Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 5
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 5

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 5
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. MOWAY, DE0. i§» 1016. SOCIAL AFFAIRS j 1; *£-. 80X SOCIAL AND PROGRAM Nesr Tump'to Gs-. Ertt«ftainm*nt. An * • ,.«»,t"n SKfJK : '1 amf i trie | Slfilj f»»J» «.1 't » »?)>•> ( \t> {"»'*'»• ;HI. ! i th« ' Iff Mf t ' ifi • Ti - NUMEROUS TIMELY SUGGESTIONS FOR CHRISTMAS SHOPPERS Tl. • • f> . f.,!' •« IMt I' H .tri'l «i 'In ! f f fi.i i '•• -'<X •rv«-*f )<••!<• ,i»<- i ! <"-t P( 11" ! '..'I-* f.-... \\ -fir, », i< ^ ,,, i< !>,f<- U'kl! c. r-tt% K J|.».»\.-r c !• t t* Sf '• '•«» t>. ,:h ;m.t i..t "R t!i" tt.i»V-t« )>n«-< *• -unj \\iUi S'H- i.fM-r [ *****«dit t ti in Riff" All •'• V.- I..,•;!, T; hi! •U«-n ronko ni-ittttprt'itt' B*«»»*ry, L'l Kt«t Third : of horn* tmlh and i>->v f'onffK-tinnery. .ini|i', it- "M >M «>H r«jji\ } H!<ft-,,l'it«..*, HI !-i'li« t>' i'H /i Kim- \mf-nl»«. . >, ;t an ,j ; ID i i> 'M f»r Irirn ''nmf> t<> Thr- nliotihl ttv t jut' Inn . h' r :n nf ^'1 K- family cholcp l.eii'Ot of (>!<• «• hiuti 'hr» jf t - w*»:itfwr mni1< Uf" lit* fi t.tncr ; \ than *>•<! !><»< t«M-l. lint the llvcll I •I m nlr "nt The ! >r HIP Tt;t> itnll of A Modem I A Pnctfy c. ri'tfli h« r i)1lf IVarl ,ti- f..|!.i\ s»- t H«thln»-.ip Anoa (H-tavi* 1 Ye.nrly 8uh*rrlptlon to a ft- Ititntvar'n H«t. • -titr i vnr di« pt.n \t K«»r«ter * ftofs ftsrnHttr" storn _'""iv«r I*. U. r,> •~'?l Kifls f-vrr shim-rt In H .?. K Harmon Rn:trant«»«>«< his "a« clear.*. \1tirwy refunded If rn>l Hnv tUft* at'tltf Hnj C, ) u<>v .1;. n mi^s , .M*N Kforf PI*K k* cntiipl*'!*-. , I toll*' t>o)N' 1 j-.;u« r 11 f; i «',, m », .,>,,] tn^'-'f ">ir »l..<-k of rum i ';iv<- nhiminum warn Our Economy '-T'i""<h^! ..««,,? t m . r»! un,t ;^ir^ rieht. '.?';«•« m«Mjt offers <MnarJ<ah}« vftlu«»» ; i'.t!si,.t „. }i, t ,»»i luff furniture slorf-, \V» nf-l>rav*»r S>. II. !*>!<«[ i u.-n ghi!».n\ am m nkf'H nn li!»»-»l <!« tr>. Wyh*>- nr nrt At- l and R,I« Jh.m nny- dfr mttny ar«» ln\ftf<! to rail nnrt run bt-nirtiful \nrKf »tofk.. tmv or n»t. Th»» Uoy (5. \Vootl» wint> n f»prvlt «« thn Hi* U f?, f*d. ««. IT. ami f.o in a '. 4 6 » v- 1 "i\ * f <? •*./ 4 ^i r a s -AoH nt is In n»m *' of thf>m A»ih> thr- ' i-sfwitici. Hoy TJ. a«>i<rrttnpnt tit Rift i}r»hnin I?uh Olffortl Y*t«l. Tot.l. j *r«.\l:irn), <Hv* thai ! *»-t tf»« nlH Jfirti;- \Vyni».I>fawr D. f! ! .linntnxx* «'<». ri TiiiM-t Tin, juv. H*»t 4<f. <'ardy Kitchen cds, ! Of to $.1.00. ranell»«i 4stll) Xaiut l!Mm«*r'» Mr. WofMlmun — Kir) MtT«. VVoodmnn- -th-rt ,tn*np Mm Mis. Jnt'kKon -Vina Mr«. HJmallpy- MliiA — Karl I.ntL- rt«< fi,lt.i«-«- Van I rolhy _-M_» Hr. Ai«ht«">~-\\ HI :Tln« .Man t:i-tfl,u '*• * » ".? Ponir, "I t'an'l l">«i n Thlni; \S'MI» My Hair \Vh«>» UN \Vu»ln-»i " 16.000 Y«-ni-3 .\KO; I'Ji-t n* r«.lbmp Mr. iMiinal li»\tn«iMl (iiutiani. . Joo Hrown- A Youth Vilinsrr. M M«lK«'-'- TJmwnn YnnJ. »"A Hprnion tor the HtstnhM'- -llny- tirahnm. \\ here the Slaw of FJver Vina nnd Minn !>:kadht. SHOWER BRfDE TO BE \vin ntit T-'n»rtor*:*i c of for I the i<l»-r«t H if. '•v»-r '.iu«li<-t. llllrioi* rnnily Kitchen. i««t|is Hrtw. •'.», for tl.i- \vholr Tu>!;i»uJ. <'<un)y *'ar\lnK a nil aluminum war*>. M tkf It an nvtVl ( iitul* «'o»- Hrotlwrs. M«-n't» «;oltl rinnw $2.»« up. Tltf wh«(t*« family rnn t'njoy a fihon- .»Ki.i|ih. ll.-u-r iwlts tlK-in. t«"U»-st !l!li" of Wllti-lH'", Itnlll llltll«'«'' t; th Jinny i'n>w Menu In Ivory »rt« lnv. Main HiM»r. W> m'-I>«Miv»'i 1> Auto Ituifh .kit*, full rictnl nt $13. 7f. t.i $lf».r,(i. * "41. for t'htnif I»«m*t wa« till the IflM mlntit*> IC<)iM>n ur you will «H « i <yiUmiPnt. The J. K *:•>. u «.r diamond* nt .1pn-!" fal1 •«. I Why not Rlyp hi>r an aluminum in it" aluminum nt fonde"* jwiuee pan? Kpwial nalV nt &!»o, Wyni>- | Phonograph*, only Ifi.ftfl, at tJa*r>. . • • ,KI».-hM» hf'ino made A I1nt> "»»"»»»'>H«- robe m«kr>s n nl«-p •••• Jft^nil up. Si«..-lai price* f t'"'W'nt. <'<«« Hrolhem. • <hm«-h.-- ,md «, |i,.«,| s . j .Holler *kntp*, IIP rtkntes nnd loi-Ui t Mihc*. i.uiKr*. »k;)tr», nhenr»*; nt' 1 t'ondr'n Hardware. i!f««. -fttul Ktin« at Phflpn fldw. i.'o. ! Huy. her a wwlng cabinet thla Christ>.»! < .n »•«'« :» ni-'o «-*-dar vhpst fit , man «t the Hoy O. Wood* Store, e i;.,> t;. \v.«.ds Hi.irr-. ' j t»,,, t <,|,|',, for - new -mid up-to-date ,dii!i--< ptn-f<« nt Hun- |f*w»iry. i-lork«, diamonds nnd watrhe«. Quality *torc>. hor a u«f>fnl f?lft—fc»r If It t* to be sloven—Rive her Raya »i-t of furj*. Our dl«plnyjM»r. «he know-* Hhe hftw received the tif-Wf'Kt tiuxiflN.« VVyti.'-jiicst. Wyne-De-aver D. O. Co. _ I tibei iiilllt-j-*B for .hit-ill riff ft hU'>Tli-> For the'ami Wj !>f-li«-nvt-r I.ii-j;t':i scl nt <i|ijif>h)'.<* J A 2£ 6 r J * A * * « 3 0 S2 ?' Jl O Christmas Suggestions At Sterling's Ideal Gift Store '**»• I 6 o d I t,i-i -it Wh ivrry 1* Hoover. Tor It-ft. •M .-<•«• Htiv ll. |:,-M»r. Hand IMIKN are nho\vn ht>ro In fine un- I or motiirlntr—a warm nuto rrthr. j^orttiipnt. swtl or i^oat Heal JpAlher, " <nv deMRln» fur fjlft julyltiK. j with newest style frame*. All lau-M Hhai>eK. I'rjopfl taiiKo from $l,0<» to 19.00. Tho J; K. «'h«-«tpr Co. Kho would }>«• delighted with a «ilk klmona. W« wliow heautlful oneii «J Tor Mallory $3.00, or nlfiti«r — a »llk ho»l«»ry. t« had. $8.f»0 to $15.00. Co. Wynt-Dravtr 1>. f>. Money Back y«*ur «w«' pair <if » n( "-|w;;,,:sr irtTcV"- 1 - i - nau - ^ »y^** - *»• ^^ useful and hea;itlful HiiK r«w«t and trnveUnir hngn, an u^T) Mother could «ur«ly nnd n place for forfnen and wom«»n. »*omp with i usual flw» n«fottment, priced fromjl new rug, A «lze for r-very room iKtiutlfully t-arved hand!p-«, rom.>]t".23 to tii.nii. The J. K, Cheater C<»ri*rl<v« mwlprate. Wynr-Deaver O. O Mis* Cr*c« Wrttcn. Of Tampico, Wai! « rir n«"«' *»»» ullver. other* with «*»V*i, <'»«-rmlller> for men'* hr-" "- from $150 to 15.00 TluM^HIt «ilk initial, r.o t»* S"e. •'hli'fK, hnnd Plefttantfy SurprifwJ. f J • , , ,„ ' t . llu * ^ h " W tol i. ll>i; ilndl™ blankets. » home of Mi»i» t«ra«e \\ r«i«'U ',1 P«m-i^«, « v f.|«o ant) At II-. rt.-«« «h- .'-n^Invite,' ,„„,,.,„,„„,,.„ for roo Un<5 ,, nvpar . to acrompar-y MI-* Krminle fcyioi,, We can tt-ll you all alM.ut kmlakn and fc srsjsi-i 1 h^::^,r^n^ Kr 4t a i j* r . OBiy " i< - k h> ««"»- i -«»-«'« ,-• Mlr»i ,-Oraee in «<'<H)inpany h«'r ti» , (> the hiime ol Mitun Viola lluwbind. Th«< trimmed, Wync-IK*av«'r I). <J.'and «-)U)|I % *.H vatiety, prh % e>« range from 1 H» wnta t.. $l,r.u. Tho J. K. Chester Uov Ht-«tlonery mnkps* a most aceopt- *<> out beautiful line. Hen- drlekK* l»rug Co. Co. • t>on't wait till the last minute nWout a new IWIson or you will get left. young lady did no nnd fourd a «u»*j° rttr *' wad In her eollwtlon m;«ity UM>» Uif Mr. and Mr». John i-?. .Weber wan awaiting her, for a Ittfg* ntun»»*r I ful sftl " w ur »HV»T, rut ,slaj««, linen a.»ui ! irc-!e).ra(ed ai the hi'mo'iin the Hoov« m c.f her lady frienda reac-h' there ahead Of her iiid jvi-rp «waUl«« heT 7 <twni«*. Immediately the f>,in began. Ml»w Kyl«»i« I'rrry & Hoover. -' Otwrm'iller'H for nM-Kwenr at 2Sc and '.Oo. Huy him a si»ot light or motor meter. Money Hack Tiro Shop. Make It nn Oakland for tho whole family. John lloppler « Son. I ,.,- T..-. • ,. . . | ...._! he of IntorfHt to many In thin city, when Ml** Haael Whitman bec«m« th» *\ I f, Diamonds Q*ntl*m«n'i Diamond Ringt from $15.00 to $250.00 Ladies' Diamond Ring* from $7.50 to .|400.00 Diamond Broochtt and Pendants .Watches Watch** frorrt to $35.00 Gent's Wntehci, thrte mad*l», from $9.00 to $40.00 , Large assortment i ; Immediately the f>,in hegan. Mljw Kyi**1 11 W* H entertainment jjrts itie i * bega,!* Wit I ive n pretty love ntory und« ! "K «'f reoip<>*. White .>.-»p<>r fyxthfti InlKhed flrace wa* given a nhow- wen- given e.»-h auest an.l ur . ............... ,. .._ ........ „..„.. ,^.,,,., I ,.. T «ranlte. ^ f mmd north <-f HterlltiB AUimlay night, bride of Walter Oeer. both of thla city. Atiotlier Dlea»ln« feature <»f »h* ev*« 4 Tho anniwrwiry wan o fl fVidny, but! They were united In marriage by tin' Jewelry, t Cut Glass, Fountain Pens, China, Clocks and Leather Goods [[Some Christmas Specials Some $2.50 Fountain Pens for. $1.00 Some $15.00 Ladies' Gold Filled Watches ......... ,$10.50 Some 7oc, $!00 and $1.25 Brooches ,50c Mesh Bags at half price. . . W. T. Jennings The Hallmark Store ^•l! itte pre»euL-_iJmeaiua«.-uf_-ihe weather Mhortly after Mr*. Batiln t'latut aurlved. ,earry*nir a very large conlalirinif gift*. Bhe made n for the nonap|>M»r- nhce of finr.ta hlnwHf hit! «nM he \vas afraid of belnx canght out in V'tthow- rr,' Tho stockint; wa» then git' the (tue«ii»°of honor and. die 4£ tun %un»» kfi fiunui unit, mi* |-r4rfvf*uvtl i f iV to take out th« giftt*. li> ihe toe of th»*> ¥ j. Blocking was found a.mote telling her "side \-as 'written a reliable th«« ,oti<cr side WJM« a ver»«\of t^ni wish for the' bride-to-be and 5hjp n'ame of the donor. Them were fastened to- ivtlier with a ribbon, inuk'nx n %ry valuable hook. During the evening a ilainty liHu-li ooii^ittting of trtfle and »ak<>8 wa» nrrvod hy the hearts t ihe wlehrntioti was |H>titt>oned until upon on«- J HatutMay, evcninjf, There were about. OU T J rurty frlt'Jicis nijd relative* In atten- wtiere to look for Mtother gift. At ' cftch plarr she found rtnother not«; tell- Jng l»ftr «f another tflaec to look and drwener dra.«'crK, 'HISW nnd moat evory conofivabl* place was 'iHIUfj n» hid* When «ll wer9 found^ Mlw MARRIED TWENTY YEARS Mr, And Mrs. John F. W«b*r Cel»- brattd Ann!v«r«ary, ami the WAM spent »or- ialVy with liiKtrttmental and vocal music. Jonas Hner, an uncln of Mrs. \VplM«r. uave n whorl tnlk !n which be exprt'Hwd the ;Xf>ntlinent «>f tl'e t'ltii- i>any in wi.^iilim Mr. and Mra, Wehor many mo«t» happy nnniverttarieg, and • hen In behalf of thtMftiesitn preiiented Mr. aml'.MtH, W«'heriwlth n gold" piece. A lap xup|H»r wan mn'Vwl, It was a very enjoyable evening. WED M .The" twentieth wedding anniversary JMiu Hazel Whitman Wll for Tues,& Wed. Walter Ge*r W«ro Unittd in Murriatj*. r A very quiet wedding took place IJSatui-iliiy fori'iiooii In Dixon, which will POTATOES 15 tb, for .. ORANGES Just received a shipment -of those fancy mvoH Sot suma oranges, the swi»ett>«t omngron the market. Special price, per dozen BtTTTJBE t * Fancy box Jolumthan Ilnnfonl's Creaniory, per 1 1 Apples, jMjr pe^k .....89curponiui '... ......42o^ Fancy eooking or'tmtiiW " BUTtlKINE f Apples, per peck ...'.Jg .,] 0 iko,'s fjoo.iruck, pc«r 4 l»s, head for..; pound .280* HOKWBS Sour and Bill, per dozen ,,.,,'... .,,;.. 20o 04WFOEKIA ORANGES . o NavaU, do2ou..35c Hominy pouiuU' .for TURNIPS Home grown, -per pk^ .23o PANCAKE FLOUR W '** »v.- < V ^ - TXT"' ' f, * . 5 Jb. hug for .'.. ...... 35c Fresh Salted -Peanuts, per poynd , ......... .- • 450 ChrktuiiiH p Jin il y, : _f r^sh Hut«, and (• h r i 6 1 111 a 8 And 1 package |f pounds lor ,,..... ,$1.CM) '^ r '""- FIOS , " ". Pmirio brart su«k ,,' per frvsh for .. ..... Kimball Player Pianos fiffifi •iPitvu Home Life THE Kimball player mcch- * anam witli^ iti marveloui timfUdty, tait if»ftrati»n and perfect musical rtiultt openf Sc poitali to thorough enjoy* ' ment of all formi of muwc, It doei more} 10 initant it the rwponte to cv*ry impulf« of thje performer thai he may play as hit mood dictatei, a» the gifte^t pianist would do through the uie of the keyi, . Every variation of tempo, 'accent; and climax—*J1 the %odttlationi which exprew individuality, in mafic, are imraediately hii to command. No Jong preparatory study, no tediouf hours aro ncctsiary. AUthakU -'-"*'The love of muiic »nd IHHI^P <Qfb^f9fmv ^p 9*w ^P l *Wl^^jPJB'iB^ ^ *w MUSIC ROLLS. For di uate fhjtt Pi«io». . witty of nju»ic — v!»»»k, opciatic, wcrej. W. W. Kimball Co, .115 W. Third 8t,, county judge of fHxonr After the mony tho rouple returned to thin city where-they $ will'*<fnnke their future home. A host of friendM.wlU jwtn'.;in wtahing them a pronperouk arid happy jlfe. MUSCIAtRECITAL Pupilt Of J. W. Johniton Will Giv* Rftcitat Friday. Evening. The pupllH of, J. W, JOhnaton will give a recital Friday evening In HU «tud)o In the Academy block. Kvery- one intereated in nui-tlc cordially In- vlted to attend und there will be no udml&nipn. The following.program will be. rendered: , Up and Down (Smith)—Dorothy Antony. X __ .\iusio Hox Perry, C Harry lU'iwIuml, of nulnuiue, Iowa, f*ITY -MCU/Q' IU DDICC l !i * vhdtlng- here over Hunday ni the Ul I I f|CV¥d IW DKltr J hom ,, of t,, M purt-ntH. • ' Mr«. William Shuck and SALi S^F riNTON LAND. , At the wtl^.of real esttttw of the.late 'Daniel Ho)kiw«>ll, ln« Kenton last tint-' jjrday afn-rnwin by tjhe <J, " Mrs. Ralph ShortrldKe, ..of Krle, was here Mhopping nnd. viniting with friend* Saturday. ? A, D. Mnlui.x, who travels for the Ohio Match Co., arrived home today from Hockford, where he hus been on (Crammr.nd)~ of i)\t> Lorrn Jk'hcler. Jolly. Iioyn* March (Crnmroond) — MO«>K Dillon. ' . , , Tyrolean Air, Swlan. A Pleasant Morning (BtreabboK)— Sumner Logan Alonlli Wave* tTharl*)— Mlaa Edith Orumpp, ur titp Itoac tiu.1 Voti IKenO— Mr. Tony Torli?!«i. Th* Joyi'ul Poamint (Schumann- Hurtl)— Ml*» P»>«H, Knunona, T«n You (Wm. Dii-tumtnt)~MlHH Ignore Oooch.- \Volta firlHIont (Oottscalk) j*«ia«cr»-jf iv» »TT/ frmuuuvrn, rtw land nrought fill per v u«r* UK a. whole. Frunk M Crocker bought tho etgthy '4Cre» wJth thr hotine and burn* on it jfor $10,372.38 or about |l)Ju per a«re. .The other piece of lund wan a fractional' eighty, «orttttlnltui 71 acr*n and WUH sold to, Jont'ph Hawk for $6,395.40 or Just ninety dollam per acre. Uoth of the purchugerii uuvp farmt« udjoin- ing the land they bought. Thin la con- ridered n*th«r clump for land of this •juallty tut land in tho aam« nelghtMir- rhait - *l"l»kin«on returned home l«>|. hood IH wilued «t a great deal mom ''"»' evt^ing after -••••• -*-,-' ——. 'day* In Amboy on DECLARATION PILED. Mi«H Anna MrAndruw hue returned Mr. Eichlttf, of Dlxon, through hlH!" ft f" »*»»***'* visit at Carroll, Omah Attorney,-Hurry IWwardH, of Le« eoun- u "', ou ,f { ' ty ' , ,, ty. lm» Jlled *t declaration for u null! M J""- Uoyd N>rlrjkle went to Chlcn nre ttHMtKtlng at Gall'* tun,); Htore during tlu« liolidayH, Donnld llano jiiid c.lcn Kinith w»nl to Uixon Tltiirsday nfternnon un l>ual- ,Mrn. ( William Wilbur and Mr». (llendmaker. of MilledReville. spent Hnturdrty-here lu'mineas. neveral nmy stop nt the homo of Mr. and Mriis> It. W. liej»«o on their way horn*. A largely attended mwtlna 1 of jt»w« of thin vicinity wa» h«ld In tl Hynngogun on Gattt Third .t day afternoon. An election of o« i»i hfinir planned fqr tho tturance company 08 the church. . noinln/itions w«-r« madfe at thl» The election will he held *c*n« tfta*^ January, Jame« Blair and Mm. returned to Chicago Saturday mo* nfter a week'« vi» with Mt MlHfl Florence <yttttr« and Misa Hie Pfulh are aiuilatlnjt at th« J, Chtmter Htore during this holiday*. . Mr, and Mm, M. Burk* and Kobvrt and Kuthryn, w*nt to Ch$< Saturday for a vlidt, little daughter of Mr. and Kirkpatrlck I* very idek at the of her grandmother, Mr«. Aaron Mo a«alii8t W. f, UeiihOii. of Bterlitig, in 'vhu city court, .for damatreN HlleittHl to l»e due bin /or u colliHlon of a.uton in Olxon luat Hprlng. U In nuld hy thotie ..n the BetiHon far the co|||Hlon WUH no of the-drlver-of that ear. F. Benner, who IUIK reKldml here or the pa»t three yt*ar.s r ha« ntove«l !'«.. f urn Ity 'Ituck 10 WUH formerly their old MlftSen und lU-bhurdt >|H-ti( Uie we«-k end in t'llniuu with Phoahori>8iH«iiv Orelg. -Mr. Win (Smith) Margery Harris. Old Time «ar«!en» (Nevlnl—Mls» Gooeh. WftltR No, I op, 64 (Chopin)* fa) LleU4U<d (Cndmun); IM Abmi« <!on (Johnson)— Mr y Claire Church. VulU N«, 2 op. 64 (Chopin) — MU* Uuth Limerick. trove's porrow (Shelley)—Mr, Ch»»i Halt. Prelude C Minor (nachmanlnoff) — Pott. AMUSEMENTS MOVIE KIDS CANCEL! There will 'fie iiu iierrorroanco of Ihw Kids at the Academy or t vva« evening. A t«lfgruni staled t tlia.t to nuiko truln con* . v Thosf who huve purchusi'd will receive their money back. REBECCA OP SUNNYBROOK FARM. tif Hnnyhrook farm wa» the j.CK'Uuin attraction given at the Acud my of Mimic Saturday evening 4>y ottf >f Ihf inoiil culpable ctt^tti of the M«U- uii. The play w«t>> oni» of inertt and ilXHtwd « t fair wis-.eil uudience. The 'ompuuy' tliisbiimlfd here for the luilU tuy » 11 und wilt not be re-w'umi- »ed until Kome time in Tanuury. The orn|uniy hud a Clii-lultnuH treie on the •t'agp Just bet&e }Ju^jueri'yrmanK« »nd n-ftKuu weig dintributed to each mem* »er of the t:oa»|»*iiy. As sotue uiyuj' \vuh f. U «ad teuru, spirit. y — wttr— ««rt— t>p<M»- front ~ffrH-f un In, the LATIN- AMERICAN BOAT8. D*e. 18.— Forty Rh the yi'ur (U.14-I5. >( tlif ratiama inlay. Of tt a t'iiiuil K we, 4*jWe tt-.ti t itit uu'au tua t-ach \>ti.s a during th,4» to fluurei* Kveord uvuiUil>}«« Wer«s JVruvlun, 3 33 ('hilj* TUt'^v tijjm'i'^ d.u their *lBter, Mr«. J. K. Irn H. Martin returned yesterday t'rom lilnmluU'. Mont., where he Hpt>nt ,h.e Bummer. , Mr«. H. ^H«i NlH returned tent «>ven* ng from Diivenport after a week'x vta- - 1 with her daughter, Mrs. Kdwurd WHInita, , Arthur Hill, of Springfield, Ohio, travelit for the HucHeye Inctihutor wax here Htilurduy und HuiuUty ui tliv homo of Karl Hulteit. Mi»« MurorJu Lenlie was here from viMillitK with her of thin .Uixon ittbl r, Mi'M. iHtnl fclty. ' / (Jlen Painter, John Devine nm< Arthur Palmer,, of Nelson, were vi«itqri> yuturtiay wentng, John JPIemttylng, who has tn«en very with pneumonia, *«t t,he . IK Home hotter today. Mint* K'dnu Ijiw und Henry Mu'\hi.\v> iiniofed lu Prophetwuiwn lawi wen* »>IK. ' MiwH Gertrude Rastuurook, of Mill- 'djsevHIe, upent Saturday lit thlx elty chopping.. Miti. Hc41o . «it(t of ,1'ruph- »t«town. »peni Saturday here »ing. , , Mr. and Mr*. \V, M. Kyerly. of Canu»», spent yevterduy a4 thv home o» daughter, Mr*. John 4. "Pink. Marie V, Knerer, wlio teuctte« ii> iioux City, la,. IK home for tlu> holiduj WaUou.with lu-r par%-wt», jn r . and Mr»» Keefer. Mn*. John J. Kink will visit in Canon for" three or four wet>k« with her J^r*. W.' H. l-Uerly. , Helen Ituntirr iut.s nrci*ptt;d u .a! the ,1, K. ("li«'»U-r l>ry (Jmnlf. Co. \ Murk AlcFurland urtivetl here hiiliday/H, with .,- to spend und the week end in •iH'Kutb at flit- )uuu« of Prophet«town with hin imrt-iit-s. , liay Arnold, ('l^renve 'Turner, 1 Albert Dftrn-i-ftsl. Jului Kiit^.'U Hys and Kuge«w> t'uliul. t>f Ui\on. '^potii lu»t lit in Murrlnon ut bolter, Mra, C. , with U'«* uf «-nd Mat l.v. •' after \tsitiUg W Ith 'i|UrtUfcsr-Ut city, Huturduy on tntidneiui, MiHH Vlnnio Chaflfee. of Sioux City Iowa, IK viidting at the Henry Over hohter home. Mr. mid Mr*. Fred Livengood Kpen Sunday here at the home of Mrx, Kltzu bi'th Ittiwirttin. Attorney und Mr«, 'R. W. UPHHI* »pt>n Huiuluy in MoirlHon ut the home o 111. 1 pareutM uf Mix, IK-.SNC-. W^lunil iirrivwl here Friday from Hrldgeport, Conn.,, to visi purt'nts, Mr. nnd it the liomv of Mrs. Wlieut. William UurgettM. of Iowa, reached ii-rling UilK morning l<> imttml ttie fu* .iii»inl of 4fJn brotiier, Caleb vvhli'h occurred today,' Helen McClure and Npllii« ; A Harry Delhi nrtd WUH sel, UKitoriul to ltt«:U JwlunUr Clinton ind ))uven|H>rt yenterduy. Oeo, Clurk ret^rneil from ChJ. where she wiw called by the ill- of\hfcr sister, Mrs. B*«lle Swiuu-J 1 is improving nicely. Fred Oear, of I^os AngleM, who :IUM iH't-n vlHitlng at the home of Mi« i-'r»d llrueker, went to Ulxon day, where «he will vl«it a-few daya* Mr. und Mrx. John 'Slater, of N<- >rtiHku. Hunday with \lr, and Mrn, A. K, Parmenter. They irtt on thi'if way to Chicago to upend •lirlatnuw-wlth their daughter. Tlwy CHRISTMAS Mince Pie ~ • ' V ,} P| NONESUCH good a! hwlf th» COMPANY. tCdltor -George Inherwood. of •o Tornndo, wan a pleaaant lt«;r at The Gasctte ofttee Baturdajr^ tt-rnoon, . ,* • > Mr. and Mr*. P. L, Wilson and of Edmenton. Alebtra, Canada, la vlHltlng 1 at the home of Mr. and TU A. BartelL , < Toilet JRDR XMAS oth i n jpf in^kes ft J daintier appeal to^ .cither man or WQIIK an. Always ia good taste and always use*- ful—they^ coutiuue to I 4 givfe * ploastire long "ter many oth^'? { | 5 gifts aro disoarded. Here you may find a comprehonnive sho^ ing of all that is new- ent and best in quality-tat let QUtfltS, Whothef in eases or In '.separate pieces, you eau-eaHtly decide iit»rc» upon sbinetHiug, that 'will give Uotb pl^as\ire and' com.* fort. .make your m* lections how* Hendricks Drug] The -Kex*ir i Store

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