Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 25, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 25, 1968
Page 2
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(torch 25,1968 SOCIETY 7-3431 Between 8 am. oftdi 4 Announced MKMITNlftMtftoOlltlt -Calendar of Events , MABCH 25 -Galtd No* § of the First Meth* odisf Church will meet Monday, Mirch 25 at 7:30 p,m, In the tetfie of Mrs, H, o, Kyfer, Sr». 802 South Manilltdft, AH mem* bars are urged to be present, AKCH 26 Cosmopolitan Club will hfeet In the home of Mrs. ft, U Bfraoch Tuesday night, March 26 at 1:45, The Jett & Graves Sunday School Glass of the First Methodist Church will have a Potluek Party Tuesday, March 26, at 1 p.m. The hostesses are Mrs* Er* vln Burke, Mrs« Jewell Burke, Mrs. Herbert Griffin, Mrs* W, E. Wilson and Mrs. Helga Ames. *'••' i • '.-' • • - -WpC FeUowshlp Day will be observed at the First Presbyterian Church Tuesday March '26. We have a high quota of bandages to roll for use on the .foreign field. All the women of •the Church are urged to give inls day to this Important work. fif r. .Chapter AE, P.E.O., will meet at 3 p.m. Tuesday, March 26 In the home of Mrs. Herbert Stephens. »t. -,• ' " • ;,.. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 27 "• The Hope Junior Auxiliary will 'present the Nlcolo Marionettes in ^Hansel and Gretel" Wednesday, •March 27 with performances at Hope High School at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. and at Hopewell at 2 p.m. Admission is 25 cents. L'^The Fidells Class of the First ^Methodist Church will have a .class party Wednesday, March £7 at 7 p.m. in the home of Mrs. James Hoyt Burke at DeAnn. F* The Mary-Martha Class of the SPlrst Methodist Church will have jji party Wednesday, March 27 at »p:30 p.m. In the Fellowship room g>f the church. Smoked turkey will |>e furnished by the hostesses. All ariembers are asked to bring a ^vegetable, salad or dessert. Al- 330, members are asked to dress jjpasual. ITHURSDAY, MARCH 28 g The monthly .Ladies. Bridge- |LuncheonwUJ|bie^held at the Hope PCountry Club at 12:30 p.m. Thurs- aday, March 28. The meal will be gpotluck, and hostesses will be sMrs. Lex Helms, Jr., Mrs, ^Thomas Hays, and Mrs. J. B. sMartln. Saenger THEATRE FRIDAY, MARCH 29 the Friday Musie Club meet at 3:45 p,m« Friday, March 29 in the home of Mrs, Sam W, Strong, Jr. with Mrs, Charles Reyfierson and Mrs* James Me* Larty, co»hostesses* Please note the change of date for the meet* Ing, BRIDGE CLUB MEETS Mrs, H, C. Whltworth entertained her Friday Bridge Club on March 22, and she had pretty daffodils as floral decoration In her home* High scorers for the afternoon were Mrs, C, P.Tolle* son and Mrs. Dewey Camp, During the refreshment hour a sandwich plate and coffee were served to club members at two tables, CAREER GIRLS MEET The Hope Career Girls met Thursday night at 6:30 In the City Mall Courtroom. The guest speaker was Mr, J, T. Bowden from the Employment Agency. He spoke to the group on the common day factors of the people seeking employment. Coming, Going Mrs. F. 0. Deatherage, Hugo, Okla., was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop. Elizabeth Ellis of Camden, Clothing Specialist with the Ex- tentlon Department of Arkansas, met with a group of local iCttl- zens last Friday at the local Extension Office to plan an event In May which will be announced later and will be of great Interest to all homemakers. Those from outof-town attending the funeral servlcesof James Ed McCorkle were: Mr. and Mrs. Tom Helmore of New York, Mrs. Brlant McCorkle and Mr. and Mrs. William Fleming of Dallas, Mrs. Phillip McCorkle and Mrs. Philip McCorkle, Jr. of Arkadel- phla, Mrs. James Shults of Hot Springs, Mrs. Lowell Tackett, John H. Greene, Mr. and Mrs. Travis McCoy, all of Little Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. George Peck of Texarkana, Horace Scogglns, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Ramsey, of Nash- turf ftod/o SUSAN ELIZABETH BARGER The engagement of Susan Elizabeth Barger to Jimmy Black is announced by her mother, Mrs. Opal Barger. Susan Is the daughter of the late Mr. William Barger. Jimmy Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Black of Route 4, Hope. Susan Is now a senior of Hope High. Jimmy is a 1966 graduate of Guernsey High arid he Ispresent- ly employed by Lone Star. The couple plan a May wedding. HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel Prize Winner The first musical comedy to win the Pulitzer Prize was "Of Thee I Sing," the music for which was written by George Gershwin. TONITE "President's Analyst" 5" a SPECIAL ROADSHOW ATTRACTION SHOWTIME 7:15 - ADM. $1.00 TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY *•• rVE NEVER LOVED A WOMAN... t E ach new Gladiator at the school of Lentulus Batialus was told, "Those of you who please me will occasionally be given the companionship of a yogng lady..." And now, Spar(acus...you have yours! The question is, "What will you do with her >" What do you know about gentleness when you spend your days learning to kill in the arena? How can you promise ihis woman freedom when you yourself are a slave? The motion picture, Sparlacus, has been called the finest love story ever filmed. The cast of stars brought together for this picture can never again be duplicated. Every one of them plays a major role in the film. Spartacus. A tender love story wrapped in a violent motion picture. KIRK DOUGLAS * LAURENCE QUVIER JEAN SIMMONS • CHARLES LAUGHTON PiTiR USTINOV • JOHN dAVIN YOUTH ASKED FOR ITI This column Is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help USI, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USI this newspaper. JUNIOR SIREN THROWS WEIGHT AROUND -OBVIOUSLY Dear Helen;, My ..,, vv ._ sister? Is a-junior Sophia "Irfrtri Liz Taylor, and she knows It. She came to live with my husband and me after she caused trouble between Mom and her new stepfather. She practices her sex appeal on older men, you see, AND how she throws that (top) weight around 1 Now It's starting with my husband. He's a good man, Helen, but he Isn't blind. If she isnt running around In a bikini, she wears a blouse with two buttons missing, or a see-through negligee. And she's the kind of person who talks "close," especially with men. Last night, hating to look like a suspicious wife, I went to bed early and left them playing checkers. You know how loud silence can get. I strained to bear them at their game. Nothing. Then suddenly I heard my sister squeal and giggle, and running sounds as If my husband were chasing her around the room. That's when I came downstairs for a "drink of water." They looked guilty as all get- out, but explained that she bad "stolen his King," and he was going to spank her for it. The checkerboard had both king's rows filled with "single" men. Is It time to ship sister off to a maiden aunt? -SHE'S STACKED AGAINST ME Dear SSAM; It's past tlmel Check her In a safe place, before she steals YOUR king, -<• H Dear Helen: Make way for another "Mrs. Inadequate," Those glowing Christmas letters from successful friends chill me. Here's the holiday letter I wrote, but never had the nerve to send. Surely It would make all my friends feel better by comparison, "Dear Everybody: Water pipe la our garage froze and burst, Our cat died, We had our car* pet stair nwwer cleaned, Estl' mated cost: f 38, Final bill; $60, and they 414 i lousy Job, "Moths got into my fur wak Pain oxwbied when we received a $3,000 dental bill, o«r 13* year*W broke her irmt Out five*year*oW was stung by a swarm of tees. Another eat died* Ha4 to get a new hot wa{« er heater and washing machine. We spent our vacation painting the house. Kids were a great help, what with spilled paiot and upset Mwiders, They cooked beans w& frswifcs every night for dinner* "TV 4?w up before Christ* m?s. Was still in the shop dwr» the New year's games. As • we fcpyfhj high |o4 $Pi4 low on the stock market. "We hope the old year was as exciting for you as it was for us. Fondly, — R.B.F." Dear R: Welcome to the club, friend. Your year sounds Just like home I— H Dear Helen: I would like to know what you think of "transcendental meditation." — DIANE Dear Diane: I don't: the fad is way above my head. My "meditation" concerns more earth- ^thlngsr^lke^ow^can 1 werlng Into ._,... , fix for dinner In 15 minutes flat? H. recoidi ol Iht ««V baud on nationwide survey "Lou- I* Blue," Muuriai "Simon Says," 1910 Fruh- (juni Co, "The Dock of Ihc Ba>," Krddtni; "Valley of the Dolls," Warwick "Jusl Dropped In," l-'irsl Kdilion "Valleri," Mnnkrcs "I Wish It Would Rain." Temptations "I Thank You." Sam and Dau"Since You're Hcen (.one." h'runklin "l,a I .a Means I l.o»e N'ou." Delfonies By CYNTHIA tOWM A P Te!cvlsten*R§dfo Writer NEW YORK (AP) ~ television, young as H is, already has built sow* traditions, One of them is the "highllghtr program. Sunday night TV presented the annual highlights of an Ice show that plays around the country, Next Friday there will be highlights of a circus making Its lour. If you've seen one Ice show or one circus, you have pretty well seen them all, yet there Is a fascination to both that dm* 1 can* not dim-which comes through on the lube, NBC's hour-Ion*.ice special had nothing unusual to present Sunday but was graceful tuneful and colorful, with here and there the required touch of broad comody, As the seasons roll by, the only thing that seem to change In ice shows is the nmlc, the costumns and the hosts, The music Is more likely to be from the latest Broadway hits than "The Skater's WalU." Over the seasons and on all three networks, the ice shows have all taken much the sam* form, and even the hosts act the same—they arrive gingerly on skates and make jokes about how badly they skate. NBC's "Highlights from the Ice Capades of '68" was really not much different from "Highlights from the Ice Capades of '61," except that the comedy team of Rowan and Mirtin, wobbly In the feet, were around In place of past hosts. In an effort to add a little more spice to the proceedings, Joanle Som- mors was on hand for a couple of songs. The special was one of only two mldevenlng network programs that were not reruns. There was a repeat showing of ABC's movie, and on CBS The Smothers Brothers show and "Mission Impossible" wereboth around for a second tlmt-. The other fresh show, NBC's "High Chaparral," was of Interest primarily because of the appearance of Ramon Novarro, once an Important silent movie star, playing a priest. NBC has added two coim-dl- ans as regulars to the summer f ries replacing the Dean Marshow. They are Paul Lynd and Shecky Greene. Stars of the show will be Frank Sinatra Jr. and Joey Heather ton. The next CBS National Geographic special, on April 16, will be a story of Portuguese cod fishermen whose work takes them onto the seas for six months at a limn. The show Is called "The Lonely Dorymen." Recommonded tonight: "Kiss Me Kate," ABC, 9:30-11 EST, Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence in an adaptation of Cole Porter's 20-year-old musical comedy hit. Cosmetic Cape When a plastic raincoat becomes too shabby for wear, cut it to waist length, shorten the sleeves and use it as a cosmetic cape while you shampoo your hair, apply make-up or do any chore which requires a bit of protection. Then keep it clean by wiping it with a sudsy sponge. HowlonghasJtbeeniirK§ your HOME hod on INSURANCE checkup? Today, it wpuld take a bundle of greenbacks to replace a house or part gf one destroyed by fire, windstorm or explosion, 6very year the cost goes up. Jyst as you check your health periodically, it's good management to check the replacement value of your home against your insur* ance. We can be useful, ANDERSON-FRAZIER insurance Agency, Inc. lu»ur»ncc Corttrr • Second & Mfia Ttlrpboae ? B 7-3*81 HUPP, 4BK4-NSAS TlSfll PHI Tim history- toy adtoff &? t««r «nidt«f« fftotte tiltain* fft fas torn into a tfiwirleai fittm* tf; Ms frttfter fsis *« OrUnlsfftt leader, Ms mother t fefttttt dunce r, Young tteofft stflH&J itettn* at 2, tottf ttif with« road company of fWto fieto?s ftftdfcftsc H« wasted irt the At my « n *nd «srved in £«rof>e«n 6«KlffS* Attar th* war he re<«tt1iste& "t don't kfiow why, «xa<s«yr he admits. "Msfnly U ms fta* cause I had tto one to turn to fcf advlCft, My feln«f had died, ftftd t had no roan I could dlaettss W future with-that's why t'rn » itctlve tn th« 6t« Brother orfftft* i**etoft now, Tn« Army fce«p#. pushing security ftt jwn *» * kept signing up again. This ^nl on for 16 years," He servtd mueh of his time In fttnwd forces radio, ending up ft« ..* captain, Kennedy ttttftt still b« in l&* Army except for ft ondflce assignment fla technical adviser on Phil Silver.*' "S#, Bltto" television show. He «ucc«mb«l to the urge to porfofm again, and. after his discharge he went to work on "Btlto" a« handy* man and syn«»ttm« actor, usual* ly as an MP. After Ihfl show folded, Kennedy cam<* w«st« Bob Thomas at the Movies MOM MAY HE A LITTU? SEASICK when she get* u look at these waterlogged shoes. Goodyenr, which hn« been making shoe products since the beginning of the century, ndvlses thitt nil cnn be shipshape once more. Stuff the shoes with wmided newspaper nnd let them dry uwny from heat. These experts claim the shoes will hold their shnpe until junior ships nut In them again, Noxt he gets a lend in "Guns of the Magnlflclont Seven" with Henry Fonda and Tony Curtis. The rough-hewn Kennedy can thank "Cool Hand Luko" for By BOB THOMAS breaking him out of the type AP Movle-Television Writer casting as the highly punchable HOLLYWOOD (AP>-George heavy. He also thanks Robert Kennedy, who owns the fact that Mltchum. movie heroes love to hit, is ft- "Warner Brothers wanted nally getting up off the floor, Mltchum to play the role of thanks in large part to the Paul Newman's Buddy," Kenne- Academy of Motion Picture Arts dy reported. "Apparently he and Sciences, was interested, but they also There's nothing like an Oscar asked mo to test for it, and 1 nomination to boost a career. Jumped at the ohnnce. I could Kennedy's nomination tor his see that it was a groat part, and rough dim-witted convict in It would give me an opportunity "Cool Hand Luke" is helping to to act decently on the screen for elevate him from his position as * change, punching bag for John Wayne, "Fortunately for me, Mitch. Kirk Douglas and other brave urn turned down the role be- s(arg> cause he didn't want to take Right now he's playing the do- second billing to Newman. So I tective who trncks down the kill- lucked out." er in "The Boston Strangler." George Kennedy has had a BEAUTIFU r YOUR FACK IS SHOWING Let's fftcu It, hiding facial blomlnrwss and wrinkle* behind a thick lny«r of pnncnfcn mnkft- up is Jiwl not the "In" thin* to do. Excepting eye mftkmip, the trend now to toward the nuturnl, h«ftlthy, all-American look. tf you tton't hnv« thnl "girl next door" complexion, you'ro not alone. Million.* of woman rmvo thfl same problem be- cttiwo of unnatural, unhealthy, nil-American atmospheric tttrt. With the tremendous amount of dirt Rattling around tn thn nir, ll hnn become increasingly difficult for women to keep their fttcca clean. And twauty »xp<jrt» nro unanimous In stnt- ine that strict skin clnwillnewi does moro than anything to enhance complexion beauty, To remove that Ingrained, ttir-bomo grime, th« beauty experts recommend more than jtwl Mirfacu clearuilntc — thoy gay that deup-clcanlng, such an provided by Uwi Saunda fl«auty Facial Mttchin*. In the key to unlocking complexion b«auty. YOUR CITIZENS CHECK IS YOUR OWN STAR WITNESS When you pay with a Citizens check there can be no error or miaunderatanding In the payment of a bill . . .your cancelled check IB both your receipt and legal proof of paymentl Beeidea, your Citizens checking account leta you pay bills by mail, lets you keep a record ol your expenses and your money is safe, protected until you are ready to spend it. Your Citizens check is the most convenient way of handling your finances) NATIONAL BANKo, THE BANK MORE PEOPLE

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