New-York Tribune from New York, New York on May 6, 1851 · Page 3
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New-York Tribune from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 6, 1851
Page 3
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?n0E~~M KRCHANTS' 1NS?RANC. C K? H vi of Oamage DJ" Tlra Insurance a?^i?JoM Baron Clark. Ward a- Work, Orowai Adam*. Baeaiel 8 Bjwmen. Lewi AK*r . wan H Diets, Nstfeniel wsao. IV1 Urn Hasiare, Pa- 'aaaafja. Hohen Hoe, VaararrJaf**^' Joseph M Brown, af A RoOert P Owlty. ? ? Ehenexer Bead^toe, ? ;J**>kMerU* Harruon Jone?, Zt, Horr*** AARON CLARK, President, ' COAL. afiFKlCK of tbe WILKESBARRE \J coal co- sb Broadway. New-Yor* - Wyomln* ?^P^pgjylseawrwrolTlD?. ?n-l are pr?par?*d ^?Tji-mij,airsi"'*** trroprietore and other consumers, ^UflaT* WALTER MEAUE. PraaaWaJtB OAl*--Rcd Ash or WhitB Ash Nut, |4 jo Large Not %?> N. Erg or Biove, B5 M, LIT ?mJZ A9 M per Cheld/or. delivered Can Irland jjjcaaoei. from varda under cover. at ?73 Broome-at. near IJootwr-ra and iff Bowery, i/j., ? JACOB WEEKS A NEPHEWS. C^AL?$4 60 Per Tun.?The suba^rT Her lr now prepared to eopply consumer* with Peach prrbard. Blarfe Heeib end Leblgh c ?% . newly mined,end afSsS aeet quality, at tbe low price of % t fro per too If de> lesrsrf direct from me veaeel or %S per tan If reecreened bea ike yard. Also, for aale low, Liverpool Or rat, Can mirad Sidney C<?al I Akt es L WORTH, a*if Irt Broadway, and Kourth cor Taompenn. T~"HE~S ?BS4' RIB ER is authorised (as krwii of the Company! to contract for tbe del I Terr af aXkrtOEB of the celebrated COAL from the Beiern U1U gl? al Poiuvyie. Pa, formerly worked by afUcee A g^oodand John S3. Uewee ^ WATER CURE. H DDSOIS RIVER WATER-CURE a- Enal, let men, at Tarry town, wltkln a few ?nlnate. walk ef tue H R Railroad Depot and of the rteem'roet kvodieg, unow ^^J^gSTn^ 14Y DROPATHIC INSTITUTES? JrI Pask-nessre treated the yaar round at thecoinmo Dvxltoo. City lo..l.utloD, M L.tghl-.t. end during the warn. ?e,a.r> al Leh.non Spring? Both e?JthilahruenU, whlrh are amoi.f i-eodeet ? "he I Tilted Siaiea, are bow rairene.i M.aerihe ewBtoal dlre-?on of R T JRll.l., tl l> ai d ihedomea.l- reanagerseejl of 0. CAMBELL A BON. mT& lm* DR. MIEW, tbe> earliest AmericBn au thor and Practitioner of Water Care, i ootinuei to re r?lve dav pa ler u u. I hoardera Oat-door dry practice and lettera for advice attended to. OBice and InaUtutton corner pf Twolf.h-si, and L'olversltyplsce.neariSroadway. 0HtUN1Te~~MOUNTAIN WATER cijre -Dr JOSEPH A WEDER kaa eeeumed the aermaneni Medical Direction of thla Institution The et krhiuhrneni u ?Ituated in South Orange, Rteei County. Bew-Jersey, one hour * ride from the city hy Morris and faeet Railway V Tsllors uke the ferryb >et at the foot of Cortia/d-at. ai? AM and at 3, P M. Private bath* are attached in moat of the Patleou' roorua All letters anon yenfeaelonel hualreaa should he addressed to Dr Weder; orkrrt lo the Superintended of the Orange Mountain Ws aa-Cure If MEDICAL. THR TAT TE RS ALL'S HEAVE roWDERS are atlentiy and steadily performing rt> surkstie rares ot Heeres, Chronic Cough, Worms. Ac, b Borats Since their introduction In this country they tawrarrd over SP.SM llorsea Aaa condition medicine Bey are anenaalled. one package win do more to fatten ?Arte oat of condition that t ve baahels ot oats, glrlag to ItssauxsJS gloss and animation Kor sale br a?i'W A H. OUUOH A CO , at Ray's, 1 0. Broadway. D~Xl?NiNINU'S PATENT BODY HRACEB and otiter aieehaiiiral applianiea for re atoririg, in act ordance. with Ina new theory. Die displaced aaecliaiosm of the body, and Utes? reiievlsg consuutptioo, dvspej.? s, reneral dekilltv and kindred diseaaea may be SBfakwad at' is " Ji, e HI iraajjssaj aUi ' ComDoasd Syrup of ELLOW DOCK ROOT.?We feel rtempted by erery prtactPle of humanity, to make known to the world the wotderiul efficacy of this exirao* diaarr preparation Thousand! Bare been relieTed of a greet amount of suffering, and many llres saved by the use af it Iii? acknowledged bv iho best tudgee of medicineto a* the ni?er elegant seSaSUkBc ac.l aeiutarv prej>arsfion now B B*a and s? s denursrir? rvmedr, mHdom if ever rw.iaJed Itwsadsumivsled for the cure of En sipelas, Hail Rh-urn. Canker. Scrofula and aft the various di-eaaes arlaieg trora an ta-pnre ilate of the Blood Aleo. all Hilioui complaints, aad is n?*d with oaprecederted success in all eaeea of* resaare Weakness and general dobtlity. atrengthemng the weakened body, giving tone to the various organs and in? vigorating tbeetnreevstem, and also for tin-cur?, of the l.ivsr rvaipJalnt. Catarrh. Ilyepepata, H-adach, ?:/."eena Ceagks. kc. Those af!r?cte>d with Chronic Dtaeaees of whsrrver fnrpx, will hnd this medicine not oolv pleasant to the teats, but a certain euro, ir u I?. within the power of reacdlaJ agrnu to arlect theirdueaee It Is com pored of rredirires ao happily combinod, as to tend directly lo give lea* Ui the s'omach and bowels excite to healthv action the Liver and the whole Glandular Syataaa, allay Nrrvoa* Irrt takUity. aad promote the free action of roe Lung*, time iwusnag It applicable kg ail dtaeasne of a Chrome nature. It a purely vegetable*, and may be u*ed B9 all ct'raatee, and ataJseaih'ns or | ? ? Prepared on I v by t' MORBI A 00 . al ip.' Pountaln *t, Prnvtserce K I . ard sold hv ihousaad* all over Ibe Unites] Staa-a Canada*. Ac H*\d.*rk, l orliea k Clav, ^IS Pearl St f*ew York lleeterej Airenut US SBB4 HOARHOUNI) COUCiH SYRUP? Onlv 1-i rente Try this?you will not be dlsap CU* It possesses the virtues of our most valuable lo aouspisnu. It Is very pleasant to take There Is no r remedy for roughs of however long ?landlag Per? MAOIC BALSAM only 1.1 cenu AsoTssetgb remedy for wound*, old soce*. Ourn*. *cald?, mt. curtng UMHii mm ir t.y n,.. Every fajiilly. and par STary mechanic, skould be ?uppiled with It, as by ?rwjlag it to a cut, a'.ration, sore or wound of any kind. it,r\>i*<-u Ii hum cold, din, and all other IrrllaJdng aub mmA *B.J b<**' u Imniedleit-ly. Warraated. BlCrlARDBONS NIPPLE OIL. 60 cenu a bottle. ta^ttl?:1*.''!? lb* ca*ea of sore nipples without v?,rS.pL*U* BU'?lag aJJS:?*.T1C MMBDY. only S3 ceata U will cure / ?^BaUlsa* Try It. Okl,TJi*T^LT',,-y,d ?^ w SANDS MAMMOTH *?Bl 0 BTORE. 7| Jsmssst a8 I at Tu Tbk Bat* T)R. KELLINCJER-Sik: It is nearly Int?Vfl y1v* **** 1 M"4 yi>ur LINIMENT for the H*.A' LS Ii has never failed to cure tn hundreds of cases Z?* ????" sad others, snd tl Is the only remedy I have eeso able lo get that would keel old, offensive Bore* on the aT? ? rr"V1 *?o werk my horse steady, uigelher with kTiraaa?^C?Jlc?ja*>a, kc Ac he The hair comer In the seme ?es?,Bad Tery fast. Ytnira truly, J LANE. Murray and " ni sis l?hpou. *t t and BM Pearl si and of the Doctor, PJEsnftS In large hotUea, from It to la aaeh?freea w fa sdeaea. rash. ax* lm FINANCIAL. T?x CoMsttssiosta's OrrtCB,) i N"w cur Hkil< *Dri: ?s* 'wi.? JV-riCE 'IX) TAX PAYERS?Th? a.. *,?'u of ?<,T?**1 Wards ta Iba City of ?.;W?.l"?, l>" "?M,c***l f*>r exantluatton and review ??? Tuesday, the ?10 day of May. to Monday, the Srah *mj of June, both day* tuclualvet. At! Tax Payer* deal ares of eaamtalog er correcUag tke Assessment Rolls, are **SJa*ied u> make application u> the audaralgned between *? hours of .*? A M ai.d a T kt. J W ALLEN. ) _ Jt'HX Of LAMATER. - ? ???w OKO. H. Pt'RBER. a Commusionara. PHlCAtiOClTY LOAN?Soa.'e.l Pr? ^ rrosalswi.. pa received at ihe M?y,*r 11>.*' cm. tn the Chicago, axed al law office of STKACH AN A stvrTT mos. Ctn of H*w\ art, until the 1st dav of.I tin* "xt. tvr a loso of tsA,!)**), for a term not Mct^lnf ten jgj*** Tb* Boadtio be Issued !n suit* c' not ess then beseefr M*r mw7 ^?otam P*r aacuti. paya sraavaaaaailv. and prtaetpal and interest payable at ZLmrTli^ P^SBBkyi Bank tn New York, or al tke ~-*,>** CUT Trear-tror In ChVago By order of the ^??CoaerL -CMesfsj. Apr.:*' i-v -r*0?' _ Wat, a Ot tvNEE. Mayor NfaY:Y0RK AND NEW-HAVEN ?WalstkiK*0 r0-P*NV -TV. Abraial Ne-.n^ Of nv?.\ r^^r?*^*b* New York anJ New H^veo Ra-1 aiHl tim- tJ1T:'- " '"* e.e, . pf a Oo? d o ' H..O, ...*?, der of New utV^ ^ iHisioeaa will hr lie'd in t)>e DAT. tke sThsl'*' ^ CompauV,^ Oloc^ on Trit'RS a|*n fr?n, 11 a ir*^f-IV.beau at 11 oVl ? ? A M Pell* raeavl fro. tkeid u Z Hh ,JUmTwi'0**^' ^ New.York, April n0?^ SCJU vtrR- ?P'*,-J?n? ???FTun.isii. s-3TjTi.\Sa.; al ^^?alr *N0LANa IRK ^^yn!t^^^ WL1 le. c?hed at any ?SBfsANOro.*; Jt ^ " ' ? 2?*> s??w? l *>"nr?*.c ??^P???c*?wtj1Uei!LS * Co 'S. IB aad l? vVall-at ?Na^^W- M ol the day of R a,r J Kampa aio las ??Jkasar bsr*?ysuM sjr? Miataa &Mt***v, ) i AN FI Vt^l. Ta,*L*W 0 " * '? 4i V wtUr?CTK,N KOR DIRECTORS. SS ihe Baad *** Comna?Ts Or?ce, New.rk N J i^^mt?^*^0' *?J IUI Tb- I*..,.. Will T^Traaeaar Moo.Tmw^' ,,r* M ?** *?'? JJitiir " be closed from the .^ih to the Slat **JJ Is* IW1 By order -?-_ 'AMI E8 L CI'RTIB Preeldent DIVlDK^n4* V"". Naw-Tosjt, hUflkSAi or foa, ^, ^?A semi-annual divitlend ???* ?aiot o?, JZ*-^0' ?poo the Capita I M lacWvs 2 be c osed sTasa tie nth to tke 13th ?JJloiMA ,0rt* M.-EVERITT CSSSiSf B ANK OF NORTH AMERICA? ?*Nrw Yoik, May 1. 'Ml -J i HSR. Req . hevtnf, letlred from the office of President of tfeia tnsm itlon on eeeonct of 111 health, WM P. H 4 VF.MEYER, Esq . baa been onantmonaiy eiecied lo fill ibe varencv.' J. SEYMOUR. Ceehler. \ IwTy?RK STATE MONEY bought 1 ' 41 f per cent discount, by myMW CARPENTER li VERMELYE. 41 Wall st. IVOTIC E .?The Stockholders of the I T Westebester Turnpike Road Company ?re hereby no Vf *6 ifcal 4 dteirtbunoD of ibe moot** received r>y raid Company from ibe New-York and New-Haven Railroad Company for compensation for damegea to ibetr roal baa th's day been ordered by ibe Dlreeiore lo he made among ibe stockholder*, and that the same will be paid at the offi :e rf the Treasurer, No. 39 Liberty-sL. New York, no and af? ter the bit test N F. CARPENTER. mc> 6t* Tre**urer We*tche?l*r Turnpike Road Co. L~?AN of 8300.000 for the CITY of ALBAN Y?Tbe Finance Committee of the Common Council of the City of Albany, pursuant to a resolution of aaid Coancti, hereby pre notice, that sealed propoeaie wii. be received uciL Friday, the utb day of May next, at 3 o'clock In tbe afternoon of that day, for a Loan of Three Ii tlC? red Thousand Dollars, uader ibe psWVtaSseM or tbe act entitled " Aa Act to provide for a supply ot' water in the City of Albany,' paused April 9. leaf, and as amended April 17, 1851, for wb'ch transferabla or coupon eertlhcetee of stck will be tasuel. entitled "Albany City Water 8to< k." bearlnp tntereat at the rate of stx per rent, per an? num?payable aeml-aasuaiiy One half part of the prln:) pal of said loan lo be reimbursable at me expiration of twen y-f-re years; end the other baif pa-tat the expiration of thirty years from the first dsy of Pebraary -*t past Tbe proposals may be for the wboie or any mvx of said loan not leas than tl.bW, and should he sealed up and en? dorsed " Loen for tbe City of Albany." and enclosed in aa envelope directed to the undersigned Each proposal lo state distinctly the rale of premium offered tor .trie stock reimbureebie In ?5 years, acd also that reimbursable in S* years, or the turn of money that wttl be paid for earn SiW' of etock. and Ute addrees of toe person or persots making the proposal. The money win he required to be paid by deposits to tbe credit of ibe Cbamberisin of the ctty. In ibe Be-, a of the Blare of New-York, in the City of New- York, or the New York State Bank la tills city, as follows i" on tbe isth day t f May |0O,SO0 on tbe 1st day of July. Itayaee on the tat day of September. Tbe Interest on the said stock will be paid semt-amually on the krst days of February and August In each year, at the Bank of toe State of New-York, and tbe principal re* i Imhureeble In the City of New.York. Tbe Committee reserve tbe right to take a lets sum than the amour.ta above specified. If tbe offers, In their opinion, are not advantageous lo the Interests of 'he city. Albany, April 24. 1851. V.TEN ETC st. JAMES D WAMON, AL?EN MARCH. a2f tMyr< Finance Committee. CHART1ERS' COAL COM PAN Y.? Notice it hereby given that an eleciloo for Directors of Tbe Cbartlers' Coal Company, will be held at the oil-s of the Company, at Coal Harbor, on the Ohio River, near Pittsburgh, on Frldsv. the lflib dav or May next, at 3 P M THOMAS Mi.ELRATH. President. R WATBOa Cabs. Secretary. al TuTbAStMl* Omca Of TUMasTBATTAB Ott Lisht Co., April 83. GAS.?Notice is hereby given that on snd aler the IrM day of January next the price of Oas aerved by this Company to Its customers will be re? duced from the pretent price oft? 5o to Ri P?r thousand cubic feel. By order of the Board of Directors aSf SmTnfcSa SAMUEL H. HOWARD. Bec'y. CALIFORNIA GOLD DUST, Sands, and Uuartx bought by M SOLOMON A CO. Oold and Silver Refiners, Assayera. Bweep Smelters and Clean? ers of earth's minerals, and all known substancea that con? tain the metals. Old Oold, Silver, Diamonds and precious Stones bought Jewelers'and Silversmiths' Sweeps, Ores and all bard substances ground at tbe Refinery, 45 Ann at. New-York._ell lffl* New-Yoax. Slav I. 18.51. THE PRESIDENT and DIRECTORS of tbe BOWERY BANK have this dsy declared a dividend of four (4) per cent, payable on and aTier the I ftth lnal Tri? irarsfer boot! will lie close I until ibe fthtntL Inclusive Per order. N O BRADFORD. Cashier, my 2 101 REMITTANCES FOR ENGLAND IRELAND AND SCOTLAND.?Drafts from Rl up, wards on thie, which will he cashed In any part of the United Kingdom Also, packages of all descriptions, for? warded tti all place? In Europa. EDWARDS, 8ANFORD A Co. SarSm M At Tu AI Adams A Co s 16 WsJi-st BANKING HOUSE OF j. CARO THER8 it CO No. 15 Wood-st PITTSBUCOH. Fa Collections made on all ibe PRINCIPAL CITIES of the UNITED (STATES. Reference In New-York-Messrs Winslow. Lanier k Co. b'J Wall st. au)7 if nA*K dki'AKTMKNT STATE OP kkw york TheRAlK ?I (iWEGribaaih.adav Clad id tkia ssbss > ? r?el? a id Iba annuml sttatelHBBRI DWIOBfT. Jr. el Wall tt', agcsT lor lbs redemption of its rirrn'at-n* t< tea, t >ee'har with a ravot-attoo cftbeappt t.tmsnt at tl,a Albany Kit harte Bant aa euch agent, sgtBseh*t te tbe act entitled ? ? Aa act relating ka 'ha ressaaeaaa of bai t at lea ' rataad Mav 4. leao. wIih k aa.d appointment it to lata alia. t< ti IbeTtk dat of Mat, raetait Alban?. If sy I, |B8|, mA tl _O. B. 8T JOHK.Supanntendect. Hakk PBPARTMIBT, BRway, ???? ?. IBM ?BJsMss kavjaj aaea f.!e* ? kbst ***** itireuaal to law, t>? BhooMflKLl) I iHIK Piaaidatit and piop'tetoi of Iba fK"MirK Ra.SK,that thaaaid Baukar kas CHAKt.KO hia p'ara ot RKSIHtacK i rubie iBtermation ie re'aky ?i'en ?bat tha -aid Hanta- Kl?t HE"-m the viHtseel POTBDAM.M Lawr?n, eOunty, at wh'< k pla?-a the bo?i aaeaal Ike ritielltl Bank will be baraaltar d H ST. Ji>HK.8n,-.ei>r.ten<iect BttB ? (OPARTNKKSHir. THE CO-PARTNERSHIP of DA VIBON A Be I I. Is thla day dissolved, by mutual rontent Tne buslnees of said firm will be settled by John B Davtson, wko la duly auliiortred - New-York. Aorli 18, 1851. JOHN 8 D AVI SON. MIDDLETON BELL. JOHNS DAMbON wl.l continue lb ? Flour and Com? mission business at 74 Cortland at and keep a ronatanl aupply oi brandt motl desirable for grooers an J bakers. mji bt* _ COPARTNERSHIP.-ADAMS & STl ROES have atsoclated with UsaSB as copartner Mr ALBERT O. ALLEN. In connection with whom they will continue ibe Commission business under tbe name and fcrm of Adams. Sturges A Co from this dale. New-York, May I, IBM. m?l Iv. DiliW* COPARTNERSHIP.?The undersigned have ibts dee formed a Copartnership for the transac? tion of a UEMKItAL HANKiejt>. btock cuaastltf BIUN. EXCHANOE AND COLLECTION hutlness, at No ill Wallst, under ibe firm pfN R COB B a CO. NATH L R COBS. (Of the late firm of Ollsen Cobb fc Johnson > WM 8 WOODWARD, (Late with Adams V Sturgea.) JAMES H STEBHIN8. (Rtcenily from the oft c* of E W, Clark, Dodge At Co.) New-York. May 1. ISM. mySlm OrcHdful [Tlartler. The rhtl/idilpi.m Impurer of Monday g veathe particulars oi a horrible marder, which took place in Hoxborough, on the ridge rokii, near the nire e stone, on Frtaiay nL-bt or Saturday morning. The farts, aa gleaned before tha Coroner a in.;aesH, are aa fottovs V alentine Bartie. a Oerman. aged about 1$ years, w: o bad for some time bean employed as a hostler at the hotel of Mr. James Ash. Hflh and Cailowbi.l su purchased a snug little farm, about one year a'.nce. and with his wife and famliv of several children removed thereon They wrre teduslrtons. and it Is supposed bad amassed a lltue money In ibe ,aller pari of August last, Mr Bar..??::. I U >ed e fortkhgner. 40 ItAiaxi. 10 assist btm In thraahtng aiain He was engaged by the month, and kta pay was to t at e t een paid at ibe end of each month. He remained unit! about ihree weeks since, srhen be wanted to leave, at J f emanated BU wages. Tie reeuli was, that an altar cation followed on Sunday last and he left, and that was I the last area o! him by the neighbors. Previous to his leaving, one of ike nelgh'tore heard Mr. Bartie aa that i i be left, be would not get hie pav. Mrs Bartie. a saaall. delicate woman, about So rears of . age. and who. at tie time of her death, was tt^tnu. bad ? if rested ber regret to Mr and Mrs. Mitchell, nelgbbora. ' that her husband bad not paid the man. fearing that he I woold return, and eider do ibeui harm or born their place. ' She kas been very useasv ever since, fi om the fact that Robert- ibe r'rti BBaBB of lie supposed murderer-was a morose, vindictive fallow of the Langfe.t order Ala*. bow ter-lble have Bag ibe fears of the poor woman been reel .ied On Fudsy night, a can answering the description of Ho: er i was seen la the nslghborbood 01 the house of Mr. Berti?. The murder maiei bare been perpetrated either on Frioey fcghi. or at an early hour on Saturday morning. Tbe oideei boy a tittle fallew. four years of age. was teen by Mrs Mltctell about To clock, approaching ujerettdeoce of bet husOaad. wtwa she Inquired If the mother of ibe ch. d (Mrs. Barilei was e.cA The child, pointing lo hia b?<uae said his iLotbrr tu dead The alarm was tlnmedl Skal] given, aad the inhabttaaia bssu aed to the place Two oihw children, both gtiis. one aged seven years and the oil er two years, had eecsped tea axe of ibe rf.arderw?but not so with the father mo her aid Infer.i Mr Bailie v?a- : : 1 sinH.: f.Cy tards tcom hit dwelling, in the meadow, a kUaatas corpae Hit brains wer? beatra oat. aid bis ha. k and abouidera Lsv?tvl .a an awfal :::acaer. Heev.dexl v hSal Meats*! r.ratasaatied. and tn.a*. have I een retreating ?ben tbe hlowa were . cl Mrs Kettle was found It mg at mm Mlk d#o.-step, w;A U r brats* also BBSkea out. The icfant. about twelve months o?J. wu Itiag In oca corner of the rootr. and mast have bean killed by two ' atowAUsMsssl eat kMtorsBaasl. troajc aaMMat ithadas ? SaeM re; I '.lu> the comer, and wb?adl*.-overed was rMf upon its face with Iis test drawn up IM countenance was I that of a uioal aMBSaaMB*] cAaracler From appearance*, tl.e Utilelaooceot mueiliave bean la tt* milker * a/n*. from tbe fact that one of ber finger* were broken A laaie waa ?et M the room, at if the tamLy bed been all at tupper ibe previous evaalcg. and there were evident I arrea/acces of ac attack then baring been ma-e. Been place, locladlxg all tse drawers, wtre ra? sacked, and smyihitg of tbe least value carried a? ar. A cheat, up su rs. where Ute three ctiulrec ws'ssaspiog. bad been forced open with an axe. sad lied of '.is contents Tbe liauui-rnta of death ware an axe and a large club. An ax* covered with blood, and laeciub were foand upon the treudaee A new bolcbrr knt'e, wrapped ka a Madras handkerchief, was foucd :n lie meadow, near ike dead haxlyofMr Bartie. This instrument bad cot seen aeed The ktl.'e bad to doubt been prepared to do this arkole ii ? butchery Up to a late hour on Sunday eight the murderer bad eat been arrreud _ XjiT Kev. I>r. HirDLK of Pitubargh is Is de l ?*i uaiaat cg aaraxc at Iba maat.^ oi las See A tool Gtaersi 4**sakrt tt I ra R?? Taoasr ? tlu.illCl iMsaarsassese Bsasa ?atakaaa NEW-YORK TRIBUNE. Pifclle Oplnlea opon tbe New I es aas. Tbe issues raiesd by the Beeigning Senators are at this moment the moat prominent topisa of discussion in the party presses and in every po? litical association and business circle throughout tbe State. In some iiarters the excitement is intense, and party lines are entirely obliterated by the almost unanimous sentiment in favor of Canal Enlargement and in oppoeition to the fa;, tioua course of the fug-tire Senators. Gerrit Smith, in a letter addreased fee Hun. 0. Allen of Buffalo, has taken strong ground ia favor of tbe constitutionality of tiie measure, which haa so much distressed the Barnburning politicians of the Empire State. His arguments are unanswerable, his iilustrati-na extremely pertinent and convincing For example: ?? I here s earfttl of land It jleIds out fifty doi;*r? ? jear. Bat. if brought into tbe good *t?.e of salslvartna, which I have not ihe meant of bringing it into, "he Income from It would probably, be doubled io confident of ibia ia my moneved neighbor, that he proposes lo lei me h*ve hundred dollars wherewith lo Improre the lend-pro? vided only, that he may repay hlmat-if. if be can. principal I snd Inter eel. out of one half of Its yearly produ:i*. More? over, lbs paper. !n which I am to acknowledge ihe receipt of the five hundred dolars, is. expressly, to confine h!m for repayment to ibe one ba'f of ibe yearly products, and ia. expressly, lo deny blm alt recourae to myeelf for supn.ytng the de fiefaoey. if any there abou d be. N >w, how unree 1 aoeablelt would beio say. that I am bound lo pay any par! of the five hundred dollars " Mr. 8mith pronour.ces the conduct of the re? signing Senators ' high banded and revolutionary,' and expresses an earnest desire thstthey may all find themselves unsustained by tbe people. In the X.Wth District Mr. Henry B. Stantsn has taken tbe stump as a candidate for reelection, and will leave no stone unturned to accomplish his object; but we think his prospects are not very Sattering. At Oswego (out of the limits ? f bis Districti he was, according to the Timtt, re. ceived very coldly. The meeting of his own party, called together to hear him and John Van Buren, wks by a large majority opposed to his course, and the resolutions prepared by his friends were pused, only because the Chairman would not put any motion for amendment or recognize tbe votes of the friends of Enlargement. Fourteen lekding 'Democrats' of Oneids ad dressed k memorial to the Corresponding Com. mittee of their pkrty in thkt County, protesting in strong terms sgkinst the re nomination of Senator Mann, which was laid upon the table. The friends of Englargement, finding that they could not in any other way prevent his nomination, withdrew and left the Convention without a quo? rum. This was beating the Barnburners with tbeir own weapons. A correspondent sends us an account of an en? thusiastic meeting of the friends of Englargement held at Ithaca on Friday evening. Hon. B. G. Ferris presided. Hon. A. BaACOM made an able speech, and a series of resolutions was adopted, of which tbe following formed a part. Rfolwtii, That the course pursued hy the Uon H B Slsclon, tbe late Senat' r from this els.riot, in e inspiring with twelve sf hit political associates lo defesl Legislation acd arrest the action of the Uovernaent by resigning or vacating their seats, while a large share of the important boatDess which they were elected io transact remained SS> accomplished, meets our united sod hearty disapprobation. Hrt?ttd That the Constitution hau no where c >ratn-:te<l to a minority of the Senate ibe right and duty of fine' Judg? ment upon 'he constitutionality cf any measure of leglsla Hon. and thai 'be at erupt of such minority to judge, and on that judgment to defeat soch a measure by conspiring to absent themselves in order to prevent the presence of a Constitutional <:> >runa for the transaction of business, was a usurpation af powers committed by the Constitution to olfer irlhonals. was an act revolutionary In lia tendency, ami-republican In lit c barer er. and subversive of the foun? dation principles of representative government KrtMal, That we are cot wpjiog lo pav taxes and incur ihe lccotvealerces imposed upon ne lor spvtal election* and extra sessions. In order lo enable a few political dema? gogues lo attain notoriety and try experiments for popu? larity ; and thai a Senator shoald he elected In ibe place of i Henry B Stanton. who. Instead ot deserting hit poti and betrst ir g his constituents, w! 1 perform tbe aerv.:a* ln posed upon htm by hi* election. HnraicsTBR, *ou, haa spoken on* nobly for the right. An immense meeting of her enterprising i itizens, without distinction of party, waa held on Friday evening, the Mayor, Hon. N. E Paine, in the Chair. The principal s. eaters were Hon. Sif as BdRBOOBMI of Orleans, Hon. H. K. Smith of Krie, and OliTBB Cri vr_r, Bar}, a venerable citizen and one of the signers of the handbill o' 1815?'Erie Canal in Danger. Messrs. Bur roughs and Smith are both members of tbe Oppo aition party, bat on thia question they stand up boldly with the Whigs. A Neu Light?Col. William Horace Brown of Hempetead, L, I , one of the late fagitiva Sen. ators, ardreises the " Democracy'' of the 1st Dis? trict in his own justification, and takes occasion to let them know something which nobody else ever discovered, as follows T\* jractical operation of Uxialfn Jot lit tupport cf is* ' ternal Stajravaajasari. whether Hailroa** or Canal*, lias , been, in tbe Counties of Suffolk and Queens, in as far a* the observation of the uuder?igoed is eoDcetaed, u> contribute ' money to tke support of works, which in al their results, injure the Inte e?t? of those CoaaUee , in other words. tAr* ' art VtxtJ /vw rKt ,LJff~?t of IW >rr, ?*>**?, bv nwll of which the Western States are enabled to compete with ttem in their own markets. It hks hitherto been supposed thkt the Canals ; not only paid their own expenaea but contributed something to the Treasury besides, but the Sena, tor from Hempstead has removed the error.? What unfortunate people they must be up in Suf. folk and Uueens, taxed to death for the support of the Canals that are ruining them. But if they will oLly send Col. William Horkce bkek to the Senkte Loag Island may be saved. He is evi? dently tbe man for the crisis. FriTosviLi.i (N. Y.) Whig.?This able and , reliable Whig paper baa recent! been enlarged ' and greatly improved. It is now in its 1th vol ume, aad published by T. 11 Horton. Tbe Wkxz strccgly condemns the recent revolutionary doinge of the twelve 1 fugitive' Senktors, one of whom, George EL Fox, of the -With District, represent ed Montgomery County. iM'ii.nrouj, Isr> ? Two Dailies are now pub liabed at tbe Capitol?the State Journal (Whig | and the State Sent im.', the organ cf one division wfthe Loco-Focoe. Latir ? Rom Mataszas.?We learn from Capt Ferren, of sehr. M. Bogers, which sailed from Ma tan.: as, ?::th ult , that there was a great excite? ment kt thkt place, inoonie inence of a report that GtQ. 1 opez wis about making a landing near that place, with his fol.owers- The Governor bad enrolled al! the male inhabitants, and kept 2,003 men under arms nubt and day. They were de? termined to give ibem a warm reception ihoaid they maze an kttempt to land. Lat?r i Ron Brazil.?Advices from Bio Jan? eiro to the 17th of March have been re eired. Tbe SjBBwttB of pence or war betweeu Bra. 'J and Oan Rosas wou.d akoruy be pat to the tee:, the Brex: lsn <Jov? ert rt.ent bavins- nearly completed Its p'epers. ma for ho* Clttkas A aaaadron. consisting of one frigate, .flag sh:p> tve corvettes, and Ml ?*. was ks proceed oo the kt th of Uttreh. under the command of Ad mir a tireo'eL'. to the River P.etc there to make a demonstration The mo? reen 1 was said to be f?vorab a to Brazil, in rocse . i?oee of the existing mUunwersiandlog between R****M l/rgul ze. tea laiur being supported by Corrlentea. and ca-ca laucg ai the last upon the aeutrallty sf Paraguay. The general feeding la the BraxL'len capital saeme '. to ha that aadsfacu. c wood be obtained without actual warfare.and th:* impression bad caoaad s rise of nearly two per cant. ! in the Mkak ft-cda. Tte tJjverc.-oeoi cocunned actively engaged ia acdea- . vor* U) asrpre** tbe 8 *ve Trade Most of the*: person* ecgaged In thl* irafSc have e::her abandoned it I cr bad ewiaadj the empire. VeJow fever Kill c jctlnned to Inger, tai wa* itrt.-tiy eochaed to aome recent i-rtvs t of vessa;*. A ccntxac: bad aeec eciered Ir-to hy the Crown- j sect for UgLUig Rio Janeiro with (Jas A prelim jary I mre^cg cfaiiPtcr.ber* to a new Back took niece on me l?t of March, wfcsx cap:-*! to the saaount of sWBJH MBrs bM was aebacribedasd. a Commtiiee comixatad u> ranee the prcvisicr al laws cf the Company Account* from Persambuco of the ;Kd alt. coatataacpo- i thlca; news cf iscportsr-a The Provterta: Leglalamre wa* cpeced oc the 1st of March, but the proceeding* war* da vctd of ic tea eat Frcm Sahia we iearu that u a tinea* in dry go? Is was ex ceed'Bfly d-;!! far the raaaoe.ertd the receipt* of manufec lures from Li>?rpoe. were far beyoed tke average Auc? tions bad been pienufu . acd goods forced -poo a dailmar ket had been sold <o some inaiaaee* at so low a price for j credit that more than the existing high rat* cf eichkOg* [ weald be rroalrtd to psy for them. THE CITY. Death of Thiup Hohe, Eio..?Philip Hour, Naval Ofiier tt tbe Cuatom-Houae, died at Ml residence, No. i Great Jonee it.yeaterdaymornina; at 61 o clock. He wae not aiil.cted by any positive disease, bot unk from the gradual prostration o hia ?ital powere. Hia igt waa about 74 yean. Lai-sthes ? The new yacht America waa ?Bunched from the yard of M. Broom on Saturday moraine, in the presence of a large number o apectators. She ia schooner-rigged, of from 175 to 180tana ; ia 95 feet on deck. K feet moulded, and bat '?' icet bold. Her meats are at an inclination of Ij inch to a toot; her spare are feet in length. Her timbers are braced diagonally with iron braces; and in even* reepect ehe ia a ataanch vessel. Outside co seam ia visible . in every part she has been rounded off Her top s painted beautifully white, end her etern aapj.orte a finely carved eagle amid the atripes and etars. When properly trimmed, the America will draw 11 feet water. She carries, for ballast, fifty tuna of iron, in square blocks, cut eipresoly for her. Her cabin, which runs her whole length, consists of rosewood and mahogany, and ia farniahed with rieb and costly eciaa The day on which ahe ia to run a race with tbe Maria is not yet fixed; nor has her Commander been appointed. ?At the same time the clipper ahip Eagle, of 1,400 tuns, waa launched from the yard of Messrs Perrine, Patterson A 6tark, Williameburgh. She wu built for Harbeck A Co. of thia City, and ia 190 feet keel, 40 feet beam and M feet bold. A Beai tifm. Te-timomial ?Daring the sea lion of tha late Constitutional Convention in In? diana, Hon. Ror.ert Dale Owes wu unceuing in hia exertions to aecare the recognition of Wo? man's Right to Property b; the new Constitution. His efforta were not crowned with su cess, but tbe ladiea of Indiana, recognixin^ in him a faith ful champion and a truthful advocate of their rights, have united in offering a testimonial of the reapect which they entertain for him and their appreciation of the efforta he had made in their behalf. At the request of the ladies ot In? diana, Mr. W. E. Rose, of 31 Heade st. has pre. pared a magnificent Silver Pitcher, which will be presented t > Mr (> on the 2r-th inat It weigha 44 ounces, and ia valued at itJO. It is richly or nsmented, and on the front the 'ollowing inscrip tion appeara: Pre sen ted to Hon Rorear Dale Owen, by the women tf ltdiana. in arkouw edgtnent of his true and noble advocacy of ihrtr Independent Rights of Pro pert v. In the Constitutional Convention of ibe State of Indiana, convened at Indianapolis, i Art I sion Engravings.??Ww have received the " Gallery of American Art, No. 1," conaiating of five line Engravings from pictures of Amer? ican artists, and published by the American Art ' nion for distribution to the aubscribera of the year ISM, ln addition to these thero is alargor engraving of Anne Page, Slender and Shallow, from one of Leslie's pictures, making six en? gravings in all. They are all aS illfully executed i tbat of Mr. Durand'a " Dover I'laina " being, per? haps, the best, u indicating more perfectly in the engraving the charaoter of the picture. The mountain haghta and distance in Cole s " Dream of Arcadia," are also very clea*rly and boldly done ; and I.eutze'e " Image Breaker " is fall of vigor and spirit. Altogether, tbe seriea ia worthy of the high claima and character of tbe Institu tion, which propoaea to continae tbe publication annually. Arrha! Pf Emigrants?8ince Saturday last there have arrived at this port tha following ves. sels, bringing a large number of Emigrants: Ship Hiar of tbe West. Liverpool.4M atop Keeeulb, Liverpool.ae3 Ship A cad la. Liverpool.**> SblpMllsn. Newport, Wales.30 Ship Peter Hai tick. Antwerp.2V> Ship At at,Uc, Antwerp.2H| Ship tsaia> ar. Dab In.2*0 SMp Oeo. F Patten. Newport.69 Btik Toronto. Trelee.tvt Baik Napo eon, L'me rick.131 Baik V-'s- ? -. Belfast.217 Bsik Linden S.lgo.i so Bark AlerL Waterford.171 Bark British Queen. Londonderry. 96 ilrlg Btliaanla, Cork. ftt Btlg Andersen, ('eiwev.7s Brig Doctor Knetp. Oa.wsy.123 Tots 1.3.282 ?a? Lit iinsES for April ? The following table shews the number of Licenses granted by tbe Mayor during the month of April i sew lh ekses. To Meal Venders.4? To Dirt Cartmeo.310 -- Butchers. 2 -- Porters. ... 14 - Sisge Drivers. 13 -- Charcoal fed ers. 1 -- Hacks. - -- Immigrant Runners.. 17 ?? Hack Drivers. 2 ?? Do. Forwarders. ? ?? Stages. S - ?? Carimeo.l?l Total.lei urse WALS. To> ?- Chsrroal Pedlers. 1 -' DUt tar:-". * Total. The money paid for tbe above amounted to 11,1 a- 87, and there wu ID 75 collected for fines. tST The Wren Guard, a juvenile company, 1 used ourofli:e yesterday morning, on their way to a target exenrson _ Heart A. Wise ?The Soidk>ide Demmerati (Va.) thua eketches Mr. Wiae ia connection with hia late speech before the Virginia Constitutional Convention i No nan who bas not teen and heard htm la nts present performance, ran for the least conception of toe matter or the manner The siuiu les and ?esuculaUoos of the man, are In their selves a marvel Now h? stands erect, with op -.fted band. Imploring the favor or lmprecaUog the wrath of heaven , attain he st. ks almost to me -loor In tbe agony of some extreme passion. Now be whispers forth the ac? cents of persuaaioe. anon he hisses out some withering anathema. At one ii: .e bis voice rings .Ike tbe bleat of a snrJertng calf; again It sinks to the solemn sound of a San dsytermoo Atone momeat his face a i withgeoOe? rie*?. preeeoOv it fame* with ail the passions of a farr He stride* up and down tbe :'oor. he losses and swings bis I arms, be shakes his hit and point* bis *,eger be stsmps and ! rare* aid scowl* Tne matter la si-'.i'd to the manner. Bach a torrent of I twaddle, euch a I ash mituire of mere faeuan. su-n egoolz j lng paiho*, such erratic fflgbt* of fancy .such blutlng Tnvec. i tlve, sorb solemn prayers, such blaspbemoo* imprecation* , j Every tup'.c 1? diicutsed f y tbe orator, Bo :*lter what BS 1 Irrelevancy Now be la spacu.atlng about toe origin of I I society la arr.on.eei be launches I "to aa Invective aga ml race horte* Now te Jesus Carts:, and now > ; abusing John atone mot. eat he , i jus* Sius peare, at another the Bh.e : Magca Charta and King Jobs, the Ireclaratlon t f Independence and Thomas Jerjeraoc. BM Medea and 1'erslars. ibe oreets and Roman*, iko French and Enghth. the wnnes and the blacks? all figTure In ibUromprehecstve -edier Bat to say that U.'s speech of Henry A Wiae la not character.2ed by ability, Is to ai'er s traalfeei absurdity.1 In mountains of the merest traah and dirt are scattered gem* of Lhe first water Mr Wise 1* an orator he can and does control the will and feelings of tbe I men he addresses in power. In interest. In e.-iect. -jo man . In the c oevention can compare with htm. Crowds tljcs w . haar htm, ast u ibey go to the playhouse, to beamased , andeic-te.1 by corr c passage* and by brilliant deelerrtA uon Booth wu playing Hamlet at me tceatre. and Wise Harleculn at i-e f *r :io. and the Atter drew the crowd? Bei when we tay wtae't *peech i* a theatrical exMbil.oe, I wedoncKmaan to iatioete that haprodnceeoo ttnp'ee con. He;aoe* prodece an tmpreeaoa. if not upon ike | C'ocvenilon. yet upon the geLeriee to wham he espece.y ad(*rette* btm'aeir. It t* lmpoealhle to the doc- , uxetof Mr.'t berecg .ein term* ?u-h-aecily denun- , clatory Thatr tecdeecy la nl*cbievou* to the jut degree. BFa 1 peek n<>i of - :s opinion* upon ike basts of repreeena Coe but of th?*e *oda.!*i doctrine* which be promu gatea j wtia aJ ibe real of the raddeet rep-ih.teex The wAoal ' burden of b'aora?or . u ajuse of tbe rich (whom he calls > ire ar-.ttorr ^tti aa-i laudations of tbe poor; and tne ic- 1 ev.tat !e e-'ect SfkM doctrines, is 10 exasperate and eidie ! tnete two c asses of society against one another. Hard to Please?Tbe Mol?e Trvaum* don't j fed much comfort m the reatoration of Sims. It sayt " We csenot ?ee ibe pertinecry rf ike general ex. .aJoo . Bri h :n sorre <-ti?rera bas foi.owad lha reaSBiJoa of the ? f..g:::ve s.aveb-n-,. u e are quite wO" 'ng to five the Oo. verrmeet eratsit (or vie .lance in me eeforeeeBeat of toe , t? ^ be recollected OitQir^rn ment is en.y a creature of Ike taaporiry Two yean1 bane* as acu-fug;uv? siava i*w can may be Preeldeni ?fJBsaa I* 007 a suaJi part of MaMacaaeeti* a?d a vast majority 1 cfttepeopioof ibag,,,, ,s weiss all Ne^ Mgls?eh_ara 1 opposed to ibe snrreeeer of fuglrJvee Sims was carried 1 away ai such a i,3ie aid la sue. a manner aa to mese hi* eete ? orthieas a* a iee? of the fealty to the law In Boetoe. or of a r*eofMUoo of tbe abetraci right of" the aw let, worse than ail tbl*. the coet of Ute rer-orery of tbe *l*va ta hi* master, shows ma: ine ,aw t -a y tneapabie of te> curing tbe oe.'ect for which the ccoatiaut nal provtaiaa t* | rektiioe 10 it w*a adopted-tbat is to prjnie tae -nsstar I sgatrst MjBry 'c hl* ssupsril m tecire to ht'n rwumttoa I wbta ihr 1 property it By to the "ew-Yorfc Tribuar. Newe from Wuklifi?, vVssa x .- >M ?jr!?7,?(1? V Samuel D. King, Surveyor-General ct' Califor ate eft here lo-dty fwr lu Francisco. The Attorney ?enerei's dertstaa relative to Congres? sional free Steg ihn ibe prtvtleg ? cr-msxeecee 'rjet ms data of eiertloo and arxeptajire. without re'ererjce kj tba ibew im* their seats or oe'Ss of office The it career '.lien haa been eompletelv f-ticsd oat at oar Nav? Ye'd, and will leave tor the ?ilf chla week, proba? bly la watch toe mnvewjeats af any Cohen '.traders. A acow-aorm it row prevai.icg here. Peatrnetlve Ftre la Cincinnati. i - -ii,r\ Sunday. May L A rxoet destructive tire broke oat last night ia a iamner yard on the comer of Race eed Colt;a He ale. wb:ch deestrryed about tweotv buUdtage. lociu.i.rtg the large 1'c.aor ttore of Wright A. Brother. IVKk thlt excep tice the houses were all moatlv prirate residences T e Ian Is not yet known. Bat ll'.s very heavy. Our city It tfreadfol y trfeeied taievee. and ihte fire waa do'.'.. leu the werk of an Incendiary. WASHINGTON. Tke t aba Bnslaess-Ylr, Ewbaak Mr. ter aain'a Itlaaaa aad ladaatrv. W?sh:<< .ros. Saturday. Stay 3. .Tadgicg from statements contained in private letters received here from the South, there is no doubt that the leniency of the Government to? ward those engaged in the former E Spedition has had the effect of inducing many who would not join it before to connect themselves with it now. Though Gen. HespCRSo." was formslly tried at New Orleans, it will be recollected that the Dia" biet Attorney upon the first trial distinctly inti? mated that if he were convicted by the Jury no serious consequences would result to the prisoner j from such a viadication of the law, as a pardon would be readily granted. The interference In ! bebaif of the pirates who landed at Ctrl en at was j a still greater mistake. It is curious to observe I on which aide of Maaon and Ptxon s tine tba I scales of justice go down, on all questions in i whi'h sectional feelings are in issue- A.1 will re j member with wha? pertinacity p,?or LbTT, mac ken/ie and others *t re hunted down, for a con j etructive ibfriageaVaTatofow neutrality laws, both being foreigners. Canada waa in actual rebel? lion herself, endeav,,'jog to ilirow off what all considered a galrief ?oaa, 8r.e did not wait for deliverers to come and do her fighting for her 1 aheonly asked ail. GaksJ ia fatal Those who ? go there to citturb ^er ;-eaee go in the character of marauders not patriots. Vet in the one ease - we see the laws oi neutrality most stringently : executed by the armies of the Kepublie. and the < civil authorities of the State, while in the other a laxity is showu that almost amounte to an ap proval of tbe objects ot the Expedition. It is idle, of coarse, to complain of this policy, ! as the settled policy of the Government durtoc ' nearly the whole period of its existenee his tend? ed in the same direction- I do not mean by the above to imply any censure on the Admimstra ' tion. The efficiency of the measures it has taken to put down the present Expedition can only be judged by the result I tee it stated in tome papers that Mr. lw. r.x>k has been ordered to pay the amount ha ex? pended in publishing his official report to Bka Secretary of the Interior, with reference to the j extension of certain patenta. This is not the case. Mr. E". uask'j accounts for the quarter are now before the accounting ottlcera, and have not et been acted upon. There is, therefore, as yet no decision with reference to the validity of the items complained of Mr. Cohwis haa been in bed for two or three days past, but ia a little better to day The fact it. le baa worked incessantly during his whole , illness, for which he is cow suffering. His able , phjsieisn, Dr. ball, threatens him with all sorts ' of things if he don't keep qoiet for awhile. woi fER VON ftVILLaal MOBILE. ?e? ftlnrderers t eavleted Cuban Plot Cettoa. Correspondence of Tbe Tribune. Mobile, Saturday, Api.l K. Tbe trial of Eugenio Arbona and Ines Eatralla, for the murder of the old gentleman. Hernandez, their friend and patron, for eve hundred dollar*, whuh they did Bet get, rerultedtn UielreonvlcUonof that lushest of crimes Intbe ftr?t degree, Asjorert have ibe power m Alabama to ?ay what lie sentence tball he - hanging or the peottec tiary for liie, they determined on the latter. Thetettlm my waa entirely circumstantial, but uooroken and full A col orrd woman it snld to have ,eea them In tke very act but it- leeumnsy le Bot admitted here when white people are ai the bar for mat. The report that an espedi ion of so'ee k'nd is fitting oat against Lube, without duabt has some truth ia it, hard nils, ad^e.',, mg for 11 Si m?n to erabara on the aad of Mar. In arictiltousiy-Bamed steamer, to wage war against " King Alcohol ' kc kc , are potted ia ibe dr.nkiog shops acd all over the State, anil aenve unknown tndtvidoaN appesr among at ib rapid succession. Tbere is no i irttemenl ar d a.I is quiet The Cuttun market closed last evenie1' at :>t) rt* Sjy M d dling. Respectfully, K l I Electro kl kaWBTtC Lwcomotu t ? ftot l'age has communicated to the National InUUigt riser an interesting statement of hia experiment an Electro-llagnetic Locomotive on the railroad between Washington and Kiadensburg. lie says Tta kraa.- t..? witn tit* kaMSff i I l> raargad. ?s c a . Ike M.ta pi,Mi|?i lakea ' 'i lb* tr karg Ik* waigbt wtt .1 inn* I .1, tas oertt avetakw BSTtag* ?sate, litto ? ana > art rw aired kt saart s baa ? a per*aetry kred rail, asd s*.*a poatSs wm osraiy Issp s toe m ?mec ordiaanty, upoa radrowda. Ik* ?II, vinri ?? ten p. awts t ItBI I ? i a'twa only to rara qgiiu uafebwrad be row btswry t am IfK t-.-o l, oa,i I.,a aaWaSSSq ratJar. .la Stasajka Ta, afaa--?' .- ?- I r?'? j aeeartsisad b? sttarissoi is ss. t, case 1 tiS aiagaslK l<' i-u.ot..?, tka 'at ot as Sod a-*r :11a, ? t. aar fa. t. ?r'l.Trr ? Iba BSWSSSS lad al,#a?? r>' hit IkS WSSS t "ii? at raad.agly Sard W a ? i Ui? ?? ?. ~iu4a, a:,.. ? . i^, ? i ss kaa power reqauad ts ksap it a ooUl .,a i hwal t- rtr-n pf Ua I .ad A hersa powar nsofl taa asasl sslmsts .* IHlpotsSs. tn aisa kcar. or S7* pousds I so sn hoir Tha epael of in? mas .a- - ate nv I va a>. mm ?dl aar, ''' ">''aa aa breir ua a la al rued (sf tea I fa. t rtissa moral aad ita UacUOr, tM p> ao^a Wa ba?*. ikaa. 3T"> pnaads I ails an ksur for u*a h..ra*. aad # aa a . < ...? : ,a !<<. n)oi..a. mkKb ?i?ej sk*kl bona f ,mtr rti,-?*e. . n re Uis It hst grattar p. arsr at a si >w ?psel. ae4 '--i?e ht'a, ky all raaaoaabW aau^araa, tar* .* Sort* (- ear, akt a. aslsatS ? fort, i* about i m kalf its proper i apa, ly Ore of tt-a m ?e aararaa dalarta antes Irora s *aat ss.aau>aUoo .u lie I*: I a. Af sr u.t tbg'c* w?. f ? 1 r. f? ?? at ? e?. ' -at.,---, Ikrow oat of actiea tea the mi.m.m itaaa at tea moat impor tsat aasat ia n.? tirot?. 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Tea grwateal tpaw.1 atta .ad oa oir laat trawaa etwa' iui.? rr.'et an be .r aad toon I see** aitrstkas a if forwasr axaaxaksst Lasi Thiolooical IniVAstl ? Tiie foilow* : ruaatsvas t?? -?* .-tit ?. la* Soar; t; T'- taa. rrjf D U Aller stprasact Prr.fassor o' Sacred R-.wfor .. to aa Profs**ot ' ... o<7 Ra? Geoff* E. Dar o* Soetisrrrtr.n Mise t? ae I r, :*....r ? ? S.bu tl Lowes: .r*. sad Loctarw ta < la t H.aux, Ra? Jt Lat.'.a? B Coadd. i> DC, ot Sawsrk. BJ . lo at Timlmmmmt at Sacrsd Riawr.t Cb'.rrb tCw.j tot fasWral lusoe^y. IWI Skaa fTaaSdsafSl eaenot taesaaeett* accaptsacs of tka sy ??::*-.-t :??..-s ? r?? t t w. WshaverawssakkiMparts Uest of Mr Dsy i s. ewptaswe St lb* sasttar naa taM awwa kud ae lor* Dr CwedX wa ara aot skis tu aa; ekai toe .trl.aa'.wa sf ks rmcd wAteoa the sstject. Mr. Evvbasa?After aui ue eforts which have t?ws* U.S^puv-a tba oSker, ttotU w, .-. um i.tsd ?ao powwr'il ?> kkses ?esa aBsywy**! w tfj ?ar?-n.':.;^ tasalaity foes^ej taa. ts ha* ?owe oat fr-un tae ia'*tt>cata?a asses' a i*/t*a orooj ,l irutl a.m, ttd w r*ta.*wl ,u *t m ;crUit aad retpcatib^aC' a to wt-rb '.a wa* ij>sotaUd w.tac -tsai*. tsttateab-a part. tiS soafj os sccooat of sMBSaaNttra Hr la 5t-i ?a taary. w beUatauM .ap?>rrt*-al-wtrg** fcVkatSafcad}SWkal .. > poa he aaeoser* sav! b<* ?.'mgrrtj,mimt bat set SsaBSwd M Lsoawsit/x*^ i.l-aora* 3,--o wack rxdruai aasa Ue, cms taawad ... b.u ??? * ' .a ? ,rs l_a itra esl-sbl* aiJ w \. tm tba stutm ;*cxabS8'. [Prtv aaact;R , JsaraaU. Fires.?At r?outh V ernon, Mass , on Thirsday Btjes.Skeasaseer*ktt IsJaaa ?u w mmt-'ttm a s**.aaw aorewt w?r* karasd wer a etat? at '.as iwCasa cd faerr sad L awe t, sts . Pittata'gk. oa Twaadaj aarbt . .'.Tbe f -tt ok. *. IbeswrfS o! M?aara CUjt* I Bewaid, Caart ? OA a. aad s?'*ral utaaw ? *r* asroed st ra?aoaaa. Mc. oathe!"tt-2" ??TAeet tatt.v* uicwj of ttr* a***rt Carts-s C :?*-?> wsewtteaty ?wwsewyad if trees the swrhe at la* J*t* aC. ; loa* **>i; ST.Oue? .ssarws BoLo On 8t*: ist Kille:- i t Aso:her.?We ware 'raac U? ia,.. . A/ kai two aU**i..- .11 .re C kara Otfort. Ga, wiJs ita&Jicg t-gstker s Utskoy Aadrsw i Tt/:, got uvte s qaarral. waaa c j? j-rw s p ?v.i n< -' ' sBoalkesptt The aawe of tae wardered wi ?<> adi*r??t last a> taw mur :*r*r J, aw*. Swtawref t*e" wers id jsais of as* Jotas m a .t**y Cessvs er the Cherokeea. - The Cherokee J-.v.. , aa.t tie J-? J tLs Ciar-aa* 5au.a a swary corn P* *d Tta | I sajraat Caerossw.a m mwagat. was awt ? - ar BWS tl rtawc UV '*?-? That ta taw O..' leiai Cooroaaws, saawrdaag as Sit at i AwA wit awt eaesad these iKiattsl. u-t a at ct tie w bra Cf ? .?s pwraasiica as* ! , . ?*?? tkoaaaad at ? - . ? la- tta a ty~ Ex. i?ov. Sri?^^ s :.-.d two of his ribe ?rasaa Sy tk? ip**-ff r * "*r? sssr at-Ckvea* Ass abort USBasaara. J-?dgs Aa>.*a ? : *-a ?-t.- i^sd ?.?mtrmmnSnj U .itt us ras usd mit** at Sat saavt use. Arcldeat at Liaa-Leea Bjf Ufa. Hraa ftoct.LvBa. Friday. May _ Tv (-to Kdiler of TU Ttm-mm A most melancholy and fatal accident ocean*! tn oar viciotty to-day, of which joa artll doubt!eaa I e appriaed ere tbij reachee you A young aaa** by tbe name of Davit, accompanied by a yoaatg lady, Misa Cbarchill, t<otb of this city, went on % nde to Merbler-eadtbie forenoon. On v tailing the) F, t at that p'ece. and while paaaing aloof ? ataaaj embankment, the hcrae became uneuy ana) Mr Devte jampe-d oat to hold him, bat without II i-era? thehorae backed off the eteep embank? ment with Miaa Churchill ia the carriage. The) instance which they fell waa aome JO feet, and tha 1 orae sr.d carriage both failing u;>on the yoang I I VU 1:1: I killed, her neck being broken- Mr. Oasis, almost frenti-o.i hearing her acrsama, leaped, if the tearful high, to tieraieiet a nee, but without avail Ha only witnessed ber Bj . c struggles. He is doubtleaa much injured, tl i ugh so excited by the terrible calamity to hia companion that be wieta not yet hia own bodily sufferings. The deceased waa al-out l ' years of sge. the daughter of one of oar roost r*a;wvtabl? citizens. Mr. Ivory Churchill, wu an amiable and I ished young lady, and her melancholy fat* will long be lamented by a larce circle of ac* ?iaaintancee and friends. Jtaani H: r> hi"?os. LABOR MOVEMENTS. lodasfHal I'eaarvae....Kbi Ith 8*>si??. Bpeeleily Reported fat the New-York Tribune ??*> fta* Yeas. Sr-nir?. BM > S .pt-?*a* Ccert Know, Bew City Hak s The meeting wu called bv K.. Arthur Bsilt, r-?. .'?ct. Rail of cM.ara *u called. Tha ???? ol tha pr*?-e i* m**t or war* raat t >d appro***. Kraikte/stWetkaaBM S?i t - ?< r *. J.,a? C I*****, Br? Harr? S Jaat Bp*, treat Iba ? . t *,n?e-? Co <'<arilrtl taa. Maa*i* Edward*, kalk??. VV.iU.,, J Ba?n>r. Bra. aaa Dr.J. ort.a. froa. um it t c .r,??., Baattat aassatakWa Iba Boar* of laaaaan jl thi Co operative Labor Cat**** aaa** Ik* follow .*( Kepoit. Taeatar April, t*. t*si. IVtB* >(u- la?4 h.^?. Cmmfrtt. [?*H,'*-i ef Mta**?n of Tit* Cooptrit.ts labor Uavu*. re ?p. troll. K?port . a h*a.>iulma aa .f.te>i i tr it* Boar* it their bat aaeetktf alt *ovi*l aa ? tkal i',?fraaa ara aal.UaS to a M* re p r*** atatat? oa th* Board of Mi.a*on aat at Th* 6* ><eeratira La it ? I ??tat, as* ate h*p*tr u? taxi to etad two Pttex*}** to rapr* **-t tram at tha Bo*td Thai k? Ik* aatra Kaa..'ut? r ?Ii ?atatoraal tor* Sacntm ara a* I.? to Car'..', alaa ?f a*a Saralt r mi W ? laaoa raa eft Bari* I B*tk*t that tt* Boai.t bope f. r. aaJ aat. la* t ? oreralaua a*4 ? ?> .tar .-a < la l.-'aa**. ,.t Ka: rni*ra ia arr?i?,-it th ? no?l pre. - I ? . B Bed *wrwat mew* mi *?* ?? -ig ill tvrri m tbout retardis*; tai Su aad ?a behalt ol lha Boar* HT J CRtTE, aat >C I. Le*t Bk Kt I'tttti'. .' 1 a I ? i taa '... oa I, That tbe Cortfteai ta BBBBBBI taa pti. btbj that * (raat t*?>r*m*r aaaiarte* in ?**??* i ?aBaSatSattaf, ' .troutiaf, aa* ,-><, aan?p(. tl a pnvpar aao MataSaV ?>?ta? ?t | limn tianeg tl ? :t itara, J aU.butora loi , tmaaiaara. Ibat tt* ba! ?<* tbara ar* in if. ra paraoaa aorviotat <a tka Sav - c r ^artartnc th* rajtaat ,-rmtn.vtitMa aa* <ia-*aaari*a of kle tnati ? rwawata. tkarabr ? ? < |t real ??? ? ?rettet aaafaj BwesaaS caj ta.-an tavteateeetke**etel t:i*art?a totaeree ?an ?r ? hit tbtt Ccetraaa rooaidart Ilia atatatuwi . ?nl?io.a< tha retail ? ?. ? ? ? ? ? . ?r airntar '-? ?? ? i 'i '-J 1, ??? ? I ? ? p**ali** I at* r t.?a*aaa aa aell aaaafe* to aSari a **** i tarahw SaVaaX . ? i , I*,(i* t, r* i ao? th* ???!* i'laalr altataS 1, . ia* to indxat* a aaota ia ?Im I, lha nnaortaat, I i ii aai MksJtal reBttatt atat t* ittatai * utout *?* ?.?.l*e,a, with '*ry htUa troabl?, an* without ogur) to lay a taatjMttss vee*tkei a**i '?a*,^'!** Mi Cr*ta aiplaiae.1 the natai* ait.i ,,patat,?a* f tUa Laa*uai tt waa cm rawatu* .a Ik* fulhaat tna aad bad U... it, auti** u*w Ike Pretectite l atea ttor* ayifam Tf * s**.b?ri ut lbs Prulactrr* l im n bar* to t4*tnc* tha rapdal to anpp'r the atoeettMh ate ? <h^s. ?itarss. Ac Mr . raa tha nek ? h,*ae* if tan ???. *e* **S*t, Urea M,****SB iau>? BBBskSI . . tit* aa* -u.,*??a a* ike buait*?aut thetluM. rhay araal?. .?>.?<** U t moela a,Ui large Msttakae*iSAaaBy ssajMskaS tike a .**?. I*aa*eet|s to a saaH immitwasaaa ik*op*rstieM ?' tk*Labor i au I* *ia*r ss*. W * <%? rfwe* ?i# r* sa>?Ae*tel i**(*?t**iw trat at* iV*a*r ee . . a buaiaaaa Tmmj (tka ?toMkaaaaetlakwe et i>* ntaai baraol th* L*aau?l t l.karal '.ari-uot. i.aualljr s par ? aat. Ir?w taa pr , a ef tha r.t>?*a. ia cana*taratK>a of our larsi?b>*< laaaa a bvrge ? iM.unt ol, thua**wt -* a <raat ?a?!?* t . .. n ? irthaato?, ai .l inv-raaaia* tha pn ata i a ti epr. i ta ,.t i ?? .t*awra Mr M, tiasuoa aa,* lha aSa. t ui lb* laaa*a a*? to *,)4a'.?a rspi tali all that ktSBteS to IB* purtba?*,! ,??| >a> to ao aiatti at'aac* m their ?arairea oi wage* By inaaaiaf tl,* l.*a<u? Iba Workaag mas will area taake a ptartK-al dffoastrs'ioa ?< lb* ffiiaaasa pever mi ' 'tin iit.1, Tha s*ila wa iut*r aioat:* r.< ia' aa* aot teklttali w* si*p?ilil? all? Iraa. b I ia. i t> ? smis* to ??* tkal free ?ir owo ad*autaaa Be Bertaaa mi a i-s'i it. J*ilr ia* **jof ? t; unlsss thstr^ < ar* m a i oialoitakla p>i?,tH<o A aaa ? tj SS I '***tt teroad SBS rawth *nt ir.?? ?>??*?? tha <>rtaa* ,1 a* ai>r*l- kut seta Utee he < ann?i ha happi it a* m ? ,tr,.?,i>.|** hp StketS who ara aMAtfiia* tor lb* ii*? ***af mm ottila I U* dutrrtmtt mt o'krri will, anas bun ta sipenen, ? aeal seal ai I airlutiee Mr S f Andrew. I lad Ik* H>< bee* tk* whole laagwe ?et ? *ii ro'-peratit* wb la nth iniiAm i ? h* I.**r,aa arlaS .?.n*i*?a.,> I* tkst rettesttXwa****] wmmmmtatke a***t*a**ata rjaatw wi,?b b* ta* taaae*efat? *se*isaa*a*stiaf at ua.aCoa {ims Pikbi akal ba ku*w of lb* Co op*rat.i* lake* La**** it ?ppiara* to ba biaed oa .artfa itntrtct ;>nat pis* wh?rh ears trie ?i it?,r? aid Imr't/tT' rapah* "I t? .?!*?<?" *d'o piart?r* AB 'I ? w*afb , f asp roaaaiai. t> i.r <. ontn ,a th* pn?l ? t af Laber hot tt* pr, *u< *i tie* SS4**c*r?*ki* law abate Uia pra*artsof hat owa toil?for tkarwtwa that tk* *J*sT*?**Btt (?r iiiarcaatkirlaH) rataie ,, ,?* thaa Ibwr |StS snt s*Jt laela ?-??? mi tha prod*, la ?halbtw*wa*M**ea***naemake .nap* m ttwAtl Thereat* to* aui aul.^aiv* -oai *i,l* ai* ft M seB| ? rntimn ai aa* waaial? peMxe wa) lat mm vl aoasa-but *">ut?al a. Uou ib?akl be araati !?!> o'a MKali** rharaAtar aat* *t,<t raa b* Ka* bp rapaaBaa im i <awa alr*a?r *BIkeIBatat**tkeeB] aaar- ng new oaa* Al n?*a w, n *t> aa?1 iBIMiea .? l St ? j*^? Btk e parhae* ia toa laari) ba ?? wall ho?*** I Masai an* fed a* 'na auwt w?akh* aow ? ra. by Iba app,* aUou at a taut ft, pr.ut iulea mmtu to ba, ? aat ?iiwty *i?it.**ra* To IS*** *it*at lurb it lb*i*** ara. a w*rk i (man rar, je lo A ?aar lor "?' ?an ,a a at)la tkal tg'iaa* V*-tona ?;??.) mjmra I I In JlrM Nil n( ? ? , t B*kMW*a *t Muaarrb ??,;J. i* aa*>l ,u a., > imooOalo.lufoit aui aplaudor to WSaj ml i ai Boria Dun Sleaaiboata ItuW if b) tk* appVatwa ef t*rka n ptiarpat thae* cuna'orti aaa hit acht* CS* baaaj*)el for a ? 11 a o rat or tag a* tk* w*t*r bp lb* lab?nr( p .pola'aia. naar set lb* ?< pi ? *i i. i, ba taw pad ?? t* laroi* laaei "i*a<ai.p aw rA* /?aa? lt .nisi to ta aareaaary Uiat ir.*i. theaU >? ml ?,1*4 and lasra w ?' ? ay auoastonna; dirl. .:t.?? anJ saCstiSf miay fab sb*) '??Iii ?' ir ems , bat wnan iuin n at*? a graa* aw. mary. ba S*Se . - ia napie. b* fcaij stsasas* lb** i,* bat nut ?i?...*,** I . ii .t i aat ISOy*er* seat* tke1 tUirsa' ?t* n.***us, mmt k attrttt* ? "... in.: Bjasa** itsaSS ..,??, aot kaowiag > ?? tbe e*wk**i tk* h> Jj ? *tt ks luppons* b? to* foot- aadtbat ? pad no. a " ?h**?>arrcw," ta, baea um* ?> I? abont 10O ?. ? yetkees ail wa save b**n ataasg ?t war p*t <+ ?u* o*d i g I pi ? 1st w,il sol's ilaslf l'r*iu Rs ailrsai* ? n.p'.tilp h Airaca HiiLir. (tha Pia*kt*Lt.: ipobson tb? km'ilalena. Me - - m pleaef tr* l.tb"r I Stir " weta w* I m.taratao*, anal tmmf ptaetaseS bp th* bu?r?** rommuait*. It>| rt**< ?** M*r , seat* pa,*! a par reiitage to asssaaa, |*eeke* Broaar?, At. ,) whw .r 11,i u.u. ssavferai aa*? ssteae* bmB* i?-?* lalaiuvj bp *w i' asts al i w*j lk**> ob tba , ssttai U,*i >ar ;rad tn datbw* TV* as platte et acaattaal >* tb* pnniaa I ??*?? In th* .aaa* trat ?easts' lo w***r th* in*i*i*uat who rwa .*? tn* ,1 e ?*a> >s set Ike loeeaskw.beta iktta sstfcy,(a*a*t*jtif aattasr,) "bo i.,n>,w? taw taa* BSBTfStkst C*e**?j nai't ba ,? ? 1.0? 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Tka poor i*cr- app?r*?Op mmmm* 11 ? ate* at k a eeasek**, whtw the eeta-tl w*?tB"r?B ,t*aJmm} 9T. to* umtm .at.! jo* ae*?aa*. *aan -taa*. tall mmm'ilt *?? "f*" *t the ty aUaoar* Oa tbe ssrua-l ?*y of May. kstwis* ?a*"'"" '.a -:.-mm a ? tV The Merchanu Tax Law of MtaBoan hu ksee prowouarwd ?.an.oaCti I..aaaI b? lb* B'ptn**-* l?w war iiaiU lei*i ai* lb** t waaawBil SBS SBBt rt Kt-Uov. Foanoi i/hio. who wu eefera! x.'it. h? pr?ttr.tW ty p*fi"i ? ? -'* -?> *

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