Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 3
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December 18, 1916

Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

StlftH m. IlllNQfS, PEP, 18, -.1916.' MORE LETTERS TO SANTA CLAUS ffae Boys And Girls Of The Community T<?J! What They Most Desire For Christmas, on-! nm*. «i<t!i i!r- k. . John \VixidiJna- t'iash llsht, trnln <-f lNl, candy. nnt*. ttkntfn. Jtttin Krttttvlttkl*- -I'in. fountain pc-n, t ftf furn. «<«.ok«, May Yp.'if"-, - i»t.ii tmtn. Klwln Awhtlns— -Two IHJ«»*, ppftniit* ball, Init. |mlr (t!.t pint J'«m<* *•:• f !)i!»'} '(,11 irl rar,!« »f /'it*! T U!i-t,,ii<1 M, i-sf-1 - Krrr;r.t tfrr pin*. « < v ;ttifij, Anna \VrtttnT- *>ti1 Maid <flrd« h<tir bi>tms*, Kmmf'lirx- HanU'itj --l>o!t d J'i* fit.'!!, <'hri*ftnr» <VIttJ<" • -- ITijj «1f«|f, y "'" ^rr- « 1 Itf-i : •>!* ' »' » 'i iti Xn»a« til-.- but ''lurrt H«>!r*iiv - Tt«!!. -roi! !>URfTV !?,»ni!!i I Mdtn !'V».,t'>a!), cnnOv nidt H!III% rimer* 'Jim, fimtbatl. l.^c ru- '>i<k - Iifi!!. ti'.ifjty. tW, ehn*. Av«-rl»l~Am. s, hurii, wng- Moil**! builder i --Afrrtfte, Marion FPBK»>n-~.\li>(ikr'y on l>nvl«-~l>otl, d(i!l buggy, f. | Alice Ooff— f>olt, doll buggy. nut*, ••nndy. 8»t1<1l*» Flynn— Little wnftnn, hob "d, hnrhp, drum, t«*li»phone. gun, p<»ny. Idn Bnlilacrl- Kftln rap», Bill Wbirtt- prs story Jmok, paint*. Fl.vrin*-T*»terthon*>, sto Ruth nnrk— FMr*. Hubfr— wMf<» furs. for», piano Bl»*-k ltl*>. of <li*h*4. gnme Roblnnon fternlee Henner—Bis doll. Magdalen I'IRK - Hknt<*«t. / Hutlon—Katncnai, doll, two lf», half ribbons. •A Prwftn—Kmbik, table. . doll bu(t|(y, Mory books, ramly, nuts, ruin tap*, plnno. I Paul B>ckley~-t!oy doll, new pai *ho>ft, drum, horn, Leone,. Berkley—Paints, B. W. sto/y »ofe, candy, Perslftn hair ribbon. Marie Bfcfcley—Colors, red and yhlte hnlr ribbon. 4 handkerchief*. Fern Beckrey—Bet of furn, plnno, n«>t fum. Dorothy Jlpal Esther Votltt—Nice doll, Matthews—EiverythlnfT that Lucille Locket t— I-IITRC doH, tl«ij»t. jKnrl, Morris —Street rar that bell rtn«*. football, candy, nuts, story book, I tot doll.\»weater, l#le Llndls—Traps, rfffe. Ifarry McCa*lln—Wagon, horse, suit lothw. J tttith Ml Cfislln—Perfumes, red dress, Frances Matthews—Dolly, randy. K'e. \ Marion Geoffroy—Moll,* doll buggy, blanket*, pillows, candy, steam, atenm eni/tlne, — Arthur Mullett—Wagon, bicycle. Hose—Hlmi, cowby suit. Am, I M*rgare.l Ferry—Doll, doll cart, dlsh- Model builder, ship, htilmitirlnc. |<M», table. A^vln Bhank-r-TriMn earn that run! Alice Ferry—Doll, doll buggy. With electricity, •' * Marie Lehman—Candy, mils, muf- • Florence Hhank—Set furs, Carl WeittMiii—'Wajron. drum. Wentxril—Uoll. Htadler—New dress. «*nfon. tmrw. unn. !*flul Kdtvflrd Adams M«Mrtn WiUard Shnnk -Mackinaw. Tom Ijfttlfi — BJf , ntory book and set, m»t of Bicycle, ^forv book unit Sfangan— Dl«hi>ff, drawing Avrit •— Set of fur». blryrlc. afory hnntcn, firahnm— E*< of fur*, rim, kid WHch— -22 rin*. B*rt Hubert— Blcycl*. game*, irnow 5'rle. roofbnll. doll filryde, 22 rifle* or . r' Hrt rtrolfl Hftrjsfns- • R«X-'rfinit horte. tun. «*' 'If! t Mit'hfll nnt« Huntlv*- Biry.'ff., !l. »! hnrtlf -i Srtldtri- en it, (fame. |.,iv fv\t, r Ke*f«-~i>rt!m. football, Uradley— 22 rlflr-, bn* *»ii(, red nnd grey. Wood"* — iVill r-Br-t arid doll Homer Power?— Air rifle, bonk*, foot >all, game*, Kr^rtor A. boy «rh»u iwjt. Huth Power* — 1?J*>H, — •" Hobert Hoover— Footbnll stilt. Rruoker—tticycle. addltlor Model HufM^r, boy scout tilt. Urtiii»e Hey— Raincoat and hal, lav«i- er, watt-h brnclet. charftcter fltill Keynolds— -\Vatth bracelet, alncoat, hat. locket chain. Helen Hnrtshorn ~ Wntch bracelet. Lewi*—i f»>r Murty f'rangl <1mc*s Bray- bedroom"- slippers. doll, new dr*«», t'ftindnteln— Bicycle, gun, Robert Sonprnfln—Walr mbbern, f»in, new bat pair mittena. -J^rancla Du»b— DAll. doll bujfgy. Albert Hush— Bled. Edna May. HoDge—Doll. doll quilt. , fcmlty Watiion— poll, candle ntlck*. Her, piano bench. Mamie Cramer—Store, beads. doll, doll JoBephine Laxlo— Oreat big doll with clothes, little dlMhefl, little table. Donald Myer»-~Coa»ter brake »led, •lory book. bicycle, rootball, Mary .fane Cranbtirfr- -t'nlr *hoe», wagnn for brother, rnrlntmaa tree. Bertha RpPttcpr— Doll bttgrgr. Donald Johniion— Pop gun. Ph-etyn Argrn%-«-.«— D<M1 bed, doll >*, stove. Erfler Argmves -Doily, doll bed. Taytn Rhephertl— tiun. bullets, sled, corduroy suit, ptocklns; rap. Olady* 8}iuman--ft«lncont, mHRf'-tir- in* Ret. John Hmith-'fmbn-lla. mlncont and hut. Irene Oro*»— Halncnat, hat. c«at. Paul Chapman— iiicycle, coaster, nnd Hied. Edwin Brltt— Bicycle, Anna Cerl«>— Wig doll, raincoat, base of Imlnls. Dariene Hhuman — Dolly, t>«ill bug«y, set of dishes, raincoat, rubl«>rit. Flt»n»ncf \Venver— Dolly, tiishc*, tett- dyb«»ar, roller ukatctt. Olenn 3S*eweII—W»hln(r srame, sled. 8l«ven»~tJoll. cnndy, nut». " pihk -doll 2 windy, nut», pair JX-lary—Pnlr *katp*. football, , nUtH, llOOtB. ^ Elmoro— Skates, fum, candy. Buckwnlter~DoII, p nfed, puscle, tnftp of U, H. H., cnndy, orrmKoa. May Chnlmern— Flbro doll bootees for baby doll, candy, nUt* o ..Johnson—B, B, £un, bicycle, i,'candy, nuts. .. \ Ikiyra Hajwrman—Ford, candy, nuts, g; f«|tej»ed room slipper*, 6 lb. box can- ."Jtornic* CHntte—Candy, nuts. t "pM*,Ennls~-Doll, candy, nu«u, doll buggy, apple, oranges. s . Roland Aumt»nt—Bicycle, 44 shot gun. ;v'-;Mary $njnle—Doll, doll buggy, candy, black board, *'i.»ijcljiiL Sfwl»—Wairon, boy doll, sled, candy, nuts, • , , ? ptrdle GqlHn—Sled, boots, games. ^J£arg*W H*n0nVtt>-Dolj| bed. Welsh—Suit case, doll bed. ; Hammer—Doll, buggy, hand- paint ring. Knapl«—Doll, crayonn, and bnarti, A. Q, C. twok, SZmmltt —Doll, "atove, table, '•;•* Arthur, Loos—Story 'book,., games, •lockings, necktie, pair Pf«nd»t«in~Dbll, book/ doll bed. jjort, " doll iwfenco i'fundHt«'in~ Football, ice ' Ite Rqyor— Doll, candy, «weatcr. Lockett—Large paper doll commode, candy, doll, Hutton — Doll, doll xuggy, rain cape, B, W. story book, , Leo Orcnnftn— Flnsh light, pony. Carl Oehr—Traln, choo ohoo, tricycle. Franklin Smith— Story book, erector, new tool chest Melvjn Aliment— Engine on track*. Grace Dirk* — Doll t dre«8ea»_ organ, handkerchief*. "• Marlon Santlln— Drpualng table, doll, doll bed, rocking horse. Everett Burke~B. B. gun, erector, TJdllty Winks. ^ , Williamo-^Druni, tool cheat, game. Harriet Huber— Doll, doll house. gamea. . l ' Kdlth O(Uding»— WrlHt watc'h. utelgh. Mildred Johnson — Watch bracelet, buby doll. ' ' Arthur .Wca'tphal— Drum, horn, s«n, bout, cJurfly. MnbclJ Jon«cn~Doll, trunk, candy. Majc^C Hud»oh~l-'urB, trunks, doll buggy, pearl bead«. I^awrehee Burger-,"Dolly bed, candy, Dorothy May Burg»r— Doll bed, candy. nut* Ruth Maynard— Doll bed, doll bug* jry. candy, itory hook*. Olady* Snyder— Watch, bracelet, necklace, nuw, candy, Mary Anderton— Fur*, dreM, gamM, doll bed, nut*, c4ndy. Leona Welker — Bet fura, doll »nd Jack Frybrrjr—Gun. mule, Clark—Football, air rifle, .Winifred Bartel—Doll buggy, set of dishes. Krmin Kcwman—Doll buggy, hair ribbon, handkerchief*. Virginia Johnston—N«sw hair ribbons, breakfast cup, new doll, Mary Irene Belt—N'ew book, rocking ohalr, desk chair. Isabel! Johnston—Doll buggy, doll. Lnura Davis— DoH, doll buggy, ring, bracelet, candy, nuts. Paul Alien—Pair ice skates^ drum, candy. Frank doff—22 tine. B B bullets. Vwna Wagner—Flvo hair ribbons. Francis Allen—No. 2 Erector set and drum. Catherine Clifton—Doll, handkerchief?, hair ribbon, game*. Helen doff—Doll buggy, candy, mil*, shoes. , ' M.-ibel cilfton-Hoop*. sm*J! doll, books, games. Huth McCaslin — CacCe of perfume, necklace, red dress, some dj»ll»,-Quac- key Doodle family, rain coat and hat, (inkertoys. little play village, girl'* In- Frances Authstetter — Doll house, doll buggy, doll. doll, Clara Auchstetter— Hlsr tree, randy, nutn. Virginia imtnrf—Chlffinler, board. Joseph Blttorf— Cash, register, store, randy, gun. sled. cuji- dian suit.- Ida" Sterling -r Stove, table, buggy. . arl 8lii»lu— Doll, beads, good* for Hbbon, candy. of iter, game*, candy. f!k« 8hult»— ShlrtH, nwcnter. new l j yt»r— Poll, boo.k, iraine, hair *tory book, Nleman—Doll buggy, watch bracelet, candy, huts. Margaret ftartel — New coat, watch bracelet, nuts, candy, Perls Fouids—Sewing machine, doll, doll cart. ' Rlois Peters—Doll, doll dress, new dress. • • Mabel Glenn—Doll, blackboard, new dress, buggy, • Fern Yeager.Slate, curtains for bcd- room, scarf, cap, new 'cent, Ednaltnyre—Music roll, clothes for big doll, new dress, handkerchief, nuts, candy, ' ' Sarah Peterson—Music rolls, doll dress, shoes, peanuts- Vernq. H/irshman—New dress, box of handkerchief*,- new imt. ' Mabel aiaynard—Shoes, dress, box of handkerchiefs., book*. Helen Hill—Doil bead, dresser, story bopk, games. • f Kenneth Summers—Olovefl, candy. Josephine Mangan books. Set. furs, *tory _ Jx>u)8 Miller— 8k«ttMj. size 13,,accor- Ulon. line of Set Rings from 1140 up to $35.00 4fere are a fe"w irices that will 1«^«NwTyoir~v' Miller-Doll, cupboard, organ, Marie Lehman—Piano bench, muffler. Corn Shumabcrr-Doil buggy 1 / boosts, game, Esther Rakow —Story book, game, doll wig, flerald Hudson—Poll candy, Robt, iSnavely—Train cars, ball, candy. Wm. Huason—Puppy, candy. Bernlce Clapp—Dglly, apple, trunk, f Srucelot Dutches.$4 up IS Rings ^.|150 P Klgiu W»tc|iw.WO Pi»n»...$l tip DIAMONDS 0 Wo are .showing mi tinent of <Iittinond« vv'H liavo to . Up. to bt» niJjnwiuttH]. tiro u good' chair, bedroom set. kettles with cover. Wankpta, sheet*; bath tub. doll swing, suit cake, trunk, white top shoos, white fur*, red sweater coat, brnclet. ring, spoons', forks and knives. Jeanotte, Laurl, Sterling—Stove, kettle, dished, spoons, forks, knives, glass for flowers, awing, doll dresses, doll buggy, «ult case, clock, hat, dress, rain coat. Helen Lauri, Sterling—Dreases, tub, stove, forks, knives, spoons, white* coit, .white cap, pink dress, pink stockings, shoes, house. • . Michael Lauri. Sterling,— Elephant, home; air gun, drum, mouth organ, Lila Knapje, Sterling—Do!!, crayon«. A. B. C, book, ant) a paint book. Kenneth Knaple, Sterling —• Teddy bear, bail, candy and nuts, Dorothy Schult*, Sterling—Doll and clothes, trunk, buggy, rubber*, shoes, bed, books, windy ami oranges. Marlon Hill, Blerllng—Doll, doll buggy, ball, train, drum and a piano. Helen Hill, Sterling—Doll head, doll dresser, -gome, story, books, dressce, pusxle embroidery and sewing net. , Elisabeth Hill, Bterllhg—Doll, story book, kitchen and parlor sets, puiife, doll,house, doll buggy, doll shoes, slippers, humpty,dummy doll, piano and some <!r<»Ns<»B. Dorothy .Westlml, Sterling—Doll and & doll bed. • Violet Beknun, Sterling —Big doll, table, chair, stocking full of playthings, some orangos'And c»ndy. Had net Chapman, Rock Falls—Drum, Krector act, pop gun, tnMn on tmofc, velocipede, fur mittens, candy and nii(«, Mildred Coonrudt—Set of white fur*, blackboard, doll, knitted set for doll, bracelet,- signet ring, gumoic, sweater and dm*** for dollle. • . Johnnlo He*krrmn, Sterling—Erector net, shot gun, foot ball and a foot ball suit, . . " Cha* Morris—Football. Susie,Morrl»T-Batket ball, . llobt. ~|»ryant—JSreotor, Foxy Orand> ito story sot, " -^ Nai* BUtorf-'-Doll buggy, pair-roller nittorf-Cupboard. Verna Kauffman—Big doll, doll buggy, cabinet. Edith Ornhnm--t.'ap and scarf, ring wlUi pearl, set white fum, Virginia Ward—Kimono, bed room sltppcrw, doll, fura. CKirothy Davis—get white furs, new coat, clothes for dolly, Barl Hurt 1 —Toys, candy. Evelyn JSlisatwih Bauer—Set of (Unite*, bedroom slipper*, klmonn, set «rf furs, ironlngboard, Iron; -iw'pa: ring with rot) sot; mama: te» kettle. . thtrleno Wicker—Button for coat, hpfltj for dolly. I-ow*»ll Baer— Horse, -gun. Dolly May Christla—FIrch'orse. engine, candy. Fred Johnson—Horn, accordion. can» dy, drum. X*Roy Johnson—Horn, candy, Marlon Her Ion—Skates, new dress, doll. Shirts Always make a good present, are always acceptable, easy to select for we know his size, know his taste—-part of our service to christ- mas Shoppers. Silks in big assortments, fibers, madras, oxfords, crepesl4nd jaquards Bradky-^Boynton C/o. Co. J .They were attended by Olenn IVugh and Mis* Freda Johnson, a winter of tin* sroom. They will K<> to housekeeping on a T(irm^4K*kt . John HurlenH lo«t ti colt in a very Thelma Ssnyder-rWureau, high-choir. table, ehairs. Bnyder— C'andy. nut*, engine on track. ' ', t Ignore Bailey— DreM, ringr. Mildred Bailey—Hlng. candy, nuts, 'Francis Baird— Dolly, go-cart, Hawrf Frank— Dolly, curt with top, bureau, bed. Marie Johnson— Doll. o«rt, wagon. • Thuniton Barber— Cho-cho train. Maryen Barber— Ball, rattle, , Allce^ Lundatrom— Doll, ring, gloves, pocketbook. mittens. Reuben Henry Smith -^ Xma» tree, blorka, popgun; sifU^r Leonti: doll, pony whip. Mary Owens— Dolly, blackboard, doll buggy*. Dorothy Ankeny — Brownie camera, Wrist watch. , -, Donald, Ankeny — Oun, toy Erector, toy train.- llaymonil WOftphai— Motor, model builder. Orac« Cassell— Candy. Dorothy Ludens— «aby doll, candy, fur*. , Ariene Conklin— Oocart. game, Harold Snaveiy— Tinker toys. Uoyd lAndJs— TJOkei' toys. Harold Cojiklin— Bicycle, book. Ada Rowland— Doll, pen, bicycle arid •kales. Gladys Buckingham— Piano bench. Grant Peterson-^Half set American model building blocks, magic set, , : Root. Connell— Sled. ' Vera Qrennsin— Set of brown furs, big doll. Paul KJelnschotU— Camel. . Lucille Deem— Dolls, handkerchiefs, Befuice Deem— Gloves, books. George DeFurry— Football, B 0 ,.gun, ' [ PROPHETSTOWN NEWs] MARRIEDlFMAOISON Miss Hsx«l 8turt»v*tit Becomes Wife of Arthur Burks. , Mt«« Hnzel Bturtevant, of Madim>n. ,WiH., wa» married recently to Arthur Burke, of JiuntiriKton. West Virginia, the ceremony taking place in Mudtxon ut the bride's homt>, The acquaintance was formed when the two wore attending school nt the State University «f Madison where Mr. Burke recently graduated. Miss Bturtevant befor«»| foot'"addition" "to" the "east" end" "of" moving,to Wisconsin was a resident barn. peculiar manner. It ran up a board and broke UN m>ck. Mr». D. C. Overholser went to 15v- anston, HI., Tuesday murniriK to Hp.'iHl a few days with her grmulHon, David McCray, who ban been attending school there, and ha« been Keriously ill. Dr. and Mrs, Dohiu-tt wt-re nt Yorktown Tuemtay on btiHlneHH, . , MlHHi'H Nellie nnd Minnlo Nunbuum spent Tuesday nt the John Getty farm home,, Fred Overholser IN building a 16- skatek, •toeking full PrtiiMitis (;iHpp-~Dolly, doll bed, bug* 8»Y trunk, candy, Mem* Ob*rl«Jm« — Raincoat, candy, nut*. Mary Clapp~~Dol|,\4oll buggy; set o Dorothy FftrrellTlca *kate*v- big dolJ candy, nut*, oranges. I Eo«l«y Klelnsftimldi—8oldl<?r ciothes.ltilay, doll, trunk. Uejiti r ii-p Welch— Doll, buggy, bed, 'ftalph Itiiyr*—Whut J think best. Klnor Hartshorn—-Doll bugg>', >doll. James Conly—flootbaJI suit. Joseph Huntly—«0un, *led. ami warm gloves, candy, Charles Hewitt— •Coatei- Bled, cowboy suit, footbuii, candy, juits. mittens, Lewi* Murk— rBIed, flashlight, candy, ice Hkateu, waxon, football, ' Dellary— 'J"abie ci-oquei, dofl an4 nuts, and dishes. Luthum-^-i'andy «nd scarf, kid Grace BolcBby— Manicure wet, set of dishes, box candy, nuts, Grace dr*c«, at Prophetstuwn with other member* Of the family and Consequently IM welt iknown h»reubouta and has.' many friend* here who will wish her all hap-, pines*. Mrs, Burke wu* prnvetitetl from graduating from the university by ill- nea«. The couple will live in Huntington where the husband holds a city Inspector's position at a lucrative salary, -.,.,„ RQYAt. ARCHJMASONS ELECT The Pate for the Installation Has Not Yet Been Set. The Hoynl Arch &!«*«»« of this place elected their officers for the coming year Thursday evening, not having decided when they will hold their initiation, a committee having beV-n appointed to confer with the A, F. & A. M, order U? settle the datt't The officers chosen are: High Priest—M. A. Stowell. Kliif—W. 0. Orahdm., Scribe—'Oeorge W. Murphy. Treasurer—George B. Paddock. - Secretary—Guy E. Cleaveland, * BAND BOVa BUY NEW HORNS, The ProphetBtown band is comfit'ir to Ui.u front in good shape and in order to bo in line with the band music of the country in now uHin« horn« of low pitch, They have recently purchtuKMl one B, Hat tuber, two horns (tlton and one slide tromborio. This nmke-n all the horn* In the band in accord. The buys are planning on a >nc*H In, the near future *lme time about the first of January, CALLED TO KENTUCKY, t Mr M and Mrs. George Oetftell were called to Kentucky Friday morning by the HliifMM of u brother of Mr. OeuH's who with hi* family live in that «tut«. Mr. Oetsol i* afflicted wfth typhoid fever «nd Is cottttldcred in a very Mr. nnd Mrs. J. L. IVugh and D,- A. Blick iittftidwl thtt county InMiltute in Sterling, A number from here attended a ml»- parrntn, Mr, and Mr*. W. O, Helde. She * rphii-mljiTctl with many beautiful,,; Duidiman was dolngr jury duty nt th« city court in Sterling this week. Ueoriie f^nwrencc presented hie Wife with a piano thin week. Mr. nnd Mr«. R. K, Overholser attended a chicken pie dinner and baeaar Wednesday held at the South Elkhorn church. Thoman Clary, of Southern, Indiana, IK vlKiliiK rcliitlvpH here for a few day*. White at the John Frankfather homo he wan t«Ju;nr ill and is under the care of a physician. He operated a b?ack- x Khop x hero about thirty years ngo, th« building now occupied an a reiildcnce by W. J. Huriesti. If one were disposed to"«l««cond t»j_ the level of ft barbarian anceatry one •; might remark that the scarcity of pa- .*•*. •* M«»C W~ t »»«'!!* IIV r J V «•* *V*»M* *• ««»»»•«•— • * * 1 •*« * oell»neoui« whower on Mian Helen H*lde I'^r has taken some of the litter out ot Tuesday evening at the -home of her literature. PBOPHBT8TOWN BRIEFS, 3lr»- Oil* filohardi), who for some time has been in Wiucoiisin attending a «i*t«r who is ill returned hom« Thuredmy evening, and we are pltmsed to nay thai site the ulster in a muc.h Impj-pved condition and on a fair to " Mt»» Jjidlth purr, who la |'i-yj)hel«town Uil» year • i iW Harol4 Eshelman — Train on track, I school, wa* a pasMengW Thursday 'ev- Start a SAVINGS ACCOUNT NOW FOR CHRISTMAS FOR VACATION TRIP or PURPOSE YOU CHOOSE and Investigate Our Plan National Bank candx, nuts, books. enin gun Hprnlce Lang»—«Dress. Mildred Smith—King, furs, Joe Huff-~ElectHo battery, electric t«ui»former, Uillklcr No. i^sltU. wa- non. > Jamvs <'iu)ries—itlile, bullets, wagon. tolackbo»jr«J. that can diuitwmdH nsja#4J,y. Hee din in on. ds in Juli» (Jarlner—Bed room doll .buggy, . ' ——^. McDonald — ,\V'uU'!i bmcelet, PI furm. Cha*. I^ong—*'ord. r<1etnining—Ciothf*, iirudrick — IsflTplM'rs, doll, wuiclt UruVfi^ti candy," 'iitry timdluy—tlun, caml.v, Kenneth Stutnvm — Fvotball, watch Frlti—Uumping sMJnii Uvne Weisncr— poll, bed,'' Mendel—Hied, "phone, pair oi aiui |M»iua. MtuckirtBU, shoe*. _ * Klnoc IMJW'S-- UMtne, ca»h _ ^ . book. bo »i* d - I Very! Htmjvr—Cuut, game«; books, J«awnmci> Wvsner.-Little doll, pony. I ribbon*. low and sheets. Theo W««#el-^NMt«, candy, orangey Harry Rreiding— Soldier *ult, Charley Martley—Hlcycla John Light— B 8 gun, marbles, candy, oraugf*. John- Mayberry— Bicycle. Elinor MU.UIPW— Bicycle, candy, Julifk flardner— Sat fax tuiu bedroom 0Hnn*r«, cloth** for big doll. Kuberle— Set of fur*, wateh ' to Thompson where she met Lucille Mathow—Big doll buggy; pJJ. | r °M>» l i^*Y' Al ? ot » IJurr ' of Spei-vr.. * **' ' South Dakota, who was called to that place to perform a marriage ceremony pf a fortnw' «tiur<;h mwnbtr who " presents tor every one. PaulW. Buzzard A > 110 EAST THIRD §T. . Mueller'* Ctothioa @tor« • Davis— P«U' dr«"«t«. i'hu*!. fieatrice Uruwn-fiufr ribbftn«, .lull. Hurubl Thoma»--Cundy, horn, i Kttu nhoeg, bl- Antirriioti— Fttotbuti, cash rettt»- *' ....... "? Air gun, i'U>j,UiU' t&t; f*4i,ul train, tiu« truck. Kaai»lt«-*-Foytbaill. iwo liut. suit. Ht*illurd~Tvva Amos Situlfc— » |J gun, » M's. Ueurge JluJjur—AnimuU, lire truck with horse, lire auto. Florence Huber— Doll buggy, doll Uoor and key, candy, ' L*Hoy 'Reins— Doll, 'rubber ball. Muliett— Sho^u, dre**,, printing wutoh, bracelet, »et , Alyiii Burch— Antu, acj'le. Uforg*- 'lurch- Hucisy Mtmvt>l. l>orutliy ixiw- Hitni, ItoulcM, Hvetn-rt «Jy. b,»i Ai.u UiK'kt'i) I'lull cttiuiy. a.'c. can- i'ktwuui Nvut'll •• liijih vorduioy suit, hloc rillf buiik. *- Indian stiilt,,btntk. ... (n|i lioutsv t;H'. I'M nuit. MmVtii;' 'i)llinii - llVc tiir t-rnln, vh««kei'M. roller Utveliyn Caroius— Kitchen «>abln»t, Williams—Kitchen cabinet, for doll, ('loUtus for doll, diuhett, Ui H tw**'r, .candy. * »' . • Kdwin Allt>»—Train. Han-let Kldd—Doil; doll. dtob««. Jvida—tJull. doll t-art, doll li'ill cubliit't. June it TI>omP8P»>. Mitw Edith had not wen the brotjuvr for some time ami the (Meeting W«« H pi<wsunt one. • Jack Bird shipped two car loads of horses: to the Chicago market Saturday and they w#re a very valuable H}iu4* too. Mr. Bard has «hlpped many of dollars worth of hf past yw»r ta thu Chlcatcu lini imiku foud fur tlio rMiiiioji'" muuih n the Kuwptun w«r. . c XOUETA NEWS Why Not? '• "* i* tA -• M An Automoblte Rohe Useful th&year around RADIATOE COVEES STORAGE BAfTimES JyV a wa* oultts badly hurt ntf wiien he ucctdt«iu- ally 0tUJUbied> and Ml undfr tlu> hiud fttet of- a 'sharp si nut Jiurtii', which ilis Htiinrul tind in around Mr. brui««d,, Itut jtoviutiMltly (|Uit« Uatliy »uvf(.t him fruiji. being ly t'ut, lly WTO* lukwu to th« office of it i>Hynlvluu wht'i'i* i>lM injurii.'.s wi-ic llutlt Fry-r-Doll, buggy, dull 1'MwarU Hotiki^y—Train furA Traiy cur*. ; Hack, ituto. fire wugon, gun. candy. REVIVALS The ut tiiv Sunday 44*40* CLOSE. b»>i»ii! t chuirh w.ill Vn- 17, COLETA BRIEFS. Joiui*um and ,Mi-.h . I'Jvtt. 13, at ,,llu' puib»iutkf > i Kvv. TliuiMpavu vf tiLvViiii»Hati * buu ii V BUMPiBS TUB-CHAINS., DENATURED ALCOHOL HIGtt-TEBT GABOLINE HIGH GRADE OIL DRY CELLS SPARE PLUGS PYRENE -;•" *r J M ^^^^ ^pw^ ^B^F ^M9MP ^^ iflWF ^P ^w WP ^H^ IW ^Hj^p STERLING,

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