Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 19, 1916 · Page 3
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1916
Page 3
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Jfef STERLING. ILLINOIS. TUESDAY. DEC. 19, 1916 TH&tt, ^BI^^W^* ^^^H^^^M ^^m ^^^MI^^R Wiv BHHHHBHIBOTi NEY NEXT CHRISTMAS We would like YOU to be>ne or>e BIG, HAPPY THRONG that wilf make up our CHRISTMAS SAVINGS _ CLUB for 1917. ( jNo matter what your circumstances or conditions in life may be, you will be better off if you become a.member. You will enjoy the spirit of Christmas the year found, and by your co-operation you will help yourself as well as others to have a much more enjoyable Christmas than would be possible otherwise. /' Money is a Big Factor in Making Christmas Merry If you have money to buy presents for those you love—if you can buy freely and without stint or inconvenience, you will enjoy CHRISTMAS to the fullest extent and' will be happy in making others happy, Our CHRISTMAS SAVINGS CLUB Insures You The Necessary Money JUST WHEN YOU WILL NEED IT MOST r c ^ It provides a SURE, SATISFACTORY and EASY way to accumulate a sum sufficient for your needs by making SMALL WEEKLY DEPOSITS—and these deposits are so small and distributed in such a manner that yoti caa keep them up without any particular effort, if M.,,,* , _ < _ nrOmTor More of the FoIImvrn^CI^sses " ""~~~ i ^ CLASS 2. Member*>tf«poaiting 2 cents the fimt week, 4 c«nti the second week, and increasing 2 cents each week for fifty weeks will get , CLASS 2A. Members depositing $1.00 the first week, 98 cents the second week, and decreasing 2 cents each week fifty weeks wilt get $25.50 CASS 6. Membari depositing 5 cents the first yseek, 10 c*nt» the 'Second week, and increasing S cents each'week for fifty (££Q *7K wetks will get tJ)UO« I t) CLASS 5A. > Members depositing $2.50 the first week, $2.45 the second week, and decreasing 5 cents each week for fifty weeko will get , i,... ^ CLASS 25 Fixed, Members depositing 25 cents a week fixed, for fifty weeks will gel • .CLASS &0 Fixed. Members depositing 50 cents a ""vtjek fixed, for fifty weeks, will get .00 a week CLASS 100 FixetJ. Members depositing \ fixed, for fifty weeks, will get ,..,.,, . t. ALL THESE AMOUNTS ARE INCREASED BY OUR ADDING INTEREST, j EVERYBODY IS INVITED, HAVE EVERYONE IN THE FAMILY ENROLL—INCLUDING THE BABY All You Have to do to Enroll is to Make the First Deposit No Fees, Fines or Trouble. First National Bank and First Trust and . " v Savings Bank - IOWAN FOUND GUILTY [BLINDFOLDED AUSTRIAN OFFICERS DISCUSS THE ink Smith's Wta Of Self Defense . Failed. 1 *- " ^ f^bentervilte. Ia» Deo. 19,—Murder in M*om1 deltr** wnw the verdict re- irnttd by the Jury In" the cnae of lit Smith, who. nhot nnd killed hla u»Jn» Mr*. Alice Oerlach nt Unlon- Ja« May. The Jury deliberate* 'jax and a half h6ur». The shooting th* ouU-'ome of u feud, The. d*- -''niiAnlty .and «olf-defense. C'lflun ia a good and jolly old pibiil, but hla ahap<« indicate* that ho «*«• greatly neglected physical culture* The first sneeze is ihe danger signal. Time to take— .. S.T .' QUININE BATTLE WITH ITALIANS <By l/'nllted Press.) Home, Dec, 19. — How hontlHtifS be-- tw*'en lialiftn and AuHtrten troops were temiKirarlly «u»penaed s 'while blindfold* rd oOlwns from both Bides met to dln- the merits of' a certain explosive* ' A WET AND DRY FIGHT Dry Laws Wets Will Try To Block In Nebraska. In el\'IH*ed warfare waA told 'here today for the itrttt time. The Auntrian* holated the white flag of a temporary truce* and negotiated a diMcuvMion by wigwag*. The Italiana {.crepting 1 . the Austrian representatives maiiked their ey«i and croesed No Land for iho Italian trenches.- The ItnllaiiB gave them aafe conduct to headtjuarters. Following the con- the blindfolded officer* were. imck to their own fortification!* and hostlllUes we/c renewed. GIRL CONVICTS FATHER Detroit Man Forced His Daughter Onto The Streets, <l»v I'nlled Prei-*,) Lincoln. Neb.. Dec. 10. — With thi< coiu-enlng of the Nobrn«k« legialature'w thirly-lifrh pension here January 2, in- tercut will renter on th«v wet and dry line-up nml the legislative battle for laws to .make effective the dry amendment imsKi'd by ahitofit 30,000 majority, at I he recent* election. The wets, rea- lising that prohibition would CHICKEN POCKFT STIRS SUSPICION TtfAT DRESS IS tesiQJJEP FOR.SOUTH Chicago, 111.. Dejv J&.—Spring f«»h- fui' th<» coming s>«i»<on prftmlxe to centered their light toward the task ofJ winning enough members of the leg-}*'•*'' "be' be of imer««« to the Attiittbon Hoelety. "Hero we havo th» '•hieker. pocket,' explain*"! J. A M« Ksln, yiVe pro* I'nlon K:i«li!iin *'"«>**i| i any of York, who 1 the at the Hotel 1-aKulif yesterday. . "It Iw so cnlli-1," tlie gpeuker contln- the tati*>t it IH enough to r AMUSEMENTS HOWE SHOWS HAWAII AND -WEST POINT, ' Slttlm? comfortably JM n theatre chnir the »iH-utiUor« of the ww Ljtnnn H. Ilown Truvol Kewlimil will vetw u most imturiil |i)H'Hiii»H'iiii nt iht Academy i>f Musdo. niattiu'^ttnd night, oh Wednt'Hduy, IH-c. 27th, '•"~~~-~—~ With bin camera at the very summit >f the crater of an erupting volcano in Hawaii, the photographer oibtaineU MOTHER GIVES UP LIFE IN FUTILE EFFORT TO SAVE CHILD FROM FIRE Wayne, Mich., Dec. 18.—Mr*. Prances DedroHli and her 0-year-old daughter, Mary, were burned to death when their homo, one and a half miles north of here, was destroyed by fire. Mr, anil Mrs. Uedroiih were nwak-1 1 '" 1 , 1 'by the name*. T$nvl\ grabbed, a' 1 WOMEN SPIES OBJECT. ' (By United Presmi) London, Dec. 19.—Women spies interned In a camp near here have lodged a violent protest against the operation of the Bummer Time Act. Under the old order oT thing*, the women went to bod nt 9:-30. Under the AoU the clock was set ahead an hour but they c4Ut«ljHul-rtiwh«>cl down-RTHirnins Blair- L mill so to bed at the same They claim they will refuse to. before dark. Detroit. Mtch., Dec. 19.— On the mony of his daughter Jhat she was told to "get onto the atrcetii »nd earn not le«a than *35 a night or leave home," John Kuhfeld was convicted In Jutls^-* tfemon'a court and sentenced to upend »ixty»flvf day* In the Detroit house of correction. "I'd Ilk* to im»ke the sentence more," remarked lh» Judge. to block, |f. possible, of ifiwa nltnetl to make prohibition ef feetlve. * -f Tin* «lrya have a silRhf, 1 majority In the hoime. In the nonate the majority of the 1 membera ar« jxjrsoimlly wet, but of the thirty-threo m»mbcre, six uro Iniown as "iaw-enforcemontR." Thoyft-orA men 'who before election admitted tlmt Uiry wora per»*onully not In favor of. )»rohlbltlon but would b« govenu'd BH iPgitdiitora by the verrtiei of th« }M'ijj»lo on tho iirohlbltinn amend- carry a live chicken. If tlu« -.\iurer P< Th,<5»«, Vlaw-cnforcctnoijta" com- biixed wltU the diyn outnumber out-unil'iiut wotH in the the SECURITIES£RE SEIZED British Pr!i« Court CwtfUoatw |7,146 S*n| To Chicago lank . (»y UoUed Preit*,) London, Wng., De<% 19. — » Tho prise couit toiluy conOacuted wmk'.r-the re- r>»'i*ul« order Herman 8ecurltle« .vulued murk* ($7,140). which were "It c,.,-T'it t" Ue n pc i iilur nu«it-l the S'oi'Ui,' \\ntt n wro \o-. % e tfop fru-ii mi- nti'Jiwu"*. s \\lll bo un-'' <>( the feuiures uf women'x »i 01 suits," Mr, Mekrln r«»!>eato>i. "They will range JhrwitRh every shni>a »uu slxt. 'Her* i* OI.H thut might be unmet the bird's n*-»t mnd«t, <»ut from the skirt like ;» it Holen beauty u;>d utility of tlu^ liocKet,' " dem««n»tnited the to tlii- Btato Commerelal Ravings Bank of t'hlcago. Villa i« hoc(()nlnir quite civ.illxt>d. He denies having i.tiuio nhy verbal or phy- *ieal attack* on Ainoricnim nnd that hft . l»as thit'fttened lien. IVnMiIng** It may turn out tlmt N'lllit in a LEITER MAYJLOSE AN EYE Chicago Millionaire Wac injurad While Hunting Ducks. Jrlfunn, La., Dec, 1«J. ~ Jowph fhlcaKu millionaire, may lose the night of one ey« «IK tbe result of an iiccldent At hia >t!0,ooo hunting lodge at the mouth of tht» .MliHisalppi rive'r, « tn this, lattitude ulwlric fans are not commonly regarded HB " accordlni; to InformntioiTbrousht how by members of hl« party. . _ On Monday a wild iced Ktruck tlie i-yc an '.Mr, Lfitbr lay in a dugout waiting for name. The opUc w.-t« »o bsul- ly leccrated that Mr. letter immediately chartered a tuir, which took a specialist Jo him. lie 1m* been under the physician's care alnce ihai tlm«*. Kk'ionda n>ipt* the iiijtu «1 eye mny be way iTml out of doors. Mr«. limiH'diutely turninl back 'to save their child . . ... , .... •-.--, to follow her, b>it wa« driv- mailf at midday and[midnight en back by (|ie flam ' He ™ tlmi-one may aw the vivid contrast for Uu . ir m ., ghbom hnd ,, 0 t -e *n ,h« that nature provides. Thene. nr« the fl n , • Including' examination, Rimmed or Rimless. The Kye Glasses, have the latest GENUINE SHUB-ON,' Mounting Guaranteed. This is your opportunity to secure a pair of high grade Glasses at a very low cost. .Open every Saturday T«nth yaap at ftvrling RUPTURE Cvred at Horn* Dr. M ; H. Brown ' Th« Old R«li«bl* 8p«oUli»t -s.'na IM-I ruiiNiilu-ti fr«-e at itttiulolph lio- ii>l, Wlerlinir. Friday, iJin-. 32>id, -S a. m. u» &' p. in. No knife; nu paraffin, Uy- Injection, or detention fr->iii bUtfiiX'MM, Many eut'cd for fU'UO if ruptnvi'il nil one xvilt t>i«le»< M-e l)j. Brown No imtt* liu\y i'fiiK >(ju h t »v«; been ruptured, )tl» free aitvlcf. Do )u>t neRleci iui (iiH> it it is small and th>«*» iiw ;uilm> >tMt lit'rnuH' M"l aie <>r; i not ll in lianger m MU undulation itr'iii-ui !'*'!•, large H til Uiivs vvi'ie uiui* anutil, ~ PACKINd HOUSES fflNEO Fiv« Minouri Comeaniii Pay Th« State |62,QOO, Jwffi-json City, Mo., Pec, 19, — Five (lacking -conipatiietf tintd by tin* Missouri 'Suitrcme court Feb. 9, l{U'j, fur violations .of the unti-tniKt lavva, paid 18^,500 into tlu« Htnto treasury. "»" Ylio comimuteM itfe .Arjntour & t'o., Huinmotut Packing fornnuny, Swift & «.'o., Nelsun Mdtrin & ('a,, aiui the Kt, GOULDING, Optician Over ObermiUers* Store Bell Phone 101-W First Am a'jid East Third St., Sterling, HI. "OPEN" SATUHDAY'EVENINGS. . ilu* fur free uiv ».tu !»»' eftVi .t Or Hmwa'i' t(»i« WUNDEttTRUSS vlth vj ' -I'llh .UH U, |l!l'!i>H- l-h |i,v Uu'UMii'l- iti.tu,\ in iht.s i ti No «xpei itni-ntiny : nu yui-kj wyit. Call or' writs fof W3»t Thirty ittreet. N«w Voit,. Unites ircssi'd B«>t>f and I'ruvitiUm l»u!i>, Kncli was lined $^5.(»iH», They appcaU'd U» the 1'iuted States 8u pi vine cuurt, I'mlcr a Kt with th*' attorney gt-ncrul which upphn'i'd by tln» Mloeouii Hupretne court the. companies tiisnjii8s<'«l- their ami will be allowed to .continue H in UitH-jilufc by the ( of ^Uf the tisu-s and written HH-iilH tisn! liivy Hill hfticeforih obey the tan* ttf ih-» Matt- ,nui ihv <>r«b'r« Lad!e» First, A friend with iu-r two chiltlr«i is vlslliug nu>, nnd iM'coiiilag auuuyt'd by Uu'iu, sht» Siiit! to lu-r .Mnjnsjcst, ,& very lirlglu link' frliou': "\Vln-u motli- ve gt*ts tunue f»tu,« In goiuy to tralu ittuther'ii fuiv, in- >,nf...'tt,v to" 45i 1|.'lf"*B wnmnuiMv on islsi^r, Hist, ruproductions of the kind in animated' acorn's and they mark a new iHiint of real ban f*»r Howe prescnta- tidlM, Other in I croat ing features of Mr. Howe's new program will bo journeys through Hawaiian islandx. Spain, Norway and n reproduction of 'the day- to-day life at the U. S. Military Academy at Went Point. The latter includes not only the nt tenuous and varied .ac* tivitics of the splendid corpn of cadets at work and utjtlny, but ulmi the bcau- y of (hi^wettmga amj luilldiDKH of which there are 16i) with t'itStf acres. Itit what Klips Hpfdatoru tnosi aro- the Hctioul t>xerrb<e« in 'attack and de- 'em«» in i'Moiuletl as" xvell o« clo«e «r- Icr anil in advance 'and rear union. Then, too, further diversity tdded ti» the soencn by outpost h«- tncttcs of light artillery, count ar« llli'iy and «l*<Ke artillery ' compauicM •iipplementtut b.y machine gun and nountain nun drills, target practice, ailltary bridge building, 'elc. "WHICH ONE 8HAIU I MARRY." "Which t»iic Shall 1 Marry?** i» the ««w play by Halph 1\ Kelt HI UK, which Unvlmul .and Howasd aiv producing dia year,' It will be prcm-ntiii at the Academy of Music l-'riilo-y.-Ow. i»th. The play |H an allegory, and xh»w» a yiiiitix girl .staiitlluK at the i L inssni«an of life intent upon the (jut'Htitiu which ia mi tMiKroHHlntc to "cv4-ry«irl," "Which t>ne Hhall I Marry?" This in the question, and u in alM> the title ami tht-me Mr. and Mrs. pedronh cttme here about four years ago and, bought the farm. The children naved are 2 and 4 >our« old. WILL 8AVE SHOE LEATHER. <By I'nlled Press.) III.. Dee., is.—ASHlstant f SIREN TO CATCH TrtlEVES, . (By United 'Press.) ' Kt. Paul. Minn., Dee. IK.—An auto- siren that will let loose a ter- rific-acrt-ech when anyone tampers with ft. car to which it is attached, ia the invention of a. Minneapolis man, marketed today, to combat the rising pro- gretMi of auto thlevea. In the future will not have to- wear 'out »o much shoe leather in th6 jwrform- nnee of their itpiaHcr duticV when a new plan of J-Vi««l MortiinerArecently elected hlate's uttoritey, bvcbmea effective, Mortimer ban «et uBid)- a day for each juittice court and state cases will bo held in thebo courts on no other duyu except thoso dt-Hlgnated. Con* Ununncea will lie few und far between, Mortimer announce;). DIED EATING BREAKFAST. . Eau Claire, 4V1«., J>ec. 19.—Ole Hansen, 70, retired lumberman, fell dead of heart dlKoa«e when «atlng breakfast. Ajffiri 'Is never |n Iqve if she knows wily A BILL. FOR PROHIBITION. Urcehwood. Ind,, Dec, 19.—A b.i.H for stututory titutc-wldo prohibition will bo introduced in the uttat^ kenato nwxt 19011 tti by Thoin«B porrell. JJomocratio senator-elect from Johnaon, Drown and Coroparotively few people realize th»t a odd ia a signal of physical weakness, To treat a cold with weakening physics, alcoholic syrups or drugged pills, may ssmother the cold but they ajso reduce the body powewatilJfoitbeMwl invite more serious sickness, Scott's Emulsion has always been an expert on colds,*-because' it peculiarly enriches the blood, quickly tones upthe of the play. intensely appeal, aiui alunuuN in comedy of tlu« It is simple in utory, but from its heart, most amusing description. Ttif urintocra'cy Js'ahuwu in the person uf Mike Morun. The-atuhur »unw up his intent in writ inn the i>luy, when he say**. "The pluy only eutiNuiuvi* u »in- Sl** hour o* life, and ntill i-uv : .ers Aeony »f Unit* in thi> teiliiiK." The t\i*i iitui itl^< iu-ts funn a <»m- >!tMf plsty. NEW STATE CORPORATIONS. SprliiKflcid, III., iH-c. j'J. Applifti. JMH» fur incorporation weiw flt'iii here. by thv HUtts* Trai'UM' Maiiufarturlitg i Co. of (JUIIIV.N with a capjiui t >f |i'H».- j 00y t - " |_1\M»0«. "~T: Have You Seen 1 MANICURE SETS in k'lithcr eases, both in Drench ivory and iicitrl.. TRAVELING SETS, MIWTAEY SETS, in leather cases. Traveling Sets, to IK* fii It'U with 'your o^wu articles, in lout her aiul cretou. FINGEE PURSES ami the latest in you kito\y,"- (Mt-vcltUid RAYMOND'S Pectoral Fluster «f ,.-, mi* tjtayhf, i-4 tut , WHOOPING COUGH Croup, Tight Coughs Don't forget The Good Fairy, She brings yoii'Jtit'k, Gait's Book Store

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