Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 2, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 2, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY; AUGUST 2,' BEACON FALLS Beacon Falls Ready For Paper Salvage Chairman Ralph Tuckei Issues Appeal ror Support Of Campaign Jlulph Tucker, chairman of the Bnlvagc committee him toned the lollou-InK appeal to the townspeople. • "Vitally important to everyone Is the realization thtit there exists tod^y an extremely SL-rious waste piiper .Hhortapc. The shortage, rm- tlonal in scope. Is of Immediate importance to Connecticut, where it 18 used ns row mntirliil for a larj;e •cctlon of our Industry." "Connecticut paper mills need thousands of tons of \va.sto paper per week to keep running full time. These mills have large buck- IOR.S of war and essential civilian orders. A day of production lost by a paper mill can delny all nlOHK the production front. "Today the mills huve practically no Inventory of waste paper." "Plea*c nave till your u'n.itc ptiper for the next drive in Gracnn Fulls, which will be August Oth for tho cast side of the river, nnd August 7th for the west side of the rivor and B»ncon V'nllcy." . "Thn people in town tire also reminded that the proceed* from the drive will be sot aside In n fund to provide n welcome home for the servicemen after the war." Two .loin Nuvy Robert Crosby, scm of Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernest Crosby of North circle, and Frank Plkuln. son of Mr. and Mrs, Stephen" Plkuln. of Main street, have joined tho United States Navy and arc, awaiting trie call into service. Both youths attended Center school nnd Nnugo.- Cash Waiting FOR Yoyn USED MACHINERY SIIWN, i«li>t»l Liitlu-M. Motors, nnd Electrical Appliances Phone 3-5030 WATKUHUHY A«k lor MH. ANDBKWS YOUR " snor C • Totnlinson ' ''•• Noiiry ' Nnunatiick. 'Co'nn. . •*TOBK CLOHKO AM. HAY- SCII^MONTIAY-TH) «l NO! ' JUtY. AN1>-AUGUST - tuck liigft school and liavo been ei«]>loycd in the United Stales Rubber Co. warehouse here. News J'luuMra The news uli«i-t Natigatuck has given up uny- idea of a pcrrr.iin.-. dump in Beacon FuliS', and in fact has already withdiuwti from the local dumping site, lj greatly pleasing to Beacon Fulls residents. A petition yJgn'ecl by '10 local; resi- uuius liact bcori prcj.urcd in connection with o-'prote'st in the matter, but the 'affair will not be pushed 'further now that Nauga- iu.cH ufficiuls have decided to; look elsewhere for •& dumping site. Attempt To "Draft" Bradley Appears To Be Petering Out Hartford. Aug. 2—(UP)—An attempted "draft" movement to retain J. Kenneth Bradley as Republican state chairman, appears to be petering out. That leaves the post open, apparently. Cor Harold .12. Mitchell of West Hartford, the speaker of tho stati' house of representatives. Mitchell supporters claim nearly two-thirds of the state central committee's 72 votes. The commit:CL- clocts a new chairman during thi; Republican state nominating convention next Monday nnd Tuesday. The Democratic party's nominnt- nx convention—scheduled for this Friday and Saturday—-may develop nto a free-for-all for most of the state ticket, places, ancl for the liU'd States senate nomination. t\ bitter pre-convention llx'ht is on between the two lending gubernatorial candidates — former Governor Robert A. Hurley, ancl Now Britain Attorney Leo V. Gat'f- ncy. Kor the senate nomination, Brien McMuliun "of Norwalk is the r.vuwed candidate, but is getting stiff apposition from forme:- HM't- foi'd Mayor Thomas J, Speliacy and former Secretary of State Mrs. Chase Going Woodhouse. "'' • i ? ..Philadelphia T*actioii i"l -n . 'Sick local family M^ '• *' ' x Moves To Cotton Hollow Sector '''Cotton Hollow's/newest resident* lire Mr: arid,' MreVHortori^iirgcant,' formerly',"of {Onion City, 'who "recently' purchase*' the • Andranko property her?...'Mrs., Sargeant Is t alstcr of F*rd'd'' Ardr'y;'' Sr.,, well- known dotlon'HolIAw resident."- 1 ' Sbldter VUHor '<• 1 Pfc Bernard At dry of 'the 1 United tates' Aimy, who 1^' stationed' ; ln States Ala'b(imn,'"tbday:' completed a lur- loug-h with relatives hcrts! The nol- dlcr Jcft Idday'for 1 rJow^ybrk city, cnroutc ; bnck' td ' ' '' Whatever It' «•»» dint' uilcil Ilium and otiusod philudulphhi's motormen and'"drivers .' to "'report^ 'them'-* «elves "sick" as they rofrnineil from taking out rli 'ir trolley CIITN and buNes.i'tlie hllihei)t"dldh't' prevent .sonic of them from smiling as this picture wus inkuii lit one of the . clty'is cur burns. Phll:idclj>lili»|>i 2,0041,000 population, deprived of normal menus of transport, hud its own epidemic of sore feet. .City police itutliorltics assigned details of patrolmen an;l. detectives to cur huriis^ uiijl;'terminals. (Interim-' 1 N . .'• . tioiial Soimdphoto). . . ','$'} '!)",' i Ji'.j.JfJJ Illinois Trains Consultants In Vets' Program Some Men Between 26 And 37 Still Being Inducted \\'ashins'ton. <\Uf,'. 2—(UP)—So lective Service officials report that some men between 26 and 37 are beint" inducted into the armed forces In kcnping with regulations issued; Mny 12th. However, they aay tlie majority of inductions call for men reaching IS and thoso between IS and 2."j whoso clofornionUs no lonper are required in industry or agriculture. Officials have declined ID reveal the number of older' inductees, but previous estimates place the total at about 25,000 a month. Resis- l ran Is ajrcd 2C to 29 must be necessary to their jobs to merit, deferment, and those from 30 to 37 must bu in essential work. BY niciiAitn r,. GOODMAN (United 1'ri's.s St4ilT Correspondent) Springfield, 111. —(UP)— Illinois h,id moved today to set up u system fur aiding World War II veterans, a system which ivmy serve as a model for other states in the training of workers to muet the suite's servicemen as they move back from the battle fronts into civilian life. The workers arc thoso trained in what is said to be the first school of its kind in the country. One class of more than -100 accredited representatives of the state veterans' rehabilitation ancl employment committee comprised its first graduate class in June. The graduates are from all parts of Illinois and arc now prepared to inform returning s'oltiiors, sailors and marines of benefits due them and to help them in getting i such assistance. Other schools are I'expected ns the situation develops. j The school idea has met popular \ favor to the ex'tcnt that other states sent representatives here'to find out about it. Some of those who attended it at Jacksonville in central Illinois were from other states whc'.'Q similar such schools j may fop conducted: '•• .•• S|K!clallsts on Committee Tho Illinois veterans' committee is headed by Gov. Dwight H. Green, himself an Army uir corps veteran of World War I. Jt was formed last year by Green's orders and is composed of state directors who arc specialists in health, welfare, education, agriculture and labor. Also on tho committee are reprc- O- -o World War A Year Ago August 2, 1943 (By 1/iiilod Allied cruisers and destroyers shell the harbors of Vibb Valcntia and Crotone; Flying Fortresses bombard clocks nt INnples and nearby airfield at Caporichino. British Eighth Army is reported in outskirts of 'Catania; American troops capture San Stcfano di Camastra and Mlstrctta. Russians pain another five miles in the Orel sector; Berlin intimates Soviet troops in southwestern section of Orel. Inior Davis, ln-nd of the Office Urges 10 Billion Road System By 1IENNKN HACKETT Unltod Pre-in Staff Correspondent . Francisco (UP)—A $:0,-' 000,000,000 system of nine siiper- ; high\vays ' including m I 1 e square, airports at 18 intersections ,ahd 'with war veterans jrctting preferential hiring in building them is one of Maury Maverick's 'answers to the problem' of postwar rc- cmploymerit." 'Maverick, vice-chairman of the of \Vnr Information, promises pco-| % v ia . Production Board, chairman p!e of occupied Europe that a | O f tne Smaller War Plants Corp', "great invasion" of the Continent| an ,] former Congressman from San would come from England. Antonio, Tex., made the proposal : -during a recent inspection tour vier, Minnesota's 'director of vet- of West Coast war plants, f.-aiis' affairs found "invaluable in-; His plans, Maverick said, "will | furnish constructive employment, directly and Indirectly to 2,000,000 people'. It will save the West and strengthen our nation's economy. It will join .together all part's of the nation and be of tremendous strategic military value." Three Cross-Coiintry Haute* Under the WPB ollicial's proposal the highway system ' would comprise three transcontinental routes and six north-south arteries. Each road would be divided with three lanes of trnlllc in each. direction. They would go directly through m a j o r cities on their routes with a system of spurs linking t.'ie superhighways with the cities traflic. "A minimum of one airport at least one mile SQUurc would located at or adjacent to each o the IS intersections of such high one with the other," Mavc formation" at the six-day course. Bradney said tha 1 ; several other siiilcs have studied procedures for aiding veterans but that "Illinois has taken delinito, practical steps'' which those' states have praised and "plan to emulate." •' Given Recognition For Contributions To Rural Life Starrs, Conn., AUR, 2—CU P> — Hunor.'iry rccof{nitior,i certifictites foi" "noteworthy contributions to agriculture and I'urnl life" will be awarded' to Mrs. Philip H. Jones of Shclton o.nd William Curtis of sentatives of the American Legion ' Brid^'water tod.iy at University of which backed the "G.I. Bill of j Connecticut'? Farm and Homo Rijrhts" and other veterans orj-'ani- j Week celebration!. nations. "The state- can never discharge in full its obligation to the vot- :>•'.. EfprCKiten Thmnkn ->'• Mrs &ariy / Winnies-president' of he Cotton Hollow' S6clal/club; : >o day expressed 'ih^ thAriKs"'nricl. ir> pfe'clatio'h' of'-ireir "orga'hliiatlo'n ;b'c"' :J C6tton Hollow Community clubr- for -a, >ocent~'donatlon to'fur thcr. tho*'' ; f>atrio{lc.'b'la'ns ot, ; ttt f lllll Mrs. Mary Hill of the New "Haven r oad will be the hostess for th< ricetinK at' her homo-this week o: he^Cbltoii' Hollow : Social club. Quezon's BodylsOitWay To Washington Saranac Lnkc, N. Y., Aug. 2— UP)—A speclnl H;6in -vUll arrive n Washington ' tonight, 'with the iody of Manuel Quezon'—p'rcsldcrii f the Philippine commonwealth. Funeral services • for the digni- nry will b<! held in Washington's t. Matthew's'cathedral. Provision- 1 burial will fen In Arlington cem- tery until the body con be sent Quezon's homeland. Funerals Funeral of MTU," Kldpn erar.s," Governor Gruen said, "but it c;m by proper administration of n co-ordinated program of re- h.'.ibiliuilion, repay in part its most urRcnt debt of honor." rick said. "There shall bc a stipulation in each building- contract that the contractor shall employ first, vet crans and second, unemployed men between the ages of 50 and 60 o the region in which his unit o the highway is built. This wil mean c'pnstructvc. honest employ mcnt for nVar.y returning, soldiers Homer C. Bradley, schooj ad- on Bridgcwater's board of sclect- ministrator, said William JE. He- ' men for 2.0 years. Mrs. Jones, the mother of four children, received tile Gimbel National award in IM2 as: mothei- of "n typical American family." CurtJs operates a dairy and poultry fnrm. He helped organi'/.e the Litchfiekl County Farm Bureau, is j crs possib , c . Al ;.d by giving oppor tunity to those unemployed be 1 (.ween ages ,of r>0 and 60 we wil to a In me extent meet the problem of the older people in industry." a former Grange master .and served i Have a "Coke" = What's the hurry? ...a way to be carefree in the Caribbean B erwcCD spells of duty at our southern outposts, the American soldier knows how to relax. Have a "Cote", says a thirsty Yank, and it's like a friendly invitation Co fun or a chin-fest : . . the same as when you serve Coca-Cola in your home. From the Caribbean to the Arctic, Coca-Cola stands for the pause that nfrtibti, — has become the high -sign of friendliness many places overseas. (OTTLtD UNDIft AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF WATERBURY .© 1V44 The C-C Co.. ; "Cofce"= Coca-Cola. I-It's natural for.popular'hanics 1 J to acquire friendly .abbrcvja- i tions. That's why you Heat I Coca-Cola-called "Coke". 1 RED SKELTON IS THE STAR OF LOEWS PROGRAM There's plenty of fun at the Lonw Poll theater where Red Skelton Crn'ds himself the only malo enrolled in a co-ed college in "Bathing Beauty." the Technicolor Musical which still has. two days left to run. Red is a song writer this time, who is supposed to be working on-the score of a new mu-.5>io But when he mcctb* lovely Caroline Brooks, plnycd by Esther Williams | who was introduced .to movie fans I hi! "Andy Hardy's Double Life," he ! forgets all n.bout work and concen I trates on Caroline. As the producer, more anxious to get his next j'show going than to worry about i Rod's amours, Ba-«il- Ruthbonc fix- j e ; -. it .so that Caroline . walks o_ut ion the . 'tunesm'ith. .Red follows j Carol itve to Victoria College' by • accident, , lea'rns that \ males are [.eligible. '• ;fo r ..enrollment in-. the I school. ^It would not be fair to, dls- closc ,'all .tjhat '...happens' tp^Rcd .a& li'c Clhds himself '; surrounded". by; .ja canipus-f.ulp, of ..beautiful girls, so take till?, corner's \vord for- it and go sec for yourself. Most hand- 'Somely produced by Jack Cum- .'minpg, v'Bathi-mjr Beauty" has -been .smartly directed by George Sld- •ney •a.nd.foature's'.ilio Ethel Smith, ithe Hit Parade organist; Bill Good>win of : fame; Carlos Ramirez. Jcan-.Porter and Harry James and Xavier Cug-at and their bands, .TJhc. water, carnival .finale .is one of tile most attractive sequences, .ever .filmed- .in .Technicolor.. . For tha-t mutter ..Uie entire, production v -fs imppy.' eatcrtainment .from the s'.iift- to.. finish. . Skelton never hos been ; funnier a'rtd Miss Wllliamci AVho, .seems .headed for., stardom, in Ilior own .rig'ht. is not only a .beau-. .tiful woman but an extremely tal- 'entcd actress. ". You'll, have a. tremendously enjoyable. time at ."Bath-. ling Beauty, "•.•so.doni'.t m.l'ss'ihds hilt 'and remember, .It still has two days ilcft to be seen at the_ Poll. " ...... ;' "The co-hit on ,tnis- •beautiful. 'pro'- gram is -"'Port of 40 "Thieves." ' A. 1 1'nrgre handsaw in' a ^ tiavels 10,000 feet: a minute, or about 114 miles .an hour. The funeraJ of Jrlr*". Martha. R6hi«, 'ife of Eldon Roh»,'">*'ho died said- cnly Saturday at her home in DCS TMJB, Iowa, was;.held this aftcr- oon at 2:30 o'clock at'the Salem ,'uthc.ran churchc. Rev. William R. 'rcndberjr, pabtor, officiated. • Mrs." .Edyth Nelson, .as soloisti ang, "AH The Way, the Saviour oads Me" and "What a Friend Vo Have in Jcuus." Herbert Bohn presided fit the organ. Bearers were Carl Johnson, Wil- •lis Pctcrsoni, Gottfried Siequlst, Adrian Olson, Idoft Olsxm and 'Mnvtln Lund. Interment was in Grove cemetery. . TEN PENALIZED .Boslow, Aug. 2 —(UP)—Ten truck •driv-jrs .and individual* in Massachusetts have paid- the O-P-A almost $7,000 for ceiling violations. One company, the Massachusetts Motor Car company of Boston, paid $6,000 alone, in settlement of "40 violations. After ri'-'onc-diy visit ]tb". PlttsliurBli, 'Pa-, Gov. Tliomas :E. •Rcn'ufilhwV'pro.Machllal nominee, and his \vlf«, hid farewell' to: hoHtR, Gov. Edward Martin and hit, wife, before deiKirtlnjf for •Weld, III. Fr<jm .tltprc Uic. Dewc.vs xvlll Initvc to nttcnd Ihe cain,-'K<»vcrnor>'v:c«jrircrcncc in St. I^oiiin. (International Twenty Conn; Men Are Reported Prisoners Of War Washington,. Aug. -2—(UP>—The names'of twenty Connecticut men being liold prisoners of' by Germany and 'thc''nam« of one' man held by Rumania arc announced by the War Deportment. Staff-Sergeant'Guide N. Br.-v.'.z of L/ukcville Is reported to be a prisoner of Rumania. Held by The Germans nrc: Technical Sergeant Evnr W. An del-son of •} Slovens street,- Danbury. First Lieutenant AlbcH E. Aubi.i of 1550 Reservoir • avenue, Bridgeport. Staff Sergeant Joseph C, Blais of 29 E!m street, Bristol. Second Lieutenant 'Joseph F. Burkowshi of 5 Highland avenue, -N v augaUick. Sergeant Calvin D. Churchill of 160 AUvater street. West Haven. Private John Courcmcnos of 93 Bank street. New London: Lieutenant Colonel Florimond D. Duke, of Green Varm's. Corporal JuJes ,G. Evens, Jr., of RMmd Hill road, Greenwich. Private First Class Edgar A. Fcrricr of 15 Town ley street, Hart- Tord. Staff Sergeant Thomas Florib of Cherry and Locust streets, Milford. First Lieutenant Burton C. Gus- .afson of 29 Island road, Windsor. Second Lieutenant Craig T. Kcl- o'g'p of •!•! Bedford place, Stamford. Private Robert G. Malm ot 69 South Whitney street, Hartford. Second Licutemint -William H. Wntuszcwski of Main street, Haz- u-dvillc. Private Joseph A. Moran of 15S Vindh.'im road, Willimnntic. Sergeant Anthony S. Radicwicz George F. • Jlcgan ;'n of 2 Fuirfield -street, East Hkr>,' .ford. . •'•'•".( Sc;-goant Shclton. ,• Technical Sergeant 'Johc----|> Ward -of Mill Plane rone!. Bin.' ford. ''.-.';. V And Technician il.irlin R. Watson strcot. Deep River. Additionally; the mcnt announces that Marine pri-- v.-ne First. Class Charles J. _Ada«n»|. tis-.. of. 25 Green (tract, • Walcrbarj-: has .been- killed in'"action. * -. Fifth :Gr»iit of^.-3T;T3«tH PIERPONT'8 1S» HAXK JlTMEET BucKmiller Fwieral 22 PARK PLACE Telephone Everybody Is • • • i ' • '• • • -..,•'•' What arc they Joint!;? ''^ffSf-^f.' .^•'^^'" < > ; .; Why, rending Ihc S^iSlft^ : W;lllt Ad *- f — ;. Snmrt people- know ^^jff^^^%{ ^ tlint WANT AD;spells "^ .'^^.\-« .'-..' ^ PUG FIT.--' W.licllicv - you .arc tlic buyer'or the.seller VHJ'U cnh't 5^0• r wrong wlicn you do business tlu'oriirh -^'e News Clnssifioil Ads. AVe spoci:ilizc in quick, courteous nnd result-getting service. Call 2±2S today and place yoiii ;> Ad'Vi.'t1v the' •'"' NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS . It's smart and a!*o pjilnotio!

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