Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 6
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JLUKdfS,MONPAT.PE(X18.1916. ; tl* SowJes 0* G* Co. Hanrfttfirrhteffi for Xniaf* Gift* , i 1 _* all ptire linen, Alpine embroidered Mandkcr- & ;«f, hemstitched and embroidered edge, 25q/each. *& Ltftdles' aH pure linen cottage embroidered, hand "^ drawn hemstitch, 25c each. ^| Mmtrald lawn embroidered handkerchiefs, 3 in a ^ 06e a box, ^ linen 9 inch handkerchief, 18 inch hem, 25c *L 160 each. '" - . jg Silk 0r«pe de chine handkerchief, colored border, *| Jlmbroidered corner and colored border, 15c, lOc, *L each, ..,. ...'•• * ' - «i Children's handkerchiefs, polored border, embroid- ** to designs ol^eddy Bear and the Sun Bonnet -» i, iOe each, * ^ Fairyland handkerchiefs for the small children, 5c "•• ^ lc,eaeh. --* CoTwnittee Of Supervisers List The Articles To 8e Given The Needy. BRIDGE AGAIN DISCUSSED County Supt, Taggett Will Investigate The Piers On Avenue 6 Bridge, !K FALLS DAILY GAZETTE BOOK FALLS, ILLINOIS, MOIfDAY, DEO. 18, 1016. HiTHODISTCHURCH t>ChHHma§ Program To B« Given N«x* Sunday Evening. t*«rvle««!» flt tbft Methmllst obnreb . all litrgply attended yesterday. M»r<* prenent ut Kimdny Pebntd ri «n!i<N*tlon of I 7 .'i«. Three rl.-isw-n WltUled to the "r.Tittrr fi>r n»v- lnjr»**«t t»«'r «-eni...of eniullmetit Th« flfljip* 1 * v\«>r«» Mrs. John of 1'rophPt*t«m-n. oinl Arthur Ht-rnwal! nnd Kenneth Stone, CHRISTIAFsERVIC| t All Service* Wer* Well Attinded — Elect Church Officers. .All st'ryU'f'R sit thn Chrixtinn church 'wi'ff. wc-ll nttomlpfl jeMer«luy.,t!ie Bim- dny ISrhool lii-lntr • i'Hfwcfnlly veil attended. After the church m>rv|rex a ttits held Anil th«> o bv A Urn thnt /ttr- rrh-mtcr fn with hi* bilN for holding lnq»fi-t<» m»fef written ,«'at*'TrK'fit« r>f the condition oi the *'«(atf» <"<f th<w»«> for tvbnm lie hn.« hf'fl ltui!i''«i"" find whftt efforts hnv» befit mnde t« collect from those *>»" trt(r»»i. *j'h«» rf«»o|ittlon was cArrli»fl. Me«*n*. Hill, '5lven ami Scgrr. «P' fMtintf-d by the ehnlrmnn as n *|>f<-ln' eortimiftw on stipl'lie* fur tbp t poor t-rwwtHr**! a list of th«* article* to l« appr«>\-ed by the board for furnlshine fti tbf> famlli« > <i in need «f slid, as follows: Fimir, jxitntoes, onions*, ttirnlp". dry Iw-atis, corn meal, ^riiham flour, milk, bird, baking powdpr. oils firr swla rrackT?, ment In pmnll ties, butter in stnntl <iwantitfp«. _.._ of yoltiiff Iftjlles. ft ml Heri ; a« follnws: sin*f> claim of boys. #ervh'<*>» mornlnj? and l«»th larwely attended. wn« rend(*rt»d by tho ctiolr. were eornpleled for trfMtmn* proRrnin wljlc-h svlll tx» £' flext Sunday in'»>fit»iK. A fine • has l»ee»' tirepnreil, 'every «he Simdny m-tuiol hnvlnu done toward tho DO \viHhiHK to put prefentR on plmtiwl n«ked to tu-ltiK nut latrjf Umn T|«'>i(< — ICd finmKO, , Hi i-'hy.- -t'toht. I>arsun. *'lnirl»f«*r — Irwtn N'elson. Thn-o tinsti'es were, itlmi elated. MRS, FRANK GROWING WORSE. Mrs. Holit. I'lillock, d.-HiKlil(,'r itf , TJteo. I'mnk. received a ti-IeKrnin lunl GIVEN • To B* Qlvan To New Conor*- niil MinisUr Tu«ta>y Eve. E»l(fln will be *fven to the new tlnal minlMtar and bin wife. . Holp. yuewiay f jBhtirvH. Everybody l« Invited 'to jpl acquainted with the. new and bin wife; The nroginm (Tin «t «"l|rht oVloe4«.' after whleh Will lw enjoyed, followed ihthenta. The following: jmi- . •MtfcWr t)»(S Mochling. Hev. Sl- and -t<ftdleH' Boeloty, Mm. Lin- laid s iroweil. Atklnn nnd SERVICES pv»r RenmniB Of Arni* Lund, w ,^Hj|»* H«ld Y«tfrd«y, lllliimriti «wvjee» over tho ro- -thft Jutty' Arulfli Uund'tulut y«»terdny afternoon at.ono the home and ai. two-thirty Chrlntlatn church. • Mu- by tho male quar- t'brlBtiart church. Hcv, 1 pastor of (he church and of in* otti- in the GIVEN KnitHAintd Party Of Satwrdny Ev«ning. enU'rtftliu-d a few tMrday nt th* Tmn«l«ton oond utreet,. The eve- in playing cardH fvenlne; from llnyen <*lly, Kan,. Hinting that Ati'K. f-Vank WHM Krowifitf wc>r(*e. Mrs. 1««llork left thlH thomliiK for Iter mother's bodnide. ROCK FAUs BRIEFS New stoek cut Rtnss «t Wylle's.* (iernld Mnrlle«>t »pent Hat unlay I*yndon with fr|<>ndn. .Mlt«« Helen Hmlth, of Morrison, in week iMid here, with her parentH. Mr. flinl Mr«. P. H. Kmlth. Unseat line of XOW.H bullrnnd boxed ciuuly in town. l)sini«-ln' Confectionery.* Mr, and Airs. 'Hoy olnon. of Tamplco, wcr« hero fialiuday on biiHlnenK. Ocetlntr, <.f Clinton. l« here his parents, Mr. and Mm, C. U. Oepr«A Ooodell vyent Jo _ Loan, thin for at vlrlt^witb bin WJM. Uinvo IH upending a few days In Clinton with frimulH. Cut RlrinH fprn dishes nt Wyllt>'«.* Mrs. George Orwn returned to her homo in Princeton after n wwk'H visit here nt tho home of Mr. nnd Mra. H. R. Oray. ' , • For Hupcrior «'t»al, call or idionp The ilocH FiiUs ^'t-d Htore. Also Uolden- rod Hour, »S.SO per saok.* Air. nnd Mm. William Ufkln and two mm» t or .('nnby, Minn,, «ro vi«ltln«f nt tht« htimr. of John Deiu and other frlendu in Afontmureney: Wlllinm Hind, of Tynnel City, Wis., IH here vfnitiiifr «i tbo iiomo of Mr. the summer setison, poap, so»l<vi mntches, yeant. snlt, pepper, starch, hominy, rice. »u>rnr. »yrn|H v Thf Kirist avenue bHdge matter came up again during the sewidon, when tlie of trnfflc ncron* the river wn*> ami SiMM-rvintir Devlne In- troduc«d ' ti resolution, which wa.<« nf- terwardn ndoi'ted, (llret'tlng V. N. Tn^» trett. -t'ounty 8ui«t. of Hfghwnys, to in- \-i>st)Knte the c<>ndttion of tho piers of tlm nvenue <J brltlffi'' nnd 'to conduct any __ voivn th«* ffift-iy of the bridge UK' n of public- tnivcl, and report bin nt the March meeting: of the Thl» action thought advii?- nblo oti Account of tho fact that lte hx rebuilt fivcnuo bridge will wlYhln ft short tlmn and nil traffic H'ill 1m to cros» on the avenue 'O Htrueturv, one npnn of which recently mink ten inches nnd IB now in proovtm .of repair, Tfn* ' annual reiwrt of the Counfy Kupt. of Highway*, which wa« approved, nhowcd Homo intereatlnif facts* concerning? rond imj-rtivement In the county during tho |«nt year. Mr. T«IK- getfH work'dnrintr 19I'I Included making survc.vH nnd drawing up plnnn for 2? mile* of gravel roods and three miles Xif brick ronda. ami survey* for 11 Iterations in ten miles of, in variou* township*, ait well an 8mde» for nunteroUH minor drainauo problem*. H* drew plans for over BO nridjjwi nnd culvertit. th« cost of which wa» approximately f Jfi.OOO. Over $75,- noo worth of townahip road Improve- merits are, now under contract, nnd work to the extent of f 20,000 more IH bulnx advertised. and Mr». \V. H« likes It «o well bew» that ha ban dw-ldwl to remain .Buy ^'our cut, «!«»» «t Wylle'a* J. I*. Mi»Keiilouii. of Hay City, Allch., a few days here on business, App«llo. Lowney and Holly brand chocolnitM. Danleli,' f'opfvctlun(nry.* Mrrs, John MarHhnll is upending a *ew-tteys—tt*r--8tT-m-~»tatton; - O. H, Williamson Is .confined M> his home on account of sickness, t'lmn. Short, of Maiden, in upending a few clayn lu*re on btinine'm. ARE United Prean.) BIG WAGE INCREASE Thousands Of Steel, Workers Share In $20,000,000 Boost* Of Corporation. * (Ily United Pre»«,} SEE SETTLEMENT Irish Question May Be Settled Amicably in The Very Near Future, NEW CABINET IS PROOF No Serious Objection Was Madd To the Appointment Of Edward Carson. TU- J. W." F^sicr. if? i. -iff 'Torreftfrfindfrit of nntt»>«1 t,nrii!iV«, Kner,, Tlr-o. IV -The long l«yeii settlement «f th*> '-t'rl*h by a visible and" nmtrfltilp witon between the triMcritM nnd Sonthwi Irishmen is nmrer thnn-nt any tim« (Mnre i1ic< r>3s«a£c of the Home hule act in 1514.r- — David I;li>yd Oorjre'ft npfcntlfttirm* following* Urn Dnhlih revolt, outwardly n failure, hnvft been Jttendlly and *lii|-*tly prnftretttlnfl*.' Now they have rearhed a fMfntP where a, de.flnltelf fa* vornble nnnottnrement la esi>e*led any drty. t One of the thinga most noted ttbout the personnel" tif the .new cabinet wim that there vcnft no- periou" objection ined to Kir ESrlwnrd rarw>n'i-l nt'palnt- m*>nt™ns there «as when Kir Kdwnrd wn* first ; ihrluded In As'inith's coalition cabinet, nor .wna there nny rrl- t jeium of Lloyd George in retaintn'g Henry Edward l>tske n« ehlef M>cr*t"ir r v for trelrvnd. Obviously the premier's Should Have Music this Christmas $10 Down pots a Piano in your home. month Keeps Jl (here tc t ton on account r»f Duke's efforts to reunite Ireland. Mnjnr Redmond's appttii ..In Commons yesterday In whlrb he riled thf fact the t'tsterlten nnrt the NfUlonnlfrUfi were thri rnoHt amiable conipnntonn on ndlenllon of" pending events. Honnr nc<|ijl«'*een<»e in t.hl« debate shows tho wny ih» wind In It Is pointed out denial* of any Irish settlement made when l*toyd fleorge wa» forming bin cabinet, by f'arson nnd Hedmond, whould be dlnroiinted". Iwanno It wa* heresfwiry fft ttmt time on account of the' delicate point* -of adjustment that no bint of an ment should bo given otit, SCENE OF BATTLE WJLL • BE CONVERTED INTO A NATIONAL. SHOW PLACE By Henry Wood. United Pres-i Correspondent With the , French • Armlen.) Verdun, France, Dec. 18.— With th«» •Into of thn war -the entire line . of witches In Prance, extending 1 from Ylnaeo to the Belgium border, may 10 converted- Into n-Bort of national * ] . Music makes the home complete CHRISTMAS PIANOS We have just received another shipment of pianos for the holiday season—pianos that we are proud to show you and you will be proud to own. Never before have we been so well satisfied %vith»our piano display, which assures you of an unusual selection. We ur&e you to call and see these pianos as soon as of them are Sold nearly every day; " ~ o tho memory of th« French ."pollus" vho died tht-rfi defending their national noil, oii to-thtmpffpct • linji just teen preiwml by th« Ooniral Council. :»f Che Department of the MPUHO 'nnd vill noon be submit! government, >attk'jn'<>und from t J^to. H 1?, to buy tho 'krmer». Should New York. N. »««. J8,— What l« Incrwlup In thn biifRe-it tho hiHtory «r tbo United States ho- comfa effective today when the jiay of 2*,0.u<iO wnrkrn of tho United Htates Steol ('orpomtlon in increnBed t«?n r»r cent—tho gra*s annuttl. increase ap- pri»xlrnatln« J^O.OOO.ot"). .Tim increoita WUH made, by i!u> company due to KM enormous pru«perity—-Ha ft«H nre now Wtlmated at $1,00,000 The increase Is but one of the many plan be flnnlly -n«?c*pti»d future KcwruUons, not only df but of the entire World, would alwavR have the opportunity of visiting tho line of tranches ovfir 600 kilometers In length on which tho French- threw back the lido ftt Herman invasion at tha battle at the.Maoie and whleh till the end of the M'wr will ulway* remain thw tiaais ijf France's military effort to rid her noli entirely of tho enemy. Tho Immediate land through which recently rando hy pmployinK COB- ccrn» throughout tho country. Amonu them ara; ' , London. i>eu. IS.— Lfiiidon's Bulglan quarter. «iitlrely in th« horwe th9 ; ev«llng. Those prev-j wiling «t 12 cents a pound-'for ohnson and Harry Johwlwo per pound for home ^|||nh|-*|»«ll*. Minn., ItoUlricuui- H cent« por pound for and *J. Adamn 'j«ri»e fleKb. , . - of have men folks of the to dine with you on day? . how muoh they uppreMute u •dinner Binoke, «ro oiToring (-igarn of jus! Iho right' |, Y quiU»ty to innht* n gowl dinner aoni]>Uttu. IOe V»rw WoJ-T-in Ofwhler 1 * Monogram Sol-Smith Rucittl P«89y O'Neal Tom Kecne of thn American Woolen Com- puny, Booton. Ten per et>nt ,lncrcn»*> to the 38.QQO employee's of tlm <,'ntton Manufacturer* AMftociaUon of New Bedfurd, Thirty-five to forty 'n-«r c«nt increnne to the 82,000 .pemoiiB employed by tho Anwricnn Clothing Manufftcturink AH- Hoclatlon, New York, (effective D«!»m- l»er 18.) v % ' Tan jwr cfnt inurciuio to. th* 3,000 employees of thp Nutionnl Indlft Iluh- ImT fompnny, Uilatal, II. L c«?nt iifcrcaso to |h» 3,000 m«;n employed hy InUwpciulcnt tite«l mills at and near Klin con, Pu, . IncntftEe ot nut leu* than ?5c a dtvy to th<* pinpinyt'vtt "f th£ Uuyonne, Kiliuibeth and (,'luirvmont of the Btaijdard oil Company (ftc.tlon tak- nn after a' Htrilso for higher WJIKCIJ at Baynnno in which uuvoral persons-wore mhot .to dcuth. The City of New York contwnpliltow long Imwi of trenchca run, to- K^tht-r with tho battlefields of tho Hommt', «f Artois and of Champagne wUI, it 4« bellovod, never again he rendered cultivable, A«ldfe from the deep tranche* «nd I>oytiu8, the ground has lM»en so pitted with shell |II>|«>M to a depth varying from a. few to flftwn feet, and all the upper strata of soil °JP which ft'rttUty-depp»da w> compiete- ly wipcTl out, that little If any tv* could ever ba made of the- ground for a£ricuHurai . purposes for years to com*. WHY NOT A ( VICTROLA FOR CHRISTMAS At th<* last minute you may not be able to Ret a Victrolaiso we ume you to not delay in your purchase. < / , We also have a njceassortment of Victrola Records, which any Victrola owner would appreciate for Christmas presents. J. D. HARDEN Ml The oldest and largest Music Store in Whiteside County ($16 down puts a Piano, in your home per month keeps it there by the Denlgners' Association of Women's Clothes In nex»ion hero. v BkirtH "arp to be IpnKcr. Much lontfgr. The wh«>T^motTTTiriare-««Int?~ii~TiFbo dlf^ f*rent. A_rt«try In design and long flowing llnff« are to hrt depended on for charm and attention a« ofainat "M«?O more" ntylen of today. \ _liut-in the edict the dress'denlKhorn have reckoned without the makers of women'« shoes. Th«y iir* ifi the campaign, hot and heavy to keep tho wklrtH u$. <"lf,,jtkirt« .go down," «ald A plea in n jihoe trade Journal," the high, priced and frequently purchased " will b* - . HO stop the djMtcpnt," with "lew* i muni be jlonu to vice in three wars. Tho game court that ordered~Uio American iwlventiirelr -to regUter ftitnr-h<?<d-ltlm to anilned for military uervlco, suffered three nerloua wounds, numerous minor injuries and temporary blind net's while lighting on tho Wentern front. After belnK wounded in the bend at l«a Bniwe h« njwut many weekH in a hospital but wan din- a WUKO ftwrna nt fl.HT.tSO to " Thin h«d not dett-rmlned finally., '-*-'.In t«tu,li «IKI», in anniMincinsr the in- «ald th«y made to «nabl« tlwir employe* to me»t th Hilvuu<'imf l c«»t of living. El. H. Cliiry, vluxtrnuin of tlm 8t»*l corporr i, #alil: "Orilliinrlly tlio que4'ion of would not t'onu> up for, C'ratiun or at this time of the LIVING COST DOUBLES ; BUT U; S. PAYS CLERKS $100 LESS THAN IN 1853 (lly United Pre«B.) Wttshlngflon, D, C,, Dee. 18.—The U. 8, government now pays Its employed 1100 ICHS a year than it did 93 yearn ago, Kthcibert Stewart, chief clerk <• of the iitireau of.JUbor SttttiBtle* of the p«iwrtmen,t of I^abor, «,n Riithorlty. upon the subject, declared today. AN AMERICAN SALESMAN DANCED GAME LEG TROT FOR TrlE QUEEN OF ITALY ~ Py "John H (United I're«n Staff .Correspondent) Home, Italy, iD«c, 18. — How an American salesman tried to nell a wooden left to tho Queen of Italy under the impression that «he was lied Cross nurse wns told bore today tor tho flrat 'time. p. C. Swain, & bree'xy drummer for an artiflclal limb maher of Wauhlng- ton, D. 0., bad been doing hU best to place an order with the hospital committee representing the Italian gov ernment. Just an 1)9 was on the verge of giving tho gentiomen up att bad proepet-ta In came a most IDK black eyed num>,and CharUt', tak- heart, started all over uedin for Thin deereaso comec at a. tlmo when i her" benefit, the cost of living has soared two-fold I". "It's all a question of getting used and throe-fold from the level* of JS64, |to it.", «<i(d Swain, "He*, J can The Hilary scale of government clerks was fixed by act of l*rior to this there hod been no regular grad ations in. pay for employes. A certain number would get, fot Instance, |818 hut in cunMtM|u«inc« of th» mul coiHlltlons mm- exUting U hau bticn de-elded to incroaxe the wag» rtitei of E.L. Longfellow ROCK FALLS our iron and Mtft'l rompunica about ten pt»r font, effective tX'Wnber 15. A» to the other depart mcnta, InprcaKea will tm 0(|uttiibly propwlioncd," . Ti«» Jncr^aiip IH thw tiiird the company has tnud£ during' th$ year. H« for 11*15 wan |1"O.KOO.SU<. thti total will bo uUovu }'JUO,UOti,QOa and if htah wugt-s 'continuf? the lyiV roll wilt approach $250,Ufil),0!iO. , Tho KuaUnmi Kodak Company of AJanufui Ataacituion of Oloversvllle, V., ami tiu» ArJMtKton Mills of it-nce, MiiKsi,, iu"« wiher concprnn which huvo inside, uubtitantlal wuge "I'littt. t<*H*er «>n!'4?rtiii 84niUar_ A«:tiuii is li^flilcatedL bi' ucfwding t<* jfphn- W. prcdtdt'ttt uf tho Chicago AH-, of tVantiierut 1 , twenty-live coltct-rtm have ni;u)e $iw.yoo.W»0 In- ••r.fUi-.i-t, to j,oo.»wu fiuplu^cMit UurMig Ute )'(ai% • .OFFICIAL MICHIGAN VOTE. In. .in I at xMiiva«Kct.< ut Uial Hi* 1 iduri 5« and HO on. The work of including no many scattering items in 'the appropriations bill vt-xed the committee who decided In thst'year W put ail of these in a- tump appropriation nl flHO. Thin i» an t-xuinrdti of the plnn that waa followed In the nxlng of tb» rates of KDvummfutul pay to it» employera. Thp»» t.'itt»»«?a have not changed wince that day save by the creation of lower of imy. There wero no I7SO, or $<!40 |H>r annum emiiloyiTrt of tjie government ut that dau», as Mivrc «r* now. 1 • In tS64 no clerk listed as Biicli KOI under $l,2*Hi a ye«r. Now clerlttt are Ilittvd ut $840. , . ' around on mine lik« a^topi" Swain aulied tho action to word. For Swain's beat sample was bis uwn left IpK. ,^ Tho Tied Cruaa nur»e waa ^y are Wgher |iohiUonn today than lin-TO vv'«;«o iu 1ST I but thews are t'ta«p«FffUv* A ly few and «ro mostly by vx'perta.. The chief in the nun)b<-r of 'government rjnt»loy«»« in the J)it»trU't IH shown by the statistics to have bet'n in the til" tlu« ««- C*bur Swain unwound «vpry inch of Itla line af talk. Over the in: frovvhn and rufiUeMmegit uf tln> cora- mltteeinen ho Kave her ntuch un»o- Ik-lteU informa.tion. He told her of hit* fiiinb tu tin* HkytKTapliiK dome of Bt, Peter's. If ahe didn't iM'llevo it. she could aak tho tfiiido who had his performance and h»d rweivetl his card. • ^ •Afterward, ho caught up a chair and Uanced the "srists-ly bear," gliding gradually ititu a M he»itaUon," Ho ended Itia dancing spVoo with a bit' of the "taii«o." Apparently nma*e«d and uimimnl nt bit* MtiniiH, the black-eyed nurse made her i hanks and DESIGNERS SKIRTS MADE LONGER AND - SHOE DEALERS SHORTER (liy I'mu-d t'hlr i>;<), l»oc. IS. --The *nan with an eye t'"f H nifty ankle w«mld beitvr yt-t 4ii lu>! full .sliai'e Mf loiiktt pretty <|Uick I'MV >m>ii tlu'ii- aren't KOUM t«i •«• 'tu> aakl*', 1 *. av<>- nut Ht. iln- Noveinlier au- t'«iti): *>' Th'e American tuihwniun, thercup«'i. turned agtiin to thu co«un.lttei>. iiw iiu-t ii tliundering BUiriu of wratti. "l**i»yl! l-Viol!",' roatfil .the cliorus of vok-fs, "didn't you kuuw that \va* Her Majesty. Klnna uul*ii t»f Italy!" "Holy umofee!" tiighed jJitln. "T« think. 1 had a, gulden upporti.mlty aud u»ea it. Ijju- « uiekla FOUpHT FOR ENGLAND FOR15IEARSBUTIS NOW CALLED AN charged In tlmo to go into action nt Neuv# Chiipello; In a battle there the former cowboy was hit in thw right arm and left Hhoulder and blinded by an ex|ilo«ln«r' . — - Dli-cliaVgwl- nnd sent back to' Enjt- laj)d Hl|ve«ier it-covered ihls nlg'ht and Kradually rognlncd hiH .Btrongfh aurt'- ciently to work *iri munitions in one of tho blR ptnnta Nome. diHtanco from Ixindnn. Hut a \vorkman, cnme t«uHp)cioua of the ex-Koldior and I the. authorities why'ho' waa not registered tin an alien. Hllventer vfi\» at Bilventur'8 waring, exploits recorded to hj8 credit in the annals of i\\<* We«t- wn Front .H^arcely cxcewl bl» achieve- tnentft during th« South African Wnr. It uas Hllvcsler who carried the tils'- patch that meant life or death, from beleaguered l^adyamlth to lltnernl Huller at Olenao, And, riding with the head ' of, the relief column, the mime Yank w»8 one of tho first t»- re-enter the town. During the name campaign iie was wounded fn the lighting ut Nicholson's Nek but be still* had enough «crap In hia mate-up to go through a number «f desperate' battles on the Indian.Frontier. Tho medical examiners will decide wealth*' whether the "alien" la fit for further military MAN WEDS RIGHT GlfiV BUT HAS WRONG LICENSE Lo« Dec,- 18.— Mrw». Walter A. }lim!?tn. formorlr Mns. Clara II. liuro of CHendnlo, nnd.alnco Nov. J brido .of a minitiK engineer now of Namlqulpa. Mexico, l« uncertain Junt who .shw Is in the oye« of the* law. \Vh<«n Mr. Kankln went to get hH1l- !u» took with him ft friend, Harry J*o worn of Altmmbra. .Mr. It si-emu Ilorton. in ciignKed^to M|SH Ell*i»l>«-th Mr. Jlankin .wan a bit nervous porliupK; anyway he, a^ked hl« friend to fill out tho application. *lti a moment of tender abstraction Mr. Power* wrote the name of lib* own llancee, InHtead of Mrs, Hnre'H, na the fiWMiH^itve^iridfr-of-AtTv-Bankln^—Thft misiake was not noticed, and Just tea Hunhy inarrlt»d the couple. Mr. Ilunkin went back to bin work in Mexico after a short honeymoon, and the licence, after being officially was wtyjWHl fo Mr*. Hunk In *V>r t|if »lr« Wine the, dawned on her, 'and she made a d trlR to, Ihe fourthoune. Re-- cortler Logun threw UP MB bands and pri«n4>d the buck to Bounty Counsel Hill, who will muke an ofllclal ruling ;IH to who is married t<> .\tr. Ititnkin, . Who will the family cow while Farmer Uowden governs the common - <Uy f."inii'ii. K •icr, ;m Aim t I'niti ti :, (>>.• .('tilt stK'-ifi ' »i'UKii-!"iil.-r in uuny o HHl'a ,S(HIV\«, iiinl \i't«;raii <A! uicto thuii iu WH UitTin tvviit} day as an i>in hvr< if n The $2.50 Bargain Price EXPIRES JANUARY FIRST . ujn-m-uiiuii-iTiuijj.^ii-u-..^-- J::T_JIIX *<> There ore subscribers'to The Ouzoito who are wait- iirg^foiMi out in prico in Hiibscription rutos, Don't wait, friends, Thoro will bo no cut. It is iiujiossiblo. THE $2.50 BATE IS THE LOWEST BATE PCS- SIBI,E, 1^ % THE SUBSOBIPTION PBIOE GOES UP JANU^ ABiSTFIBST. Much m Tho Gnzetti 1 . regrets the raiso thero is "no way to avoid it. A dollar raise on. subscript ions will not save The Gazette from loss. Mvt-ry homo in "WhiteKide cuuuly ought to have Ui« WliitDHido Cmmiy Daily--Tho'Sterling Daily (Jiiy.<'tif. v ' no matter what the cu>.Ht. , Nothing one purchases is so cheap compared to the cost ot' production as Tho Daily (jazuttp. ' Fur city deliveiy in Sterling and Rock Falls it eo.sts only ONE ANP TWO-THIB^CEiJTS PEB DAY. Fur mail dt'livwy butrtwle - of -Ht^rli'ttg-tiUtf- lioek Fall* the cost is &ESS THAN ONE CENT PJSB DAY. The present price of $2,50 « year by mail outside of Sli'i-liuw ami Hock l-'all^ is tho LOWEST BAB» GAIN PBIOE that can he nuuhv Putting t»i't' renewal \vill wily make The (iuuetto* cci^l moiv^after Jannaiy lii>t. . WHY NOT &BNBW TODAY AND TAKE AD- VANTAOK OF THE $8.50 BARGAIN r s

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