Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1968 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1968
Page 9
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M*6fl 28 , lllttltt Will fit* , Re-election ?1lffTL£ ROCK (APV~ chief .fistiee Carletofi Harris of the Arkansas Siipfefiio Court said $t«fday that he would seek re* Sfeetian this year, ,;Harris, 58, a native of frne f|aff, was elected to 1956 to fill & uBexplred term and now Is (fcmpfeUftg his first full eight' year term. ;,;He graduated from the Cunv fcerlafld University law school ft 1932 and served three terms MJ the Arkansas House of Rcp< resentatives, He also served as prosecuting attorney of the llth Judicial District (Desha, Lincoln and Jefferson counties) arid chancery and probite judge of the 4th Chancery District (Jefferson, Arkansas, Lincoln ifld Cleveland counties). '-Harris served two years In the Marine Corps during World War n. , Powell Sees Civil War of Young Folks Wt (iHO Scouts Hold Kit* Flying Contest Prwttf tr flffsit Humphrey ft Critic of Riot Report lite mwefft§flt to* ward t*d setlettes "om black, ofie white-$*i« rate arid une* Vietnam War Picture at 9 Glance Preus Writer (AP><~ WWto President Johnson continue* to refrain frotn detailed comment on the refxiH of htsrlotcommls* sion, Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey Is emerging as the prime tdmihistratlon critic of the group's recommendations. Johnson, tinder heavy attack from political opponents such its Sens. Eugene J» McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy for not sfttJtklfig out In tovor of the commission's proposals, had an* other chance at a news Confer "tW« is only part of the fife* tare, ftnrl t do not believe it Is ttsr wain part," Humphrey said, cftlUng sepftfitttsrft "a minority rt #«*» t**\r+«tt#'*t*\ « mnmm L led by black «frt %»;jL^S iJ2.*> white mhmste who ean la** .,^1^ ^Ti^fJ%?/MM ttt advantage of current fr«str«» ® rs *™, ¥ ic 5>lf ^JJJlS tiefis fttrt do not ffpeaUor the *• u i */*, *!L?222E2 toll nf American* hiaHt ant! *™ **mp«ris ferrying weapons SMI**'\ anti teerj to Vlef Coftg In tfct &fe* Bat ill assailing "whJtt rac* ^.P*' 1 *-.. ami the way it contributed KHE SANK-Two U.S. Ml* to the t'ibts, the commission ^MS^Lflff!^^ . H cited "iwvaslve discrimination and s^reptlon in fen> Sr^irw^iSHeftSbUiA^x 1 ! ^!5£A" cr ' w tte y sofhe * vy i*A«wieie ' ootnoHftimeius, trenusis< WASHINGTON-:shortage of skilled Sttlgon government per* sonnel anrl corruption are cited ence last Friday. As before, he ™j?/ te e J^s" -whiclh'lTlmliw lnc Deification and redevelop-* r ™''»« 1 JIM?JSS"?* 1 : 2S,idBliJ* £££ «?JOT"?"La* v ""Noting that he thought It was "a very good commission," the by white suburbs, and the Impact of poverty a nd segregation mm by U.S. aid officials. WA&ttNGfON*.Cmnt hell- he would obey all futurehvrders. Powell, when asked whom he supports for the presidency, replied, "Only A.C.P."- meaning himself. King spoke at the New Ca- Marionettes Coming Here Wednesday Once upon a time, a charming fellow by the name of "Pled Piper" came to Hamelin Town, »c\^ m i r S s a •"?, * ^ in 's e ™ *£&&*££ emphatic noi wnen asicea at Southern Christian Leadership a news conference Sunday if he Conference, envisioned a race war this sum- Woman Goes :-:NEW YORK (AP) - Deposed Congressman Adam Clayton Powell predicts "civil war" by naan"Ba P IisTchurch"of Chrlstln young people over the nations Harlem( where he attended cer- race situation, e onles marklng the installa- • Powell, 'back from an 18- tlon of the Rev Wyatt Tee month self-imposed exile in Walker as pastor. Walker for- mer. But, Powell added, he believed that both white and black youths would join In battling the "white power" structure. The 59-year-old Powell, who returned Friday night, said he came home to purge his district of "Uncle Toms." Meanwhile the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said at a news conference in Harlem Sunday that he is still committed to nonviolence "and I think the vast majority of Negroes think that way." The Nobel Peace Prizewinner said he was reluctant to predict on Trial in Slaying WALNUT RIDGE, Ark. (AP) - Mrs. Myrtle Dark of Walnut side to hear his song and follow him. In the very hear future, a similar, and as momentous event will take place in Hope, Arkansas, A modern "Pied Piper" in the person of Nicolo, a puppet jester, will come to town. The children will hear his Piper's call, and follow him to the Hope High School -Hope Star photo Some of the group helping the Cub Scouts with their kites. Cub Scout Pack 93 from Beryl Henry school held Its kite flying contest last Saturday at the Ben Rice home on PatmosToad. Winners werei Biggest' Kite' •» Britt Months; First kite up- Donald Stizes; Highest flyer • Jay Rowe; Smallest kite • Len Peters, Steve Cox, Rodney Wee; Most elaborlte kite • Ricky Hogue, Dean LaGrone; Kite with longest tail Brill Moots, Dwight Stone; Kite with shortest tail -Tracy Comer, Tommy Waters, KyltfGeist. Charlie Brown's Kite eating tree was on hand for the event, consuming two belonging to Bryan Cox and Dwight Stone. DO-IT-OURSELF Preskiem toW reporters that "a ft dttiroflniOBnorttmi art w *> lcr attl airdrop eapablllty, good many of the things they ^SSTfl.^^^ ff.T T^vfTSSSI; recommended we had alrnady tthe i (fifl< , dant Gun, Leonard F. chapman •fcffi than individual "white £• •&** ^JJfTffi S 8 *; Xcllttn ^"oytsL ?ngt a «t!t whTt^^rlcSoc^^lfho?! B N ™J™fc^?C MOTS.? Kwo n ** h ' s-*^^-ffbStaft borhoods It said. ^ us m(H(a ' ry rote ln v ,| t . Harmless Despite Sl*e nam< may » thim bwn (h< , res ,itt Most overpowering In np- O f deliberate provocation." ' pcnrancc of the several hundred species of .sharks' Is the whole shnrk. It is miite harmless despite its -15-fool Itwgth. made decisions on." "We don't agree with everything In this report and tihey don't agree with everything we are doing," Johnson said, aild- Ing that "there Is a gonei'al 'slmpatico* of views" between his Cabinet and the commission. But Humphrey said the report's conclusion that "our rax- tion Is moving toward two soc.l- ties", one wWte, one black, Is "open to some challenge." lie broadened his attack In u speech Sunday night. He called for "NstoHal perspective" on what has already been accomplished, thus reflect A keynote In music Is the llrst note of the scale, WANTED! Ment Women age 18 and over. Pr«'parpnowfor Lincoln Service has helped M« MeomgiM, uus reuw.. £ s civil Service job opTdtng's thousands prepare for these tests ^Lii iS?Si rt^H «hn S durlr * »* Mxt lz nionlta; every year ulnce 1048, it to on« 21 LSL S* Kte In n Ctovornmont positions pay high of the largest and oldest private- SSJ^.lt^ to 5«S ' SlarUnK '^ larles - ^ Prov.d% «y own^i schools of It^nc. ^ Pick the Right k Hopewell Auditorium for there, on Wednesday, March Efth he and I • • f .1^ I L his troupe will perform in a full I flQQPf fO| 1116 JOD and qidge went on trial here today length musical play — ^Hansel ^^•^•^-^*" •-** • * "T demonstrations for and Gretel". " Bv MR FIX ders were made of wood. Now economic justice." The Hope Junior Auxiliary is ' ' -^ou have a choice of wood or The vice president charged proud, therefore, tcfpresent the What kind of ladder you-^ctal and the metal is gen- that In saying "white society .. HM imuch greater security than pri- "wrf I'm not lust startlne Vate cm P lovnicnt an *l excellent out^ nSmiCv sad no Sf opportunlty for «'vancoment. thai"! tl 1960s we tove ex Ntlny P° sUJons "Wire little or rienced" the greatest and molt ^Hence 1111 ^ 1 ^^^ °'' ° X " hopeful breakthroughs in race" ^ ,« ffe< onc of l[hesc jol)S| is not connected with the Govern- For FREE tooklet on Covern- tlons and salaries, fill out pon antl mall at once -TODAY! ^_ f You will also get full details a test. The com'- on how you can prepare yourself petition is keen and In some for th eso tests. riots this summer because ciark owned here. "predicting them is like inviting them." Powell also delivered a short sermon at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, where he has been pastor for many years. Powell, a Democrat, Vasbtfst-* ed from Congress on charges of misusing public funds, and charged with contempt in defying New York courts over full payment of a libel judgment against him. When he returned to New York he was released on parole pending appeal of his conviction. He promised a judge for the shotgun slaying of her husband, Mlllard M. Clark, 51, on March 18, 1967. r , , . ...-,.. ,, . . .._ — — -.-,—„ . Mrs. Clark is charged with in "Hansel and Gretel". This will buy, or If you even will erally aluminum, sometimes condones" the segregation and first degree murder in the slay- sparkling production is based on buy one, depends a lot on just 1 magnesium. poverty of the Negro ghettos, the beloved tale of the master- how much you plan to do Wood is heavier, is subject the commission "comes danger- story- tellers, the Brothers around the house, the kind of to rot, splinters, and may O usly close to a doctrine of Grimm, enhanced by the music ?°^ y ™f* nn \!;Z? n your own Aprack or split. But a good group guilt." of the opera by Humperdinck. he !f ht and1wci ! ht '_. 1 _. __>ood Udder does not go all at * B £\ he m The artists in Nicolo's New ing, which occurred in an apart ment at a shopping center Clark, a widely known contractor and businessman, was shot once in the back of the head. Y k Clty under the in- a ^ inst * , ™T* V main thrust of Hum- criticism was directed :he commission's basic .LINCOLN SERVlCIt, Dept. 22-IB l^ekln, Illinois I am very much Interested, Please send m*- absolutely F.REE (1) A list of U.S. Government positions and salaries; (2) Information on how to qualify for a U.S. Government Jolb. Na.me Ago Stnset City State . BARRY' SPECIALS ^^ PRICES GOOD MONDAY. TUESDAY WEDNESDAY spired supervision of master - f th hf h it gable If oy Mrs. Clark has been free on puppeteer, Nicholas ,Coppola, : en- plan to w S rk on the roof, yoK^n YOU buv^a Udde? buv bond .sincf April. 25, J967,, when^ Joy^ed the hundreds of hoursspent w m m i ii » 1 ml fin Ihnl rV<Jl§^ Lll it TllP I ""l a life- Prosecufor David Hodges hfed"^ in creaHng tRe delightful^^ wooden you above'the eaves. If/«n ( *Jj$ ie anc { your life—litcrallv— the murder charge against her. actors who tell this story of you will need it for is check- % 0 uld depend on Its quality magic and suspense with so much Ing and cleaning gutters, a f Th • » advantage wi th alumi- charm and vitality. •• shorter ladder will do , ad(lers ,| the , r lflck of Noted scenic designer, Wll- Indoors, a step-ladder will % 0 ight If left outdoors, metal liam Pitkin, surrounds the pup- serve every purpose. Smaller ladders are not subject to rot- in January when a witness for pet actors with exquisite fairy- step-stools will take care of Ung( the prosecution was hospital- tale settings. One of the most day-in, day-out reaching. One big warning, though, in spectacular scenes takes place In .« y° u are rtat ». y° u , CJU1 P ro j connection with metal ladders the Black Forest where Hansel vlde S( ? m ? fof . , exl £ a rea , cn —don't tangle with electric and Gretel meet the captivating X°"fS ' L •' ma . kc , u P/. or power lines. The combination ...«.«._!! « — J ._ A ni.. UA « n M J * U«. Iflw+r4 *•* WlHI V»A The trial was postponed once because Mrs. Clark's attorney, Fred M. Pickens of Newport, was ill. It was postponed again ized. FRESH Catfish Steaks ctllU Vjl Qvwl I1JWL fcllv v<*Ml^ V*»H*I|t I* i * i_ A 1 Ai_ * AL. ,fc*v» T ^'> •.«•«%*•*.»••*» *»v»«»»^»»»»«»»*<»* woodland creatures and the kind- }i H J" h ? fxtrvaou tSd To ^Jis lethal. Of course, even on a ly Fourteen Angels of Goodness, 'felvy/ge" J^JJ clwof powe'r lines I^atef bTurSiSSydS: de p or thc one . noor( rancn . '^S&^^^^My ^ US 'h delae H C w^h H ° USe ° f ^ -tyle house, a straight ladder SuSid^eS* MeSf 0 !?/Gingerbread Witch. (sometimes called a ranch ders should not have sharp The costumers at Nicolo Stu- ladder) should be enough if c dg es ' 0 r burrs Better ladders dlos have painstakingly dressed there isn't much of a roof ; na ve reinforced rungs. You the marionettes in vivid colors overhang. If there is an over- may want to pay extra for in an authentic Bavarian style, hang, remember that a ladder flat stepS| ra ther than round The ingenious styling of thest tal1 enough to rest against the rungSj The ingenious styling of these '^/J'fr^tKJi 0 ^ r°Joh Even with all features ap- costumes, gives the figures com- f tW v you m?v hive to settll for parentlv the same, there may 1 plete freedom of movement for ^^V^^^A^^A X* be differences that account their dance sequences. LB. SMOKED Bacon Squares 5 LBS 950 FRESH GREEN Cabbage TEXAS SWEET Oranges B^MMBU^^^^^^^^^ WASHING POWDER Breeze KING SIZE PRODUCE SPECIALS * ,, L FORGERS Coffee PRIDE OF YELLOW CORN Corn 4 s. 89(! MORTON ROUND BOX MEYERS Bread more than one ladder and the »« ua "7 r ice difference T^e m • « - « best wa y to d ° this is With an InLih m«v HP IhP «m» hilt This is an unusually fine extension-two ladders that ^L^irith, Raff?'and theatre production, and one that - - 1 •- - --»-» '-"-•*« not tne widtn. uaus ana every child should see. Mark the date on your calendar, Wednesday March 27th, The program will be given at Hope High School and Hopewell Auditorium. Performance time • High School « 9:00 & 10:30 a.m.; Hopewell • 2:00 p,m. Admission • 25c, The Junior Auxiliary is proud to present Nicolo Marionettes. Mrs, T, E. Hays Jr. is in charge of the event for this group, Phone PR7-3327. Train-Car Collision Kills Three By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS A grinding car-train collision killed three persons and injured another Saturday night at a crossing about four miles nsrth- east of Jonesboro. The victims were Identified as Clarence Sajr}s, 36, of Brook. c/ioos/ng o apart, with one section fitting land (Craighead County) Ricky below the overhang. LARGF. LOAVES CAPITAL PRIDE Don Mitchell, J5, of Jonesboro and Kenneth Presley Bobbitt, H, of Lake City. Ernie Walker, H, of Bay, was critically injured. For the multistory house, the extension ladder is the only thing. The combination ladder looks like a step-ladder until 3LB. CTN. Sairls and the two youths you notice that the rear rail were the only fatalities record- has rungs. As a step-ladder, ed on the Arkansas highways two people can work on it to- during the 5^-hour weekend pe- gether. one on each side The rio-i. rear unit can be flipped up Mitchell was the son of Mr. and used, as an extension lad- and Mrs. Buford Mjtche.ll of der. Or. like the extension Jonesboro. Bobbjtt was the son l add er- the combination lad- of Wilbyrn Bobbitt of Lake City fL^J and Mrs. Coylene Whitley of • Florida. Once upon a time, all lad- Warm News to Frigid Arctic ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) Warm iiew^ w.*s beamed to the frigid stretches of the Arctic near the North Pole. Expedition leader Ralph Plaisted learned Sunday he is the father of another son. The St. Paul insurance mil is leading a group which hopes to reach the North Pole. At last report they were about 400 m'les a ! His wife g4ve birth at St. John's Hospital her*- to pounl, llouice b?y We're springing ahead with a ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS 18,500 Btu's only Model 51TU2033 Thoroughbred Featt'j-.-os • Touch Control Center '» Two- Sp epd Cooling • Temperature Se.'eciion t Flexible Air 9 /.Vulornatic Thermostat * A ll-Weather Casing It's the now time to buy the brand of r.oom air conditioner'. When prices are gentle to the pocketb ook. When our corral of cooling values is full of Carrier thoroucjhbreds. When our crews are ready for immediate installation. Give yourself a break before the weather breaks. Don't gel saddled with summer prices, Now is the time to hit Ih e trail to pre-season savings. Make it soon! Mote people put theif confidence in Carrie -r (han in any other make Garrier LaGrone Williams Hardware 118 8. Elm St. Hope, Arkansas

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