Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 4
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, flUNOlf.MSMr, DEC. f8* 1916. DAILY GAZETTE Standard K<titf>r«i an.! Hr except Ftmd?ty Six- Entered nt po«ttf»flfl«'»». M ifwxmd-clftfti matter. Rate*—By carrier in R&dt Fan* or by m»fl nt 0T Rook Pan* prutofflee. ff.56- tor six months, 11,25 UHmthft, or 10 cents « weefc, & tfl» currier every Saturday BrtiUli trtitttde KterHns «"<! " " "0 a y«tr, ft 25 for s l&.e*f»t* per month. NATION OP WA8TERS. of spenders which «rs & nation of wast- ire thotisaJida of tacit who wotild be pros- tt they had not trusted when they Werd - Bts>Wns An A people we trout to A «yit«natlc habit of saving, oil th« American tfeonle, becoming: affixed tn»f\,who «*tt tito ten. and th« proh/ftlllty la undw normal ciumitlonit he I from ll to 20 p»r w*t of It, that ft for thlnff* 4hat were not Wb«n Ji|» Miary la in* f!8 he HpeSQi th« plump i;wh«n h* could potnibly n&ve t«T $4 of the »um. When he ,. * WMk h* moves to a better ji—nobody c»n blam« tilm for * better home —but he Inte ettwf expMiam. dtatlatlCH > th*t finally the ftverag* Amer- rM£h«N| th« a«« of CO in de- on Ml 'dally eArningH or on ttT •Upport. Only ftv» «y*ry hundred on the at« of 60 have accutn- funda to take care of fltt thrtr old a«re. to M for board and lodging, i for clothing .and necessary en•Ad spend* .the other fid foolishly. Buppos* n mi'.n from 20 to 8ft *rmi!d *lmpi|y to nave $3 R, week cnit of Mn fr'afcen, not rmmtfnj? th« ftirreajMtJ Interest he vt-oiiM iivei-ftS* tl^f> a y*nr. FV>r forty years that wr.HUI Jflve him Jri.AfiO. Tn tho.forty yearn that, amount of money •would more than ""double, at the com- mi"-r<-'ja! r.ite of interest on savings At- posited in the banks. That would give a man at fio at leajit f !i,QAO tn put out at Snt*>re*f which at 6 per cent bring him $72ft a jtPir, nn Income dent for the average, elderly rrmn and bis wife to live on with comfort. Blfire tttfttffttira tell wt that S8 per rent of tK»e who reach 80 'ar« either dependent on their own election or on others for their mipport this, certainly demonRirn!e« th* fact that aa & people we nrft wasters. The other 6 p*>r cent get ahead and do »o no doubt ulroply bMattne they determine at the beginning to aav» part of their earninRn aind by jurtlclPTiB Investment find them- t&fut in their old ag* able to live on a comfortable coat mflrJVvvho isn't certJilhlv n.ts llttl* '<f ly-no • lias 1 'ork in h!« unul. But the rmn From tlhht t!rm> on until il is ail r. ywir wife will he norvou* b«M-/ut««* .* wlH en-pry mfnut» \>r> pxfwtirsjr ymi on j'onr rh'rlsfnins pres <l«r thf> hfrt fir <>l«rwhf rf . Tdung men do not read editorial*. If It WRB possible m reach the young men of thin community who nre Juiit beginning llfo and to make, them feel that the man who does not save a part of bin qmall wages will not Bavo a part of hi* larger wnges. nttd making them realize that UIPJI Home good would result If it was [x.sslblB to get them started In the saving habit old age would never be n burden to them or their friend*. CAUGHT oiTjHE FLY to should have/ ft wlml break ItlpliN^miRh to protect the tfi!l*-«t tr;»v*<fer who crosses su<"h weather fts w<> have been hnvinir. Just nt thf» Ifist tnomr-nt flon't r°'' know you will hare forgotten Boni**- \hlnK (ind It will probably be of tnar-h Importance. Better buy tt now.,- Jimtj^member this Is a progressive ttgfp. No matter bow nice the- present you gave her last year *he> will expect much better 'this year. Tj<'<"iftHy th <•»?**> t>t « . nuisicnl nature, werj? ! i)y ft,-,-!;-; hfcM TiSAhly rtppr^fJ.'itff!'. An »'1mi«.H'«> jpricf | Mr. :ui'! Mr«i. of fifteen rent* •added f'«n«M<*raMy foj~t mi!'- >*>nt?i 1h> r n rut of the paten* -t^t-bers hjwfi- I \\htie rirnnmr aftf-r a ball ' ' NV<v. 30, ni the. 1mm*' of '•'-•* STUM* rif hrr ?*5«ter. Mrs. AII«Ti,M*t - Itt'ktN n hrMhVr r.f Sir. Fallows, .whom !»'» Ni-!w>ri. »•!»"> rfmU* «l«wt . h*-w* in thf> fir*t p.irt of the ivHf-k. I Finn, nut f^i<i{ for a tonp time. Th«y- f thi* viHnce. \ 'Thnpyrtrty find KrMfty *nf;l«s« week, ! will visit -w TiiimHer f>f jritiw* In the the ; Mr*. H«»rt Kn«-'x fnu-rj runoff h«*r in S*:;ff. ^. '"- f,.!Hns f.f )>.e count T- f;irrn, m«--l wnh fh" b.->it<! <>f *nj«»tvi- •-<.r» nt M<-Tri«(-n TiiVM(l;(y ,-uul tt'f-<3- r",'. e «5rty ^>f this week. » ••j'c f »rf<K'fiuii > Ijinrf.'n Tli.CTiTray jus-t he in rr. n tnr( 1 ! fif-<w, ; hefnre rr t'.irnfns home. g- , " M.'^ ! r: Mii;rt, h« nn-1, .ipmf-nt for* 1 miich n in ,*!!' -h jcr*."<t . fell put tiif- ftn " ; lli»t ;h'-r jcnpfft ! «-;«s htukcn. !»f>rifn.i« JnjJiry, l.'ttt. th» r»tit» v .Mrs, Kliii TTrtr'1. of St. F»»]. , \-iuiiine her ntstr-r, Mrs>. S.iiti >JiT',n i . i J5f««'l' < Heath. Tf-ttriif-r, ,-in* makini: ptv- pa r:if !<•?),« tn h;iv<- a r'-lelTat !.>.'•. (t<-e arnl ;t literary program. Frhiny ( -v< n • "f Biitfirof>hUe lr s ivel ; nnrt other frienrt«, thr^e mUrs »>;i~! of either night or day. • ! MV'rr»V>n. diirinj: ' the holiflay period. A Inrgf r"imion of the Fndtlfn f.'im- JUss Kvelyn Kwf-rs-, of Fentt'lv wa« , iriK hefiirp «..'hriitmn«. --. .. ; K'.l. S. fvi!»%v« and «nn. Hryan. start : «<d Tuesday f»r I'twn'djsoiivilte. Mary ' .lafjrt.^.yh/'re they will pays; th^ winter \ rn?m sewral ilaj'f-lastweelc. .*"'"' Mr. - ! t .. tlien. of : Wf-fk at ^ Little Kl : prirr-nt«. l Nfr.^, \\'ar.jl tV-win find t-'rh-. pvi-ifd a .. fc.jg.__tj_ftSJ|_JitllL Ihe ,fr-j>«e HoiiSf-tnan home. iinnr fx-wls visited her grand >Tr. an«! Mr.*, Kdpsr rabbit sauaagen are being made In Texan, where the rabbits are as thick an sparrows In tho north. There are a lot of vacant lots In the it>;. Why not Btart another potato Jio* who will rail* the best potatoes or garden tmck next year* It would do two itiinirs, make uselt-ns land useful and keep ld|» boys buny. 7 \ Underwear for Christmas ^ , ' V. " WKat is more Useful, more practical fo;r gifts? These Vassar Swiss union suits arie easy to select for we know ;**his" size—part of our service. Buy -him two or three suits of this fine for Christmas. $2, $3, $5, $6 , _ Bradley-Boy nton do. Co. • fu V Central Union ia the mark (be world is etriv- * u > * in«: for today, A H 11 T""l 1% iPpdp ^(w wflp WP ^y4p ipy yfr jjm^jp Hk wt^ii& if* LSI to your tffict, yojut h«pe t or your factory, will do much % towards the- realization of your ideal*. , ltotiv«ri, Central Union Telephone Company, 0. M. Snnla will have to jflv*» rl<wp attention, to his carhHreter or it will up. Then what? th« shortftRO In no many lines don't expert Banfa io bring everything you want thin yenr. If you are unable to fiml Just what you want the firnt time you RO round take another 11%. Somebody has It. ^ «f & The hltth <v«t of meal Is helplnc dr- the country of rabbits. COLONEL LOWDEN'S SAGACITY. (r'hleago Henud.) Antutefieus baa been shown by Oov» ernpr»I01«>t>t KVitnk U. Irfnvden In bis preimrntiun for a »enKon of ruiiRtrtic* live mlniMlr/illon IN. tho confotltlaUon »f l>ini? slnto bureaus nnd.commta- In an intelligent manner.Col- onel t^owden has hnd bills drnfteti to eft'iK-t tbeHB changes, MIF* IIAM calletl together conferences 3 i>f )fgislnllvr> leaders and In general he; npjM-ors to bo plnnning' for bunlnejuillhe prm-mSim*. Hut uf far irr*ia«r promise to the succ0titi of hi* reforms Is his decision to rpfmln from making appointment* until his bflls have been passed by the legislature. That Is well-high essential to practlenl accompllRhmcntii. If new men ar« appointed "to tho sundry oillcpx which It in proposed to eliminate und v to consolidate. bcforo the chonK«-« have been decreed Colonel Lowden'B hopes would go t*» thft scrap heap, • i Every appointee would be a argumt-nt against con»olidaUun. And every olliocboldcr's veiited Interest' tn his Job Is convincing to legislator*. The robuildlng of the state's governmental machinery would Iw inevitably deferred to a more convenient neamin. Appointments postpontxl iu-« therefore pledges for a Huccesuful MCKHIOII at DEATH OF W. A. GOLDER Pantd Away Saturday Evcning~Fu- n*r»| Tuacday Aftarnoen. . William A. Colder, whose nicHiH's» wan mt'ntlonetl in a late number uf The Qaietto, died at -his residence on Weat Fourth street Saturday evi»nlnir, having been flick only a few d(»yn. Pneumonia watt thf dlHPRHo which no t|tiiok- )y .proved fatal. Mr. Ooldcr WUH born in the 8(ttt« uf Nuw York on the 80th day of May. IS38, AM a small child, he wan brought by hl« parents in an emigrant wnjwn to HllnoU. The family tirwt settled in McH«nr>- county, then removed to Whit«>tild0 county, where tlm father. Jott«i>h tiold«r, bomfbt a farm and llv- «d for-a number of yearw. Later the father and HOII engaged in the lumber and grain trade tn Bterllnjr, the fonnd.erH of what IH now the bunltut«s of Tbe Mosew Dillon Co.' In 1885 Mr. Wlillftm A. Colder dispon«d of his interest in Sterling and engUKed In «th« wbolenftle poat trad« in Chicago, afterwards retiring and living until lout spring upon the «hore» of White Lake Iri Michigan. He was the father of threo children, one dying in infancy, Hugh dylnj; at the ago of twenty years _and _hi« .oiily daughier, Mrs,"" j^ena Starki-y dying three yeam ago, lie and his wife wer« planning to move back to Sterling to pauH their tlecliiiKlng yearn among tho old friendr when hlw wife ubuMt, a year UKO quite suddenly died. Air. Qoliiin* returned ta Stwriing early in the spring of thin year a,nd eatabllHhed his home with JDavId Keefer and wife, and Mrs. Marie Sptutr. Mrs. K««fer. and Mr«. gptmr being fUtilem wife and the latter having made her! kpinu with Mr, Ooldor and wife for many yearn Mr, Qoldei**!! only nwir relatlvea are Mrs. L. C. Jenkfnv. of ClearHeld, Iowa, Mr*, N, G> Van.Bant, slater* of Storting, and the children of 'Emma U older Dil|on who was a ulater., He wa» fc charter member of the Odd Fellow'* lodge of Sterling where he al- way« 'retained his r memhernhU>. lie wan a faithful attendant and- Hupportr ar of the Congregational church and thoroughly honorable iu alt bU deal* ingfl. Air. (lolder WUH' a friendly man, «!» ways welcome wherever !>» w^nt and made lasting friond»hip». He nuffeml a good deal In hl» ta»it *»U'k- but did not compluln. lie rwallxed fully that hl« «tcka»H8 wtniht b» fatal and c«)mly met death, »umuimU>U by he lovtJd, • • • . » _ l-'unerul will b« held at the roalUenco, S07H Went Fourth 8tret»t, Hti-rllng. Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. lir, W, M. 4ones; pastor of the CongrfgutkHuil church, will have charge of the services, Ht<ai»t- ed by Hi»v. Collin. pautur of Uu> Htreet Methoduit church. ROUND GROVE NEWS J THE THIMBLE CLUB MET. • At tho it<aulur Bfint-mujuhly meet- Uay homti oC Mis, Mlutirva und 'Mr».' Knox, u. milts nurthwt'st of iuwn, ly lHilii-« uml Mix chilUrtm w«rt» number ,i»f «UH|I tuwi'lfi u gtuwwya lunviK-oii m-- the time of the vlwilor« during ufttTiiuuu whioti www jilvy.-iiuiily 1*11*1 next mwtiiiK \viU (.n'vur Due. ^'1, at Uif xesUleucu of Mtw. Mur- «ltt KUUX.UII thB Simuiisoii fMiulc wlu>n Uu? cuMtuiuury ("brlwdiiub (tr^gcaiu will In- cUITitill OUt. ' '/'" ROUND GROVE BRIiFS^ Tli»-t.« W^-T n foir^y ititt-i»t:iiii;^ nt. lit., pluy xi'i \>S atJhB M-lt««l Friday by Imported Napkins Puro 'lifton napkins jm- port^il from Belfast, Ire- Innd, specinlly made for the hip store 1 . $3.50 vftluo nt .....$3.19 Pure linen napkins, 22x22 iiifhos. s p o r i a 1 Xmas priro, pot .,.,,.,., ,$4.00 SANTA OLAU*^aEltl>?:30 f 0 5:30 P. M. Wyne ~ Deaver Dry Goods Company Starting Wednesday evening this store will be open evenings until Xmas Fancy Pillow Cases M»iko )> r n r \ i c R! Xraas ,a;iH<. Hoiiisfilchod and HNliroitlcml in nnat box, nt $1.00 Sheet and pillow cases, «'White Anchor" quality, h*»nistitfliH and omhroid* (>red. Hot $3.00 ** 1* Saturday Busy Only n store the «izo of the Wyne and Deaver eouUUwve accommodated the throngs of eager ChristinaR buyers that irivndod the bi# store Saturday—lar^?e amles, eloW tor anil willing to .nerve VQU sales people. Owing to the well known fact of the high qualityrinere'handiHo this store insists upon gift seekers enjoy giving presents selected here—to the eyes of.the recipient it will add a great deal of value and pleasure* Bud Vaseu of highly p ol 5 s lied mahogany; very newest in shape. Prices 75c and Candle Sticks of l>est h o g a n y. Xmas 75c Trays $1,29 Mahogany serving trays for Y uletide giving. Make it a s p e c a i 1 point to see these splendid values. Choice, $1.29 Thei new in Gloves You will find every desirable style and color -in onr. large assortment-? ull. value in every pair. Each pair in' appropriate Xmas ,box. Leatherette QJovet look, - fevl and nt like kid sioveti; - white black «liteltln«, Pair Cashmerette silk lined r Silk Gloves, black ^ or white, TBe pr..., Kjd Qlovof, «lj the popular shades. $1.25 (go OF up to tpA«<6l«J Silk Taffetas, 36 inches wide, in wide range of plain colors. Xmas sale price ' Silk Taffetas in plaids and stripes, splendid value at yard .....-...< Georgette Crepes and Crepe d* Chine, Xmas sale price, yard 8Hk Amerlco Crepe, 40 Inches wi do for 'exquisite evening gowns. Yard ,...,,. Tub Silks, «howln«r many smart effects, d»< g*/| $1.50 $3.00 specially priced at the bl« *tor* at yard and 'Lamps 65c a r e v,e r y popular for gift giving. Many women say they are decidedly eute. Mali o g a n y stand and fancyshade, 65c , Purses 980 L e at h e.r purseg and iiand hags. $1.25 value 98c New Parses A largo as- aortment;,, pretty linings and- fitted. $8, $5, $2,60, and . Silk Hosiery ,. I - s a ., ' , : , r - Q[ Those thinking about giving hosiery will fmd.our display instantly .interesting. The knitting and shaping —tho reinforcement of the soles and tops is eorre- f' spondingly good. II. 300 Gordon silk hose in a wide - * '". ,,•*?• nmgp of the new colors. Xmas prie'e in Xmas box, pair , The Boudoir Caps Remarkable assortment in many new .stales; crepe, riee and voilo \yith dainty laces attractively trimmed. Kudu in Xman box $1.25, $1.00, 80c, 75c and 59c Boudoir Caps, most' priced at desirable 50e Boudoir a urimli Caps, many 37c Xmas Jewelry Filled Oriental, pearl bead necklace gold clasp.< Price Hut pifli Knobs , gold 50C .. bilver and, rk'en, I 25C '^' N*at phi Mt§ for blouaeu; 60c, 38c, , un.l ........... ... Baby bib hold«r ""d rtiain. Kdlil tilled., Cuff link* and coll«r button*, gold ~~Wll mi Dlutmi. Bet . ... .tj)A*"v W*ld«nar chair, gold filled, with, knife, 1'rk'e ........ f >.« *v' Pretty Blouses for Gift Giving S . We am showmg-tt large number of bloiwes iroiu the plain ones'to the more exquiMlto models;'organdies, siIk, voileTipoTgettoTTMe, chirfoTinruitfvrepe tio jg-l AA .«|nr»|HJ A widr rauge of ntylon and p rices sure to meet a hearty welcome, $1.25 rangiug'ta ; Jap Vests in black, blue or white; dainty, attractive and warm. I'rkuts ... «P**eWV and Shall it be a Silk Sweater? A pretty silk sweater is among tho riiost acceptable ytftif^ They are luost-tuKhionable in the favored (j*K colors. Price , ;. . ......... , ........ . . tP«J* Silk Skirt*, |)liiin or t-hungcublt! silk.-! Io those glowinK' with rich floral color «'oinbinatiuna. • (ftrt io . (ftg WC .. ...... . . ,tp|Ue~l:O tootle I (I The valuer I'xtnumliimry Good Valwes in Ivory My ludy always appreciates a dainty gift suitable for her dressing table, Kvery new shape tind stylo is to be well here 50p to $0 JO Auto Rugs for gifts The owner of a car will gladly wel- u new auti> rug. Hyt't come u new auti> rug. Hyt't high. 'gm<le 'wool'Scotch plaids -just tho Hi ing Mr t'hesi* i-old thiy/, (jivat values . , ............. ,"...-.' $7.50 ^SPF ^WR T^ « • TBiBF ^&iQ^k^w&!j& Most jivery woman prizes dearly genuine cut glass. Any piece from make a gift to appreciated. - lion buu dishes, bow in?, water sets, ico Jiea set*>, vuscs, salt ami poppor-sijts, and sugar uml creamers. Prices /SvJJQc to $5,00 ^ . « Thermos Bottles Strictly high Pint, "$2.50; Quart, $3.50. grade bottles. \ —Wool Scarf and Delightfully winttn-y looking warm as they are made of wool; primarily designed for strat»* ing purposes: .'Xmas sale price, tiie sot _., $2,00 WhynotF«rs? '^ ('(HiH 1 niul see lunv splendidly ready ng. are to display furs for gift giv- Duality m Vveryvfui*. prices.

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