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Farmer City Journal from Farmer City, Illinois • 4

Farmer City, Illinois
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THURSDAY, NQM2Z2D2 13, Utf rcca a niMii i LOCAL WAR FUND DRJYE FALLS FAR EELOW ITS QUOTA (Continued from page 1) Personal Doings AROUND FARMER CITY Mrs. Phil Sou a butinen victor Ja Danville Wednesday. i.ce 12 12 730 500 S00 500 500 300 500 500 SOU 50C 500 500 500 500 5.00 500 5.00 3.00 500 500 5.00 500 400 350 3.00 2 -50 2.50 .230 "$50 lib 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 Nettie Beber Ruth A Hare! Hoffman Mrs. Mary Baker Mary Curtis Geo. Rueger Ann Dwyer Ora ONeal Jake Toung Frank McIntyre Geo.

Fuller Ed Reeser Mrs. Ida Shnpson Carl Duffner Thoa W. Beasley Guy Moreland Mrs. Sarah Render Wayne Lari ion Geo. W.

Monen, Jr. Mrs. Hattie Drybread Roy Wright Res Jackson Howard Newman CLlfard ScImaR -Wayne FuBer Bate Watn M. B. Kmeald Geo.

A. HoJmis A. f. 1 A. it Mary Lowman Frank M-les Myrtle Mitchell Mildred Johnson Weedman Mri Weedman Mr.

and Mrs. Roy Ratliff L. G. Heller Helen Stalker E. A.

Broughton that Farmer Oty can continue to stay on the honor list. At time of going to press the following have contributed the amounts as Indicated. Is your name there? If not, why? Ross Swart 1-75 03 G. W. Watson 35.00 Mr.

and Mra. M. T. Collier 35 00 R. E.

Augustus H. Gnng 35.00 35.00 35.00 35.00 35 00 35 00 35.00 30 00 25 00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 25.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 18.00 15.00 15.00 15.00 Herman Lmland Lyle G. Herrick J. E. Reeser A Son Harlow M.

Stensel Dr. J. H. Ziegler Wilfred J. Nowlin Ray McCord W.

P. Massock L. T. Peck R. T.

Cord Imp. Dr. H. R. Hester H.

L. Swart H. IL French A A Motor Co. Dean Lawman John W. Kendall O.

B. Pare Edwin Eppsteln Bob McKinley John Kendall Elmer Sage George V. Herrick F. Nichols Wilsons Dry Goods L. W.

Holmes Mrs. Gvjr Mawh-nney of Wridos and her mother. Mm. WUDs Wal-dea era Tueday guest of Mrs. Eva Car don and famJy.

Mr. and Mr. Corn Newberry of Delavta were Amu rt ice Day visitors at the borne of their parent. Mr. and Mm.

Harry Newberry. Mr. Margaret Newberry who is bow employed in Champaign left Friday for Gulfport, to spend a few days with her husband, 2. Lloyd Newberry, Mr. and Mr.

L. Howe were Sunday d.nner guests of Mr. and Mr. W. E.

Elder la Urban and attended the opening of the Mum Show Sunday afternoon. Stoat Show M. T. H. S.

Cym Roe. I p. m. Ada. 40c and 20c.

Pvt. Orville Riggs and Miss Eula Kknber of Salt Lake City, Utah, Mr. and Mrs. Zack Riggs and Novel and Charlotte were dinner guests of Mr. and Mr.

Morton Riggs on Friday. Mrs. Hattie Stensel and Glenn, Ralph Milton; Edward Bach and son Edward of Chicago and Charles Milton were dinner guests Friday evening of Mr. and Mrs. H.

M-StenseL Miss Jean Watson, U. of senior spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Watson and made the acquaintance of Russell Douglas Whyte while in the city. The Girls Choir of the local Methodist Church sang during the Youth Fellowship banquet at the Osman Church Monday evening This was the last of a series meetings.

Mrs. Harry Williams and Mrs. A1 vln is and son Marty returnee home Thursday from Kewanee where they had visited Mrs. R. Barnett and son Stephen and Mrs.

Paul McKee. Want to sell something? Try Classified Ad! mmsws Coaster Wagons $2.50 FOR 2 TO 8 YEAR OLDS TRAIN SETS $5.00 WITH TRACK H. C. Grin left Monday fir two weeks at Martinsville, lnL, sanitarium. Mr.

and Mrs. Hugo Hlcklseh of Decatur visited Sunday with Sallie Roth and Dwight. Mm. Addl Hurley and son Howard and Airs. Anna Smith left on Tuesday for Tampa.

Fla. Mrs. Joyel Copley and baby Phyllis of Chicago are making an extended visit wHh relatives. Wjiti Mark Christmas Cards are her. Make year selections bow Collier's Gift Shop.

Mr. and Mrs. Percy Miles and children of Kokomo, Ind visited the past week with relatives and friends here. Mr. and Mrs.

Elmer Everett and daughter of LeRoy spent Sunday with the former's parents, Mr. and Mra. Mora Everett. Mr. and Mrs.

Ezra Dalton yem Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Richardson and family near DeLand. Miss Mildred Stagen who Is em-poyed in dvll service in Chicago came Friday and visited until Tuesday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

Henry Stagen. Mr. and Mrs. Ray McCartney and Mrs. George McCartney and daughter Georgia Kay were Sunday visitors in the home Mrs.

Eva Glardon and family. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Dubson entertained the following to dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs.

Lyle Furtney and children, Mr. and Mrs. Claude Walker and daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Miles and daughters and Joe and Wayne Copley.

Mr. and Mrs. James Cotterell, Sumner, spent Saturday and Sunday with their son, Ralph Cotterell and wife and daughters. Mr. and Mrs.

Melvin Hasler and daughters of Rankin also spent Sunday with Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Cotterell and daughters. Eldon Martin, A. O. M.

1c of Bronson Field, Pensacola, Florida came Tuesday to spend an 18-day furough with his friends, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Stages and sisterff, Mrs. Clara Nell Whltehouse, Mrs. Carl Stagen of Dawson and Mrs.

Alva Short of Peotone. Charles Milton accompanied Ralph Milton and Edward Bach and son of Chicago to the home of Mrs. Hattie Stensel Thursday evening where he will make his home. Mr. Milton has been in a Chicago hospital where he underwent an eye operation.

He still cannot see, but will appreciate the visits of his friends. MAKE BEII FRAflKLIfi your Shopping Center Fir His Gifts This Christmas mxwvwxwwww DRESS SHIRTS White Fancies SANFORIZED $1.69 A wonderful array of FANCYTlES 77c BOX FREE Others at 29c 59c Christmas Gifts Are Now On Sale THE MOST COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF GIFTS IS READY FOB YOUR SELECTION QUANTITIES ARE SMALL YOU CANT AFFORD TO WAIT BUY NOW USE OUR LAY-AWAT PLAN! 220 ICO 2. CO 2 03 LOO lrts.t A Amu Dryfcm 1 Dr. A. M.

Wilkes Sulla Boerman L. S. Bealor Jesae Jurer LOO Dwight O. Herrick 1X0 J. E.

Hyatt LOO Eaul Ritter 100 Charles Johnson LOO Sherman Cahsl 1.00 Mr- and Mrs. John MUier LOO DR. C. M. DUFF DENTIST PHONE 93 FARMER Cmr.

ILLINOIS 4 404 HIM PORTIS HATS A GIFT HELL LIKE $350 FOR A FAMiLY GIFT SO Oihers $22.50 to $37.50 BiktEaiBai Get Your Gifts For Servicemen In The Mails Now! inannnnHsnasBEEBB Local men here an furlough this post week were Paul Golden, Charles Russell, Dr. Frank Stoughton, Charles Price. Orivlle Riggs. II Ralph W-U-am U.1 A Fruia i Timor Tuesday. Stunt 1.

Eioomiuftofl I. Crm p. at. Adas, G3c and 22c. Eugene Warren (pent lt week wf.k h.a mother in Champaign.

The W. B. C. has donated $73 to the ambulance fund and $-3 to blood E. R.

Rinehart vlaHed la Champaign Thursday wrth hla alsier, Mr a C. DobWn. Egt. Micky Mnk of Oianute Field waa a week-end vliitor of Mr. Nannie Thorp.

Mr. Majdne Callahan of Champaign spent Armistice Day heme folks, Mr. and Mra. Phd Rous. Harriet Everett la ipendlng a few days this week with Mr.

and Mra Harve Bryant and family In Bloomington. Mr. and Mra E. B. Nordwahl and aoo of Kankakee spent Saturday night and Sunday with Mra Sarah Header here.

Mr. and Mra George Crimea Mr. and Mra Nash Johnson and Debby were Sunday dinner guesta of Mr. and Mra Wilbur Curtis and children. Mr.

and Mra Lyle Niklaus and on Edwin returned from a week's visit with her sister and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mra Lloyd Duncan -In Villa Park. Methodist Annual Baaaar Dee. 2. Mr.

and Mra Arthur McGatli have received word that their son, Tech. Sgt. Joe McGath has arrived overseas and Is stationed In England. Mra Charlotte McCartney and Mra Avonelle Cambridge of Chicago visited the formers mother, Mrs. Eva Glardon and other relatives here Sunday and Monday.

Mra E. S. Wightman spent Friday and Saturday In Chicago with her uncle, A. F. Cushman, and family end accompanied her daughter, Mra Harry Whyte and baby son of Waukegan home for a visit.

2c Lloyd Newberry who Is now stationed at Gulfport, for five weeks has been spending his week-ends with his brother, Sgt. Joe Newberry and wife at Hattiesburg, Miss. 2c Lloyd Newberry Is acting as gun captain end painter over guna Stunt Show M. T. H.

S. Gym Nov. 19, 8 p.m. Adm. 40c end 20c.

Farmer City friends of R. E. Barnett of K.ewanee will be Interested In learning that he is now located et Camp Banding, Fla. He was one -of sixteen out of a class of 600 to rank high In tests and was admitted to the Radio Code School there Mr. Barnett is the husband of the former Mary Jane Williams of this dty.

Pvt. Orville Riggs and Miss Eula Klmbler, both of Salt Lake City, -eft Sunday afternoon to return to their duties after spending eight days In the home of the formers parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zarh Riggs Orville Is serving as Technical Rec. Assignment Sec.

in the camp at Salt Lake City. Miss Kimbier is secretary to an attorney in the same city. WINTERIZE -o- PUT LIGHT GREASE IN YOUR TRANSMISSION CHANGE TO Nth LIGHTER WEIGHT OILS Alcohol for your radiatoi VWWvfWnM ONE STOP BATEMAN Service Stations O. H. Wisthulf H.

O. Wheeles Mr. and Mrs. W. F.

Peterson John McKinley Dora North Mra. T. O. Johnson 1 Elmer Milton Austin Howard Mra. Julia Howard J.

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