Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 19, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1916
Page 4
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JLMIIMS % Luggage for Christmas Every man uses a bag or suit case more or less, he likes the kind we sell—the kind that looks the part Buy one of these splen* did bags for a gift. $10 $12 Bradley*- Boynton Clo. Co. DAILY GAZETTE Asd f>. <T. FuHli^hfrf — Tfaity c-xoppt ty- third yrsir- ••Kntf > i 4 **<l Ff'Tlinr. Til . ni° *»f>r-r>!if!-<' Snmlrty -,-<Jix- at j>«!«*/T<Tirf. >r Jhr» cr'-nflon t-f new mnstntains; nnd st «oAn of it! Thft* in in No W:is the. ATiska, fiT-, hilt 111*- iM'h-n.-f h?jj,j* tansjht oil the \vsir «f-j waUr. , nfitWrt!* f* Rained by lyfnsr. Tbe-klns of Kottmsjnia. hat ' T' " i r«-v;iiilnc Siifisr-riptfon lirtffw ..... fly rnrrti r in- P(<-rl(nir or Hock KnH«< «>r by rfiru! :tt OIP Strrlinp c«r Hork Fails pi><u>ffK-f, f 5 w» n yr.-jr. $2.r.ft for «ix irtsnui..--, ?!.IT, fur thrrn months, f>r in rfnta a wf'k. psvnhlf to the rjurlf-r *»vf-rj' SMuni'iy morning-. By mail out*io> Stf-rlini: ruul Rr>ck Fall*. $2.6(i a yf>nr, II.2S fr>r six- rm.'tubs, or JS wits jwf month. WHAT WILL DECIDE THE WAR. Sirtr*» th»? Spinning' of th<» jrrMt wnr, (wpral fnrts pff\ lously MnsuwfTctf d, art* F^nfraiiy rttlrnitt«vl. Th<*s<!» arc: no ammmt ol navnl ?ujx>ri«»Hfy rr;;i?--t or navnl base in. tho fat c> of miw-5 nnd submarine*. why lh*» f«vf»rlt« fnfthofl of Uritlsh In Ibf paat~-fl>(fht th<p f-nfmy at or th» port* of the" wiring—cnntiot continued, Th« old prwMent has smashed. The other fact ia that an army IR thoroughly Intrrnfhed. and adrru with the us« of machine prims anrt tmrtvd wins fences, to utilize more man ijow*»r—however niifierlor it may 1 be-*-4*~ merely aacriflclng life ne««lli*««R- ly. That is why tho German* nrn still At « ; -ni" f!^('f« ' t*f I*" l f<->r<-«!.s were FuLrn'TC' ff «•,*;!!»"!. "At m''»*f !>!.'i<'< » lam! ruse, run? many j" thf rc-- inw Mn'."i iOil' rti Jfvrl li V.lV.'.llfit \iate-r hi' h !i.l'l liv^l fruin-l 47 f«-t -e thf This «Mccf" ! t«, f;i< na (b rm>rf r-firtfi's r>\p|r«rf-tl YOU SAVE MONEY BY TRADING AT THESE STORES FLOWERS The Ideal Christmas Gift Blooming Plants Christinas Baskets and Choice Cut Flowers . Higher in Price Than Former Yearn .ift-tho Entire Family Can Knjoj: STERLING FLORAL CO - T: * 205 18TH AVE. SKATING PABTtes POPULAR, Thf young t«*«|>lrt nrr> making the ,mr»«t of th*> cold wMitiHT nrtrt fr« % «>xn wf the iKindx «"«i«t of town by iioll.sliiiii; up tlii'lr Kkati!* aiul t>njoyinfr nkntlnn part lea. Th<> Iw Is netiof'tert three In- chea to- four Inches thick ol> the canal In plne«*n, ,- • ^ In norihrrn France and T?H» war will b« dccidwj nround PBjx-cfally the latlrr. Tho on the western front for two is the direct cause of Inability to circumvent modern trench \va_rfRrf, Ttwt'lH why Kitchener's rnlculatlon? r«»pnrdln|t munition* wi»re WTOHR — also, th»» calctilatlons of *>vpfyhody Nothing Ilkfi It had cvpr brrn bi>f«ir«*. It i« for this rtvutnn that th«« rnt»-nt*« has ekpcrtmotttcd with hnnd Krc»im<lra "tank*," fllwl hPlmpt« atnl Ims ;t*loptpd htKli nsnk)»lvf» shells as ihi' only sort on which to haute hojn's (n hnbitaUi'TV. thnt t«or(n'ttK»kf t^itnt- trnchr.<« :irc i -ertrtin to phot'k humanity to time, MINCEMEAT Ttric* »* good «i IwJtf tho . c«Mt of bulk mtaoo sawt ** MEMEUUSOULC COMPANY, tiwm, «- T, Mince Pie Tho idea Is to RT t Urn Htirx'rlor mnii*|xnV(>r ohiso enough lo tho Inferior Ourmnn man-powor — rrforrlng. 'of oolirFr, to numhorH—to mwkr it |>o«»l- blo to Rt't an n«tvant»t;p, Ho IOIIK ns the Cicrmari «in corno from a di»t>p hoh< In the ground nnd lifRln ntwatlitfr a np Run every timo tho Hrltlnh and l-Vpncli bntiallotiH ohnrsri», thc> jirt-r IKindcranoo of entente iimn-'|MW4*r l« not at nil noticeable. If nnyttilng. the arc with the fellows on the defense. • OWNERSHIP OF ROADS,; We. arc told by various ml I mid, «*,v eeiitlvea thnt If condUlnnH ure not )m- ttrovcd in the caao of Ameriian tran»- Iwrtatlnn fHimjmnleH, the only alternative will IH» government owneralilp. Thl» germ of government ownership an applied to rallroiids HWIDS to ho growing. Railroad men talk about it frequently and with such evident relish that It no tongi-r sounds like a threat, but a« aotnethlnjr that i» better than iirwwnt «:lix'um«tunco». If thero ts to be any »iue.h thlngr a lenson can be takeh from Mexico. Yes, wo mean It! For If there la' one thing In which Ihe Mexican gbVernment— under "Diaz —acted jKlsety, ft' wa* In relation to the railroads in" the Sputhern Repub- ' THAT WHEAT EMBARGO. There Is no likelihood of on embar- HO ' on whrit, t\.H urirwl bv the baklriK V • Intercuts of the mtmtrjv An embftrier» most cortiilnly won 111 hnve the offwt of keepinc tlnwn th*» |>rlr<* of flour—and wheat in tlrn t. r nlfet! Htatos. If would Itolji the 11,1 kerf and HIP housewlvesj, byt Riw_» tlm C-irmr-rs the Impression th«t""Twir Intere'Mn wcrt» lint being; Iniikeil aftrr. It nlfm would R!V« the rtlllpfl lo nisufrt tlml tho nrl waw imn In Hint its effect iti the nllleil countries to w-enken them by pllliiR ujt domestic dlflk-tiltlps,' They are, already (*ompe!lr>(t to reculntfi Ihe prices of ft»»l. »nr! an -Amerlcafl embnrKo t»n wheat wotilil lia\o trapic results. As neither IVeyldent Wilson nor ''"p- Krejis are Inclint'il to go tult of their usiy to hunt for troubl", thore Is tut HHt'Illinoil n.t nil tluit un embarj;o on w henl will bf- coiiHlilfrod. CAUGHT^THE FLY I'onsblerliiK bow effectively Villa hn.i "conm b,ii<*k"--whelber with one lep.or ono arm mlwIiiR-- fthmihl Convince Mr. <'iirranmi ho m»efis a friend in the. person of Mr. t'ershtnft and his nids, < 'oriKress has been t obi that we need a few frtHiil i online stationn nlmtif the J'arllle., roust. As nur new »li^p«"1irc I'urnlni; oil, a few ollluK Htiitiutin also would l»e. pxrtrtly in plavei- Hryan is po'lnK to build n homo in North Carolina on n hill fino feet hiKli. If !u i had built it wimp where In the Koi-ky MoiintrtltiM tblnk how much nearer to heaven he would be, Tho radical cabinet ehang* In Ixm- dou dldn'l wivo Hufhareat and apparently Isn't cloltiK much to proteet Sa- lonika, from mn^ars of possible annihilation. , • ' Tho Pet'rofrrad dispatches geem to be more reliable than they oricc were. f> W8MOi8BR8^^ Dia»'« r*gl^jc there wa« danger of foreign coajrol of Mexican rall- ro«nl«. The 8o\Ultefn Ficfflo^d Jiist built It* line* lnti»»4h(/ v 4f*<?pufiHc. and Wrltlflh and American " capital was linen, l>«us dltftTt like the, Hltuatlon. heavily lnterc«ted In tha' reinninlng tbouRh he encour>tged '.foreign ''••'apitiil In all other pnterprleen. A» a consequence, th<* ' Mexican - government bought heavily In rallrond'.Btocka, until it owned controlling Interests In all llnea with the exception of the South* ern Pacific of Mexico, And today thlir ownership In one of the most valuable that the Mexican governtnont Knock$ Obf titrate Coughs In, a ^ Hurry A v Simple that Q*tm mt tkt.Cawie. ^ Thdimuida of peopla normAlly hcalthv in every other respect, are annoyed with a pcrauteoi iutngifie-on bronchial oouxh year-After y^ar, dUturbing their sleep and rnakina life dinaj;recaiile. It'a 00 necdleat—4uerc'« nn- did • home-made remedy that will end such * cou«h dully and '.quickly Get f rom *DT dn ( ..... pint bottle juid fill the granuUted at "2i4 ouncos of ' pour it into « title witb;«lain *is&sr*- le phlwm Begin taking curcl out an en ;# »- i Christmas Suggestions At Sterling's Ideal Gift Store m \ 7 Diamonds Q«ntl«m»n'a Diamond Ring* from , 115,00 to 9250.00 L*di*»' Diamond Rings from f?.50 to |400.00 Diamond Brooch** and Pendants Watches Bracelet Watch** from. $10.00 to $35,00 Qont'* Watchni, three moduli, from $9.00 to |40.00 Largo assortment 0- T \ Jewelry, Cut Glass, Fountain Pens, China, Clocks and Leather Goods Some Christmas Specials Some $2.50 Fountain Peas for ,$1,00 Some $15.00 Ladies' Gold Filled Watches $10.50 Some 75c, 11.00 and $1.2$ Brooches !. 50c Mesh Bags sit half price, .• ' W. f. Jennings The Hallmark Store it- wodjd not be a bad idea for our gfe'vci 'intent to buy railroad stocks; and wh?n »,' Owned enough of them, nil this hue an« cry would be ended, the roada would still «0 nrnnlng and paying dlvi- dendH, and Uncle Hum u el would bo get- Jln#.Jt itetter-xeturn for hla money than for most of the billions he has expended .In the last half do»en years. Jf government ownership must come, thi«r > method at least looks easiest, quickest mnl best, CSERMAN8 AND A NEW IDEA, Kelinblo r«'i»<»rl« from lU>rlin arc to UIP effect that thp Tputunlc general «1»IT li»i» poino (p tho riHieluslou that _n>oro Mg guns aro nwdcd on Uio west front, "to rcmova any iioMulUlp cjjuigep." <*«n«*q'uontly, in atUntton to the hiin- dr«'«l ttiou«and o? «o <)( ( ir^y:hino gtm*. of biubed wire, Interminable redotihta lunl rORcrefo do- Ccuses, th.e Oortnaiia, are to double or treble thfr ua« of guns of large c-ullbor heforo next Kprinif,; .- - Alrratiy lh« Torre "at tho Kni)i!» nnd other gun casting worka lm« ln>«n tro- bl«Hl-~iuaking Uio bigBi'Mt. urmy en- KHKfd in the manuftt^turo of BIUWJ ttnd aniiiiunllkiti in tho history of thtt World. H la ovldent tlwt tho-"Ailtblitifi" on Uiw w«-«t front by tho nt-ftlaji ajicl has bad tra pff^ct.* Tho Milk's I'orvvurd/fargdly b(jfa»so of |n((U)«o ar- <»vi<rything prior U> tho chargott. '-The wnblt* I'Sli-nt. For th« Jlrtit tiino Hinco tht' war tu<KHn, the Uerman» uro adopt* ing »-nii'tlUMl orlginateU by tlwlr t mil's , , t»f fimiMo, when H .cornets to IHK' om*' way or the,otluu- what will •well, we luivct lo ijuit being & i>o .ma^iy t)HHln.iiona lmvt» l.iH-n ui>st>t in tuia war, and BO many burini«»vs Klvon niujikliui, that it 1« yt- u-r loliy in siiiku om»'» roi>utatiun -on •'(•H'tJlftii'DK " Hp^Jdi's,- i>cu«'u * nwy »-«>iiu» fH-r'orw i-puiig-. Moth skks aro -vrr>- tired -yr rh:e ivaT~tin(t~lTs r pnatt%ai j-uniUfi-,s. with nu mii«m-ni drcisivv Kiun xu lui. If ihi-y voiiltl Un'gt'l i heir Hi>k>'Un« d»»\» of i»«'iu'«< wcnjd Jiuvt" wn t-ioy tlrnti ni' u, nnd lunslc 'th»< jub It ftt onoe. 4 Or«du«Hy k but curcly you will notice the phlejon thin out ana t disappear altogether, thui cadinff . oouffi* that fou never thought would end. It ilaa promptly IOOIWJIB a dry or tight couch, «topi the troublesome throat tickle, Bw.thea the irritaU«l raianbrane* that line the throat and bronchial tubee, and relief cornea alraont immediately, A day's use will uaualty break up an ordinary throat or cheat cold, »nd for bronchitis, croup, wlioopiaR cough 'and bronchial atjthma there ia nothing better. H taat«« pleasant wfd. keeps pedecMy.. , . - — - Pinex is * most compound of genuine Worway pine ex combined- with guaiacol and ia —„ by ratnions of people every year for throat and chert colds with splendid results. To avoid disappointment, ask your druggist for M 2H ouncea of rlnex".witn full Direction* and don't accept anything else, A guarantee of absolute safisfae* tion or money promptly refunded goes with this preparation... Th« Pioex Co., Ft. Wayne, Jnd. Sr Lost MO.UNTAINS IN THE MAKING. Tht« I' ;-v tiitolugit id Sui \ iA ti>"jh < U, v <>nc v'f Uiw t»'ii HIV.tii M i-.u-ili s".l l v«'.-< of" ht^UO'lv Mini". I- - .Ih'ti 1.1 oj.fnffm 10 t«« "th in i\ho'«re ' of Iff - (thy it; h(-ti'.<>-n Oe'r- ff» to letter Is tht! thii-kcr to the peace lifif le. Starting Wednesday evening this store will be open evenings until Xmas Dry Goods Company All Suits Reduced Quick Sale What woman in nooil of a ncw.snuirl nuil will not n»im» with a lirisk ntcp loinorn»\v c'vcii though tli« (honnoiiM'ttT is tlmx'inu; around xoro. Women will conic ami roap iht 1 advanfa^o of flic oi-f'asion-—se- lect *uitK yyu'vo.lon^ admiix'd and vrrxnU'd. The suits art 1 exceptional in every way—quality of. materials, excellence of worknuuiship and ^martncHH in style, We've divided the entire stock into 4 lots --each lot very npecinlly priced. Second Floor Suite-up to 122.00, YOUE Choice $10.00 H suits in poplins and, sturdy $22.00, choice .... $10.00 Suits up ti $28.00, Your Choice $16.50 By, a correct et?m^t there are just 15 suits in broadcloth, serges, jjahnftdines; cold's, liluo, black and brown. Values to |28.(K), ^1AP»A your size ; .«PxO«Uy Suits up to $38.00. Your Choice $25.00 \\'omen irjay choose from 8 very smart models in Mich materials as broadcloth, gabardine and. poire -twill. Values lo $38.00, _ . <KOR"AA vour choice '.«P<ttO;Uv **^««*»V^ ' * *f i $35.1 'be- open bo open «v«ry •very evening oveninb until until Chr/it will Chriitmai. i Wyne~ Deaver $ Dry Goods Company If you have failed to take advantage-of tho bargains,we have boon niforing you havo lost an... opjmr" tunity iw nave money" ; on your Xmas purchases. Many of^hest? are completely sold m\i •but we still htive a la-rge stock to select front *ui^ whicli we will save you a liberal, amount of cash.' No "high prices on Recount of tho war or anything else but a liberal discount - in stead- Wo.will save Earthen Baking Ware For Gilt Giving ^p^ Jlert'v.s a mighty good item that ishould go down on.your ChriKtwas list—make it a gift for t ho. busy Housewii-e. Marthen baking ware, dark rieji browh, liiuul in white. The quality IK the,,4ii,ightH*t ami the lownoss of price should attract many eagor buyers, 1 casserole with cover—G ramkiiiH " • .'5 pmldihg di.shesi (i, 7 and ; H inches in sjise. Regular $1.50 ,sei spo- .rially priced in economy basement ly eager iiuywjs. 89c i's, flocks, Knit glass, silverware,' j e w'elry mid diauiond?«. ." Dunnwre The Best Jeweler 9 E. TMIHD ST. ., See the New Pyrex Ware ll is new and tested ware that has proven to bo jtho be>t for baking purposes ever placed on tlffj mark'e-t, j riiis high grade glass ware will withstaiul extreme heat without'enicking. -.-• ( 'ako plates t " -... .gOc ('HSM-roles, ....'.. .$1.50, $L75 and $8,00 t>i>U»ny di>he> for biTiul liiikiii"- ..........'.,. ,75c ,13c, 15c and 1.8o and 45c Sc n * ^r» 3 m Suits up to $65.00, Your Choke $35.00 M Here in this lot are tho cream ojlhe suit stock— G models*, in velvet," broadcloth tint! panne velvet; colors, black or navy. * Values up to $(55.00, your choice ^ .« f

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