Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 1, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 1, 1944
Page 7
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- -TUESDAY, AUGUST 1, 1944 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS- Pago Seven Prices Are On The Rise. ["l^'^^^^^^^word : Qf The Wise ' =r^^ , . . . ' ' ' ___ • '. • '••'.'' • ' ' '.•'''"' ; 'j>.' : *r-- .. DID YOU KNOW . tli;K for onlv For Rent lioimi.s To Item : Hlwly furitl.ilioil ropm* for \\H\\l housekeeping. All conveniences, Kood location. Suitable foi '2 adults. Acid rest) Box W in cure of the News. Announcements Hunt And Found Announcements I,<'Kal Notice* TWO Hoii(flu Hound*. Onu brown und white, one bluck and white. •Lost last week. A. AIvos, 17 Cocn street. TWO JEkcuiflo hotimlH, on« l>rotvn and white; one black and white, lowt last week. A-. Alves, 17'Coon street. : lib Opportunities 1 Employment lli-lp \Vantril—Male C—l'*or niiloiniitivc machine shop. Stabilization plan Cflly, 'I'd. Watliy. 'I-til-7. Help Wan It'll—J-Vmalo For Sale 3 For Sulo SAI.l-i— Two fninlly hoii!»«>, 11 roc'-its - i'^i' g;ii'!\ge and burn. All iiiipiwomcnts. Lot S-l x 1R5. A( fi --"ici-ifii-'i;. Tel. 3-5-1U3, Eridgo- 2 ON K-I-'AMI l.^' lnuiMt.'.s (if -I rooms i-iich, nil nn>i!i!i'n Improvumunta, pri'-war built, 3 yusii's old. T-tenson for .ii.'lling, owner in service. 0 i-Duni. 1 fsimily house, all In jinivrmcnts also 3 yonrs old, siti nli'd on 3-1 ticru land. Price SS.PO If ynu want to buy in- stll so IVitd.v r,.ihi i iol,-i, 17C I-IIgh streu I'liotic- 3-l.\s or f,S3-l. >:i(;HT nnun, ^-fiiinily hdiiM.-, Al imprnvi-Mii-nts, in gnod coiulltion 2-rar Karu^ r ^ and lafiro Idt, Prict J.'.T' 1 *'. Alsii J'J-rociiu 2-fruni[j hull.-*,-, .univigi! and extra builil inc Int. i'licu S' ; .30f). A. Shepley Td. m-:. t'Ol'li KOOM lidiisf, one acn- liiiiii, \V( osu-r stroi't, Prlco ;(0ii; s-ro'-ni hou-o, Scott stroot lot 1- x -'17. I'rirc ,>-ISfX); 0-room '..(ftniily lu>usi>. \Vai-fl St. John J. iU-aly, ti-loMumo "i03i. TKN-rnntM, '^-f:iriilly linlls p-.'uvi.-rni-nts. Lot ;;OxlHii. ost side Labriula, realtor', 17^ High strcut, .Va'.iKaludi C'fitin, .f'hono OSS'I or JIulJillnv luf, IMII liy ||)i( f,.,,-t on Shirl.-y Mn-et, two miles from .NViiu,-;i!iifk off New Haven road Prlei.- SUV). Cull Wuterhury -1-1551. Keal Estate Wanted Til Wanted To Ki'TTt COTT,\<;j-; ivalcr ivantcd, August lU to lio or last v WC'L-US in August. Call -3Si:. For Rent Umnn.s To Kent District of Nniifrntuck, ss. Probate Court, July 31, 19-1-1. Estate of Alidn Blomquiat. late of NuiiKzitucU, In said District, de- censed. The Administrator having exhibited his administration account with said estate'to this Court for allowance, it is O11DERED— That the 5th day of August A. D. 10-1-1, at 11 o'clock in the forenoon at the Probate office in NtuiKtituck. be and the same Is ansisned for a hearing on the allowance of said Administration Account with said Estate, and .this Court directs the Administrator to cite till persons interested therein to appear a.t said time and place by publ'shitifr this order in some newspaper published in New Hu- vr-n County and having n circulation in Said District, ar.d po.stinf: a copy on the public sifn post in the town of NnuKatuelj where the deceased last dwelt, and by sending, pustule prepaid, a like notice to each 'Of the known heirs resid- 1 ln>; outside this District at lenst i three days before suid day as- j siKueci. J STEPHEN J. SWEENEY, j Judfrc. ; IFIXE exclusive record luul muMo -store. One .'of the finest in' the state. Good store location. Owner has other business. A- real opportunity. Box K, lit curc'of The News. Automotive Mil' Xrullurft Merchandise 2» l:loiiN<.-7iol(l Articles CAMP TRAlLIiiR—KiivluKcil, separate compartments for food, clothes. Two sma.ll windows, .$80. •Tel. 183-3 Woodbury.. Auto? Wanted OLD CARS WANTED FOR ' . BUNKING! Cull 3-80S-1 from 7 a. m. to 7 p, ra, 3-181U—7' p, 'm, to 10 p. m. THKKJS alarm clocK-s, so\vin^ machine, rug's,- furniture, good writing'desk etc.'il'or sale. Tel. 310-1. • •.'-.. Merchandise 12 AnnoUIICUIIlVlltH MONUMKNTS Special prices on Ail Memorials IV. RICHARDS 260 So. Main St Naugatuck Automotive Autos For Sulo BODGE — PLYMOUTH 'AUTHORIZED Stiles Service' Pnrts, Acoeasorlea ajfilcolm A\ 7 . Starr Corp. •IJ5.S Wntertown Ave. Dial 5-11-IC Bouts Ami Acei.'.ssorlcH Speed Oiiat—Ca|>u"--Cod .motor boat and 30-foot .dory with electric motor. Tel. Wtby. 3-880U to C p. m. Watertown 11-11 after 0 p. m, , . . ' . • COMJTLOTJS h' o-in u- furnishing** bought for'cash.'''Higfiost prices paid for electric ".refrigerators, washers;' and-;st6ycs',: regardless of condition, • '• •. . Francis Fu:niitu'i:e Co. 4-19 NORTH MAIN STRKET -'Telephone 3000,' Merchandise Wanted' To Buy Building Material* BAjjy_Cnr WCIUM; -J'ljiy pens, liathj- nutts; cribs, high-choirs.'Kuntwct mattresses, toys.'. THE RADIO SHOP -ISO Grand St. Wiiteroury • HANK unto (It'|)o«it boxes wanted. Highest cash prices paid. Wire collect, write or phone what ybii .have to offer..!'. 15, JIurphey, Rc- pubiic' fi08-l, 835 Ye.-itman Avc., Webster Groves 13, Mo. 'Kqulpmeiit. Jliglicst prices paid for rods and reels. Tel. 5-17S between 5 a. m. und 2 p. m. . .. ' 30 'Mlseertnncoiia CIIIIIS — CiirrliigCH, I'lny Education Services 31 I.ociil And l»riv:iu> InNlriictorM DINA SCHOOL OF MUSIC . STUDIOS -1-C02S 553 South M.-iin—11 Wilson Street - Voice - M.indolin Children, Adults, Advanced, Beginners. Rjxpid Course for Adults Animals Gallic Ami Swine GOOD JI3RSI2Y COW for sale. 'Call --U 32 Hoadlcy street, Nauga- tuclc. 3'rofcnnlonnl 8crvlncn KXCKLMCNT RKUFHOI^TKK- ING ancl slip covers," Amazingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. Mastcrcrart artlKta. I SU Watcrbury. Dial VVanUid To Itcndcr Service* liMSCTRICAL. Repairing Service Appliances a . specialty. Rny Decker, 402 N. Main Su Tel: •1000. Large selection of prices in town. toys. Lowest BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE 73 GRAND ST. Wtby. Z'J ' Wanted To Jiuy COTXCKBTK JVUXJCH.S — OJK; J.IVS, or.e 7-S Jaeger make, trailer type, pneumatic th-cc, power loader. Also 10,000 feet plywood concrete lorms. Can be seen at north end 1 of Hoadley St. 200 house project, Liberty Contracting Co. C'A S"H 'for.-Your MfSICAL ' ' INSTRUMENTS, Mecca Music" Co. . 203-Bunk -I-1-122 •j ONE white I/name! Jv/lohi.'ii range, -oil. T. J. Montainbault. Union City. Tei. 'X&3. State of Connecticut. District of Naiiwtucli, as. Probate Court. July 31. 19-1-1. L. Stc|>iio:i J. Sweeney. Jucl«o of said Cour:, hereby certify thru Ellen Diamont, of N:iU£atuck, Conn.. «'a.-N by said Court on tht> 3Jst day of July. UI-H, appointed JSxccutrix of the estate of Thomas Diomont, lute 1 ol' Naugatuck, Conn., in said District clccensatl. and having ac- ccptucl .-Jiiid .'ippointnictit and C.NC- bund according to law (said appointment lieinir tinvovokcd and full fore 1 ;) is thereby legally od u n d qualified to acl- ni.stor .a." ^uch liNecuti'ix, on said estate and her acts as such aru entitled to full credit. In Witness W-liercof. 't have hore- into sut my hand and affixed the •c;il of said Court the day u ml year ' above written. STEPHEN J. SWEENEY. Judge. PACJvAWD . 19-10 Willys Sedan 193S Ford Tudor "PRICED BELOW CEILING" Packard-'WHturbiiry, -Inc. •1S2 Watertown Avenue Dial -1-0109 !!»:« OI.USMOIJILIJ for unle. Goo<l condition. Inqiiiro -130 Prospect street, Union City, after' 5:30 p. in. Ifill OOIJGK « Kt<cl;in—JiiNt like new. Clean, Rood rubber, low milciifrc, Lyons Auto Co. Thomaston B-l-2. Contractors 1'Al'Jfill HANGING mid PalntliiR. W. F. Coin, 17 Cedar Street, Tel. C-156, ,-. • VICJ'JIOLA IN ;K X C K L I. IS N T CONDITION WANTED.' PHONE •M23 NAUGATUCK./ «UY-..\VAB'.BOybS'ANp; STAMPS . JOHN'S MUSIC SHOP Vo hn.v, soil, .ixcliiinge, and repair .ill kinds of instruments. Lowest prices in the city. 3SO-382 So. aJn St.,i,Withy, Conn. ; Poultry And KK !)» JJUCKS— live, wciglit, 3fte H>. l« quantities over 10. City Hill St. . -Tel. 2S05. Services Professional Services GJlABOWSKr.S Radio II«pair Shop— Radios expertly repa.irwJ with ilia la'-cfit electronic tcsline; equipment. Quick courteous service, moderate prices. Pick-up and delivery. Phor.e 5G17. ODD JOB J-AINTING A, J. Kudzma. • Call Naug. *266 after 5 p .m. ATTKNTIOX Klactrnlux Owaer* —Repaint, genuine p*ct« - and service. By bonded E.'eotrolu« Map. I. .NlBKen,- S Tir«B» Av». Telephone 4822. denning And O.vclnjf Firm, KIEVMA\"S ';a tuck's Great Dry CIcanlnif offers its first cla-Ss dry ^ not onlj- in family »f»r- bu:, blankets, nigs and other spoc>"n!tics in lhi.< field. ' .' KIEVMAN'S 76 Church Street Merchandise Household Articles I1AICK oaU (lining t:ililn :md four chair:;, $10. Call 5-177 after 6 p. m, lit>:itliiK Ntovt;, wood or coal. Used 3 months.' ' Brown enamel. Dial 2oC!3. On The Air Today KOl.'H — Would Illtf 2 10,'i Locust sti'eet r^arie. Tel. 4-2762 a LOAN (Ask for Mr, Wall) Thcst; ;nv busy days ... If you liiivc use for CASH to rni-i-t si-iusuniil needs: fuel, Cldlliiiifs, I'lmur^'cMcios. you will find the telephone a Wait f imi'-siivf-r. A loan of Jim cfiHtH Sl!i.. r ifi when rej-mltl I" 11! i-i|tiM prineipul con- si-oinivi; monthly Installment!). LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application This i.s to Ki^'o notice that I, Ed- vui'd Chicoslti of 7 South Main tract. Beacon Falls, Conn,, have led an application dated July 19, P-l-l, with the Liquor Control Com- sion t'ur u I'aclcui'c (Beer) por- lit for thu s'alo of alcoholic liquor the pruiuises fit 7 South Main truot. Bcucon Fail.-;. Conn. The llsini.'s.s is uwned by Bertha Ka- pacl;i of 7 South Main st"OCt, Eoa- con Fulls. ;md will be conducted by ICdwaiil Chicoski of 7 South Main street. Beacon Fulls, Conn., as permittee. KDWARD CHICOSKI. I Dfitod July 19, 19-1-1. LIQUOR PERMIT Notice of Application Thin is to five notice that J, .7o- scph Ketrys, of 30 Washington St., Union City, Nau.iratuck, Conn., have filed an application dated July 31, 'IfJ-M, with tile Liquor Control Commission for a tavern beer permit for the wale of alcoholic liquor on the premises, 45 Anderson St., Lfriion City, Nn.uf;atuck, Conn. T.'he ku.sine.-'.s is ovvnrd by Joseph Ket- rytt, of 30 Washington St., Union City. NauKAttii'k, Conn., and will be conducted by Joseph Ke.trys, of Washington St., Union City, Conn., ius permittee. JOSEPH K.ETRYS. .Dated: July 31, 104-1. R-l & S. 4:00 p. m. WABC—Broadway Matinee WOR—Newt-; Gambling WJZ-WATR—Ethel and Albert WEAF-WTIC—Backstage Wife -4:15 p, m. WOR—Rambling- with Gambling WATR-WJ2—Don Noniniu Show WEAF-WTIC—Stella Dalian 4:30 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Loreiizo Jones W-ABC— Off the Record WOR—Full Speed Ahead. ' WATR-WJZ—News 1:43 ' p. in, WEAF-WTIC—Young Widder Brown WATR-WJZ—Correspondents Abroad WAEC—Raymond Scott Show WJZ—Sea Hound 5:1)11 p.- m. WEAF-WTIC—When a Girl Marries WABC—Fun and 1 Dunn WOR—Uncle'Don WJZ-WATH—Terry and flits Pirates 5:15 p. in. WABC—Mother and Dad WJZ—Dick Tracy WATR—Melody Revue WOR—Chick Carter' fl.-.W p. m. WOR—Tom Mix Show WABC— Three Sisters- WEAK-WTIC—Just Plain Bill WATR-W J Z—Jack Armstrong 5:45 p. m, WJZ—Sea Hound WABC-—Wildei-nes.i Rontl WTIC—Front Page Farrell WATR-WOR—Superman 8:00 p. m. WOR—News; Prayer WATR-WTIC-WEAF-WJ55—News 0:15 p. in. WABC—News / WEAF—Serenade WATR—Music for Dining WTtC—Prof. Schenkcr WJJ!—Hop Harrigan WOR—Gabriel Heatlcr; T^5 \VJZ-WATn-Jm-y Trials 9;;ju p. in, WATTl-WJZ—Spotlight Band WABC—The Doctor Fights VvuK—Anicrii:aii Forum WTIC--\VEAF—Words nt \\'ar JII.-IIO p, in. -\VABC—Presenting Corwin \V'A-BC—RSymonci G. .Swin^ WEAF-WTIC—Lottie Greenwood Show 10:15 p. m. WJZ—Ted Ma lone WO.R—News WATR—Dancinc Disc." 10:;-iO p, 111. WABC—Congress Speaks WEAF-WTIC—Hildesurdo Show WOR—Symphonette WJZ-WATR—Let Yourself Go IJMio p. m. ALL Stations—News .11:15 p. in. WEAF-WTIC—Harkncss WAB—Harold Stem Orch. WJ2-WOR-WATK—News; Weather 1J:SO p. in. WTIC—Polish Program WTIC—Caravania Tropical W.I X-WATR—Creeps by Night WABC—Los Brown Orch. " WUR—Louis Priina Orch. 11:45 p, m, W'.TZ—Saludos Arriis-ns: J. Smith WEAF—Denny Beckner Oreh, 12:0f) p. in. WABC—News; Buffalo Presents WTIC-WEAF—News; Shield Show 1'OllCUPIMS ANT-EATER PRIVATE BUCK "i i. |U$f it to dig a,foxhole!. This is solid rock!" WOR—News resl 0:30 p. m. WOP.—News . WEAF—Thn Mood Is Music WABC—Jeri Sullo.van. Son^-s WJZ—Whose War? Band of Wccl WTIC—Sports •WATH—NI;WH;< Serenade WOrt—Stan Untiix 0:45 p. in, •WOR—SUm- Lom.ox ••• •• WABC—World Today WJZ—Henry Taylor, News WTIC-WEAF—Lowell Thomns, News 7:(»0 p. m, WEAF-WTIC—Music Shop WABC—I Love a Mystery WATR-WJZ—Land of the Lost WOR—'Fulton Lewis, Jr. 7:15 p. m. 'WEAF-WTIC—News'of the World WOR—Ted Steclc WABC—Dateline 7:SO p: m. WOR—Confidentially Yours WEAF—Evorythintr for the Boys WATR—Green. Hornet WTIC—Icicle Haym.v* WABC—American Melody Hour WJZ—Diane and Jesters" 7:45 p. in. WEAF—News WOR—Answer-Man . WJZ—Don't Believe It WTIC—Price Control; Rationing 8:00 p. m. WATR-WJZ—Watch Work? Go By WEAF-WTIC—Johnny Presents WABC—Biff Town WOR—News . 8:13 p, m, WJZ-WATR—Lum and Aftncr ' WOR—Nick Carter 8:30, p... m. WTIC-WEAF—Date with'Judy WABC—Theater of Romance »VATR-WJZ—Nit Wit Court kVOR—Sinfonictta !>:OD p. m. VTIC-WEAF—Mystery Theater WABC—Jack Pepper Show Cape Sansapn.1- Boachhcad. New Guinea, Aug. 1—'(U P)—American patrols in the newly-occupied ti.p of northwestern New Guinea, are on. the lookout for a. different type of enemy. Besides the Jap, troops in the Sans.i-por • area hove been warned a^iinsl. ?i '•porcupine anteater. Thi? 1 hedKK-liofr-li-ke -l.hrcn- cliiwed animal is found nowhere u!se in! the world. iHis Sl are believed to. bo War (Gtbd Fills Japs Shown . unloading from a pl:(he In thc.-'Marsliall Islands the wooil- en figure of a Jap warrior part of -'the booty taken from Suipnn after its . capture by Ami-flam forces, arc Lt. B. C. McMnhon, Morristovvn, N. J., and Fvt. Howard Bnrrott, Uich'- flcld .-Springs, X. Y., and CpC John Cippelln, Westfielcl, Mass., (on ladder), (International) ' By HOY CRANB I CAN'T TAKE OFF AND MEET THE TlPPfCANOE WITHOUT GASOLINE, AND THERE'S NO SIGN OF SMITH, OR THE DUTCHMAN. OR THE GAS. WEU, SAWYER, MV IITT15 MAN, WHAT AM YOU GOING ID DO ABOUT IT? OIVE VP WITHOUT A •V JASPW.' SUNDOWN/ SMITH SAID IF ME HADN'T RETURNED BY THIS TIME, I'D BETTER TAKE TO THE TALI MOUNTAINS AND PRAY FOR A QUICK INVASION. GS SEEM DIP- VHT--50METHINGS. STRANGER WALKING OVEQ-[ SUEE."MYOLD JALOPPVI I SOLD IT TO SLEEPY. WHEN I WAS T A DeAFTED-'J V IT SURE WAS WORTH FIGHTING FOR/fT ISNT IT BE MQ OLD joe BACK -SIMCE YOU WENTAWAY WALKING? 1 — THATS- TUINGSEEMSj pifi%,' ; ' SECRET AGENT XD By ROBERT STOHM T-ZONE GUARANTEED HAKNEY GOOGLE By BILLY DE BECK AUNT LOUJV2\E NEvJER KNOVXIEO OC HEN ? \TS CV\vj BOUNDED OOTV TO FUNG SOfy\E800N IN JWU PER ITH' (YVVSOttO HEGRD TGLL OF CRWJE, MER SMECIFF, VWIP Oft VWIFOUT DU(V\PUN'S i VT CWVRKEO UP (VCVUCKEN SIVMP'S" BIIIC.K BUADFORii By WII.MASI IlITT »n<l CLARENCE GKA« By W ALLV BISHOP PITCM5D WISU AND OUTSIDE HIGH ENOLJSU TO TWE BALL OVER THE FEMCE AND OUTSIDE •A LOW PITCH, SO I TCJLD TO PITCH HIGH 'AMD TO THAT EFFIE MAE IS, A DOPE U/UEM IT COMES TO GETT;M' SI SKILLS

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