Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 23, 1968 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 1968
Page 2
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S*ttrt*y, IMi 23, K« (AH) WH Mrtrt MfH* SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Calendar of Events MONDAY, MARCH 25 *:00 5:30 6iOO SATURDAY, MARCH 23 the Hope Country Club will M - ,. hive afl informal spring dance for members Saturday, March 23 starting it 8:30 p.m. Hosts couples are Mr, and Mrs* Vincent Foster, ftaiph Emerson, and Mitch LaGrone, Guild No, 2 of the First Methodist Church will flheef Monday, 2$ at 1;30 p»m* in the TUESDAY, MARCH 26 The «Jett B, Graves Sunday Jchool Class of the First Metho- llst Church will have a Potludc Party Tuesday, March 26, at 7 j.fn. The hostesses are Mrs, Er^in Burke, Mrs* Jewell Burke, vtrs. Herbert Griffin, Mrs. w, !, Wilson and Mrs. Helga Ames, The Cosmopolitan Club will meet In the home of Mrs. H. L. Braoch Tuesday night, March 26 af?:45. are urged to be present, WEDNESDAY, MARCH S? the Hope Junior Auxiliary will present the Nicolo Marionettes to "Hansel and Gretel" Wednesday, March 27 with performances at Hope High School at 9 a,tn. and 10:30 a,m. and at Hopewellat2 p.m. Admission is 25 cents. FRIDAY, MARCH 29 The Friday Music Club will meet at 3;4S p,m, Friday, March 29 In the home of Mrs, Sam W. Strong, Jr. with Mrs, Charles Reynerson and Mrs. James Me- Larty, co-hostesses. Please note the Change of date for the meeting. "TTJ l/%i/)i I&UB* w ^l^r ^r^S^ ^ SA tUtUMlj.. MAR) 6)00 (COtOft) 6)30 (COLOR) 7:00 (COLOR) 7)30 (COLOR) 8:30 (COLOR) 9)30 (eOLCR) 10; oo (COLOR) 10:15 11)45 (COtCR) 111 5 (COLO 5 .) 1:30 AM tt t fit** i \t *j 1 «• *m * * i 4tk fl UMiAJi* SB-, ".t HAww ^^C/ SSL.«J3j....J3^8 •• - - . • LEt' S <50 to flffi RACES fHS SATUJ6 6AKE K&fLTWEO GAME LAWRENCE WELK SHOW HOLUfWDOO PALACS CBJTENARf CHOIR THE 10 O'CLOCK REPCRf THE BIO MOVIE "two Yeafs Before The Mast" Als« Lftdd, Bfian Donlevy THS JOS* BISHOP SHOW WEEKEND N*WS SINE OFF 9:06 9:25 9«.50 10:00 10:30 U:00 It! 30 11:55 I2i00 12:30 I ! 00 t:30 2:00 2:30 3:00 it'. 30 5:00 5i30 6:00 6:30 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 10:15 10:30 12:00 £nl»p Judge:.\ent KBC (C) Nartcy Otckcisan with the News Concentration NBC (G) Personality W5C (C) the Hollywood Squnres K'BC Jeopardy NBC (C) Eye Guoes (C) Edwin Kevna.nn with the News tittle Uock todcy (C) Let's Make a Deal NBC (C) Days o£ Our Lives NBG (C) the Doctors NBC (C) Another World NBC (C) You Don't Sfly NBC (C) The Hike Doug In r. Show (C) 1 Love Lucy F-'froop Huntlcy Brinktoy Report . News & Wfjather Report (C) The Monkces NBC (C) Uownn and Martin Lnuch-ln The Dnnny Thouas Show NT.C IhDpy NBCC (c) News nnd Weather (C) Lonnlc Gibbons Sports Show the Tonight Show NBC (C) SIGN OFF lOtOO lOt 1 \ t V i i J 10:20 10)30 HONl • 4M 7)30 8:30 11:00 11:30 1?;00 UOO i «irt 1 9 JV 1)55 2)00 2)30 3(00 3)30 5)00 5t30 Aifto Q 1 W 6>1S 6)20 6i30 8:30 !»*»* *ftd DtitfMf o Ttt* BottMl Of i*ht ftovU - AlC (C) AIMS COUS" ArlUn»*« »«%* «ft<i V^ithir (C) Wotld K**t tC) «u<t C**tsK*il SfrotU (C) tT<« Ut« Shovt "C«AS* A CtOOKIO 8RACOW" Aflfti 8<At«f » tlchiH Tcdd (C) nit MattitRl - levitehed - A»C ttiMUfi t»ie « AlC (C) tH* M«oft Shew - ttv* (C) M«wlyw«d 0**« - AJIC (C) Th« ft«b; OM« - ABC (C) Chtldfifl'i Obetdr - AJC (C) fitncrtl Ho*ptt«l - ASC (C) D«rk Sh«dowi - ABC (C) 04 ting G*M » ABC (C) ftoio'« 81| Top Coaici - Llv« (C) Bob Young ivtiilng M«v» - ABC (C) troth or C<ms«|u«tic«i (C) Ark«n«fli N«v« ind W«nth«r (C) World H«WJ| (C) Bud C*iBpb«ll Sporti (C) KAtV MOSOAIf »tCHT MOVIE • 'HARVEY" J«n«i Stewart HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel YOUTH ASKED FOR ITl This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Send your teenage questions to YOUTH ASKED FOR IT, care of Helen Help USl this newspaper, l/wr ANH SHORT OF IT LONG AND SHORT OP IT Dear Helen: I see where they're trying to bring back long to t Ued ^ tween two choices. A sorority party Is coming up soon. I can ask Terry, who is kind of skag- g V| and I don't really like him. He would be flattered, and t'rn sure I'd get several more dates out of it, plus an invitation to the big spring ball, On the other hand, I could ask Jim. He walks me to classes and walks me home and he's really happening, but not much for dat- ing> N0t th ^ t **' S W&^ K irls _ he enjo dances and I'm sure likeg t • doesn>t waflt skirts-- half way to your ankle Last- time the gals wore these miserable things was during the about Depression, my Dad tells me. The first time skirts went short was in the Roaring Twenties, when people first started making real money. I made a study of styles in relation to prosperity, and found that the longer women's skirts become, the poorer is the country as a whole. The higher they hike, the more we have to spend, I can either settle for security with a boy I'm not crazy or take a gamble on a guy i likei— and run the risk of being dateless the rest of the year. I'll die if I don't get a bid to that spring ball I Which?- STYMIED IN STOCK- 6:45 AM TEST PATTERN 7:00(Color) THIS COLOtFUL WORLD 7:30 ALLEN REVIVAL HOUR 8:00(CoIor) CHILDREN'S GOSPEL HOUR 8:30(Color) MILTON THE MONSTER 9:00(Color) LINUS THE LIONHEARTED 9:30(Color) BUGS BUNNY 10:00(Color) BULLWIMCLE 10:30(Color) DISCOVERY 11:00 BROADMOOR BAPTIST CHURCH 12:00(Color) SPORTS HIOILKUTS 12:15 HOUSTON ASTRO BASEBALL "Astros vs Oakland" 3:00(Color) AMERICAN SPORTSMAN 4sOO(Color) LONE STAR SPORTSMAN 4:30 BRONCO 5:30(Color) RAT PATROL 6:00(Color) VOYAGE TO BOTTOM OF SEA 7:00(Color) THE F. B..I. 8:00(Color) SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIE "Guys and Delia" Marlon Brando,Frank Sinatra ll:00(Color) 10 O'CLOCK REPORT 11:20- THE BIG MOVIE "Here Come the Wavea" Blng Crosby.Betty Hutton l:00(Color) ABC WEEKEND NEWS 1:15 AM SINE OFF MONDAY. MARCH 25. 1968 6:45 AM Dear S.LS.: Take a gamble on the guy you like. It's more honest. Besides, If you date a "skaggy" for security, he'll sense it, dump you before the spring :00(Color) 30 Could the designers be trying ball _ { h e , _ H " to ___ NOMICS STUDENT Dear Student: Only that they've ridden the mini as far as it can go, and now they figure it's time for a change. And for my money, the mid- length skirt is a change for the worsel— H Deao* Helen: My girl friend and jrhave been going together 'for*about a year. Suddenly her mother demanded that she date other guys, so she has been go- Ing out with three boys, besides me. I went along with this for about three weeks, but I don't think these boys are to be Dear Helen: When I was living at home, I had a dream almost every night. H seemed that someone was trying to murder my mother and I always saved her just In the nick of time. She and I never got along, but now we do, and the dreams have stopped. What did they mean? — C.J. Dear C: Freud I'm not, but I'd guess the dreams meant you wanted what you finally got — your mother's friendship. I'm so glad they've stopped. — H Want an S.OJS. Button? To join the "Stamp Out Steadying" 10:00(Color) 11:00 ll:30(Color) 12:00 l:00(Color) l:30(Color) l:55(Color) 2:00(Color) 2:30(Color) 3:00(Color) 3:30 00(Color) 30(Color) :00 30 trusted with a nice girl. She, Club sefld a dime and a starnp . of course, says different. Don't you think things are going too far?- SINKING FAST Dear S.F.: I hope notl My cynical old I.G.A.P. (I'm Guessing Again Perception") says ^things are going just as 8:30(Color) 10:00(Color) 10:30(Color) 12:OOM TEST PATTERN BOZO'S BIG TOP SHOW DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Street of Chance" Burgess Meredith THIS MORNING BEWITCHED TREASURE ISLE THE FUGITIVE THE NEWLYWED CAME THE BABY GAME CHILDREN'S DOCTOR GENERAL HOSPITAL DARK SHADOWS THE DATING GAME DIALING FOR DOLLARS THEATRE "Caught In the Draft" Bob Hope,Dorothy Lamour ABC NEWS 5:30 REPORT THE RIFLEMAN 6:30 MOVIE "Good Morning, Ml»» Dove" Jennifer Jones,Robert Stack, Chuck Conner a ABC SPECIAL "Kiss Me Kate" 10 O'CLOCK REPORT JOEY BISHOP SHOW SINE OFF ed, self-address envelope to Helen's S.O.S, Club, P. 0. Box 9997, Sacramento, California, 95823. Hurry, they're going fasti This column is dedicated to family living, so if you' kid KAR help YOU he wUlalso er daughter tires of single- dating. - H Dear Helen: I am caught be- in care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1968, King Features Syndicate. Inc. 8:00 10:00 10:15 Saturday, March 23 News and Weather Report (C) Arkansas Outdoors (C) The Saint NBC (C) Get Smart NNC (C) Saturday Nif.ht at the Movies "Send Me No Flowers" with Doris Day and Rock Hudson News and Weather (C) The Million Dollar Movie "Seventh Sin" with Eleanor Parker and Jcon Pierre Aumont it P.S. 244 In Brooklyn, N.V-, receive jndjvid- uaiized instruction in ariihraetic from 9 computer mile* away iuTManhattan. Beginning this fall, tUe computer- based gysleoiTHttiere are 200 units in 15 of the city'l ete- ^&y ^feo/ols^-wm a44 reading and sp*Uing instruction W tt« \m&W fw some 6,000 pupils. 4I|er scbooi bftwr», the RCA computer serves remedial and adult education ra«i~9iMi ladles admioistratiye data processing for ''' Board of Education. SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 1968 Gospel Singing Jubilee (C) God is the Answer Insight "The Coffee House" The Sacred Heart (C) the Christophers Pulaski Heights Methodist Church Meet The Press NBC (C) Challenge '68 (C) Labor's Language (C) People and Patterns (C) Shell's Wonderful World of Golf Championship Ben/ling (C) Experiment In TV NBC (C) Frank McGee NBC (C) GE College Bowl NBC (C) Flipper NBC (C) Wild Kingdom NBC (C) Wait Disney's Wonderful World of Color NBC (C) the Mother s-In-^Law NBC (C) Ice Capades NBC (G) High Chaparral NBC (C) News and Weather (C) The Million PoUar Movie "Calling Bulldog Drummond Walter Pidgeon i;OM>/Y, 1IAUCI! 2S, 190C5 6:45 KFO with Bob Duicc (C) 6:5!) Horning Devotions (C) 7:00 The Today Fho.; NBC (C) 7:25 Arknnsnc tfr.-s «md l/eacher 7:30 The Today fhc.y; 1,'BC (C) 8:00 The Today Shov; KUC (C) 8:2b Arkansas Kcv.-s & Uer.fhfeV (C) (>:30 Thfr TotJfly fhow KEC (C) 10)00 10)15 10)20 10:30 Ki«« H« ICnte - ABC (C) SPECIAL Ark*n««» N«w« *nd We«th«r (C) World N«w« (C) Bud CAmpbfU Sport* (C) Joay Blihop Show - ABC (C) SATURDAY, MARCH 23 Si 30 PORTER NACONER SHOW - C 6«00 W1LBORN BROTHERS - C 6«30 THK SAINT - C 8i00 YOUR SATURDAY NIGHT MOVIE "ONLY THE VALIANT" - B4W GREGORY PECK-BARBARA PAYTON lOtOO NEWSCOPE - (NEWS-WEATHER- SPORTS) - C 10t20 CHILLER- "MUMMY'S TOMB BtW - LON CHANEY 12»00 THE BEAT - C 12*15 EVENING DEVOTIONAL SUNDAY, MARCH24 6r55 AM MORNING DEVOTIONAL 7jOO SPIRITUAL HOUR - C 7t30 AMERICA SINGS - C 8»00 GLORY ROAD - C 8:30 GOSPEL SINGING JUBILEE - C 9s30 HERALD OF TRUTH - C 10:00 TEXARKANA TOWN TOPICS - C 10)30 INTERNATIONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL 10)45 CHURCH SERVICES 11)45 ARK LA TEX FORUM - C 12)00 N MEET THE PRESS - C 12)30 PM WAGON TRAIN - C 2)00 SHELL GOLF - C 3)00 THE WAR THIS WEEK - C 3)30 EXPERIMENT IN TELEVISION 4:30 FRAKK MCGEE REPORT - C 5)00 GE COLLEGE BOWL - C 5:30 FLIPPER - C 6:00 WILD KINGDOM - C 6)30 WALT DISNEY - C 7)30 MOTHERS-IN-LAW - C 8)00 ICE CAPADES - C 9i00 HIGH CHAPARRAL - C 10)00 NEWSCOPE - (NEWS-WEATHER SPORTS) - C 10:30 SUNDAY TONIGHT SHOW - C 12)00 EVENING DEVOTIONAL MONDAY , MARCH 25, 6)20 AM 6)25 6)45 7)00 7)25 7)30 8)25 8)30 9)00 9:25 9)30 10)00 10)30 11)00 11)30 12:00 N 12)30 PM 1»00 1:30 2)00 2:30 3)00 3(25 4)30 5)00 5:30 6:00 6)30 PM 7)00 8)00 9)00 10)00 10)30 12)00 MORNING DEVOTIONAL TEXARKANA COLLEGE - C FARM DIGEST - C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN TEXARKANA - C TODAY SHOW - C TODAY IN SHREVEPORT - C TODAY SHOW - C SNAP JUDGMENT - C NBC NEWS - C CONCENTRATION - C PERSONALITY - C HOLLYWOOD SQUARES - C JEOPARDY - C EYE GUESS - C TV PARTYLINE - C LET'S MAKE A DEAL - C DAYS OF OUR LIVES - C THE DOCTORS - C ANOTHER WORLD - C YOU DON'T SAY - C THE MATCH GAME - C LAFFALOT CLUB - C WANTED) DEAD OR ALIVE BtW MARSHAL DILLON - B4W HUNTLEY-BRINKLEY - C NEWSCOPE - (NEWS-WEATHER SPORTS) - C THE MONKEES - C ROWAN 4 MARTIN'S LAUGH-IN THE DANNY THOMAS HOUR - C I SPY - C NEWSCOPE - (NEWS-WEATHER SPORTS) - C THE TONIGHT SHOW - C EVENING DEVOTIONAL HA TV SATURDAY MARCH 23 5:30 6)00 The flying Fisherman (C) and Weather (C) (C) 6:30 7:00 7s 30 8:30 9:30 10)00 Th* Neviyv«d C*»« - ABC (C) Uwr*nct Welk - ABC (C) HoUyvood P«Use •* ABC (C) Marshal Dillon W*V» »n«J W*»ther (C) Covboy In Africa - A*C (C) Show - A«C (C) SimPAY. MA»CH 24 7:30 8(00 g; 30 9JOO gj 30 JO: 30 11:00 12:00 12-30 l:0 o The VeoabU Quartet (^) Bullvio^i* - ABC Milton Th* Mpn»t*r - ABC (C) Unus The Liot»h*att*4 •»• ABC (C) House Hunting v/Judy Pryor (C) Discovery - ABC (C) Fir»t Baptist Church - Fin* Bluff Cre«t 0«ci»ioD» (C) Church of Christ (C) - ABC (C) L I T T L E R 0 C K 5>tINDAY, MARCH 2U ,55 SIGH ON/PROORAM HIGHLIGHTS 7tOO 3UNRI3E SEMESTER CB3 7:30 FRAJ'KQISTEIN JR. (t THE IWuiiJlBLES CDS (C) 8:00 TOM & JERRY CBS (C) 8l30 UNDERDOG CB3 (C) 9:00 JONNY QUEST CBS (C) 9i30 SUNDAY CHUBOH SERVICE 10JOO CAMERA THREE CBS (C) 10t30 FAITH FOR TODAY (C) 11:00 THE ANSWER (C) 11:30 FACE THE NATION CBS (C) 12:00 IVORY KINGDOM 12l15 CHANGING TIMES 12»30 NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE GAME 3»00 CB3 CHILDREN'S FILM FESTIVAL "Hand in Hand/ U:30 AMATEUR HOUR CBS (C) 5«00 THE 21at CENTURY CBS (C) 5130 THE LONE STAR SPORTSMAN (C) 6:00 LASSIE CBS (C) 6:30 GENTLE BEN CB3 (C) 7»00 THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW CBS (C) 8tOO THE SMOTHERS BROTHERS COMEDY HOUR CBS (C) 9»00 MISSION IMPOSSIBLE CBS (C) 10:00 NEWS AND WEATHER 10:15 CBS SUNDAY NEWS CBS (C) 10:30 FAMOUS ARTISTS SCHOOL 10:U5 CHANNEL 11 ACADEMY THEATRE "Submarine Soahawk" 12:10 SIGN OFF Monday. March 25 6:28 SIGN ON 6:30 ECONOMICS 7:00 ARKANSAS A.M. WITH LOCAL & STATE NEWS (C} 7:05 CBS MORNING NEWS 7:30 ARKANSAS A.M. (C) 8tOO CAPTAIN KANGAROO 9:00 CANDID CAMERA CBS 9:30 THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 10:00 ANDY OF MAYEERRY CBS 10:30 THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW CbS 11:00 LOVE OF LIFE CES (C) 11:25 CBS MID-DAY NEWS 11:30 SEARCH FOR TOMOHHOW CBS (C) llli|5 THE GUIDING LIGHT CBS (C) 12:00 EYE ON ARKANSAS (C) (live) 12:30 AS THE WORLD TUHJ/3 CBS (C) 1:00 LOVE IS A MANY SPLEMDQRED THINGS CBS 1:30, ART LINKLETTER'S HOUSE PARTY 2:00 TO TELL THE TRUTH CBS (C) 2125 CBS AFTERNOON KEW3 2:30 THE EDGE OF NIGHT CBS (C) 3»00 THE SECRET STOHM CBS (C) 3l30 PASSWORD (C) I* > 00 5(60 PtKftt MA30N taKAt£'3 NAVY c& 6100 6 1 15 6 120 « 30 9100 10 i 00 10 1 10 WSATH» 3FOW3 LAflS S OUffSKOtt 888 (Q\ fHg tOCt SHOW 088 (0 ) ^l Afl&¥ ORtPPttH SHOW (0) PAMiLY WTAlfi CfiS (CJ *Hg CAROL MffWgtf SHOW 083 fffiWS with oodrgf Held** WSATH1R wlfch Bill t 3PORTS EYI wilh Jlfl CHASStt 11 ACAOWf 10J30 12110 LATE »8W3 ROUNDUP (0) 12115 SIGN orn- KSLA-TVQI2 SATURDAY WICK 23 5t30 6«00 6i30 7 1 30 61 00 8t30 9 i 00 lOiOO 10i30 12«00 CBS Evening Ch«nn«t 12 Jackie GU«aon My Three Sons Megan's Horoca Petticoat Junction Manntx Chunncl 12 The Ut« MoVla "Spy Hunt," Howard DuCC, Marta SUKOAY '....-HARCH 24 O ha Ch r n tophj t » 7)00 Bob & HU Buddlan 8 i 00 Tom & Jnrty 8:30 Underdog 9 1 00 HalUlujah Train 9t30 Farm & Home 10)00 Camera Three 10i30 Thla It The Life UiOO St. Mark's Episcopal Church 12jOO Face The Nation 12 t30 Hockey Game OC The Week MlnnoaotB North Star*/ Pittsburgh Penguin* 3.00 W. C. Fields Special I "You Can't Cheat An Honest Man," Edgar Bergen A i 30 Amateur Hour 5iOO 21st Century 5:30 Channel 12 Nevs/Veather 6iOO Lassie 6:30 Gentle Ben 7iOO Ed Sullivan 8:00 The Smothers Brothers 9:00 Mission Impossible lOtOO News/Norton I0il5 CBS New«/Reasoner 10 i 30 Secret Agent I llj 30 The Mormon Choir 12:00 Vespers • ,„, * MONDAY MARCH 25 6:25 Economics (Mon-Thur) 6:25 Across The Fence (Frt) 6j55 Your Pastor 7:05 CBS News/Bent I /* 7:30 Bob & His Buddies 8:00 Captain Kangaroo 9:00 Candid Camera 9:30 Beverly Hillbillies 10:00 Andy Of Mayberry 10:30 Dick Van Dyke 11:00 Love Of Life 11:25 CBS News/Bent I 11:30 Search For Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Light 12i00 News/Owen 12:30 As The World Turns I:00 Love Is A Many Spleudored Thing 1:30 House Party 2:00 To Tell The Truth 2i25 CBS News/Edwarda 2:30 Edge Of Night 3:00 Secret Storm 3:30 Cllllgan's Island 4:00 Rawhide 5:00 McHale's Navy 5:30 CBS News/Cronklte 6:00 News/Owen 6:25 Weather/Bolton 6:30 Cunsmoke 7;30 The Lucy Show 8:00 Andy Griffith 8:30 The Monday Night Movie "Meet Me After The Show," Betty Crable, MacDona Id Carey 10:00 News/Dodson 10:25 Weather/Bolton 10:30 Carol Burnett Show 11:30 Sea Hunt 12:00 Weather/Vespers 3:00 AsuericfS Sportsjian - **C (C) Life in Arkansas By TOMMY YATES Associated Press Writer The Jackson County his. torlcal society has received a special addition for the Jacksonport Museum, it's an ain theotjc wail telephone, given by Mr, and Mrs, Alfred Moon of Swlfton, This telephone was first placed la the Ferdinand Tonney home *t SvWlon i« 1906, Tte Swift on exchange was a locai exchange from J903 to 1906 and the only iong distance phone in the town was at the general store during those early years, la J90®, however, progress moved In and Swifton gained a standard system when a beak* er and the mayor instigated affiliations with the Allied Telephone Co. Sow retained their old wall telephones, having them wired to riflg with the oew system. And so it has been year after year io town after town, the human element is slowly disappearing from telephone use, There was a time when you could dial "0" and engage in conversation such as: Wheo you try to dial "0" to get the operator, chances are you'll get this question? "Have you tried to dial $» rect? M the operator will i*k. Naturally, you can't think of a good reason except perhaps that you were too stupid to re« member the correct sequence of dialing, That's so rough oo the egq that you fainajly convince your* self you've got it figured out this time. So, you dial. There's this popping and the first lesson you've learned is not to hold the receiver to close to your ear. You wait anxious* ly for the ring. "I'm sorry," says a com- put*r4Jke voice, "You've dialed aa incorrect number. Would you please casck your directory to be sure you have the right number," "I know tetter. I know I dialed those numbers exactly right," you want to say, Put you realize it's useless bicause the telephone gets the last word, "i'ro sorry, but JTQIJ have dialed aa incorrect number, Would you please , , ," OUeontinued Coil The United States minted, i 20-cent coin in quantity at Carson City, Nev., in 1875. The com was not popular, however, and was soon discontinued. Pr* latter Permanent! 8o4y, or ion Wave) Curators Jydy

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