Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey on January 30, 1909 · Page 3
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Trenton Evening Times from Trenton, New Jersey · Page 3

Trenton, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 30, 1909
Page 3
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- ' » H / * ' " i " ;,',*( ''i ' ' / n i v ' ' \ n;VH!Nii«* TlMfcS, SA-aiKuAY, JAN OAKY 30,\1909. D onnelly 1 tftVWVIV lomieny s Sfflktf Have the reputation of being he best sold There's a reason. ou want what you want when ou want it. We have it. At he right price, too. (KITING H-AWin. SHIftTS, with or without collar, Bloc FUnnel, Single or DouWe- Bre"ted Shhts, $1, $1.50, .$2, $2.50 CRtY tUHHu- SHIRTS, 50c, $1, $1.50, $2 "HFCTOH'S 111" IS UlSliKACFffl SITE mm in lllillll THE PANIC Ht.rt'S DOWtr tUUMfcL NIGHTSHIRTS, 50c, 7Sc, $1 R. A. Douiielly 12 South Broad St. STREET CAR OVfR 50-FOOT BANK CINCINNATI OHIO, Jan 30- Twelve passengers were seriously hurt this morning when a street car broke loose on one of the hill-tops here and OffenslveK vulgar and putrid In spots Is, the Girl from Rectors which was produced for the first time In this eounlrv at Talor Opera House last niEht At flrst the audience leaned back and gasped at the rawness of the vulgaritv and then it laughed at the ribald jestb--that Is a portion of the audience laughed I h e i e v«ro ladles pre^nt who sat with their eves glued to the floor unable to believe that such things could actually be tolerated In a plaj house of such repu tation as Taj lor s The Girl from Rector s is actually the limit-It is evers thing bald bold and nauseating the stage has. vet seen multiplied by four This does not mean that the farce Is not clever It is clever There are mam bright lines and legitimate com- edv situations and the entire cast is one of exceptional merit However, It is an unsafe production for a ^ung girl to see--a pioduction a voung man would not wish to witness in companj with his «ister Qr sweetheart Lndei the title of Loute this farce ran foi three vcais in Paris and i« also eaid to h i v e "had a long run In Englam' but that cannot excuse Its presentation here To go into the details is impossible simplv because It would be unprintable As before stated the cast was excellent w i t h Ellta Proctor Otis Vlolit Dale Van Hensselaer Wheeler Dallas Walford Max Freeman Nena Blake ·William Burgess John Daly Murphy Miss Dale as Loute gedaine or the ' Girl from Rector s left nothing to the Imagination -.--.-.» - garitv of Loute HfillT IN FJIRNFST AT OCFAN liiVE So Declares George W. Perkins--Thorne Also Gives Testimony WASHINGTON D C Jan 30 eorge W Perkins of N«vv York manager of the banking house of J Pierpont Morgan Co and Oaklelgh Thorne also of New York president of the Trust Company of America testified yesterday before the sub-committee of the Senate Judicial y Committee that is investigating the merger of the United States Steel Corporation and the Tennessee Coal and Iron Compam contradicting President RoBsevelt s statement that the merger iv as consummated to save a great financial Institution In New York from failure during the panic of 1907 "Mr Thorne said that the Trust Company of America which has been generally understood to be the Institution WANTS MOKE 10 (illAKO CI'IY to which nevei made the President referred vva" danger of failure It has some loans on thf Tennessee The absolute vul- ,,,.,,,,, ; in the climax of the third act might be equalled In a. bawdy house but it cer_ainly could not have been surpasied there are not It is to be hoped that many women on the plunged over The motorman die 50-foot embankment William Mulligan will DEATHS daughter of the late John and Sarah Conlln, In the 30th sear of her age The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from her late residence. No 422 Centre Stret on Monday mornlnsr, Ht 8 30 Requiem high miss »t IL Trancis Church at 9 o clock ment at St Francis Cemetery tneru ai*= Iiljt ti.«.,.j ,: , , a America!! stage who could be induced plav the title charactr in The Girl - ' - - as it was played last from Rectors night Coal and Iron stock he admitted but it was only a matter of a few hundred thousand dollars which was largely paid up and could not possibly give the trust company any special interest in the success of the merger It was to save the general situation declared Mr Perkins to keep a lot of dominoes from falling down Mr Perkins proved a hard witness to handle His memorv repeatedly failed him at critical moments during the hearing and Senator CJlber- son the minority leader of the Senate who did most of the questioning had to content with 'I don't remember that for answers to many of his queS' tions The manager for Morgan Co wai willing to state however that the question of the merger had never been Harbourton R Inter 1 28 3t FOHKER- In this cttv on the 30th I n s t , Catherine daughter of Horace and Sadie Forker aged 1 «ar, 6 months and 21 davs Funeral private from her parents residence No 481 centre Street on Tuesday afternoon at 2 o clock Inter ment at Greenwood Cemetery at convenience of the famils 1 30 Jt JONES, In this city on the 28tti list , Madallne T dausrhtei, of Carrie fend the late Matthew Jories in the nth year of her age The relatives and friends of the fam- tlv are Invited to attend the funeral from the residence of her uncle Mr Tames Chambers No 26 Walter Avenue on Monday morning nt 8 o clock Requiem high mass at St Joseph s Church at 9 o clock Interment at Bor dentown Cemetery DEATHS MRS LOUISA PHILLIPS. Mrs Louisa Phillips aged 74 vears, widow of Lott Phillips died vesterday at the home of Charles H Phillips, her son 46 W a l n u t Avenue The funeral w i l l he held Tuesda morning at 9 n dork from the home of the son There w i l l he services at Harbourton Church at 11 10 o clock Tuesday morning Int e r m e n t w i l l be made in Harbr Cemeterv under the direction or Blaekwell MARY ORISEN Marv Orlsen Infant daughter of Mor- anze Orlsen of 128 Princeton Avenue died jesterdav morning The funeral w i l l he held Mondav morning .with in terment In St M a r y s Cemetery under the direction of Ullrich RrCHARD E PULLEN Richard B Pullen aged seventy tniee vears died yesterday "t his home In Windsor The funeral will take place Mondal afteri-oon at 1 30 o clock from the home of Joseph Taylor son In law of EtHnburs Services Hill be conducted at 2301 o.lljc In Windsor M E Church Interment will be In Windsor Cemetery unde- tile dhettion of W T Saul 1-28 3t town SMITH. J , on the 28th the 57th year ROCKHILL Suddenly at Columbus, N J flrst month 38th Emllie Tay- loi Rockhlll widow of Isaiah Rock- Relatives ana friends of the iamilv are Invited to attend the funeral on second day, second month flrst Instant, from Mansfield Meeting House, at H o clock a hTP Interment at Mansfield Burying Grourid Carriages will meet the 9 35 train from Trenton at Borden- Irt Trenton, N Inst Nerl Smith in The relatives and friends of the family, also Chatham I*dge No 136 Sons of St George Capital Castle, No 28, Knights of Golden Eagle and Chain- makers National Union are invited to attend the funeral from his latt residence? No J318 Chestnut Avenue, on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock Interment at Rlvervlew Cemetery 1-29-H YARD. In Camden, N J , January 28, 1909 Hannah BrennliH Shaw, beloved wife of Alvin R Yard Services »t her late re«tdmee, 329 Vine Street, Cntnden N J , on San- FUNERALS HARRY C WORTLEY. The funeral of Harr C Wortley was neld this afternoon at 2 o'clock from uis lite home 'M Jarkson Street with ser vi'es at 2 30 o lock in Central Methodist FpKcopal C h u r c h Tho sermon was prpacherl by the Rev Dr George H Neil Interment wv» mate In Riven lew Ceme tcrv under the direction of Poulson Coleman ^ MICHAEL J/ DOTTER the funeral of Michael J potter, eon, of the late John and Catherine I o te ae o J was held this morning at 8 30 o ctocW from his late home 1068 South Clinton AVenue with requiem high mass at 9 JO o clock In the Church of the Immacu- Htr Conception Interment was made In Lady of Lourdes Cemetery, under the dl- contemplated until the dayman attack was made on the stock of the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company which he said was Iving in a number of banking houses as collateral for loans MR PERKINS S STATEMENT When Mr Perkins took the stand he was asked to state any knowledge h» had of the absorption of the Tennessee company bj the Steel Corporation and he said The question of the acquisition of the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company by the Steel Corporation was never brought up or broached In any way so far as my knowledge goes, until perhaps the second or third acute stage of the panic developed In New York and then It came up very suddenly because of the panic and very serious disturbance that existed In New York as the result of the great depression in the market value of things and the unmaiketabillty of a great many securities ' Mr Perkins said there was a great deal ot reluctance on the parl of Steel Corporation to take the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company property He said the steel company considered the orice very high and that there might be a gieat deal of criticism as to their right to take the property The panickj feeling as to the depression In American securities was described by Mr Perkins who told also of the visit to Washington of Judge B H Gary and Henry C Frlck for the purpose of seeing the President ·Practically everything was at a standstill urrtU we got word from Washington as to what seemed to be the feeling there continued Mr Perkins ' That was telephoned to me by Judge Gary about ten o clock on Mon day about the time the marke* opened and the news that this transaction probablv would be rrade was given out and had an Instantaneous effect for the better on the market and I have always believed stopped the panic. At any rate from that time forth Notice Published of Application to Legislature for Formation of Borough V OCEAN GROVF Jan 30--That (or- ! l n pripprtv owners in Ocean G i o v e are earnest In their stand to have this place con\ erted into a boi ough and the Ocean Groce f amp-Met ting ABSO- Utaion shorn of Us go\truing power Is made patent b the p u b l t t a t i t n in a local paper of the notice ot application usual in like tasea l t o be presented next Monday night in the Legislature · This notke is signed by ele\en Ocean Grove residents and propertv o w m u s -- Oscai M Condit Harr Applegato Joh« B Loga« William J Obborn George F Armstrong Mllo (. Griffin btenhtn D Wool ley Addison H RiKgfc \\ alter J Mulford Harrv Summei s and S Leon Oliver Already some profess to believe that it Is all over but the shouting and candidates for borough officers are being picked Ihc bugaboo of Sunday trams and the possiblHU of saloons in ionservd- t h e Ocean Grove Is being held up ^ a possible condition of the future pro vidod the association Is made to s U p down and out The leaders of the boi ough movement deny their purpose to .Interfere with either the religious or secular rights of the association As a sort of offset to the publication of the application notice Dr Ballard' president of the Ocean Grove Association will address a meeting bundiy afternoon in Thornley Chapel In opposition to the borough scheme The battle is on now in earnest Petitions foi and against th borough have been circulated the local papers teem w i t h articles on it whih everv knot of street corner frequenters discusser bor- Police Captain Dettmar Shows the Needs of the Second District ( Tpt i 11 I ( i n n ·* i ri IP t th it tl I inor p u t In n pi i 1 i" th S*t n i l O M r i l " i 1 - i l Hit t l n *l i m p o r t int mutUi tulu U ! lh 1* lie L i m m l s si nr-r 1 * U l H i n t t U tl m U l i i k h H u p lit h a t i i u t i a I h o r t i s t W H S n i l I v C n p U I n DC -11 In t!u f i tn if i mini mie itlon t ) t l Hoard i n \ s l i ) li p mite I t u t m a n y is ttl \ th ] s nt n u n i l 11 of pa m i n i n wa-, m*. iffl nt to M V prop pt t turn t I n t i u t tf t l i L i t l lo v l l u r t 1h m a t t r i Me n t i n u d Illness f f P U r j I n i m t l uni tn \\ is i ouj,ltt ip it t l t t n U i n - i l l t h t i h i U n l i t v if h U r L l i r t m t n i \v st ^ i u ^ s d Hit p a t n l m a n has b i c n off 1 i t v f i \ i a yuu and is sunV it, f*- in l i i n f r i n x l t h re s i l t of H " i M n 1M« H poits f Lhu nlh ei s i l l n ss wi i i I v Pnil Sur R t n n \ i n D u \ t iti 1 ( rfpt i n I n a r v In v \ h i i h thf on n n vvi.s t x p i ^SP 1 t h a t t h t r p ( o \ o i \ \ m i l n ^ r h s i i f f l c l i n t t ) ( n a b h P i t r n l i u r H n f f n i i n t i u s u n h l i d u t i e s D 11 it i I! n Ui t h i s fist was po=tp ned t r ft inn t i i c i to i v v i t d r v i J o p m n s in n -. 1 i t ^ s I hi ofllc r bun a m rnh i o h d p i r t m e n t Cor t w p n t y \ t _ i ? S P V * ral o f f i i M S 11 p ir 1 I p f n r e t h p j ird ( n v u i HIS m p l l i n t s 1 ho tr al of P i t r o l m a n Sail f tht S onrt Distri t wii postpone 1 i n t I I h t mi Int, \Vpdnes fl/iv n f t ^ r n on in I ( h i t \ l l n * ma" lc p a t h r-il in LH i ( ' i i Irnin \\ il lUm \HilU n « i l l 1 st *\\ I \ s p i as the result of ntrj,t-- t v K in Ismin M a K t i i r t tn it H w ii- nf f oni h i s p i it t h i i t e p n m l n u t s m J uiu i r v S ind t u i n tv nine m t n u U s lat u n l t a l l on J^ i uarj. 24 Tht oh tr?o a^aln^t ]"* r mnn \ \ i l ! i i i Kellj that rr rennin t irt t m i n i i t s in a r e s t a u i i i t wlM h i r v e ti^-itr-d fur t h p i Pitrolman C M r"- '" «1 M i ( h u r R f 1 w i t h fallint, t n i r \ n l r r« in rff r ence to pus i r irtt Charq; ' d lklptt utmt P i t r n l m i n at the services e C i t v Circle Iso 14 Brotherhood of Amer- Ia Scliwaebisher Volkfest Vereln and emploves of the rope department of the Trenton Iron Company DANIEL J BURNS. vine DtiBovt i_«num.«' ·· -- · -TM -- . day, January 3L at 3 o clock also at - Church, Monday, Feb- Huffvllle M _ _ . .. ruary 1, at 11 o'clock Horffvllle M B Church respectfully Invited Interment at Monday, Feb- J.-S9-21 direction of Crawford The funeral was largely attended allegations from Holy Kame Society of the Cathedral Parish Father Mackln Council No 76 Ctholic _ Benevolent Le- Klon tne St Patrick s Alliance Ancient matters righted themselves and we were met with no further serious depressions ' IIUNLOP SAID 10 msr FOKHF, ough government from every point of WILL APPORTION CASH mSCNOOLS State Comptroller Heno J West will announce Monday the apportion ment of the state tax for log to be collected from the railroads by the state among the twentj one counties While the money itself will not bo payable to the county collectors imtll November 1 next It Is interesting to keep In mind that not one cent of the amount collected last year on account of the 1907 taxes has been distributed Senator Harry r Leavitt has Introduced a bill foi distribution of the moflej amounting to about J2 230 000 The tax act of 1906 provides that the railroads shall be taxed by the state on their main stem at the average rate In the state From the funds so collected the state takes an amount equal to one half of one per cent of the rat- ablei and the rest the law requires must be distributed to the county collectors on November 1 of each year to be used onlv for the current expenses of the schools It Is this mones which Governor Fort in his message of ten days ago urged the Legislature to d i v e r t to the amount of J900 000 from school uses to the state s general expenses (iOV. FOKT WILL ACT FOK STRIKFKS b pr k or Irr Our February rcmi "cyiiis Monday! Hay ami Nijjllt Sessions \ l n ,,!v . n u r n l H i h i v i o n i o l W for t)m comine term v \ h . » v i i vine, in I H « w i l l l i i v i pluitj of t i l l I HUM s t i k l I l i p Oil! s i l l pin i i i v n i i n il MI _i in rmisK p i t t in/ il t i l l I I |l I I I I l l s Bul success breeds success, and Ihese scboois have alwaj been eminently successful ,| m i , u h i i i ' s t , i , l i n t s tht practical things ot . i u l 11 pi n in.' . ' i i d i i i t o successful m imp iv p o w c i i l l i\ tin oidmdrv h u d , sun i . el In shonr force of m e r i t , they tak- IP 1,1m ' mi i i n t i l i ind nuiniitai turin-,'establish!! I,,, , th, u » " \ t nv, ml I n , MIS, t h ( v KNOW what i- 1 t~\ tli in uni P . I loi ni t i n M urn!- is if they were t,s A n i l t h i s t l i o v tin I n in ( h i In L'liiiuiu' Come in and talk the mailer over t i l l v n u w h i t n t h , is l u i v , done h o w succ;sii|] Sin 1 1 IH* SHI good eompam t l ,ss l l i n i n - ' h v n t Hi. p n s t n t season in little sh N \ , i h m w . h u l s i n h enrollments, nevei w In t i n thinkin','students of this st Oui /i,i r i n k in mil thi \ p ( e t i l t lii t U s t i I I v n u h m h e uni i m l t I I w i n I n n \ \ h i l tin \ t h a n tin v int vu u n p i t l n u m h i i s i i K ss Mid « In - i n h u m t i n v I V I l l s t l l l l l I l l s l l l l J l C I l i p i t 111 I ' m o l l Mniid i \ i m l I ' '-in 'I In w a v ® is 1 1 nip 11 i t i v i h fn ton v n ,1 t i n methods w i n t i n - ' l i t Y01 i v i I I I t e 1 111] pursued when in learn e \ p n 1 )ust as husmess firms i v In -'innmjj if needs be "" in , i imp. tent to begin thus ( I n dimb t o better p i v short uni denderlly sure and 'o \\ Patrolnnn M nine M i r p h \ f i r J i ^ n r Irr i\ ( onduct Th( allrffLcl ^^n^ wis oin t f t l n h i l o h w is off d u t j and con ed nf bpin? i n t o v i f ate 1 and ongiiRine m a finht it is rlnrgod w i t h a William M a r r v of 463 I h r s t n u t AM nue WF.RF. OVERLOOKED Rider Moore Schools oMusiness "The Schools That DO Things." R Summerfeldt, Sc-y F B Moore, PreS ^ E Gill V P and Treas J PHIMJPS In Trenron on the 29th Inst , Louisa Phillips widow of the late Lott Phllltps, In the JJth year Therefatlves and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral from her late residence with her eon, Charles H Phillips No 46 -yvalmit Avenue on. Tuesday February 2 at 9 o'clock Services at Harbourton Church at 11 W o clock InteHnent at Harbourtos Cemetery 1-30-21 Eion iiie OL j.-«,M»»-n. = .«*...-. -~- -- - ----- - - | Order of Hibernians Division No 1 and Capital Circle No 11 Brotherhood of America MRS, EMILIE TAYLOR ROCKHILU. The funeral of ocithiii aeed the late Isaiah . In Windsor, 29th Inst , Richard E 73d year of his age N J on the Fallen, In the The relatives ana friends of the family are lnvlt"d 'o attend the funeral from the residence ot his son-in-law, Joseph Tavlor, Edlnburg, on Monday, February 1, 1909, at 1 30 o'clock Services at Windsor M B Church at 2i8« o'clock Interment at Wlpdsof Cemetery , " In this cltv on the 29th Inst SiKOUD L son of Emma -I* and the A Stroud, In the 36th year The h relaflvcs and friends of the family also- Bartenders' Union, are, invited to attend the funeral f/om ttift residence of his mother, No 763 Centrt Street on Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock Friends can view the remains Sunday at 110 West Hanover Street Interment at Rlvervlew Cemetery. It A.MCD. Co. MUNUIPNTS 862 Center Si SHOP FOR MEN Mrs Emllie Taylor aeed sixty five years wife of me mie- .salah RockhlH who Blerr suddenly Thursdav in Columbus N J, will be held Tuesday morning at 11 o clock, with services In Mansfield Meeting House Interment will be In the Mann- field Cemetery Carriages will meet the S 36 train upon Its arrival at Bordentown GEORGE YARWOOO. Georee Tarwood a well known pianist and a member of the State Street Theatre Orchestra will be buried tomoi.ow afternoon from_the home of his brother 21 Lumbortqn Street He was taken suddtrlv i" and died Wednesday r ght ELMER C. RAJIDOW. The funeral of Elmer C Bandow son of Charles A and Alvlna Randow, was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the honu of his paints, 124 Webster w l v a t « Lambarton Bttjrt was taken suddtrb ill last Sunday I H O 1IU*U 3 "» ·«"· !""'·-- · S'reet Interment »as . I " ad ',. ln t ? ree "; wood Ceuietery, ui.der the direction or Curran MRS. PAULINE PHILHOWER. The funeral of Pauline Phllhower widow of Stephen Phllhower Was held this morning at 3 o'clock from her late home 3SO North Montgomery Street Requiem high mass was celebrated at ff o clock In St Mary's Cathedral Interment was made 4n St Mary a Cemetery, under the direction of Murphy The late Mrs' Phllhower has boeir fon» fused with Mrs Pauline Phllhower of 2 Humboldt street WHO Ir UIB wlJorf of another Stephen Phllhower, These families are not related Mrs Phllhower lives with Mr) 1 i/r t frcoi ing, her dauglier Her son I* John PMlhower The bearers were Thomas Norton, Samuel Martin David Wiley, James Tjin- nlng Thomas Tynan John Street Ms« was said and the sermon preached oy the Rev Father Hassett ELLEN CALLAHAN. *Bllen Callahan a well known old resident of New Brunswick died this morning at Morris Hall near Lawrencevllle She had been at the Home for several years The body was brought to this city and will be shipped to New Brunswick, where the Interment will take place under the direction of Crawford Many stories concerning Dr Samuel ·R Dunlop, whose body was found Thursday night In a New York hotel and who Is believed to have "committed suicide prp hplng circulated on the_ streets, one of them to the effect that the physician had planned to establish a. sanitarium at Parkland Bucks County It is said he had succeeded In Interesting considerable local capital in his project It Is also claimed that Dr Dunlop inherited a fortune of $90000 several years ago, but that he ' went through' the money in a short time It is said he was at one time in the English Army and »(in served In a medical capacity In the Unltefl States Army Before coming to Trenton Dr Dunlop was connected with the Bernarr McFadden jmjsical culture institution, near Jamesburg The physician was a vegetarian and was a slave to the drug The death of Dr Dunlop s wife last November and the. failure of the sanitarium scheme are events said to have so worried the doctor that his mentality was temporarily affected ELMER E, ANDERSON HONORED Attache* of the Trenton office of the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company gave a dinner at the Lovell 241 Bast Hanover Street last evening in honor of Elmer B Anderson who has been promoted from the Trenton office to the office of assistant superintendent at Ef-ston, Penna The dlri- ner was also a celebration of the big business year of the local office Those present at the dinner were 1 Superintendent E J Rhodes, Camden Charles Gueck, home office representa. live, Boston, ,B J Woods, Superln tendent Philadelphia District, Dr Harry. R North medical examiner an* the local stuff composed ot Assistant Superintendents Hlsglns and John son and their mon Mr Andeison WM presented with i meershaum pipe of beautiful deslgii Charles Burgner presented the fflti Benjamin Thomas presented W W Bortz with a pipe of the same design NEWARK N J Jan 30--Officers of the United Hatters of North America 20 000 of whose members are on strike and the members of the National Fur Felt Hat Ma lufacturers Association having failed to make any overtures to each other for a resumption of the trade the Governors of New Jersey New York and Connecticut will meet In conference probablj in New York In a few rlovfl tn discuss means of settling the strike It Is understood that the Governors ill act Independently of the striker- nd manufacturers Governor Wiley Connecticut, has addressed letters _ Governor^ort -and Governor Hughes sklng them to meet him in con'erence This news was brought to the na- onal officers of the United Hatters its afternoon John A Moffit, presl- ent of the strikers said that he had opes that much would be accomplish- d by such a conference We will be lad to submit our cause to the three overnors he said try their decision ' NEW YORK Jan 30 Dr William Bull, accompanied Joy physicians urses and a few friends was taken from the Plaza Hotel yesterday and laced In a private car In which he, eft at 1 25 o'clock for Tomberly Ga The famous surgeon was carried on stretcher from his apartments to r rivate ambulance-carrleg As the at ·ndants wro preparing to lift him pon the stretcher Dr Bull turned to 3r John B Walker and said '1 am In splendid condition doctor have every confidence that the South- rn sun with Its rays of strength will take me a solid mad again' BAGGAGE HAN AVERTS WRECK 3 for fl'.OO These are all this season's goods and yon ran get · ithor stiff bosom or negli- PVP . -- CATHERINE FORKER. Catherine Forknr daughter of Horace and Sadln Forkei aged one six months died this morning BILLIE BURKE CANCELS DATES. Aetreit, Suffering From Blood Poi.on inq, Under Cars of 8pec!al!«t. SPRINGFIELD MASS Blllle Burke the Jan 30-Mis who is suffer year and The funeral will he private frnm the residence of her parents 4S1 Centre Street Tuesday afternoon it 2 o clock The. Inttr- jnpnt will h? at Oreenwond Cemetery, under the direction of Poul^on t oleman $2 WOULDN'T PAY $3 FINE ' Tho lino is !fi "aid Police Tustlce Hirrls innny, to Audit w Fulskiy arrested early this -nlng by Patrolman Cornelius McDonough for'being disorderly "I got only York medalist , Most of the company returned to New Vork If Miss Burke » condition permits the Boston engagement will open nex W It elt is understood that the critical stag of the Infection lus been pacncii HELP FOR THEfl OF COAT. H a r r v eofo was h»ld under Jion ha bv Ittsttce Harris In Central Pollc Court this morning He Is charged wit stealing a long coat belonging to woman BOYS' MEETING AT Y. M. C A At the regular Saturday night mee-tln this e v e n j n g i t ' \\ e w 111 abide DR. BOLL GOES SOUTH Everything Went Wrong When Earthquake Bodies Reached America NEW YORK Jan 10 -- ^rant honors were accorded thf memories of Arthur S Cheney consul to Messina and his w i f e whose l i v e s were 1 crush ea out In the Italian eiuake when their bodies arrived here vestt rday on the Faber Line steamer Venczia No government official and only a small guard sent by the police de partment was present when the coffins were landed on the pier in Brook lyn The detachment of marines which it had been said would be on hand to show the proper honor of i dead of flclal of the state department, failed to materialize and the onl person who seemed'to have much interest in the matter was the New Haven Conn undertaken -who had been sent to tranship the bodies to Cheneys for mer home Police Inspector Holahan with a detachment of policemen had expect ed that his services vvemld be needed t/ keep back the crowds but they were not The bodies were In hermetically sealed caskets within pine boxes* A half dozen dock workers were as- slfiiied to each one and they were lifted out of the hold with a freight derrick NOT EVtN FLAGS It was intended that American flogs should be cast over the coffins but even this was forgotten An official of the Italian line telephoned to the Brooklyn navy yard and asked whether the Government was going to send an escort He was informed that nothing was known of the matter there Colonel I ft Terome representing the ceiilector of the port was the only tfllcial present The Count Di Masslglia, the Italian consul general of New York was expected to be present with wreaths to ae pUeert on the- cofflncs buthe-dldnt arrive until they had been taken away The two brothers of the dead consul Dr B H Cheney of \ew Haven and A P Creney of Chicago did not arrive until the task of unloading the! coffins had been accomplished A delegation of 4 000 members of the various Italian societies of the city were waiting in another part of the city to escort the bodies to the Grand Central Station but they were not notified In time to participate TROUBLE STARTS AliAIN FOR CUBA One Day of Self - Government and Scrap is Now On WASHINGTON J.m W -- J u s t one dav after the new Cuban government went int business thr nigh the t u r n - ing ovei of the a d m i n t M i a t i in of the I s l a n d s affairs bv prnv isional Qover nor Magoon t i tht novviv established republic, under the prcsidencj of General Gomez t r i u b l e developed It appeirs to be merelv i row over he dlstrihtitl in of patronag' but offi lals of the war department ind of Un .dministratlon generally ire longnt- llatlng themselves that thev so timerl he w i t h d r a w a l of t h e Ann rinn t t o o p s hat there still remains in ( uba a sufn ·lent number of soldiers to cope with he situation if it should devcljp In seriousness According to Information now at land the relations between President Jomez and Vice President 7ajas lave become strained because l the appointment of Rlchardo Arnauto an editor who has frequently attacked Americans and whom General Ludlow once ordered to be seized dead or alive as chief of the secret police Zavas desired the retention of Jose Jerez Verona who has occupied the jositlon for the last ten a ears and who is said ^to have made an excellent reputation POLICE RESIGN The -liluiUiuii is ujiuplkatel by the 'ict that pra'cticilly the entire force of the secret police tendered their resignations declining to serve under A i n a u t o Should the dispute develop undoubt- :dly the "Onlted States Government *ili take a h i n d in its settlement It Is regarded as peculiarly unfortunate that the new Cuban regime should begin w i t h a quarrel among the newly Installed officials of the Gov- FAY FMA1NS HIS I CAMDEN Jan 30 --Two hundred BUG torn R BOOM I, m m f O I ' i r R s m w e m a l t l j NevaeH r e I F I i« 1 h e a \ v ml r it in this imp _ M-v. \ l l \ M IN SOI 1 I 1 V . T T D startl I Kt a lovv 1 - i r n w i I V I H 1 HI V N D r L\ sUrtMl at a low ilgui i iv ^" e nidi \ l n si n i ir it i I w ng/lre. no\v H ( l \ A N / \ I M i n Is N the u st m v e « l m nl i tn n a r n lijlil i of tin Qir lux end oth r l i t n H MJVV l i s t ) rti s BUY AT THE IN.HOUIK.IION f'RICE U M T v L Jl »« m I AH \ V I . I B »It». iimu oFFirt-Nrvi ARK ^ ' D M I( LRS A N D D I R E C T O R S si I nl U M i r i o r I n u n Nailoiml H i 1 n r l \ i 1're. Mde nt ( M i n i n g M t - t a l l u i . VI J M a r t i n f r M . X H l l l e t M SI I n i i ^ v K u r i l u ,,,. . . . ^rorris K Blr rrcrel he r e t n r j r a n d rreasure;i (Chief bn \ \ e i r k s N vi irk N J ) I r i n i k S h e r r e r l VIiinaBiT ! 1 N e - v a l a Oeoii, l l n f n i E 1 ( O n e tnr ( I t i z ns Bank O l l p h a n t 1 rl is new pr ipi i tv is line! r f u l l d e v e l e i p m e n t in 1 1 (,lroux prop m m l 1 ss Hi in t h r e e f e l u r t l i r s cif u mil T h e BOS v N / A FM ff rs o p p o r t u n i t i e s for pr It t o r s YOI S I K H I D T M v l - A I I L O C ^ r v O I T I I I ioOO prr sh ire L O N S I D t R I H I il n I 1 iir,ir Srranton, 1) p a i t m e n l Public n Vto f pi to tins iNe. I in 1 I V I P N T O i" I e" t^ 1 0\\ l v! I T V . L I Z A I M O N AfsD M X F. B. CRAWFORD AlCOMPANY ernment WHISPERING BEE HELD. assengers on the Pemberton accom- noelHtlon, due at 7 36 yesterday morn- ng had a narrow escape from serious njury ^s the train crossed the bridge over Coopers Creek But for the prompt action of Baggagemaster E W daii.le who applied the emergency irakes, the last car a combination passenger and baggage car, would have been dumped Irtto the stream TECHNICAL CRIME IN AGE. Montana Official Aik»d to Refund Salary B«oaui« Young. HELENA, MONT, Jan 30 A reso lutlon setting forth that Attorney General Galan, who Is a brother-in-law of Senator Carter, had Illegally drawn 112 000 from the State treasury for salary and expenses was Introduced In the Legislature here ' It was charged that he was unde. thirty vears of age, the constitutional limit for that office and therefore was not entitled to hold the office Tlw resolution demands return of th« money JACK LONDON'S HEALTH FAILS. NEW YORK. Jan 30 A dispatch from San Francisco states that Jack London Is 111 In Sjdnej The Snark haT bcui lAld -up In the- Solomon Inlands and unless there Is an improve ment In the novelist s condition he anil Mrs London will not attempt t i continue their vovige around th world ami will r i l u i n lo Sin Fiflnclsc-6 ern April 1 London Is reported to have hecomo 111 early In November He underwent an operation In Sydney His ohyslclan* that his health It tin - - Thomas P Fay the Long Branch lawyer against whom disbarment pro ceedings were? brought yesterday by Attoine, General \\ilson for allegee" irregularities m the legal battle keep Albert S Twining out nf Stat Prison declares that the action against him Is due to a misunderstanding Mr Fay savs I The order was entered exactly as I understood the court ordered If there Is any difference of opinion as to what actually took place In court It was merely a misunderstanding J have been practicing too many years to enter an order different from what I understood was the order of the court No clients interests demands that a counselor should do anything not In accordance with strict integrity as an officer of the court It Is unfortunate that any question of this kind should arise until Mr Twining s Interests have been disposed of Reputable lawyers have too much reopoct for *he courts and the Judges ·o wilfully violate any directions of a Judge of a "court Zcalotisnes» In a client a cause vv ould not warrant any unprofessional conduct, on the other hand It should not be conntrued^to W an Incentive to of the court Educational Test for Those Who 'Hoar" With Their Eyea They had a lip reading bee at 156 Fifth Avenue recently sajs the New York Times Fifth A v e n u e was a good place to have It for it is trie street for fashion and the lip-reading bee was a genuine lark as one voung woman said after It was over and ought to be come fashionable It might have been called a whispering bee for everyone, whiaiieied and if one caught one 3 self speaking aloud It was m o r t i f j i n g is the sound of the voice seemed actually Improper It v\a« such a jollj would h a v e dreamed place that iolate any confidence mm MARKS rs NKW YORK, Jan 30 The stock market was again under bear .Influence and although a steady tone prevailed for the flrst few minutes with some Irregular fractions with some circular fractlonnl»ra igex selling pressure fore eej material declines In some active Issues B R T lost ft New York Central declined *H Union Pacific % and losses of fractions to ovei n point were recorded all around the room Tennessee Topper fell Uvo points The stock market closed weak HEk-D"ON MISCHIEF CHARGE Walte r Mronev Frederick Hhllllng nncl William Adams charged w i t h ma- nlschlef wore put unde r 100 Ceiitnl Police Court to one was school but It was the New York School for the Hard of Hearing There were prettv smartlv dressed young girls handsome smartly dressed older women one v oung man and one older one As In bees of all kind In New York the weimen predominated It «as an annual scene where the pupils passed examinations to see what they had learned The pupils vary In age from 20 to 50 Some of them have very nearly lost their sense of hearing altogethei some of them hear with difficult! and other 1 are just beginning to feel that they do not hear as w'ell as they should and are taking time bv the forelock to learn t read b seeing while IL Is vet unnee essarv The teacher Is a young man w h o canrtot hear anything that Is sniel In ordinary conversational tone though no one would guess It There- are two assistants and one of these young woman Is a natural lip reader for when her hearing disappeared she found ejes answered the purpose of ears very well She Is now better lip reader than the teacher No one In the Instructing force has two good pars Some of the pupils have sufficiently good ears te) hear anything ""aM In distinct tones so no one speaks above a whisper and often It Is simply mo tlon of the lips That Is an Interesting way of talking for n"- ran eavesdrop from across the room SOUTH TRENTON ROBBERIES Thieve w»TM npprntinz In the feoutherr section of the cltv last night The- homes of Benjamin Ackerman nnel Max Froom him were entered and a nlimlwr of thlnjn taken They secured a silver watch and chain at the Ae-kerman home Clothing wnountlng to H3 was stolen from Froom- Commission Stock Brokers REGRETS WEDDING CEREMONY s \ N i i \ v i » r f Jii ·'ft - l pton sin l a i r t b s. i i l l x t i iv i l i s t Is i n , t o 1 I l a v us s n v i n l , t i n t h ml h i s w i f e u e « o r r v t h a t t l n j i \ e r b u b m l t t e d to » r e m m i n i ill i r r l a f f e H e B i l l t l i a t Hir f r t n j n v w a s a feme a n d he n o w w l s h i s t h it h e a n d h i s w i f e ha I a d l i e i e e l I t h e l 111 i g i n a l I n t e n t i o n of I d u g pi nei rs in the m o v e m e n t to I k * teiire-tliei un lei J e-on t r a i t f o r a given t i m e t h e o n t r a e t t o be r e n e w e d If the I llrties f u n n e l t h e i r r e l a t i o n s a r a k a h l e S i n H a l r s plav Jnlm n will opt-n tonight at the V l c t o i i a I h e a t i e C M I j j n t n n win hears a remarkable te semblance to John D Kockefellei will plav the t i t l e role L v n t o n savs he has studied R o c k e f e l l e r for years and can give a perfee t portrayal of the w o r l d s richest man BREAK PRECEDbNCt m ROOT NEW YORK J j n 10--Tradition and precedence w i l l he t h r o w n to the winds wlien Ellhu Root ex-Sceictaij of State inel reeentlj eler/ted ^-enatot fmm New Yoik Mate takes his seat According t) i Washington eli patch In the New York Peist Root « l l l be i member of the committee on foreign relations, an unexampled honot foi a new Senator I nder ordinary usige a new Senator no matte v hat his abilities accepts assignments on u n i m p o r t a n t committees and w n ks up from the bottom EARNINGS OF WAGNER. Financial Distress Due to the Musician's Bad Management. W h i l e Wcsnei s letters contain ountless and blttei to his povertj and the never-ceasing money strlngencv his financial condition wan mole efte n than not due to his ijn- piatticable h a n d l i n g of his affairs, sa s a writer In the Bookman In comparison w i t h the money earned by contemporarv composers ot far smaller powers \\aener was poorlv paid foi his v w o r k s Nevertheless for some v e a r s before his death he received substantial sums bj the sale of publication and performing rights royal ties etc Klpnzl the flrst of his openif, to be performed, was a money makei but unMVtunatels the composer had omitted tei secure a profitable arrangement anel he received 325 for his ahaie in its flrst performances The earlier operas weie- published on Wag- nei s own responsibility and saddled a heavy and irksome debt on him The publisher Meser had the sympathy of the wits of the da'v He lived in the flrst storv before printing Rlenzl, thev said Tin- Fh Ing Dutchman and Tannhaeusei took him UP to tht second and third and 'fjohengiln" U a s suie to senel him 15 the garret In later vears as the music dramas gain ed m o m e n t u m the returns Increased The Intendant of the Berlin Opera House who refused to pa $750 for the rights to Tannhattser was compelled to paj the composer $1300 in tantiemes the fiW vear alone The publishing lights of the Nlhelungen Ring tei- ralogv were purchased by Scott Son for $10 000, and for Parsifal' thev paid the composer $1^000 Accoidlng to H T F l n c k \ \ a g n e r s l n c o m e f o r t h e i s s t vear of his life (1882) was $85000 The annual profits fiom his operas h a v e of cevurse steadily Increased In 1812 Mr Flnck estimates *hem to have been at least $50000 and without a cloilbt 170 Broadwa, N^w York Ax. $1.59 each Usual $2.50 v»»-J» About one hundred ^ivlj seven choice A^maisteT Bug» · ·elected lol of beauties from Al'* J Smith Sons Co Thae rugs ate 27 r 59-m- mi* m rich color tones will wear give a satisfaction seldom *-pe[- tenced at such tow prices' ts q*v4 ed Iliis week only, «N«I V-H price , J/udson Snooper So. (Fcroiirly Wilica'l) IS South Warren Street f, PUBLIC On Saturdav J a n u a r y 30 at 3 o the subscriber w i l l sell at auction, fbe hardware and hardware specialties, paints and oils etc all the contents or a well equippel h \rdw-dre More, recently occupied b Charles F Filor at 33' S Broad St Cit I h o '·ale will continue until 10 n lo k p m, o date, and thereafter until all Rood are sold VV'ILLIb P BAINBRIDGE.1 12-21-tt Asslsrn-j IK. FUNERAL DIBEI/-1-OH 414 S Bronil 1t«v.t«. Bell phone 187 Inter-State Coacbes to "!r* JAM KS C. TAYiiOE ronenl nlrrjior. and BmlMI s/» 0e SOUTH B f t O \ D STREtfl. Phones 814-A Residence. 210 North Clinton Bell phone ITi-D- COT.*.*? AN «* E TM'"" l "*-* ± ' 5, t9D - * * COACHES TO HIR for "ale In Greenwood »"d w ernaterlea. POlM-SON Fynrrnl Dlrctlor* 18 a Telephone 35S Lots t w i c e that amount 1^ well w i t h i n thr fiffurep fot the Uat e\\ \enrs Th Ba\routh FestUals a l l m have bom i vprltahlc i"l(l mine fyi tht holri f Warjmr Tht fiuUkChtyantl mo-,t CT;I winiod money that V()al?nri e%rr i crlrrtt wni th f OW rvikl bv » Ki I of rich Americans foi ^h Cent t March which he \ \ n Le to i 1 ' thr Phltndnlphta F - xrn'iltion li TIic Immense Interest M WTt;nei his deatn in lllusli itnl ! \ ilit that hH widow recplvol j r r a o concert rUhts for a \ t a i foi a fill f-\mphon\ H h l t h ind ni published and whlct) the himself never wished given,,; world. * The Always Sterd. NIVIUSIU.OS.CO. Y M C A Building. Beginning Monday Morning at 9 o'clock Rig ttiiiiiiitfg Sale of Sleek-Taking Odds and Ms NEWSPAPER

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