Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on February 7, 1947 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Friday, February 7, 1947
Page 7
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VA Takes Steps ft Alleviate Bed Shortage ,\u;tiorUfttl3n 'i:'* boon tfT.inled , 0 ' VA hospitni mtxnnftcrti to fur- L«h patlnnt.-! \vhose treatment ',,„" he corM'luted adequately out f hospital*. and thus make more Lib nvaii to veterans M'i-"'" 0 "- Tnl " movc ttii- current shortajfo ;Mp!t!i! l'<!' l!< "'•'*" .tnnou ' ' allov- of VA d by Boston. NOW AT STATE W'inthrop Ad.ims. of Jircctor nf Medical Survicfs for thn VfWSiiM Administration in Now '-Tin 1 n fw program divlvdes thp naticnt.-' u'hosi; hospltal'r/.atlon may l, e jihortfined intu servlce-connectod a nd rion-scri'lcp-connectpd casi-s," fxplfiini'd LV. Adams. "Sprvice-eon- recti'J patii'ntM whose <lisal>l!llics Dave improved sii/Iiciontly to be :rr:in-il I'lsi.-whxrir will bo dl.scharj,'- iii fi-oin VA hospitals, .'tnd will rp- ccivt! o»:-psitit-nt treatment in VA hospital (.'linicu or in regional and •nib-ri-Kioniil ot!lcey. Or they may I),, crc.'tc-d on n. fee has'l.s as circumstances wnrmnt. Transportation f'ii- tzist treatment mny be fui-ni.if'Pd at irovernment expense. •The nonservlco-connertetl cases which cm he iflven final treatment on an out-patient basis, will* be granted leaves of absence from VA .lo.ipital-*. Hmvvvpr, they still will Ijf carritf'.l on hospital roll. 1 -; as pa- tionoK reporting instead to VA hospital clinics or regional and sub- reporul ofllcus. Tho Kfvornrnenr will not pay transportation cost:, or orhirr pxpcnycs for this trpat- mont. which will be prnviiliTfi only at VA irr.-ttnllalion.s." he said- nr. A'laniK iimphusl/ed, that thp protrrnii will :ipply only to those(.alien:.-' u'ho.-ii- uoiiiul period of hMplttilination may h K by t.1is mct.lnd, withoul t.'t-atment or impedinj; recovery. r.n New I'Jn^'land on Dr.ccmbi'i I patients a«vii:lnfc' ftdmi.ssion ir VA hospitals numbered T>6.|. of whom only six were in the Hrrvlce- conspcted category. At present i: i< eritiriMtPd that about 17 per cent sf hospitalized vi.-ternns lire aervice- i.-oflr,t-ct''<.l castes, the balance bpintf non-servicv-prinnuetccl. Theiv wen- :ri,'!2S.COO motor vehicle rngistrations in the United M. Barry Keegan I'OKTKAITS IDS flunk St. W:ili>rliur.v Joiii-s .Morgan 111(1^. Tt.'l, 4-SK* -i and joyous vn- Icl'Uiiiiiiiciil is Ix-Jiiir I'cjitiiivfl in llic li'lplr lu-mlllm- "In rursoii" M|IIJ\V' pluyin^ I*K|IL.V, ?-'.i:i.ui'i)ay nnil Sniidii.v ai tin- Stall- ThrnU'r, lllll'H'oi'll. .llcadlllllll'; I III- pIllMilt; ol' still's is Vivian liluinr. Hit' KliiiiKH'C.iis anil luscious sln^-hi^ iinit (Inncli'u' sUir \vlin ('OHM'S di- rrt-rl.v I'IMHII lli>ll,rtvuf»l H> till' KU>H- Mfiijjc. >li>s ItlnliK- luis sdii-n-d in SIK^II l!i|i-/ioti:li |»lc— |.ni-i!S us "SMi lc Fsilr," "l>oll rii'.'r." -;i I.litlc (;irls In Hhie." "1C I'm liiioky" anil otlior se'ivi'ii llllS. ClI-lM'lKlllllCtl with VlVill.ll filii.i:ii' is .Mlcliai-l O'Slic-ii, .SPII- sjHIoiml slur ol' sUiKf. st'i'Ocii iiiiif radio, \vtio has hoon l'('4i.turr:l in many *Oi]> (\ > .ntiu t ,v-I < 'o.\ h.|(s. Also uprarin^; on .the -sla-j;'*.' liill i> S'ani l>«;il;ilMic, 'Ills Saxophone anil his urrral <>rcln-s( ra. IViitiir- ir>- liill l.orkw(M>tl. ronuijuic. DaiiliMic. filns an uuKitvutlun <>r lalrtilt'-:! ' niu-ilciuns and fiitc'r- laini'i-v. K.virii aililcd HIV Dlfl.- aiid lloi KIMITI.V In "Tons or I'an," iuul others. European Dentistry Called 30 Years Behind U, S. Standard Albany, N. Y.—(UP)—A New York state health department ofll- cia! has returned from a six- ( months tour of Europe with a grim picture of the dental health of persons in occupied countries. Dr, David E. Ast reported hundreds of thousands of displaced arc in "woeful" need cf dental services;, laVgely beciuse of poor'dietary conditions and lack of attention during Nnxi occupation, "For example.. 30 percent of those in the ago 'groupi'10 to 30 ratiuirc. .some form of bridgework or artificial denture for rehaiiii'ta- tion," he said. "Among', those 30 yc.:rs • find over -the percentage reached UO. There is considerable disease of tfco jawbone and gums," E-X Ast said European dentistry is at least' 30 years behind thu United Stated standard. tATE5T PHOTO OF U. S; SUPREME COURT JUSTICES Tunnel To Divert Colorado Water Health Talks By HKRMAN.N. BUNDESEN, M.D. JUST as the proof of the pud- dir.f,' is In the eating,"'3o the final 'test of a new medicine- is . In the sick room. ' j Labaiatory scientists ire the | discoverers, but killing germs in a lest tube is a very different thin^,' from routing them in the body. This Is why the real job of exploration belongs to .the doctors. It is they who must map out the Limits of u. new drug's usefulness; who must determine, how ;nucn to B'ivi.- and how best to give it; establish safeguards and chart the whole which lead;; to healing', -Ncwi'st- Drug O.i<; of those importuni explore-• unions tions has recently been conducted lajbor." a't'tho Mayo Clinic by Doctor.-: Wnllacn Hi. Hcrrell and Donald R. NAUGATCJCK NKWS (CONN.),' FBIOAV, FKB. 7, 1MT—PAOK Trip Made In 1773 Described In Diary Boston (UP)—In his diary, Josiah Quincy describes as follows a j trip lie made in 17T3 from Boslon ) to New York: j "I set out from Boslon in the line of stages of an enterprising Yankee, Pease by name, considered n method of transportation of wonderful expedition. The journey to New York (230 miles) look up a week. We reached our resting )>)ncc for the night, if no accident intervened, at 10 o'clock, and after a frugal supper, went to bed with a notice that we should be called at lhrc«, which generally proved to be half past two. and then, whether it snowed or rained, the traveler must rise and make ready, and proceed on nis way over bad roads, sometimes getting out to'help the coachman lift the coach out of a quagmire o.~ rut, and arriving in New York after a week's • hard 'traveling, wondering at the ease, as well as the expedition wjih which our journey was effected," THIS IS THE MOST RECENT. APPROVED. PHOTO OF.THE JUSTICES ol the U.S.-Supreme'Court. Pictured in their judicial robss in the Supreme 'Court Building in Washington are (front, 1. to r.): Justices Felix Frankfurter, Hugo BUicI:, 'Chief .Justice Fred M. Vinson, Stanley Reed and Lewis Douglas. lr. rear are (). to r.): Justices Wiley RuUedKt 1 . Frank Murphy, ttobert Jackson and Harold Burton. {.International Soundphoto) Strong Unions Urged To Aid Teachers Chicago.— (UP) — A spokesman for the American Federation ' of Touchers (AFL) says the 'educational "crisis" today could have been -.^voided, if a majority of Ui.ichers were argunlxed in "stronj; 'affiliated wifli orsuni/.firt been a strike in bhe history of the federation until "the deplorable condition In St. Paul, Minn,, compelled the teachers, ' 'both union and non-union, to strike as a last resort." Land BaUlewagons Added To Weapons long or an eight-inch rifle with' a barrel more than 30 feet long. The •howitzer can hurl a 360-pound shell 16 miles and the rifle can shoot a -240-pounn 1 shell 27 miles. The new tank ha s a ' 90 millimeter, 21 J-2 /Dot !on^ hitfh velocity rifle which can hurl a shell ;it t'hreo times'llic speed of sound. Half the drownings in this country occur in .TuneT July ami AXIJJ- ust. Lawmakers Take Course In Civics Chicago (UP) -=- Freiihinan m«»r- bcrs of several »latc IcffislaturKii have been goinR to ichool to learn how to be good jawm&knti, Ul« Council of State Govcrnmenu reports. New Oklahoma. IcRiilator* took part in a brink one-day hrl*fin» on the technique* of lawmaklng and other phases of the leffhOallve pro-, cess. Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Hcorcin., Mo8»HBchuseUn and North Carolina legltlatori ahio took •. few lessons • in lawmaklng, the council said. ' Sewing was .first taught in public schools in Boston In 18S4. The of study was legolfxcd by Masaiichusclts In 1876. • , ' GOING AWAY* GKT YOUft LUGGRGE At FISHER'S III South Main St. Waterbury Detroit—(U P)—l~or.o-runn'ers oi'i sec- t'he weapons of the future may be] First successful 'flight of a' Zeppelin airship occurred In 1S92 in u -triiil trip, Kern to Lucerne. Irwin R. KucrtKfi, n'ltiona! rut'ary treasurer, said most" inde-| the huge' tanks and mo-bile guns NlchoU regard,^' that newcomer pondonl teachers' associations, af-) delive ,. ed to th& a /Uiatcf! - with the National Educa-i , „, Corpora Chicago — 'UP) — A X-mile tunnel, to he out through t:ie towering Medicine Bow .Hancfe in central! Colorado, will rob 'the PUvor of enoup-h of Its now to irri- iimong the modern wonder drugs— stroptamyctR. Like penicillin, it seems to have great value in treating a number of different, inl'ec- uons, especially those involving tho kidney and bladder, thu win- pipe ar.d lungs. in addition, it his nl.-;o been Colorado I' ounc ' useful in meningitis or inflammation of. : the membranes en- ordinancc| hundred^ of square 1 miles of closing the brain and spinal cord. plains lands lying to the Tllc u .' ol ' k ™T>ortcd by the two to the - , tion Association, "have bec-n' in the ;^ paltmcnl - by nature of company unions', 'icdri- j lion. troi;ed by administrators, niany of i Fred M. Zeder, vice president in whom are deeply embroiled. In Io-'. char ge of engineering, said the es\l politics, . j g| ant vehicles included a C3 1-2 "Thu crisis facinjf American eel-, tan tank-type land ba'ttlewa^on ucation today and the low profey- and a (i()-ton -icavy lighting tank sl status of teaching are gra- with twice fho speed and armor of cast cf the Rockies, geologist John Ma >'° Clinic doctors in treating 45 patients with various ailmcntul with streptomycin docs much to give u. more precise knowledge of' • TIRES* } CHAPPIE'S j AMOCO GASOLINE ! SERVICE STATION •2W IJKIDGK ST. TKI-. 4«00 • VIMHM.AN ias).\|.;ss TRAINING I.' VETERANS ,N"ru Olus.Mi'S Fell, ,'inl Avc, \Vutnrbury I-.S772 Ollies Radiator Shop w ruosi'KCT ST. TKI.. r,Mi t'nion City Aulii Hadiatoi'x Kepalri'il, C'li'iini'd and JioC'onttl WiirU Culh-tl l''or anil l>(;llv<:reil AM. \VOKK (JUAHANTKKI) Olllr l,o Dm:, I'rop. -K<'KI;T,\m.\i, KKI'UKTI.V*; |)i-vrhi|>iin.|>l ill i;n-lTK MliirllKlllll II. Hill i-HI" I'lvruhm-. ill li I- M THE PERRY SCHOOL "(in ii'iAf. i;iti-:ii(; S( iioin," llniwn I'.uihl'uu: W:ili'rlinr.r I .All IKS' NIGHTGOWNS Reg. Size — S2.39 X-Size — S269 Wally 's M STUKK'f C. Hot! reports Dr. Hot'f, of the Colorado School or Mines, told -here how the cngrl- ilt useru . nctt . netrintf projoct xvill divert water | already w,.-l! on its wa>- to^vnril the I I5oil . v tlui! " ; ''inffed . from :00,000 Pacinc vU Grand Canyon, into th-v to 1-000.000 units, depending on Sourt: Platte River instead. The i thu n ' Jt «™ . of tilc , inaction ami the Platte feeds fhto'the Mississippi ' wn " tne dru " w:ls -admmisturedi Uiver system I '" 01 ' tnc la ' Ltfu '- several methods 'The Blue'River tributary of the: lvo " used - '"J ec tion into a muscle, Colorado will be dammed -to back ', " nclor lhe skin o:- into a vein; by iff.' watt-r. .that will be guided by| moulh ' iiul by s l )ra - vir -« itrto t- 1 ' 2 j canals into a series of tunnels and i nu ' ;e - - .. " ' I conduits. Hull' .said. FjR;ing under! Good results were -oIjtiLiui-d in 2 J ,- m:i:r.tair.-s and across valleys, the i CCLSUS, doubtful- results in 12, and water finally will emp.rfre on thcit.ln troa'.ment fjilt-ci in 7 instances.. ca"U>:n .vlopc of the Rockies. From! No serious reactions occurred in t-viro it will be guided into the'any of the patiiMits . truatud. Give.-. .Sjiuh Piatiff to .swr-11 ks flow lover a lont' period of time, tho ; .•if!i().-:s thirsty plains. I driiR lionietimes producer! a rash.' In addition lo the main 20-milo!hut thi.s disappeared W)JL>JI tho • tur.r.ei under tho middle ranfre of | treatment was stopped. j Ki;.;ht patients hud an infection : of thp blood strfiom. All recovered ' with the slrpphomycin treatment. In two piitientK with infections: dm 1 ro lh'0 brucella. H'i'.'rm which cauaes undulant ffivor. i-ho streptomycin tr-notmur.l was of r.o o p- parent bonofil. In 10 out of 13 patients whs had infc-CLions nt th.j kidney tir.d bladder,, ^-ood i-csult.s were obtained. The len.Lrt.'i ol treatment varied from 'I (o 17 days. Tt would appear that when the urine j is kept alkaline, the .strop'iomycin • j is rr.oi-u effective in its action, '• j In -1 out of 5 patients with an i j infection of the lung's, the strcpto-, ;:nycin ifavc satisfactory results • : when it was • breath-eel into the 1 i lunp-s. Ljryo doses of st}-ep'Lomycin • I did not i.-avf any et'f.ect in 4 cases; •• o: syphilis. ; J In •! case;; of infduenzal nienin-j • pitis, .1 cure resulted with the! i .•strep'i.omycin treatment. Three of: j the cases were due to the influeir/.-: | a! organism known -as Type B.', ; The uxact v«i-iotj' cf the org-anisiti' .in thn foui-th case was riot deter-] : mined. | Thus, it would scon that strep-i tomycin ..will., prove -to be another, potent wnap-jn in 'the honds of the: physician for overcoming a variety] j ut' infections. Mo\vevcr, a jrreat' Ideal further work is necessary | ]\vith his preparation to determine fl's exact value. phic and failure o suiri. Kunnxli said tragic evidence of such organizations, there never the any other tank of comparable size. he The baljlewagon is designed to | carry either a. 10-inch howitzer had 'with a bjrre-1 more than 27 feet LARGE METAL WASTE BASKETS — !)Sc TRIMZ WALL PAl'EH READY PASTED BORDERS KKMTONK GALLAGHER'S HARDWARE 178 MAPLE STREET (Across from Clt.y Bakory) Froo Delivery Tolcphnne 501-1 NICE WAYS TO SAY "BE MY VALENTINE!" the UscUicj, the new diversion system will include an cifrht-milo tun- ncl. sever il • !ihorU'r tunnel^, three dams, at livast six milea of hugx' crindtttt tijJ>-"'S aruJ more than Ifi milts o!' canals. 1 Ho!':' .-vij(J \vork on fcho project v^'oukl b<- .-Liirtcci noxt. tium YOU SAVE AT THRIFTY "MONEY-SAVING VALUES" THRU-OUT THE ENTIRE STORE! -^"'^'•^ ^x^ s <- Chatham's Air-Loom Blankets 8-95 n 75% WOOL Thus li 7i.'x!)()' modiiim 25% COTTON ^'Iit ])l;'1 is (•(jiiar. Accent the suit with the smartest "CAPE GLOVES" -A yuK-efnl .-uldilioii lo your new spring 1 o-)i- ili ln'cavti. hl.'iclc ur wliilt'. 'SPRING-MAID" TABLECLOTHS Ilichly floraled in spring's new colorii'.jJK.. tliecu printed cottons oon:u iji j-ed o:- blue. Size 54xG4. 1.98 T- KA. PLYMOXITII Lace Tailored CURTAINS Thcso beautiful cunnins arc soii s -|i)cntinjr, ready to hung, in new rich jiHttnrr.s of plc-usint;- T? ^M ecru. fej* i-"_ ' COHAMA WILTSHIRE ' ' '\\}\}'/c vii'^ or srcipc.s. MAKY A PEDESTRIAN / WALK? HIMSELF TO DEATH/ •JA1IOHM <i*Hir COUHCH n M r oo) worsted. In pl Prci-slirii)]);, sponyed u nc.edle, 54" \vido. :i)i 3-98 YD. U. S. Certified Denier* QUAMTY SKAPOOD KXCI.USIVEI.V 32 UNION ST. (Rear) H'HtorllllT.V , . Tel. 3-0902 or 3-0008 Fri'i- Delivery r ^_ »—.^^._^.-.^»-,™ Open 8 A. M. to (i I 1 , id. NOTF ; W ith ~ 1 '' "«''* trucks u-<' fransporl J KKSH FISH I).\1I,Y, (lirccl from the consft . . . And fillet all fish "ri inir DWII prcnii>.f.s. • Ipswich Clams • Steamer Clams • Little'Necks • Cherry Stone Clams • Shrimp • Crab Meat 9 Oysters and Lobster Tails 9 Chowder Clams Live Lobsters (Select) • Lobster Meat • Frog 1 Legs Fillet of Sole Fillet of Cod Fillet of' Haddock (Whole) Fillet of Hake (Whole) Fillet of Boston Bluefish (Whole) • Smelts • Swordfish • Smoked Bloaters and Herring • Whiting « Squid • Dry Cod « Salmon .« Shredded and Salted Cod Smoked Boned Herring Mackerel • Sea Scallops • Halibut Drive Right In Plenty Of Parking Space NOW AT STRAND hi is riivroiilly seen In lilt 1 letnliiiK: IVinlnliio rolo in "1:1 Km.- .MiKlck'Ine." Hit 1 new T»WII- liftli Ci'iiliii-y-I.-'ox ndvonliiri" hit sCirrliiM; Jaini's Ca^iu-y, ami nciv al. (li«- St.rtiiul Tlit'airr. Tin; i-oni|iai)li>ii I'wi'.nri 1 , "ttoiiliis At \Vot-l.-," I'o.'itiin-.s Wiilly BI-OH-II, Alan Curacy and Ann Jeffreys. CUSHION DOT MARQUISETTE RUFFiED CURTAINS . •• - -'-TJioso .7i"-'Priscilla top. e'm.;tai.ns. would o'lilVimeci-a-riy room, ;ind ' .-ivo top.vaJwe. •.'•-"'. .-•''.-. 2-98 PR: THE FAMOUS "HAYNE'S" TOWELS;' Just arrived in time I'or d'.liis - nil— 22x44 (lonli](! ; thread in green,-, rose, bluu, pencil' und maize. ,'- .- •• • WASH .CIXllTl'lS'TO MATCH — Ific 79c STRKET FLOOR MOMKSTIC SHOr CANNON TOWEL SETS - This'famous towel In solid'col- .. J^L ^M - ors of rose, blue, 'green, peach *J* and the sets contain '.•, . . ' -\' SfeT 2 Bath"Towels T 2 Guest Ttfivnls - 2 Wash Clotlis" "AMERICAN BEAUTY" MATTRESS COVER Button" closing, from medium .weight unbleached sheeting O ^T tape bound KOams. .Cut extra O* ,' large for shrinkage in full bed size. ' ' - K.V AS PERSON At .yOtlh SIGNATURE The Bag-'s the Thing: for Added Smartness! or hrcuiddoUi in. ponchos, muk'r.'irm or f:bo ly s}ionl<Ii>r sliii.u 1 . $4.98 A way to help Valentine's Day.. last a long 1 while NEW SPRING BLOUSES $2-98 Even if yon li.'ivon't. soon the first crocus, ' one hronthless look at th<ise radiant blouses \v : ll convince yon that tl'io glory of spring mn«t be vorv close. , ' •' •

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