Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 2
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TWO. STERljNG. JlUNOtS, MONDAY. PEC. 18,1916. SOME GOOD ADVISE MRS. REBECCA BURC'H jSEEMS EVERYONE HEARD ABOUT IT PROBATE COURT RECORDS H/'ff'K nn«> '.f the } fit- AH want to try new drug that dries up corns so thc-y lift out. * & ~'~ >M» iSH "**"'H **v** "'^'^ "*V' t ' ^ "Sr^i ^\ " ? M ^ * A "" Hundreds have joiin-il fochiy Let Everyone ''\ ) In the EyeGlasses Spectacles Including/examination, Rimmed or Rim- le§s. The Eye Glasses have the latest GENUINE SHUR-ON, Mountino^Guaf- , anteed, This is your opportunity to secure a pair of high grade Glasses at a very low cost. Open every Saturday evening. DR. GOL1DING, Optician i ,. ,,[ » ! . j,i 1 !•<• r. ,-, •!! <y Hi in, \\ i,if-h i 1', 4 I J t, -i, Jl tlj^w li'll A t|ii-ii t' r . I tin «>in -!i Obentfillers' Store Bell Phone 10JUW First Ave. and East Third St., Sterling, 111. SATURDAY EVENINGS Sftr>''Jt\>'-r, 51U "Mv -,ttipiiie i>ain In the small of mv tiiu'k. If «;)«<! for m«> to pr-t T(j» nftf-r sittiiiFY'-flM'l It hint m» (ft .ftnop trr lift. I lias! h»-tm1 Kiilnr-y I'i'lln hlfilily vw-onitnr-tiilfd ntul I took the>m. Fi%p |IOX«>B if-ll«",f(l thf pain In my hat-k nntl made nif> f«'«'l lipttfr In nv*»ry wny," I'rlf-p ,*>0i % , at All dcfitfr*. l'»on'r *l»n- ply n«k for a kidst^y rfrnfly K*-t l»onti'« Kidney I'ills -~ thr- *runr- (luit Mr. Htlnrmyp'r had. Kn r °- i'r'H'"-. »uffnlo, N. . Y. _ i' v 'i.vji. HI jnn ; ; >v< re t.f n ( 'in- | ;iiii tti I.M i... n I fil IfHf, !' v t lit - ' In i [QRR1SON DAILY GAZETTE IK MOEklSON, ILLINOIS, MONDAY, DEO. 18, 101 Q. BROKE HER WRIST Irt, Fr«d Barnum u Victim Of. Pain' ftil Ac(.ido::t. fY«Hl llnrr.nm of thlM.Hty fflnr.t of ni* nc<"u!r-nt-I«Vtilnj.' whtfh '•aus'Ml her nmt'ti pain timl vifnlc-nro. While curing for In tin; clm-kcn Iso'icc, (}w box '.which K|IO. *Art» iKui'lltii? suddenly from iiiidi-r h< r f«'..»t, to fall f.n.t lifc'ik li«»r '<( 't arm >v* the wrist. WILL BE PAID TWICE ptoyo*i Of Refrigerator Co, Wil H«v* Two Pcy Days Thit Weak. lie Illinois ftefrlKorntor Company of «UV haw irratiKed thin wve.X to tHi'lr -Mnploye** their weekly iwy installment*. They will receive on TuMMl'iy evtilnkr, whii>h jvty night, nnd wilt r»s- 'n*xt checkB Thtireday, en- to have that much more ^hHitmas buylnnt. . • FEELS! It Gets to That Sore Spot " ' LUte Magic ^•h! That's delicious relief for ,.e,sore muscles, those stiff joints, f lame back. ] f usterolc is a clean, white ointment, .14 with the .oil oC mustard and er home simples; B» the work of thel old- 1 mustard plaster, minus the jMr find minus the blister! simply rub Musterole on the •where the pain is—rub it on usually the pain is gone, muss, no bother. Just comfort- toothing relief—first a gentle then a delightful sense of cool- And best of all, no blisters like old-fashioned mustard plaster used •jks; MiUterolc for sore throat, bron- tonsilitis, croup, stiff neck", ,- 'neuralgia, t headache, conges- ;f plewrifty, rheumutisui, .lumbago, a«d acne* of the back or joints, jif.- Jdw muscles, bruises, chil- p|, frosted fwt and cold* of the t (if f eftep.jvpvents^ pneumonia), :%_ * " **". ^ * * SOCIAL A SUCCESS" Box Social At Hickory Grov* School 8utc«t*fu> Affair. On twcount of- the unfavorable wejtthr r the social at the Hirkory Cirove Holirtol >\n Friday »>vi'H'!i« did not draw HH lartfe .UN crowd as f.: Ilouaemnn, r. f.; ^flradlry. r. #.; Howe, 1. ff. Mt. t'mroll -Duty, cfnter; riitlllp», r. f.j Nllff, r. Jr.; Bc-nii»»tt, 1. K.; flifTotd. i>ub. <ioi)A--T)Jfn1 3, "T-ldm in, -'. Il«iu«e- man 2, Xitrn a, Hennrlt 2. Phillips, !»"- ty.' Hurt man, flilTord. ,__• • Frte thrown-Phllllnii 5, frtffi.rd .*., }louM>man 3. Ff-idmfu». AboMt tweiity-!lv»> KMt-itlfN remained to enjoy the dance- followiiiK the KHni". *4'h«- milfic MHB fttiolnhed by a fidir- pipr-e orohestrn. . ENTEDTAITHUSBANOS O. F, T. Club Qav« Fin« Entertainment Saturday Evening, Ti'i> inetnb»rn of the o. !•'. T. (*'ub of <'lyd«- enterialned .their lniKbnnd<s ^'ind famlliei«,At the Joe \V'o«»d home on Saturday it'eninR. There wn« a Ki^e number of K>ic«tfi prenent nnd following a rrtltatlon by MlM I^-fa Milne, thn of th« club K«vr a very Dimming •Vr-IH Kitnte I r< !'!< \Viuner, tn uti) Kil»'ti if'i »A r«d, .\t>flrt *< ' " d nnd aj> nt ••I and ap- |M-rt lil'-d. l?i-a:!nK set frUft. . Krffliiir'k ('. Slerenhpfar, for rvl flted nt $4.<i<iO, riled and Inventory islefl nnd np 'it HH l-!i HilKiLi. litit i« ."--a!.! .Miff;i !• t-t !« t el <»n< '« f< « f i 'f i.\ i-» j linr d •if «i<»ft <•<•!!! -or t.'(!!n«* Yon !int>H \\t<~< a f< w df (•{'*•" nti thf J»wlf'f. ii< birttr i-<,rn ntid tiiM.-ltiMv tht- s i« rMii'VKl, :m<t «(»!ii ibo r»rri • _~hn\ >•!•(! .it; »t i' lift-- inn wlth- p.iff». ft ix •» -mkv •oi h dries tvh< n :ippli>d ;»m! M v« i * i«r f-\fi! ititttt-i th<> int; TM-« ilK-cnvi'ty will pn-Vfnt tiu>ti- ««nds »( rjMith-s iimiuittly fi>'in lorkjnw in<I liiff<-tlon !i«T*-tnfoio r>'«ulilHK ftom fl'«- «!lir-iihi! hflbit of i utting rrirn«J. FAMILY JOIN AND antlripatPd, but a fair number attended ami tho affair proved very Buwesaful in n financial wf»y. The teacher, Miss Arlin Cr»-en, with the amrintiuu-e. of her inipil«, hud t»rep»r«><l n fine program which \vnu rendered durlnir tho onrl.v imrt of the evenfnsr. A fNh t>ond nlro furnished a, diversion during the evening and catcned much amtisement. The program rendered wna nn followH: b'ong, "If We Were You and You Were Ufl"— School. Itee.. "Father's Xmas !!ox" ~ Alfred HuhmlUers, .._ . Her.. "A Fusibility" — Raymon-l Meinerw. - Itee,, "A n«y'» Stomach"—John Cor- t'laus Horur—Vlva Vandorleeiit and Arthur Folkem. •Rw,, -The Younsr Man Waited" — Marie Vanderleeat. • . " HeiV, -The Turkey's Lament"— Itay- tnondJPHce. v SonR. "The Boys of the IT. S, A."— Fifteen boys. nee.. "The Mistakes of Santa—Edna Johnson and John Vanderleest, Uec.. "Uttle Orphan Annie."— Walter Song. "Popcorn Man"— School, *"" ' lU-o., "All He Wants"— Arthur Pallp- er*t, hoc., "The Crippled Dolly "-.Mildred ikens. , ' ' Play, "A Topsy Tun-ey Xmos"— Kchool. Mr. Boyd, of Morrinon, fur.ilBhed a line Kmfonota concert,- s ' Following the program coflfee,, doujr"- nuts ahd pie was served by the school awl the affair proved a very mu-ces«- f«H entertainment. Tho proceeda Mill be ni«ed for the uunellt of tho nchool. Thf» diTeelora have recently purchased a line n«?vv piano for the school. PLAY MTTCARROLL ^ All - Star* tost Close "Game Friday Evening, A large er.owrt was present ut tho Armory on Friday evening to witness the gam* of banket hall played between the Morrison All St^ra and the Mt. 'arroll team.' The two teama were pttlty evenly matched and the game was close, the score keeping pretty even until the last 1m1f Vjien, the vlaltor* gained .1 hcud«vay and the'game closed with tlwm in the lead, tha ilnal srore Using gfi to is. The guarding of thw Morrison players throughout, the game Tho line-up for each*team follows; Mwriann&-l}toh| > center; Feldmnn, I. two act comedy entitled "l>r. Cur«-AU." The r*»*t of charwcters follow*: Dr. Oure-AH—Mr«. Frank Wood. Maria—Mr*. Jack Jone*. Mm, Ilro'wn—Mrn. Bd Jnnvrln. ' Allan Jane Krlmplnn—Mrs, Peeple*.- Alphonzo C, JontH—Mrs. Drlla l«ir-. key. Mrs. Itotrhklii8-Mr». Klmer Jam-tin. Ml«n Knte, her daughter—Ml«H Alia Jniivrln. Mrs. Keraphlna" Paddington •- '• Mm. Henry AUritt >frs. Hc'ra.wnojj'T-Mr*. Oeorgo Smith. Mrs. rJI0tin)lng~-Mr«. Walter Milne, Foilowlnw the play the evening wan pleasantly Kpent in n nortal way ni'd a detlHou* iupper wus nerved. The Kur>4tM tool; their departure late in the evening and all pronounced the ladles to be umtjuftlCNl entertainers. CHECK1NGJVER NAMES , 8upt. Price Finds 46 7««ohera Can Vot* For Truttoe*.. , Kupt. H. 15, prlco U engng.vl nt present In cheeking o\cr thu n*me« of the, teacher* In '\Vn1i**M« county who are i'!lBlb!« to vote for mem'ier* of the <'eitiflcnte of I'liMlshliifir noilc-e to creditor* fllfil nnd (ipproved. Final report filed. H^nrlnK set fur Pec. 2"», IRlfi. Kwtate ImiiHIe Wehjitrr, deceannd. Warren t of appral«entent Wflered l«- «Hfd to H. J. Thompson, H. P. flehel- lierjfer nnd'WIIIInm Hmlth. K-itnt<' Mary M. Wtlktnuon, <1ecen«ed. Affidiivit of I'oMlnir notice to creditnm and approvinl. ' Mutate Anna <'or leu, deeennnd, Or- of puhlichlng notice to eredl- tor» Illed nnd approved. Onardlan,RlI» J. Maxlleld. dereaned. Report of «ale •>{ real i-state of I>al<« Miutflj'ld fll'Mt, eonnldered and con Keport of sale of rt^^ntate of Vluyi\ H. McDonald tl!«*d. eiwiadered and approved, and «a!e confirmed. Hntate KVederl«'k (J. Strrnetwrg, d«»- reaiied. Petition to fcell t*ersont»l pro- iwrty n» public i«ile filed, considered and allowed. K«itate I^nilfwi J. Jaeox, deceased. ronservatnr'ff bond filed and approved. Estate Henry Breen. deceased. In re|»roof of heirshlji. Hearing continued to Jan. 28, 1917. at 10:00 a. m. Kutate Das Id Andorson, deceaned. Adminlhtrator's re\tort filed a»>d ap- of Mr. NVaty's mirl'*. t!u ! htt«> Fr« d Scott Ifi Stf"illn« Frldrtv, Mr «nd ,%irs, llarv<-> My-rM nnd two dniiKhti-r". the littl<> M!«««-«i Dorothy of .Mr. and Mr". Paul* I K<»itli, Mr. and Mrx. I. t". f'inklty dcfiv* to ICi ii' KfiilHy ftii ir»i|M»H:<tit rni'lftf^s. Mr. and Mr*. Ki»-d l"r< v stl«-y :ltt« : rid- tt\ ilic funeral "f thf liif Fred rt»'Ott in HterllnK Friihi\.^ Mr. rtttd Mrs*. Hsiriy C'lurk nnd two children, of Ilnm«-, »p»-n! Hnndny at th<« home of Mr. nnd Mr« Flo\d Utack rtitd family. I. <'. IMnkl*y frml <'lum Huxh^n drov«- to Krie Hiiinnlny x 1'iip- on important buni- proved. Inventory s ftl«l and approved. Kwtate Kllen And*r«on, deceaned. Inventory filed and approve^. Estate Feter O'Hare, deceaiied, of F'rank Anthony e«tat« dlsmlHUod for want ,of; rosecution. d«cea*ed. Hoard of Tru«tV» tho Teaeiieru" _ Pension Fun<1 this year, 15 vary teaeh-e er vhb Iw paying Into this fun<3 Is tll- had to vot« for one tru»t*e each yenr there Xvere -nly nineteen who tha right to vot* but thin year there will be forty-Hfx who ar« eligi- l»)«. This increase in tho number f« uncounted for by tho i'a?t thni a Inw WHB passed fo the eft*w.'t tlmt all teach - erH RiMiiing thi'Jr llrwl control to teach nfter July, 1915, must pay Intu thd«0 fundH, ThoKft who have timslit.hvfore this* time may pay thu f wn-l if Uu-y to, but are not obliged to by law. CATALOGUED BOOKS Rook* At High School (Library Were R«c*ntly Catalogued. -Th« w«fk-«f ctttnlORuinar -the borflf« at the high achool lihr.iry haa junt keen completed. There are 760 volumes in the library and they were catalogued along ine carne syntem ii«ed in larger Institutions of the kind, that in alpha,- beticftily, by tho author's ruimo and by tht tliU'ii and subject. . -SELLS "5^ HIDES 'Simon CurtU.SelU Hid*» Amounting Claim of K. C, Wlhdom ewtnto dlo- ml»«ed for unnt of prosecution, Katate He-nry HM WiHlftincon, deceased. Final rejmrt nied. Hearing set for Jan. 2«, »»lt. Harvey French.'• dccensed. ttllow«d: Dr. K W. J3»koy, $5.00; Helen &• Hutton, 115.06; John O. Loos, ptumhing find heating, $1.35; W. H. Oppold, $3.75: Illinois Northern Utilitiea Co.. $10.00; W. A, Rtoocklei $<.4'0; If, J. Daggett, I29.8I; Mooro Laundry Co., il.HO; V, ('/Freeman, J3.0a MQRRISWBRIEFS W. N, Humphrey wan a pasnenger to and William r.i Mu HI |>J| in Thin c i-vi-nfne, Mr. nnd Mrn. Hay liwcm nnd daughter, Harhfl, w*"i»> dHfuhtftilly ent<T> tnin«'«l Hunday at tlu> bum*' nf Mr. and Mm. Dun Forth, f»«crir r»pt- and Mai tin Ftank, of Ki-lf. spent Humltiy nft«-riMntn at th»< home of Mr. antt Mrw. HtiKU-n Popo. Mr. and Mri*. Wt>si..y t'oi,pi>r and win, c'harlen. ipt-nt Hunday nt the horn* of Mr. find MIH. William Omper nnd family. Ho«c»e Healer f-'ullon Halurday on turnt-d on the evening train. Mrs. M. A. K>«-nnir wa» a pAK9<<ng» er to Clinton. Inwu, Mundny ti» vinlt with hi-r ditUKhter, Mix. Jumi-n Oaffey for a f«-w ilayn. 1'aul Ka»c;il)i>in wax a pa«Honser to to tl«» re- Fulton Saturday on bUMineKH. lie r»'- turnc on the evening train-. . ^~H. 1!, Flnnlrum and noil, Houmr«l. of Morrlwui; w(»r«' enteruiined Kindny at the home of Mr, and Mrs, William J SAVE A Few I%NNJES Every Week Cooper and family. ^ Mr. and Mrn. A. K. Wood were pan- to H/irdolph. 111., Moritlay morn- Saturday, Henry Henth visited Saturday r at th« home of his son, lt«y, in Sterling. Jay Small*, of fVlton, %va« a, buel- ne«» visitor in thin eity Saturday,. Mlsm-s Iluth -and Inez Anderson Haturdny with friend* In Clin- To Sum Of On Friday Hlmon Dirtta wold a of lurtea, BOO in all, nnd snadtt «p must-, ly of"~H)r}iPl.- iji-le.ii, reoejvlng for them 11.800. He atso hau a .large number -if ts. ' minlc hidea which IH< pose c'f today, to ton. • Mr. and Mrs, J, W. Rons returned to tlunr hMme }n Fultoh Saturday after a visit at the home -.of their daughter, Mrs. H. J. Ludenh. Mr. ajid Mr*. Carl Curti», Mr. and MrH. <:, A. l,um, aim. I^nlie Parker and Misses Kva Knapp^ Margaret -Turbln, Ha.)tel Christopher, ' Thelrna Snyder, Mary,Ward and Oeorgio McMullen vln- Itey in,Clinton Saturday. Sllss Mary C"oltey 4 n;H>nt th'e. wfcek end with friends in f'ilnton, Mrs. Ktl Mitchell returned Saturday frojnylrlook Fnll« where she vialted at the home of her mother. Mian Lillian Otterpahl returned to her home In Naperville, III., Saturday after visiting- for several days • with friend* ( ln this vicinity. Mrs. Mary Re*d went to Sterling Saturday yhere ahte upent the d,ay at tho home of Mrs. Le* Jacou». Mr. and Mn». OrvHIf Kriink ami fum- ily Hjx-nt Hiuiday in Morrimnn ut tl»; Uer( lUtndall homr. -< Mrn, lilvlru Junlnn r«-lurnc'd I'ruphctBtuwn Momlny ovi>nintt. htiH bct-n «*nl«r(nin<>il tin* i»nmt wwk in ttu« home of her son, JU-ater Jordan anil family. Karlw nult..t>f Odar .Ilntl, Iowa, is vlnlUiiK nt the h«im«« ftf .Mr. and Mrs. F. M, i'n»»tli»y 'for a few. «la>'». Mrs. Cora Hawk and duuKhtor, Sllnii Di'Un, wrre 8lio|>i>lng in Murrinun Mun- .v. Mr». A. J. McT>nnon. of MonjUon, was ploaxantly ontcrUiinptl tho /pant \v«H>k «t the homt- of li»»r <Iuut:htt>r,VjVtr8. Clnrfnc«> Turiu-y anil fnmlly. Mr. mid Mrx. A. L. Thonnwon r«?- turiitHl home Monday evening from Milwaukee. Wi»i,, wh«rp they have be sur^ to have A MERRY CHRISTMAS ^ Let each one* from the oldest to the youngest be enrolled in our CHRISTMAS; SAVINGS CLUB It is the easiest and surest way to save Every one will be delighted to get a generous check for Christmas, just when the money will do the most good. Come in and make a deposit That is all you have to do. Become a member. First National Bank AND First Trust & Savings Bank for R thi> j?n»>Kt» <«f thc-lf Mm. Horthtt Cui'klng and fnmitv, 'la renew Turiit-y and John wi i r»t Jo Sterling Tut'Miay to ««>rvo on lh« i jury In the city court. Mr. and Mrn, Stfrlintr Crutumum and two 'children and Mr. and Mrn. R A. ' Lik<>« were Morrison Wetl- Mr* K, A. Ukc« MI-H. Ituth ralic-d on her in Krh> Tuenday afternoon, Mrs. Coo Teweldt and «l«ter, Minx Katie HouseiiKa, were imiwengerH to Fulton .and Clinton Thursday to da » „ ^*-f^j V. M. Prwtley returned hom« fri7m t'nmarried men In Virginia wlw <!o Chlcaso Tuemlay evening, where he, not remde with ilielr iMirenU will not ''' in« a f».-w days this* week at the liumu tlmt. the stalo allovv« each In- dlvldital, Kven Imperial llomo never of a more Ingenious method of hl« nun, Clarence Turnty anil tarn">'• Mlt>» Cora lionk Hj>ent Sunday at lu-r !; i promoting home in L'Mtlck. ,. • It np|>ear* that Noah started tha tniubl^ by having 1 m«iro tltwn one won, some Hhopplng. MUST TREAT INFANTS EYES. Hi. Paul, Minn.. Dee. IK.—Minnesota's regulation- providing tlmt tiio f-y^u of alKhiibieri born in th« stati* nhali bo batlied Jn a Molution of ultver'nltrato liecomea-^'ffectlvfe today d«mpite the> ub- Jt-ctlonH filed by ChriHtlan 8cientlnl« others, Obpecloni argued that thw in the hands* of ignorant'or incompetent per«ton» might do much harm. mm DIKE SUBJTIiaTES MiM M*itde Bull Entertained Sunday ' School Claw. j ' Miss Maude Ou'li I'littuluiiKS'l tho inembtftd-of the Huiulav ^«'hii«.l rhws nf the I'rertbytcrlon i-hum-li of which »he is tMtrher at her IHH»« Jn 'Jntoa •Irove on Saturdny, T'IO plrla »i>ent. tin 1 day in nmkiriK I'l'voa* fur their, an» jiiuil Chrlndniia box to u« funi to an Clark A'tor Jotkion Boulevard, The Hotel Success of Chicago VOUR busy tlay in Chicago * can Jjest Jje managed from tho New Kaiwrhof. The hotel's excellont service, Ha (JOJiivciiifiiica for the cjiut^k mwaaetfon of business, »i& fw*xii»ity to theatres, thops mid public Iniililiiigs niake it th«> ideal hcat'Ujuurtej-a |br a • ~ ? . . 450 Ropjns $1,50 up yph Bath $3.00 up LX. \ ForCtirUbna R lp«»/jutcy t SunJ«l»t Qr*n«ei. Buy * t01»tt«Uww>k. «h«m *v»ry day, your dealer now. Uniformly Good Oranges Allss Itowilia BedeJl vlslteU friends in Sterling Saturday, ftilBB Edna. Stone, of Clinton,' spent Uie\\veek end at tho home of her par- eW8, Mr. arid. Mra. A, D. Stone. Sherman Culllna was it business visitor In Sterling Haturday, •<* A marriage -Hcejuie was Ixnued «at- urduy morning to Elmer Andernon and MiHH Hilda JuhnHon, bath of 1'j-ophiUH- town. ' "•• — ^ Mike Klt'mschrodt attended "to th« diitH'S of rui-al mart carrier on rout 7 Friday during the ulwiW' of Walter \VaUon, -t\he regular 'carrier, Mrs. W. K. 'Puller, Mrs,- B«m Weal, Mr*. cimfl6<s,Sv*«f, Alias lx>ulsn lirowti ujtd Mrs. XN'iHlum Boyd .were j;ii'in(w »i u lunrlu-ott given, ut the )iom« of Mr«. Henry llpins in Sterling Saturday.' The Ideal Xmas Gift NOTHING WIUL BE MORE ACCEPTABLE AND PRACTICAL THAN A Power or Electric Washing Machine FINJOfHIEWS ~ Mtwj* J>«llu Hawk, of YiilftaralMi, Ind., i» spt'iullns her vacation, vfHh her Mr. and Mrs. Jo« IIuwK. Mi»H 4« u Ktudvnt In the I'nlvunjlty at and this i« her tlr»t hoinii since acltoul slarunl in Mr. and Mrs. ICd, Ukex were iiU'uxuntly vnit<rtuiiu>4l Huudny «t tlu- honu 1 of Mr, und Mrs. J. A, Ewer«. Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Wtmd and.;,i»on, Ana, sptat Sunday ufternoon t»( tin* horn*) of Mr. UIK! "Mfs. Juhu Iturnw. 2Mr. and »Mr«. Jot- Uawk and diauuii- tf F,--MU*a '-i^lla. wrro pk-asuntly e»ter« tuJiu>4 ut !)"> huuiv uf-.JUr, amh'Mm l-'orth. , % Mr. and Mi,«- Fn-d N\-u»y and f.iin- ily wciv., tittfftauti-d Sundiiy ut • the 'iiii- df Mr anil MJ-M. Tlittjna.s Ni-ary. Mr. nnd Mt.v Fluyil Itlack HIV lln« p)'<iiui p.u'fiits »( :t iiiiu- (tuuiul win bcint Sritimlav, l>«-c. |u. Muthff ami l^by .Hi- K* UUiK -Hi'li^ ti| t i'. Mr, ai.i'l AI«> J")u> Turm-y, i>f Mur(l,-,'in. \\vu- Vi I V, p}"!|Mi»iltly < ll'lct t:<!U- t<) .11 iht- hiiiih' nf Mr. jiiul Mi*. STERLING ELECTRIC • iriU fi!iiiil.(S' Mr ci'.<! Ms'--- 1;.!\* Tli" uiiil ij .ti 'llu 1 ltii|ii«- "I' . ,M i'u Ui v uit.l truulU jJdi'. uuU nt 1 1, a MI SEE OUJl-SPECIAL' HOLIDAY DISPLAY IN HOOM NEXT SOU?H OrGEAND THEATElt M.wu;f absolutely free a v r-ftfalWngr Machine , December 23, at 8 P.M. Call at the store for particulars COMPANY, Sterling, Ills.

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