Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 26, 1968 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1968
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•oar!** YiiuntJB (AP>-Bf, its, 86, noted Amef legist who pioneered JritOft afttJ cancer- ft« died Monday, White, of to* W«ath«r Experiment ita* tlon report for 24. Houri ending at 7 a,m, Tuesday, High 71, Lew 43. h*^ititls and a stroke se , -Neman, 65, a leading ist who was a pioneer V-.ttlr chlorlnatlon process of water, died Sunday, was a former president chairman of Wallace A Inc., of Belleville, NJ, SFFICERSSAY From (Page 1) would not favor what is called to enclave strategy, t think that is tantamount to certain de- 1 felt." Johnson commented in the 4f>rii issue of Army Digest mag- ttlne, Chapman in an Associat- td Press interview. ] Johnson, discussing war strat- •gy, said U.S. efforts must continue to center on driving the •nemy's larger military forma* Uons away from South Vietnam's population. ''Any change in emphasis tfway from search-and-destroy Operations would free the ene* my to operate with relative impunity around and between the peripheries of our enclaves," the four-star Army general as- jferted. ;, "In short," he said, "a with* drawal to an enclave strategy would simply give enemy main •force units a license to hunt ..when and where they choose." v Some civilian leaders are por- Jrayed as believing the United "states would suffer fewer cas- 'ualties by conducting fewer ..countryside search patrols or by 'avoiding static defensive positions In border areas Where ene* Ijny forces are close to supply ^caches. ,: But military officers argue "that giving up search-and-de- .stroy tactics would surrender to lithe enemy the initiative-as Jewell as vast areas of South Viet- ,~>amese territory— without a battle. . It is generally assumed that 'ihe administration's current "evaluation of Vietnam policy in- includes a new look at mUitary ^strategy and the manpower re]„ quired to execute it. ? Official of Colony Is Dismissed MIAMI, FU, (AP) scientists hope to bring fain to sugar cane fields with the help of a device called a rneteolfen, Havana radio, monitored In Miami, said the newly created Cuban Department of Physics of Forecast the Clouds is working on this. ARKANSAS-Fair and a lit* ftfidiwetor, cy,,lfoheian ii e wafm>r tonlgMt ^ Roman, was quoted as forecast eloudy and warm Wednesday ing rain in April in eastern Cuba wilh ' a chance of aftefnoe j growing areas. showers mainly west, By that t me, the broadcast nlgh t m the SOs, said, scientists will have completed experiments and will spray clouds and line them up into reproducing formations. The meteotron was not de- Low to* scribed/ Increose in Troops Is Opposed By THE 'ASSOCIATED PRESS High Low WASHINGTON (AP) - Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield, of Montana, said today he opposes any increase in U.S, troop strength In Vietnam. Mansfield told the Senate he Detroit, cloudy wants "to make my position and Fairbanks, cloudy Albany, clear Albuquerque, clear Atlanta, clear Bismarck, cloudy Boise, cloudy Boston, clear Buffalo, cloudy Chicago, clear Cincinnati, cloudy Cleveland, clear Denver, clear Des Moines, clear my feelings known before rather than after a decision will be reached," "It is my firm belief that any increase above the announced and assigned level should not be put into effect," he said in a speech. Mansfield has been among Senate critics of, the Vietnam war who have called on the Johnson administration to seek congressional approval of any proposed increase beyond the 525,000 celling now authorized, Mansfield took note of reports that the administration is considering requests by U.S. commanders for up to 206,000 troops. There have been later reports that another 35,000 or so might be authorized. Inmate Charged With Murder Fort Worth, cloudy Helena, cloudy Honolulu, cloudy 44 24 71 41 64 40 60 28 56 31 48 31 51 38 ..61 47 63 40 51 40 66 37 73 35 45 38 37 8 72 54 59 35 83 72 lil . LITTLE ROCK (AP)-W. H. "Bill" Sanson, assistant superintendent and director of per- j-sonnel at the Arkansas Chll- £ drens Colony at Conway since > 1965, has been dismissed. * Nils Florentz, chairman of the X board, said today the action WAS S decided at a board meeting over A S the weekend. Andrew PINE BLUFF, Ark. (AP) Ernest Johnson, 23, a Cummins Prison Farm Inmate, has been charged with second-degree murder in connection with the stabbing death Saturday of Dan Watkins, 28. Watkins, of Hamburg, was stabbed with a pocket knife in the Cummins barracks. He was serving a one-year ^sentence from 'Jefferson CoOnty f<5Y assault with intent to kill. Prosecutor Joe Holmes of Pine Bluff By filed the charge against Johnson Monday. Johnson, of Little Rock, Is serving a three-year sentence from Pulaski County for burglary and grand larceny. Indianapolis, cloudy 61 43 Jacksonville, clear 72 44 Juneau, cloudy 37 30 Kansas City, clear 73 51 Los Angeles, clear 73 55 Louisville, clear 55 35 Memphis, clear 62 47 Miami, cloudy 73 66 Milwaukee, cloudy 65 46 Mpls.-St.P., clear 70 35 New Orleans, clear 62 33 New York, cloudy 53 38 Okla. City, cloudy , 72 49 Omaha, clear 74 45 Philadelphia, cloudy 52 33 Phoenix, clear 77 44 Pittsburgh, cloudy 55 38 Ptlnd, Me., cloudy 45 27 Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy 52 43 Rapid City, cloudy 64 34 Richmond, clear 61 35 St. Louis, clear 74 52 Salt Lk. City, cloudy 69 34 San Diego, cloudy 70 55 San Fran., clear 59 52 Seattle, cloudy 52 43 Tampa, clear 73 58 Washington, clear 59 39 Winnipeg, clear 49 27 Fair, Worm With China of Showers Hultey Named to CoiF Board LITTLE ROCK (AP) - State Game and Fish Commission Director Hugh Hackler appointed H. Hulsey, 44, of Lo- THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A continuation of fair skies and warm temperatures is forecast for Arkansas along with some scattered showers in West Arkansas by Wednesday afternoon. The only potential weather- maker for the state is a Pacific cold front that is moving eastward out of the Rockies. This front will trigger t h e showers as it moves through the state. Slightly cooler and drier air " *-—-"•«—• ill 11 ji MaaKiifcAj vvv*w» «utu VIA EVA *u& Time is upon us when we noke assistant commission di- should spread oyer the stotfl X need an assistant superintend£ ent and director of personnel 5 ... with educational training 7 and experience in the field of :• mental retardation and these the $9,400-a-year position last £ are qualifications which Sanson year. ;; does not have," Florentz said, rector Monday. Hulsey was chief of the fisheries division of the commission. The*, legislature created once the front passes through by Thursday night or Friday. High temperatures Monday ranged from 75 at Fort Smith to 62 at Memphis. Overnight lows ranged from 34 at Morrilton to 51 at Texarkana. REVIVAL First Baptist Church 3rd & Main -Hope, Arkansas MARCH 31 Thru APRIL 7th Pr* W, T, Furr, Evangelist Pr, Joj TrusseU, Music Crown Choir Program for Juniors-Led By Mrs, Joe Trussed Primary Choir Program-7 P,M, Each Night MORNING SERVICE ,y^v.^v)7;15 A,M, EVENING SERVICE 7:30 P.M. Nyrsery Open For All Services Gerald W. Trussell-Pastor MrE (MnJ STMr WWIf If flMil ' IMtrtffifW Girl fcoutt ••!! The** CookU* Supporting Amendment (AP) Ate Democrat Leader Mike Mansfield, of Montana, said to* day he is leaning toward supporting a pending amendment that would combine President Johnson's 10 per cent Income tax increase proposal with sharp spending cuts. "Something has to be done to bolster the financial situation this, aeuntry finds itself in," Mansfield told newsmen, "Wo have to face up to our responsibilities as best we know how," he added. Mansfield said he did not know whether the White House -or the House of Representatives-would accept the Senate amendment, Sen, George A, SmathersY D- Fla., and Sen. John J. Williams, R-Del., are seeking to tie the amendment to a House' passed bill on excise taxes. Dec/ores Some Focts Distorted LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Jimmy Woodard, the director of the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics, said Monday that many of the facts in an article In a Republican party newspaper were true but that facts had been withheld "that distorted the true facts." ' "This is simply a political issue," Woodard said at a news conference. "They have been trying to remove me from my office and it simply bolls down to the fact that I am a Democrat and not a Republican." ., The newspaper, the Arkansas Outlook, charged that the department paid $l,000-a-month rental fee for a Piper twin Commanche airplane between last July and February. The newspaper said the rent per operated hour was $83 since the plane flew only 125 hours during that period. The Outlook said it cost $32.50 an hour to rent a similar aircraft at the North Little Rock,' airport. Airport officials, how-'"'' ever, said last week that: it would. cost more than,$50 '.an •ihouriJto'Tenti the/plane. -.':''"'> . Wooda?d ' said G: Thorhas™ Eisele and Marion Burton, aides ' to Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller, approved the rental arrangement last June. The Outlook said the plane could be purchased for $20,000 but that the rental fee would be $36,000 over a three-year period.' The newspaper said it obtained the figure from a bluebook price guide published monthly. ')«! i CONG ATTACK From (Page 1) and its outposts. Trang Bang Is the biggest district town between Saigon and the Cambodian border to the west. It sits along Route 1, the national highway leading from Saigon to the border and Is a commerical center for traffic to Cambodia. The fighting was the biggest single action of the Quyet Thang -Resolved to Win—offensive launched 16 days ago. The Viet Cong toll raised to 2,008 the total number of enemy troops reported killed. Tittldff, Nwtn 21; fff| Rockefeller Denies Charge by Petition WASHtKSfON CAP) - Go*, Winthrop Rockefeller of Arkan* sis has denied that the fteeltta Fund, a foumiation he set t*> 12 years ago, has engaged in any "ta* abuse," , Rockefeller termed a "poliu* cal maneuver" a report &« leased Monday by Rep, Wright Pat man, D-texas, head of a House small Business subcom« mittee which investigated tft* exempt foundations* ^ J Patman's report said Stock*, feller acquired several antique automobiles at a bargain through transactions Involving the Rockwin Fund The report said the Rockwin Fund bought an antique auto collection from singer James Melton in I960 for $200,000 atfd later turned the cars over to Rockefeller at a loss of $24,710. Rockefeller Issued a stat4* ment saying: Annual reports of all transactions have been filed with the Internal Revenue Service, and have never been questioned, y "Congressman Pat man has been attacking me and my family and others for years, and 1 have no intention of getting info a debate with him about this charge or any other." j The Republican governor added his relationship with the Rockwin fund is a matter of public record and any further comment should come from his attorney. '..'[ Patman proposed in his report that tax<exempt foundations donate their receipts to the government during the Vietnam war, saying the tax exemption granted charitable foundations was not intended to help "riqh men ... Indulge In their whims and fancies." — Bonnie Sinyard photos with Star camera This was the scene last Saturday when some of the girls from Junior Troop 311 sold Girl Scout cookies. The cookies are being delivered this week filllngorders thankful to local residents, made about a month ago. This Is to remind everyone to be ready when the Girl Scout comes to your door. The troop sold 1,200 boxes of cookies that is very "I Saw Wrinkles Vanish or Dim in ish in 2 Weeks " NEW YORK (Special):—"Disappearance of small wrinkles was accomplished . . . even the very deepest wrinkle* showed very great improvement." ThU dramatic report on the ingredients in Genava was made by a noted physician, specializing in dermatology, after tote made on a selected group of wemen..fie,Mw, these,. , his own eye».;•.,.,; . 1 " Win 1 tniii sliDs'tance' metics, named Genava, aging akin can start looking younger and younger—not older and older. The physician also commented, "The smaU superficial wrinkles responded dramatically." And he adds that the skin was "more trans- lucent and smoother in appearance." ' . These results arc nothing short of amazing. And it took a new cosmetic compound to do it. Developed by the trustworthy Nina laboratory, Genava is designed to be used under matte-up and asa nightcrcam.lt is absorbed made possible by Genava. <Ski* will become more translucent, younger-looking. Now available in selected stores—1.65 oz. »3.56; 4 oz. $5.00. Village Rexall Pharmacy Hop* Village Shopping Center Buick Bargain Days arc here. Buick Bargain Days is that time of year when we stretch to make you a Buick owner, It's that time of year you get the best deal on the new Buick of your choice, equipped the way you'd like your new car to be, It means prices you've got to see to really believe, And it means the most liberal trade*in allowances of the year, Everything we're doing during Buick Bargain Days points to plenty of incentive for you to become a Buick owner, See your Buick dealer today, MM Of CICIUIKM I Special liuivk mouitl 1)4>4 Icalurt: Huitk S^ylurl. tiNtuiii 2-dr. liurUlup, bur^ain-cquippvU vtjUi vsiii V remote control outside mirror, comcnicncu p,uk.cce. i.lvh'\c vxhcvl ccneiv eubloni bright ijiN. .mil cutiimt >teviMvj vshv'cl. BUICK M010B DIVISION Wouldn't you really rather drive a Bufck Bargain? JAMES MOTOR CO., 304 L THIRD ST.

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