Gazette and Sentinel from Plaquemine, Louisiana on July 20, 1861 · Page 2
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Gazette and Sentinel from Plaquemine, Louisiana · Page 2

Plaquemine, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 20, 1861
Page 2
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lablished every Saturday by W. . BRBADBURN, !'u EDITOR AND PROPR1IETOR . TERSS OF ItasUCRIPTIox. letle, opini THREE DOLLARS AND FIFTY CEN'rTS (3 0) for Sell[ onue )ear, an advauce. FIVE DIl).LAI.S (Z Wl) It cl'dl not pmad in It SINGLE COPIES-Tea Cents. was t0o aelscriptioa will be diruntinued unlessa i ratt:ii I - the i tier to that elect erseecned Flons the udsolemtiblm hiwi if, andu all arrearges paid. ,Ilarl -40did 1 TERNS OF ADVERTISING. twes hhe ONE DOLLAR ($100) per square of ten liites. r lc·. ofi this space, -- --t -. l t aertio., lad Fifty Cetms for eacth sub.m uei..l',i imr- 111 tion. A liberal dascount, however. il, thl. e rate- ill, be uade on advertasement. Inserted I'u a lunuger than two movth,.as ta|fllas " 3 months. 6 mouths. 12 mouths"m I square 5 00 5 3W t 1:' (, 2 6 q11 ai iu let S3quare 15 00 : W ll 4 almares Ii00) SIIa 3 ) i 1 m squaree IU UJ l 200, 31l Far Profseaional or Luiiuse. Cirds, uot elceedih I; uoni equae, paper, one year, 1. Ii Anouncirments of Candidates for office, $10. C(a.i it fmimi all ees. luest aeompaeny tlme anuouir eu.ut, aihtilihr ne Lauded in by a frieid or the person ai unlll per The privilegeof yearly advilerui+rr i. strictly lhunted to their own mnmuleiate anld regular bu.anurc. Comlmnications intruded to prlm.lmlte thie Jrlliate Al . 1 or interests of sndiiadatil. rurprautouu or etuciitue, oli be charged as advertuceuts. All perons orderIilng Join or hnndmtlr U aIdvertire~.ciit pa account of any loc:al or pliltical orlatisatliuu, ill be C eld responuible for the payment ai the smule. Marriages sad Death. publishei a chhde. Oblt- kno unries inierted as other adi ilisemienis. I Advertisements lot mark d the lengthof t they ar bhen to be iunserted, will be ker uI the ipytr ill lubd..aidl oharged accordingly. All advertimmeets by stranger or; transient perous l past be paid ma advance. Personal Cards, if sneertadlt all, will be i arged two Spr dollars per quare. I E.Job Work always e40, and aderrtisemcutr re due 1nie whea Irst ismerted. THE FALL ELECTION FOR CONGRESS. .+re asthorised to anounce Col. II. . AL- of I , f West Batn Rouge, as a canmlldate for Co- he awef the Coafederatle for the I umrthCongreraioel Diaraess cposed of the ParaLhes of West Fell- 1 pisasiPeatCeapee, St. Landry, Lafayette, Vermillon. O West Bato onge, s.berville, Mt. ad St. mJlti. ll Electioa irst Moaday in November. FOR AUDITOR. We an astherised to aasno aa HELL wI WAYNER, of CLame.,as a Candidb 2Auditor of de rFabl Aeseaa at the ensuing Fall election. I Weare a utriaed to uuaunce H. PERALTA, sot If rest altue Rouge, as a Candidate for Auditor of Publihc ee Aes*m - -- Pe FOR ASSESSORa. aIr. Editor a Please *aoeee te are of TIo' LPra Vg eUlIS, Esq.. as a De ocratic Caudigile be ser be the perish of Iberville, salject to the Wi iates Bigh Demosnreie ConveotiL. W We are aerisu d to same e ERNEST CAL5.3TR , the peemet imsumbent, as a Cadidate for rehlewen t ea se ofAsasnor e, iest to the decis o As Sto e Rihta Democratc Convetione. Wowe re raassed JOHN As. Eqs., A l Cedidas for the esce of Aiemser o thi. par- T R SIHERIFF. t Wl oe aatharisae to aUensee Jesiph H. bWi 1 ., as a $eadidals for the e c. f t airi P SaLts Phm at thae mt November election. k Im iher: Toe wlm pea aeemee J. L, P TIT, 1e d lte r Sherip subject to the decisio of P - Ima Blhia Dameertl Convention. PLAqoWMrs, Jpe 26, 1861. . P. r.ndasur, b llee my ikead, Capt. G6oarvc Lalrv, declines d ralag be the Sherifaky qf this parish. tt reasns ex- a pesed by him I year paper, I wiah you to amoienel patll pple of belllas a eaadidate for Sherif at time n asqu si ed r leu. c ALLEN JUMEL. NOR RECORDER. '1 We eM suaherlaud to mouace EMILE WIV. I IR e m M adla for e cordetar, of thi. PaM. b, as thseemL Fall elecioln t MI I . seut Tea will plueases eaco the ame of a AUOLMW E 3HBM T, REq, as a Caddidafb r b phee~s d eserder of she pariah of Ihervile, subject I p t i dei Iea of the StIe Righi Demwratri Gonemsie. IbpsrialsMtof Fublic Education. b pomet ISpler of Publi Edacadom, as a A i sa I ii.r tlsttlel . PARISH OF IBERVLLL , Jrsic'as COLc . f Steebtp A Dstavallb F IOSOLOO ON FRY-T- are hm by y J. H. Rain. d the i- and se sa Wesd d His Paiua, I bps thist day wl oeed e to hi Ihe highest mad JIL Uu, 11., ~t 10 'clcqk, A. M., at 7a late COFFE r1 S r rht, title, aiorel otad daim A LOT OW LIQUOIS, li- aM lbs Ilag mia I a.r ) 9TICS. hr Sr anew supply i SI hleve oaeaiad, soows. New LAdvertii clsements. CORIRESPONDENCE. lae -illid n T'u te lddalr oJfLt' (j;u anw Stil. were SIR: By order of the Conlmittee of Safety, 1 fully I hand yell for puolication the accompany ing you letters in regard to the character and political Hou opinion of Pautt Selby. proteg( of C. lG. tlrt Sellhck . who trmet iv testdet aind acted as P1ti-. tea cipal ot a t'ollcgein thi . 'l' I tl It w:l be remembered that this man Selby. chars was brought to this p,'a.,e titi lIltii, through U the inistrunmeltality of C'. ;. ellck-- ttiat he and t iarried the adptel d d. sai,' Ilck, dlud that intlloate relatione ctiunited :o e-xi.t be- l t tween them- I have in mny p.essOt copj.les of [ the abl tiotu Jouiral pult-hliiu t" saild Slby, S V Litch.can bte at ulicc. by ally vle cal- uI in1 tur Ithm. to ° " J· tl. IlliiLS, r~vcrir.i. W e. the i:iz .rs Ja"..,uit i eh, do c.iti", tiat when ' Alex. 1:. ,,t: th New Utlcasti., ih l aca r Paul o Selby tar ca p.r a..- ; t K a ic;1 place her wonatt V'.. ' :."e. ; tiat oil tely eterl hcie ' i 1.'}. Vie t, t pa - h It l'ciy chi arted hn lie h.uit a-itste l in .ll. I the s , a:. I that het, a r I.e or his SfiateIds cntrali'te I the tatenient ; and wve hate do it r netseroubted Lhit C~i: r :that he stas it.e ,1 the tiali prinlha, 113tasage of  Ot lie ti- u , ..rouund liatltus d t1.luni , tii p.,co. ist W. I. WAItIFIEN. Ma3rch 13th, it61 JAMES DU.X LOU'. Jack,,iviie, March IS, 1,61. "c Cot.. W. II. WaKKEr:s.- 1. Dear S i-Y ull wish me to stat, what I CouI know about Paul :eliby. tortnerly of this ilace en t I have Il yinug that when he lied wbi here, hu was al inbolit ioniit and worked tor that vrae cane. I also ti....k tItat when ts. iltthest 1, of New t)i leans, Stas I.ele on a ti-it, that Paul a-siat IUIt.InI)ig etf her Itegro at Spritfiefl. Ill.. as she was on: Ier retluti h,nte. to I heaIrd it ot ipblis, and was lot de- II te nied by bi:n or his tricnds. Yours rtepectfullY, pro J. NFJILY. Got Jlacksou tile, 14, .March 1G, 1S61. tet 'oiL- WV. . I 'AllE.'s.- tI--iou request me to state what I know L of Paul Selby. E,q., iniertly of this city. and wit what I know of tht cjiaiacter of the newspaper t he publiah-d Leer,. In atswei to n: this. I can say that I knew p Mr. Selby as an aboaitiisiit, belonguing to and of I operating ai po:itics with the ultra, \io e-tt as as' anti alatery party oi thi.s country. He published an aboli:ion-repubucana-aanti-slavery-a- u ti-democratic paper, and through its columunis he outraged the tetlhngs and attacked the reputa- alt tiuon ~ solle of the be-t cItizenIs of the country, L w ho did not agree with huln ill his low, unlllounl of ded abuse of the institution and people of the Slave States. In short. he was that sort of perA son and In.dtor that, when he clo-edl his career Ias Editor, anit lhItt the country, it produced general rejoicing among ail his acquantances, except perhaps a flew of the most earnest and violent agitators of the abolition school. With touch respect, &ce.. SM. M. CONNEL. di. P. S.-As to who I am and as to whether I he would be likely to know about what I ha.e written, I refer you to Mir. Benjamin, Senatorof of Louisiana, and Mr. Slidel, Senator, &c., who M L* personally knew me when Filth Auditor in the MT r U. S Treasutry; also to John McDougal and A. Brothers, of New Orleans. M. i. C. Di ac Springfield, Ill., March 14, 1861. of To the Trstes of the Female College at Aaite City, La.:-G-t.ixTLYL. , I Col. William B. Warren, of Jacksonville, II!.. has asked me to comnmuunicate what I know Ci , of the personal and political anticedents of one wi Paul Selby. In answer, I have to msy, that 1 0 knew him for a considerable time in Jacksonville as the editor of a newspaper, which he m o prostituted by making it a medium for the fulof mination of the most malignant antd extreme St doctrines of the anti-slasery school of political fasntica and the cowardly abuse of all those gi within hia reach who oppo-ed him. Haring C been horse whipped once or oftener for his men- p lines dacity towards the object oibis habitual, person- a lox- at and political abuse, his reiort was to the court, aI o.e which, with the aid of his political sympathi- ti t the sers, he sought to pervert as an engine of political persecution and proscription. p1 Being a stranger to you, at least personally, I it take the liberty to refer you to Hons. Miles of Taylor.t'hos. G. Davidson, John ,M. Landrum, sa cod John E. Bouligny, Representatives of La., ci IV. in the late Congres ; andl to Hon. E. Lesere, exmember of a ormer Congress- tl Col. W. B. Warren. the geutleman above men- a tiened, formerly of Kentucky, now of Ill., is a I soot man of character and in8 emes . I would have ( he no habstatioa in implicitly accepting anything he iect might my, as true. obedient sert. JOHN A. McCLEMAIND, t ._._---Jackaonville, Ill., Maruch 1, 1861. b Hoa. W. B. Waaax,-t Respected Si--I take pleasure in answer- * Sing the enquiries propounded by you 0 to my acquaintanco and knowledge ef one Paul Selby, formerly a resident of this city, bat now departed to region unknown to me. Said Selby while a rescident of this city, was engaged at Edkitor of one of the most violent, ultra, rabid, abolition newspapers that I have ever seen. act, it belched fotth from its stinking nostrils, sortiments that was not at only disgraceful to ' white man, but even a negro would have felt degraded by his fulsome praise of the negro rhe. - During his publication of the aforesaid sheet, so ardet was he in the camuse of human liberty, (as , he termed ilt) and so completely submerged in . his fvorie idea of th eqmlity of man, that his ase social feelings seemed to be directed to that one r idlea; ad all who from self-especter eemsienday tioua motiva, differed from him in his one idea. ad became the object of public abuse through his columns, fuwhieh he reeived a public chatisemeont. And I ca msay it was the universal feel. iang of all good citirena, that the community had IPE bee purged ot a public agitator, and for the good iaim e ike-harmony and quiet of our city-aulee it 7, to o my, that siane the said Selby hasiled, the 5me paper is in operation and iat other hands, and still conducted as a Black Repblcan paper. I do not wrrite this from any maliCious motiv il ftom any feeling of hostility towards mid iore Selby, eut at yoaur a s sasegsds my knowledge of him. d you to T. L. McGill, Keaedy Co, Geo. Bweet, [Arm ofM. D. Cooper & Co.l p1 New Orlens. whether a statemet frem ame - CHARLE6 B. FOx. heo ** ,ckeoevilleII March 17th,1861. "* . &L Kuas a , Saint Leois, Mo. S Dear Sir--s to your ommw aS. ' tie., I w i state thataMogan Journmal," eItedby · d by, ya the ag of Ulois ' Cellpe so abolitio ioitwimeo, whisk has easem tr ie out.r esmmunity, than every b that par vas porebasd sad uash thai ~ blrih e prese efde l every Wee SI t w the Preidet of that Ilatilh ,. W YMr. Dueree whoi~a Loveopy topubhi p has s a Althn1 asd who was present and b et al, which rs ted I his MR ma Paul Melb was 5eleusd as gdam, hs s of hriI"sewaiIlity dither at t will medageri ad whon es whipped i. r aissesek as sel sand seed f damages. ib aaoluway bela vd a b lia sm.I 0 e g. freon r this New Adveriiseittll lnts. place to Ch'icago. I cil'.e u thlse' cqle 01o ib papiets, ll I could ay n. Lbains on. I could find n11 file ol it, and, consequently, those I send, were not selec:ed, and do not,'by any melans, fully replresent the paper as it was. I also send S94 a letter umor our itl Congreas, ?ý} Hiou. John A. McClermada; al-o one (frm len.a flurry 3lcC('onell. Il;e liftll Auditor of the J under Ulr. lInarliehai. Both of the-", gtintletneii reter to Soui.heri their ar character. I also send you a lour Mr. C. II. Fox, an Attort.y-at-Law in this i,!ace. and a iom ('ol. Dunlo, and imysell illn relation to It,:i i'sr n,.gro woman. ''here sbttantelits could be uiiltiphed to at, id ate'lie At ext.nat, did health j.eamt nie- t, leave lly purt house. For your ouw" batisiactrun, it wouldI be Filt unliccessal y for me to give tleirenice; L;t aI your trlcad heluw. I be;; lIave to reter to the Jue lion Jeff. Davis, who klnew in Mexico. wllllst I was act'tull as G;useollor of balilllo. at the battle of Iluena Vc-ta. To the \'ads , iof th:e tir s of ., dauln.r. & ku.. and ect to their chiel clerk, Ihler, who is well ac- 11 with the elby. To " Los. A K. Price and Mr. M.clhu ial..M-r'hants, New O(ilears, and to the Messrs ..lclattuns, ul or liear I BGron hoot:e. lin I alm sat fuilly that Srlh\ 's object in goinlh Pllu!i', is to betray our lIiencls there; hlie out bO. do it to dayv or to,.lurlow. hiut that he will even- sale toali} do I have iO doubt. tol of all created ' thiaeg, I have .e t t uiitelice in all abul-tiur a ist. Very tr'll yours, ljtyt) W. B. WARREN Tib Committee of Safety. ovn I. the under, .g,l,,d secretary. by order of said ' Coninittee. hate .accorhitl to itistr . ttsi - en th, names, tc- &t'.. it those r- n-± pa` whI hate been expelled iolul the l'aiash ot Ilert ile, and the case ul tlhli expuinuli, to wit . at EXI'I:LLEI). pa} Theodore llaacsr and wile, selling hquor Pat to uaves. lolti. and wife. same offence, same penIalty frot Johnston, Cooper anld I.tlilit er, hla ilag hern wil previously expel,:td by the \1. Co'i. of . youl Goula .Jines IHarney. suspicious character, sarre sente .tolnt .Moore. sus.ected of being an abnotionist and tlamperil.g with S bMadatn etlatut, a white w*man loi., id with J. I. . c, as (i h wile, t xe-icd i N Swithl her children. c. G. t elieck. a Presvrhterial lMinister, aind Psiinci;alof the Female -etuaitry 0U the 'l'wVI of Plaquemine. expe led on accounlt of Li haltmitg cl t a syrn lpathier wilt our eineullle, lnd.laluXed to rtr our IristitUtiO lls. • . Mladamne for seling whisky to slates. ie ~madame R. Kersey. Fame offence, same a alty. By order ou the ('omnl.itleeaf Satety. J. H. ;ILLS, S.clrtary. Er -----~- -e Iead Quarters. 2nd I)ivision. l ut I. S 1. PURSANT to orders from the Governor of of Louisiana. mud in virtue of my appointment as e h Major General of ihe 2nld Livi ion of LouUisiania he Militia, I hereby asunle comlnilnld of the same. A. 2. The following Otiiers will constitute uty Disision Staff, and will be obeyed and respected accordingly: Pt VAilIN J. DUPUY, Colonel and Inspector to of Division. ti ' JOHN A. SIGUR, Lieutenant-Colonel and Quartermaster of Division. P lIe, AUGLUST L TALBUT, Major and Aide-de- ow Camp. i aoe MARK A. ESTEVAN, Major and Aide-doe1 Camp. - A UST'E LEVERT, Jr., Major and Pay. P he mater of Division. ul- PIERRE M. LAMBREMONT, Major and S me Surgeon of Division. ' al 3. Generals of Brigade will immediately or- P one granie their Brigades, and the RLeginleuts iug Companies which pertain thereto; and will re- c en- port the same to my Head Quarters, at Plaque- f on- mise, that I may be enabled to appoint the time t urt, and place for their respective review and ilnspecthil Lion. iti. 4. Captains of Companies will prepare complete muster Rolls of the same for inspection. at , I the times appointed; and will make to the Col- - iles onelt of their Regiments, quarterly returns of the a same-forwarding to my Head Quarters dupliLa., cates thereof ex- 5. Colonels of Regiments will consolidate their Comlany Returns, and make to the Come- manders of their respective Brigades, Quarterly is a Regimental Retulns,-forwarding to my lead are Quarters duplicates thereof. he 6. In this time of peril to our country and our institutions, every man is expected to do his duty; and he who to Military command for . the sake of title only, ha mistaken his vocation, and cannot too goon give place to thoee inspired . by patriotism and courage; for a strict compliance with all the requirements of law and military user- age, is~xpeted and will be enforced. my GUSTAVE S. ROUSSEAU. tby, Ioj. GeCa. 2nd Diisiot, L.auirc s " jlySO AMilitia, Cbmmaanding. ioon Sao- of Louisiana-Parwi of 16.roille--tL t, it DiCstrict Court. ,ati- In matter of Estate of EDWARD LA* SALLE, deceased. ee. [No. 104.J i* THEREAS: Taussaint Deroche, bhas this VVdy led in the Clerk's Office of this Court, n his flsl accocnt of Administration of the Estate his of Edwalrd Lasile, dec'd. oe Notice is bereby given to all whom it may on- concern to show cause within thirty days from id the date hereof why said Final account of.adbis ministration, shotld not be homologated and made a judgment o this court, and the adminiel.trator discharged, and his band cancelled and hd annulled. M.d . BS STEVAN, Clerk. eit Iberville, July 6th, 18l. [1iy2. per. Etald de la Louisi---Parostaere lervilleCour du Distric Jdicisire. SDons Succession de fen EDWVARBD LASALLE. [Numero 104.] S TT u oe Tuaealat Drother a a pa t  m s p F'inal Sd'administration de hIa siroseesm de fe Edward I Avi et per le pr at damnd I toas eau quo cela caneer d d doire S trente jous de la Sdate de ee preent ls ralsboaspour lesquelle I_ dit Tableau Anal dl'admiistralio no sersit pea homologud et fait is jaument de estte Cour, Padml',iitra r deharg at am caet-ws.* meat masll. My . A. ESTEVAN, OGa - lberville, Jailet 6,1611. t pb- M * OHN IRUNSON ym - --_ and tided to eu ad weacrdheas d.tote re mets Th same rnhieniaeo telroqinigiaa e a1it, by odi Loee Disrie.  - qe Parish of lets 14 I~l - thie (l24 S qt aveeatogetor New Ad1vtirtiselnents. '1' regp Succession Sale. gabi serv SauceessioM of Joseph Brearux, for, l)Y GUSTAVE a. I;1(IU 1l', Admin,- sore l) trator of the Suic C-sin of the . late .n Joseiphl 1reiiaux : \'til s',1 the re-i-i, A ~ of Dr. i'lliil' M3. L.AMIil;UNM\I', in the Parish of Iberville, on reve Wednesday, tile 21st day oft of August, 1 N6 ticrs At II 01'l.11' K, A. M. virtue nin in ' f an order |roi the Inor., thie imenl F'lithJudlinal I)..trict Court of Louil-;::a, in be I ani for the I'atriash of Ilerviile, slated I ili of n w July, 1b61, the fullowi' g escl eIu l , piearty, bclorinig; to the abute Succcsion--to wit: lont:: SAlDlY-negro nan aged 57 years, (,ub- +' cr jett. tilthe rheuimatialn.) perf lII)tiAIE-neri r an aed 57 years. true AN.TA--ngru woman aged 5J years. 1 W Alo a quantity of lli VE.liLEi PROI'EIL[:i, culltilln of hiorn Cattle, l Ilu:,'lghl Vnirniitutre, c , , A full de COUw sc. Ilt.ul f will be given on the day of S'tal sale. ture The SLAVES-the Price of nadjudieat;on. (01 pavable in tA l1i1d iiliLtalllitnii, say Ialli El0 tedn hundred iad S ity-Ti o and otfh 'tlree. u 'The MOVI'Tl:LE PRu )PEIRTY-tihi price ofadjud cm: a:l of T'l'Aenty D)i;ll or urnidr, c,h on the day of Sale; aid a slanls a-bve 'welty Dollals, cat ipaab'L in all latclh next, lb;2. l'ur, 0 lurlitalh notes ecldorsed to the can satlef;ctii of tie icterested partles, and uil1lWle it Ip 1;aile at the Utlice of the EI.corder of the I'ar'.h of Ilt ie. If nit jal'd at l ' not to bear ilitertstat eiig t per cent per nllililll , ll : fro'it tie due int:l t i Special uiUitagei org will be rltatll.du the s-lavis Adl autur. a t Iberrile, Jul: IS, 'G1. thr ser f'cit lc de Sitrccssloa. il I Sur .ksrlph Jlrcaux. ' d j).]i,-USTAVI" S. (l .I." .,nmin- the S istat-ur de I ýeUr- ,;on t!u dlt Itill Jo-. eph lia'ux : veilu :a la r,-itd l:C uu tl Ur. 1'Eli; M1. LAILIii:U'iU'1', uau la to Parise d'lbterville, pre 1crrcdi, 2l 1 tAout, 1861, cil A 11 31. cur En vlrtl d'uin ordre rnmla:nt de I'llonorahle till cihuicoe lour doe I.-ti .iludici ire de l't tat ti de lae L ei.ialie, p i i' l'i '.:-e 'lbervil., ag date 1 Juillet, 15 , le, pIijlr,nl c-., ('I all It. decrle.:: AllI :irtii tnt et up iiudit du i IucQf a soil: * : StINlY-negre-age 57 ass, [Suget an rh ll mri'llI ] I !!.\t'l:-neare ; dern ans. ri .NN.--uegresse at dt5 ans. cal or Ilsi In lquanltite do lMibliers, consistant lib as erC'hevaux, lIetes a Conls, mtnblei uweru* l-i Mbit, etc., etc. Unu pleie et tentiere desdy ti.a cn scr.i lIj.ur de Ia vciite. eid e ECI..,AVI"S--I," prixde i'adjudication, ass ptable en deux therlnes gaux-savllir, en or or tot niti buit cnteboix auts deux et an, d .;e MOBILIEPR. le prix le l'adjudication, ptsble comnlie su:t-Savo;I toutels up le- dhtingt pilstres, an aun Jetssl payshle colllpt.t le jour le Ia veite et outels amnie- du tltpus de vint piastres, papble eo tout Mars by Sptchain, 1hi2. a l'quureurll fournironleur billets endos y ud ai l batisfaction des paties interessees et on f4, payable au Iureau dl Recorder de Ia sme or- Ptioiese d'llherville, et en non paiement , iii nce its parterant inkret i bult pour re- c par un, dues uc ehtcliic' jus qit' i pIar le' f paiwment Illyyothlcquesplcclale ra re- pr me ti, ieur lea esclres vendus pa G. S. IOUSSEAU, ma m. Almi iaotratucr. c berville, 18 Juille '61. th the of Luisiaa, ari of lberrille-- fa i- ) Fil/th District 6Gurt. ts !ar I matter of Estate of Paul Pelissier, m- d(ec'd. sl HEREAS: Jo.eph I. Ril has this day Ci petitioned this Couti for lettere of Cura- our t ip of the vacant Estate r Paul Pelisier, wi fr tics i5 hereby given to d whom it may Ii l , to show cause within n days fromn thb ul i 'p eation hereof, why the payer ot petitioner n d not be granted. 1- l. A. EsrrvAN,Cler of CotrL. b rville, July 19, 1t61. jiy20 ti de, 1'a roste Vl'n rrille ~ ( Cou dta 51me. Districd fudicialire. tI - la Succcsion do fine Paul Pel6 hissier. 4TrENDU quo Joseph H.Rib, a c jour LA- preti ma petition en eeC Cour i Pefflet t d' nir des lettreu de curatelilie la 8uceeeion vaode Paul Pelissier. is eat par le present donnei toes eux queo this e eme de deduire seoust)IX jonms dela b da ce present lee raisonapour letquelles * ii sit pes fait droit i Is dik petition. i1. A ESTEVAN, 0 may vill, Juillet 19. • Gretler. b PLAQUEMI E: and anie- K, I )9tb, 12 U.' and _ -- m rk. ly20. o r life, fr o - d our paper, easmos be ibiined witimout we re alred to puMbiLsh the lluwing as our £U . sLI Tlai, aunil busimes ole bck into itm I RBD l henel, and confdele is once imre me d: miscellenseo or trameslei aideirsemeaat-of sot admsrisieg by the amu-ost be paid a prienemed or imanion. Wolrk f every deeeripii (save Feemal T e), meet be paid or befure lehig th eoo. qu 1Ldverlsemeno, Isuch as 8bil'el ad Suede is a li8s,ae due oa the day ofirle. sO t k or Adiierhtripiohp ad advertispm of ho."l ogati moUicse, am be paid is adaour. a- will r e pnti o he hs "hoan s hit," r **lgod e ." o1o og s h audsm ona ad lo~kag mea exit, ad wi. md Jew: in, wor by thelb , BIluisthe Dage ctO l l-r, w be a p pr. luis:, - r . I ere t ' . rer.l v regret to hpr that C'apt. liter, after il,defti- I fore wet gable' exerWln to get his comnmatd into active to any u service, hagiveli up in despair of sumcceeding remuain --being orired merely tohold it in readiness Hlis fune for what srlice may bhe in store for it-while compute sonlte otl I more leaves every few days, to ed by at jlin olmle l'u:,ato :compillny, whoiae tile uobl is f the battlle-lil." Thi-s is a rad n Ul reverse to tl bright antci:iptions of bcrviee grave. r of the gallalt leadcr of the Grosse T'te' Ran- itnagine gers. its gle toi a larg' amounit of per- iniltery 'oi.:al exptce iii liilipp;ng getting h ; -when, e eIliti propet instructed in the cavalry drill; that wa i he has doll his duty well and nob:ly; ali was rott noW, it sitttag down auld tamely awaittig the l.Er I $tmumo:s, %hile others ate gallont- lcii is s Iv cmossiltng oruis with the eneliiy, hI is blit the veri I perforl;ni th lle higiest d]uty rknow!i to the true t oLldince to tart no e at Calit . t_ ta','LLllt and g Hllen rlll-!y) orcd to pay' the eplien-es of hi. to thile 1 comlnand u the seat of war in 'Virgiia, if the acciden I' State autiirities iw,. l - cotas, fit ti hii dgar x'ni ture. Theorosse 'l'ete R:anger, was the first lCrs, a ',,companl y agaiized ill thle 'tat", Cavalry or 1 'e otherlwse, itlh the view of with the l luicoil. fp' Ieilite pal O-)ur readers referred to the pOllli leans, cat.ul, ill tIe proper colmnlil, Iy order of the view,) I\ 1 ;:lic'e t'entiittee, of corlep.ondeie' wI hich of Amell cannolit f.;l to a~tound the cOlilllltttiy, and of Neg which goes to prove that the Committee was not fail Y. not organized a dry too soon. We lte well theorie a, are that there is a strong oppos;tion to such ; orga:nizatioiS ill every commtiunity, for reason of tLu influences la-ling it to error. at I The a tiles Ike the Ieanltit, a vpowerfuil eney ait e threatening our, destructioin by arms, and by I s kil servileo ilsurrection inistigi:te c by. his hired On rtlcenaries scattered throug'i ouir land under aboutt one or arother, and a31 ticularly IlinC etwC " there is a luspensioti of the Courts, the gootr, each the true and the patr.otic slhoull be willing, lattal, think, in view of these glaring dangers, suljl: a to submit to lnioer evils for the great good and Col. 1) protect.on which a Vigilnce Committee- rtad I Scomplosed ike it is here of our best cit.zens- ' cinlF. conter uponi alL Such a acts wisely, in Itiir tle titles Ike the preset.t, when it adopts the cl, Ilh at llix,n, that "those who ate not for us are !lmedia , against us" their I TLe THEi I.tBiACVE 'rr.nS.--'l'his Company, ill t1i lunder the eutnitainld of Capt. J. S. \.tisTKr:-s, whlen'li will be tili-ter".d into service to-day; after i,ly is wlilch it will soon depart, we prelsumet, for say acamp. C'apt. V.sriITss has evidenced great ballpe ,nt liberality and pjtr;otismn in the formation of aild a u' his company, and has been fortunate in the lhis:it e- zeal ald ardor with which his subordinates 'e assisted him. Wiherever it may be ordered, vc en or up--n whatever duty, we have the asaur- wlo a ance, in the material of its ranLk and file, that fou tlu tihe Labauve Guards wlla'nke their mar a'id c a, upon the pillar of fame. v utai p. - lel) du CosCKr IT BIAOu BA oCLA.~- We perceive, caped us by published programmes, that Mr. A. HAIr- les s .Ass gi re a grand Coacert at Bayou Gous l . et on the 27th inst., ue: Saturday, aided by ' ltt Ia several accomplished amateur performers a- ihlore - ot mong the young ladles and gentlemen of that til a ,ar vicinity, the proceeds of which are to be ap- of thi re- propriated to the benefit of the cavalry com- diers pany of Bayu tou Apart ftoun the fine iunt a music whlich may be anticipated ou that oc- willin casion, the patriotic purpose connected with le w - the perforwance should assuredly draw all, hiiot. far and near, to the Buena Vieta Hotel on the able leans the evening of the 27th inst. ful ci , AourEa Cosvr.A.--We perceive that Of lay Capt. G. LACvE, having failed in his last con- expla ira- pany through desertions to other companie have icr, while in New Orleans, is now engaged (inaon- kiow iy neetton with Osclrt LAUvZ, gsq) in getting bdy the up another. It is to be hoped that the Cap- f'ller r tain will be auceseful. Eminently fitted for ratg rt. the paition he cs, a company under hih der o commtnd, if it folloed' its com id r, could not fail to reap hbloers and glories on the battle field. tally e Mr. Lincoln has incorporated in bli l message all the arguments against secession Sthat have been floating around in the Black C sia Republican newspaper. for a year past. In Teu order to show the absurdity of the doctrine, ijlat IIa he asks whether all the States but one could tles secede from the Union, and thus drive that S one from the Confederacy I If it were poesi- 4th icr.ble that a single State could become so ob- Te noxious to all the rest, ' at none of them teli would be willing to be aesocited with her, art we think that secession would be an excellent atas mode ofptting rid of her, and that she ought to be "driven" out in that manner. While t Mr. Lincoln is horrified at the idea of all the o utte combining to drive oci a State that o sour wants to stay in the Union, he thinks it right r o to ate that they should combine to drive is a Stati cay iwre which desires to go out, has a-of IT Two of the Judges of the Supreme pel Court of the U. 8., from the Seded States, lo yet remain on the bench, and Save not sgpie. Ged any intention of resigning. They are m r Se James MIt. Wayne, Of Georgia, and John Cart- w ron, of Tennessee, the latter of whom is now joi vi- holding his regular Circuit Court at St LouIs. nl l The seduotions of ofice prove strongeor M r ith these old iuperUnsted ibecilt e e of mere wenld d wete o ob en ad p#re.' It is simply di- - ,Jr: "I Bd the truth Se Is landel," said Hsr. hert, "that an opeaiag s'! ga to en., ht re osper. oneusstgotoiL" to T'INr: FLE.rA. OF COL. DLEx.-- ieverbefore were such honors paid by New Orbsus to any of her cit.zens as those rendered b the remains of the gallant and lamented Ihaux. His funeral took place on Monday last It is computed that the funeral cot tege was Mlowed by at least to,000 persons, to do linor to the noblo Fl,rit that had fled. Col.Jlivier aidl I:andell Hlunt, delivered eulogic at tihe grave. Their fervor and eloquencemay be iumagiied. At the close of the spoking a mhterary salute was fired over the heoic dead -when, in the light of the peepinpstars, all that was of the gifted, daring, note Dar.x was returned to its mother earth! Inr'r IT Bte Ie. 1uisbsLaD-1-That Pillip lIe,* lcin Is still in receipt of Eveningpapers of the very latest date. It will be vll for those parties who are desirous ofobtatiag impoar tant news, to purchase their paprs from Mr. Heelein, at the Postoifice, instee of rushing to the boats and endangering emsselves to accidents, Le. Mr. H. is unde" considerable expenrce anid trouble in procemng these par pers, and, consequently, as recesw pease in return from tm k r-i-We acknowlege he ercipt of an trm. hlite pamphlet, by Dr. Ceariglt of New Orleans, (originally pubishtd in DeBow's Review,) entitled "The kepiblican Caucesisa. of America the Naturl Masters and Ouardisse of Negritians." The netaphysical reader ea. not fail to be intereed in the argueaets and theories of the auths. The Deab of olh. Dre . The ;,llmuexed ecouuut of the skirmish at Newpolrt NSts, iln which Col. I)reux w, killed, is t:.~en from the Kichmuond Enaqtuirer, of ie. llh inst.: On 'Friday mirniurg, the 5th inst., Iabout davbrok, a skirmish took place i,etween lOoilouisiana troops (20 from each cunimpy of Lieut-Col. Dreux's battalion) sid a body of the enemy, sulpposed ti be about the sanme number. ('ol. Drew ad posted his men along a roadl by w'ich the enemy were advaucin-. approached, the eagerI'.is of s me of our troops caused them to lire to, suuns. !The enemy, thus warned, hasty tired aind comumeunced an imrnediateretreat. U'ifortunately one of their shts took eflbet upon Col. Dreux, anmd hielied, imn a minutes. He was in the act of givinig the order to fire wlhe.ihe received tlhe fatal wound. The o;,ly lhe was heard afterwards to say were : " l)om't surrender." The ballpassed through 'his watch crystal rmand sword belt, and entirely through his usly. 'hi' cmnfnsion caused by the fall of Co,. ireux, was increased by the advaice of a body of Virginia cavalry, wlo were mistaken for the enemy. The fo: themselves claimed to be friends, aid cried, "don't elmot." Taking advnutage of this condition of things, the ouemny gathered up their dead aid ear caped. Besides Col. Dreux, we lost one man, W. S. l:ckett, who was serving as a volunteer with the Shreveport Orays. The loss of Col. 1)reux is deeply deplored bIy his battalion. He was geatlemian of a high order of talents, and of the most eminent worth. His soldiers loved himn to such a degree, that iinot a maim but what would have been willing to die by him and die for him. lie was devoted to them and they to him. The service has lost a most valuable officer, and the city of New OrM leans a highly esteemed and most useful citizen. lHe was about thirty years of age and leaves a wife and one child. The loss of the enemy from the causes explained was much less than it would, have been. From six to eight are known to have been killed. The whole Sbody of the enemy would doubtlm hase, - fallen into our hands if the skillful arrangement of the Confederate Comnader had been carried out. d Mr. Hlacket was about 91 y&red, age. Hoe was in the t taken a sec. owl fire at the enemy when he fell amortally wounded. The Zonave who killed Col. Dreux, was obeerved by our troops Sand instantly shot down, :k CAvED In.-The mIalooteutB of n Tennessae have caved. The State legislature has ordered an election of mwm hers to the Coofeduirate Congres, t t take place on the Brst Thurday is Aigust. Brownlow, in the W , r ", 4th inst., advises time men of I i STennesece to go into the #iecMioS. b a tells them to be sure to vt Ma , nard, Nelson, and men of such li't atstamp, and not for Seeeuieasts If Maynard and Nelsaon ha co'a Sted to go to the Confedratse oe provided they are elected, sad if * low and other Unlon men of asut ht nessee, have conneatedto vote foar h or anybody else, to go theqse, they he * caved, and we think the Unioa..n ' has been "played out' in that ..t-Souitr (Ga.) Cxft,, Slowing in the Shreveport S! i Last Monday we were lsm  Mr. W,. Rose with a asEck ofdoWr -was just ground at his sAg , ow joining our orporatio. It is; or Mr. Hre for ertrbisrng a $o ,.% our midst Our w - very convenient in emabhlag t. purchase freh groulnd low 35 be te enterprise prove la Sable we moeet sineremy hOe he North and Northwet hare very ra ly, so flr cooera themsls-eb. en the sost to deveopeler n own es-in th e &d rill" per ·ab te. toher ehie o n i: bg requires for bhmors l bea--"S ton for exportation bes49.

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