The Wichita Daily Eagle from Wichita, Kansas on December 25, 1922 · Page 15
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The Wichita Daily Eagle from Wichita, Kansas · Page 15

Wichita, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 25, 1922
Page 15
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WICHITA EAGLE, MONDAY MORNING, DECEMBER 25,1922 in L , it 4 n What the Woman's Party Wants By Alva E. Belmont President of the National Woman s Party f The third piirty wliich is soon going to enter the American 'political arena is the National Woman's party. Wise politicians of the other parties will do well to. note that fact, and with It the fact that this party is well organ: lzed, ha3 carefully defined aims, and, abov all. it has votes. After the few yeaTs that we have had of suffrage ami the accompanying active experience with the Democratic and Republican parties, it Is useless to urge the National Woman's party to amalgamate with either of the present big parties. We have a definite i;oal to reach, and we cannot reach ' that goal over either the Democratic or the Republican road. For our goal Itself is a third party, a woman's third party a permanent political party. Women are one-half of the population of this country, and we believe that that half should have its own political organization to stand for its own aspiration and ideals and political beliefs. If! to meet this situation, the two principal parties, as lias been suggested to me, should combine brito one and enter the field against the Woman's party, none would be better pleased than we. For we Intend to keep our political standards higher than they are accustomed to be kept, and if a party of opposition wants to compete with us, it too will have to raise its standards. Such a condition would obviously react to the benefit, not of women, not of men, but of all Americans. It would mean the presence In politics of both the man's and the woman's point f view, whereas hitherto we . have had but the One point of view. ' Surely the whole Is better than either half. - With the publication of this article begins a. new phase of our campaign. Up to this time the great work that "has been accomplished toward the liberating of women has been the work of a few leaders. This has brought women all over the world to a state wheref they are eager for the work to be completed. But they are puzzled and doubtful as to how to accomplish It. How can. each Individual help? How can I. a woman IVIAIL HOSPITAL HAS NO VISITORS "Wounded" Packages Are Fixed but Seldom Find v Their Owners WASHINGTON", Dec .A hospital in which the next-of-kin seldom, if ever, are visitors; a hospital where casualties multiply at Christmas time when all the rest of the world Is pre--sumed to be glad such is the hospital for "wounded mail" maintained at every post office of any import ance. Patients' at these hospitals are the innocent victime of those who are supposed to love them most even though they are sending them to others. They "are the ties between friends and be tween relatives, yet because of a little carelessness on the part of the senders, , they fall to complete the links, and broken themselves,, often, become the causes of broken hearts for those who fail to receivo them. Some of the packages are repaired and reach their addresses after Christmas. Others must be returned to the senders for re-packing and re-address ing. Still others, and far too many, must be sent to the morgue in this case the Dead Letter Office destined never to perform the service for which they were Intended. The department's phrases of warning evidently have become to many mere meaningless phraseeJt was said for no other interpretation can be advanced after a visit to a post office hospital where stack upon stack of love tokens remain as mute evidence of lack of care. 'All this. also, it was adfled. means more and , unnecessary work for the postal employe. 1 a . HAD 43.000 GROWTH CHICAGO. Dec. Elkdom num bers 1.455 lodges with a total membership of 812. C57 according to the report of the secretary of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks made public here, and shows the assets of subordinate lodges to be In excess of $58,000,000. Last year th? local lodges spent more than $2,000,-000 for charity. A net gain of 44.906 members for the year has been recorded, and thirty four new lodges instituted. Nebraska was the only state to register a decrease in mern bership. In 1S7S the order showed a membership of 820 and In 1921 a membership of "67.C81. -FORBID BOXING BERLIN. Boxing has been forbidden In the public school buildings of Berlin In announcing the prohibition, the municipal board of education gave no reason for the decision 'simply notifying the rectors that the gymnasiums could no longer be used lor this form of sport. Orcanisations which have been conducting the contests have. In some cases, been forbidden further access to the buildings. In other instances the societies are Inaugurating substitute exercises. The Berlin Boxtn? Union has taken eteps to have the action reversed. WOMEN'S CLUBS ACTIVE SHANGHAI Enlarged activities for the coniinr year are planned by the American Woman". Club of Shanghai. With A membership of about 500. the work cf the club Is be-1ms carried forward by a number of units or departments. Dr. Anne Walter Fearn 1 presl dent of the club, which is affiliated with the American ' Federation of Women's Clubs. TALKAI.OO speaking-, the order cf Strictly rseeolt should correspend with the sequence of tctlon, ycte we speak of puttingr on our shoes and stockings. Instead 6f stocking and shoes. liats are made which bear the in- , , . asks . herself, do my share toward achievement? Letters from women In America, in Europe, even In India, come in to our headquarters continually asking these questions. The women are eager to work, but they do not see how to start in their own localities, s A set of principles f all very wejl, but if it is to be useful itmust be so built that everyone for whom it is meant tan use it. There follows on j this page the Declaration of Principles of the Woman's party. It Is the first political platform ever written' from the party to the Individual. It is the first time that any., party has ever shown its' members what they can get out of the party. Instead of telling what th.e party will do, ,it tells what -every individual woman can do to help on the work of her party. , . ir,,w u - .i,,wir,n.n..5OR!?I? SHIPMENT "", " - ", v""i drawn. up by women for women. Ini ... , t n nc nunc ui lire bujjiusu ica ui nin-u t he-wisps so bounteously supplied the woman voter by the established political parties. It is the reliable, official declaration which the Woman's party has brought out, and women may follow it without hesitation. The Woman's party is going ahead with the prosecution and fulfillment of this declaration by means of a systematic and thorough campaign. In nation, state, and community we are making sure that our work Is being done. Women are seeing to it that women are nominated to all elective offices on an equal basis with men. that women are appointed to all appointive positions equally with men. that in school, college, and university every position that Is open to men Is. being opened equally to women. This Is true also In the professions, in the church. In government 'service, in the business and economic world, and In the field of world morality. These things, then, are the principles that you must adopt if you are anxious to help complete the work which must be completed. This declaration Is for you. It marks the beginning of the lapt phase of the great battle. From Colliers. Junction "Wipe Your Feet." When will some manufacturer have the courage to Issue mats with "Wipe Your Boots?" Why Is it that we never smile at the-"Wipe Tour Feet" request? We say that we're going to "catch a train." Think it out and the expression, Involving the Idea of pursuit ia obviously silly. Again, we 6ay that we have "caught a cold," when for a fact we ought to reverse the waH, and say that a cold has caught us. " Possibly the queerest freak speech of all is the national greeting of "How do you do?".. As an inquiry to a profiteer regarding his business methods, the query .would have point, but as a healthy-query it is non-sense. "English as she Is spoken" is queer .Stuff! BUILDING GIANT SKI FOR MEET Minneapolis To Stage Unique Winter Event in February MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. . W or k has begun on the one-hundred foot steel ski elide at Glenwood Park herp, on which 6kiera of the country will participate In the national ski tournament, to be held in Minneapolis February 10 and 11. Cooperating with the board of park commissioners, the Municipal. Ski Club of Minneapolis and the Odin Club, another local organization, have subscribed toward the erectiork of th slide. The tournament will be conducted under the auspices of the three bodies. . The outstanding event on the opening day will be the boy's national championship meet, in which all boys under sixteen years of age are eligible to participate. In addition, a dual meet between the University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin will be held that day. On th following day, Class A and n skiers from all parts of the United States and Canada will compete. 'The Minneapolis tournament will be the biggest in the history of tin: ski sport and will take on an international aspect with entries coming from Canada," states L. J. Sverdrup. secretary of the National Ski Association. Among the list who already have made arrangements to attend re delegations from Dartmouth College. Ironwood, Mich.: Grand Beach Club. Michigan; Denver. Colo.; Revels Stoke, B. C. Canada; Winnipeg. Motv ; treal, Toronto and Quebec, according to Secretary Sverdrup. "There is a revival in skiing and : more tlubs ar organizing now than ever before In the history of the nineteen years cf the existence of the National Ski Association," Mr. Sverdrup 6aid. o Ol'TSTRIPPING COMPETITION Governor Sproul was talking at a dinner In Harrisburg,' nbo -i certain rival trade c'.aims. "It reminds me of a e:ory." he said. "Calhoun Clay said to George Washington White: "'Uncle Eph tole rnelstiudy he wus hunnerd an four years oid.' 'A fiunr.erd an' four? "Why,' aid Wash White, 'he told me last March he wuz ninety-six.' " 'Yas,said Cal Clay. bat he done' i I V ;r ... land wot s a hunnerd ar.d free. ' TKEFERKED DEMIJOHN Bob Wagner, the movie expert, said , in a tnicrview it. .sw tor. T . - , .v. . . . I ; lor.g as he or she. tsn t overcenscr- Jioua so long as he or she doesn't suspect ovil where evil doesn't esln. "THvo business men from the provinces dined one evening In a piak- lit Italian restaurant. After he had ADVERTISING W FLORISTS W. H. CULP It CO. FXOWERS FOR ALT. OCCASIONS lorlits. Finst and Main Street CHOICE FLOWERS for all 'occasions, flow-1 wi nnri rtouee. write or Phone M 1-J64.- Riverside Greenhouse 9ZH Carter avenue LODGE NOTICES ALBERT PIKE LODGE "meets Monday. Wednesday and Satur-d:iy evenings nt 7 oelocic in Scottish Rite Temple. SUNFLOWER LODGE. NO. 80 Kcguiar nuetings Tofxliv, Dw 25. at T SO pl. m. Election of officers and installation Northeast corner First ana Main. PHITA LODGE NO PP. NO WORtc REY CHRISTMAS TO ALL. SPECIAL NOTICES CHRISTMAS DINNER r J." mmh.,!!', h -l rood things O M i rviinVA j noon io mirimte. 5o. - Law- S'- ""oir wanted to comrti-tei w3ivimi. V c,u,!,l?: Lnitet; -asi aeooua. WI! Tvr'rcci,"rrT-v; .-r-.- : - ..- o.jr-i-L Mpiai tvnrui . i ..... to ElltW Shf-1 Mrtnl Wnrt. 1 AO c Wtobit.i. Phone M. 3031. v....Kuiui uuu me iew i ear. ii arris Irwin Ingham Mkt. 400O 121 No. M ,-irket II LOSTFOUND STOLEN 10 BLANKET LOST, flannel, r rain-is. Call 428 N. St. EKOOCH-rewprd. -Rl '-oral. with, pin attached; So .'" J". JLOpcKa. -M. 2835 nuihfcti LOST will the parl.v ho picked m fup chocUer in Coombs Mer. cant.le about 4:30 Friday Pleage return to Reward Stre' r caU I)our- 3o33 J. D0 LOST From 801 Maple, white Ru-sian bpitz dos 4 months old. answers to name of -Jeff.- c.-ill Douir. 3673 J. it.151- ,Ae(lale. Bras? studs on black leather t-ollar. Answers to name of Mtn-"00 RReward- 517 K- Chautauqua. Douff. EAR BOB Gold: lost on ITnWerntiB car P.e- or on corner of Main and Dousias nl. M. 1145-J. GIyES OST Gray kid gauntlets , 6'. Fmcer call M. 473. Reward. size GI-POUND B'ac!i leather, e .Sfl V. or 1740 S. Wnco Call t. T . vr i til) o. w nco. GLOVE Brown elove. risht hand. and uiuwn POCKPIDOOK. With mirrencw. Inct M. 463S-J. newaru. PVRSE LOST Wiir party who found purse on Orient car Wednesday mornin?. please return to 818 S. Seneca or call Mkt. 480 Kew3rd. SUIT CASE LOST Black, between Wichita and Augusta. Contain- wearing apparel. Reward. Leave at Eagle office. SUIT CASE Lost on S. Lawrence about .n?on Saturday. Call Douj. 2894 R. STOLEN mute. Reward. -Ricycle from Palace theater from Please return to 427 Ida avenue. SAW. hatchet and hammer. Blolen from barn. 1237 y. Wichita. Reward. SCHOOL BOOKS, with, folder lo?t -on Sec-ond t.. Fridny afternoon. witU owner's name. D. g834-R. . LOST. December 24. between Cannon Bnll irarag-e and John Carley's. sheepskin coat, with leather cieeres. Dark rimmed glasses and milk bill in pocket. Reward. Call loF2. or leave at Cinnon Ball paraere. JaT dray package, containing crochet-ing and photo. Phone Mkt. 6253-J. Rewirn. U BUSINESS NOTICES 11 METAL WEATHERSTRIPS Stops rattling1 windows, keep out duet and, cold air; estimates cheerfully furnished. Mkt. 7134-J. SPENCER-Rejuveno Corsets and surgical support. Phone Douff. lo99-W. Mr. Lou ron a Wrlfrht. 17.10 N. Lawrence. West Side Beauty Shop expert cosmeticians. calp treatments, facial and hair dressing-. 1029 W. Dousrlas,. balcony piiv rwtly tfi . Mkt "S4 1 PROFESSIONAL. SERVICES 12 CALLS for nurses given attention, trained ObsUtrtcal nurse, prices and -Dr. ret. given. D. 2 12(i-W. VT.. J. W. BURKETT. OSTEOPATH ' 810 Bitting Btdg. Mkt. 2280 SPENCER eurjrir-al suppprts made to me ure. Mkt, 78C3-W. Mrs. Charles M. rscnuiie. SPENCER abdominal belta . and dress corset made to measure. V. 3234-J. Mrs It. N. Ocleii. 123 N. Athenisn. 13 CARPENTERING PLASTERING BUILDING, repair, cabinet, store fixture. expert carpenter, contract or day work; estimates furnished: satisfaction guaranteed. Mkt. 7062-J. BUILDING Carpentering, cabinet worlt. repairing of nil kind. C.ill for H. A. New-kirk Sc Son. Doue. 2711-M. BUILDING All kind repairing. Call Star-key D. 383rt-J. Re will do the work. " CARPENTERING, plastering, cement, Btone foundation work, house repairing, guaranteed. D. 4Sft-J. Call Calvin. CARPENTER, painter, paper-hanger, brick, and cement work. Plenty of good mechanics: worlc- done immediately. Guarantee Repair and Building Co. Mkt. 323. CALL MKT. 1470 for quick service on window frames, built-in features. All cabinet work. Furniture repairing. CARPENTERING, repairing, expertly done by joh. day or hour. Estimates Iree- Mkt. 2966-J. CARPENTER, painter, paper hanger. Patch plastering, cement work. D. 3293-W. B. M. Curnutt. CaRPEBTEA General repair work. Call M. 7861-J and cabinet CARPENTER and builder, repairing and remodeling by the hour dii.v or Job. Mkt. o"l W R Green 108 S. Millwood. FLOORS SUB"oFn BY HAND. .OLD OB NEW. P. 3043-W. PATCH PLASTERING. foundation work, houses raised and foundation repairing Sam Carrell H05 Ohio. Mkt. v. FOR PLASTERING, patch work, cement and flue work. Plenty floor canvaa: prices rlcht. D. 2304. t WRIGHT ROOFING CO.. general roofers, M. 4610. Rfidencp lfi"l Hattie. 11 DRESSMAKING MILLINERY 14 DReTsmICkING by day or at romeT'20 years experience, reasonable. D 231-R. DRESSMAKING Smartnesa n style and individuality For a ppointrnent callD. 3478-J. DRESSMAKING Plain and fancy, suits re-lined. ShirU made to tier. Reasonable. 1021GVd. FURS REMODEJ ED. tailored work srcir.ilr pecial prices to working girls. D. 15n.W! 1730 N Lawrence. brought their etieese the waiter said to them: ' A couple o' nice gents?' "The two business men looked hor-ror-strucR, and the older t the two said sternly: ""No. tir; certainly rot. sir. We're expecting our wives at any moment, and what. would they iayMMhey saw us sitting here with a couple of demi-tasses? By goeh. young fetlow, I be- I avb tn:S IS a Gisoraeriy iivu-. ti.u for two p'ns I'd have you -pinched? " AIXT IT THE TRUTH? 5H-3. MitWerit M. MlUcr. th r.stexl eusenlst, sard In n adiress in Denver: "On a beach one summer day a half dozen girls in red one-piece bathing suits were playing l-alL There were t"iilC VUi Awt V LHasJ'J" tVI after a bit th farm hand nho was in charjrt of !hn went up to Ms bess 1 s . ! and compalr.csl; j ay. boss, tfcera ?ais Is I my cows. a - rin - i , . -., T-t' Ah. Jethro. sald the old "times Is changed since ! I was young. In them days it was the i ccs wot scared the gals. Ermine Is pi-e?er.t everywhere In the . , . , . . , . oeeuisnie warrtif, irora wraps t slipper ornaments. 3 A. 14 DKESSMAINC M1H.JNEHY H . (Continued front Preceding Column , HEMSTITCHING lOe. Mai', onfcrs specialty porta. D. 3339 -J. PLAUi SEWTKG wanted. Call 007 S Seneca. D. 532-W. SEWING All kind by dny or at home. 436 Rwerview. D. 596-J. - SEWING All kinds. Mis Smith' S3"1 S Markot Ant 1 r a.'. W . an kind. 112? . Market. M. ?403. EXPERIENCED seamstress by day or piece 16 HEATING PLIMCING 16 NELSON Sc MAGRUDEK Plumbtnr nd Heatine Co. Get our estimates. Repair-ins euar.-.nleed, SC5 E. Waterman. D 8847. , PLCMBINQ. repalrinr a roectsHy. Call Bo.ver PlumbinejCoiPhone P.3447-WT WALKER S Plumbitiff" eontrnrtingr nd re-rsfr work. 414 Pattie Mkt 117.V H W. LANSDOWNE FOR E 'TIM ATS ON TOL'R PLUMBING Special Prices This Week m. ecu?: J. 17 INS TRANCE 17 AlTTOMOF.ri.B! IXSTKASCf- ire. "Thtt - rjah!lf lmrrt.T Damage CoiliciOn Sa penor Semcc Kr.f A C 2o E. Doutfla "FIRE " INSURANCE Col? :. nefc 3ii Wlr ne Bide hi. 3754 INSURANCE W. M. KEACH 1004 Sehwc'.ter Bimr. ontlai 100P "FIRE INSURANCE, M777" ROHSKT EISKAEU 12SN Market. For FIRE INSURANCE Call JOHN H HI'HNS Q) fel MKt lftt 18 MOVI'G TRUCKI'G STORAGE AY R ES TRANSFER IT IS TO PE MOVED MARKET 1908 BAGGAGE Piano moving a specialty. transfer work of any kind. -Gire me a trial will trent you ricrht. Garuth Tran- r,er S inN- Sl- Fralncis. Market 5797. Douslas 3S;iO. MOVING, packing, storage: largest padded van in the city for moving houwbold goods. S2.o0 per hour. Piano moTed 82.50. Rea & Bell Trnnsfer t Storage Co.. phone M. 615. 110-121 S. Washington MOVING LONG DISTANCE, hauling, ator-age. large trueks. cheap rates, let a fur-H!-. J2Zn baue your furniture. Phone Mkt. 1A78. PHONE MARKET 5B71-J If you are thinking of packing your household eood. 35 yers exrerien-e in Wichita ClflNA AND WEDDING PRESENTS OUR SPECIALTY. Can give best of reference. C. A. Woodford. 421 Ash. SINGER DONELL Household goods stored and paehjd for ihipment. 334-36 38 S. Emporia. M. 3S1. LOCAL and long distance moving, very reasonable: big truck. Douglas 2847-R. 616 So. Seneca. LNION TRANSFER. AND STOSAGB Fire-proof storage: packing and shipping. Mkt. 04t. 417-10 So. St. Francis. SPECIAL PRICES and especially fine -work ia local and long distnnca morine. Wichita Transfer and Storage Co.. M. 2H72. WILSON TRANSFER and Storage Co., mov---Jncr. 53 Mkt. 5780. HO R. William. 19 PAINTING PAPERHANG1NG 19 HOME DECORATING CO.. will furnish paper and hang g4 per room. D. 1770-J. PAINTING & DECORATING exterior and interior finishing t-quiped to do all kinds of work, satisfaction guaranteed. D. S075 J GOHEEN. PAINTING and paperhangtng. first class worlt guaranteed. I need the .work. Call Doug. 2010-W. PAINTING, paper hanging, patch plastering good work, square deal. D. 2109-M. F. H. Zerkle PAINTING and decorating wanted for low- est prices Call D 71-R PAINTING, paperhanging. decorating Xloora refinished. first-class work. Phone Mit. PAINTING and paper-hnnging. Refer. ences furnished. D. 841-M.. or M. 7480. Sanders 4 Johnson. PAINTING and paperhanging wanted. Price reasonable. A. E. Parrot. 134 Ida Ave. D. 2500. J. WALL PAPER furnished and hung S4.00 room. Wichita .Decorating Co. M. 304. WALL-PAPER furnished and'hting. $4 per room. fiaier patching. .Welfare Drco-ratitig Co.. D. 3503-J. . - $4 PAPERS YOUR room. 1 futfiiah paper. also plaster patching, painting and calso-minlng. C. E. Friend P. 30.i7-R. J. W. SHARP wilt furnish paper and hang. S4 per room and tip. Mkt. 4242. EDW. LEFBVER JR.. paper hanging, aiecor-,atlnfi..1ew stock ready, work guaranteed. Mkt. 2742-J. 21 REPAIRING, ALL KINDS 21 DOLL ' HOSPITAL -Fountain pens repaired Done while1 you wait. Orr'a Book Store. 327 E. Douglas Ave. FURNITURE AND STOVE REPAIRING Furniture refinihed. tin-ware repaired. Wiley and Lawnon. rear 1108 East Douglas. Phone M. 5300. work called toe aud delivered. FURNITURE REPAIRED, refinished. upholstered: work guaranteed, by Kaplan. 459 South Washington. Called for and delivered. Doug. 3704. FURNITURE Repairing and upholstering. Cunliffe. 317 E. 18th St. Phone M. 1510. LEAKY ROOFS repaired with ashestos compound. Assures you a dry room. We stop thejeaks. Phone Leaky Roof Co.. Mkt. 1377. MATTRESSES recarded and recovered: feathers renovated Bowlus Bedding Co. Telephone M 0."7. REPAIRING and connecting gas stoves. Export adjusting stoves and furnaces Douglas 27P7-J. REPAIRING and connecting gas stoves. Expert adjusting stovea and furnace. D 2707-J. CALL MKT. 1470 for quick service on window frame, built-in features. All cabinet work. Furniture repairing. Winter Is here, let us look after your heating n-Tv RELIABLE REPAIR CO. WE FIX ANYTHING Phone D. 852 123 '. Ohio WE SPECIALIZE in repair work. New roofs of all kinds applied. National Roofing & ,UlPty IO.. .HRl. Xii'i. i WHO STOPPED THAT LEAK? 7 The B. P. Roofing company. Wichita. Kans. '. Roofin( 1141-W. Pfrone D. 1 1 41 w. WICHITA FURNITURE HOSPITAL Rave your work done right. LM. 7f. 117 Eaf Mnrdocl; SERVICES OFFERED. MISC. 23 CARPET CLEANING We make rig rues and rugs from old carpets: cleaning snd izirtir a specialty. WICHITA RUG CO. 2C3S . Main. Mkt. 3rtTP GENERAL HOUSEWORK and common cook, good references. Call OiiTer, Mkt.-ft.1Sfl. "COLONIAL RUGS deml-tases t Send ns your ewed r-g. JRirh grade ntr - - "f'atid rag cwrrt rude pricr !- than 1 HOT-TK FVIl WEAVING HOP. j So Topeha. Wichita. Mkt 2391 j CH1NMEY snd fortw, c eanmg done by j erpencceed man, Mkt. 6433. T. A. FriU-1 rst-'- FLOORS SANDED O.d Ones made like new t work guaranteed pri.'e rr-oc3t: aisO tnUTior OintiBJ Mkt. 4644-J. HA LP D T WORK"Wrt by the week. 53d S. Water. DougUa 2S24-M. LAUNDRY wr,tei Si fcind. cei!er.t rork cs'id for nd qe:sr.rt D 3"9 M LAUNDRY WANTED OeYTmer and fm-liy waaiio calitd for ad ieUTersd D Caf3. .t Lawn wohk tm h-i i-. ttt'tn 'i kinds. 2244 outb. Washington. P S4H0-J MATTRESSES. recsrd1 snd rw-CTer-4. feather renoleJ. Bowlus Co T"lei.ho M f57. TREES taken down topped and pr-ji.eU. Our wO'k ! gasrsstfe.l isn i.ghi hau Doug 6:1sOi. 51 N ExiiM.ton, j Atti-,i' " Aifci.1 iu!j a:er. and deuvrred. D. 2A3i-R. CaU isr -'.' "l.iT i ri.JTliilZi uirrw-aJ YASH1N4 and comfort lie ' Ceiled for aad deaverrd. AHI.( Arti' ca..eo tor asa ue - Utt-.: D. C,i. W. work-or .rf i l.TS-J SH Luj. 3.2! fe.A.-s ricjiii cinmurj , jw iwt'"-n. f - - aT:r9 ZmZ! ci. a s sdeV- e7r cieer. in Him i mmmimii' .1er to F:r FIRST 54 RENOVATING DYEING t x a.TTBEES remade ind niJ nte Mstlress Cs 112 5. Wa MAR&ET ElITvEEs F3eT. coiicter. rom. .!.. y eowa-r. rr'f .rirrv t every piirjoee. ! ronsr'ni-g Mf. o.v-;, t. E. KeaJy. striTBtr. Kr Oty i RffprrrHr.r f ry !!-: frvwn 4JnrTvs &eJ iCo.. WKitita, Kama. P. O. Sox. IO.U 25 RADIO PARTS AND SERVICE 23 We are -erstoeked on Grebe C R-5. Wertm boue. Aeriola Sr. Sellio at cot next ten day. Write , THE H. & H. CO. Lincolnville, Kan. , We bearcSnerfr AttantSrrm Worth. I Dalla. San Antonio. St, Louts. Kansas City. I"' ; . , Chicago. Da t en i xrt Denver. tc. witfc jim.' lOlSG man wisar-s posit.oo altiTnoons ml Pie crystal outfit. Ita eay when you kuo j Saturtliy's to LeU pav 'y throu-n how. Copyrighted inxtructiotis sent postpaid senot. Experieiiced ia bookkeew g. fcox 24- for- SI. OA. Write todTy to L-on Lambert.' R Etrie. i 5 South Vfj-titwa. Wfita. Kansas. 1 , 1 i .i i S6 TRADES AND INSTRt'CTION i6 j Y.A..-.1E-V1 - ,n r. -. .- .iitv -m.;m DT CirX-rl lnSirUCVOr. itlKU -S-JI. 107 J Beautv ?hop. UUV MITT ftt Kvntmn in beniitv culture scientifically tauirht by instnicton of acknowledged ahiiity and experience. In- J structlons are given in detail in .au prnncn.-. . ee of the profession. Mme. EInora Miller office 207 Butts Bldg.. Wichita Kansas. SHORTHAND and touch typeritin in 30 days, speedy legible and efficient, satisfaction guaranteed. MkU 173 408 Union Nat Ffik W i 'j ... 'i . I MAIJ5 HELP WANTED BRICKLAYERS wanted at 1st and Belmont T u'sday . ; COOK Wanted a real cook for an oil field cafe, must be a sober man. Address or phone 1408Cnlversity Ave. City. OFFICE ASSISTANT YOUNG MAN ABOUT 20 YEARS OLD. KNOWLEDGE OF BOOKKEEPING AND GOOD IN FIGURE?. ANSWER IN OWN HANDWRITING. STATING AGE. REFERENCE AND AMOUNT Of SALARY EXPECTED. GOOD. CHANCE FOR RIGHT YOUNG MANf P. O. BOX 934. VTANTED-EtpeTienced young flsan for setting rp. E. D. glazing and put- tyi:ig. 430 S. Commerce. WANTED Neat appearing young man to train at spec'Rlty salesman. Good v-ay and advancement. Call Tuesday, at 350 N. Main strept. WANTED BY issotuari Paciffsi MACHINISTS BOILSCMAKERS APPLY PASSENGER STATION WICHITA. KANSAS ' . SKILLED Shop Mechanics WANTED by. ". FRISCO LINES for permanent positions First class machinists. First .class boiler makers. Heavy fire blacksmiths. . A number 1 hammer smith. Minimum rate 75c per hour. Apply room 102 Union Station. Wichita Kans. YOUNG MAN ambitious to learn. Must be rapid and accurate typist. Stenographer preferred, as secretary to Life Insurance official, good chance for advancement. State age. experiences, references and salary to start. Address Box 20B-R Eagle. The Kansas City Soiathersi Ry. Wants MECHANICS MUST HAVE HAD RAIL ROAD EXPERIENCE. APPLY AT HOTEL EATON. ROOM, 110. ASK FOR MR. LAN-DERSON. 28 FEMALE HELP WANTED 28 COLORED WAITRESS Wanted, iieat in a'p-- pearanco. Must bo experienced. St. Charles Cafe. 513 N. Main. GIRL for light house work and care of one child. 1617 N. St. Francis. GIRL or woman wanted to help with housework: no washing: mut stay night. City reference. Must have experience. JIG per week. Mkt. 2750. 132 S. Fountain. HOUSEWORK Colored girl for housework. Call before 9 a. m. 320d'rE Douglas. HOUSE WORK-Womsn lor permanent, or few days, fly 1S10-W. HOUSEKEEPER--Whita elderly lady. Call 1021 N. Topeka. after four p. ni. LADIES wanted to learn. beauty culture, by expert Instructor. Mkt. 2841. for Beauty 3h,op. MAID, white for genera! housework: must be good cook and experienced: reUrencea. Call in person 37Q3 E Dougiag. MAID Wblta woman for maid. Must be good cook. Call Doug. 273U-J mornings. MIDDLE AGED woman for general housework. Call Mkt. 7300. Ak lor Mrs. Edwards. WOMAN or girl, white, wanted in small hotel for dining room and help in general. Pay 8 per week, board and room. Address Hotel Rago. Rsgo. Ksn. EIG MONEY Exclusive territory to capable alesladies. selling beautifying' cosmetic Many make S10 to 515 daily. Mme 1-nort Miller Mfg. Co, 807 ButU Bidg.. Wichita. . Kans. 2D MAI.E & FEMALE HELP WTI) 29 ACCOUNTANTS, male hookkeervr" office manager with lnreatmcnt of jjOOO ten-agraphers. we can place you In a good position. Southwestern Reference Bureau. 703 Schw ei ter Bid FlREMElCBRAKEMEN. beginners S150. later $250. twhich position?) Railway Box 1224-F. Eagle. ALL MEN. women, boys, giris 17 to witling to accept government positions. S117-100 trTelin or stafonary.l write Mr. Ozment. 348. St. Louia. M immediately. WlHINO YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS Brotton Souare Irii Employment Office. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Brotton THANKING you all for your patronaf and hoping Santa Clan made you all hippy. Rudolpb Klsvuber. The Wichita Employment - ! 30 SALESMEN WANTED BOOKMEN Oar feid dernottrator will show yo3 bow you can enrn $70 to $ weekly sailing the "Book of Knowledire". No bouoe to houe hit or mica soliciting. Cabs are male on inquiries ami name of sctaal Qualified pros pect who bire received advanced literature Gmlier Sonety. 101 : Water. Cail Nobles at M. Ifi4f for appointment. SALESMEN WANTED or tern Ion- ready estsblined Sab,f fWncTf TFSXt&.i nir need apply. Good HHk.j MnKt be Wirkers on tog con l-a'-t to rieht Pary- W'rit us Wichita Shit Co. Wiehili Knaa line ast LU.tfi rci nwr o-rai! On- Samr'e RIG COMMIWIOSf Rer-at nvctwiTi m rsiTt. v-. r 0J7 Cltvoaii Ohio- SFECIALTY entn ta a r-wd;ul- mer.t of territories. tr. Warf Tsnk umj Cofr.p?! bve opening tpr erst htch rrxie ri'-T ii-rt if tr1 tn the.;ate of Miuri low. Kn. Ke brka aral Colorado Men whn he vc- orf 3ily marketed adsiing ttscbtnr. trte- wrttr. cimsiiint vaie. g-. and nli t-,,:ng station euinmM or mi"sr c-nor,'vttt: wil rien prefct"i-'7e Ov vivii-,rm offew to the hlrt rrwie r.u an ""T.til , Mr T : ! i Oft f- riA.-it.i ;rs sai'-'nsc: re ttvritx.t 1? YOC AE NOT !Tfi-S with rw p - ent poaitmn a ad Aptr rfir..ts' )i n rtt!iw wbeee yw iir snake !MAf 'bee fwlBr. Wrta!'. ; tSO-O next swssr. il t3 ray 99 to in.!' K. Tti swosHa , t,t Esrrte-o p-1rrrHl rM rc-i TJ I 1 V P P i! nary. a t-v, T iM nte yE w; ! -L-r 1 ' Lt- 1-J jwnt aiming. st U. r. a:fa, ; L repe. . 5 r i c . ' i UAjjctjciitcu cuci.i4itv ; i-iimrjuiit-ii Have a W rhiee rnt.rt i,Have a few choice protected ? territories n which to : TT - . 1 f . t " i i .. xiomeoienae quainy une &i & Kicialtjes. Wnte full detaiRj. lV : . ! Applications treated connist' r!a , ta. , . . , , . . . f ueilvlai. onn AUierlCnn f t- j v- - j ! nure 1 1UUUC19 W Vflc clawliU j I Ohio. 32 SITUATIONS VTD-MALI! 32 1 BATTERY MAN wants work Box 24-R. EwK esperiencej. I piDU ulrn - . v I on farm. Address P. O. Box 101. Corvirf. 1 Kan. WANTED By men nedenU. work of any kind, afternoon and Saturday. Call Shaw. D "21 '14 . A MIDDLK-AGED man desires a jo-iiin as a carpenter. Also nave mcv.tnme fs- .'. ' Aaytbin. considered.: Phone Mkt wo ciTitTit-a t v r ' ' m on i . i i ( -Tr Ci..-xi-c o- , HOCSEKEEPER Laiiy. n f:,e.i. w:th ehtW. J wants wnrk i rnvt-i.le mothe n-s- 1 i than one child. , I W--o, Wrf-h t. . irj.r., vunm c 'hit. iiyi ....r . ca.i cr aoaress iww orta - STENOOR.PHER 2 1 ' -ij rME. 11E9TKK' I'KRMNKM 1 i-i . ' i . . ' .'.rcfraoii. AtK-ttooeer. 34 1ISCEL1-NE01 S FOR SALE Rlcs-TrsbTS wein; I AlTTOMOBILE-Chird-lTb&cr.tirflu. 1r -'J1- i si7e. 71 S. Main. ; -AE Hi RNER ForVile che: M.7.VI7. LABVCARRLVGE Push cart. 2334 W. : LEAlTirTL PERIOD dining room- auite Dotirlaa. ! Jacoan oak. leather iihoUteeed. thli LA BY CARRIAGE Push cart. W. f . Dotirlaa. BRUNSWICK laiking madaine: new Siiwvr sowing machine. 2 new coal heaters lor sale. - Call D. 2711-M. BABY CARRIAGE -twin" Reed, iu good condition. M kl.JTK)2:Ji BABY "EUGGY Ivory reed. Doug. E930-R Aot. 4. 519 S. Lawrence. LOOKS OF KNOWLEDGE 3-4 leather, excellent cmditioi: wish to sell. Call at drfk. 3'. North M,irket; CASH "REGISTER New' National resuter- cd froinlcjo S4.J22 .Slj4j- ict CASE 1 nw B ft' plate "cLihs f:cor case jJivo 11 ft table. M.0j71-W. COMPUTING SCALE "4 On'2i-lb. Cylinrtd Toledo. f35: one Fan Type Howe. dra 30 lbs.. S.0 Both in good condition R E Heady. 118 SoutU Lawrenea Ave., Marlow SwdCo. CIGARS BIG FRESH ONES. 2-VCAN 7.V. S".e. Sl.tK). We make -em. 108 S. Washington. - - DOORS & WMw., used, ior salo at a bargain. Call 538 Laura. DIRT Bubble M.ons black and filiing dirt for sale at WtUiacta aud Topeka stretW. A sk for Mr. Reed. FERTILIZER we l rotted, must move it. de- 1 ivcred cheap If taken now. D. 13.')0-M . LUMBER Enough to build G-room bouse. Call VZ'ZO Piatt, or phone Doug. fW-W. POOL TABLES For sale, eitrht and. one bi liard. Iniwire Box g53. Virgil. Kans.iy. PAINT fPAINT! National Rouse Pnlnt. 9'! IM per gallon GUYMON WILSON LOMRKR CO. Second and Washfngtoa. PUMPS Engines. Windmills. 'Water Sup-piies. Repninng tc. City Pump and En-s-ine Co 133 N. 8t. rrancls, M 105 ROCKER Chlkls rocker. 2 new baU hiffb chairs. HOC Water. RING Man's platinum, diamond. 2li hsrat. 1 a'so diamond scarf pin 1 H karat, fine iual- j ity. Can buy cheap. Box 254-R. Eag:e. ROBE fiand made auto robe, with cross stitch in yam. 2815 North Murket. RODS-Round for reinforcing. cut to lengths, second hsnd Pipe, sanitary wip ing rars. We buy all kinds of waste materials. Mkt. 4Sf)8. Kamenesky Iron and Metal Com par.y. HI 8 E. Murdock. SdLES New price .30 lbs paiv computing sn..00 ca.h. V. O. B. Da4on. Box 224. Pbone D. 3123-W. Dayto-i ale ( i, Wichita, STOVE REPAIRS Furnace, grates: bring old pieces. Sash weights, ventilator, cistern covers, piston and ring blanks. Wichita Foundry. 625 South Wichita. VEC BOLTS keep your bearings tight anil stops 75 per cent of your engine trouble. Pee Wichita Auto Wrecking Co.. 807 West Douglas. Wichita. Kama, distributors for Krms and OklahonMfT Dealers wanted. " FOR SALE Pure water delivered daily. 1 bottle 50c. 2 bottle lot 9Ze. H bottle lots ?t..3.". 35c per bottle at the plant. Tests 00 per cent pure. Phone Mkt. 518. Allen TintUlne On. M7 H t Fwnp! 33 MISCELLANEOUS SALE. TRADE GR AEON OLA 1N05 Gold. to sell or Undo for car. PHONOGRAPH Cabinet, lor ssle or trade for chickens. Seneca. CaU Doug. 2S47-W. 312 S WILT. EXCHANGE life insurance for or: 'refer small caa Old line company. Biz 36 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 36 AMMUNITION Boots, clothing, shoes, hats, sd tninls wanted. Hitrhest price paid. Mkt. 23.S. 802 K. Dousrlas. ARMY BOOTS Clothing, shoes, hsts. trunks, bis-best prices paid. Mkt. 4C07. 314 North Main. BAGS, CLOTHING, SHOES Trunks, highest price paid. Mkt. 1548. 722 E. Douglas CALL MARKET 406 When you hare any- tbirg to dispose of in furniture, stove or rugs, single articles, suite, or complete outfits. Auction Furniture Co, 211 West Dotiglss. ' CLOTHING WANTED Ladies', men's juid children's used clothing: hata and ho": slo books, bedding, grips and dishes. M. 7919. 452 N. Main. r FURNITURE WANTED And all kinds of household goods. h;gh- est price paid. M. 77(1. FURNITURE AND STOVES iva rtu STOV Cssh paid for aerond-nsnd goo: anyming Of vnlne. M. l.Vin. 317 E. Eighteenth Pt. C.M Up JD)lhinisni Mst. 3872. 1 1 5-5 1 N. Main. We buy used furniture, rur. stoyea. restaur- ante, room i n f n o nesJiLDiil IE z HElXiE POSTS WanlL or hedge jeiicen suitable lor posia. Mve fuU particulars first letter or no attention paid. Box lli r. E..gie. MOTOit Wanted twed eiertric motor lor tewing machine. mi. iboj tiont'spII rour fumitu until you call Market 17t?2. Worth 33? N. Main. WANTED TO BUT Y0CU FCRN1TCRE STOVKS, RUGS. ETC. BEHRENS & BED WELL J 3Ct N. MAIN j MKT. 5858 37 MISCEL'NEOLS, KENT, HIRE 37 HOOVEfe vacuum eep-r; Uciivercd and gur!unled M. CH-w. NEW EUREKA electric sw-eper $1..V per day) Duttg. 3Ku7 J. - lor rent 7-PASSENGER Sedan for sightseeing. S riding: for funerals: carrlul driver; 'i an hour. CnU MjlSh - WEARING APPAREL isfri m,A atin lreaei beaded and em hrbldercd tncoUne dresncs: blue serge dre metal cloth yemf gown; wester: , h!.M d .hw. Mkt. 40&7-W. 10i3i X. Emporia. - ' COATS Men . ' i nij.lenat. S 1 00 each. fUo-, bits Oood riiiter cp4 2ic ea' b. GENTS' TOP COAT end tailored sa t, t--r-feet eooditiOB. both rise 38: drs ait. siae 42; ldi bndom erenitig wrs?: e-et.lng gown; velvet dinner got. Mai. 4'HT w " LADIES' and sner.r clothing ineiwbng f' tog gown. dree and suit, reaaouaby !?'I--Ic',L,0"-oM -2jL "-''f5' OVERCOATS rORSALE Men a74 i"M. it new and ecoo-l .tvt. Htn s tiit. d eprte coat, all atr l "e winter eots. dre. satt snd far stl -.. VV mhintf cllD. ' 1 .VIA flaal TVl;I.rL 'BSZlXSl jg Kv SHAWL Foe PSiSy haL Ca.J Ia j Ida. u. vyi. i it v j f . U , rtaaooabia. 5Sfcie. . l Hydrfk- , , ! i BEAITTIFUL eeiirig ros. mo-vr ! t" ? and et '; io. er ris4M, mr- and ret enH. er rwuw; er- 1 " ' " ! : t . S i MUSICAL' INSTUL'MENTS P-I-X-N-O-S 49 . tiststly ti-.3 'r-9 AT ADAMS ETe rslar rnu: er4 Vi9 !VEtt 4 I -SI. . ..-, i j jt HaLL. good aii a tivo --- ' CXP o4 ?. go U tir 'i ! KiXSALL i-el Sty'; j T Re,.! ;t pi j an?- SOfitt f?''i I I miff o iv-www EVERT Osr ftr.tRtMIta it . .s i..t VFk-F - J5 ;t VTvn a p If 1 1 Y ,?Z Sil i " t k. Ji L.M rw . ., ..- ' $rsr.- f tjsert t strt mj 'tit& i4 j rta fcy tt e-t r.. J. 0. ADAMS MUSIC CO. i 39 COATS 4 Udy coats, priced lroia 13 to:bU(H no,!,. flew model. IfO o t:n. R- M. JfeOO N- Topeka. 1 built Underwood, new ""! !- IL (SAT-Ladies JtoltiST... C.r.e,l trim: , IlebuIIJI ?4?t!& hlak velr-t dress: crepe Komame on-. .... ;i-r.-.,.. u iiM 48 5IISICAL INSTK L'SIENTS 48 fCotitinqed from Frreedlnif Column BRUNSWICK 305 machfb. like new. SO itcuius lur Hn cnrip. ion rn-ir. CORNET Basher B. flat, sold belU V, beU. O. CORNET Busher B. flat, rold 24.10-J. 11IS. Estelie. BRCNSWICK -ilahmracy eaWm-t 4c rwords. 731 S WaUir. JCkt. 574-W. 14 COLUMBIA GRAPH ONOLA and loU of record. ' $ 1 50 mx-hftie as sood a new. Will wieriU'e t trool jk-e. A d;u!y Cltnt-mas present. 1104 N. SI. Franot. P. ISfl-R. PIANOS f'jr sale, big bargain: - alo the verr bent cianoa for rent, delivered free. 21 j N. Mai n . PLAYER PIANO. Gu.bransen, nvahogany finish: . excellent condition: eukele at- InriixiMit 1 i m) r,.tl -il A?r V Pmuri.i. 1 VIOLINS Hand mh rood tone and fin- ; -.- .... . .. . . - - . ih Mkt 7l4fi J. 1 1IOI SEII0LD GOODS 41 I AUCTION Dec. 28 i net n m. furnishings I t a t;x room house, iocloduig ruu, d-shes. cookiBC otensiis. Elcn elcvtne wii-j or. o.ano. evervthiug goea. 731 S. Wawr. I .r-ceraoii. Aaimwm. ; LEAUTirUL PERIOD dining room- auite. ' J.tmt-w-an oak leather Ubhoikterra. mil is a grda of funiiinre that Improves with ace and Toier uf. Mrs. J. M. Stronyder 2V1 e. Dou-l-x. Pouj. 3S17-W. BASEBURNERS $3 CASH BALANCE WEEKLY Jchnsf-n a -Jla 21S-N. Mitn CABINET HoosM-r, and duofotti: both new: for sale ohip. 1105 S. Market. Coal" Heaters $10.95' Up Sl CASH AND SI WEEKLY Johnson- 513-215 NMsln St. CHINA CLOSET and lin-n closet com bined ta iurht oak. mod condiliop. Apt. 04 Scdgoick annex. Market 5CS-w. bUOrHJLDa can 2 weehl ' JOHNSON FURNITURE CO. - 513-215 N. Min ELECTRIC IRONS Trlpple Hrit. Efficient, three Irons la one. An ideal Christmas present Pay 7"ic csb- 7c erkl' Ful'T ruaranteed. JOHNSON 1URN1TURK COMPANY 213-215 N. Miir FURNITURE BARGAINS Beckwtth cosl healer. Sire Ct) lor store or g.irrri? Ue. Have extra rirum. 50 ct gis hc.-ter. All siae. $1 50 tip. it cosl and wood range. AU standard makes. S18 5U up. 1 Combination ess and coal range. Uk new. 50 coal. wood. gas. oil and combination heaters.. 25 up. New eievntod jwrep gas range SJ.oO. 5 gas ranees. S.50 wo. New No. 45 cotton mattrcses 10.50. New 2-pot bods S7.75. New spring. guarantc"d S4 .5. New coaster wagons. trtoVe and small red ireMP rmnv T!at TwetT-T'irt St. gTa RANGES. elevat4 oteos. Orny 43.; 5 jVnIonrniture CO. ,U i. r. warn, GUNS FOR RENT Slightly uwd rugs, two Pll nd one 8-3x10-8 axmipKtrrs. Buy your Xniss gifta from us. Kiddie ears. c?'w f BKrm. rci rtK.kors. high chairs, sleds, baby walk-er. KnbT Jumpera picture pamtinoi. iu flMmi. Crafonolas and bcantiful reading lamps Campin supplies lor renl REIZ & STRUNK Mkt.l 75. 322L-M.ln FURNITURK ol live room ,houe. living nioni malioganf. dining roorn oak. Iei room wali.r.t. wiHon rug 0x12. '"n',l" rug 7xt. This furniture rmi ..'f 'i. on.e and barcains are to be bad. 210 Vkest Dewey. D. 3020-J. FURNITURK of 5 roonia l trade lor lift- rtoeh poultry or FonLl?.!IigJR . TfEAfKRKanssa gn snd eiectric rndium beater lor sale. 143 N. Sedgwick. Doug. 244i-W. HOUSEHOLD furmure at low price: must old nt once. 712 N. Topeka. D. 4 tOW - i HEATEH FOR SALE Good. coal, with or without gsbuner4jannje; KITCHEN CABINET. firt class condition. Bargain, 41fl W. Central. UNOLECM $1 eas.. 1 weekly JOHNSON FCRSITURE CO. 213-21 N. Mala MATTRESSES 05 od Simmons mattresses almost new. The Broadriew Jlotcl MATTRESSES recsrded and recovered", feathers rennrated. Bowlua Bedling Co. Telephone M. .'7. , j 6TK blNINO table, kitchen cabinet. tc hnr stores and chair. Lino enra cry reasonable. Hut sell. Dong. 12o:i-W. RANGE CoaL good us new; cheap. Doug, 2031 -J. . SIMMONS Washing MarUlne S15: t..j ., vsmiy dreser: low foot ot bed and- chiffioner. f; oak Unlng tiibles. S15r bae mirner. SPOON it C RANDALL 238 N. Mkt. 2ln2. STOVE Hesling stove, good condition. ri.-irenln. mz)mil n. mwr. rrii-Tv,i wirutvr WliiK Rutary ncl twenty dw. will sacriliie. tail ftcr y p. m. 311V S. waver. WALK A BLOCK ntl . HELLUM3 FURMTCRF. CO- 320 t Main bt. srke 54a GOOD SEWINO machine .rented 2o0 month. Overntreet. eewtng Mschin Co 110 East Douglas. M. tl EVERY THTNGMUST GO B1. rrxlier. but fas-kitcben cabinet, oil cwnk and het-er three resnors, vtctrola. writing d-i. uiofol1. xtenlon table. gple kum ffy krib. many other things. D. 3788. 21 North Hydraulic GASOLINE "w asbing machine. Wi'.l sell cheap or tro for poulirjr. 1420 E. Douglas. Mkt. 2717. , SIX-ROOM HOUSE, comfortsbiy furn!hl, -onitli;g of Clrc)an walnut din ing room suite. 20O Circiti walnut twd room suite. t o complete o:-k bi room suitc-a, ell fumitcre and ries. Insurant pid op for three years. Will eil thi f'.sr-nitur) tcrr reasonable If taken t oii 12 New York. , JIVB ROJMS FL'RNITURE Sell cheap or trade. What bare yOut Hurry. Bos f7 R Erie 42 42 TYPEWRITERS bLTTIJES rIEMIXGTON Tf PEWRfTEli . k nri. Nearly , Cti i4 Or- phwmBMri M:i7L : TYPEWRITERS New nJ rrbiilil. aupr-Ue and repairing. Rental- WlcUitn Tp- writer Efhnge. 27 S Ewt poogla. . TYPEWRITER New Hs. al for aaie. 2W4 .Wnmon, iron. "-. BUT And rent rour rebuilt macbJM from a company tht reb-1!3 tber i r mrt- i,w. mnA hi lirt for sale of w t chine latw. Our ruarsfite Is that the 9!upewriur ia bt t say it i sod gie i AaiuTspiirm or our mvnrw man -i. . - 43 MACHINERY TOOLS 43 DOILKR HORI20KTAI ONE Tl'3'DRlD HORSE POWER AIAO A SIITT-fok POWER ENClF.D HEATER: SHAFTI(J KSGCR., Pt' PEOPLE'S CLEANING I-AUNDRY t O. ErO Oti.lSVT.tC rw m)i good eor1itw?rE S -her tnet burn. Bingbam liHwa 00 lotr- tll; ,. j - , LATHfc. tf tt t-ed, l"t. C Rh.or'r 1220 i. Water . Wbita. Pbor i T-VlJ ' Mil wt fV"-r - 41 FTEL-AND rEED COAL - S " r. f-e? fT" V "Crested" Butte" Hard Coal i 2 &0 Vfd. Try eroe Msa-VHs ' - 1 fill "ir?-t r?iim' rvi ot lth t-rA H,(9t Fe Xt LL COAL MKT. 2222 ! w:eT SJrt T ! r6'si -vl rti!; d f eaa ; ,,-. t n tad Ki.h i ; , tr .,w :t,0 . Ark "lRYJOii wa ; .3 . Cii eef, LP.T Wf 031 ti ix yg. ;j?-ev'. I0!X wtXT. Je ww '4 at fjimKr it a-..ui f tfv' Am is Byiri;v. EXTRA fJSK t4 to swa'Si, w'; -st f ttt-r r, K- t' ? , C5rfo fe!My.. Zi jT' ' ih 1 45 HsHJijgStock Reisciioss 45 . f ';.; -.f. rets. t, : : .. " .' . . PFXHIN DROi S40 N Main , .i " 1 . ii. i - f". T" t 3 ',( i -- -.. .. A LU luiMcxim. Mfcr nwe w ." w - i f ' A--WUY Jssv - . H , . . r lor 1 1 46 COOP THINGS TO EAT i$ APPLES Cboi Jonathan. Ovinies GoM-ni. -Sweet potatoes. lnh. pumpkin, (juhW. , tijrnips. onions, dretned and liv chn-hen rWer. WiU hava a load ia at 317 S. . Main from lu n. m.- ttf. 9 p. m. ,rUir. Saturday. T. F. Meyem. S t APPLE Winesaps, Cham; on. Blark F5 ami lVn 3nd "weet cler 40c gal. New stucco btingalow " mi es couth of Douctaa rat Mertdian. H. J. Pfebler. APPLE--Hoo) gron. from Hootrf Orchards, uood appjrs: price reasonable. 15 S.Wj l APPLES. Nice Grimes GoldM for C5in-mas. real eating apples. Champion ivr Cooking mhI miiKt meat. :t niiir art Central. W. C. HooveKOrchari. . APPLES I APPLES Special sal on two csr load of fancy Ct!&. rado Jonathans. Sl.M) bushrl basket, i'ie brtnga JOUT SJks. 117 West DoUsias re- API'LES. iHitaUfes. pumpkins.. qu.h.v ho:y tnrmps. black wa'.nut: chi.-keii-- 1,1 houi eouth of hrkk -school on Seuln APPLES Colorado Jonathan. 1.4. basket. louttrr sikI egca bought an-i 1KW. Mkt. 14S Jim Lawhoru. -OoS CAPONS Milk fL Est hens, d "il biaI cooked If desired. 22ft Iura. P. DLCKS. et. tw. chickciss. o!5 Nor tii MrW FRIES 3 doa. yoong frie for aie. 43 t. Sycsruore. D. 120t R HENS Fat heoi. frie mwi ' frosb,' "" 1704 E. lotli. Pons. JHHi-J, MINCEMEAT, good k mAd niliw-e uet. W-f si!iue4 P. 1582 W. boaie- POP CORN tVhlto VktI, 3 cents per' lb. Ihon 42F13. r-c ierop. Vienna, tt. tu. jo. H. &WEET C1DKR 0 t-ents lr gsikii. Ji. nnlr wi on Central. Jn mtth. TURKEYS Ducks, teewi. chickeua. Uw .onlers early. otid twing dtappotr.te4 Call todny hefare ,t:0t. N. Aco. FANCY brme-lrrcd oultry; will UeUtcr, CaljDoug. 13421. NTck FAT UENS for al. ordtr tally for Christmas,. ISOLJ. FOR CffR ISTM A S Turke. te, dvioka big hens and lrie. Christmas trwrs. lrtut". thvuMii, tints. pple, Order now, K ncW Fruit Co. 20S2 N. Lawrence, .Mkt. 7l2 . t ; SPECIAL CHRiSTMAS turkey dinnsr. it! oyster dressing a?id cranberry aauc. frO! ?Ji!H!L.ld,!2,.',JL 127 N. Mmw. FRESH rRUlT and egelb!l. fany at3 slap! gr?H'rif. We delirer. U Uro oery On f D"'irla MM 1 12H. 18 RAIX SEEIHKCBBERT IS VANf ED MTn?Si;.I TU us w"bit"Vu s have an.i we will mul e you art offer. TliS) I.orfln'ii Msl'iri Co Wi.-bila Rsnn 49 STOUv. VEHICI JS. SITPUE1M9 WV'earirjer7y. n.a'S H-- , " XlARn iiiack welch'l aiwut Tot7 4l s. Ltwrrnce. C?ill nmmng.. i HEAD Cltoucw dairy cows. Jifn? Msl stein and reds. Jut freh mid heavy aprtng. or, sell one or all. Ii(i0 WVlUlcT 1 bUv o(F.vrnvount colicwe KO' t 1l"V"c bniMxl i 15 iiK'ntha o'u. M S MilwrtA.t. M . ri'M.H 3i . dog CAT&--Pirrs 51 ilULL DtiiT Ch-itma prtMnii, ( u nrj, and family dog. $ld. fl, a'nl S: Air dale pop. MS; toy breed fux twrier ? and lb; grown reK1 matron alt r"''! doc, tl5; rriterTl bull do at stud, t? snd $10. mll!l Bull Dog KeiinH. cr irr Uillcret and JPeeoml, J"1'".., K"ral.,.ft.r' 1 CAT FOR SAl-E Yelkiw" Angora. !idl Layrs. . . , , . , CANARIES Besutlful canaries from tin. portct stovV. make lovely ("oritma rill Very reonab!e. !:'2 N. Marktt. lwan. 3-:iR CA N A kTkSi tiolen 'yellow femslea an I tnger Xm peci',s. beauUlui smgers 1752 S1 Minnes'tta . cTNXKY"SlNuERnfor"scTCTl 2;w4 Ikvuerss. - CAT Beautiful bt ie err while Aiuors ffr aerei, 1012'fiN. Main. . . -.. fi;gpiur"'ni'Miis"'d, revn'W, 1S43 N Wsco. Mkti5!.7; . pt-"l'iirvtho5iie, ti month o'd, femalsv Dong. 23:V M. . , j . jpris-itoton ' "Terrier t )-rrl. :" Vnw inrirr mm. 10: one Kltgl;it b'l dog femsle, 1 mo. old JW. Nolmau Ke- nn. lfll,1 C.old hi ...-...T . Vt liitiREKD "Tiot!i terrier. -'' color nd Bisrhino, t;glt c ' Priceil cUesp lir Uick ic. "l J ot 1 4 Market. . . ... ii"i niii-T .Rrlirian hnre rtos. babir inoiitli Oid $5 0l. 0" RiifU" rt-l balhr niOt)!! old f 4 DO D. 2nk l Hia N ia . . ; DR E H. DAVl ltnry rXpM.on 'atrHne md oyirig. clmfgrs rr.Tn atl,. I'lmne . " 52 rOl'LTY AND Sl TI'UKS -'' 5? ?rlWKENl0Rf 151-1 Tvs Ae. CHlt'KKNI V V ' CtX'KRRHlJiTirorourhbrr-d P .ft litji ', . pno win ii) I stiK'k. D. aUOJ. ' N.Vli e , , ... i CHICKEN! Vor sals' my finch of 10'. ' Alwt ndtow.17JL iJrTJi'';. . ?- SOGS wnid aM f -r t.tcl..i l-y Bator tiny. Call Mht 67.jW, , . M I't'LLETS 2rt " leit'"ljr'born. H24 N. Main. fJ'.-.wJ - H lOH KT IKICE" Pfi1'! tor l"n!lr. nl cs!t (V same. Call lyi'K I "I 1 1 . K R 1M Y " M OH B " Inr 7l " " V ' a"i Hmiih Griwery and Mikt, lio.i l-ml IVm i g !. , , i i ,i . 53 BUSINESS OITOI.Tl'M TILS 53 lill JJ A RDft nd T5olilft!'od "it'i WMr wiU cr1fi Ir cb, lixel lu city. n 251 -R !".. . . ,. IARDiNr'i!6i:.E .nity f'r cbsp, tf rw.m s'! full 2".4? N MsJn BOTTLING COM PAN V FOR sALB t liiiTrl t !.e bun M entire etiutposctit of The Augusta bwlt'l-i C-o. Her is a 'haN to get t"t' trlrt b!e bytnim t a trtm. ?! b.1l'! wlU not prrn!t n to opT looS'f anil l it rri-d lo wt I ani WIU. U Imm'iaui. Kor psrticular rlte, lw Q'il, A guta. or f bone iva 4,JO. j CaVeFc "or sale. 120 W. Vn.Autt, j i1i t.y CAE-mTC''. wa'CSrr ti f- H J.agW. ti,AR f AStiririn7,;' j tQ (WM( tn g yl tl;.- w; tsy t..l car a mat v.rmi t. stlJJUi jim y. Water.. t ., . CITf HALEiMAN VANTKD We nffrr h'l nitg I'rtr-or tl WK'hita. lty awl tnmim lo u -i f ergeti slri wliO l m to -it tntnlmrul of t.KKMI l0 wbn-t luit bit at let 19 per xit on tta ibtmIwoI. rrviot) Mlbtig eyneeienofi prfert -t rKit otqirir rNi.Ul. we will ri y-i. u f'lil oniiUto firt Jrtvw. 11 51b R rif. . ' CiXtVU. brwt k-t'"'l l rHty. Wii ! 'bei f'if !. w, B, Sttno'.ti. tori tt Sj,'4rw1"' star Ft ft. HIDE. wkiTaS'D PoC'Cf 8T"t"M;if for J: iir,eA fthi t&r ete !.- li. Caha.z -ah it YijiLaZx. VmJTliw-Mr, t-jf m'in4. ovtter tsm im, Uki rv4 . . ' 6r?ERY kt mmrk 1 v. Z atocll w1 k-tl rit rtj lifT f nrtj e ir torfaUrm. C4 Mrn 4t7, hot els. tioofio"wt rOirtiiii E. COLlHb ffU &t'll'. rVrii"''l,oi Vt '1 Ml m arrt-mt R-r I I Ji, flfc loct:Oft. 9K,t tj'S t U &a4 pvrtutsr. ivl b. 41 i I1AVUI .:.',KM,. Choi mtt Lx fw f I Si. rxM btrll 131 -r r ' awl rt0 X.'Z.'Xit, a tit-'i-i LAf-w rat tCBfrY it,AT r r JMtft rt l4'iMK7 son f - ra flJtJfT hii Vfrin!:.fTT TO 'r? i-LAKI roll llAl.f..A7'. I .4lL TO' AT f- . TfiH ?i.l l..H. rKOrLL CIXAKIXi 4 Laoi to. - 1 WilI2s.f '"Xrtiii' f I'ri"'l-U. I tm. i J:e KtMM r if !"!?-. J I: . 1 W.)t iftt fc-w t' , M A-isi at, fsit!-Mt a! I tt tuft x.a - t exi i el wir.f-4 Mrk ?-) wt,4 .'- mt JS H r" - w- w- - - m -as r - T a ts(Tj(L'a w'ic-- ft. t " id 1 4. , 44 rwM weJI v-.-ii .i ew b g r. prrl g4 f - - 4.-e IK 7 7-! ROOMING JlOUSfi i ... ...... . w j y7- w. i ...- m.i . i tit '-. !2.;,i-J . v t r t -a - - I etsi r-.r--wty ., .t -.-! i-s.- 41. 2 i --ilfflf tti f-'J sS '---. I )m fcttft a J1 -S !'"" s,swaw. ! I, I 1

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