Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas on August 20, 1992 · 46
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Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Fort Worth, Texas · 46

Fort Worth, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1992
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Section A Page 2 figii-faiTort Bones From Page 1 ' bones They were really old And dry" f The trunk the Sessionses said liad been given to them by a friend iow an Arlington resident But this Aek when Hot Springs County Sheriff John Lumley headed south to Arlington to investigate he found the man less than cooperative ' The man told the sheriff he purchased the trunk at a garage sale between 1972 and '76 in either i)klahopia or Iowa and never opened it Lumley said The man in mid-40s declined to speak publicly about the bones saying he had 4nswered enough questions "It makes you a little suspicious" 1umley said "The man could have very well bought the trunk in a gaI-age sale and is just embarrassed about not remembering it But if so why not admit it?" And Lumley said he has few clues o help identify the skeleton Crime lab tests indicate that the bones are those of a white man who was 50 to 65 years old when he was shot be!!ind the eye and near the ribs The -hooting apparently occurred between 30 and 50 years ago Lumley said he has no suspects in the shooting he Sessionses said their friend Fort Worth 400 W Seventh St Combining the Fort Worth Star (establis(led Feb 1 1906) the Fort Worth Telegram( purchased Jan 1 1909) and the Port Worth Record (purchased Nov 1 19254 the Fort Worth Star-Telegram CUSPS 206-2(0) is published daily Second-class postage paid at Fort Worth Texas Postmaster: Send address changes to Fort Worth Star-Telegram PO Box 1870 Fort WorthTexas 76101 Circulation: 2564'22 all day 349969 Sunday Customer Service: To ask a question about the Star-Tekgram or if you are dissatisfied with the response of another department call 390-7761 between 8 am and 7 pm Monday through Friday To subscribe: For home delivery in Tarrant County or to report a delivery probkm dial DELIVER (335-4837) during these hours: Monday through Friday 6 am to 7 pm Saturday anti holidays 6 am to 11:30 Sunday 6 am to 2 pm Outside Tarrant County call (8001 776-STAR a toll-free number Prices: 501? daily $1 Sunday By the month: llome Delivery Mail Affordable Elegance Classic Style Our Georgian Court collection's sophisticated style and traditional craftsmanship makes it feel like its been in the family for years But our Summer Sale prices will make you glad you waited until now to acquire it ' 0::4 4)'"'" :::'' k- I I 1(A ti ri 7r: rgt4VM :' fl:e ri 1 1 '1 I 31f ! tt -"'': :r 1 )1 4' —141r 1 s 1434 ft '7:'-7Z'' -4: it ' U P'0'!:- : is 1 '': 4 s"- '"4') : - ' ' i 4 - PH'? ir:''')1 12:: — k s ' $ - ' ' 1 i : 4 ) 1 g i' :?Itr“4AF'"i'14 Red ' tA ) "v i n : reg !::' : :: : i-' Can 't ''' ! -v e reg 10 7 oti Can I:1 reg 1 Palli 1 reg Brea ETHAN HOME LInnted wmranty tn Finn AI Irn Inc end !tTirmber 2111'442 633 NE Loop 820 HURST 595-0621 OR METRO 817-589-1382 HOURS: 10-8 MON—THURS 10-6 FRI & SAT CLOSED SUNDAY -5 0 LI Worth Star-Telegram Thursday AM gave them a shed full of tools and furniture as well as the trunk when he moved to Texas "He asked my husband if he wanted the shed and said he had a lot of stuff stored in it" Daisy Sessions said "He said he'd be back someday to get some of this stuff" The man did return to Wyoming a couple of years later and gathered some of his furniture but he didn't have enough room to pack the green Army footlocker the couple said Eventually the Sessions said curiosity got the best of them Clumps of dirt surrounded the bones and reports indicated that the skeleton had been buried before being put into the trunk Lumley said "It was a puzzle Why would anybody do that?" Daisy Sessions said "Any way you look at it it doesn't make any sense" Lumley said he has asked Tarrant County sheriff's deputies for help following the Arlington connection Because he has few leads he said he may give his information to the producers of the TV show Unsolved Mysteries Lumley said he is obligated by law to continue his investigation until he knows the bones are not those of a Hot Springs County resident "I told the man I'm not going to stop and I'm not going away" Lumley said "I'm like a bad dream I've got to get this done" Star - Telegram Fort Worth Texas 76102 Morning evening and wekends $1295 $34 Morning or evening and weekends 81095 re Morning or evening P495 Weekend only aay weekend lawkage and the holiday iasueiii 8795 — Sunday only (mail only( — $17 All prices include sales tax and postage Mail prices are for United States and possessions foreign rates available upon request Advance payment required for mail suleaription To reach the newsroom: Main number 390-7400 The Arts 390-7747 Business desk 31M-7729 Class Acts 390-7884 City desk 390-7410 Editorials 390-7754 Life 39()-7769 Metro ( from Dallas County ) 429-2655 To advertise: To place a classified ad dial 3:32-3333 during these hours: Monday through Friday 8 am to 7 pm Saturday 8 am to I pm Other departments: Retail advertising 390-7584 National advertising 390-7838 Arlington classified advertising548- 5454 Arlington retail advertising 548-5456 Northeast advertising 685-2:300 Rectangular table reg $1999 sale $1699 Carved Chippendale side chair reg $459 sale $399 Carved Chippendale armchair reg $599 sale $499 Palladian breakfront china reg $2399 sale $1999 Breakfront buffet reg $1599 sale $1399 ALLEN INTERIORS Manor House August 20 1992 Horrible scenes of starvation take devastating toll on Somalia BY GREG MYRE 'the Associated Press BAIDOA Somalia — A skeletal boy lies in the red sand of a refugee camp too weak to move to speak even to cry Only his blinking eyes give any hint of life Like so many others he is beyond help Every dawn finds new bodies in the dust of the hospital courtyard The scenes of horror multiply beyond imagination in this desert town 155 miles northwest of the capital Mogadishu It is an apocalyptic vision of the famine engulfing Somalia War anarchy and drought have put 15 million people in danger of starvation in this northeast African nation creating what has been described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis Aid workers cite Baidoa as one of the most desperate areas of the country "It is a catastrophe The level of suffering is incredible" said Cristophe Serezu head of the International Red Cross delegation in Baidoa Hundreds of men women and children stick figures all straggle down a dirt road leading from deserted villages into Baidoa They pass a fly-covered corpse beside the road and pull their dirty ragged shawls over their noses to block the stench They avert their eyes trying not to look into the face of death No one can say how many people are dying in Baidoa But a survey of refugee camps aid agencies and the hospital suggests the figure is between 25 and 50 a day Aid workers say hundreds more may be dying in the brush and villages surrounding the town Baidoa has about 60000 residents about the same as when the famine began months ago But almost all the original inhabitants fled to Mogadishu seeking food Food began reaching Baidoa only two months ago through the Red Cross and the UN Childrens' Fund when clan fighting that had swept the area moved on to more distant regions That brought an influx of new people into the town from remote villages Many of them once were I: : : " : : r 1 4 I 1 - 1 11' '''"I : l':':::it f 5 r! f: : c ' ::: :! ':'''1' '' 3 I - 1 ' -- '-i ' f: : 3 ' 4 I I: 1 1 'f:' r i:: t :1 t 1 i k 9 ::i e side chair 1 : e armchair f it china 9 1 f 9 1 : : r t ? 0 e:- V Food airlift to begin to Somalia With an estimated 15 million Somalis threatened with starvation the US has sent large military cargo 9 -Socc24 planes to Kenya to assist in a food airlift scheduled 41:A to begin this week I About the airlift a The first planeload is to leave Mombasa for Wajir from there rations will be trucked to the nearly 400000 living in UN refugee camps 1113000 tons of food from US stocks will be delivered this month an additional 8500 tons are due in September ICRTN I Fort Worth Star-Ilegram hardy self-reliant families of farmers and herders Now they wander along the tarred road that runs through the middle of town their eyes glazed and uncomprehending A car honks for the starving to move aside but it takes a while for the sound to register before the people lurch off the asphalt - "When your stomach is so empty your ears don't work" said Bile Farah Artan a Baidoa resident The Red Cross is feeding 37000 people in Baidoa and the United Nations and other organizations are trying to feed the rest Much of the food comes by plane in three or four flights a day The flights are 1 0 times as even 3 4 h 01 4 itLto Ethiopia 1--i UN refugee Somalia camps along border 7----- a 'Wajir Mogadishu Kenya A s o N 300 OF MEM Mombasa Mlles 0 ' - I S 8- 0 0 WHITE GOOSE DOWN COMFORTERS Luxurious 230 to 240 thread count 100 cambric dA ' - T ' :---- - - -: cotton downproof covers filled with white goose down Choose twin (22 oz) fullqueen (29 oz) - or king (34 oz) sizes in white ivory or 7: assorted pastels Colors vary by - Aft store Made in USA r ' 19 : rief4S Cirl yr1:'1:er!:Z41 : i)44't '614sqe11e VV tIr - i eikoh-f ' -v p fr 6 -- :' t p ' ' -(--: ''' ' h' t 4 'tkr ' 1 454'rf ' RETAIL $150 to $250 ' -4 41 i 5 f0-: i- '' ':' 0-''4:-Aw-i1-' I p - - -47 phlf r vie fr:- ! 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'r' :: - t- r : il ': 7 (4 ' ' t ': s''1-: 7: :' -:' Washcloth or Fingertip $4 $199 ''--''''- - -1----- ' ''41-- s''::'::' 4 Itte‘da Hiwninv 1992 R1W77 -- 7 : ---- — ! 7 --- --LT-- — - -717-- I-- 7714 7-- -- - T:77-- --- zz----: I 1 'th ill 'Ib-4-- V(411 61 1:14(t MI4 ' I 1 61v-1161i' 0 1017'1:AA 101e 1 0144 41i 111Y 31 11 4 1---- 0 s k i ! it k t it- e — - Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Cheerfully Refunded Often our quantities are limited because we purchase only first quality famous maker closeouts Hours: Mon -Sat 930 am to 6 pm Thurs till 9 pm Sun noon to 6 pm Open through September 13 1992 VISA MasterCard and Discover cards accepted ' 1 -1 ' ' - : L t st4 LI a 4' ii 0 0 - - GIFTS 50'" TO 80 On EVERYTHING FORT WORTH6389 Camp Bowie (enter from Hilidate) (817) 7322582 FORT WORFH690I McCart 2922391 ARLINGTON1400 W Arkansas (Past Audria's Crafts) (metro) 2654481 N RICHLAND H1LLSRufe Snow MIDCITIESHanvood at Norwood at Watauga 5818903 4984514 4 1 t i sive as ground transport But in anarchic Somalia free-lance gunmen control large stretches of the road between the capital and Baidoa looting and hijacking with impunity Dorothy St Germain of the Los Angeles-based International Medical Corps the group running Baidoa's lone hospital said that a recent supply convoy left Mogadishu as 17 trucks but that only six arrived in Baidoa Baidoa is one of several southern Somalian towns targeted by a US military airlift that will deliver 145000 tons of food over the next two months The first flight to Baidoa is expected in about 10 days As food becomes increasingly available more people will come Others would if they could In a village 12 miles away a widow and her four small children huddled around a small black pot containing the boiled skin of a camel the meat of the animal consumed long ago The woman's fifth child died Tuesday morning and was covered with a shawl "Before the civil war this area used to grow sorghum and nuts to feed the rest of the country" said Musa Rafael a former agriculture official "It is so horrible now I cannot believe my eyes" CORRECTION Liquor sold at US military installations is exempt from state and local taxes Federal taxes are included in the price An article Tuesday misstated which taxes are not levied INDEX TO FEATURES Staff columnists Section-Page Section-Page Bridge —11F Dave Bryant -Encore Comics 8F David Boclair Editorials—A Tony DeMarco --5c Billy Graham — lir Bill Doyle-- 3B Horoscope Jim Reeves Ann Landers Roger Summers 35A Market listings 5-10B Sheila Taylor IF Miss Manners IF Bill Thompson 35A 6F Gary West Racing star Obituaries A Puzzles 8F2H Other features Television Agenda --iabWeather-8A Africa's refuge: crisis worseninv UN acial saYs - The Wash Hiroo Posi GENEVA — Western countries1' are allowing the refugte situation ti:1'1 worsen across Africa because they refuse to attack the political root of ib the problem and seek only to treaC its causes a senior UN official said yesterday 44 Somalia is only the tip of the ice704 berg Nicolas Bwakira the (INN High Commission for Refugee (UNHCR) director for Africa sail at a news conference Angoki Mozambique Liberia and Sudant are equally touched by the refuge" crisis which is getting worse instead- of better he said The situation in Angola whele elections are supposed to be het next month is an example of developed countries are not livingo up to their obligations he said "As a result of the cease-fire Angola the UNHCR launched an r appeal for $55 million to help refu: gees there return to their homes" he - said "So far we have received just - $2 million all from Scandinavian' countries "If rich countries can put mil1ion4! of dollars into manufacturing an4 selling arms I simply don't see why they cannot put a few million into a project aimed at bringing peace And this is just such a project" Developed countries are also at fault Bwakira said in failing to quell the political anarchy in Somalia which he said effectively stops any meaningful relief operations there Only when a political solution has been imposed he said can serious help for refugees begin "We would like to resume operations in northern Somalia where there is a great need for food and medical supplies" Bwakira said The United Nations is unable to ship supplies into Somalia across its border with Kenya for the same reason he said Kenyan troops and police have been rounding up some of the estimated 250000 Somali refugees living in shantytowns around Nairobi and Mombasa and shipping them back to rural areas he said UNHCR is also concerned about the 15 million refugees it estimates need help in Mozambique where a cease-fire has been signed between the government and rebel forces The United Nations estimates that Liberia has 700000 refugees II I 1 I -

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