Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on March 22, 1968 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 22, 1968
Page 10
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Tin trifedy of Mm: Hi starts off with a CMrtiy - and winds up with a Government! N elsc bubl Our Daily Bread Sltetv TNNI Of Tnt Enfttf it** II litiittmita Mm. n, wnniivn There Has to Be ait Issue Dividing Two Parties VK.89-NO. NlXOn'S 18W, Press IS, !§£$ Printed by Offset city 9**erfo*fif if yet rt«t!ff Btfert of bf AJBUWAS, rtlOAY, MAUCH 22,19*1 dLLz Humbert Associated Press * Audit Suftstu of _. At, Net Circulation 6 mot. ending Sept. 30,1961 PflCf elsofl Rockefeller's decision Thursday not to enter the Re* Will fo Is Soaring Action 1 fkMMrtfllM ««¥•»•• T tor •.^|» < itoii tod ¥•• Johnson Backers In V*rv Gloof ul Mood * Nelsott iate not to run 1924, the preslden ii 4 i twoyarty sygteni has f aiJed I to ^ chatxl R produce much dltfereace between stock the candidates or whit they rep- stlrred he ' avy resent, In 1924 Coolidg* and tt ssim( Davis were both conservatives, encouraging UFollette to make a decision r the nominaUon Nlxoa , s aftd sent of a mo v etn ent to left draft Is like- a suitable opponent for Lyndon Johnson. It would have been a 1924 In reverse— two liberals and no one representing the conservative view. Rockefeller had gotten the word from the GOP convention twice before— when Nixon out- polled him in 1960, and Goldwater in 1964. And the New Yorker had the candor and courage to state publicly that nothing in the Republican ca mp today indicated any change In the party's earlier preference for Nixon. So It looks like a campaign between Nixon and Johnson with a sharp and clear issue on domestic spending policy dividing the two parties. Which is as itought to be, if the people are to have something to vote on. Receivership for Insurance Firm Filed LITTLE ROCK (AP) - A petition for receivership, charging that the National Fraternity Smith had' a 'capital "impairment or "insolvency *in the amount of $134,438" has been filed in circuit court in Sebastian County. A State Insurance Commissioner Allan Home said Thursday his 1 office had filed the petition. Home said the firm's license was revoked in January because it failed to remove the impairment within the 60 days required by the insurance code. Circuit Judge Paul Wolfe is tentatively scheduled to hear the petition March 27. Horne said his department would attempt to obtain reinsurance of the $1 million worth of ordinary life insurance the firm has in force so that no loss in money or insurance protection would be sustained by the poUcyholders. $104, 995 for Antlpoverty By DOUGLAS B, CORNELL Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - White House politlcos undoubtedly flung hats aloft in glee when Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller balked at skimming his own hat Into the ring for the Republican presidential nomination. Although President Johnson hasn't said he'll seek a second full term—and faces a rugged fight for renomlnation if, he does — there are personal as well as political reasons why he would rather see nearly anyone other than Rockefeller representing the GOP in November, Johnson likes Rockefeller personally, He has been able to get the New Yorker's help on occasion In lining up support among governors for some of the administration's programs. And the President has no love for Nixon. Through the years he has given the former vice presi- run- vice president, however, said he saw the possibility of this action. "I would suggest that at the convention, in the event the favorite sons do not make decisions before the convention, a draft could occur," Nixon said. - - „ In California, Gov, Ronald dent the backOf his hand. Reagan said In a news confer- As for practical politics, to the ence he believes the delegates Johnson carnp Nixon apparently to the Republican national con- looked easier to tackle than ventlon will choose the nominee Rockefeller. The governor -not the primaries. "Right now would have been a new entry of- lt would seem a draft could de- fering a new political banner for cide what would happen," he rallying Republicans and Demo- added. ,• cratic malcontents. Another Western governor, That goes despite Rockefel- Paul Laxalt of Nevada, com- ler's untested pulling power In a mented, "A big, unanswered national election and Nixon's question now will be whether or record as the best vote-getter in not this will stop the draft GOP harness-even though he movement." lost the 1960 presidential elec- Rockefeller, in these words, tion and a 1962 race for gover- said he is still available as the nor^ of California. GOP candidate: "I have said that I stood ready to answer to any true and meaningful call from the Republican' party to serve it and the nation. I still so stand. I would be derelict or uncandid .were I to say otherwise. \ v \ P''-.£l expect nojuch calU^And I/ -shall- do' nothinc*iii' tite Murk, by word or deed, to encourage such a call." J 'Rockefeller advanced four reasons for?hls decision not to try iagaln«for the Republican nomination—and he pointed to Nixon's long lead as the first of them. The governor said: "Quite frankly, I find it clear at this time that a considerable majority of the party's leaders want the candidacy of former Vice President Richard Nixon." In a time of deep cleavages of American opinion over the problems confronting the nation, Rockefeller said, "I do not be- HeVe that the way to compose perilous^ national division is to create more partisan division." fling-mate Lyndon B. Johnson barely squeaked by In that presidential contest, Of course, the President isn't In the clear yet himself, whit with Sens, Robert F. Kennedy of New York and Eugene J, Mcf Carthy of Minnesota unhappy about his Vietnam policy and challenging fof the Democratic nomination. ' Almost every presidential speech—and there aren't man) days without one or more—offers a defense of his position on Vietnam and a call for unity. \ The Johnson manner and appearance betray no obvioui signs of worry. He has been mocking rather than blasting his rivals so far. So the President evidently has worked up a convincing act of has a genuine confidence that he can nab the brass ring if he wants it at the Democratic convention merry* go-round in August, But the blasting may begin against Nixon, whose march toward the Republican nomlna. LIttLE ROCK (AP) - Stele Rep. Ode Lee Middox of Ctfen, who has served in the House since the 1957 legislative session, (tied Thursdiy for re-elec* tlon. Maddox, 55, filed as A Demo* eratle candidate for Pos. 3 In District 20. Thte district compromised of Montgomery and Garland counties. Soys Insurance System Is Outmoded * LITTLE ROCk;(AP) - State Insurance Commissioner Allan iW. Home sMdu Thursday that ; Arkansas' present automobile "insurance system was outmoded fbecause "It depends on whether a person Is afc {fault whether he can recover anything." Home said that Gov. Win' throp Rockefeller would appoint a committee to study alternatives to the current system, Home said the committee would stvdy a basic protection plan that would pay a certain Israel Says 150 Killed in Fighting POLITICS Gov, Nelson A. Rockefeller'! decision not to run sends Rich* ard M. NUton'a poHtlClI stock skyrocketing. Speculation arises about a possible draft-Rockefeller movement, White House politics must have Hung their tat* aloft tn glee when Rockefeller balked at By ED BLANCHE Associated Press Writer TEL AVIV (AP) - Israeli forces fought their wty back ft-.- -;•" K ,v .^ ^ t ,-,„ •».. home Thursday night claiming £JJjfj "* *•" tet lnl ° lh * (hat fhftv wln*w! nut four Arab camP 11 *" ""«• thil they wiped out four Arab INTERNATIONAL Israeli forces return home and claim four guerrilla bases were wiped out in their 14-hour Invasion of Jordan. Highly mobile 37mm antiaircraft guns are used by the one Planes Smash Trucks in Red Convoy W 4KA VI WAV ***3 |* WM WM m/ltllUGV~ ' * . . \, » - ' tion knocked aside Gov, George, * m . ounl »/ medical expenses Romney of Michigan and, in the •** loss of Unw whether or not of view of some Johnson associates, left Rockefeller without a chance, Actually,, Johnson hasn't let up on Nixon In years. the Insured was, at toult. , He said he felt that a person injured in an accident was entitled to some rellfe If the accident was his own fault. John F. Kennedy and To Exhume All Bodies at Prison Farm t»«•» ..J- - „ %-M i\ 6,000 Sheep Die on Land Adjacent to a Top-Secret Army Base SALT LAKE CITY (AP) Sen, "Frank E. Moss has asked the Army for a full report on tests conducted at western Utah's top-secret Dugway proving grounds on the day before 6,000 sheep, began dying on adjacent rangeland. ., . *«,',!What. we,50-aDther suspect is put forth that the sheep contracted the fatal sym ptom s while eating snow to get water. Moss said that' 155mm shells packing nerve gas were used In an Army demonstration on the 43th. He said 'he had reports Ihft,320 gallons of a "persistent l *gent""<• were* released from a Rockefeller's aide on prison af-. fairs, said here Thursday night that "all bodies (at Cummins Prison Farm) will be exhumed this year—before the election." Scott made the remarks in a speech to the Young Republican Club. Three human skeletons were unearthed at Cummins Jan. 29. Thomas 0. Murton, who was prison superintendent at the time, contended that the bodies were those of murdered Inmates. A Lincoln County Grand Jury, which Investigated the unearthing of the three bodies, said the bodies were discovered at the site of an old cemetery. they'reUslng r some exotic, etgnf Wgh-speeoV 'aircraft ^within 27 unnamed agents in the area and miles of the sheep that day, and that ~ BATESVILLE, Ark. (AP}-A $104,995 grant to Arkansas College for its Upward Bound antipoverty project has been approved by the Office of Economic Opportunity, - A summer program for 75 high school students from underprivileged families in the There Are Two Things You Just Can't Hurry a Wife and the Army By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) - You can't hurry a wife or an army. It's foolish to try to. Any male veteran of either matrimony or the military service soon learns the unspoken philosophy of both institutions is the same; "Hurry up and wait." In the Army you receive rush orders to be prepared to move out at a moment's notice. You get ready as fast as you can, LITTLE ROCK (AP) - Clyde Then you Just sit there and wait - • and wait,,, and wait. Charged With Batting -R. Johnson, 54, of Little Rock "was arrested Thursday and -charged with soliciting bets on :horse races, He was released .after posting $100 cash bond, yttte Rock Police said John* goa's arrest was the 41st they tod made to connection with -betting OR horse races since the 1968 Csldawn Park race meeting which began Feb, 9, Dog Swallows ""• ^PWWW •NUItlQIMi " PUEBLO, eoio f (A?) - girl of PujWo says he roy tfr? Marriage works the same way; "For Pete's sake, when are we going to get going?" de< manrts the newlywed husband of his bride as she dawdles at her dressing table. "I'll be ready when I'm ready," she answers serenely. If you try to hurry me, you'll ,!y mafce roe nervous," What the new husbaM doesn't realise is that playing the wait' ing gajne is pnj o< the major industry's ol a women's UJe, anrt that it is i gaj?)e pnjy & weapon njeaju? of men, her thjfll g# bal< m**m $294,399 W &%5?*p5 Sp*y^wr*¥is¥r ^g«§§tomacb, Pierre the pecrtl? rins on m waster^ \wm p§* -^ mw mvr |^ lt §5 _. §uji4ay in4 promptly §WtWew§4 p| re s at 70, he'll spe«J 45 years it* ji marital harness He can look *™ <^± ^^ ^^ 4* ^^^^^h ^M m T« rf*9t T*w* VJtS" I9*f~~* 9W • fi?** f*-"V orward on the average, to jpendjng it le%si IQ of'those 45 years waiting for b}s wife to do WASHP*GTO# (AP) ' ' m to Arvi !eii§if t prof nm to spi ' ^^ Woye^ >. tt * sinjdAf on ft ' fRr fefr feJ show p| something. , He'll be slmtim W % streit cof 8 er waiting Jor ter tQ show up. He'll be drooping behind her at a restaurant waiting for her to pick out a seat. He'll be tying up a travel agent waiting for her to decide where they are going on a vacation. He'll be pacing a hospital corridor on Christmas Eve, waiting for her to give birth to the baby that the doctor confidently told them would arrive before Tbanksgiv- ing. There are many Interesting and profitable ways a man can pass the time while wlfe-walt* 1. Catch up on his sleep. Ten more years of sleep is what most men really need today to cope with the trials of civilized living. 8, learn to wear a monocle. 3. Practice introspection and become the first local guru .In his neighborhood, 4. Grow a beard. 5. Take a correspondence school course in bow to become a ventriloquiest or private de» tecttve. §, start a home mail order business in selling hand-dipped cables and art objects made of us04 chicken wishbones. 7. Pig a family bomb shelter |n the backyard,, 8. Memorize the commercials on television, wA see if you can recite them backward. 9. Write helpful letters to the trouble congressmi.n of his choice. 10. Secretly raise a herd of chinchillas in his bgseweit ai*J sunwise Ws wile on her anniversary with a home-grown fur Wit. this has caused the death of the animals," the'Utah Democrat said today in New Orleans. "If this is so, we ought to know about it so there won't be any further Injury to the animals," he added. The Army chemical and biological test area is located about 50 miles southwest of Salt Lake City. Moss said the Army on March 13 conducted nerve gas tests at Dugway. Sheep were found dead the next day within 35 miles downwind from the tests. State Agriculture Commissioner David R. Waldron said he and other representatives of state and federal agencies will meet today in emergency session with Gov. Calvin L. Rampton at the state Capitol. Waldron Is seeking help from federal officials in determining whether humans might be susceptible to whatever killed the sheep. ," The dead sheep were located at the Hatch ranch on open rangeland where stock has grazed for years. Waldron said that an unknown poison which affects the central nervous system apparently killed the animals, but it might be two weeks before laboratory tests could pinpoint a cause. Snow still covers the grazing area and one theory has been Inmates Drop Plans to Suo Supt. Murton UTTLE ROCK (AP).- The legal Aid i«reau of Pulaski County says two Cummins Prls* on Farm Inmates ba4 dropped their plans to sue former State Prison Supt, Thomas 0. Murton The iwmtes were as Frank E. Rea4 art William J. MUhorn. Burl C. Rpteoberry, director of the bwrea«, said Read and onjy wanted to deny charges against the members oj the Prison tomate Panel. Murton hid accused them of "se*igl exploits aul 4riJ*y*g voile oo routine trips from the prison." Rotenberry sa& it coujkjn't •speak for three other inmates, Marion C. Berry, &mar House awJ larry J, Pouglass, vho bad been Paroled,- Berry, House aqfl Jtougliss m s*!4 they would aiso sue Murtojj tor In the same area 160 gallons of persistent nerve gas was burned In a pit by the Army. The Army at first denied any connection with the deaths, then said Thursday there was no way yet to tell what killed the sheep. One Army spokesman said "normal operations" were conducted March 13 at Dugway, adding that one such operation "involved flight." He declined to comment further. GPHeod/s Fearful of a Depression FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. (AP) -Robert B, Pamplin, chairman of the board of Georgia-Pacific Corp., said here Thursday night he felt that continuation of the United States' current Vietnam policy would result in a "severe depression." Pamplin said this country had compounded a mistake by remaining In Vietnam. "We ought to get out and let the Asians settle their own problems," Paroplln said, "We cannot police the world. France and England have learned this already," Pamplin said that il the United States does not get out of Vietnam, huge financial deficits would result along with further depletion of the gold re. serve, He also said an unman, ageable debt would face the nation, He said these things would "add up to a severe de* presslon," ISO Art Filed in Iffffe ftocfc LITTLE RO^K (AP) Charges of possessing the nil* lucinatory drug LSD have been ftled against three persons who were arrested Feb. 20 by Wttle Rock police. Ritchie Lee Campbell, §1, and his wile, Pamela Jeane, ?0, both of little Rock, were charged in Circuit Court along with Mary Rose Alexander, 20, also o| Ljt- t)e Rock. Ins Campbells also were charged Wednesday with possessing marijuana. Both offenses are felonies. The defendants are expected to be Arraigned April I. guerrilla bases and killed ISO terrorists in their 15-hour Invasion of Jordanian territory on the east side of the Jordan River. The Israelis said they lost only 30 of thsir men, The Jordanians claimed 200 of the Invaders were killed and said only 20 Jordanians wtre dead. The Jordanians also claimed they knocked out most of the Israeli tanks and vehicles which crossed the Jordan River. As the fighting ended, the Arabs and Israelis debated before the U.N. Security Council and sought support In the corridors and lounges at U.N. headquarters in New York. The Arabs were reported optimistic that the council would adopt a resolution condemning Israel and warning that "effective steps" would be taken If the attack was repeated. The semiofficial Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram declared that the Israeli attack has "buried forever all chances for a peaceful settlement In the Middle East." It promised Intensification of Arab guerrilla raids. The United States rebuked both Israel and Jordan, but American specialists In Middle East affairs expressed guarded hope that the outbreak would prove just another one-day incident. The State Department acknowledged that the Israeli Invasion was "In response-to terrorist attacks" but said It was "damaging to the hope for a settlement." * The Israeli chief of stalf, MaJ. Gen. Hiiro Bar-Uv; lnsl*t*l that 'the lightning Invasion was not a'reprisal for recent raids by "Araty guerrillas but "an at- By GEORGE Associated Press Writer SAIGON (A.p) - Amortcaii fighter-bombers smashed 16$ North Vietnamese trucks caf* rying military supplies to the Commwttlsta' troop* along th« demilitarized zone In the last two days, the U,S, Command- announced today, South of the DM2, u,S. mill* tory sources said the North- my for the frs< time to menace Vietnamese have moved highly mobile 3 1 ?mm antiaircraft gun* up to the U.S. Marine fortress al Khe Sanh for the first time ia the war, raising a serious now threat to the besieged base's ae-> rial lifeline. U.S. headquarters also report*, ed that ground action In South North Korean caty Vietnam "continued at an accel- pJSlcThai t?nv « rated P"*" ^ r8d *y' ftnd ss-flL-SSaf sfe ffttw«?sgSS i yE Khe Sanh's aerial lifeline. A missionary doctor's dream comes true when the Paul Carlson Medical Center Is opened In the Cong, Four yearn after his murder. WASHINGTON The brlnk-of-war fever gener ated by the ture of the sight. Student rebels who forced Howard University to close demand the resignation of the school's president and two other officials. '•* NATIONAL The paperback edition of the riot commission report heads for the million-sales mark. Sen. Frank E. Moss asks the traffic" j s increasing," Army to make a full report on spokesman said. "It's biological warfare testing near the Utah area where 6,000 sheep died. From confounding generals to confusing lieutenants, Sgt, Sergent enjoys liio at Ft, Meode. Pulaski Co. OEO Grout tack*aimed at destroying" the bases of El Fatah, the terrorist organization which by Israeli estimate has 1,000 members. Heavy fire from Jordanian guns slowed down the withdrawal, but Bar-Lev said the whole Israeli force had returned to the west bank of the Jordan River under Jet fighter cover by night- tall. Jordan announced that the last Israeli forces withdrew across the river at 8 p.m. local time. Amman Radio claimed that the Invasion cost Israel dearly. It said the Jordanian forces destroyed 45 Israeli tanks and about 50 other armored vehicles and shot down five Israeli planes. It admitted the loss of 10 tanks and 10 other vehicles. Israel acknowledged the loss of six armored vehicles and one plane but said the pilot parachuted to safety. Bar-Lev said the invaders knocked out El Fatah's main base at Karameh, three miles east of the Jordan River, and destroyed terrorist staging centers at Dahal, Feifa and Safl. WASHINGTON (AP) - Sen. J. William Fulbright, D-Ark., announced Thursday that the Office of Economic Opportunity had approved a 1377,389 grant to the Economic Opportunity Agency of Pulaski County. The funds will be used to finance an eight-week summer Headstart program In Pulaski County. The program, which is expected to attract about 1,875 children, will start June 17. The Pulaski County EGA office said about 300 persons would be hired to administer the program. Firm to Fll« Bankruptcy UTTLE ROCK (AP) - The attorney for the Turney Wood Products Co., of Harrison has been authorized by the firm's board of directors to file a bankruptcy petition. The board said, following a troops killed 330 of the enemy In scattered fighting. U.S. pilots reported 110 truck* destroyed or damaged Wednes*' day In North Vietnam's south-, ern panhandle and the Mu Gla Pass area and another 56 destroyed or damaged in the same general area Thursday. "It's not a fact that the truck £H U 4 Sv a tact; that the weather Is breaking. '»• Navy A5 Skyhawk bombers 1 flying off the carrier Bo* Homme Richard raked 14 tllflor- ent groups of trucks along a stretch of highway 40 miles south of Vlnh, where many, trucks wore destroyed the day, before. Pilots reported touching, off numerous fires. . i * ', Air Force pUota also attacked several fuel storage,,depots north of the Mu Gla pass and reported their 750-pound bombs touched off four secondary explosions and two huge fires, with smoke rising2,000feet. In all, U.S. pilots flew 108 missions over North Vietnam Thursday, Other key targets Included three airfields, and eight railroad yards and sidings along the vital northeast and north; west railroad linos to Communist China. One of the strikes was within 24 miles of the See Planes Smash , (on page two) • University to Start 3 Concert Tour 8 'continue to explore every possibility of reorganizing the plant." 4 *•*»!!•>a * W<Hr** <*** 1 * *rw**« All Around Town By The Stir Staff The Prescott School District and the Southwest Arkansas Diagnostic and lie medial Ser* vices are co-sponsoring a two day workshop tor elementary and secondary school staffs Thursday and Friday, March 28-89 at Prescott High School, ,and den> onstratton of the educational materials which have been developed by Science Research Associated, A letter from Arkansas' Junior Miss, Sue Wright ol Fore, man, thanks the Star lor sending a copy that printed her picture , , ,Mlss Wright says "it was the best that I have seen", OrviJle Henry. Arkansas Ga*. ette sports editor, had a fine article about Jack Witt, formerly ol Hope, in Friday's issue, , , he was born and raised here md is the son o| Mrs, Theo P, Witt,, ,Jack is considered one of the best in the world wUh * bow and arrow, Delegates to the SW District Student Council Convention *J Texirteuig Saturday Include E|t len Turneri who will lead * djs, on "The Way to Hold The University of Arkansas Concert Band will begin Us biennial tour of the state next week, uw.u »»« .WMW-, - and wM be on the road for high meeting with TadouT'business school assemblies and civic con- representatives, that It would certs the 25th, 28th, and 21th ol • - • March. The seventy college musicians who comprise the band are from all parts of the state and nation, and represent all aspect* of university life from music majors to engineers, The band Is under the direction of Dr. Richard A, Worthington, and assisted School Elections. . .and Debbi* by David G, Plttman. Watson, who will serve as re- This year's repertoire will to. corder, Lamar Cox, Tommy Holt dude the Finale from Shostaw-. and Donna Byers,. .speaker tor vitch's Fifth Symphony, the 1* the occasion will be Mack Me* vocation of Albrecht from th« Larty, president of the student Ring of the Niebelung, ami body ol the University ol Arkan* Finale Irom the Kallnnlkov « sas, , ,ne will also address phony. Also featured will h Hope students March 25, during Concertino for clarinet, i , w . an assembly that kicks ofl the an- mando March, and the George nual student council election,., Washington Bridge ' be IB the sou of Mr, and Mrs. for band, Frank McLarty, There will be high sembiies, often open to A City BjwUng Tournament lie, at North Little Ro will be h«W *t Gasltte Bowl in School at 8:30 a.m., Searnl Emmet Sabirfcy «* Sunday, School»»»*»£»;•*«*«ti March 23, 24,, .the team events sonviJle High School it? on Saturday will be held it 4 all on Monday, March p.ro, and 7s30 p.ra, with these lowed by a civic concei , teams taking part: Prescott Mo« p.m. also to Jacksonville, tors! Lewis McLarty, Bank ol day's schedule will Ir- 1 Prescott, Pill EUis tosurtnc*, school assemblies at Dairy, Fresco*! M*n<*» 835 a.m., Camden at Gre«nlng*EiUs 9fld *«$ Flirview it 1:50 r FedBraJL Pom's Truck lowed by a civic concert |ft,] rani. ^ jn ^ %t7!Wpja . Both civ will be hekl on the riji bVoa their respective high ,, ,Seor*» The University ,Fei|ows, will conclude how afaput helping the flrls this Wednesday, «M*4*4 M«lii lut to »t

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