Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 19, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1916
Page 8
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fv.- STERLING DAILY GAZETTE TUESDAY, DEC. 19, 1916. AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS;- GRAMD-Today in " Myrtle Stedman The American Beauty-* Also Belig-Tribune News ~~~ WEDNESDAY Frank Kcenan in "The Thoroughbred" COMEDY Fay fincher in "The French Milliner" .t. h KHcnlir *w>rt{ tn *"h»^;»«;«> f<n •x-hf-v b" -ftH! tfftn- ;ir* ]>-i'. '!<••-« Ai! !h" Ifltf-'-t «fX?«-:-Jn rt f-m'-n « }•" -it Kiltf'fi «• fv-(f-r»*. j .......... • '. H, ,fi>hn«"n. "f txtt-.Mf. Mii-t». Mr. f»rf.| MrA, Ihtrrv <'ff>n*- i-f LET Vaudcltc , ' Helen Holmes in > "Manager of The B and A M ^IMHIIInB rallrond story. Hc«»- burning flamlnp ireon mid brush *M'i»r n shown, 6c. train. :00 and- rnsinc rx- 10. Tomorrow, 3 niio vntidcvlllr. HEARING TODAY. WlJHnm Dnckrr, th« Dixmt city urnv who bun brf-n orciipylm; n In thr- Ijfc (.'minty julnw MM nrrf-st imf wi-r-k njj<>. 'i* to ;bronuM up for "n preliminary ]ln .TtlMfrc (;<>hnnt'N court lr»<tay. Th<» Ks]hf-r Ilnhnm, whom IIP Is nl- Hnvf lp<l .itstrny, will be the principal wltnrw neftlnxt I»«*rhpr. Thf» olher ph'lf. \v|m tv^rn living with Drck«<r. hiivr- ili>m|>prairtl, ihrrohy. priv- InK !!IP rminty thr- pxpr-tifr of probably having to maintain them In Homo i»l* Institution. L'hil- FREEPORT M008E TO BUILD. i Kreeport lodse of the tx>ynl .order ut .,,.,„ >Moi»»e will close II* option «»n .Ian, ' , . _____ . Bit Bel, Wilson Trio, Injttrumrntnlistfi * ft)r n «l«lrlnK property on which n nr»w Thf j twn *'| ft *'"' bc lmllt - Tnt> c "* 1 of th(1 than $25.000. »na le IUXB. Alflo extra, don't miss ;£jrtf>. of Evil,' 'It's great, with {launder*. TURKEY GOOSE AND DUCK SHOOT ^ at Agnew, Illinois Wednesday, Dec, 20 Held by Ohms Brothers AT .12i30 P, M, ;!t may greatly exceed tlmt nmount, on whether It 'will be two or stories In height. There will be a commcxllnun Imxemrnt. The building Jwill have an ornamental front, lt« de« idjrn to bo th<» latest nff.'hilecture. and will further enhance property 'vnlue*. AUTO FIRE TRUCK REPAIRED, Thi» nutu fire truck which wit* badly wrecked two wetfki* HRO by running Into the curb on Broadway has been repaired nnd It IK thought to be us K'H>d ntt new. It In mmrnnteed by the manufacturer HKHin. The truck h«« been taken to (be paint lahop nnd It I* thought by CommiMilone.r J. lyOver- hol»er the trtirk might bo ready for' «HO between ChilHtmns nnd New Year's. iic.-iL-K ibl* nvrnlnir r>n lu!--(m'.«*. j Kt:ntk Kit rn urn. "f Pixon, ?-|n-r;t Sunil-'iv rvc-ninc in (hi* rity witft friends. »prrit Tiu-vfl;iy in t.liN rliy shopplnc. 711s-; KfTiHi AVbU vf>f S'lis 1i< r .v-f-'ttT- ,V!t"»i- W. • J. 5tr<"r»f(!v, nf T;'it»j»ir(>, !-l«~'nl yr-wtf-nifiy in this Hty shopping Phillip Viin Horn'*'I* r» *••*(,"•! i HK nt tlw Mi-.idley-Boynton «'!n!filri.s t'<v,, during fh« holiday !«e«fn>Ji. Jus! rw*lved (HU'Hior, i ;ir »'f ldnhi> point"**, the best in the city. Try Oi(i<r Mnilh.i \Vfi.KhIrmfon candle 1 * iif»?v mid It wiltlw fin you when . cm ( (ill.* Thf» best buy ••-• Mnrthn Wn'fihlnRton "Mn|i|*> pei-nn roll." best t>v*-r, »t Mr. rtiid Mrs, Hi). 'Mi«rrlH nnd family, if Coletn. were here shopping yester- M. (", HI Heel, of N'r-l^m, wn« n bunl- in-B« visitor In thin city Tupsdny morn^ ItlR. Mr. nnd Mr«. Hoy Wuntley. of Mill* •'i1r.r\ ill", were lu-re Mondny on .Mr«. H. K; flock nod Mr« Mitchell. of l.yndoti, were lic«re Monday on btssi- The Great Christmas Shopping Center of Sterling Help You With Your Christmas Problems \V. It. Greenly, of IntHanapollH. Intl.. Is npendlng a few tl«y» here on busl- IIoii»eh«ld 'Science Club Thnr«day afternoon. Duen to b<« paid at thin meetinfi:.* Mr. nnd Mr«. Clarence Htlt?iJ'l werr here horo ahnppftiR thlH mofniiiK from Nelwon. Mr«. t'harles Mrlllmoyl, of Nelmm. spent Monday afternoon in thin city on NEWS IN SHE MISINTERPRETED. I liei I St. i<r*lw CORONER FRYE SICK. I)r. C. M. Frye. of Whitenide county. very III at II!M borne on Becond Ht., KterUrtK. The doctor wan ninklnK u coll MINK Mnrle Itourk hn« arcepted n position with the Wyne-Deaver Dry flood H 'Co, - Jehnl* CJulfkn Is nick with the grippe and uniiblc to bo fit her work at the Arcade laundry. Jamoff Keenan. of Dlxnn, npent Sunday eveninsr In thl« clly at the <*. H. Ooeke home. Mln« I'crnifltii been very ill for is Improving. Anthon'y, wlio the past few weok» Jtock wns taken nuddenly slek. He wa« hard-' ly able to Ret home without nld. He baa been having a vary high fever islnco. Nearly every winter the doctor thin • H has developed. Una Mr*. Lixzie JBandt, the woman who IN alleged to . |>t»V» inlBlnterproted the teMlmony of} 11 ' 1 " U|C . Brl|> tt " a ll |H un Ofthlhcau and John Molner b*-. 1 ' 10 *" J " b '« w 't« him now. the -September KrwwLJury. of l^>e unty, mtflinterprctation rTXtC&ed in n bolnir returned againnf in »rr« has left ttio ~*«uununVity for i'unknown. It IH Uelievt>trvby tho lUthorltleB .that-nft«r Ihe two ^ men. another . interpreter, dental had inmltted It, reallxed tho offeneie anc) decided, lo "b^at it" sr*th»n lent against Mr, Schorr w«n Htrlck- i from the docket by Judge Heard. THE PENNINOVON ROAD. , Commlwaioner Johta will. try and pUBh the work on 0 Ponnlngton road next year. lie there are neverul thousand dtillurn .bank for thin purpoHe and h preliminary work done tbi that with the flrnt warm day f the contractor inaj* start ii t etual work find ««>t It don* o Hummer; The nurvoy Im aken by the cj*unly superintend ilghwaya and he la now nnxlou to make the t'tttlmitto HO as ii ^., the date of th» opening o B bfda that the HUOcoKHful contractoi ' to Blurt tho work early. QAME8 OF CHANCE. Ordera were iimucd yesterday by po- Uco department of Uixon to raid all pliicew operating punch boardw, Jotter- Ira and games of chance of any character, Acting on the above order th$ patrolmen seized a numl>er of lK>nnI« and carted them away. HeVeafter the slot machlnea and punch hoard games will be_Blrlctly tabooed In Ulxon. . PELL DEAD WHILE WORKING. While. onifHired-in^the labor NEQHO PUIAD8 GUILTY. lliam Miller, " tho noijro who ban (n the Leo-coulity jail awattliiK action of the Brand Jury on the of paaslnR npuriouH clirokH, «x wJIHngntWM to K« in(o com and pli-ad guilty -on tin Accordingly ho was b e County Judge John «\ CratHree entered a plea of guilty; He WI Henteiiced to $0 daya in jail an< ered to n«y tho flu obtained from «, Anna Btokca, a, colored laundre** lif at 613 inanition avenue. Millet r*»»ed no HtUq a|«aatlHfavtion with vordlct of tho court. "Kehruarj no Um« to get o«t of jail," he anU mokeii {-otiasff cho»Mi« of tho milk Baya he IH fouling the of paper boxcu tu a groat extent, [j iwya he u«e« a greut many of the. lilt, paper retteptacl«a about the kind e.cream In aald in. , I^tat^ 1 week ho ^t, thorn for^twenty-flvu ccntu a |red. Monday lie twught a CHHO uf ) on<i tho price- luid advanced u> cents per hundretl, ,thre* «m hlih ua they Wero taut week. told tlmt noxl wuok they nils eighty'or nlnwy cents, per hundred 0 tie could not -bo atfxuml <>t (\ for, molt* tlian a King In week. PALMYRA MAN DEAD, Cf HlllM, un ttiffd riwldcnt of Unyra township, died uuddenly ut home at S nVI'iok yt'utfiday •moHi- fol|i»win« a brief i!lni>«H, Mr. Mlll-s a j>lon»M»i' rfiHiiU'iii of t'tiiinyru, r,«'HliU'd lln-if for ulinoKt 01 .. lie wax born in Cuntt<ia nuu*<> 88 yfwra «s«» and n»muv«Hl from ,,„. ,r«vi«w» to JUinui«. ;<niiUnK near fc'Wjlmym in isr»8'. c»n Mun-h 25. 188-J, W«a united in marriage »u Miw*» Cue-, she pif'CKCtiiiiK hini to "'"•: the 'ptave alinotit a yoar ago. Jim, 5, s4?«- • - . • CHILD is BETTER. lic^n reot'iv'vd from t'hi- that jibe Hi tin nix' nii'iHliK old of Mr. unU Mrs. (llt-t'ii. Hor- gtttninK «ml will )>•• ubb- >", bt- giri Uaw had piipuioontu in a (arm and Mhm ii«» iu-«m ut the hoa- ;', pitat 'for »'ome ilino with (Mtniplk-utitiiw " fjoiii lu-i- uilmi-ni". Air, .mil Mi>. an 1 boih f»rn>v> Stoiliuj, pvn- erlng a atrawberry patch to protect (t ngninHt the rlgor« of winter. J. A, Tumey," SS^r Nrtrnnii*on"avenife7'"THx^ on, fell dead, and when found bin llfe- HH IW*H«|« wei-e Mtlll elanped »l>out the handle of the fork used to cover the. plant*. -Heart of death. trouble wait the cause REVIVALS AT COLETA. Hevlval meeting will be heia at the Liberal V. B. church in t'oleta Jan. 1st to Kill), liev. M. B. Leucb will conduct the seivieeM. Ilev. Ixwch comes from Ualettburg, Ilk, Rev. Sylvester Sanford of tho I'oleta church- will have charge of the music. Everyone IB cordially invited to each service. DAILY WEATHER REPORT. , Tho Chicago weather bureau forecast for today IM aa follows: Unsettled and probably snow Wedneartuy and in the-ttoHbern -and central portion* "tonight; warmer in extreme south and colder In the north and .central portions tonight; colder "Wednesday. • LITTLE LOCALS .. Woodruff* atudlo, New Year photos.* Henry Williams 1* very Hick at the * Utrget>t and beat audprtment of Uhrlatma* slipper* at Killen * Peters.* MJ»H. Martha LouU in confined to her home by illnc«B. 13d grey or re«,l fox ucta fop J23.6", at Heckman'M.* ' Harry Forgmson went to Chicago today on bu»lne«H. v < Martha Wash! n« ton* candiea are pure and_ fresh, otic the full pound." H. W. K. Mltchelj went to Chica'go oday on ImwIiumM. Ml«« Uuth Oiffrow «pent Sunday in Ulxon with friends, Tho (.'at hollo Woman's Club will dbi» contiiuio ibelr We«in«iday afternoon HoeialH until after tb» holidays.* Edward March spent Hunday t-vi-niny n Uixon with friendu. Kenneth QiUman, benelit dwnw, at Woodman hall. IHic. ye. 'Kverybody Invited.' ' Va»l.Hg|m» vi«itt*(I in liuintt 318 vi>nin« 'with' friends, "'let on U»o bana wagon." .tojif the Open cliartwr for a short timu Ahu Biijiifhu Aduir went* to l>ixon l(jinlay on liUHiut'>»«. lioxcd hnndkoH'hlpra from' 15r t«> $).. iO. They ront*« tu Uwuntifnl dt'HigiiH at leckuiao'it. v . . , A- Uyt»wiu, of Ht. Lwuim, «p»>n( MOD* «y bort< no bti|iineKii. MaYtha U'tisliiiigtun ciiiiditij, SO vur? cue.*. JXU- bolter tbaii llu' MfUur,' Uuve POTATOES WgRE CHEAP. Markey, of Miurlsun. n\t"iH here with fririida. 13. llodvwr.' <>f .Kix'kford. i« »>iu>nilini: - -tt^-w- -tlHJtt "^^v^ ! iJ—tttt—fotnttttnaut—' 125 pludli mul vi'loiir tHiais at.S!'.t,7r, t Hi-'kmun'n. They make V«T> flit-' ble Xflla^ gu'tK,* . <?' * Thiimui* K, l<i)liii!S(iii W«IK uvVi.iitor i KockfnrU todity ou l)usin»'}>s' hi*i- home" on ucTxunt ui «icknv»». , Mivs ('Lint <i.utn'*r i.- 1 Kutflnod . tu Mr*! O. O. Stowart nnd Minn "Mabel ut Nelwin, Bpent Tuesday in thin city Mhoppint;. .Tho Banes school will hold a banket intelal Thnrndtiy nlffht. l>ee. t!l. Iwtdlee plenm* brlnt; tmakHife—M Unrvin, teacher.* Mr»». and Mr». Oenniw Newton, In., «pent rllly on buHlnesw. , II. J, Heititt returned home Mondny morning after a few dayti bu*lncMM vl«t> It in Chlpngo. Mr. and Mr*. H, Huyorn left thin thin mornlriK for Chicago, where they wll upend Bovcrnl day«. Frank Btanlcy linn accepted n POM!- tion with the Brad ley-Boy n ton Clothing Co, .during the holidays , The bl(TKe*t mile- t»n toy* nnd novel- tiea we have ever had. The Mtork IB in pretty good nhapa yet. but l« getting Inns every day, Uon't wait any longer. Meckman's,* - - , , MJ«« Irene Olm«te«d, of rrophetk- ItJ.wn,- was here Tucullay wheru spent tho day nhopplng. Mltjs Fern Weaver, uf MorriMiti. «ub> mttted to an operation at the Sterling honpltal Sunday morning. Mr. and Mm, Harry Hein left morning fo> IXJH Angeles, Cul., where they will spend the winter. Miss Joy Christopher has accepted a position at tho Wynp-Deaver Dry Goods Co. during the holiday**, Miss Sadie Smith, who has been in Chicago fur the past month returned to her home in this city Saturday.- Join th« Jxiyal Order of Moose.. Glv« yourself A Xmas prexcnt that will last you a lifetime. Big C!U«M to be Initiated Thursday, Dec. 21st, Open charter, Pee 15.00. O. T. Huff, District Director.* BIRTHS E,—A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. |toy Klu'ruoUt of Jordan Hut- urflay evening. MK1N8.—A duaghter wa» ^born to Mrs. Albert Meins Monday morning at the Hterllng Hospital, In a spirit of helpfulness we have gathered from every department of the store a wide variety of pretty and appropriate gifts and put them in Christmas boltes, all ready for your choosing sirid you can rest assured that as gifts they will reach every woman's heart Our big south-west show window will htlp post you and the following items will give you an idea of the variety that we have prepared: HANDKERCHIEFS 12 assortments of Handkerchiefs, 1 to 7 in a nice Xmas box, priced per box.. ,25c to $1 12 assortments of Hose put up in Christmas boxes, one and two pair in an appropriate Xmas box, priced from ..;... .80c to $1.75 12 assortments of Damask and Bath Towels put up in Christmas boxes, priced at per box from ,50c to $1.50. THE FOLLOWING ARTICLE ATM BOXED SEPARATELY Gloves, at — •••;•• .$1.50 to $2.00 Waist Patterns, in two yard lengths, priced - at $3.00, $4.00 and $5.00 Pillow .Cases, at .$1.25 Batiy Robes, at 59c, 79c, 98c and $1.35 Sheet and Pillow Case Set, at ........ ,81.30 Corsets, at .... .$1.50 and $2.00 Corset Covers, at ..,. — .. .$1.25 and $1.50 Petticoats, a£ $1.50 and $2.dO Skating Set, aT.^.........,....7. .77"."$2750""'' Corset Qover, at .. .$1.25 NigfhtOowns, at ;;;..>.. .$1.00 Night Gowns, at — ...'.:—.$1.50 Petticoats,, at ,-•'••' $5.75 Petticoats, at — ................... .$5.50 Waists, at ". .$12.50 •Night'Gowns, at ................. $4.75 Silk Sweaters, at .,, $11.50 Waists, at ...... .$7.50 Waists, at .'............... .$6.00 Sweaiers, at ...,, -.„,. .$8.50 Fur Set, Fitch, at r...............-. .$5J5,00 Child's Bath Robe, at .....,......... .$2.95 Sweater, -at--.-.. .-.-.-,--.-.---.—•-;•;.•..:. -.-.-.--.-T$8,-50- Boudoir Caps, at — $1,25 <J3oudoir Caps, at .$1,00 DR, F. W. BRODR1CK Pwctic* llmltei-to EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT BRAIN SURGERY Hours; d to 12 a. m.{ 2 to 4:30 p. m. Fifth Floor Lawrence BIdg. Both Phonss Sttrllng, III, D£ Walter, J. Palmer Dentist , . .,.. . • The Great Christmas Shopping Center. Coupqns must be redeemed on or before Dec. 31,16 Store will be open every evening until Christmas, beginning tomorrow night. Av«, Steriiog, Philip H. Ward Lamps Are Always Acceptable Gills 411-414 L«wr«nc* * • rf|a » . Roo,n3 10 and 11, over Jenningi' Jewelry to t.hl>* ill' "'.'''ii'Jv;.! ,tli«' nj-jjiM>,i> 'v. v (.1 kllitl ttlii! lln-lji !..r a,lb».' v»->« ffFTT"" ~ " < Jt'l iit^A J'.tliliiJiX *l • i • JACOB CANTUN LAWYER l>':'u f«rm loans. Prepaym«nt 3ELL 499 ROCK FALLS, ILL. LOANS AT ** " ~~L. ' 6. / or 10 y««rt, wpl tp $100 a«r« if »scMrity wari-«nt» MORTOAGES FOR SALE JOHN M. STAQEE taw office SU9»r 4 \V»» have just rect»iv»»«l a sitijniH»ut of J^h fur the hpliihty tnulf, \vi> bt'lievc tint niost beautiful jmi trrns you have ever M-fii. You will fimi Jill th*MitnvY'f~ ftH'ts Tit pi'ift's tliat niake sh<i|>)»iii# hero n plea-sut't*. Piano Lumns, Floor Lamps, -Headinff Lampn (Vtiw in aiui niaki* ytuir st'Iet-Hou while the i- ut itx best.- • y . " JAPANESE A beit.utiful ornament for tho table and makes a. t any wiiiuan woultt ap|n v eeiute. <'ou*i*t« of pottery ami ornament* of animals, insects ami ad fi -Vmr-w-Hl linvr tn T»m*— t4t«H»i - ft* i^all-y— iip beauty, : ' '• : Our big trucks deliver anywhere _,,».> TO! ROY G ' The store with the useful Christmas presents We allow 5&-discount vS, Furoituris Undertakingr "-'Vl

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