 7.6 inch Kims in the main hattem^g, with el«h- teen 6.4-Inch nunw in tlifN^ei'ondttry Imtterien. They have a conipiement of 74^ men each.) that you ever had backache, or welallca, beoauHo your back will •jnevor hurt or cause any more mtaory, ' It never disappolnta and has been rcc- for 60- years. BOARD IS APPOINTED Secretary Daniel* Names Men To 'Select Site For the Armor Plant, (fly United Prow.) WaHhlnjjton, 13. C,, Dea. 20,—Admir- ul Fletcher, Commander Frank H. Clnrk nnd lleuben JIJfickenhwUH, civil engineer, of th« Boston navy yard, were appointed by felecretary Danleln, today us the board to m-lect the «lle ftir thp proposted government armor plant. THE GERMAN LOSSES (By t.'nitod .I'res<») London,, Kntr,, Dec,. 20,—Speaking In tho lioiiHt* of commona thla afternoon Hpnar Law estimated tho German loss- ea on the Homme fron.I at 690,000 merj. In' i*f the dangeron* drug 1 . Only u few caw* of It* use have been .Imply rub^it on your- back and out j £,?_ S"* ** '*»*"">'*•• "*<>*«>• comes the pain. It in tmnnlera and am '" )ft "» wlw » udd t-u- to other tlruic* doesn't burn the «kiL "»"«•«»»"« Secret service men have members doi»n t burn the^Wn. , lf tt bnnd ,, e ,, 6v<Hl to , M , engll||ed ,„ up. woniBuner. uet «* wnuKgllnif and tfoffldln marihiiana'and t plum" under mirve'lIUiiic? «nd arrests are e.xiH»cte<l. Tlio Oruj; l« peculiar to Mexico and in taken In the form of n'.clKannt'e, U !H composed," of tho triished leaves of a weed. I!><jlucina'o lions of great physical wtrensth' and 'valor aro Induced, At the• Kime-timo tluteuser imagines! he I.H a giant while «>lher persons and objects are dwarfed. (Who l« an officer aboard the 'Haiti.- t , ,. . ,„ . .. , , , rrnl-er'New Keiiliind if 4lu. Country, i '. f ,'f. ««"mlBr««l'»> problem with the hl»v mother, lii.iln't 'Joined the British } 1 ' V, a j nlw »- U^men'H Temperance Anwrlatlun. 1 , X J,' ' . 1° *?**"*** never have vole- KI tho detilre to break the Ccntleman'x _ Agreemen, they fed that It IM a mont With «'ni|>!«>.v«*i< Kharlng In the illv- j niimitiMfactory arrangement \Vllh the Idemls the clBinor against huge .-«.r- j rlw . •„, j a ,, H ;,- H ,, uwer njld i,,, r world poratlunH twgln* to KUbtddo. eommorve th» mmiim»n» ih»< «h»! It. time J» rnonity ttiat .of some m«>n i '*,',,' * *' ! f. e "•'""nient that the «Mf hi. i^irf ,,i,'i,;.!« i American ruling IH discriminatory be- ANOTHERJWZE COW South Dakota Animal Productt 47.77 Pounds Of Butter. Hello Kourfho, H. D.. Deo. 20,—A n*vf .liui.tcr proiUictlnn tiaa bm-n by a c.>u- hcIoDRltif? to M. J. Hnilley IIIMO. ItjiH claimed, ho ofB- rlal t«««t, nifttii' by I'rof. Irfirson of the «tntf> c>olli'K<'. ahowa a production of •JT.7 j.*)\inils of butter in-F«*vrii days. now within the reach of ait EAT AND GROW THIM, .'• STARVE AND BECOME FAT.JSJHE, LATEST New York. Dec, so,—Ye*, madame It can lie done! Rat juni grow thin. { Ktarve. n,ml grow fat! ",Mrn. C." too fat and "Miss ll," i.oo ehj,i, proved It with Ui«. n-iij of an evening newspaper and a claHM A A 1 diet," ~ Diet! That's what did It, If won $50 apiece and a «velto li^urw for them. With a running Mart of"218 pounds, "Mrs. C," whlssKed down to 179, reduced her bust from 46 to 41, waist from 38 to S3, blp» from 40 to W, thigh ERIE NEWS must be lead frtim 37 I" 22 upper arm from U to 12yt; and neck from 15 to , ".M|NH H." went up from, 108 to 126, from a 3* to a 36 but»t, u 25% to a 27 wui»t, 3S to 39 hips, 17 to 20H thlffh, H 10 to 11 »i upper arm, and u 12 to 13*4 neck, The fat one nte things Bht> had never e»ten before and the ihln'ono <juit outltiK things nhe alway.s had Indulged. A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE Mr«. John Hawk,Wm Remembered By HerXShitdreh. : Wr«, John Hawk wan given a ptanx- ant »urprl»«? Friday by her children and their families in honor of her birthda> She with her husband was-invited t thf> home of her daughter, Mrs. Char lea Feaster for dinner, and upon ar rlvltiK found tho fainilie« aKxeinbliHl i followM.- Mr. and Mr». Arthur Hawk Mr. and Mra. Will Hawk and baby, Mr nnd Mrs, Kmory Thompson and chil dron. A lino dinner waH served bj For th«6 Treatment of Liquor and Drug U»mg SuecttJul fof yt«rs ia difficult ew«« of bolhtexe*. P«tienl'» irnp»9*Wi*nI l>cgtai imm«xiM>le!y™no coiifioiroent; no u*e of nauwalingor d«njrrou» drujtf. Tititment ir.cter'd only by ikil W. kindly phy- Ple«*»n» «urfoUBidi»g». Hone or tobncco u*ing wd ttervouineft. BooUet mil w plun «a«4o«*, WriU Jod*r. ' Tht OrltloeJ, ScMtfc Tnoltftni TOE KEEtEY INSTITUTE - Dwl|kl, m. comes stronger. The belief that a' revival of the question in (ntn'Uable in espvewHCd by the Toklo A«uhi, restarted. by some perttotiH »s tho leading newspaper of the capital. "Baron Knkatanl only vtnlced tl>* »ent- Iment of tin- Japanese nation," i»,ay;!_thjp_ .V.sahi In'Hpeakinn of the Baroh'H de- cliiratlon In the irnlted Stated. "Why rttioulil thi' Japanese -Krnbasxy have found It iu*cesHary to deny his state-" nitMit? That tho JujianeMe-Ainerlcan problem muni, be K0lv«il wax a most representative opinion 'for Huron Kaka- tanl to «ivt«. "Tin? (Jentlemeiv's Atrrtt'emfnl was not a fundamental solution. H wa« only a tr-mporizlntc method. Maron Haka'-' tanl vxpreoKed the wisthes of the Japanese nation that' tin- two countrleM i TENDER THROATS readily yield to the healing influence of It soothes the inflamed membranes and makes richer blood to repair the affected tissue*— to help prevent tonsiUtis or laryngitis. SCOTT'S is worth insisting upon. " .J. U-tt COMMISSONsMAY ADJOURN American and Mexican C<Jnfere» May Rece«i Over the Holiday*. (liy United Press.) ' Philadelphia, l'«.. DW. 20, — If th» between the American and Mexican commissioners do. not como to . today, the outlook i» for'.e^tend wl in«'etUiK« and a.u adjournment over the holiday* with the jM»«»lbility- of yhttHKln« tht) headijuarlcra to The joint k'nininls.-ioii convened to- Uay for. ItH wecoml duy. Folowlng ^th* uftlciul ttnnouiH'enu'iit of farranaa'a rt»r / •__ " • r^" ^. EyeGIasses Spedacles ^F - i w ^Including, examination, Rimmed or Rimless., The Eye Glasses hav.e the latest GENUINE SHUIirON, Mounting Guar- flhtefiB,. . .This is your secure a j>air-of .high grade Glasses at a very low cost' Open, every Saturday evening. . J - • - ' r .GOULDING, Optician Over Obcrmillera'Store Bell Phone 101-W First Ave. and East Third St., Sterling, 111. /" - .' ' , OPgN'-SATURtlAY EVENINGS * JtUJPTORE Cur«d at Homo . . Dr. M. H. Brown The Old Reliable SpectaHtt i'an be romiulted free at Itiindolph ho- lel. HterluiK. I'Vlday, tJi>c. g^iui, !> u. (i). to 5 p. m. NO Knife no pniatTiM, no Injection, ur (ii't«'iusiin fr«tu cured tor fl'uoo if ruptumi on uiu- wr liuUi »tde», j-tv Or. Hrovvn. No mul* £t-r liow 'y>u have In-cn .ruptured. gut, Ute Jfice udi U;t. Uix MI your ruiiiicc ii n is *mull lldt IKJW JUliH'; > UU, fH-CU"»l (n «iitn»<ci' of sir uiiti.i.ttiiin. Mr«. Fetttiter and the day sp'Mrt in a general good time, CHRISTMAS IBXEBCISBS. Christmas exorciaeM will b« held it the various churches with appropwati programs. At the Baptist church the exercises will be held Haturday nven- ing. There will be a tree and program given by the pupils of the. Sunday school,"' _Tl»a ChrisUian-and .... ._ hold their exercises Hunday ' '1 he program at the Christian churul will eoiiKlst of an exercise «y the pu- »Jls entitled, "Midlt of The Vfiuo Men,' Tiiere will be « tree with a treat for each pupil. There will be a rnlticol- laneotiK program at the M. K." Sunday dchool and at th*» conclusion u treat and presents will be trivt'ii <»«ch pupil from a tree. "' NOT A, FINANCIAL SUCCESS. The moving picture show given Friday night for the benefit of the. Worn- ttn's club, w«a not u linancial HI «« tho ejarejne cold kept many at ... „„ . and various -attraction* In town drew « larger number. -Tito receipts were lens than the expeinHUjie*, but through the courteay of the Auditorium »mnu- genv?nt the deficiency wan made up by them, thus saving the, club from u io»w. Tlni Auditorium orch»»tra also fur.r dished music fret* of charge. These, courtesies, aro much appreciated by th.e Huh. eXCHANGBO~PUi.PITS. IwVf 3. W, CJcorge, of lirie, and Uev., Ho«ss, of Albany., cxalmnged puip.iw Htimiay murniug iu compliance with The Ideal Xmas Gift NOTHING W«X BE MORE ACCElPTABLE AND ~~~ PRACTICAL THAN A Power or Hcclric Washing Machine 20 t»ut. Thw»» «>xctittiiKi:« ihroughtnit the vuiiotiH disiricts were, made for tlie purpose of bringiutr the c»u«e of the retired inthivt«r« endowment fund be-, fore the people. At iiu> C|OKI» 4 >f the: wrmon pledges w*iv tiikeu from tho«w iMttiitictu coiud>utt> tu the worthy C.UISM', " * f :.r BRIEFS. M'II jut'i «I«I<M <K the ill uacK in Use i?...„,.,„. ! A| »' S Nam-y • Bool t .. ««a Mrs. are, Tlllie ted to tu;tu «• thi- *.MU«T yi'ii (hi* <jui< H*-r u cure iv». J* *'lu tett, "* WUNOEBTRIISS *<cott. came fnwn iMtnit«Motu But* i.n ivinuin with lu-i. si. lii'iirgii Ough, nf ciiiuun. li'Vvu, Alouduy with her hitler, MeighaH.-rvtiH wuiK hutug. in tils Mr.-.. M.uv \V»'i«Uni, f)««m l<lu t! STERLING ELECTRIC SEE OUR SPECIAL HOLIDAY DISPLAY IN ROOM NEXT — _--SQIHH HEl^RAND -THEATER* e j I 7,Lj ill ill hi I'M I l(l Ttt- )tt V- fuiii \«ui.- in IDli: >i\ !•; i.iMil by tlu'uxtisi!,* in in-. :n tin-- • ii No i»xp«rim?rtting; no yMVS» or write for New Rupture West Thirty fourl't tlieet.-- City, - . . iu Call e 45 folk "' . ' ""' I'hi, rnoi a' Mot tin USH! left .Snmlay * tt» jttu-nd a c A Illlllt** 1'V ,l!l.\ t. iHUIliC K)' i.x'1. t'thi !" Jl.'illli' VV U'.tlll t«' We \yill gip away absolute^ free a Superior Washing Machine , December 23, at 8 P. M. ut the store for particulars MACHINE COMPANY, Sterling, Mis.

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