Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 26, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1968
Page 2
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tttls ISW SOCIETY 7-3431 Between 8 o.m, on<f 4 p.m. ^Calender of Events 1 1 V f tmSBAY, MARCH 26 .. ,MAKUH«} '-" the Cosmopolite Club till m<*t in the home of Mrs. R. L "•fcriofth Tuesday rtlgW, Mafeh 26 It 7;4S, Mt * ** Mfs ' Mfs. Bruce Gottwftldftfldttf€§ sons hive returned to their home In Richmond, Va., after a sprlrtg visit with Mr, and Mrs, Hays and other relatives* f hi Jett fi» Graves Sunday it f - r * left ™ Mrs, Johaay Burke, Mr-s. Jewell Burke. nMf s» Herbert Griffin, Mrs, W« si* Wilson and Mrs. Helga Ames, ,jj WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 "! The Hope Junior Auxiliary will -present the Nicolo Marionettes in ^Hansel and Gtetel" Wednesday, .-March 21 with performances at .Hope High School at 9 a,m, and 40:30 a.m, and at Hopewell at 2 Ism. Admission is 25 cents, H The Pidells Class of the First 41'ethodist Church will have a class party Wednesday, March z%\ at 7 p.m. In the home of Mrs, -jlames Hoyt Burke at DeAnn. '. The Mary-Martha Class of the "first Methodist Church will have "a party Wednesday, March 27 at .6:30 p.m. In the Fellowship room ~$t the church. Smoked turkey will ;be furnished by the hostesses. All * members are asked to bring a "vegetable, salad or dessert. Al"so, members are asked to dress .casual. n . . • • "THURSDAY, MARCH 28 v The monthly Ladies Brldge- "Luncheon will be held at the Hope '•'Country Club at 12:30p.m. Thurs'• day, March 28. The meal will be "'potluck, and hostesses will be -Mrs. Lex Helms, Jr., Mrs, Thomas Hays, and Mrs. J. B. ["Martin. | FRIDAY, MARCH 29 | The Friday Music Club will ; ..meet at 3:45 p.m. Friday, March \ S 29 in the home of Mrs. Sam W. Strong, Jr. with Mrs. Charles .Reynerson and Mrs. James McLarty, co-hostesses. Please note "the change of date for the meet- Ing.' % INFORMAL DANCE ,, AT COUNTRY CLUB '• The Hope Country Club usher- 'in; spring with an Informal Mr. and Mrs, D, B. Russell and Charles and Mr, and Mrs. John Goss, all of Dallas, spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs* Charles Harrell and Mrs, Lois Russell* THE K FAMILY^ LAWYER Rebels in School Long hair on hoys and short skirts on girls are pulling worried looks on school officials. In mwi cases (here is enough "give" on each side to let the younger and the older generations get on with the business of schooling. But occasionally there is u real deadlock, and the issue is tiikcn to court. Who wins there? Legally, how much authority does a school have in regulating the personal appearance of its students? Two principles arc basic: I) The school may impose any rule that is reasonably related to the educational process. For .example, a school regulation against WIN ATBRIDQg Point Count Not Absolute By Oswald arid James Jaeoby WBST A .I 983 KOfttft A A Q 1 3 VioM'2 * 83 * K fi 3 A 62 t 9*652 * A 104 *104 4AQJ972 SOtJtH <ti) 4k K 104 * A K 9 8 3 • KQJ North-South, vulnerable* West North feast South 1 V Pass 2V 34 3 ¥ Pass •! ^ Pas# Pass Pas,* Opening k«nd*-4 10 GILDA FA YE H1NES — Photo by Shipley Miss Gilda Faye Hlnes' engagement and approaching mar- former Curley rlage to Danny Scott Cox, son comtngQueen. _ r _ _ of Mr. and Mrs, Howard Cox thcVearirtg of metal hcclplales was of Prescott is made known by upheld in court because it reduced her parents, Mr. and Mrs, John clutter in the halls, as well as dam- C. Hlnes. age to the hardwood floors. Miss Hlnes will be a graduate 2) the school may not impose of Prescott High School this any rule that is arbitrary and im- spring. She was the 1967-68 Drum ~- • -. reasonable. Thus, a rule requiring Majorette of the Prescott High Church. high school seniors to wear freshly «ow« «"»« fumigated caps-and-gowns at graduation was held unlawful, when applied to a girl who was sickened by ihe odor. But while these basic principles are clear enough, it may still be difficult in a specific case to fix the School Marching Band and Is the Wolves Home- Her fiance Is a former graduate of Prescott High School and is now employed by Day and Zimmerman of Texarkana. Wedding vows will be exchanged at 7:30 p.m. June 7 in the Prescott First Baptist dividing line between rightful and wrongful use of school authority. Consider two recent cases involving the wearing of political buttons. In each case, school officials HELEN HELP US! roon and white floral arrangement was seen on the mantle, tod throughout the evening music was provided by a Klipschorn. Yellow mums centered the table where chips 'n'dips and other snacks were made available to the 30 couples attending the entertainment. An out-of-town guest was Mrs. Orland Swope, Jr. of Little Rock. _ Serving as hosts were Mr. and 4!rs.: Mitch LaGrone, Ralph Emerson, E. P. Young, Jr., and Vincent Foster. Coming. Going Mr. and Mrs. James Paul Vinson, Jimmy and Johnny, Little Rock, are visiting the Everett Vinsons for a few days. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Harmon went to Ft. Worth this last week- by Hal«n Bottel YOUTH ASKED FOR 1TI for help. Try it 1 You'll be This column Is for young amazed how fast she reassures* people, their problems and plea- you, and how closely she listens.' sures, their troubles and fun. -H. % ' T •banned the buttons. In each case, As,-,with the rest of Helen Help Dear Helen: Why is tt"that ! .JhS,^?. l Vj»J*Sl^i^^^^«^9SiS|t,-welcorneslaughsbutwon't boys like a good shape better an infringement of freedom of dodge a serious question with a than a pretty face?— WOND&R'— u brush-off. Send your teenage questions to speech. Results? In the first case, the court upheld the ban. In this school, button wearers had tried to force buttons upon other students and had caused assorted kinds of disruption in the classrooms. In the second case, the court threw out the ban. In this school, students had worn the buttons peacefully, not causing any kind of disturbance. Nor was there any evidence of trouble in the offing. It may seem strange that these two cases, reaching opposite results, were not only decided by the same court but even involved similar buttons. Yet the court found, in differing circumstances at these two particular schools, enough basis for drawing a distinction. Such distinctions, giving fair weight to conflicting viewpoints, are what the law is made of. They are also, to a considerable degree, what education is made of. ING _ . Dear Won: YOUTH ASKED FOR.IT, care of there's more of it.~H. Helen Help US! this newspaper. Dear Helen: This is an answer Perhaps because' ASK A STUPID QUESTION Dear Helen: There are so many things I want to know but I don't want to sound Ignorant or dumb. When you go to ask your mother one of these stupid questions, how do you say it so she won't laugh?-NINNY Dear Nln: Any mother who laughs at her child's serious (NOT dumb!) questions should be stripped of her parent stripes! I'm sure your mother won't—and to make doubly sure, set the tone with, "Hey, Mom, I've got a very stupid question. , . ."— which right away alerts her to your embarrassment and need LET'S TALK ABOUT MONEY The Gold Crisis, International Monetary Problems, Stability of the American Dollar and the British Pound , , , and Credit Card Fever , , , these are words familiar to us in recent headline news! Thrift has been a household word which Federal Savings U Loan Associations across the nation have pioneered since the early thUltles , , , and the record shows that no one has ever lost a penny in an insured FSLIC Account, may never need money to lift you from a predicament, but you'll feel secure }n the knowledge that your readily available savings will buoy you up if necessary. Begin a Sav» ings Account with us Now | 4.75% on Passbook Accounts and Regular Certificates 5.00% One Year Savings Certificates (§10,000 Minimum) HOPE FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION tor "Miserable" and anyone else who is a foster child and thinks she (or he) is getting a rough deal. I, too, am a girl of 17 and have been a foster child for eight years because of parent troubles I won't mention. The world was really rough. Everyone looked down on me; no one like me. At least that's what I thought as I made the rounds of temporary homes. But a year and a half ago all that changed. My foster parents are the greatest. Sure I have a curfew and rules, But that shows they care, I call them Mom and Dad because I love them. Maybe "Miserable" is as lucky as I am and doesn't know it. I've discovered, through my foster parents, that it's a person's attitude that deter mines his success and friends— not his "altitude" on the social ladder. Well, now I've got lots of friends. I'm earning college credits while still in high school. I know I'm really worth something. Most important of all,— I'M HAPPY Dear Helen: This is to "Miserable Welfare Kid." If sheonly knew how much little things like being called "Mom" and "Dad" and say "Goodnight" and "Goodbye" meant to us foster parentsi Also taking us into her confidence and telling us her problems. In some states the allotment is so little that really our only reward is in the product we can turn out~ that is, making a mis« erable Kid into a happy purposeful cWk}.- FOSTER MOM Dear Helen; I am nearly 19 and in college, Am dating a girl who is kind, generous, thoughtful, fine in every way, and almost everyone agrees except my two uncles, They only see that she |s Italian, and Catholic. They take out their prejudice in un- fmuiy race and religion jokes that they hope will turn me against her through ridicule. } ciB't shut them up. My parents don't live be4e, and so they can't help. 1 don't want to cause a break in the family. What wn J do?* |N LOVE AND HURT Dear ILAH: Practice selective deafness. Prejudice disguised as hymor can be stopped cold if nobody laughs.^- H. Copyright, 1963, King tares Syndicate. !nc, In "Alice in Wonderland". Humpty Dumpty gives a dissertation on the use of words and says. "When you use a word, make sure that you let it know that you are Its master." We can say the same thing about point count, Use it, but make sure thai you nre master and it is your servant. North was one of those players who treated point count as master rather than servant. He had no problem when his partner went to three hearts. After ail, he had nine high card points plus one point for the doubleton diamond. Ten points was a maximum raise, so the four heart bid was automatic. So was the one trick set. West held the first trick with 10 of clubs.East won the second club load nnd cashed his ace of diamonds. West played the deuce of diamonds to show no Interest In a diamond continuation, so East led a third club and West's queen of hearts became the setting trick. South suggested that North should have marked his king of clubs down from three points to no points and passed three hearts. South was right as a man could possibly be, but this made no Impression on North. He stood by his 10 points and claimed thnt South's three heart bid was the sole cause of tho minus score, He proceeded one step further and pointed out that if South had passed over three 'doutjled'and set 'East- "three tricks. We hate to have to agree with this North in any respect, but we must admit that his analysis was partially correct. East would have gone down three tricks at three clubs, but we doubt if North would have found a double. In any event, South was fully justified in going to three hearts. Some optimists might even have jumped to four with his hand. Enterptht Ann.) Q-—The bidding has been: West North East South 2* Pass 2N.T, Pass 7 You, South, hold: 4AKQJ97C VAK52 «7 44 What do you do now? A—Bid four spaded. Vou are willing to gamble this out even If your partner has a bunt. You also have lost Interest In a slam. TODAY'S QUESTION f Instead of bidding two na- trump, your partner bids three; clubs. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow THEATER SHIFTS TO FILMS NEW YORK (AP)-After a single play production, the off-Broadway Evergreen Theater is bcifig shifted to a movies-only schedule. The 162-scat auditorium was acquired last year by Barney Rosset, president of Grove Press, and the first presentation was "The Beard," a controversial two-character play that closed with a deficit after 100 performances. Besides new films, (he house intends to schedule material acquired in Grove purchase of Cinema I6's collection of experimental shorts. Get better mail service for the same money mail early and use ZIP CODE ton ibfl pvbfcc 8<xxJ ftp?!** The Great Mating Game' And 3rd Annual 'Miss 1 Teen International Pageant' Are TV Highlights A sj»fc«U «h*l pmttt of to** «nd today and e telfcnst o( crop of jroufif beautm* wilt hlthUfht tewtfetott iMHWint «W lh* AttC-TV ftotwork enfly in Af»Hl. Both sir* sponsor**! by Ctatrol, tnc, "Th* Great Mating to be telecast on ABC on day evening, April 8, «9,SO to 10:00 p.m., EST> documents how mating tww ch«njt«J Mnce Atlnrtt emitted Eve, today's "alheles" f*t together in way* which their parents would have con»td»f*d stAfthrui nnd their «rnndj»r- «tti» might hav« cnUcd down- HBht shochln«, And what trwjr do when they g*t t<ntether — also reprewsnts n rtdlcat chnnge from the past* "Th« Great Mntlnjf dmne" delves into the "for ulnates only" ftpnftmcnt houses, "dvcr 38" dunce*, d(«coth«jue», sen- lot cltlicns clubs, ski resort weekends nnd computer dutintj. The show also points out that lelllnR the girls where the boy« are and vice vsrsn has become a billion dollar business in the U.S. Plguring out ways of removing singles from the open market Is virtually n now Industry. The second Clalro! special to be telecast thnt week, the third annual "Miss Twsn International Pageant" will be seen over the ADO television network on Saturday evening, April 13, (0:30 to 10:30 p.m. EST). Elovon foreign contestants and one from the United States will vie for the title "Miss Teen International," The finalists from abroad will Include girls from Australia, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan. Norway, the Philippines, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Girls from Australia, Israel, Spain and the Philippines will be competing in the contest for the first time. The United States entrant will be selected from among eleven regional winners who will compete for the Miss Teen United States title the week preceding the ABC telecast, which will originate from the Hollywood Palace. One of the highlights of this year's "Miss Teen International Pageant" will bo film clips of the foreign contestants' "Landmark Tour" of the U.S., visiting various shrines and sites that are landmarks In America's heritage. The eleven U.S. regional winners, who automatically become finalists for the "Miss Teen United States" title and semHlnallsto for Miss Teen International include: Miss Teen Great Lakes, Pamela Martin, 18, Dlrmlng- Ram, MltK'.f Miss Teen South- wesj;. Charlene KflyiiAndorson, 18, Phoenix, Ari*.; Miss Teen Rocky Mountain State, Leslie Hobson, 18. Morrison, Colo.; Miss Teen Gulf States, Kandy Kay Wright, 17. Houston. Tex.; Miss Teen Northern California, Sharon Anno C o 1 o m ft n, 15, Marysvlllo, Calif,; Miss Teen Pacific Coast, Diane Mario Estrada, 17, San Francisco, Calif.; Miss Teen Midwest, Linda Finalist* for the "1W* W** Trim InienMtloiur* Pageant With 1 • iMl y«*r's wlnnfr (center) Atle* Alfhelm, Tft*y »re, eleckWlwsi from AufttralU, .lunette Method, from Sweden, Marle-Sophl* !Vmon. from lUly, Klfnit Ptdamonte, and from JntMit, JfacJtfhfr Yamanftka. The Ctnlrol sprefnl will he tcleeuM on AtKVTV, April, Ulh, 9:30.10:30 p.m., U.S.T. Hl Television and Radio NEW YORK (APQ< - Transition of "Kiss Me, Kate" from stage (o television did not help the plot much, but Cole Porter's witty lyrics and catchy tunes have stood up well over ihe years, The 90-mlnute adaptation was presented Monday night on ADC, and was an eye-filling treat, with stunning sots and gay, colorful costumes. Tho problem /or television was the play-witliln-a-play device, moving back and forth between musical comedy and Shakespeare. Robert Goulot in hose and doublet and wearing crepe mus- tachlos and Van Dyke beard, swashbuckled around in his character of suitor and In one out-of-place flashback made a valiant effort at some broad comedy. As usual, he seemed most comfortable when he was -singing, <••"'/ .-i^ „ r,«j..,-,-.v Carol La'Wrenco/'ln'her dual role of divorced wife of the star and Kate of tho inner play, sang nicely and danced beautifully. While she played out the shrew Kurtz. 18, Loulnvtlle, Ky.; and MUs Teon Mid-America, Kathy naumnn, 17, Independence. Ohio. „„.„„ enthusiastically, line wa not particularly convincing. Michael Cat tan, coslar of season's "Occasional WU«" ~~ rles, revealed some Impressive song'Sind-danee talent* when he was teamed with Jessica WalUfr as the second pair of stat* crossed lows. As a matter of fact, oho of the disappointm*nfe of the show was the scarcity of dance numbers when there wetje dancers of the slaluro of Ml*s Lawrence ant! Callan around. Miss Waller, as the funny naive gokldlgger, had the mealiest woman's part In the shew and two of the mo&i amusing songs. Site gave U an Innocent, gtrl-nexUloor reading and failed to make the most of U, Marty Ingels and Jules Mbn- shin wore cast as a pair of furti- bling comedy gangsters, an old device, and not particularly amusing. Contemporary touches were injected in the 20-year-old book. Russell Nye was cast as an actor turned politician, and Goulet occasionally dropped some modern slang-he advised" sonwone to kRU|),his^cf^rU»»,y'5Bl^<Pt these helped upeetl up the f story's progress. -. )> The "Tony" awards show, on NBC April 21, will honor the 1967-08 season's outstanding Broadway shows and performers and will present samples from four hits. Seven stars in one picture? Why? B»c»u»« * »to<y •» <ji»<vl o 5PAHTACUS h« lo b« told in gmna tntnntt 0««. two, WIM. »«tn lou' «W'» *«<»"'i •nougn M<ll«r ol l*e'. »•»»" «'*'! *•'»" I qu"« •"Ou<>'» why, lot an* ictn«. |h« p»oduc«»i m»iih«»«d 10,000 »«((«« OMO i plain In Yugo»U»i« Th»t'i «hy lh« Appi«n W4y h»d 10 b« 't- anna ihttt *hi Horn* ii»a to «>• »»«H»M w »imo»i • d»y All thil to bung you W't** n ffictl»m«ftl. K'Mn •nurl«*nfiwint on • »C»I« worthy ol thi« gi«»l •dv»ntui» &•« SPAHtACUS Vou'tl n«v»i lofgul it JIAN SIMMONS ,\ CHAULM "V LAUOHTON *l Gr*cehu« PITIR USTINOV w JOHN OAVIN •* Jullu* and TONY CURTIS at Antoninus P A N A V I S I N« SPECIAL ROADSHOW ATTRACTION 7:15 TONITE • WEDNESDAY • THURSDAY AT THE SAENGER ADM. 1.00

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