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Clinton, Illinois
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PAnr: rours THE CLINTON (ILLINOIS) MORNING JOTJUNAE v. SUNDAY, MAY 29, 1921 is the one time in the life of a boy or girl hat should he commemorated with a gift lasting charm. WWgggMi OUR DIAMONDS i 4 dS The National Thought of The Day Is Love to $500.00 WRIST WATCHES prices k. IWlc I poMag to New Prices of Antonsobaies, According to Report fcy (bemkt Oompany The seeponee to. th eapnouncement of newl price foe Chevrolet art prove that the company ha done the rights thing.

IReporty froime more than- four thousand Chevrolet dealer throughout the Cnitedi State and Canada enow, a tremendoua increase in the number of order everywhere. eight great faejeriea and assembly btyst Of thfc company are an working to greater capacity than at any time for the past year. The public ha learned to appreciate value in automobile a la everything else. In offering a completely equipped quality car at the lowest price on the market the company 'haa met the public on the latter own term. And the public is taking quick advantage of the It' i proving the company justified in its action.

It la proving that there ia greater desire and greater actual need for automobile today that- ever The motor par haa proved Itself a necessary utility. Motor transportation is essential. In all busineso and Individual progress. It haa taken it place with food, clothing, shelter nd Because of, this the automobile bue-(nes has annrived the greatest crisis in ita history The soundness of the husines through which each company has growd ltvJlbe paat is proved by its ability to tyke its loses at this time. Having don this it faces hn even greater demand and greater business in the future.

Phoebe Snow tSinloa High School fcm. dmts Place Vow-th in Typing awiKborthud Contest Forty-ali high schools over the elate of Illinois competed ia i the seventh' annuaj lnterscholastie I contests is shorthand and typing' which were held at the Illinois Stats! Norma) university las) week. Fdur Clio ton students were entered1 in the. high school copped first place with 40 Vh points; Bloomington was second1 with It Vi points, Decatur was third with 29 V4t pointy nd Clinton was fourth with 18 -points. Eleven other schools placed' in the events.

Blue Island high school being last pines with two points. Tbo Decatur high school jpas awarded trophy cup for excellence in shorthand. There were five Clinton students entered In the contest Misfc Cladys Lighthall, member of the Senior class of the local school, taking high honors lot the local institution, i SMiss Lighthall miide moet of Clintons pointi1 Thew foUowfng ere tbo results 'for Clinton students in shorthand aud typing contests: fihort- hand Gladys Odghthall. 99.25, Miss Lighthall took third place in this typirg Glady Ltghthallj 66.9; Arthur Phares, 59.8 i Eileen Fitzsimmons, 66.2; Margaret Mets. 56.2; Bertrhde Carroll, 64.2.

Mias Light-won fifth place in the typing -t -it i livlltn IVIar Dublin, May 28 Grown forces it-Yested a large area around Dublin mansion house this morning and cor. dons of military held several streets, it the etdi of which barbed wire eu-tshglemcnty were placed. Exhaustive' searches of th houses the neighborhood were immediately commenced. The crown forces claimed to have captured the headquarters of the Irish Republican army In a recent raid U7A0 to $58.00 boysvwatches Flowers best express love. IHs a message Under-.

-siooU tbo world round i 1 The national colors a wreath of flower and we have expressed our mcssage'as no words could do it. We have ipado a special effort to have beautiful hiooins repdy for MEMORIAL DAY. tl 517.50 00.00 Are GIFTS THAT LAST, Let us show, them to you. I 4 i i -j. -9 )r TIW dainty Miss who wore hut white and rode the road of.antkracite -N She still rides-Abut in tills day she often places her dainty foot on the motor gas and.

thepX ..1 mr A TtZ2d -She wants it as spotless as it can i -t- v-V A ''v And thats our job. If we can paint a car varnish a car repair and re-cover the tops and please Phoebe Snow then we an please you. 4 With Price Too HERBERT DAYTON: AUTO PAINTING AND REPAIRJNG 304 East Main street Chiton Phone Sl 4 And it ia to your advantage as well as ours to place ytrnr ordejr 1 Maybe you would liki to visit our greenhouse. We will welcopie you. i i -l I Grimsleys Flower Store J.H.SCHMITH&S0N 4 Jewelers and Optometrists ABE MARTIN I'M; weitetoW8Bte BRIEF MENTION Vuitk DCRverte Buick deliveries have been made follow by the C.

E. Corrlngton ft Sop garag of Clinton: Flve-raseener sedan to Grant Davia, North Getter street, and Elr mer Garmire, North Center atreet, and touring car ha been delivered to Frank Norton, East -Main street. Prostituting of Market Chargee Watiitgton, May 28 Speculative operation of a restricted number of trader in large Quantities on lh grain exchangee of the country are the chief cause of cxecessive price fluctuations', R. E. Smith, grain uj-rvteoi for the Statee bureau Of markets, testified today before senate agricultural committee at hearings tm the T'ucher bill to regulate exchanges.

The mM-ket prlje? nre "entirely controlled1 by the speculators at if they hold long, actual supply and demaui conditions must he met. Such conditions Mr. Smith declared, conrU-tbtea prostituting the mlrket by the men concerned, Ford IX'llvrric Touring care have been delivered by the Langel-lier Ford and Fordson ntatlorv to Ine Mires. Creek Julia (Hunt, Dewitt townahip, and O. A.

Day of Clintpn. A sedan has been delivered to Guy Luttrell of Creek townahip and a coupe, baa bec delivered to W. H. Penrod of Clinton. Sullivan Bank Opens Its Doors Sallivan, May 28 The Farmers and Merchants State blnk here opened its door again Saturday morning at 7 oclock.

During the morning a big busltes was done. Many de-posita were made, and the total of deposits was- far in advance of withdrawals made. In fact, there were no more withdrawals than is usual on an ordinary day in the hank bus-in ess. While the new system that has beeb installed makes the carrying on of the business a little harder for the hank force, ns it is new -do them, all butane was taken care of promptly, a net the bank had a most opening. Everyone is in the best of humor because of the reopening of the bank.

Mrs. Hettie Dubson of OeLand Dies Deland, May 28 Mrs. Hettie Dub son, a' former Deland resident, died at the home of her daughter. (Mrs. John Mulligan, in Bondville, Friday afternoon.

She had been ill only a few weeks. She leave three daugb ter, Mr. John Mulligan, Mrs. Emma Gordon, and Mrs, Mandy Stillabower, and one sister, Mrs. Lohr of Montl-celio.

Funeral services will be held at the Holy Cross Catholic church fn Champaign Monday. Mr. and Mr. Albert Furman of Kinney were shopper in Clinton Saturday. Henry Arthington, northwest of W'lpelty, was a caller in Clinton Mrs.

Henry Lamp of the Prairie renter neighborhood Ivas among the shoppers la Clinton Saturday. 1 1 1 Aai Arthington, nortbv est of W-pclla -was a visitor la the city LOCAl, fJEWS NOTES Mr. John Sharkey and daughter of Wayneaville were shoppers In the city Saturday. Ed Baker 6t Lane was among the business caller. in the city Satur-ady.

Mine Nell Neater of Mlnier ia in the c)ty lor at extended- vi3it with Jame ODee, eaat of the city, was among the buafneea caller the city Saturday. The annual picnic of the Phi Omega Pel club wUI be held some time this week at Weldon Springs. Mr. sndilMrs. Joe Hart of Decatur, Qormerly of Clinton, are the parents of a baby boy, horn Friday morning, according to word received) in Clinton Saturday.

The baby has been named Joe Jr. Mr. Charles ItoweM of Iloyworth visited with friends in the city Th first thing most fellers do when they join an athletic club is Join th rockin chair regatta. -Th hardest thing I take less when you kin git more. Ole friend that nsd call around an spend the evenin on th' verandy now call np an ay, We passed your house The sails Abywejalensis, or Aby-slniensi.

or Abyssinian willow, that Late Bad bought of nursery agent teat tell, is now one the moat promisin' sllppary elm tree in thV neighborhood. i LWiLLARD I SERVICE STATION t' v- DISTRIBUTORS OP WILLARD BATTERIES Replace your old battery with a new Willard. We repair and recharge all roakca'tjf batteries." We also do Vulcanizing and Radiator Ro-feairing. ik TheT.R. Service Co.

A. R. SPELBRING; Manager 214 NORTn CENTER STREET CLINTON, ILL. PHONE 3031 HINDSIGHT I wish I'd raised my boy to be a plumber Of -if I'd even taught him to scoop mortar. surely buy us many a top.

How oft in Ufa do' we learn -history. When pull and muscle find wealth' goal To me It'll always be a myatry Why I didnt raise my boyto ahovel coaL The Most "Beautiful Car in America, Thousands Wish Caruso Bon Voyage New York, My 8 Enrico Ca-ruso, showing trace of hi long ill-n4ssk today boarded the steamer President Wilson, hound for Italy, his homeland. Extra guards were thrown about the pier to hold back th thousand of the. tenor admirer. Flowers, aer.t by hundreds of friends, and man telegram and message wishing him speedy return to good hoalth, were received.

He will remain In Ijaily during the summer months, tnd hope to regain his health i Gasoline Stocks Largest In History Washington, Mf iS Gasoline stocks on April 80 wjare the largest in th history of the country, it waa shown in figures made public today by the bureau of mine. There were 755,000.00 gallons in stock on April JOa set Increase of 42,000,000 gallons over the amount on band a month before. 1 Mr. and Mr. Oscar Jenkins of Jenkins Switch were shopper in Clin-tqk Saturday, i XM i A Clinton man says that he does not spendmuch time hanging grouad court room but advance the statement that he will be there with bell on when the artist who painted "September Morn sues the.

tailpr who designs feminine attire for Infringement on his copyright. AVAUNT Sir: Can It bd that the unrest In Ireland Is to blame for potatoes selling at $1.00 a peck? C. G. It mast he that summer is at hand. Furs have just advanced in price.

CIJNTOX, ILL. SIS EAST MAIN. The Three Factors Rarely indeed do you find in one car the successful combination that characterize the New Series five-passenger Glenbrook distinctive beauty, outstand- ing performance and economy of operation. Analyze it aa you will the sum and substance of motoring satisfaction ia expressed in these three all' important factor. By them you must judge the" value of any motor car on the American inarket.

There could bo no better way to explain the Glenbrook great popularity and ecure position a the leading five passenger model. It delight the eye it satisfies every demand of the road afford maximum service at minimum cost. fAlGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR DETROIT Hi CORRECT ENGLIS 1 (Mr. Frank Olson and son Ray of Weldon were bneines callers la the city THE SERVICE AT A PIGGLYAVIGGLY STORE IS THE BEST Because you serve yourself; Because the prices at a Piggly-Wiggly'store are the-lowest; VT I- Because you have no solicitor to pay for taking your order. No deliveryman to pay for delivering it yot.

No auto truck to keep in running order. No bad accounts to help pay, and none of the many other expenses of a service store. -r s- r. Notice Out of 30 statewide entries Eread won First Prize at the Peoria convention last week. For sale at Piggly-Wiggly only at Large size loaves 12l2c Small size Also Good Taste Bread at, per loaf Dont Say: DIRECTLT he arrived, he 'began his work.

This hat la different TO that one. The Republicans protested the seating of two men. Men like you nd I are not Included. He was sitting in the shade of an ELLUM tree. sly; A.

SOON AS cj rrl jred a 9 hla workV I Thh That 'different FROM that one.r I Jbe Republicans- PROTESTED AGAIXST the seating two men. Men like you and ME are not In'-eluded. i He waa Bitting in tbe ahade an ELM tree. 1 FORBES MOTOR SALES CO. 4 CoM in ilia Head to so scute attack of NasrVGatarrh.

Tbo xubjact to frvqoeaA In the head wiU find that the use of ALLfGAT AB KJ1 MEDICINE will! build tip System, deanne the Blood i and render thorn to Voids. Reposted etteck of Acutel Oatsrrt may lead to Cheonic Catarrh. 'P-" HAULS CATARRH' MEDICINE to taieu Internally and acts through the Blood en the Muetms Surface of the System, thus reducing the InBarnm- tion and restoring normal conditions AH drureista. CHrcutars free. F.J.

Cheney ft Co, Toledo, Ohio. v-, CLINTON, ILLINOIS i mmmfi rnrwm I am.

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