Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 18, 1973 · Page 13
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 13

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1973
Page 13
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GALESBURG.ILL., WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18,PAGE 13 2b IJouf faster m Easter is the festival of spring and of the spiritual renewal of life. It is the season of hope and vivacity. Which means, of course, thiat the feast of celebration should be delicate and colorful. Feature in your menu as many as possible of the bright fruits now coming into market. Fresh pineapples, lemons and strawberries are plentiful the Galesburg woman A new column about the Involved and talented Galesburg woman. Whether she's a career woman or homemaker, she finds time for self-expression. Her lifestyle is that of the 70's. By Alice Brpckman J, C. Augustson has discovered at the tender age of 2% year$ that it is hard work keeping up with his mother, Carol Augustson, on her jogging excursions. Seems that all the rainy spring weather played havoc with J. C.'s pl^ns. On a recent and ready to. add their flavor and color to desserts. Lemon adud (Serves mi) 4 eggs separated Grated rind of 12 medium sized lemons 2 cans (l$-ouhces each) sweetened condensed milk 1 cup fresh lemon juice Fresh strawberries for garnish Make a collar f6r a '5-cup souffle dish using a double thickness of Waxed paper. The collar should extend 2 inches above top of dish. Fasten collar with piece of string. Beat egg yblks with lemon rind until very -thick and lemon-colored, Beat in sweetened, condensed milk. Gradually beat in lemon juice. Continue beating until thickened. Boat egg whites until stiff, but not dry; fold into lemon mixture. Pile into souffle dish. Chill overnight. balmy day, Mrs. Augustson lookfed back to see what was keeping J. C., and found him stuck in the mud up to his ankles, just watching his mother iget further ahead. Mrs. Augustson is the wife of Skip Augustson, an industrial arts teacher at Gales/burg High School^ who shares his wife's entliusiasm for gardening and collecting art, but can't quite see himself as a jogger. Together with talkative J. C, who has no trouble keeping up his end of a conversation, and Jacob, born Sunday, and a spirited retriever named Suzy, whose specialty is golf bails, they reside at 1022 N. Academy St. As women's physical fitness teacher at the YMCA until recently, Mrs. Augustson experiences the joy really feeling fit and heilthy. For. her, physical" fitness has become a way of life and it Is easy to understand her happiness at being in peak physical siiape. She worked through her eighth month of pregnancy, and there was a touch of envy on the women's faces who huffed and puffed in trying to keep up with their leader, as she effortlessly directed the exercise class. Physical fitness has been an important part Of Mrs. Augustson's life since her cise from chores around the house, Mrs. Augustson said housework is more likely to increase fatigue, rather than help build strength. Besides, chores don't really give joy and pleasure to most women, but taking the time for active exercise or sport will. Best Exercise The kind of exercise which is most beneficial for increasing stamina and relieving tension is one which requires the heart and lungs to work strenuously by using lots of oxygen to bring about deep breathing. After a period of time^ a person's heart and lungs work more efficiently, because the heart pumps more blood with each heartbeat. The over-all effect is that a person is healthier, and he has increased his chances for a longer life. V Aerobics is the name for iixercise of this type, and Mrs. Augustson uses as her guide a book written by Mildred Cooper and Dr. Kenneth Cooper entitled "Aerobics for Women." The Coopers have devised charts which establish goals for any woman wishing to follow a program of Aerobics. The charts take into account an individual's age and height, and the Coopers recommend that regardless of a woman's age, medical super- youth in Chicago. By the time vision in connection with the she had entered junior high exercise program is manda- school,, she knew that she wanted to be a physical education teacher. After graduating from Western Illinois University in Macomb, she taught /program are running, walk- four years at ROVA High ing, rope skipping, stair climb- School in Oneida, and two ing, swimming and cyclmg. years at Knox College. Her love of the outdoors is one reason she wanted to be a P.E. teacher. It always gave her a feeling of freedom to take a class outdoors for tennis lessons, when all the other teachers were inside, she related. But there is a more compeVing reason why Mrs, Augustson is an advocate of physical fitness — it is simply something she must do to feel good. She's more limber, has more stamina, sleeps better, but more importantly, she feels less tense, which she believes is vital for everyone, but especially for mothers with young children. As far as the theory that housewives get plenty of exer- Onentai Since 1919 James Demanes and Son, (formerly of Kellogg & Drake) have been in tlie business of selling and servicing Oriental Rugs. Oil We offer 1he very finest in Cleaning and Glazing of your priceless Oriental Rtigs. Complete repair service also available. We Buy, Trade and Appraise Oriental Rugs. demanes interiors 1916 N. KNOXVILLE, Call ColUct «82-S4&4 PEORIA, ILLINOIS 61603 .,jl||||||| II H iiii *l4 :l!!!SI «* enu To serv6, j^l off waxed paper collar. Garnish with fresh straw berries. PMieapirile Treanire (Serves 6) 3 very small fresh pineapples 1 pint softened vanilla ice cream 1 cup heavy cream, whipped 3 tablespoons light rum or nonalcoholic rum flavoring % teaspoon ground allspice % cup diced orange sections % cup sliced bananas VA cup diced maraschino cherries Prepare this dessert the day before serving. Slice pineapple, lengthwise, including leaves. Remove leaves, wrap leaves in foil and refrigerate. Remove fruit from the pineapple,, leaving a i^-inch thick wsdl; chop ^ cup pineapple and slice remaining; set aside. Place shells in freezer to chill. Place ice cream in a large boWl'. Fold in whipped cream rum, allspice, chopped pineapple, orange, bananas and cherries. Spoon into shells. Wrap in fbiland freeze until firm. Remove from freezer 30 minutes before serving. Garnish with reserved pineapple leaves. Serve with fresh pineapple slices and grated coconut, if desired. Class Plans 50th Reunion The Galesburg High School CHass of 1923 will hold its 50th reunion at the Holiday Inn Saturday, June 1,6. Those on the planning committee include from left Karyl McKillip, master of ceremonies; JVIrs. Forrest (Jeannette Carlson) Olson, corresponding secretary; Roy Lofgren, treasurer; Mrs. Helen Larson McMillan, co-chairman; and Mrs. Philip (Bernice Kirkham) Peterson, chairman. A cocktail hour will be held June 16 from 1 to 4 p.m., and the l)anquet will start at 6:30 p.m. For further information, members may contact Mrs. Olson, 1518 N. Cedar St. tory, and every woman should work into the program on a gradual basis. Ilie exercises involved in the Tennis is not mcluded in the Aerobics charts because it would be difficult to rate, since each player's skills would vary. Yet tennis is a type of Aerobic exercise since it involves running. When her husband was stationed in California with the U,S. Navy, Mrs. Augustson played tennis until seven months pregnant with her first child. Even now, she continued to jog through her eighth month of pregnancy, to reach her weekly goals of running IVi miles in 13 minutes at least four times. Tennis and jogging are good exercises for over-all shaping up, she said, but any type of running exercise is particularly beneficial for the legs. Golf Th» first week in April, the photographer snapped Carol Augustson on one of her jogging expeditions. (Register-Mail photo by Dale Humphrey) Knox County History Topic For Program Miss Ella Hiler presented a program on the history of Knox County Tuesday evening for members of the Dandylions Club in the home of Mrs. L. H. Stierwalt, 3262 Windsor Ct. Numerous slides showing many historic sites in this area highlighted her talk. Miss Hiler pointed out that Knoxville, the county seat from 1831 to 1873, was originally called Henderson. , . A brief business meeting preceded the program at which time new members and guests were welcomed. The refreshment table was decorated with an Easter egg tree centerpiece. Serving honors were accorded Mrs. E. H. Antons, and Mrs. Donald H. White. can also provide good exercise, if the golfer walks briskly between holes, and doesn't use. a golf cart, Before exercising, it is very important to warm up the muscles, Mrs. Augustson ad- straight with feet apart and arms at sides, then tighten abdominal muscles and stretch arms over head, then bend at the hips and gently bounce forward and try to touch toes. vocates. This enables them to: it is most important, Mrs. stretch more easily and re- Augustson stresses, to breathe duces chance of injury. For example, before jogging, simply walking a few minutes or touching the toes will aid in the warmup. Stretching is good for warming up before calisthentics. This is Mrs. Augustson's favorite, stand correctly during exercising. Many women hold their breath which merely increases fatigue and tension. As for Mrs. Augustson and J. C, they plan to resume jogging as soon as Jacob is six weeks old. Methodist Women Will Conduct Spring Meetings Galesburg District WSCS (United Methodist Women) will hold two spring meetings April 24, at Christ United Church, East -Moluie, and April 26 at Macomb Wesley Church, Macomb. These will be half day meetings beginning at 8:45 a.m. Two speakers will be featured at each meeting. Lewis Root will discuss his work as a chaplain at Gafes- burg State Research Hospital. Ho is also active in the hospital's Marital Counseling Program, the Alcohol Treatment Program and other related activities. Rev. Larry Conrad, a member of the Central Illinois Conference, will also speak. Mrs. James Taylor, district president, will preside. • Slinky Calico Down-home calico prints are being interestingly made into slinky, sophisticated evening clothes for an appealing contrast. A favorite style is the backless halter top and close- fitting long skirt. • • C^aiendar of l^eeil ALLEN PARK PTA Allen Park Parent - Teacher Association will meet Thursday at 3:15 p.m. at the school. New officers will be elected. Re-i BATEMAN PTA Bateman Parent - Teacher Association will meet Thursday at 3 p.m. at the school. Third graders will present a freshments will be served. Baby-.musical program under the di- sitter provided. irection of Curtis McCarty. Elec— tion of officers will be con- FRU)AY MORNING CIRCLE ! ducted. A nursery will be pro- Tbe Friday Morning Circle of the First United Presbyterian | Church will meet at the home! of Mrs. Larry Stouffer, 1025 N. Prairie St. Friday at 9:30 a.m. vided. GLEANERS CIRCLE Gleaners Circle of the Em- Imanuel Methodist Church will UNIT 1 |meel this evening at 6:30 p.m. Unit 1, Homemakers Exten- for a covered dish dinner fol- sion Association, will meet lowed by a program. Thursday for a 1 p.m. dessert; NEWCOMERS CLUB Newcomers Club members wiy meet Thursday from 1:45 p.m. to 3 p.m. for a ward party at the Galesburg State Research Hospital. Members are being asked to meet at the Volunteer Service office. For reservations or cancellations members are being asked to call Mrs. Phil Miller, 938 N. Clierry St. Chairman Describes Program Mrs. James Stevens, Galesburg Cottage Hospital Guild chairman for volunteer recruitment, showed slides and discussed the Hospital Volunteer program at the meeting of the Galesburg Alumna Chapter of Alpha Iota sorority Monday evening in .the home of Mrs. Ed Masters, 527 N. Kellogg St. Mrs. Stevens said the Guild is a volunteer program and its 327 members did 25,000 hours of helpful service last year, but they da need more volunteers to carry on the work of the hospital, A volunteer does not need to be a member of the Guild. Air ages are needed, both men and women. A person can help once a week, a month, or a few hours a day. Mrs. Stevens said the volunteers will find it gratifying work. Besides the professional staff, volunteers are needed' in these different departments, information desk, admitting, nursing service, temperature specialists, record keeping in coronary care unit, pharmacy department, hospitality cart, nursery photo service and snack bar. When the new wing is completed at the! hospital, the gift shop alone will' need SO volunteers, Mrs. Stevens announced. The Guild has a food lift program where food is delivered to shut-in people daily. Volunteers are needed to help deliver the food. There are 80 persons who make items for money making projects and proceeds go far scholarships to med ically related education. They have 15 applications now. There is great need for therapists. Refreshments were served from a table decorated in a Easter motif, by the hostess, Miss Loraine Kling and Mrs. Orville Powell. Wedding Will Be Norman Rockwell Topic for Paper Norman Perceval Rockwell was the subject for the paper presented by Mrs. John R^bson at the Monday afternoon meeting of Tuscarora Club in the home of Mrs. F. Paul Johnson, 560 Kenwick Dr. Mrs. John Griffith was the assisting hostess. Rockwell, who had his iknt commission before he was 16, became director of art for Boy'sj Life Magazine at 19, she noted as she introduced her topic. Rockwell's illustrations, she related, have sold socks, pens, light bulbs, stamps, war bonds and many other articles. In addition the artist has illustrated magazines, books, short stories and Boy Scout calendars. Rockwell, explained the speaker, will not rush a job even though he has deadlines to meet, His technique, however, does not ensure the survival of his paintings and many are altl ready deteriorating. Rockwell, Mrs.. Robson continued, has contributed much to the world of art, bringing pleasure to millions of viewers. The speaker had conies of manv of Rockwell's illu .stra- tions, which were viewed by the group as she developed the different areas of her talk. A 1:30 p.m. dessert luncheon was served from a table centered with an Easter motif and white candles. Serving honors were given Mrs. W. A. Pyle and Mrs. Loren E. Johnston. Mrs. Roy Lofgren, president, oresided at the business meeting, and Mrs. .Jordan E. Gotchef introduced the program. April 28 Miss Kay James and Michael Douglass, whase engagement was announced in Sejj- tember, will be married Saturday, April 28. Vows will l>e pledged at 6 p.m. at the Wesley United Methodist Church, Macomb. Friends and relatives are invited to attend the wedding and reception to follow at: the church. Miss James is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vernon James of Sciota and her fiance,,,Jhe son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Douglass of Oneida. Hardly anyone today needs a label to know Stephen Burrows' clothes. The red zigzag and lettuce trim have become a signature instantly recognized by devotees all over the country. WANT ADS BRING RESULTS! Do You NMd A Parmanontt 12.50 for 8.50 THERESA SHIPP BEAUTY SHOP 172 N. Acadmr St. AppolBtmanti Oalr — Mi -%m WIDOWS CLUB The Widows Club will meet Friday at 7 p.m. at the Community Room of the Home Savings and Loan Association. Each member is being asked to bring a gift. To most designers, hats are in for spring. Whether they actually will be in with the customer^ depends on traffic to millinery departments. The hat business could stand a boom, say industry sources. Oddly the younger (under 30 crowd) is going for it? floppy brimmed hats in a big way. MARY BABCOCK CmCLE The Mary Babcock Circle of the East Main Street Congregational Church will meet Friday at 9:30 a.m. with Mrs. Emma Don Achelpohl, organist, will Panther at Moon Towers, luncheon at the home of Mrs. ^present the program. Members^ Members are asked to note Henry Inness of near Gales- and friends of the church are change of date from. April 27 to burg. invited to attend. 1 April 20. WHO Has the Most RAINCOATS LESLIE'S MadtinU.S.A. ff(|) STRAP-TEASER! "Fiddlesticks" by California Cobblers in a strap- py sandal that opens up new/ vistas in comfort and fashiion. Gleaming crinkle patent and a high matching covered heel are crafted into a walking shoe that you can live in. A lattiqe of tiny straps plays up the high vamp and open toe for a real eye-opener this Spring. Black Patent, Whits Patent or Gold Kid »17.95 Rogers Shoes 230 E. MAIN $T.

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