Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 7
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STERLING. ILLINOIS. MONDAY. DEC. 18.1916. PA0B 1SSVSH. rTi0 *j» The Farmer's and Workingman's Friend Store r* We still have a large number of bargains such as drew the large number of purchasers to our store last week. Look over the following: 503 pair. Men's find Larlits" on«- butM* Arties 95c Men's Heavy Storm Rubbers, Ladies' H*avy Storttt Rttbhtrt, Child'* Storm Rubber* 40c Chiid'i Artie* 60c Men'* Blue Overall*, all »iz««, with bib ; 73e M«n'« Blue Work Shirts, all •lies ., ., 29« 25 de*»n Boy»' Canv«*t Leggin*. pair 40o .1 lot Children'* Hockey Cap*, regular 50e value, slightly coiled, yow# : choic« ' .- * ^08 Here is a chance to buy shoes for the whole family at a saving of about 50'/;.. On* let of Meri'* Overcoats.$6.00 On* lot ef l$*n** 8«H». ,$5.00 up Boys' Heavy Ov*rco»t*. .$300 uj& Boys' Heavy Mackinaw* $3.00 Men'* Duck CiJatt $1.50 up Men's H««Vy Fleece Lined Un- d*rw«ar, garment 48<s Boys* 'Heavy Fleet* tined Union Stilt*, all tire* ..............SQo Boy*' Heav^Tleece Lined Shirt* and Dcawern ..,...,,......, .2Sc WOOD ALCOHOL SPREE Four Convicts In Jolict Prison Are Dead While Several Are 111. iU-- I I,, t '•« ' ', I • •• If- "0 I ' i« M . t! CLASSIFIED RATES OtfE CENT A WORD FOR 8ALB—RBAL ISTAfS •-•M Mt« !. '!<"•!. II! , iT'M. IIH*! i rumtr'*, wa ri r -ath anil i p»*rtH*Hlary jv Sif iiii ,. ;, A w l V il,-iuk''*'.l fo!!"W«-i! Tii II <!« <•'.'» If- J->li<i Child'a Shoe*. 2'/ a to 8 75e Infant* 1 toft tola 3hoa« 10cf- Boy»' Button Shoe*, 9-13...$1.25 Lttdie»' Patent Leather Shoei, 'cloth top* ,. f1.7» Ladie* 1 warrrt ' Lined "Shoe*, up from ,.. $1.50 200 pair Men'* Bi^ton and Lat* Shoe*, pair ........ ... .$2.23 Boy*' Heavy Sweater*, all aizet, at BOo Lava Soapi 3 cake* for ...... 10o Men'* Dre«» Shirt*, all *ite* and pattern*, your choice SOc Open Evenings 121 Eaat Third 8k Thrr-* nrf ftgfiUnR for their liv»-«i with th«* ehnncf'*! nKflirt 81 ! t}u-m. Thrfe other." nrf xerloudly **!'-k. i'rlmm ' inciniif hining," by «filth ran- vlct»,t'stra<'t nlcohol t.j strnnK<> cfx-m- Icnl pn»cei««ip^ from t1ttys« nnd prortur r t«i u»ed in th«- shops behind tin* *,%.!)!«. en- nblml tt\f m»-n to "Main the- nlc*>h»| from a "hHiftc mixture. Tlif-y lK»ll*>v»-d fhp p(,l«on to bo prnln nlin«ht>l nri^" drnnk~ fT'lh nn r-ffort tn fnrf.'pt th»»~ bittf'rnfs« of prift.ri Iif«> In the false toy* of Inebriety. _ • Thtr* Are Victims. The dr>iu!; . " Alexnnder Archer. Iro'iuola county, *ervlnK fifth tr-rm for robbery. MfiHln Harm*. Qtfitf ^cj.tmty sprvlng- two yearn for a sfrioui o(Tr«ii«<>. Kilwnrd Wllllfimw. <"ook county, «»-rv- Insr fifth l«>rm for n»bhery. Krnnk Daw«on, tjrundy county; one to fourteen yenrs for r»»bbery. Those who may die: Harry Ford, <*o«k county. Ha try Weaver, Tlock l*lnn<1. fteitrKe Johnmtn. Cook County, . Hurry Woods, Charles Hewrrett nnd Janii'w Kline, of Cook county, arp expected to i'\ ,ir..| Ml .MIS'! T*> tnllv W><lr>. v ! i\ ,1* <! M f.u 1 I'otn MILLIONAIRE CHIEF OF POLICE IN DETROIT STILL CLEANING UP ttU T'nlffrt T'r*>««o Dftmtt, Mirhljtitn. F^T. I*? • ~~ .Tnjnr-t tVHSfT*, l*f*frrtit'S f Stt.flttO.M 'If fMilIcr chief. «?:i' li dlitrllinfinK tiis ttwnjl-2.- .N". mont'j 1 at ;t(**» Mte of $)f*.0f*o a ye in bonus"'? f»>T 'th" Rood *>f the Pf-r !r<>", l<? fr«"d!ft-<1 ttttJl working wrin»lt»rjs Xt with the force in hi* ~ f »«-nnui» that '--' \i c< j 11. 11 ' r, 1 \ t[ thH CHICAGO GRAIN MARKET. HELP WANTED—MALI j s ,J 1 '! ! .f \ \f MISCELLANEOUS 1' f \ ! Jl \ n-1. !» '• 11 '<' !! •>,ri r ?! :*•. .-'11 «l .'" j mis.-?, M; N V l-i"fi*3 1-2. N<i 4 mlf'1. fil .f-O 1-2; Vn " rfiivr""!, (.of,, OH 1-2; N"i>. - \fliow, .': 1-4 ('"4. ,N'o. .; \f>!If>w, '«J i-4 r '»f'5 HELP WANTED—f BMALl f r } !*1sr . rf>vt-* M profit" x. -.t. f "K'«l- \vS^,- WAN**rr;n rHAMBKHMAtD AT THfi 143-144 ;<l '<( -< J I-J. No, ML MORRIS DEFEATED Sterling Basket Tossers Do- feated Much Touted Visit- * ors 21 To 8. Ml. Moil In hltfh si-l bnJt tram, with Hvn «»r« r»Ki*"«« victor ui> to UM tTfdit, thf» hcen'won from tt»n Jfoejjfpnl tenm on the clmmpSon'H own . <|0 %.- I » m*t> -V GIVE COACHES CREDIT Triumphs Of The Football Teams Are Generally To The Instructors. , It? II. r. Hamilton. d I'rt'KM Staff (*iirri'«|jondont,) Y«»rk, Ui«'., 1S>. — Thf Krntxl flour- which f(#itliail -in the pa«t HOPKINS NEWS r> rinu|» that with hit installation nnd l*> still mnU-r way. * Homo f>fiy ForjL-tftucht Cmiwijm the Ford «;tJimlftrd/m efficiency. oth»r« «ny thnt it w.isvvoussonjg who tnutfht It to Ford, hi nil evehtft it In applied to Ihe force. CVuicnnft bpllrves In discipline, the enforcement of every law on the Imok* nnd In rewards for merit, His 45,000 nalary and 15,000 additional out of hi* own pcrnnnal fortune will RO Into those rewards yearly. That.Cou*on«' nyntem ha» worked In hi* own life In apparent when It Is recalled that he Ntartetl his commercial career n.« a $12 n wjFFk l«»okkepp- er In a Detroit run! office. Now |50,000.000 t« only approximate. Coupons doesn't know within a million or no, just what bin wealth Is. jrH 1-4. No. ?, wJiit". <>','. ! 4 uhlto. "I 1-2ft)iX: X.i r f-.ifrn'lf «radp, 7 1-4«r , Std . :' i/ f »S 1-2; white, 90 I-; 1 !; .1 <i:,l I-L 1 . f Kr:i(l«-. 4 1-t; Xo fl-4'.if.2 Itye--Xo. :!. I! 3<i; Xo. 3, II 35fil.3B. GOVERNMENT REPORT TODAY. Winter w!"'* lumiK" 2.3 per tft\ • tlmn I,i.a year. Tottil. 4ft,Wf>, ftfm nct*»*. Condition !C«.7 }«ei oen again*! 87.7 p«-r cent ln«t year, Hyn nci-wiRf 21.3 per tent lamer than Inst >ear. Totnl acreage, 4,214.«mfl 147M<'0 lust j>ir. Condition SS.8 i afcatnftt !M.I> per cent l»»t year. with i cam<> to a clow elnvntitl coaching to thf ha» reavhed. Tlu- arrived on thi> 8U-rlln>? guflrt»l'«y ovcni.tur, full of PWW nntl OVKl'ftftwing with ronlMwH'p. Thcy tnmf VHh no otlHT, thniiRlit tlmit of i ipurlH. will hnvu to hold thflr unotlior m'rtlt>.' !>ut after forty with nurh mighty record* IIH point It boys who di»clnn> that a Iwider •ot*»'too much credit for what ho- does, fth«»r in ImHebali, football, or other nf piny I hoy found thrmm-Ivi-s cmlclasMfMl. tit", bitty one department did they fthaw any proficiency. When It came ' to making 1 free thrown th«»y were John-, _„ ._* £ .. j it _*..,.» t k. t ..t i* IK * kt.i il*u*i list If turned In hy I^uurle Unnknrt, . Tiul Jon«>H. luid Dr. llrnry R., Wlllama, not to mention thu «t«-ndy pUiKKlng th !'<<rcy work evvr *lncr- he boearm ny*ort tho B»»ot. DiirlnK.the ,(lr»t hair thfty''Vw>w given four • chances and " each flnie. in thin way" jMiinfM they made. In tho net-end pertod^Hwy weren't, HO HUC th« vard mentor. Jon en and H«nkart, the laKer the CoU'.iltti of fooibnll. imt i?lv«r» '- 'cmwfut. only ca^fkftur f nur out of nln<> them R total of eiisht by, the free tMitW route, did l^lger wn* ""flifi mini" > , In th« meantlmft the Sterling boy« "Vefft »«m<» .aetlvo themneiven. thout?! In the. early »t«Kc« of the game the k-two iwm* ne<?md to b quite evenly t * Hmttfhed. For flft^n minutes tho score . nca-s&wed back and forth, but In th 5 Iftrt few minutes of tho flmt lialf Sagle jtnfl Dillon each, counted a, field goa Which uigfllber with the two already " free thrown, netted Sterling-ten points •ugainst tho vlfdtorM' fuur. Tb* nectmd half was somew.hat slm- •flar to the Unit, with JJuhm and Dillon dotnsr all of. the execution fnV tho home • learn «nd lJ«er wtarrlnff in free thrown for; the opposition." In this session BMNrilriK snored eleven 'points 'and' Mt Morris four, givlnur« flnul count of 21 to.8. i It w«* a real basket'halj game and wa« ellmlnntert. The team work of the Sterling boy* wa* very IMtnatnent. the vl8ltor« being unable to A fair erojwd wnis out In nplfe of the »**>!» we«thw and everybody got their worth. It l» not often that u Hl fall to make at lea«i one "' ;fl*M, «oa,\ yet Uiat was the ca«se Inat l^ant Frtiiay night Polo Bcored Hencw ftterllntt ha* K»m«"B with but one Held goal H(j»ln H t tlwun. Thl« surely 1» a good pectnning, . Koe|i .it up. . " l4|t*-up"-Mt. Morris: forward n« f*harer. Uger; iruitrdu, Madden, (Imdy; <;ent«r, . .Holmen: Ht'erllng: - i- \ . . ftaJtt#r.ltUl)ni.-8toefkle; center. Dillon; K\iar«lH, Huttndent, Hchulta, (lebhardt. Andreas. Umpire, \Vagei\hmtt. WON Won All Thra* Qamct FrOm The Dixon Bowler*. team of Blerling bowlurs took' the into cump 1-Vld'iy ntaht tlM» »CO«> (i»f 25SW to 3335. Thw lo- writ all Uirt>« gauien. ' Kost day nljflit the tiame tettniN bowl on compowd of Wilkinson. l<\<hreiibat<l«, UclmT mul hnve chnllt'iini'tl (he team Hint Dixon FrWuy night, The chul- lt»»|g« ha« been accepted a ltd the game will be p|a>ed on Hu» Academy nUev« next Tuewlay iiiKhl. Wilkinson, 1-Vh- reDbacK and 1't'undKteln were memlHn H of ilift K- C. tvum tlmt won the i:up at thtt Aciub-my alleyn two years IIRO, MO ft wsitl game in expect«Hl. Tho public in invited, AdinlsxUw lr«*t«, The *tc % oivs l'"j'ltl!ty ntubt wcr*> n« follows; • • Dixon. Keljey --*u •Tftdmiuiou 1<r > H'Jf Totals lty»n H:. Sterling. Ill 1 , Hart K.'huit/. T»»tHlt. l no Jl'-' !«!• I ,»> 1-7.*. 14.' !»*« •715-' t*l« MONTANA WOMAN-mjlLTY full credit for the admirable 'perform- nnceH of their teams. Clinton R. lilack, captain of the Yale team, declared after^tho close of the Hcn«on tlmt a .better coach never stepped onto Rate HtudentM are paying jUHt the Hiime homage to Hunkart, Minnesota Htudenta away» have felt s.urcs Dr. WllllumH wa» the Inflt word in coachingr, and hiu nliowlnK ii(raln«t Wisconsin certainly vindicates the thoroughneas of , hiit .work; More than one critic In the went will declare U IK mljfhty unfortunate that Minnesota didn't get off to the start that marked the work of other K. ISankart haw ncen a Coinage coach for a long Minn, and hox xent many good teaniH into action. Hid victory over Brown, however, after that team had thratihed both Harvard and Yale, brought htm out an a real teacher. Colgate ha* lowt only three games In three , two to Yale and one to Syfacime, Bonkurt In a, teacher of team /oot- ballr Herjlevelopa no stariT like Brickley, Mtthun, or Home of. the other grld SCHOOL HELD SOCIAL. " "A~1irrffp"r-m«?it wns til Tiftt'tulnnre at tht» pn>»?rain and basket social Riven by thi« Hopf>well i»fhool Thtir»da>' evonlng. The <<okhu>Hii of the weather not keeping the pntnins and friends of the school away, llumley, of ,Mt«>r- liritf, was there and valiantly gave his fti«rvlc«'H to auctfon off the prettily trimmed baskets, of which there were thirty-five or forty. The .luutkets were sold Itnmedlatuly after the proRram wax concluded, which was spoken of by the auctioneer and others as being one among tho finest rendered programs nt any of 'the country school socials held this fall, and they had attended several.' The l>us)«>is sold well and the neat sum of I2SJO was taken In, which will be used for school purposes, It was the untiring efforts of the teacher, Miss Helen Del t man, in training the pupils, whlcJt made such a grand success of the program, which consisted of tho following songs reel' tatfonti and dialogue*: : rsrr~"Hy Home Land"—School, RwltutlojA "Welcome"— Hazel IJIrd- sail. \ N Recitation, \"Old Santa <'mu»"~Fred- dle Mennega. —— ~ Dialogue, "The Trlaln of a Teacher," Vocal solo—Harold f!assens. JU»cltatlVm, "A Olrl'H History Ixss- sons"—Evelyn Olson. Recitation, "My Hope" — Clara wn« appointed junt prior to tho recent mayoralty campaign .when the erv for H cleanup wan ntrong. Hl« flrnt ukase wnn at the imtoon* which had bren violating the cloning hour jaT*-. "obey the litw," Was hl« dictum nnd it went. The cloning law 1« now faithfully ttbryfd. - - - Oambl«>rs who behind closed doom, had been violating tlio law almont -at will were driven out and gambling wizards, but *he awaya eleven -meir-who play"togwH6JT Jonefl Is a former Yale star In baseball and football. lie han been coaching amaller elevenw for Home time, but it waa only this year that he was called from Kxeter given the Job of nhow- Ktl men how to down the Haughton Song-, "Building anil Keeping Hou8e" —Uy little folks. Dialogue, "The Train to Muro." Song, "Chrintmau" Is Coming" —By Hchool,. .Recitation. "An Alarming Posai- blHty"-~Kdna Bley. 1'loy, A Fairy Bong. Rei'ltatlon. ."Qod Miens u» Kvery «>nfe"--Edna Reln». Vocal nolo—Helen Caaaens. Dialogue, "Mr«. Brown's Visitor*." Recitation, "imponHibility " — I-nu- ronce' Bohren*. Song,."Over the Hn<iw"r-By »chool,. Dialogue, .."The Trials -or'Chrbitmaa 8hopplng,'.' Replttttlon, "My Slstert Best. Fellow" —Ainbro Olson. HccUatlon, "A 'Splendid Word"~ Helen Bley, "Hlln'd pigs, .organized under the sulse of «o«'inl clubs must KO," wan another dictum. Thirty of such places were closed at once -and have not been re -opened, Coupons listened to thousand* of protests when he forbad? the parkltm of nutuniolilloH In downtown streets but lie Ntuck to bin guns, saying: "We can't wvrrlflee the safety and eon-j venienci" of the general intbllc for the mere convenience of automobile owners," His order still standM. C'OIIMUIH is now delving Into the social vice nituatfon. He IB expected to Either eliminate nil of the districts, sweeping the city clean of Its Immoral women or to establish a single, closely, policed district. Couxonn' philosophy on the bonus system IB brief. "Honorable mentions written after an officers' name may be all right but a 'reward that will buy shotM for the children or pay the fam- doctor bill- 'K»e» ft bit furUier-,^?— bo- STERLING CITY MARKETS (Corrected Daily.) (MOHOH Dillon Compiuiy.). Sew No. 3 > ellow corn .....* S2 New No, 4 yoUow eorn Whit* 1 on t« No. \\hf,u Ilyo-.. Hnrley IVE STOCK, eri I iron. Fat Cown ,..../ »e.t»««r7.*0 io.«o • • 7 . , Kheep .20 OCAL RETAIL MARKET, (Cauli Ha*ket Grocery.) Dairy— Retail. IJunnford creamery butt*>r 42« l>*ilry butter » <0c Dairy—Wholwalt. I>ftiry butter ( .... N*w V«a0Ufal*f. (A. J- CIcrdeB.) Head lettuce, i>er head ..,;..'. 10c Celery, each • &c Cueumbeni. each 18c Pamley .'..... Be New pota'toes, pk 65c rotan*«, bu • v • -* 2 - 00 Hweet potatoen, Jersey, 6 Ibs .25c HutabaKon, 3 Ibn '°e fancy, <jL .............130 bum4» AUCTION SALES I Onno Hell«ntr. Qnno Hetlener. having bought a, smaller phtce, will have a sale Thursday, Doc. 2Kth, of a great many farm oulu aud contiideruhle utork now being used on the larger farm. The uale will be held eight mHen iStveui of Ht«r- Ing nnd four miles north of Ki,ji«r.soii, >n what Is known. UM the Frank' oi'uii- nurnian f«r>»i, commencing' after a froe t\»e,h to be.fturvod at II o'clock. ictwl of good horMes, $t> heud of of cows, Kteers and helfera. in the way «.f fnrm inii- Hiid Homo houiH-hold trudilH. II? Harrington uuc>|i>Mi'etY K wnd tA. -K. ' Smith and Smith. HrnTHt Hmlth and Henry flrolth will Imve a public »ulo on the Willii.m Dlff- ••rlit' farm, II miles iioffb^aBt of thN •ity and ,(» mllta MHithw«»t of Polo, at o:»o oViuck \Vi«iut>«tiay, „ DPP. 26. Tlu-re will be noli! 12 wad "of hoiws, ill of th«'i>vipHnt 0111% -Hi bead of cat- iiu'luaius milch COWH, steers, hel.-/ uml t-;ilvi«H. i5 hcuii of Duroc uiul ('unit nuichlner>,, and 400 bus. of corn in <ritt. A blunt anil Kuhriiey UK iiuih-fty ami Aitio!) lloal; flerk. Hub< will c(iinuH-tHv at ti'ii i/i'lork \\ith five ve MaeUd Mon Bcunti And G»£j<jed The W»tshw»n, 'hi.MKo. 111,. Ih'C. IK,— Flvt- :»!mk<i(i -ii fur.) Hiui'la.v broke intu I«'.-.W. WiHit\\_orth « !jinimuy'« 5 and U) f£U.l .if ul '.'I,U Koiitli HUl,- 8t"iM't, bound, in .»r< nnd i, 4!U'«'il. \Viiicn av . with Jl.oou, ,M->\ HiititSi i and Fnink Recitation, "My DoHlw"—Kthcl Onken. „ ~" " Bong, 4I CbH8tma^ Bell»"--lly achool.* ,DlaIOKtic, "Luclnda'M M Intake." I'lay, l! A Dull Fan Farrle*," * People from Lyndon, Morrison, Hound Grove and Sterling, a» well ai thla vicinity, were in attendant o ut the social at llopewell. ENJOYED A POX HUNT. Mr, Smith, of. Peorla, and gome other friend*, who have been entertained at a house party at tho Mlmoji Whistler homo, attended a fox hunt In the hills of Clyde »township pne day recently ,^ Tht»r» were ten men and ten dogs In" the hunting party. They had un exciting day, and treed ono fox but did not succeed in capturing the cunning animal, HOPKINS BRIEFS. Mm. McUuylo has returned to her home in DodKeville, Wl»,, after upend- "BROKE" 16 YEARS AGO, WILL BECOME PARTNER New York, N. Y v P«c. 18.—Thomftii Cwhran, president of the. Liberty. National Hank of. -thla city, who came to New York virtually •pennll'^a sixteen yeare ago. -will become a partner in the .flrm' of J. P.,.Morgan *t Co. on Jan. 1, it we* announced. Mr. Corhran wan bom in fit Paid. Minn., March 20, 1S71, hl» parentn having movej to that why from Now York Htnte. At the age of 29 Mr* Cochran came to New- York City In e««£rch of fortune. Ills first employment herd woe with n real entatt company. Hplnach, Ib ,.12Vic (,'elery cabbage ,. , I3c „ : 60 WANTKIJ--SATiK8I.AI.JIKS AT Apply nt ofticp. K, W. Word worth ' *^>*t> •*.,*•• KOI'J prr month, til. HAHN, f« Knox, prr month. Mrsr, M. A, Knox, Kotiin finive. III. ( J.1^1 144 * 1'OR HKNT— MODERN* \t\ X<5AI/»W W*>st Fifth St., $18.00 Wioiith. John lv>wpri». Bell phone. »W John 13!*tf AUOTIOIT SALE. *^^ y ^ - «»^V*Srf*b*N«™»' w *' 1 ^ s ^ s «^-^^'-^^ CLOSING OUT SALE. Having Hold' my fnrm t will HP!! at public auction on tbr- pfemlw*, two milfs <>ft.«t 'of Sterling on thf Woodlawti road, on .WKUNRFUMY. DKCKMBI-IH 20, 19IC thp following described profHTly: 5 1IKAI> HOUHKH— One bay (sreld- In|t.' 16 yeara. weight nb<mt 1.250; 1 Ht>r- rell mare, 14 years, atxuit 1.300; brown tnarc, 15 yrnr». fl)«out 1,2!>0; preyimnre, 12-yearn, abont 1.200; 1 bay mar>;' 18 yeara, about l,!«t>, . 18 HHAt) . OATTM ; >— 14 head firndf ilolitieln cown, «om«> frt-wh and ap'fTnjreri». There are nomp i>xtra COWH In this lot; 2 helferw ruttftiiK three yearw old: 1 ynarHnsr. One rei{later*Hl bull, three years old In July. Very good. HIjAIi tembnr FAHM «-r; Meere corn planter, mowf-r; dl»c barrow; cutter; 3- section, drag; a K bind- tipw; Uiine row Ktalk ««rfti<'*« tul- itvntor*: Kuperior brnad runt seeder; 11 potato plafiter; hay rake; , . ilrill; Km*>r»on gangplow, 14- inch; H-lnch walking plow; two one- cultlvatofH; hand corn Mhfpller; Handwlch • hay loader; Great Western nanure Kprertder; fnnnlnK mill; bob«it>d; two farm wajtonu; milk wagon; i»<w triple watton Iwx, MIHCKLLANKOUS — O a 1 v a n lit e d water tank: feed cooker; eu*llufc« :ruck; ureen bone cuttt-r; oil tank lii'ttter; two set double team haniesn; »ne Hlngle lmrn<;nn; 16-foot rack; one rack wagon, and ' other . articles too numerous to mention, Frew lunch at noon; «nle to begin mmediately after, ' < TKH.MH OF BALK—All KUHiH of f.IO ind under, ca»h, Over this amount 2 month* will be given on approved; jote bearing 6% Intere»il from date If «ild when due. Otherwise 7<^ from late of aale. No property removed un- il settled for, H. F. HUBttAIlD. A. IA Coe, Auctioneer; M. K. WllRer, Clerk, Dec/t 8, 9. 14. IS^Jg^Jg.. ..100 I»ftriley .., ••••_• Bnifuteta «prout» Cnw^ba melons ..... Lettt lettuce, cane . Beet*, bupcft Qriten p«pper», 8 for Now cabbajje, Ib, ... Cauliflower ........ Kahl r ....,.,*. .11V4 1 Omnjreii. C*lif.. do«en ...;...,.8BO60 Orope frufj, each Lemons, do*, ..'. White irrftpeu, Ib 200 Cataba gtrapes, basket ^«• .sOo PUBLIC 8ALE. Having decided to move, on a »m>£ll- er farm, I will sell at public auction on' the Haven'N farm, 10 mileti sotith- t ,,...30 , 6 • •9*»****»*****W' ,.,...,.... 6 FORTY DIED AT SEA Only Ekvtn Of Th» Cr*w Of Tho Pip . New York, N. Y., Dec. 18.— Kl6v*n Hiirvivorn of the HpantHh Bteamshlp Plo IX, wreckwl 5n a Htorm and atink several liundre-1 miles off the Canaty txland« on Dec, S. ait'\ed her* Sunday on the slcamHlil[> liuoros ven othcra were reported to hav*» saved by a French trutuiport. Vvvty of th« erew, 'Ineludlntf ih^ captaln r drowned/ Nine of th» luen-on-the no* Aires wcr* picked up from an Improvised raft and tu-o cf them from a ladder. Hnd it not been for two snuill eloc- trio flashHKhtw,, it was* said, the., men brought here also probably would have been drowned. LEGAL NOTICE »^^x l w^-^rf^ 1 rf^f^rf^'^^^v«»>N^ LEGAL NOTICE, State of Ililnola, | > , J Wbit««ide County, In the Circuit Court, to the January Term, A, JX 1917. In. Chancery. Relief. ., T,™^ of Hock Falls. € milt's northean • BC of Prophetfttown 8«d 6 miles north o Tmhplco. on ProphetHtowti-Kterllng road, on TIIUUSDAY, DECEMBER 21. 1916. Free lunch ut 11 o'clock; mile irame dintely after. The following descrlbtn property: 32 HEAD OF CATTLE—ll cows. HtecrH corning 2 yearn; 2 fal heifers S h^lfem with calve* by »idu by date of sale; 8 spring calvsn. IU HEAD OF HOR8K8—1 team o 4 yearn, weight 2.6QO, In foal; 1 3-year- old; 1 team,- 3 and 4 yearn old, weigh 3.000. AH Of above well broke. 6 colt« 8 year« old; 3 mami; 3 •arllnga; 2 suckling colta, 3 head fat Kheep:'46 head of -hoga; 1 Chester White boar. IIAlf AND GRAIN—700 bushels corn; 7 IOIIB hay. FARM MACHlNERY-Shan>leH» flep- anitor; 1 galvanized tank; 3 sets double work harncHH; J siniilo ImrnesH Other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS—AH sums of 110 and under ISr.-i'lk-y PAT.R-ffKN'Rf AN'O FRANK t.'ol »-trt, ville, <> miti>f nurthWMii of Thursdnv. I.'ee. ^I«t. - S trnri itpn, 4>i hf-rtd tifrnttlfV Sf» h^nd nf fnrm rr«fhlnr-fy. Krft* lunr-h at It i.'Hork. HniP lfnmf«dlnfi > ly after. Frank VVulhfr. J — • 541-HS* A I»RAN, at tb> old Htrtml, Ixiritfrt Ht. slip pho««s, self Nfiftrpf-nlns; *»hw* fill kinds nf rubber »ho«-». 419 UH m. 141-14* I'AULKV'S pltnl. bawment , HQSJ -cornt-r 'Ixwust »no OUT SAUCr-HAVINO elded trt o,ult faftnlnK-I will **p!l fi.rm nnd pr-rminnl properly, l f, mlli'H north of Titmpleo. S fi!i!)thw*"«t of Htet-llriir nnd s mllea northnflHt- »f I»r»phetf»t«»wn <>n Wed- tlrsdny, l.n«r. 2o. ,1«lt6. at !! o'elwh «. m, Tli* 1 fnrm <'<inMlitti» of tf« nerwi well lmi>n>v<'d Imtul. Kn«y torma. 8 head of hortieK— team blnirk j.;eldlnjts» eoralnff •* .welg-Jtt i.aoo: bay mare, ase it», wfltfht 1.200. 19 'head of rattle— -II stood row*; 4 y^nrllnj; helferm} 3 yearlinn «le»«rH; 1 bull, Hirm ma- ehln«ry ntid 300 "bttahelN -corn. !•>*>** - lunch ftt not>n. T«*rma— -Bee l«rfte bills, !•'. <>. Humley. It. K. OMa, Auo- tloriet>ri*: John (1. Kndet, CUrk. Mr»r' Krank IVteraon, D«'«-. 12, 13. 1<, n.6.J. 1 1 T-:KT.K Irtt-l, r;tll (J. 11. IXJKHN, Hell phone, 185-180 MKNt OI'H IM',t;«THATJ3I> t*ATA» |I»K'K» (txptattiM hiiw we teach the Iwr* her trnde (iiilekly. mulled free, Mnler frp, t'*blcai{o. 129-161*^. AUTO 1*WK AND TItBI'T JN«im- mice. Life membership $6. Yearly dnen II, Als»o Auto Linbilltv. Flr» and Acuident IitHurnnee. Will pay you-to weo me. Jonrtttlf, Ilaer, t«aw» renee UUltt. „ 12?-18i; CHRISTMAS PHOTOGRAPHS A DO/.KN I'HOTOORAIIIS—A JMXR* en pr«-nentH. Homethlnjt no one e«t Kivf but. youroelf. Hpeelal priOfiH from now until Chrtntmarf at Ql Weaver Htudio, over Owerrnlller**, TYPEWRITERS ALU T-JXQr^ MX KK8 TYI'KWHITKUS FOR . tent or Mitk> at Hpectal prtcrK. TVrm* to milt. Wrlto. rail or phori«» n«ll Ti,W. Jf you hnvo office fprnlture tyjipwrlior* to Hell «<* m ypewriter Kxt-hnxisf. 602 " H«nry D. V8. l*f«ver, fluaan Lefever . Daniel IX Lefever, Amon<aJJ. Lefever Maljnda l*r«ver, Harry H. J>tever Kl»li> M, Lefever, AmoH I* -I^-fever Elisabeth Lefever, John, L. Lefevt-r Lefever, Mary Rohrjer, Ira Uoh- "BUFFALO BILL" IS ILL Famous Scout U Suffering From Oei- era I Breakdown, Denver. Colo., Det;. WllHtttn, P. Cody (Buffalo Bill) is aerlously ill hero at tl»e homo* of his sinter. Mrs. May J>ecker, according to his phyal- - , , several woeks at the homes .of her! clan, Br, J, H. Fast, cluuKhter*. Mr*. !<>nnk Wood and Mrs, Col. <» ot ly a bad. night, and It . Hubert Jones, uf Clyde township, andhs understood member* of his family other ' relttttveM and friends. Her daughu-r. Mm. .Robert Jones, returned horn*) with her. Minis Qmruda Posten. a teacher in tho KnujrwoH school, spent Thursday with Mia« Ivy Kraft und attend^ th« Hope well uchool banket -nodal. Mm, Frank Martlndnle spent tin- i<od svitlirelatlvt'ji in Hterliii?. Myron C. Hump, of Clyd«^, went to Clinton Tuesday, where ha attended the melons of tho district K. of 1'. convention. Miss iiflla Kiglln, of Matvern, Hpent the week end in .ClInttMi with friends, Kleanor Lewis, of Krle, opeut the jtast week at KTaud|Ktrt»Ht«, Mr. the home of her urn! *••••. Mrs, Ktlgur have been summoned from hit* ranch at Cody, Wyo. He Is suffering^ general breakdown, according to the -physician, TRADE MuxweJI 'and Qulnlevan Board of ^Trude. Chicago, III., Deo. 18. Low Open Wh«a* DM?. l.f.214 May •. 1 02% July 1.37>4 Corn High i.r.sii 1.51 V4 1.01 1.34-4 Clo«e 1.53% 1.64 1.88 rer, Kllzabeth -Lefaver, Abrum Lefevor, Laura Lefever, Aaron Lefever, .Flor» ence Lefever, .David B. Lefever, John Jlr-Lefflver, Rebecca- Lefever. Amo» U, Lefever,, Ellaa B. Lef«ver, Emma Le- f«ver. Martin B, Lofever, Barbara Lefever. Emma, Lefever, Kll«a Lefever, Martha Lefever, 8o,i:ah J^efever, Frank K, Lefever, Mary Lefover, Suaanna Buckwalter, H«nry Buckwalter, John K, Lefever. Luetta Lefever, Henry Long ecker, Hiram X«nkecken Barbara How ard, Abraham L, Kreidor, Annl* Kreider, Amo* B, Krelder. Blanche Krelder. Henry B. Fry, John K. Fry. Sarah Fry, Henry Fry, Ida Fry, Jacob U. Fry, hi* unknown wife, Amos K. Fj-y, Fa utde Fry, Abraham Fry, Tlllle Fry. Martin K. Fry, Mlna Fry, Noah J. Fry, t*«arl Fry, panlel Fry, myth Fry, Lluzlo I*efever, 1'hares Lefever, liettie Kberaole, 'Mary Kborsole, Elmer John M, Lefever, Anna Lefever, Ulljtaboth Lftfever, Paul Lefever, Nora Lefever, John L»f*v«*r. Maud Lafever, Christian I^fevtr, Fanniw Le- f«v*r, Jacob L*f*vor, Idu Lef«ver, Menno HejiH. Anna He««, Henry Heas. Rmma IIe48, Jacob Jfe«H, Minnie He*», Kunnle M, yreenwood, I^ee Warren to HtvrliiiK, where ihi'ir future home. toucher and pupilu of thejfnox '' 015 .i. All i/it VV Im li.i I*. .\H> »u tilii l ll t'u tt'Jf, ,\. I, ir>i h (ill-en. Id i!!, ,t i S^I'M if tlf I Ifi' l.JHl.l tt lt)l till i iul r i :)..i.:u ,1 »'Hi 111,ilcf j .11 ! i-l' th< II '.IU. l. UiiUJ .A,.H. to n fhair and Saili nit i 1 0" '.MM they will school wlU give und tret* Vt the «chyol d«y evening, Dec. *2. Carl KojihtttwiK'r, of ^'lydtj, has ac- «-v|'tcd ft position in Chif«t;o ami Iwft for thai city Montluy, Wi»M .JVIui'y Kraft, who Is seriously ill, is Wportctl better ut tbl» wriltng. &lr. ujul Mrs*. JhYed ItouM^ntan »peut a ft-vv day« thy past wevk ut llu- home nf ht« kUtcr and huMbtind, .Mr. uiul M rs., \Vu» 'I l«*'\vi« rt «if Fviitan. • is<;i-iiui-<| Itchrons tittctidvd llu« fat htot « .-.fiovs in CjjU'uK" a few dajs 4htn l<Uht VVOt U. " . K<1 Kra'M vvx'u- v jj-it01» ut II. <• im ,\n« JiKiiH* »f Mr ill K'Kk i'ull il i Unit', lid .Mrs Huns- May July Out* May July Pork .49 '4 .49 .6% 26.45 * 2U.A6 l-ard Maj tx«c, • Jan. Ribs .May Jan. 15.95 n on 13 tJ'.' . 15.35 105U 34 H on 13 till 1C.W3 n;.r-t» IU.OU n T,' CHICAGO. STOCK MARKET. iu^ iu'ci is. JxHne, Abram Kline, IJssslo Lefever, Mab«l L*f/»v«r, Anna, M. l-e- fev«r, Mabel Maasel, her unknown husband. Ann* Httrnlsh, -Cora HarnlHh, (•'milk Hurjilbh, Klla H-jinlsh, Jolt IIurnlMli. Hunan Hurulwh, KIIHTIU nUii, Dciijunihi M. Ix'ftm'r, Llxxit* l,e fever, Assarlai) T. Qttlt and Joseph <£r Hanock u« executors and trustees uu-j Jiu»t will und testament of Nelson Mtfuou, deceased, Curl o. Bullock. Alice R Hullock, tiertha Bulluck Fol- »om, William It. Folsom. HUKOH, lKubi-1 A. Hro«a, A'rthur T. (Jalt, Ida duok Uult, I%ul T, <jalt, Mary N, Unl*; D, JU Qulrlt, Ittw unknown lu'ir*/~frful devi^eett If he b« dead. M» unji/iuwii wife, Ann Jane Hudcllffc, her unknown heirs und di-vlHi-i's if she be dead, her unkiiMWji husband, Chtu-lcn Henry Utttlelifft', ills unknown heirs aiul ik<- vixeed If liw be diwd, bin uukttown wife and Jolui Thoin/iH lludcliffc, hit) unknown li'-ir« and itevlwtH'H if lu< be tU-nd, Affldiivll -of noi.i-reuidi-iH'o of the ulnivv named tU-ffiulant^ 4mvlng b«-«4i ttledlu 41lfi "office of'the t-U-rb of the! eiivuit court of «ald Whlt««ild«> ,<,Vunty i Is hereby glvm) to nil "of-^t5.u»| naincil di'ffiulunt.s tlmt ti«' utuiyt) I'oinplaiimnt tu<ri*tHfor;> itlnl b'lH bill of coiupUUnt in Hutu court on tlu^ ••httticwy jjid*j.,llU'ret»f und thaUai sum- ] "'" isisuijtl uut of siuid t'lnirt,! in A H'Uitiiuhl** m tin- i-oiirt Mui'i i»un in jiutd Bounty <>t' \Vlutv-' c on the lirnl Mt'ntUiy 1'u January. IX U'l7. iu. bv law rviiUltvti \vb>'.-h' i-» u«»w p canst 1 l-» n«»w pciuiiiur *M>ti uiuli •ftiiUi«'il in »-.ij4't i>ui t. Dafi-tl ;i! Mimtv,,)i, IlIlttuH, Xi.V.'ll! IT i'i\ I'.'Hi. (' VV Mc-i'.Ul, -CI- iU. V. S'i, J-HC.J, II. 4 tlnV& Will be given on approved, -note tMuiring 6 per cent. Interest from dnte If paid when due; otherwlH** 7 per cent from date of «ale. No property removed until settled for. OKORGE P. niOLEU. Auctioneer . A. L. Coe, H. L, HarrlnBton, Auctioneers; Matt WllKer, Clerk. Dcto, 9, 14. 15. »«. 18. 1ft PUBLIC HENRY 4 FRANK WOLBER Thrt» miUt t«»t. of Coleta, 5 mil«§ "eouthtait of Milledgevillt, 9 mil«« horthwe»t of Sterling. 9f sfflff wBPiBF * WPBff wflP*^WP ^f^ 21 5 Head Horses 40 Head Cattle Farm Machinery ^•- : -^-:-?_~i- ..... ..... .--_ 1800 Bushels Corn Two Tons Timothy Hay FREE LimCH AT 11 O'CLOCK. SALE, IMMEDIATEIV AFTER. cornet* high und low pitch, fln» dlilon, $35. J. J.. FOH KAUC—SOMB OP TflB Hampiihlre'fall and nprlng boars MlltM,- tlmt, I ev«r rained.- Alto extra" good 'Huff Wyandott* HH. Farm one mile 'north' of come-, 'tcry. J. A, Zlglor, Sterling, 111. . j Dec. 11. 12, 14, 18. 18, 1>«6| SALI5— HHODB J«l/AND »lnKl*' and rose comlj«. M ; BUOOY names*. In good condltlun, Call l»*g terntnte phone 41Y, Col«ta. -M8-14S* FOH HALE—TWO MOWS boar piff«. CiTmp quick If you one. Aaron Fluck, Nelson. 34-200, Dlxj»n, FOH 8AL13—FJ3W ANCONA fro at »1 each. John O. Wet«el. tlou. M FINK CO] 401 West Tenth BtV Bell FOH or ber. HALK -HAKD WOOD, Bell 30«R4, sis-iai FDH.SALK—AN OAK MANTLB fire place with larg« pinto ^l«»a« mirror and full 'equipment. Wetxel, FOH BALK—STKIiMNa a, bargain: A 6-rooro -tiou»* wjtli* «-Hy .water, gajt and ««w»r llons^ full »»i«ed lot, f 1,70«; a '- hou«o partly modern, good barn, lot, J2.000; a 7-mom modern houee/J in good (iondltion. $3,500; an 8-roofa " up-to-date modem hou«t with K'U'uue, located on paved street, 000. John a WoueJ, • ,, .. M FOU 8AL.B—IT60 8TAHK ulann, u«e<l one yssr, in perfect ditlon. 1'rlce 1186, Bell phon* Wl.. CIIQICR Jerney. male plgtt. Call or phane MHt'holl, Morrwon; Jlolh phone*;, JSMBI1S. VVANTIQD™T^?oTloS2»FOn UQI houtie keeping nf Hut, Addr««« U," cure of Uaaette. WANTKI?— MA11IUWD MAN job on farm. Jay I*ouH«r> J'rogh town. KUttS ANP kind« of Junk, 1 tth*o Imve a ut Ford tire* at reasonable p It would pay you to Investigate fore tiellliiK 1 your junk or buying tl p. ~.-world'»«. most prolUable Quickly learned, Write for 2t!I Ifith Street, Mollue, 111., TH* mobile, will pay the highest Al«o Sijll all kimlH of repairs. '. , i^it prices paid tuv alt kind* Of fur, and htde«. Mike, the f IB Tailor, UoF 31 y Ftrnt'Avft A mun v\ht» hai «>lti) to h!iy to thf ir rtiul wife. luoHIng for i,atU of *1T1 t U 8TF«t ING, ILL. 9 B- ThiiJ St,

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