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Farmer City Journal from Farmer City, Illinois • 5

Farmer City, Illinois
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1 tc idf-? ji A 'VC Jt fbidat, February iis THE TiKHEK CITY JOURNAL nr j'f 1 i r' A number of Farmer City Odd Fellows went to Clinton Wednesday afternoon to attend the district grand lodge. The team of the Farmer City lodge exemplified the Initiatory degree at the evening session. Two Wheatless applying Conservation to Clothes-Buying and Hoover Sayg; Use as cadi substitute as wheat flour. We have the substitutes: Conservation is the cry means applying it to clothes other things. of the nation and that as well as wheat, meat and V- Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Btrky FIczr, Rye Rnr in 5 and 10 pound sacks OATMEAL IN BULK AND PACKAGES CORN MEAL, GRAHAM FLOE! As we see it, the efficient way to conserve in clothes is to buy good clothes clothes that will deliver long service.

Happily KUPPENHEIMER CLOTHES Everything recommended by Mr. Hoover, in fact, and Will have anything new that comes out to Have Wheat. have always been built that way. They offer an all-around combination of quality, st le and fabric value that is unsurpassed. SOAP IS SURE We have bought 100 boxes Kirkes Flake White at the old price.

While this lot lasts you can have it at the old price. Better leave your order for a box now. W. ROSS Mrs. M.

B. Maloney and daughter visited with Dr. and Mrs. Dale Horr In Champaign Friday and Saturday. Mr.

and Mrs. Ben Overstreet of Paxton visited with Mr. and Mrs. W. W.

Murphey on Monday and Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. W. T.

Moore went to Monticello Friday and visited until Monday evening with their daughters. Mrs. Henry Munch, who was visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson, returned to Bloomington Sunday.

Mrs. Lila Robertson came from Bloomington Tuesday to vipit Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson and other relatives. Wallie Weed man says he's done lots of things hes ashamed of, but he's not a missionary'- Across the Great Divide.

Rev. W. P. Honn went to Chicago" on business Wedresday, and may vis-it a sister In Wisconsin before returning Saturday. Mrs.

Mary Harrison returned on Wednesday from a visit in Clinton with her brother. James A. Bates, and other relatives. Considerable cora is coming into the market Just now. The new Schuler Weedmap dryer is working constantly and perfectly.

Mrs. J. R. Foster left on Sunday for Jamestown, to make a isit of a few weeks with her daughter Mrs. K.

It. McCormack. l)r. L. G.

Rittenhouse was re-elecT ted secretary of the Illinois Veterin-' ary Medical and Surgical association at the meeting in Decatur last week. Mrs. C. V. Phillips and daughter Betty Jane returned to Gibson City Monday, after a visit with Mrs.

Phillips mother and brother in this city. Kred Wilson and Gordon Bland, who spent several months here with relatives, left on Tuesday for the'r respective homes in North Dakota. Mrs. It. It.

McCarty of Kankakee visited with her father, John Walden, and sister, Miss Winnifred C. Walden, on Thursday afternoon and Friday. Mrs. C. E.

Campbell of Monroe, a former resident of the community west of town, is visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. W. Beckwith, and friends. Miss Bessie Fuller has been If you are prepared to pay cash and carry away your I purchases, you can make a special saving by trading at our SELP-HELP in the adjoining room.

We handle exactly the same quality of goods here this we guarantee positively and give the customer, our saving on clerk hire and delivery expense. Don't Pass By Just Steer Your if your troublesome motors with us you lodge, your troubles will disappear! Coming or Going, Forward or Backward, Youll Find Us The Same Old Reliable GARAGEGARAG4 LWAYSWIYOU RiSERVICB FO fry 'A Vs 0 A y- m. ri 1 -jr 4 1 --A Days a TO BE HIGHER PARRET GROCERY NOTES OF THE SICK. Mrs. Carl Porter is recovering from an illness of two weeks with ptomaine poisoning.

Mrs. William Maxwell, who was quite ill for several days, is now somewhat improved. Mlss Clara Gardiner is reported doing nicely In the Bloomington hospital where she recently underwent an operation. Patrick Kennedy, am aged resident of the community, was overtaken with illness Friday at the home of his son on East Green street. An operation was performed on T.

Gore at his home northwest of the city the latter part of last week and he was placed in charge of practical nurse. Owen Nowlin has been confined tils bed with illress since Monday, The Senior clasc of M. T. H. 8, of which he is a member, sent him flowers and a book Wednesday Job.

C. Smith, a prominent reel-dent of the Blue Ridge community and quite well known In this city, niffered a paralytic stroke on Monday and became unconscious immediately. At last report his condition was considered seritfus. Clyde Vance was hurried to Bloomington hospital on Saturday morning and within three hours after his arrival lie had undergone an operation for appendicitis. It was a grave operation, as gangrene had set in.

On Monday Clyde had a narrow escape from pneumonia and his condition was critical until Wednesday, when lie began to improve. From Roy Hpwrgur. Great Lakes, 111., Jan, 28. Dear Friend: Received your letter O. K.

and was glad to hear from you. Just have a few moments to write befor chow. Received the paper, too, and read where Gerald Covey Is holding a big position down up here. Am going to look him up and talk over wireless with him. Frank was removed to the hospital over two weeks ago and ia still there as a germ earner for spinal.

He is strictly immune to the dlseaa and is in good health, but has to kept in Isolation until the germs ars killed. They are located in the throat. Several cases of mumps and spinal around in our camp. Don't look very favorable for liberty rry soon. Would like to go to Chi.

again. Have a very good chanefe to get Into the post office here and if I do it will mean a raise of nine dollars a month to begin with, and good chance lor quick Will write you a letter for the Journal again jn the future, when I undergo more experiences. Hoping to hoar from you again, I Remain, 8incerelyt Roy E. Spargur. Reducing Men at Great lake.

Chicago, I1L, Jan. $0. Captain William A. Moffett, commandant at the Great Lakes naval training station, received orders today to oat down the population of the etatioa ta 18,000 meat to safeguard health ooa-ditions. The station which has 4 present population of between $k-000 and 30.000, has been magooU for some time.

Hack Fare, 91 Owing to the continued in the price ot gas, olio aad feed, I am obliged to ctorc tC back fare each trig. I. Q. i C. E.


The mother was formerly Miss Leila Krepps, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Krepps of city. Rev. R.

H. Schuett, pastor of the Champaign First M. E. church the past five years, will leave soon for Tacoma, having affected an exchange of appointments with Rev. D.

H. Trimble, pastor of the Metti-odist church at Tacoma. G. B. Shere sold the Staley property on North Will'am street to George Strattner.

It is occupied by Johnny Miller, who moved In from Harris to work at the Scholer Weedman elevator. Mr. Shere also sold the Don-ner property on West Market street to J. W. Beckwith.

J. W. Beckwith bought the former Donner property on West Market street. This wac one of the fine houses of the city's earlier days and was long the home of the late Mr. and Mrs.

J. H. Harrison. Mr. Beckwith intends to remodel It extensively, adding an upper story.

Miss Cynthia Johnson, bookkeeper at the Alexander Lumber Co. office, attended the commencement exercises of Browns business college in Bloomington Thursday evening and received her diploma. Marion Hel-mick of this community was also a member of the graduating class. J. B.

Nowlin was notified Tuesday of the death of his grandson, Walter Emery of Whiting, Iowa. Deceased was a volunteer member of the Hospital cotis of the National army, being above diaft age, and was located at Camp Cody, N. Mex. The cause of death was an operation for mastoiditis. James A.

McBride on Saturday morning received a telegram telling of the death of his brother, John L. McBride, at his home In Long Beach, Cal. Deceased formerly lived at Canton, 111., and since moving to California has visited with his brothers here, J. A. and It.

S. McBride. He was 76 ears of age. Mr. and Mrs.

Clyde Cunningham of Viola, are visiting with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Forbes, west of town. They are on a nrldal tou having been married the latter part of last week at Rochester, Minn. Mrs.

Cunningham was before her marriage Miss Minnie Forbes, daughter of T. J. Forbes, a former resident of thjs community. Mrs. W.

S. Young and Mrs. Carl F. Nichols returned Thursday frim Mattoon, where they attended the funeral of their daughter and sister, Mrs. Guy F.

Corley. They were accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. E. H.

Itedenian of Marinette, Wis. I)r Redeman departed for his home on Sunday, leaving Mrs. Itedeinan to spend a week here with her mother and sister. A damaging snowslide Is a rare oc-currance in this part of Illinois, but Moreland Son had the experience of being the victim of one last Friday, while the mild weather was loosening the snow brought by the recent blizzard. A large body of snow slipping off the steep M.

K. church roof hurtled across the alley and broke a window in the rear of their furniture establishment. Bert Kendall was here from Clinton Friday visiting the fiVe-acre tract of land southwest of the city which he recently bought at master's sac. Bert says it is now his Intention to move onto the land soon and fit it up for a fruit and berry farm, he having learned much about such farming during his residence in California. Irrigation is one of the features he intends to introduce in the course of a year or two.

W. J. Rutledge of LeRoy was a Journal caller on Wednesday. He stated that he had come out to his farm west of this city to look after a brood mare which was apparently ajiout to die of old age, she being 21 years old. He held her in high regard, for during her long-life she foaled eighteen colts, two of which had died.

Of the living ones he gave his son a fine team, had a filly still on hand and had sold the others for a total of $1409. Mr. Rutledge has been told that there is probably not another mare In this territory with bo good a record. A Bled load of pleasure-seekers, including the Merritt orchestra, made the drive to LeRoy Thursday night with Orval Smith as chauffeur and attended the benefit daDce given by the Red Men of that city. It was a long and tedious trip on account of the snow-con gected roads, the snow being soft and crumbly under the influence of the day's rise In temperature and making very poor sledding, sod two field detours of some length were necessary because the drifts had not been broken out all along.

The going trip was two tnd a half hoars in duration and the rn" trip three tours. HYATT SHELL JONES! PHONE 183 FARMER CITY ILL. HIGH SCHOOL NOTES. Dr. J.

A. Nowlin addressed the school Friday on the subject of emergencies and first aid. The Seniors will give a basket social on Monday evening, the receipts to go toward Owl expenses. Two talking rooms have been established at the school and placed in charge of certain pupils. Here the students come to get relief from he order of quiet which prevails in the corridor and assembly room.

The basketball game between M. T. H. S. and Bellflower on Friday night was won by the some team by the decisive score of 32 to 23.

Needless to state it greatly pleased their friends to see the local boys handle the strong Bellflower team so cleverly. Dr. Dora Martin of the Chicago Clean Life and Single Standard workers spoke to the pupils of the high and Franklin schools on Wednesday. She will tour the county, spending next week In the Clinton schools. Dr.

Martin will return for a meeting in the M. E. church on February 24. Food Irirch in Effect. A letter from Howard Humphreys, district food administrator, states that the selling profits quoted to the county grocerymen at the meeting in Clinton last Thursday evening are already in effect and have been since November 1 last.

He advises the dealers and the people to watch the Bloomington papers for daily lists of such prices, as changes may he made at time1-. Mr. Humphreys is willing to come to Farmer C'ty and deliver an address on the topic of the food administration's rules, desires and plans. This would be the best plan for all to learn just what they may and may not do in the matter of buying and using certain foodstuffs. The food dealers of the city are di; po-ed to help arrange such a meeting and it may be held late next week or early the week following.

Journal readers should look for definite announcement, as it is a meeting in which all are personally interested and should attend. Fireman Home Talent Friday Night, There are a few good reserved seats left In the board at Hud's drug store and those who have ordered tickets laid away should frl them, as no tickets will be held after 7:30 Friday night. The indications are that the house will be sold out, and for the benefit of those who have not purchased tickets there will be 100 gallery tickets on sale at the Opera House after 7:30. The few critics who have seen rehearsals of the play say it will surpass anything hitherto produced by home talent, the different characters of the play appearing "different roles from anything they have ever attempted before. Every piece of scenery used in the play has been painted for this production alone.

Don't forget "Across the Great Divide, Columbian Opet a House Friday night, Feb. 1. Doors open 7:30, performance, 8:20. Good by January, hello Feb. Hope the groundhog month will be a little kinder in the matter of weather.

January gave us more zero days thac it or any other month ever did before. Charlie Judd knows how to play cards, but he admits he aint worth a dura when It comes to the ways of women. Across tbs Grsst BtTttS- PHIL ROUS 7th ANNUAL BIG CONSIGNMENT SALE TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1918 Horses Cattle Sheep Hogs This Garage! Car In Here! Miss Minnie Peabody of Tolono spent Sunday Bight here with Mr. and Mrs. Chester Llentz.

Samuel C. Rhoads has come from Cleveland, Ohio, to spend a season with hi3 son, W. H. Rhoads. Hallet Michael is quite ill at his home southwest of the city, being threatened with pneumonia.

Dale Jackson of Champaign visited with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James Jackson, on Friday. Robert Tibbs and family went to Clinton Wednesday. Mr.

Tibbs had prospects of employment there. Frank R. Bean of Bloomington was a Monday visitor with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.

H. Bean. Mr. and Mrs. F.

H. Reed and son returned Wednesday from a visit of a week with relatives In Urbans. Frank Jones, W. G. Shell, Walter Reeeer and Coy Agee attended the into show In Chicago Wednesday.

cured as librarian of the Farmer Cit public library in place of Miss Kditn Lindsey, who resigned to teach school in Leltoy. Dee Morris; ey, living on the Hank Kakin farm near Galesville, fell on the icy steps at his home Friday and broke a bone in one of his legs between knee and ankle. Charles Gooding of Champaign and Mrs. Andrew Johnson of Libert) -ville spent Saturday evening in the city with Mrs. W.

S. Young and Mr. and Mrs. J. T.

Savidge. Miss Ruth Kineaid returned Sunday to Jerseyville to resume her teaching duties in the high school, which was closed for two weeks on acrou nt of lark of fuel. G. W. O'Neil droe to Monticello Thursday with a sled load of corn meal for grorerymen customers over there.

The cargo consisted of 400 sacks, weighing over a ton. C. F. Scholer of Bloomington made one of his frequent trips to the city on Friday to visit his elevator and was accompanied by Mrs. Scholer, who sis.

with friends. Mrs. Guy Zumwalt, wlioie illness has grown more critical of late, was taken to the Warner hospital at Clinton Tuesday. Mr. Zumwalt, T.

M. VanDeventer and Mrs. G. W. Cosby accompanied her.

The Farmer City History club was the subject of Thursdays Panta-graph's What Women Are Talking About department. The charitable activities of the Civics department and the literary work of the several other departments were dwelt uppn. William Bair and daughter, Mrs. Caret McCord, went to Spring-field Sunday and on Monday returned with Mrs. Bair, who had undergone an operation ror the removal of a cataract in a hospital at the capital.

Mrs. Bair is recovering nicely. Mrs. Belmont Russell of The Journal mechanical force, who leaves Sunday to join her husband 'at Racine, spent Sunday and Monday In LeRoy with her husnand's folks. Mr.

Russell went to Racine early in Janifary and has a position there as street rar conductor. E. C. Jackson is spending money to advertise the fact that he will do no harness oiling this season. The excessively high price of oil and heat-less Monday are two of his several reasons for layiag off this season.

The loss of this service will be felt by farmers and other harness users. Our second heatless and workless Monday was even more of a holiday than the first one, as the grocery tores closed at noon and only the banks, restaurants, hotels, club rooms and post office were open. It was a very, very dull day, but no doubt a ton or two of coal was con served. Anybody desiring to sell stock at this sale should see Phil Rous or J. B.

Moore by Feb. 9 so as to havesame advertised. Dont fail todo this so we can have your stock listed in the right'place. N. Black left for Stuttgart, on business Saturday.

Bryan Owen departed Wednesday for Kellerton, Iowa, to visit relatives. Arthur Bates left Wednesday on a visit with friends at Clinton and Lane. O. W. Helmlck and S.

E. Kelley went to Chicago Tuesday to attend the auto show. A. Barrowman of Maroa was a visitor on Friday with Mrs. C.

M. Thayer, who is sick. J. H. Graham of Chicago visited in the city Wednesday with Mrs.

C. M. and O. G. Thsyer.

Mrs. Irvin Wilson returned to Chicago Monday, after a visit with relatives west of town. Mias Zelba Young returned to Bloomington Sunday, after a few slays spent In this city. I Grover Watson wae home from Camp Taylor, Louisville, Kr Batur-17 nd part of Sunday. 3--V cTJ -a4-'.

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