Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 8
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STERLING DAILY GAZETTE • DEC. 18/191$. AMUSEMENTS. Home of the Pipe Organ YAUDETTE-Tonight fox presents the popular little star, June Caprice, in "Little Miss Happiness" EXTRA! TONIGHT— VAUDEVILLE »"* j. WELTON'S JHREE ALASKAN TRAINED DEER, and the only act of if« kind in the world. This extra big *t eeftte »drr>i»»iem. Two *hew«, 7 and 9. Aduftt 10c, eh II* tfiN»n $c. Don't min it. ' Tomorrow, matinee and night, Helen Holme* in big tpteiftl rail- NMD) ttory in 8 r**f*. titual price*. • ' '"' ar# Growing ^ Bigger Da$ by Day. Only Five More Shopping Days Left GfM/VO-Tof/ay May Marsh and Robert Harron in "The Little Liar" ALSO COMEDY Mark Swain in "The Vampire Ambrose" TUESDAY Myrtle Steadman in! "The American Beauty** Also Selig-Tribune News At 25 Cents ;,-*L TONIGHT £-- Spedal'dancing party at Bell'« WOODMAif HALL $10 In (frond prHw*. - Dfjton'H funions ordhfsttra. 8:80 to 12. Public Invited. Claim. 7;80 to H:3 ! AND DUCK SHOOT at Agnew, Illinois tec^O. d by Olims .Brothers " ING SCHOOL WORKDR Evening From r private leasona call I. KBLUeV, Sell HELD SUCCESSFUL &ALE. Tlir- Indies of thi» Caharj- olnifh ctttlPtl » two dnyi» n«l«« of iutt nml UilU»t nrtk'len ynlurilny noon in on«rnf (h<« pmply nturt* IngK fornnrlj- occuplwl by the 8H»rl»g Uetiartment Storv, .Vmcmj? UJP artk; wn* a iftitlt «»f t>rHty dpslgn tnado by w»vcral ut the Imllen of th«» church. On parh of thp white blockn In the ntttnf of Homtt \\f\\ known iwtrnon, among th««m moRt of thi» city ofllclalu, wrltttn on the block* Ihemiwlvpjt. Tl.e namp •if Prf»Bji]pnt \Vllnon »l»o npppoivd.. A Every debftrtment in this store is crowded to its utmost capacity with both desirable merchandise find Holiday shoppers. Never have we had such stocks of suggestive reasonably priced Christmas Gifts, and never such throngs of gift seekers, ms have permeated everyj/nch of space from the main floor t'> the top floor. Below we have compiled a list from, all over the store that will help you with your gift problems. At 50 Cents Af $1 oft and $1 ?««*f^ ^ - ^ *-. , . r+ ^ -^* «pl*vlv »nQ «pl*«O 3 m\J Bootees, Caps, Boudoir Caps, Rat-;_ „ „ ' TT .' „. , ^ ... ties, Celluloid Banfe, Brush and ^^ Scarfs Hot Water Bottles, „ , . p ^ w , -p ... Comb Sets, Brushes, Pishing Sets, Boudoir Caps, Baby Books, Carriage Boudoir Caps, Bootees, Kattles, RX^IQ pin V Pnhbm- nnll« Mnpf»fl«in« Straps, Baby Sweaters, Moccasins, ,,*« ... <«-.i» a T-. i -r-. i Ut-aUo A lay ^ IvUUUtJi J-/U1W4, iTlUOl^«.C»IIIo, i-. i T-» i \ V» t r~*\ MI » r« «t Whistles, Dolls, Aprons, Baby Books, Children's Caps Jackets Aprons Baby Bath Robes, Children s_ Suit Corrct Covers, Combs, Hosiery, Linen Corset Covers, Celluloid Dolls, Triii- Cases ' Red pillows » Lace Curtains, Handkerchiefs, Crepe De Chine ket Boxes, Doilie Holders, Neckwear, Emmbi-oidei-ed Pillow Ca^es; Dresser Handkerchiefs, Handkerchiefs box- Purses; Handkerchiefs, Pillow Tops, ..^^ _ Colla / and c « ff Sets « Handed Pin Cushions Jewel-Cases Pin Hosiery, Men's Hose, Embroidered £erchiefs, Purses, Fancy Baskets, ea, nn ^usnions, dewei ^ases, r-m Towok FmhrniHrnwi Hn^k »^ ljk Hosiery, Smoking Sets, Sliver Tray$, Ivory Nail Files, Ivory Button S , 10 ^ e!Si ^mproiderea HUCK_ . , T Canttto <** -in™ ^ilvprnnH Hooki Tvrtrv Shofi..Homk. Tvnrv Towels, Dresser Scarfs, Center ?!}5L! v S^M n ^ Pieces, Ivory Combs, Silver_Boji Iilork wan «cnt to him for hln ntito- Krnph ami h» wrote It down in « l»oW, clear hntul- It utiuidB out nroml«»nU)'. tills' ndtlliiR much to tlip value of the Tho Dortas BoclpJy j^-hlch had "of the Bticcc8Sful »alc, matlo nrarly ty TOsEesTJewel Cases, Olive Dish and 5 <?M* TT T « -i Fork, Loaf Sugar Holder, Fancy Spoons, Silver Vases, Ivory, Brushes, Hnmlva T.nimHtnf Pao-a T.« Vnllmvnc IVOl'.V Hail' Receivers . 110$ Combs, Laundry Bags, La Vallieres. 'The Great Christinas Shopping Center of Sterling. Coupons must be redeemed on or before Dec. 31,1916, ' THE ABBOTT OPENING. Tho opening of the a. L. Abbott company, wu» held Haturday and a large t>f liullox v4»i<«d-the H«>W ntuiii during thw day. Thi- company hna lately moved from Its old- 'place In the Academy : of Mimic, where It had be*n looatwl for a number of yearn, to the newly fitted «tore on West Third »tr«««t, In 'the room fprmerly occupied, by the LN BRIEF IDDRESSED THE FORUM. Serge gave a *plendld the forum of the Cal tUt church Sunday evening a WWle hte nddre?* «wa y*t ha gave many Inter- regarding chriatlanlty and Which wan excellent. His "What Doett a Christian and whether- He proved very con it did pay for. something every day, al«o In o n o Btjimlart Pill 3the Liymati a^r/wei' prwwher. Ml* ,U»lk wh l)P»t dellfvered Iteford thl« <fall. The Hpwiker lias bv«n .work for the pant few been nieetlng with ox* Hid : . .-• • 550, fU Suspenders in Combination box Armband , Supporters, 500 to $6.00 Sox i* i* , Ailiunx KxproN company and the orn Union T^lfcjjraph Co. Each .lady the new titore wan given a fa- ^ In the way of a carnation. Mia* Ab\K>tt IUXH an Id^at place for a Htore and Tipr Htock nhowit off to a good advantage there, ' • . Little^ Violet EJckman wa» flower, girl. Slto in only three years of age W|8 handflomely dreiwed In white. out over two hundred ear- eftMt for today hi a* follows: Fair tonight and Tutwdty. exeppt probality tin- In northern portion; Tuewlny colder In southern portion; rising tem- p«ruturt> Tuesday. 010 NOT OO TTO MOLJNI. The member* who lately joined Co. B, and their 'offleer* did not go to MolinC Haturdtiy o» 11 wa» expected they would. The «pv«r« IllnonH of the, wife of Captain Patterson of the regular army, who wan to b* pr*M»nt, hit* delayed the event However, the officer* are 'not; going to let -the tunlty pawn by without A ft>a»t and in Hhe nutlonn, much to the aatiafactton plpa«iire of all who .viMltod the l alid .Mis* Ahbott U much pleaded with the In every way. " SETTLEMENT EFFECTED. Settlement wan reached between the litlgantM in the Inlet Swamp drainage matter In the U. 8,. Federal court In Chicago Friday which will dispose pf the principal contentlona between the eommlHiiionera and John C. Vannatta, the contractor: By. the terms of agree* m«nt, the commlmdonera allowed t|t$ injunction to be, dtanoived by Judge LahdlH, and the action brought by Van* atta's attorneys wan a)m> In part din- mistitHh Cartnon, the contractor under Vamutu, lit to reKuni^ work on the ditching, but at sufficient dlwtnni'f away, MO ntt not to Interfere with Ui« Kntorf m»ol»lnt*. T1U« will upeed up the work/of draining the dtatricf and both will be bwiclltPd. HARRY HARMON HOME. Harry Harmon, who ban be«n In the enm M!HC« last spring, returned home Saturday night for a two weeks' vl*tf with his par«>ntH, Commb}dlon«r and. Mra. J,«hn 13. Harmon. Hurry ban b^n in so v«'m I of tUe euHtorn Htute« direct, ng th«, home talent playj "Tim Winh* jig King," which he Uasuput tin through [lit* HclnwlH and Nocleiles.and ho hug Imd wonderful mjobe«ut from jU»e «tiu(. came, home from Moravia, Ne\v York. where lie closed a suceenHful en, *>rtttlnment lust week, He will return to, th«» euKt ufter the holidays. ,_ _ * WELL KNOWN WOMAN DEAD. 1 M«», Itou* Countryman, aged 7^ ojtlittr of Jfl. J, Countryman of the Unon Htuto lunik, ut Dlx'on, uaatwd away at i:3il o'clock Saturday morning at her time another' date will b«t «*t at which time the recruit* will be anted by the, officers 1 at Molina ' BACK FROM THE SOUTH. Howard, eon of Dr. and Men. B, W Wuhl. IIBJI returned,to Sterling after an absence of three yearn tie live* In HouHtpn, Texa»,-;and cornea to spent two or three we«k« with IUH parent* The young "man loves the south ver> much and thlnka it la a good country to 'work In. A number of peopta from Sterling «Rw rmide there and he reports them all doing uplpndldly an4 making money. . , ,' < HERE FROM MUw<« Marffftret and Lucile, daugh ter*,"of Mr.'and MHK Mfroui ThasHo. toeify arf home for a yWt from their pi work in , Naehvllie, ;T»nneiwe. _,„ young ladies «tart«4 tn.theif wdrH there ia»t fall and like |t .very much. They come, to remain',*•>•' Until after N*$r. YeatX' Ht, ------ "»-—•- berpr met them,in TODAY IN ILLINOIS if,- I77S. Virginia formally ^ttf $<.Tf. j«>f» cou) on tr««-l<. Dillon <'on»p.tny, s A. O. Li>inharii wn» n vinimr In Chicago today. » Martha. XVaxhington candlcH fur Christ mo».* ' * orders fur'f'tHtr. Xmns. 8. * >5. .Mattot C'»,- C'ur sofe null on trnik. Mows today F. Miller went to IIP will tnujKuct of good rand;' «-nt Mnrth.t! j Washington rtindirit. tird«»r now. fiOp; fult |H»und.* Frank Whooler wi«nt to ('tiifano on they upcul a f*>w dityx. Hhcrtnan Itrown H|u>nt Htmday In .MtoM><i ixtrralno nn«l Kuth Htcnlclard spent Friday In l)«-KiilI> vi.'ililtiK Mi-liool.x fater K"ii'K' to Chicago O|M»n charter for a »hnrt tlnu*. | Join th<« l^iyal Onicr-nf Moo»c, Olvo $5,00." , j ,vuurm*lr a Xmax prcwnt that will last" WiMit to Kock IK- • you a lifi'llrni'. Big chum to IN* tnltlatetl' land today on lnmin>«<«, ' • - J Thursday, th»c. tJIxt, i>p«>n charter, *,Ail the Intent iM.yh.irln w«men'ii-i>'M»»«pj Vw> <f>,('0. D. T. Huff, I)lntrh.*t Dlrpftor.* at Klllpn & ivt«»r«i,« Fur SiiM-rlor i-<«il, rail 6r phono ThA Jjlqyd Millar, of >C>lxon. Btwnt la«t < tlock Fall» F«»nl Store. Ainu Ut.Mcn- ey«nliiK In thin city -Willy f rl<*ndn, ^/m r "d ll»ur. $S.5« v.«*r wick.* ' 1-Vr Xmns KiftB eait «l • J !« > y«'r'8 r^fnf Mi»H Nina Htnlwn wa» a bualnetw SU»ie. Tuesday,* |r>nller lu-ri* Saturday from Krlp. Joe Crawford, of Dlxoiij wa» hero | F^tttcy candy IJOSPU and baskets for iopu- at l.iinU-nwouil, KUVOII mi)e« north uf Kootifllt', iltuUi bf*(ng dut- tit roulile, Mup««rlnduo«Hl by plf,niri»y. aerul Ht-rvjci-.s will be ln-Jd tlil» a, HMiu at 1:30 o'clock ut tlm JUIIIH-. '.'(mntryman IM survived .by ht»r tuiul unit four children: I'l 4., UUui>i[ orfttnlted th« county, of HilnolH, the flrat American oivil gove'rament north of Ih^OWo Ulyer. WTTLE LOCALS .Woodruff•» sludlo, JiewJCfiBJf photos. 11 Muntx, of Coleta. wan' here Saturday transacting bu«jn»«B. Vaudette tonlglit, trainftd-deer.* Mr. and Mr». A. C. Iteeoher went Moi-»hallaown Saturday, ... 1C. C,, regular tonight.* Mr, and Mr*. W. J. Hngl!nh left for Mjicatftor, I'u,, Saturday. . . glfta at deyer**" 1'aliif Store, Mrs. A. R J. AuBtin, RocUfrtrd: AU«. U. a i ui Mr«. KUgar Alfook. wlt(» WATT'S OARAGE BURNED. n« of uuknuwn o»'l«iu lU-stroyfil tlij>- turugii' uttil Furd cur of JuUgf J, W, •la thu fi-ur of hl« of &|iirgun Mtrt'gt uiul liitH, Disoji, {Saturday for ^'_*tinjt_to »pr*»ul V 'tnlug utructurtw. Thi- tvwr of the was lM*dly HCi*rcluHl nnd .iittfcti, utUuv rausht Hi'* but Uy HUUH- pi-culiu iliv tu gulUiUK ut' i,;uisuH\it' jf/ttt- <l to »-xj>loil<', ilmt It ' ...'-- •IHlltl tlil\ ; i' W. Ktttt Uittnor la confined to her home by Ulnem Buy )i»?r Martha WaHhlngton candles arid Blip will to» happy.* Vem Mosier'and Wi«*» Anna a$yrUuy In CMjium. wenffd St. U>uin Saturday liUHin«ti«, H. V. Hlttorf and Ml** Wtttorf ^ent^Mftturafty in Clinton. , Worry spimjchy, of Morrlnun; i,*v«fij|ng |i»r* with friends, evenlngii till Xftta*. T Btits^l, of .N*l»o«, jipewt fJatur- U.<y (Veiling In thlti-city with friend*. __ ^ |4r, «»d Mr«. Af-CJIatworthy, of Huron fimus in thi"vicinity of Liif^fffUin, *pi'iH SatMi^ay^ere'Utt^MJisJnpWJ, jdr. ntul Mr«. Burton, of I'mpUt'ts- town, lip^iil Matunlay h«r« on 4« to iphU-4;5«> Httturflwy. »r* ai«t»iiuiu 8«turiiay for a vlnlt. C', 8n»veiy. ,.Nu Uono Ci^*•„' Cth Av».' ffwf pkiorto 700-2.* rtay i-f, WuodbureWlMit Saturday oij ty othw titrui'luiVM C,' A. wvnt i* THE. MEW . 'I lu' Alnow'luu ltn-;ai'tt in llu-lr Mii«.M.' Ii ill. M.ipa Jut: J.t.rvl"' VI" Strtliiti; i i'l J t«^»;lv«* MOOSE BAWD. - 5 l ih nitw 1'iniifoi tiiiiU* nt^v quai'tt-lf lit lllc :< i l'."l,*.UMii-r ;IIK| lf;nl- tin 1 m* every night £ Christmas f? l»li'i«'d tin t'luli tnr Vand U'tt i> [\o<- Wa»>hlugton puundl* Ml, ittut Mi* 4. t'. Ih'hry^wvut in tj,, today fur. u lost ov tin lug vMtlng with frk-mlH. >,l<wive -your ordwa- now.* t*«ndle« freiBh evfry anornlng at Martha \Vtm|i> Ington Tandy Shop.* Mm. Jerry-Keller 7 , 'of Tamplco, was Hhapplng In Sterling i today, Mr. J. Mot-rail. Mr. Frank Dmulnn, Of Hock M*ll». ttiul ,Mi«» Glmlys CJoff, of Onion drove, purehuswl planoit from the W. W. Kimbull .Co., of laat ww»k* Mamie McKennoy was n pa«. to. Chicago this morning. Car $4.75 mift coal on track, lilllon Company.* Shop,* Mra. Martha \Vanhlngton Candy .Hollo daughter, Edith, w«<r« In Htcrling Hhopplng urday from Krle. r^ . Martlia Washington candloM sold In any qunntlty. Quality ili<*"b«'»t always.' Mr"«, Eil. lii«rner returned from K««- want»t> nU<-r upending t«>vt»ral . dayn thurt*. John Mutter Mp^nt/HEUmduy at the. homp of liU imr*'iUH in VrophHtUawn. | ^Jlajsk<>t social an parcel |x»at salo at North $litr whool FVlday pvoning, D<»c. 82nd. Everybody Invited.* \\*P v?»h CARD OF. THANKS. to\^«'S|irt>«8 our ihankn to !..nlKi' lA»ynl Order uf Moosi' fur .the iHn-r«l mini «»f money ptcH^ntrtl MM thioutih iht'lr rrlief corn- in our hour of ne«Ml, ii. H. ItniTiHcy, Hun j, Mrs. Anna KHIar and rhlldren. 4 Hello Boys! Erector and American Model .Builder CUT PRICES Limited number tett at following price*: Set No. Regular Price Cut Price " 1 $1.00. 85c 2 ->- ' 12.00 $1.70 3 $3.00 «2.55 4 ' . 15.00 $4.4^ Cut pr!c«« on ell a'ceeuory «eta. THE ENTERPRISE FARM LOANS AT 5, 7 or 10 yeare, up to |100 per acre if aecurity warrant* MORTGAGES FOR SALE JOHN M. STAGER « Law. office Stager A Stager H. T, FERGUSON INVESTMENT BONOS r ' Net .4 to 6 per eciit Exempt from Income Tax LOANS INSURANCE 310 Lawrence Bldg. Starling, III. JOHN A. WAED Attorney at Law MONEY TO LOAN On Heal ICatato Stcurlty - MORTQAQE8 FOR SALE 411 Lawrence Bid*, SMHItlfl, til. USE THE CLASSIFIED ADS. So many in,en buy Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets for their wives each year that it is alnioKt imposHi- ble for Hoosier agents to get enough to go around. .We. bought more this yeai^tban last—all we can get before Christmas. - $ut jvhetber or not we have enough, wo _can't tell. •." \ \ We do know one thing 'thongli. Tf oiie-haif tbe women who want Hoosier Cabinets this year get them, wo can't begin to supply all the orders that will follow thin announcement, ^_ ,/, . Part, of our present 'sto<-k is reserved already. The-rest of the. cabinets we have will be reseiTjed us as tlie, orders come. Perhaps it would be better, therefore, not to postpone yuur order if you -mill.y want one *>f t lie-He Christmas I lousier Cab" htet«. T h e r e m a y be plenty, TlieyTnay I»M sold *>ut "tomorrow. ' AVe sug- .K*-Hl that tile safer plan i^ (o tirder your cabinel im Useful Xmas Gifts Whether you spend littld or much for f'liri.stmn.H it is important that your gifts BhouldJiiive lasting value. , ^ •: Christmas-pricefirwe lower than at olhor soason« here, bocanw* our lo'rgor pnrehasos give U8 bigger discounts. , The quality of everything in this store makes it ii worthy tfii't, whether the priee you pay i« large or small. . ... . . . The entire range of your family needs 5s covered by the ariirh^ you Hud here, whether they be big needs or little, HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS: -For Mother or Wife Rugr Electric Lamp A Bedroom Chair V A Jardlnipr Stand . "A China^CloiOt A Rock«r A Magazine Stand A Hoefler Kitchen Cabinet A Davenport Alcajtar Combination Range For Sister "A pretty Chair for her room A Mahogany VWorli Table A Ore*«ing Table A. Dr*»»ina Stool A Mu*ic Cabintt A Writing Deek . ~Ari Arm Chiar A Bpok Caie For the Best Girt in the \ A Divan A Music Cabinet A Work Table A'Sewing Rocker A Ghevai Qla»i A Dresser A Pedtctal A Bookcase A Parlor Table For Grandfather A comfortable Arm- Chair A High Roeker A Genuine Leather, Rocker A Foot Stool A Book Table For Grandmother * .Jardinior Stand A Sewing Rock'er A Morrie Ch*lr A Magazine 8rand ' A Work Table ^_ An Arm Chair For Brother A Pipe Rack A Chiffonier A Merria Chair An Arm .Chair An Office Chair A Card Table A Heather Rocker A High Back Rocker ' For Father or Husband A Morris Chair A tvathar Rocker A Revolving An Easy Chair A Foot Stowl A Couch A 8<M)kcaee A Card Table A Wardrobe You van make your purchases <m extended credit if you wish W» ALLOW W PJSCOUNT^ FOR CASH c The Christmas Store with Useful Gifts

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