Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 20, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 20, 1916
Page 2
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STERLING. ILLIWOIlWEQhESdilT. ttIC, 20, 1916. HflUSON DAILY GAZETTE F- , MOBE180K, ILLIHOIS, WED»ESDA1TJDJ:C.^O,J916. A 4i WHlTE OFFERING" -THE READING CIRCLE L. Stern** tti t thr ti Ml of fh«» !•»!' <i n t> * i>ta-i «*t<HTi J-n-l ««»• the tfTtHiln-J' r ft tin Wlt»» Mr«. D. Si f •- r.- Will Bo H*(d Sundny At M. 1. **«,!!-."• !;no',i,n as ? :,, sh!^ KfrtC'' VtH I. Mr.*-. M; •* A MARRIAGFIfCEWSES ._,... rJ, .Mr-« A. Ssow. whu I«MO -^ "week for Pheldpn. Hi.. t«t makf h»-r ,wf, and who ha* {•>*•**»* •*» nn»m'«-r of |§~ftirele for iwvrrnl yrri-*. wn-» pre- wlth ft ullver .-mm-mer apoon. LOSES HER EYE SIGHT Elizabeth Hei» Lete« Entire Of One Eye. tin'. !n thf fnliitwifR frirtir-s: lion jam In K. - Kt*'i«tff 'if I-rtiK-nst^r. IVnn., :ind .VijKs iiiiirn H. <''«>r!f' of Miirfi'TipbnrR, rvnn.: llMijatnln If, Pelfor or PtfrllnR fttnl. ,\{ts«J> \'« ! rr4a H<«»k of Kcwirul nr«ivf>; !«;»;!• n\«ltf> and Miss Anna M, KilfJ-* of l?m<--wn. HI. „«. waf m-elv^l r In this'iltv Matlncf thnt Mr«- Heiiw "£ ' Isti :\K» % . f'Mriwrly .«. ctty. h«« h "t tin- fltfh* "f <>"«• She la rnnflnrtl in the l'r<>*ltyt«-r- ipltal in «'bl«»«« *here innH-tal- _» workings hard to w*vr the nisht ,,««< other eye. Mrs. Helw has Jw«-n ^t»l«l with Iwr ryo* «v^r slnio phi» i trotn ft nwitern trit 1 lrtJ" r ENJOYABLE DANCE At Woodman Hall Monday By Meyers And Stinner*. T!t» rt.tnoo given n« the Womlmnn h'UI I'V Frank Mi»>r-r« nnd Glenn Htnn- tifrji on M«mlay fvr-n. ..„ hv n IftrR«> nnmhpr and Jirttvcd to n vrry fnjftvftt»l«» nffnlr, Thf nu w»s* furnj*hr-<l by thi» !Io«l«r«» orcbostru of t h we y<-ar* and !>.»•« nmm frU-nd* will trail* 1 ' «M«-<HnUv to of tiff mlcf«»Hun»* ELECTED OFFICERS mi Met And Held Annual Election Monday. r>* "f t* 1 «"» M««n«l«y, vi ns occurred. Th" for vXF*m9999iar »-•>•"" - ;?W. M.—M, «. N«'l*on. * |, W.—J. l« IVdlBltrw. l;P*c*rj'.--A, iM. Ktd.t THE GUILD MET M«* Monday With Mr«. Elftm«n. «»uU«t Iwld tlwlr hotee of Mrs, Julitw Kltttnan ««n OnutK« xtr^t. AUtw* K«IUh and 'MRrtlui Kentflelrt di 1 *- tbo chnjiter (-sr th* ewnlnjtV The mxt nwtinK will tn» held 8th at th<» homo wf Mi** Reynold* whoii .v i«Joi»lc sui-j^r be tcn'ofl, ar«'l * *»<*'«• even In* BECEI^EDlhviTATION nlM!on*d Officers To Mak* An* nual Call On Ooyarnor, I of thi* city have rwelvwl an itatlon to ttw Annual 'Call oft tho or M twelve «Vloek on Now. Day at the Governor's tnarinion «"ai>t. Hawse will not but In ttjirotmhUUy F»r*t ami lieutenant* Uiwry an«l lH»s REV. JEAN FISH wil» R*ceiv* A C«ll From HaiUnd Church Of Morriton. A nWt'tiK xv«» hftil on Turmlay of ihp ri'MHrfKntlon of tho IMilfh Hpfnrm- .'«! chnrvh Avhfn It wns ilorMoil »tmt !h*>v winilil wpinr « «'«1I to Rrv. ,TMU» K«t» of HJiHclon. la. T!H« mil will l»f <<\trrsrt«nl Immrdlntcly. MORRIS^BRIEFS Mn». Henry Bierm*n vlaltPtl friends In Sterling Ttirpday. '. . Mr». \V, 3. Hobtnson went to Clinton Vwwday for n short vinlt with rHn- Mrs. 3. H. Upton, «f ProphtUtown, ft vlntior m thin city Tuo»da>». . l-'rank Pringlw returned to her h«Hi«y in L,yon* Tur-Rdny nftcr a vUH with relative* In this rity. !U»iil* Roxenow .and dauRhtcrtt. and Mary, vlu'llrrt frl<>nd». In Clinton 'Tuenlny. Mr«. l-'lv*! Hwnvlrk nnd A!r«. H. II vlnlted friends In t'llnton. Aits. Harry Sunitng .Mr*. J. \V. Hulk-tl and Mrs. TlaV Huh'tt vJnltfrl friends in Sterling Tui»«- t*. .1 Wilson, of Von du Lac, Win.. wa* a ' luminous visitor in ''this city '" ..... " ' " ............. .......... '' KUMnschroilt v'sltod frjrndii Tuewlay. I Peterson w«»nt to Chicago Monday evening for a short vlnlt with 3 bands with the Oovernor. BIRTHS r HNSON —A biiby ilauRhtcC was i Tu««<U«y mornln* t« Mr. nn<! Mrs,. of this titr- hon*d fay Starling dU^use is too dangvroua to At th« ttr»t alsn of backache, dls*h»«iw or urinary dte- you alwuUi givp the weakened prompt mtteriflon.. Eat little things «A*J*r and u»» a re- kidney Jonie, The«»"» no-other medicine so well recommended '• Kidney l»Ut». Sterltwr j»eo- them. -^Here's one ot the «t&t«ments from iJterllng P«.«o- r, 1111 E. Second 8t, •ktdiroyv became nrvu, i»vwttns pain in th«e »»n«ll back. It warn hara tor^mo to after «UtinK, ftitel it hurt h\» or l«t, i b»«» b**"^ iXwn'« , J?tlhi hlKhli- recoroiaended and th«m. WV9 box** r»U»v»d th* jV^my back and. made mo .feel r,ta«¥«ry^ww^ tprg pwrt»lm : A JsWiwy r«ro»dy—««t JNIlw —th« tmtne that Fostur-MUtjurn in Mrs. Klmor Knight,, r.f Pultun, vl«U- t\l friends in thin city Tuesday. Ilontfr Mcakens -w«nt. to- Chli'OKu MunvJay evening f««r a short visit With rrtatlve*. *. _ John Hurlbc-rt returned Monday ovo- iitng fn«n a short busincx* visit a Ttntrtn, la. ,Mi»(j» .Martha Kentftcld was a_.Vl»Jlo' Harry Lowits. of Chicago, was a bun itn^a visitor in this ^ity Monday, nnd Twsttay. ,\lr«, Amy Scliradcr visited frlcniln in *.*llnU>n, Monday. Shc»r4ft* H. T, Ilerry -went to Eric* on octtctisl business Tuesday. Art- neich^r and (latm UenUes wen to Oar^enplain Twe«*lay where tlwy nt- teiidsHl the AuRust «»Uso iwle. Mrs. Clarence Turnoy and daughto have n^turnid to their home In Fen- tan after visiting at iho home of Mr« Tunwy'a parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. 3 McLennan. Mrs. Stanley McKfe and Mrs. Mnr> Melding visited relatives in Dlxoi Tiifsday.' cilaf Alison and Paul ppjoraon won to"Cbicl«i>"an" business Tuesday. Kf J. Weaver went to Sterling Tue«day where ho visited his daughter Miss 1-Vrnw Weaver, in the Sterling hospital. \ WARRANT FOR VENIZEIOS Leader Of Qr««k Rebel* It Accuterf Of __ .- . __ U»n<ton. Kag., D«c, 20.—A warranf been issued at Athena for tho «r- of Kleutberioa Venfseloa, the for irier premier, oti cliarge* of high trea son and of libeling the Qree-U general !*t(«tf In articles publlahed in a p«r wveral months ago, «ays a Ttcutei from the Greek capital. Villa threatenH to tafce Chihunhua i on Christma» day. That in a way to i>!t»y Santa Clautt. »^,jd« men are unable to think whyi ftru»lK"«>r" to^talk when MolierT "__H T* •. Start SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW FOE CHRISTMAS FOR VACATION ANY FUEPOSK YOU <? « Cull and Inve^tig'ate OurTlan Sterling iValional Bank /ft v#s :"':•-* -*^ - E ^^^ t.% *, *-^-" - '4- For Christmas And All Holiday Week Your Christmas table would not be complete without & generous bowl of these cheerful, jolly, bright, California oranges. The organic salts and acids of tho orange are an (excellent aid to digestion, so the eating of plenly of oranges is particularly desirable at holiday time when \ one "Is liable to overeat of other-foods. Put^unlcist oranges in tlie stockings and koljTa liberal , supply f on hand for the children. ".Oranges for\Health" Sunkist oranges arc shipped fresh to your local atotft*. Order today of your dealer—buy them by the box. Uniformly good oranges—such as Sunkist—will keep, J The retailers whost ads appear below are making a specialty of Sunkist Qrangefc » r "~ California Fruit Growers Exchange f .. A Co-operativt, NoolVofit Orftniz»tk« of 6,000 Crowert v < ' Lo»Ang«Ua, California \ Uniformly Good Oranges *•»/ WE HAVE THE Sunkisl Oranges] A U HIZOS. -_.U!il'_vvolLns_ilitL- • , '* other (^Uifornia niul l-'lurida oninws.and gwipo fruil. A-large nnd well seliu-tod • line of i'ancr. as well as sia- plc groceries t' o r y o u r ('liriHtnias fuid holiday dinners. . • V OrdQi'.ns'cnrly as yon can, ^? .but wo will lake care of you ^ {m to ilie liist inimile. jl • " ^6* Stoddard :;; Bros, I ^ Quality Grocers ^, .. Sunkist Oranges $ ~ Another Car of 1 Sunkist Oranges Our line of nrnimos can'f ho boat. , We liavo C'alifor- For the Holiday* Season Yon will find lieit* the eelu- Snhkis.t Oran^es-tho %* for Holiday Tirade ..-• ; ••*. ' ( .'.''-. If your Grocer does not fill your order with Sunkist, ask . Rim wny not? • i.v ^^ __.. . .__ ^ per doxcn jo 40«' ]>cr(l(»xcii. ^31 -Try our f!rnp«» Fruit ••— ^ they are at their hest.- AVe ^ have them for He, HV and ^ 1,')(<~~.<w<>et and jniey. ^ Fancy Jonathnn anil (Jritiies ^ (joltion Apples. ^0 While-.and Pink f!ra]M's, ^ f 'atalnva d'rajie.s < ' a s a h a ^ Melon<. -» ^ Plenty of fresh vegetables ^ of every kind that the nmr- "^» ket affords. ^' (liristinas (Vndy; Xu'ts, ^ Dates, I'TirSiXTahlo Raisins, # riiristinns Trees, f lolly in & bulk. Holly and ^fii^noliu ^ wreaths, Clirihtinas I'.c' -, ami iWorations, T^ \Vc havr a fluo llm- of Mioii|iiii;^ (£7 haHl«-ls that \vciulil innko wry nii-i- — , t'lirHmus iirt-hcniK, Th<>y riunt 1 HI TlH-y an' vpry stfuiiif and Ankeny&CIymer He can get them if he »rai»KC« you will, liktv ' ^ $7 A Few Holiday Sugges- ^ w tions: ^ Apple's, eaiing anil fur salad. , ' ., . All kinds of nuts anil rhrintnias candy. Hulk Olivw. ""•-—— * Heiuhjuartehs for Sijaple Flak«H. . , y ' Watch for our display of Aluminum Wace_ Van Drew & Co. 118 W, 2nd St., Rock Falls The Best f*llll(BBBWW8BPWI)IBWWW(WW)BBPPWH^^" ^^^^•P^^^^^^WW^W^^^^^^^™^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in Oranges -A Produce Co. Sunkist Oranges ••""""' • — , , No Cliri.stinjis, is eomplete without Oranges, We have them — all hixes—al! prifen. A Few Cliristraas Sugges*. tionst > APPLES . . GRAPES ""• " _^ BANANAS •"' MIXED .NUTS OF ALL KINDS BULK MINCE MEAT CRANBERRIES SWEET CIDER % CHRI8TMA8 CANDIES \ 'CHRISTMAS TREES HOI.L.Y WREATHS C'ouiplete line, of fresh . . ^J We would appreciate your ^jChrMma's onler, (iivo us a ^^trial . jJHolmes & Grady ^ Ave. 0 Grocery cl % pell Phone 8S2-W Interstate 335 s» Call Ear'y Op»n Evenings *'m fA- '#-..&,

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