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Fall River, Massachusetts
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IXJ '-tl THE FALL RIVK DAILY HERAJL.D, AUGUST 16, 1802. 3 port Assist nut Chief Remington for r-slwtion, will be found in the iit-M. BRADYS BLOOD Fall Rivers Strenuous i BusInessSchbdl Shoemaker Cla CITYS COAL SUPPLY Now Being Bought in Small Lots -at Retail Prices -ftj-1 6 NO CONTRACT NOW IN? FORCE Prices Seemed JooHlgh.When Last Contract Expired. 1 BARGAIN MONDAY and AUGUST CLEARANCE The imperative clamor for room for tha new Fall Merchandise make clearances the- tnotire for -some of -the rarest Bargain Monday special ecoro-my occasions that this season has yet brought forth. I Thin will make MONDAY the BANNER BARGAIN DAY of the And the seeker for the bargain fruit of mercantile circumstances ill find if a jjme.Wdeqd.

Take advantage with the chances ith you. Owing to the enormous interest in ear Bargain Period Sales we hare decided to repeat the aame Monday and in each of tha fire periods offer seasonable merchandise at pricea that are unequalled. tDKOdOdOdOKdOdOOd0OdCOdOdOOdOdOdOdOdOd04CdO MANY BARGAINS FOR MANY MEN! Hata, Capa, Negliges Shirts, Neckwear, Fancy Hosiery, Belts, Brace, Handkrtchiefs, Ghwe. Umbrellas, Underwear, Linen i. Collars' and' ia fact, avary article iu oar large and up to date furnishing department is offered at quick asllingicut prices, RIGHT NOW IS YOUR OPFOHTLX1TY; don't let others get ahead of you.

OUR GOODS WERE BOUGHT TO SELL, AND WE ARE GOING TO SELL THEM. vn I Anjast Trade Sale -or; 4 7 I Mr activity hat is well aatned. oaacaa. gainsay ttavslsssfoar offerings. They stand fpr anstiiulled quality and price cheapness.

Your generous response to oar invitations never fails. FRO LI 10 JL IL TO 12-U. BOONES' 106 BORDEN BLIC, SO. MAIN ST. TAILOR AND MENS FURNISHER.

Fp0404040404040404040404040404040404040C404040404040 Front 8 tl 10 1. U. Tha following items will be on sals at 8 a. ul, and any remaining after 10 a. m.

wiO be promptly taken off sale. Re sure you come at the designated time if you wish to taka ad-vaatage af these offers. flhO quality Ladies Wrappers 78 39c quality Ladies' Summer Car- sets.l&to?4 i 5c Shade Palls le 10c Corset Steels 4o $L19 quality Wash Boilers .87 6c Cotton Crash 4ti-c 50c Men's Negligee 15c childrens low and high seek Vesta 1 0e 10c Skirt Ginghams 7jc FOR S.hX5i THE GENUINE OLD FASHIONED FRANKLIN COAL; BEST COAL MINED DEEP RED ASH FROM 12 NOON TO 2 P. M. The following items will ba on sale at 12 Noon and anj wmaiaing altar 2 p.

m. win be promptly taCen off sale. $150 quality, full douQe bed size. Crochet Bedspfeado for 1.07 5lc Sofa Pillow Covers SL00 aal 71-50 quality Misses' and Yon tha Taa Shoes. 25c quality Italian Silk Mens llose Staples Goal THE VOJING CONTEST Let the frieuda of favorite societies keep up the voting Tw or tliree earnest institutions are-, pushing their favorite ballot.

We want to ee diem even up. OPEN DAY AND EVENING. WE WANT TO SHOWtYOUA Genuine Business one Worthy the Title, and Proud of its past History. Shoemaker GlarksrSchool, 109 SOUTH Over tl Cent Store. ALMANAC FOR TOMQSROW.

High Tld 6 36 m. Sun RtsesU 52 a. m. haw Tide 11 35 a- m. Sun Hau 4 44 p.

in nets 8 1 a. iThsimeaieter. 12 ki. v-m- 8ain. 65 00 05 a m.

61 Low 58 BOSTON. 14. Ilorccaxt for New Eugiuutl: Fair Uonight, except show era probable on south'. const. Sunday fair; fresh to brisk aoitliensi winds.

Storm warning, Cepe Cod to New Haven sections: 4qnull of moderate energy central over irgiiiiu const, moving northwest ill uise Ui ink to high northerly it iml toiilghf ainti Sunday. Washington Aug. Italavv ar, breakwater to New Ymk, liortTicnst torui, warning: Storm in North Cuio-liua will move north, causing increasing to high northeast winds shifting tonight to north and north wad. Boston, Atlg. 10.

"recast for Boston and vicinity: Tartly lonely weather night, probably with sltowers Sunday, tontiaued cool fresh northeilv Winds. IN AND ABOUT THE CITY. Local New Pages 1, 3, 4. 5, 6. and 8 Pocasset Corn Cure will remove your, corns.

Get it nt Brady's dkug- store. Price is 25 cents. Edmond Cote has sold for E. Donnell the latter's patent 'or sew iiK MV(Mt bands into huts. Ihe pnt lta-er i the Wheeler A Wilson Sewing Mnehiue company.

The tel ins are no' Mated. The funeral services of Mrs. ary K. Dlierwood, who died at tin 1 moil Intspitalj while her husband was under urreri for non-support, took place at clock this afternoon from her kite reMili uce on Da-, vis street. The services were conducted by the Rev.

E. A. Bin and the was at Oak Grove cemetery. The eondition of Margaret Bennett at the City hospital remains unchanged. Slu is the woman who leaped from a fire es- jenpc below the lid whin her lin- for the police.

(inn are, as ha been pieriou-Iy dee The city of Fall lliver, which is a very large consumer of coal, will be hard hit if present pricey for that combustible kept up. it has been tne custom tor many years to cull for bide for coal and wood for the various city departments, excepting tb water. works, but. the latte purt of 4ia when the pricea for coal are generally the lowest Very fair figures have been secured, as a rule, and con tractg awarded to the lowest bidders. But this year there was a departure from that rule which is liable to cost the city considerable money, Bids were advertised for in- the usual manner to renew the contact liich expired on June 1, 1902.

The various local firms put in bids, but the latter were contingent upon the possibility of the bidders furnishing coal at the prices named, on account of unsettled conditions prevailing at the time. The bids were also considerably higher than in previous years and this fact, coupled with the reserve made by the bidders that they would! not be hound to live up to the contract in case of trouble arising, induced the members of the committee on public property to do a little speculating. The bids for wood were considered and tre connect swarded, but those for coal were laid ou ihe fable uaiil further The committee hoped iliar conditions would improve and better bids could -be. secured before the time had come when much coni was Consequently no bids were- accepted and no contract made. The city is now purchasing what little coni is needed in the snntmer season from Various dealers at prevailing prices.

But the time will soon come when aenntinet will have to be made and. unless there is a slump in priees. the publie property committee ill be sorry It did not aerept priees. The prices at which dealers would now' hid are higher titan those quoted In their bids of Inst May. and the conditions are no more favorable for securing bids without condition as to ability provide the necessary fuel.

THE CLOTH MARKET Price of Regulars Still Maintained at Three Cents. Sales in the cloth market this week did not go hey ong a total of 50,000 pieces, comprising odds and ends of all kinds of goods. There was considerable feeling around, as though a demand of fair proportions was pending, and the impression ofhrokers is tiist the uncertainty of the future cotton market is the prime factor in the continued delays on the part of buyers who are short of goods. Narrow fabrics are still scarce and there are some mills well engaged into Septein-be. But prices on some goods are weakening.

and it is well known that a drop of an eighth of a cent a yard has taken place in the price of regulars in outside market. The 27-ineh oil squares are selling nt 2.47 cents, a slight decrease, and the prieA of 39-inoh tiS72s has dropped to 4 7-1(1 cents. At these figures there has been no business of nnv size doing. It is possible that if large orders were in for regulars the price might he shaded 4o 2 cents from three cents, hut manufacturers nre holding firtnlv against the idea of breaking to effect nominal trades. Wide goods seem to he unaccountably 1 IUC I'li'ni in ur iiimiuiiiuiiiini sjmv aR they hav- been for some months, a i PILLS.

Make rick Bleed. Especially on is ended for aallour complexion and (ale people." They improve the appetite and impart strength and toae to the whole system. 100 in a bottle for 45c. BRADYS, Granite Etock, Cor. Pocasset Fat! for VIKQL A LITTLE BETTER THAN AST OTHER TEN CENT CIGAR," is the opinioB of bottaanda of smokers who have iwcognixed tka'ifine quality of the pepalar i Jt Real merit is sure to-take the lead.

Webs you want an extra good 5c Cigar buy the f. VINE ROCK Ab djM are rare to jet fall ulueforywr boo oj. CIginsakers CeoperatiTi Ajsccd, BOSTON. MASS. THEY LACKED SAND So Pavers Had to Stop Work on Bedford Street.

work of paring Bedford street has been brought to an abrupt bait owing to some business differences between Contractor Langfeld and A A Allen, proprietor of the Steep Brook sand bauks. The pavers were unable to proceed with their work this morning on account of a lack of sand. Mr. Langfeld has had considerable hard since bis advent in this city and it is very probable that his present contract is not a paying one. He is in Fitchburg today and could not bo interviewed.

Immigration Inspector Hinckley has been notified by the authorities at Washington to include the ports of Fall River and Providence in his district. GEO. N. DEKFEB AUCTION BALE. SATURDAY, AUS.

23, at 3 P- Cottage house and about 14 square rqjis of land, situate nt No. 44 Tan Buren street. Property is in good condition, centrally located and rents welL 'Any person looking for an investment or home will do well by attending this anrtion. For farther partb-ular. apply to the auctioneer.

No. fiO Bedford street. 8plC.19.20 1,22 TROY CO-OPERATIVE RACK, 59 NORTH MAIN ST. Ksst; ti Liu ii Beil Estate Secirttj. The Co-operative Bank method is the best way to secure a borne anJ pay for ii.

Tha regular monthly meeting of the directors will be beld at the office of the bank TUESDAY, Ang. 19. 1902, at7JU P- K3 EO. H. EDDY.

JB. Secy. DISK RECORD TALKING MACHINES. Loud, clear records, dont break, easy to take on vacation. Same machine plays both large and small records.

Prices $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $35, $45. For sale or rent. Cash or credit. Opposite Library Both Phones. TAKE YOUR AT HOME.

A IO Pound Bag of Sea Salt for 20c AT TflllHCY PHARMACY, luUnCl Ufa. Kill ICeatril 7 PERSONALjflENTIO.V A. Humphries, Mrs. Humphries anc their aou, Alfred? left town FrHay afternoon for Ocean Grova, X. where they will spend the greater part of' their vacation.

1). M. Anthonys steam yacht Abbicarll sailed at oclock' this morning with a party who will enjoy a couple of days outing. The party is composed of T. L.

Doyle E. C. Paul, Herman Beaver, Btu liugliam, Andrew Quinn, J. N. McClure, George W.

Plnde, II. J. Marble, Q. Anthony nd Representative Frank M. Chary.

H. Tarpley, formerly steward in tha Columbian club, hSs accepted a situation with the Southern Massachusetts Trie-phone company. George E. Downing, of tha law firm of -Morris, Ilealey and Downing, is in attendance upon the enquiry prosecuted in Providence regarding the collision of tha Priscilla and the Powhattaa, his Interest being the case of the boatman who killed in the contact of the vessels. Misses Annie G.

C. and Sadie Murphy will leave tomorrow for a two week vacation at Bigsbees cottage at Little Comptou. THE NEW STORE A Centre of Attraction. The White Tops Diamond company. No.

K7 South Main street, in new, but active bidder for public patronage, and claim a fair proportion of the aame by virtue of 'its complete and extremely varied stock display, of jewelry, vratelie clocks, hric-a-brre. et A special owning sle i now a eono.iucetJ ui todya Heytid, and is being largely uucvd. Every article sold, carries with it a written guarantee as being just a repreeeeted. During the duration of thin introductory sale, souvenirs are given with every purchase. Special attention is caDedto the w-atch department where reliable timepieces are shown at prices ranging from to $100.00.

In connection with this companv a fhornnrhly first class optical parlor Is maintained, in charge of Paul Gongleman. an expert optician. U1MU SAVB 20. PER CEIST, br getting yonr FLORAL WORK don, at M. CONROY'S, 5 Granita Blk.

AO the latent design, and best work-mnehlp. Kell Tel 553-4. Automatic 5451. MARRIED. MEAGHERrFOSTER In this city, 12th by A.

Buck, J. A. Mengher, Riverside, R. I-, and ML-a Mary A. Foster, of Pawtucket, R.

I. DOBSON-DESMOND In Boston, 12th Arthur R. Dobson to Mias Lillie 51. Desmond, both of this city. DIED.

KENNEY In this city, 15th insL, Mr. Patrick Kenney. Funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 207 Fonntain street, Monday, Aug. 18 at 8 o'clock a.

m. A high mass of requiem for the repose of his soul will he sung at St. I-ono- church at 9 acloek a. m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend.

Worcester papers please copy. FOI7EY In this city I5th Edward, beloved son of Edward F. and Italia Fdler, nee Honan, agad 6 years, 4 months and 27 days. Funeral will takd place from hi-father's residence. No.

20 Meadow street, (tomorrow), Sunday, at lvlO p. m. Relatives and friend are respectfully invited to attend. MURPHY In this city. Hth invt, ifrs Catherine Murphy, widow of the late Michael M.

Murphy. Funeral will take place from her Iste residence. No. 303 Rodman street, (tomorrow). Sunday, at 1 o'clock p.

m. A high mass of requiem will be sung fur the repose of her sonl nt St. 5Iny' church. Monday, Ang. 1A.

at 7 oebs-k a. m. Relatives and friends are reiie-t-fttlly invited to attend. BARROW In this city, loth Florence beloved daughter George and Emma Barrow, aged 11 months. Funeral will take place from Mr.

Barrows residence. No. 207 Stafford road, (tomorrow). Sunday, at 2-30 odock p. m.

Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. CAREY In this city. 15tC inst, Mr. Catherine Carey, widow of the lae Thomas Carey, and sister to Mr. Man-rioe Foley, aged 48 years.

Funeral took place today. BRAYTON At Cans. Switzerland. Jnly 31 at, 1002, Stanley Brayton. In the 24fh year of his age.

Funeral services will be held nt the residence of his father. Mr. TL A. Brayton, on Monday afternoon, Aug: 18th, at 2 oclock. Good Business Our i CARPJ3T, FURNITURE, ANGE am) CROCKERY TRADE has liven very good this season.

The fall i near at hand, and while we do not claim to be the greatest atom we hall strive to TALK FURNITURE, SHOW FURNITURE, And convince you that you can buy the beat goods at the lowest prices at THE ONE PRICE STORE. AD goods sold at cash prices. For $9.87 You can buy a good, springy COUCH, handsome, clean and sanitary; constructed for comfort and to wear. A genuine bargain. A COUCH for 59.87.

The cheapest is not always the best, but we offer the best and latent styles iiv Furniture at the most reasonable prices. For Ilousefurnishing Goods call at Miw (i4 Tha following items wiO ha an aala at 10 a. m. and any remaining after 12 noon win bs promptly taken off sale. Be sure' you come at Hie designated time if you wish to take advantage of these offer: 50c quality heavy unbleached Damask 10c quality Shetland Floes fee $L00 Ladies black and tan Ox-forda .7 Je Ladies lace open work 1 8c 3 for 50c 12tAc Seersucker Ginrhama 50 yard Spool Silk black and colors each 59c Clothes Horse 100 Nicely Framed Pictures 51)c FROM 4 TO 6 P.

11. The following items will be on sale at 4 p. m. and any remaining after 6 p. m.

will be promptly taken off Bale. Be ante you come at the designated time if yon wish to take advantage of these offers: 10c paper covered Novels .7 tic 50r Night Go was 5 hr Brussels and Tapestry fringed Matg $350 Sofa Pillows. $1218 Full Bed size 2-part soft-top Mattress 1.74 50c quality all wool Suitings (L19 quality Wash Boilers VISIT THE PAUIIST CHIP EMPORIUM have your teeth extracted WHILE YOU BLEEP By onr vegetable sleepiag vapor. Pleasant, harmless and satisfactory. Any somber caa be extracted absolutely without pain.No charge for extracting when artificial teeth ara nr-dered.

BOSTOX PAIXLESSS DENTISTS, ia aocni un min, Over the I aad 10c Store. AUTOMOBILES BICYCLES, SAFES, TYPEWRITERS, III Kinds of SPORTIRB EOODS. AT LOW PRICES. Ilqtli CtnUst Tins it All Prices. J.


Roasted daily in our store, 234 So. Main St. Lorraine Coffee Co. Steam and Hot Water Heating CAS FlXtVRES. in nnl, and they are regarded si i mu large trade centres indicate a gradual The Acadians living iu this part of tlie movement nf goods in jobbers hands and country are Laving a big celebration ins ultimntclv it must he reflisted in the nrl-Walthnm.

tod.i.v and a number oft) mnrr market. The S-ineh BlvODs good, people from this nty are in attemlame nrf minted at 2 cents and the wide Large delegations of haul and New Bed standards at 4 cents, ford Aeadians left last night to meet their i brethren from the rsnintj) ot Evangeline Tile programme inclmle.s a intrude tills I mo ruing, a convention this afternoon uuilL a biiuqtiet this evening. There is a large i eolonv of Aendiaus iu New Bedford and I mid thoe tvlp4 of irooT enn tiehnd In quantity on the spot. TTenorts from Councilmen Rivals for Next Nomination for Aldermen. Ward one will he the of a lively political tu-ssie for the aldermanship this fall, if prison) indications are lint misleading.

Alderman I'Vmlds has about de-Freetown-1 filled to rim for Mayor and is feeling the I grim ml with that end in view. He will FROM 2 TO 4 P. U. The folios ing items will be on sale at 2 p. m.

and any remaining after 4 p. m. will be promptly taken off sale. Be sure you come at the designated time if you wish to take advantage of these offers. 12'ijC Cretonnes Kc Ladies 50c lace front- ahd lace trimmed Vests 29c La dies Shirt Waist 19c (2V all wool Nnna Veiling and AIla- tros (all new colors) 4.3c 50 and 75c Wash Silks and Foulard 24c 50c quality Mens Underwear (the odd and endsl 27c 5 package.

10c Toilet Paner for 25c 5 yard pieces Skirt Braiil Gc VISIT THE PALU1SI.CAHP McWHIRRS POCAHONTAS la x) AT SHOVELLED IN. Oqr trade in thia Coal for domestic purposes has shown a steady increase tor several years, and we are prepared to meet the extra demand for it which the high price and scarcity of hard coal at thia time, creates. There is nothing better for STEAM APX HOT WATER HEATERS; and also makes aa excellent fuel for COOKING STOVES AND RANGES. Wftl.C. ATWATER Sc CO- (INCORPORATED).

Main Offices ..4 and 6 Bedford St Wharf and Pockets ......264 Davol St East Yard -56 Plymouth At South Yard .964 Broadway TELEPHONES: BeQ Bedford Street, 81-3; Davol Street, 81-2. Automatic Bedford Street, 4301; Da-vol Street, 294L Our Opening Today IS 3TEW NEGLIGEE SHIRTS Ia steel gray, a handsome color asd ex-tra fine good The first real new SOFT HAT of tha fall season has arrived. It is a decided novelty. If yon need a new bat see this; C.E.HAEV1BLY csl n. tun in rccusniij.


Crstcbes, Trasses, Shutter Braces and Supporters of All Kinds" roa mu at Anthonys Pharmacy. 17 NORTH MAIN ST. YHE TIME Y0 THINK af INSURANCE i before the re starts Tbe time to roarider tbe effects of fire it while no fire is in sight. Get insured no with John P. Slade Son, 57 NO.

MAIN ST. FOR SALE. FOR INVESTMENT. $5000 Hargraves Mills Bonds $50(0) Parker Mills Bonds. $30U0 Shave Mill Bonds.

$2500 King Philip Mills Bond. $2500 Arctic Ice i Cold Storage Co. Bond. ah at Lowest prices. W.

B. M. CHACE 32 BEDFORD STREET. Gooft Work Lowest Pricea. HEATING ANO PLUMBING tefinen, isi Fin Brick.

John F. Johnston. Go. Saeeaseera to Millar ft Johimtoa. Cor.

Hila and Central Sts. Tbe Practical Mechanics. OPPOSITE PUBLIC USRABY A WORD ABOUT VIOLET EXTRACTS There are only two Violet Extract aa the market today worth talking about. ONE IS LE GRAND, The Grand Prize winner at the Paris Exposition, and the other is our Uxbridge Violet They are both true to the delicate odor of the flower so highly prized by people of refined taste and one equally a perfert as the other in every respect. No American violet extract ever placed cm.

the market has equalled our TJxhridge VioW and with that one exception, Le Grand, none In all tha world. We carry about every kind at SmithsDrug Store, Spy. Mile Lttrirj, Fall Blur, Hits. TEETH 56 PER SET. DR.

PEMBERTON, 1158 Pleasant SL, ear. Quequechan Paialass Eitnctlt Crown and BrMg Warfc a Specialty Borden Remington, REMOVAL. On or about JUNE 1st oar office will be at 172 AXAWAX ST, (Metacomrt Mill Office). Our Wholesale and Retail Department for all kinds of Oils, Paints; and Manufacturing Supplies, at S3 Anawaa St. Drags, Chemicals and Dye Staffs.

Telephone, Bell, 426 and 436; Automatic. 3521. Prompt delivery and quality gaaranteed. BORDEN REHINSTG1I. COURT AND CONTRACT BONDS If at any time yon should haveoera-gjon to file a Probate Bond, or a Bond aa APPEAU or INJUNCTION: or sa ASSIGNEE.

RECEIVER erTRCft-TEE; or for the faithful performance of a CONTRACT; pleaaa bear in mind that tbe AMERICAN SURETY COMPANY OF NEW YORK ran execute such bonds; AND AT EIGHT, at iu Fall Rivay Office. 44 Bedford Si. SHEPARD, BUFFI XTOX ft CO, Agfa. KODAK GIRL Has arrived at our store. Headquarters for Kodaks and Supplies.

Bring ia year ardors; 1 tlftlf 29 SOUTH KIAIN STREET JUST THE PLAGE FOR YOU! to yet a qslek and cooked aad well Clean Coffee Is fa; Cl' land; well Our Wei PECKHAM'S LUH CH SI! tsL Pleiiist til Scsssl Six. 4 UORDBIt BLOCIL in various parts of New England can be' fonnd thousands of them. The next wo weeks are visiting weeks at Thibodeau's college. All invited. At a ret cut meeting of the Did Home Festival executive resolutions expressive of appreciation ot Curtis Guild.

Jr.s oration were ttnnni moil sly adopted. The thanks of the as- siK-intion were tendered to Minor Grinm of this city and to Judge II. K. Hraley for1 their addresses; to Alton Pauli of Fnirha ecu for his services as orgnnist: to Mi Florence F. Purrington of M.ittapoisett.

violinist; to Ellis How-loud of New IteHford. to the Misses Bacon, nnd to thrt ehorns; also. to Rev. R. R.

Batchelor New Bedford, who offered prayer: to" Miss Marr E. N. Hathaway of Taunton pwt. and to Herbert E. Hathaway, fm-merly of Fall who wrote the odrw to the committee who prepared and conducted the antiqunriiim.

S. J. Rmith. drugeist opposite PuMirt library, says his perfume trade has iin crossed wond-wfuliv since lie turned out liis new odors. He has a strong ndt mq the Rth page and it would he well to rend it.

lie claims American odors may bei made to surpass any Hnivnrted and nt nl great saving in price, as the imimrt duty is very high on perfumes. He is making a si rone push on perfumes nnd carries a lnrge line. committee' not run for alderman unless his present plans should be chaiiged, which is very 1m probable. The candidates to his succession are Councilman George Rmith ainj Cimneilman Frank Itiley, president of Common Council. Riley and Smith used to lie close friends, and Smith was one nf the strong snppprtrrs of Riley for the presidency of the Common Conncil last winter.

But they have now patted nnd nre ns fierce enemies ns they were close friends, iu a political sense. The situation erented by the two opposing each other is rather peculiar. Both nre strong partisans of the Langford faction nnd both nre looking for the support of that element. Rumors have been cit-eulnted. that Riley had decided' to withdraw from the contest, but he wants to ilenv this ns publicly as possible.

Meanwhile the fire denartment f-nnnhble. wldeh Is now being studied bv the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial court and may later he referred to the Council of Nations. Is cron-ping out tints early, to every body delight who recognize a worthy municipal Issue when he sees one. and people are asking whether a third cniidiiilnte, pledged, to sup- 50 Canvas Cots 98o eaob. i Strongly made with canvas of good weight.

Bargains indeed. See Our Woven Wire Cot at i $1.35 -SetrOur Cot Beds for $2.25 widths and styles. Mattresses to fit em. R. Sk REED Hoaiifunilsliert' 86 PLEASANT STREET.

i V.H.&J.F.Vbaloo, jj db SON, Auctioneer. Real state. Stock end Insurtnaa Brokers. JCa. 40 Bsdferd St, Upstairs, Fall River.

Particular attentioa paid to tha pun (hut aad sale of Real Ertate. Lead aad Maaafectoring Stock. Loans aa mart-gages ofRJ negotiated. Imnr-uw effected oa favorable terms. C.


ViriT cciVimxrwtri rtHir lliLo ItAO-JIM BOHA I n-fo-a-t 0 1.

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