Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 19, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1916
Page 6
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sn? StERLINO.. ILLINOIS, TUESDAY. 0EC. 19. 1916. IK^FALLS DAILYjGAZETTE »OOK FALLS, ILLINOISrTUBS'DAY, DEO, 19, 1916. i m i >?;-tkK M;nn., f*n it!! i- \nf- at tii'- \ti-.rrt ay nttf-r vis- Mr. ;uirl ??r.«. SCIENCE CLUB , lefd Science Club Wilt Mr* ar«d«y With Mrs. E.tkl», Wjrnlnr rpr-> • •<•- <•( tm- !!• ••" eiPru-A r!n>> "i'I '»' h< l'» 1! -TS &ft*»rf!o<>tl nt I hr> i ' 'nf "I '•''" f' ! itn Van Jtv>u«u r.\-«v < »t\ " ',<• i f*-<1 Jfl fiflfnlh in\i'«,) f. •»! TfJP fi)i!"WiriK n< •'•!•'! «tif.\v Of the <R'i>ik that is In .!•!.» d'>r!«v f *.!.«• FJon>.f nt Vnn I*ctt»n ii wn «d thst «»rh rm-mbi-r of tho < 'lul fefinjr in a .*<-n!iTK'f-, lite- (' 1 *»R<ctl tfotk t.i Bffll thf nnrm- <> work. thf 8Mitrnc-f hnntlfO ij *'ltt*8 MInnlf 1 Shields w«» consiilr-r and t\n« ndoptfd !>y th ,«» thHr motto. It I* ns follows Amhltiotis NHfsh in ThttiRs ft. W. fxinir. who is nn i worker In HoiisHtoId ' informs , work Inr Hr that th»» intwst 1r month. Man rirc liHnic inldfd to 11)1: illation pfu-li month. StPrilnK »'lul> Is rwHvIn* RIP.I for thHr Hmrlty work We nn .„„. that lhr>y are doing mon* Him Church orknnlswtlon In tho Twin They n»n nlnnyn dufitR some- for Clod's pooi*-which wr» nlw.iy among: us. Mwnfoem of the Har and Van Prttfn duns -wifdi tc Wittily thank Mr*. Tanner, ttu» mn oP-tiif H^st lloom.'- for liberal do jn« toMh<» poor. In Long 1 ti-lls UK that I In organisation l« on<* of the- lln ... th* United mAtr*. "Out of the Uwhold Come* tho NnMon." V household la the nation will „ , th* trtio reforms in the world il*t "begin with wonvut In Iho home REBEKAHS^BAZAAR P . 1 Qivtn By The L«di«t Y«t«rd«y Proved A Great Bucc«§«. he tlehokah* held n hawiar nil day ^»l»raay Hn thr> I. o. o. F. club rooms Mch proved n grrnl BHOCPIW. Thn |l wtui nrti»tlciilly dit-onac-d with 8tmft« dfeorntlotiB. Tho Indies had . work booth. whcxo-Hiiuiy hcau „, and Uftpful doslnns wpro «nld, itch all brought a n«it sum of mon at fivf o'clock a bounti- w«« jtorfed to the public .brotifrht n Rood num. After i nupper dlffcront nrHclc» were auc- ,.,J Off, I'«to Dnniol m-ctirlng a lino Itit.' Thft ladles rfnllced ft ncnt «um for tiiflr effortu nnd f«'«-I woll Id for their hard work. Tlipy ln- i glvo ftnotiicr one in the near m COUNCIILJUEETING Coundl Mo«Ung Held Last—AinW^mberd Prwent. sCUy council held their regulnr « taut evening «n the city hail. of tho council were IWPH- leltfsr wa« rend from tho Bunh- D Dopnrtmcnt nt UftshnHI. III. a reprwntallvo Ao com« to _„» Mrc IMpartmorn convention will bo hpld there »omo timo in allott'Pd to the nmount of • The noxt'mwtlng will »>« held iy. «vonlnR in«tc>Hd of Monday, of Chrtetmtwi. HUNTlWjRIPS „ , Jf M«n T«k» Hunting Trip— R»bbit» Found To &• »mrst^ Reese and Fred Knapp spent ur<jay in Mohtnuormry ImnllnR. jy tramped a good many mik-n, and fjo homo with ftiur Rood eixed rab- **'.' ifl»*«rt-Rummers, t'lHia-Itorper nnd JMt'iiKin went on a hunllng trip lay muth-of tho river. 'They had 1 »UCCCHH, reporting that rulil)lCB are fCHRISTMPROGRAM JJhriitm«« C«nt«t«-To B» At The Chriitian Church, mcmbora of tl)n Chrwtinn• Hun- [chpoi urw intUtlug lu-runsumcnta line CluiBtmua progrum to bo Sunday evening- Tho proKrnm of a cantata, "A Trip to ," l-Jvi-ryono In this cuntiitii hard to innko it a" great ss. CUASS MBETINO. • Junior <'lu*s of tho Wish whooi , oiaBH niR«"ilnvf ln»t evening of* In the hisli Bc-hool hnlldins. s .made for «o<;lal uffAirs to the n««u' future. -v A Good Idea p .Lrefttlior goods Kiig- pst tt good idea in^ed, for ( 1 hnistiii(\8 fiving." A simple little pocket book for tody, man, or child. Bill -folds, traveling (sasoH, mauiouro cusus, mwjust'njit <' o vors, poilifplioK, so many \ liiie, Hm ; h>go<n{ HUfh tt,dtti»dy t lueiit. T/J.Wylies ripUoff Druggist, Rock Fail* LADIES WILL i l-:n-h-if,l All'-n. rr'u! .Mi-s- !:t»n>» Ail«'n. j' '..f Tjirrtfi'-'!. ?;•<••'' >l"i;'.iv h*-r<» cfi O| j \>u«l|[f-?y, An«ili(»'y Of The M/E. Church Will hn(:b. AH ,, .-- , ilf: , f.ft^-.l • v ,c',,n%-l' f. M i: T!;'!r>..! iv, !»<.-. L'!. iit.f,-., !. "H..;v ;..n,t Why f Irf." Hoti't nu*" )!<»;irine ••f < rim-- nn-1 !''••'( mi-fi'iiTi * BOARD MEETING. orlfil ftf ((>" ., /u tti* 1 « I Teh \\iiiinms i ..n n! ibr hr.rnr- s - s rr^ fe U')?.- . UK. r<>r nr-. >;«'•':•* r.* y nnrl Hnily The Best Xmas Present in the Two.Cities A beautiful modern home. New, complete in every detail Get the key at the office. Johnston Lumber Co. TELEPHONE NO. ss Th»'« ROCK FALLS BRIEFS Cut nlns« finri Olshon nt Wylio's.* Kenneth ftllmnn stiffered ft r(«lnj.Rt' and 1« Mtlll in .t ft-riotm ffni«1itlf>n. Jinv- your .Hliofs anrl R« nt's fiinilshr in'e<« ;U Hrnt-y (Solitfiif.'* . r',!f>n TC;K h \M-nt to f-'ceeport this ninitiint; wlifio IIP hn« iieceplffl a fine Mr, ;irifl Mrn. J. A. K"llv, »f T«*fl ! (•:( iv, rs-prf lirro Monilny i"t huslnr-s'. YiH>im>n rt-Bulnr raretinK t-vciilht?. Kleetlon nf r rtlc<TK and dance.* frevc money now nnd buy. your JJmns xifls nt lienry Ooldfim.'* Ivi \Vnhemnn 1ms n number of mrn at work shellln^'eoni. ' TonlKht. regulftr mr^tlnp and dnnce. Hcpk Millo Mystic AVoi-hors No. S2i« Mrf Itln f'rptr.y retnrned to hf-r liome J 'humpxtm f»r «'hri«tma! •iivi5l»n»» rnrdfl n'nd ' \Vy Mr. nnd Mr«. ,Mnrf U'rljSlfit returneH' (M ttioir hnrno fn Normrind^ fifter <:nU <)HVK vlsii In this rity nfitiii!> of ,Mr. and Mm. Snmuel U'riprltt. Lam^t Iffrf of X.tW»* htilk nntl-boxrd candy in town: l>««ilf'!s' < 'ntir«Mtlf<iif>ry.* See tt^»«<e dainty bedroom Slippers If ft thi- mfitniiKr {or Cttw-h riv^r « l>«rr> tlii-y nii! j»|H'nd n fs".\ O.TVS hunting. Xmns drt-ss elovr* at Tlu>inpsr>:V? * Mr. and Mr«. !:•>>' "U'illinrn<» Fpc-ni. Monday in rbk-ften on TuiKines,*. Xcw piurk out girtss nt \\'y!ir's.* Hal Fi.<li« r went to Ston« « \Mf T. f^r n M><_>rt visit. At - -MrV'n'n*! Mrs. J. W, Hlxsnn. «>f plro. Hiie(H Mrmday here on busitirfts. Hwenler coats nt Tliumpsoti's.* Ttev, Hoy Miller "returned in his home in Mcl^an. Ill, nfior nttendinit the runernl of Arnle I»tindatil«t. winter untlerwenr at Thomp-' K>1 ward Tonl nml Wayde Mrfltire IHitinls- Jnf.intry nnd inifn(-r"U* . middlf w-r'str-in tr("()'s homf ff"m tho liordoi- on thr- ri'tvunmrndatlort tit Th*' iroojijt nrf 1 jiar! of n dHr • f IT.'*' 1 " .tviiifh will IM hrotstj!)! titinh| iitvj 7is siir'ijj .-is f,-ifili?!»'•?' !\in ]•>• fiiul tu » iiovn Un-.m. Kv»-rv i-ffnit will be »M:K!I" j (!»»t him H t'lf-rinos Itinch kit. \Vyiie' i» * Mr.«. Hiilp rtrtivf-d herf l;ist r-\ to iinvf» tii' in h Afl<r niakiitt; fi'tary l!'tU"r' til liy th" from \V?u<rly. III. whr-ir flit- will mnko I l "* rtjt . tier home.- in white ivory nt Wy- HOME Fighting Illinoii 7th May Arrive By Christmas; Washln'Kton. !». C'.. Per. l!i. «stat<"d thnt ho PX- o k<-> |i ;i fiisttiou «»f tlip pntlonnl on the iiord«T for nnother fix rnt>nth« at Ii»n.«t. ' In (>ri)f-r to ulifain moiii-y to pay thHr depondrnt families It* t«-nt a mjucst to roiiirrens for nn ••mcrpf-rify npproprintloii of $S,r>00,i»{rn. The appropriation of |2,nof»,0oo made? in Krptemhpr. hf Hinted, would he wholly expanded "by .Tan. 1 and fie r«- the new npproprfntlon Ii«> jippdr-d to carry the families on until lafy of War Itnkfr urdrrfd th" Kov-t.luno SO. Thrp* stroncj reasons urge you to buy the Ford car: First, because o* its record of satisfactory service to m£re than fifteen hundred thousand ownars; Second. be-cauie of the roiiafaility of the Company which rnaV** it; Third, because of U* large radiator and undated fan. streamline hoot*, crevm fenders front and rear, black finish, nickel trirrfminga, it is most attractive in appearance. T.o the** must be added it* wonderful economy in operation and rtminteniince— about two cents a mite: likewise the fact that by r«s»on ; of its simplicity in construction anyone can operate and care for it.' Nine thousand Ford agents make Ford servic* at universal as the car. Touring Car $360, ftunabout $345, Coupelet $505, Town Car $695. Sedan $64!>—f. o. b. Detroit. On sale at Samuel Frank Rock Falls Art-Mlxsfon Sectional Bookcow Colonial Sectional Bookcase, W HAT shall I give for Christmas?, f T he good that is gotten out of article of Furniture far s j ~i sur- There are a million things—the gifts that last a day, the n{1 ccpc that of anV Other ftfticlf^ VO11 gifts that are tucked away in closets, the gifts that are forgotten pa&beh-m<U t»l VU^ISl. dlllCIC > UU — - . The Gift of Furniture arid Fu r n i taj^JastaJbc^a^ forever of service to the recipient. It is forever useful and forever beautiful, ._-".—• And it cqsts no more than the silly little gifts that die. A dollar or two will buy Furniture here—or many liuncteds of dollars, according to what you choose to' make it. You are invited to inspect our Christmas Assortments. You need noj; buy— but you will. can give, /•- '••• -\ /• •t The most t~g h 1 y valued asset of this store is the* good will of its customers, SEWING BASKETS AND . SEWING CABINETS A very ftUractlvB «nd umiCul pn-ts- i-ut in wlt-kt-r, muhuKuny und <»uk i» |.».rU»«l« *»f Qu»en Atns, WUIUun und Mary, Murtiwv WaHhinB s V' u ; uml t ,'"" IPriced from $34iLto Ili; SELUBES "KITCHENEED" * 'I'lw* >t«.'«t pivwtit you t'ouia ^i wit'u *u jniiUitT. Priced from $18,50 to $36.50 FOE FATHEB Why not n roinfortubie clinir t»f fat|H>r--lho ont' Whir uiuki-s all other \vicli IcuthtT ttvut unfl $25 to $12,25 iHt'r«tu!tttl U-Htlii'i- «»«! tupfstry ftiaii.s from, $47 to $20 Jt<'i'tl « ii.iirs in tapfwtrj', $15.75 to $25 llcil>»-rti with Ic.ithcr und uuitatiun k'.ilht'i M'ats atlU wood tiai'kn, from $16.50 to f 6 \ LIBHAEY TABLES A now library table nmktw a wcl- pri'»ont for any mc-ml)et of the family—and ouu tht" entire family will bf thankful for every day in.the year. 'You will find a large nHHortniPiit to select from here and we would bo to Hhow thwn to you. SEWING MACHINE * \ DEESSING TABUBS would »»t What nU»» "»' n pft-tty riHiiny, ypt gi'at'ffully »U'~ uitiH'il. .Tltfir fhutm is suio to appeal In ihc'"in«ti.i tuMtdious fcminlno tastf, F"iuul hfii 1 in thf varlouti pt-rioils and Priced up from An pxwllcHt present for rtjMther, la u »«'\vin»j iniifhiiir nnd tliu Kldrt«d(jo wo-ispool, is doubly gccpptahlp. Price $45 Olht-r machines, from $21 to $36 Why Jfot a Pav.enport? Made-in ('llano an.l and solid oak,' ' t Priced from |23.50 tft |45-00 mm* A Premier Talking "Machino wi»t ple»w th* whole fumtlX'and giv« you music for Chr.*t- ma». Rock We are showino a very preity line of Cedar Wardrobes and Side Tablet and Music Cabinets—any one of which would mo$t creditable presents. s, Ulirvois.

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