Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on October 13, 1971 · 79
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 79

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 13, 1971
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Reg $1500 COMPLETE COLOR TV CHECK UP i Price Includes Service on Check All Tubes 1 Clean Tuner Converge Color and Set Up g $995 500 AAaa TV Behinti Coe's on E Lancaster 408 S Ayers 22 Yrs JE62805 1800 W BERRY WA 81161 ORO 4 MARLYN MASON more than decorative 7:30 PM Distinguished journalist and former presidential aide Bill Moyers takes apart the week's biggest news headline 8:00PM The Emmy Award-winning series roars on with another bunch of life love and laughter Greater more American dreamier than ever! nr") A 0 c r 0 A Pi TAYLOR'S TV AND APPLIANCE miTuTBHEE Career of Marilyn Mason Traced HOLLYWOOD (Spl) — I first saw Marlyn Mason back In 1963 when she played a role in MGM's television series "The L i e u- tenant" starring Gary Lockwood Then I fol es ' lowed her ca- reer while she did several "Man From Un- Ats I des" and BILL "Doctor Kil- mmiAN dares" in 1964 and 1965 She was super lovely and a good actress and I secretly predicted great things for her In July of 1970 she landed a feature part in the 20th Century Fox picture "Making It" Unfortunately the film did just the opposite of its title It came and went so fast most people never heard of it but it did bring Marlyn Mason back to the front where producers could see more of her I was the assistant film editor on "Making It" and was hoping to meet her sometime FREE DELIVERY DCPERT INSTALLATION SIDE-BYSIDE REFRIGERATORS FREEZERS 15'47'4 9'-221-25' Two Automatic Cold Controls Glide-out Shelves Butter Keeper 'as 12994 Start at 4 PAYMENTS SAME AS CASK BANK RATES OPEN DAILY 94 I LI-Lai ririn" ! a6 Akk -A during the six months I worked on the film but I never made it Due to the usual nude love scene I was seeing much more of her than I had in the past but it was only on film I WASN'T the only one who dug her — the associate producer did too He had met her and for some unfounded reason felt certain he would eventually be dating her This annoyed me and I couldn't resist the urge to put him on with my female voice (I have always been able to filter through the telephone like a female and it's great for practical joking if you can weather the repercussions when you're found out) One afternoon during the editing period the associate producer was in the cutting room talking about Marlyn I discreetly excused myself went to another telephone and called him saying I was Marlyn and coyly hinting that I woudin't mind our getting together He almost fainted and when I returned to the cutting room he began to rave about his success he knew she had gone for him etc He called her later to make a definite date and she politely told him no thanks I FINALLY got to meet Marilyn recently and she's as lovely in person as she is on film and nice She was amused when I confessed to the f em al e impersonation She is currently starring opposite James Franciscus in Paramount TV's "L o n gstreet" She says when her hair is combed straight down (which it is before she sees the hairdresser every day) she has a boyish look On her way to Paramount Studio a few days ago she was followed for quite a distance by a police car Finally they turned on their red lights and pulled her over They spent considerable time checking out her identification and running a make on her car to see if it had been stolen Marlyn kept asking the officers what she'd done but couldn't get an answer until the make came back on the police radio informing the PUBLIC - -t BROADCA1 tr I officers that the car was okay They told her then that both she and her car had been suspect in a crime What sort of crime she asked and the officers replied that they were on the lookout for a rapist I have great respect for law order policemen etc but no way no way could Marlyn Mason be mistaken for a rapist even with her hair combed down She was in a car and they could only see her from the neck up but even so Makes me a little nervous about their judgment IT SEEMS THE following week she was stopped again Different officers They told her her tail lights were out She told them the car was a loaner hers was in the shop They told her to have them fixed anyway I suspect those officers just wanted to meet her Policemen after my own heart Renews my faith in their judgment Marlyn is a free spirit She admits she doesn't really care about becoming a big star If it happens great She has no qualms about playing any kind of role as long as there's the opportunity for her to learn and put forth some of her ability She had several offers for TV series after "Making It" but she opted for "Longstreet" because she felt she would have more to do than in the others And working with Franciscus is exhilarating because he's fun and a real pro (Francois plays a blind insurance investigator if you haven't seen it — the show is well-researched and very exciting and Marilyn plays the part of his Braille teacher whom he has talked into becoming his partner) Marlyn says she isn't interested in a part where she has little more to do than sit around and look decorative and this role fulfills her requirements Fortunately for the viewer though she's going to look decorative no Carvings Illustrate Hindu Mythology MAHABLIPURA India — Rock carvings at this port city present a pictorial record of Hindu mythology preserved intact from the 7th century For 60 years under the Pat lava kings hundreds of sculptors worked an outcrop of granite into cave temples monolithic shines and a monumental shore temple matter what kind of role she takes (Released by the Register and Tribune Syndicate Inc 1971) Tareyton's activated charcoal delivers a better taste A taste no plain white filter can match 5:00 Green Acres 530 Walter Cronkite News 6:00 4 News Report 6:30 "THE GOLDDIGGERS" Musical variety show Your host—CHEVROLET —7:00 Carol Burnett — Guests Ken Berry Cass Elliott 7:30 MIMI CBS -8:00 Medical Center Dr Gamin tries to cope with two patients who 8:30 refuse to undergo surgery Pamela Pavton-Wright 9:00-Ma'nnix 9:30 10:00 4 Newt Rsport 10:30 11:00 Movie 1:00 "It Had to Happen" II:30 George Raft I I:00—Rosalind Russell 6:00 :30 Sunrive Semester 700 Morning News 8:00 Captain kangaroo —9:00 lbe Lucy Show 9:311 Beverly Hillbillies 1000 Family Affair 1030 Love of Life 11:00 IThere the Heart Is 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 1209 4 News Report 1230 Ai the odd Turns 1 :011 Splendortd ihing 1:39 Guiding Light 2:-00 Secret Storm 230 Fdge all Night 3:09 Mery Griffin 3:39 4:00 4::19 Comer Ple Ply IVISAP NBC Truth or Consequences NBC Nightly News Texas News World Series Baseball Baltimore vs Pittsburgh Texas Sews Tonight Show Gist Karen Black 1200 News -- h up7T-1 Sim :30 Good Morning Today Dinah's Place Concentration Sate of the Century flollywood Squares Ilitth Noon News 1 twee on Match Days of Our Live The Doctor Another World Bright Promise Soma Net ike Dont' Andy Griffith Local News Weather Jeopardy 1 be hat or When 8 Wednesday Evening October 13 1071 BLENDED WHISKEY 86 PROOF 65 GRAIN NEUTRAL SPIRITS 01971 CALVERT DIST CO LOUISVILLE $I 0 soM WCrw09:ps: 'be:OW0180 :1P:ybri$ilteytg ilriclVige It took us many years thousands of tests and millions of dollars to come up with a soft whiskey To do it we had to break a lot of whiskey-making traditions We think you'll find the end result was well worth it 'jL1' udtya vatik-on ig47ko ' An 86 proof whiskey that's even soft enough to dunk straight up If somebody else wants to make a whiskey that tastes as soft as Calvert Extra they'll have to do it the way we did The hard way CALVERT EXTRATHE SOFT WHISKEY I IVIPAA Movie (Continued) ABC News Channel 8 News itC:vit-aa "Bewitched Bothered and Baidoni" Courtship or Eddiels Father The Smith Family "Father's Day" hirley's World The Defective Defector" Thir Man and the City Tom believes in temporary police chief Ed ranch even when he overreacts under presVim to a killing Channel Ti News Dick Cavett Guest Fred Astaire o F I ve r lift Con la News it tic t30 ft Towle Mel Ferrer Dana Wyntet 1 hat t Bewlicited Password News 8 at Noon Let's 'fake a Deal Nevtivoril Game Dating Came General Vote lal One I if to Lite --- - 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' N64 0' MARLYN MASON more than decorative i IF COMPLETE It and I secretly predicted great COLOR TV CHECK UP things for her Price Includes Service In July of 1970 she landed a on feature part in the 20th Centu Check All Tubes ry Fox picture "Making It" Clean Tuner Unfortunately the film did Converge Color and Set just the opposite of its title It Up came and went so fast most Reg $99c people never heard of it but $1500 ti it did bring Marlyn Mason back to the front where prodAAaa TV ucers could see more of her I Wont Coes on I Lancaste was the assistant film editor k ' r A glis 408 S Ayers 22 Yrs JE6 2805 a On "Making It" and was hoping to meet her sometime L ' 0 -a Start liking radio again b 1 k t b STEREO Where the good music Is (7 (Iv — ---- - I 1 11 I FREE DELIVERY WERT INSTALLATION P g 1 tne police male intorming tne - 0 ji 0 ‘1 s LI i 1 i LI 0 r c-) h 16 ger 41k t 0 D D 11 i I t ' ' 0 110 7:30 PM Distinguished journalist and former presidential aide Bill Moyers takes apart the week's biggest news headline A044rio-b I an $11 - 4 IA tc :? eV') 0 ra-1 e ' la4al 40 10 :ovelA)-b ill i 4 - s go s :r ft ria A'ilw e Watt 'a a'411414 ci t -re el't lo a a cflP'404t " 4 Notf -e4 I v I so a ?i 9 41'' 0 V )1 0' 4 4V 4 14'4° IA''40 P 4 ' 41'4444k ttra ' -1P1 r:1- 11144 4114 b 11411 tdo4 fi 4 '41 - 4 4 r1 VO' 40 A ‘ a - Tti -:i v t eil ei I fr: - 4714 P of et'l te t-?-4 a - 0 - q- ' PalitrAll NE0 4 Ooda 401 441 I --4 i 1114tt k 4 1101111 itldnao 111:t100 !11 tl feilv el 11-roit t" 4 11 ifigt C sr ewe Pk!tki44vc:1))ci v poi - A j 716 - i A At es -tit -cm f it t t :el a a 4-'4 ?11AIS ‘lit ilv-tipTettifil'e4izelf A A sTIASk"40It 14' 7:it! ipA 1 4 1 1 4- 4 4 41 A - Av I 4i- 4tr—tre tsv 11 f 0 It?1 i'Ni " 0 le ott' -41014 4 silt ea alAllat: I 1 a so e9-411Ayi "1 t 0 A N n II 4 p i a f 0 I 1 firl ona SIDE-BYSIDE E REFRIGERATORS FREEZERS 1 15'-171-19'-221-25' Two Automatic Cold Controls Glide-out Shelves 1 Butter Keeper Pdces art t $299's st a - - 1 i 1 I ! ! 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