Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on December 18, 1916 · Page 1
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1916
Page 1
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7 i« letting (j«op!» know wft* d«n't knew? what yen h»v* «n your th»l- v#* to *ttt. SIXTY4H1RD YEAR—NO, 143, AND pAttY STANDARD STERLING, ILLINOIS, MONDAY. DEC. 18. 1916. ADVtRTISmO f* fitting p*eo)» knew who dfrflft knew vvhut you Have en your thrive* te tell* PRICE TWO CENTS, OF ROLL EX-CONVICT IN TALK Young Man Frofn Rock Falls Was Slugged And Robbed Of Twenty-Two Dollars, 10CU§T STREET THE SCENE » i C. Wallace Who Has Spent 35 Years In Pen, Spoke At Y. M. 0. A. nti p Ivnvc- .'its addrr** In tho V. M. f. A. Sitn- jil.iy afternoon, rommenMnK ft 3 oYlnrk Pounced Upon Shortly After 1 ™' Midnight By Two Men Who tfl " ff»r itffirlj- thr»'f hi>ur-». rt ..f M« cuk w»* -win- i Thief." Mi. \Vnllnr» f;:«i<t !H- thirty. nv<. yenr« .»f in* nr.- |,» h.ttl n woltil.-rfiil ami A ymmg mnn by the name of Halll- ( Hf> i<s n m:n; :l *ftn from it*>rk 1-VilN wnc held tij> unit;, ', ,' . •.' w iirlx'/li robbed nhortly nftr-r mldnkht tlii« morning by two men near the little t»nrfc on Loe»mt nit sixty year*! of nue. keen eyed, wrfnkb-d I biiir, deep—lrnW on •nul ni he «;i.\s Miill Walk* with th«* lock iitird.«!ii|j IIP AGED PAIR SLAIN Hoarded Wealth Is Motive For Brutal Murders Of Farmer And Wife. HOME SHOT FULL OF HOLES Fortune Said To Have Been Hidden In Home Since The Failure Of a Bank. P ..... n. III. !>(•". H Tin- >.):iw-r-- nf Only 5 More Days John und was !""'»'• Hl * fl "'" *>'"*'* , ,. .. ... . . , . enduied il'irlns hi« nitinv years behind of hi* roll which comMcd of -.„(«„„ «,,,,.„ Hi"* Mloty i« twenty-two, dollars, thnt the rlvil „ Mr. Hnlllfcnn'snM IIP wn* returning j war lii« father vv.m what was csille* f*»m th* upper end "f I^ust street i tt " n»i>p*t mnn. Kervk-c fn the nrmy 1°' '"'' rebellion when he fotmht t«> _. ...... . , *Hh«*r« h« hn<l vlnite.1 n .votm* tncly. prf , BPrV( , hi<t ,,, Mmt ry. j.ut whiskey be- the |«rk hp met two young men. fore him in the way of th*> canteen and grabbed him without tuiylnir n ; fii» rani* 4 from tbe w.'ir n drimkntd nnd He wiy* ho llr.«l Ihmtght they ,n v.ixnhond and all his efforts «'<>(••.• bent friend* nnd were wrestling with in KHHMK money to sntUfy thnt iip- him for the fun of the (hlnjr. Hnwev-{petit** for liquor. *f, It turned wit t» for him. Ht> v«-ry jun>r fun much for smaller of the two men but th who was much lttr«;er ther tlltn by- the hand* anil the little one Kill him over the bend with n «t»ol and this daced him m» that ho unable to r«*nl»t a further nttack, he then reftlJ»p«l that they were' robbing him. HJ« money was in ti roll pnntu tooeket nntl nft«r ' U tho two men nepurnteil nnd dppnrt While tin- m>fi WHK 14 yenis old.'lb*family lived ovet FtJtt On Ijtte. \Vi« H incut miukf't , » ml hi* fitxt In ( !hr«' their <iimi- nr-d bl« wii««. «• !. *»-r«' 'from !ln» *u-ene of i\ Thr |«. «.•»•' futmd nit i,,,uip whii-h hud BRITISH POLICY GAZETTE WAR WHITER WILL BE STATIONED AT FIELD I ItV 1*-. \\illrtm T >,t »!'<• fun"! UP s>mm9. P.I i )< (".<! ;trul orw t>f 1 on the asen> \> Fnroj.,. i\ tct«-l\eii tu«t credentials him !•* >m»_'nent|\ fur the tioti of th*» (o TV- friMPlt ( ht-ndi|iiatU-r«< In Pianre \\tu-re he will represent the I'nifvd I'tes-, pTtHn."l\c- l>. The appointment !« >tnl<-jtif> in Ihn* Will Be Set Forth Tomorrow By Premier In Address To House Of Commons. PEOPLE OPPOSE PEACE Was Indicated When a Crowd Attacked Women Who Talked Peace, J-M I*. Slntm« is tti<> fit si nrnl iteutral (Hl.Hf ' '>•! rf«|'mit'« nl • nrr"<?| '»n<l' in ji"im.tfiently nccreillteil | l.<tinl<in. Knit. I've f t*nilr-d Pii'<-«.-> IS - \Vlicn Pr» ROAR OF THE BATTLE AT VERDUN ROCKED EARTH ALONG FIVE MILE FRONT • j French in Advance up Pepper Heights With*Cloefc Like Precision Calculate 40,000 Ger- mans Lost Their Lives. ted «ttli It ix iM-lti-vr-il th*> ktfrn- *.<«rif \M\ * |»v>i!<-t| nvrr tl<«' i»fn)!(><! (if fhe RIDDLED WITH BULLETS. . II! !>•"<• !<. Vi(!!m« «>f one if-t tuiiljil hiur«.l» % r.» iti t!il« «e«?ad% M-SII-J. ,tii!,» I", llcckcf, Vn d. ftnil Iti* \vif«'. :i!:"it "S3, tir«' th'tr f.iiin !i"iiif it>«.»r Mn«nn acretiry Heretofore, the only America n eorrcFpottd.-nl j>< inruu ritly at U'«» >f th<» Hun fn ill-mi >i« nt fhf entire American pie«s, through the l'nlt«-d l*r« •* and the A«>- poelnted {'few* P« liner nt present IH on-an extended Ie< -fire four in the t', H. Hiinni 1 * reported today to the Jiritish gencial he:ol<|ii.liters. Horn which be will lime ;ic-< "j". to the entire tlr!ti)>h front and tlh* divisional il «!!!(»!! perlence nt uteulbitt wu>» ' ln'it bin father o|ji-netl up' th<; floor nnd M the boy down with rop«>A ti<nl iiround him and he robbed the niouey drawer nnd what meat he could a<>t. He W:IM told by hi* father KleitllnK wren rltfht and hi- mnde n of Inter. Hi- , 'After regaining bin faculties HO h cduld navigate HalllKnn came clow town to a refltaurnnt and whilc^atln hlH atory to the people '» *h restaurant. Officer* were then men a general hunt made for th The, entire section of the city in ^ , rj the jobbery occurred wa fliarched but ot no avail for the holi r , "Up men hud decamped. . Officers Bak ; er and Carter with <Khors made th tralrifl but no one answering the de , ttcriptlon of the men boarded them. I *$» thought the guilty parlies ar %.Mnown by the detailed description glv : cm of them by Mr. Halllgan, Mr, Hatllgan baa only been In Hock y*M« a whor^ time and ban been work' r ' ' on* of the local factories "He bruised by th* men'* u»t» or »nd Jf only off financial« #xp«H*ncf With the robbers COUNCIL MET Oity Sealer And Ooverlnff Excavations t t ' iflF***. W-W*F»»-" 4At tho mwtlnJKalthe city council thl* morning 0e«r*eSlreenough of the Grand Theatre wenented a petition H? asking a permit f<m the erection of a tparauuw ovw front entrance of hbi theatre. The permit was granted, ; After a .tails oh the aubject of pro- ca«* for reference books in tfc* office of th* city clerk, it wan vot- to proeufe onje^-Thwre ar«> a number ; of iBtfch iHJoka in the office frhicth have become wotled and tnid «n>iind/wtthout *y»«t*m on account of no place for them. They ar« alt .yery useful and they Bhould be , pre»f rvssO, nod tHe office of the clerk -wlU nhOrtly be* fitted with a cuae to plllt, thf newte of th* book««. Comml»H|oner Theodore Trouth, head Of thd department of public buldlngii, a«ciiro linoleum for the Judged offioa In the city court. ttjoift i« the on« between the of- 1>ti i\w rity -court clerk and the m- Th« (UJior in bare of any and thw-e.Ui nlwayi^mpre t»r Iflsii walking;. In the room during court hour* and it mak«n a dinturbance. • ; The ordfnanpe covering paved excavatioK cam* up for discussion and were made for certain chftngen which Will he made in it. It (ft likely It will be, brought ut> nt the "" ' meeting and panned. It IH oro- i all thi»» work .clone by the department nnd paid for by the \& having the Job done. It 1* ' likely to be pained without any oppoa- •- *fh* matter of an ordinance relative to the creation of Ute office of a city dealer was dJiPUMued ' and Home little change* nMd* In th* previous mcroor- *ndj«m, ftnd With these 'change* It la thought It will, paw without OPI>OH|> nil fathers to'Jje very cari'ful of what lh«y tell their boys or what they l«»t the boys net» them do. It reqnlre* no'bncklM>ne l«» drift down the stream of fin. For ateulifu; » "V't of clotheH he w«n wtntencetl to >«lx tnontliM In the county jail In Au«u»«t, 1S69. In « town In Wisconsin, and he wa* thrown In with hardened criminal*!. Hmonn sbenv alnful women. There he learned iwlnt- er« ftlHiut; bin later IHSVU «<lHltili','l l -t l>f llt'lf*. lif-lif-vi-il In fi'ivc !»'«'ii thp inittiv-f fitf the n itiu", which >»•- iMiiTt-il H<inu v tim* 1 «'fti ly Sundriv, B«>rH- u r ,W!i» OIK* <>f tin* \vjitthi»'.«t fnrttti'i'fi ID lhi« BeetttMM'f M»e wt«t,e and IH known (<i have hi>|tt n I.-ITKC i*»in nf m»ney Iti hl» h«iin«-. bmiiiii Jie«-u oppoM'd to ImltUr 1 HiiU'o the tiiilstrt' s^v^rnl >«':»ffi 'IKH of it ivkin, IT1 , Initliutlon. In which he wan Interextr-d. The miinU-i _wti«_iljst'iivi-ivi? Sunday morning l>y n d.iughter of th«- .murder- IH| eouple. when »«he went to the llr><'|<- er hnu»e.fiotn her home near by. Bhe >iot onlv. of the Knccltich tiitoji*. but of the oth»>r nit-nt t«moin>w ami onlllnp^ the poll of the government, be will liml lift jinbe "f tli" ttiitl.«l! peo,.)e (»-rttinif ii ntii-on with the new wnr co«incfl. In 'iV''i'-«!| if !ii!*-ns!' in r< the mlT-'r will make t»i •'hancelbir vi»n the New flish -.llul the fcJofitch. '.ipondi'iits. inchnlinj; \VII- f. Slieplieid. \V. H, r-'oriecl nn<l « I*. Stewait, Jiave ni:ine limited to tbe jHrifmh for the t*n!lf»<! t»lmm« itlfo hi's made such In the pout, but from this time permanently forward he will tinal'U' to iidmlttanc^ and called h«*r huxlmnd nnd w»n. They ln" n *> the h«»un«« and fourul the a«!H which be lined In lie lm« been,in varlotm many times, hirt flrnt ex*- p'vriencc Ueitw In the xtule prison ut Anamosa, In, Thin wan before the re- fornn«. when the vlleHt means were lined to humiliate prlxoncrK instead of treating them n« men. He mild ever> convict.brutally treated resolved 1 to .get even wltii tbe men and the Mtate when they got out, and thiH catiHed many of them to continue in their, liven of crime. In the t>a*t ten years there ban been a change for tbe better, and it wan all broughfabout by Christian people, He *ay« treat u criminal A* thouffl} he- waa a human beinff and you will tret excellent revultw. 'lie denounced the third degree ityatenv-ln no uncertain terms. " He mvya you teach youriboyn that it In alnftil to murder, then Wre them at thirteen dollars a month to murder In a wholesale way and call it flfthtlnit for one'*' country. Wallace in a atone ma*on and a uculptor by tra4e. He told how hard t wa* for an ex-convict to secure work after he Is out and has re«olv«?d to do right, He showed a picture of a Hap- Initial fent be made out of a big; n a Minnesota town in which he WIIH baptized after being converted. He nuyn he IH paying back all thejnorft'y ,w ever Htoli- and bin ptild buck, $1,806 n tbe pant fifteen monthn, whloh leaveh inly three more debtn to pay. Hi** ci»l> ectlon amounted to'a goodly HUIII. Hit* alk was listened to by a large numbei if men. >tnd wife lyint; In pool* .of blood In the IlvliiK room. Bullttt Riddle Bedroom, The' window is and wa!1n of the bed- mmn were ohot full of butietv. nnd it in believed thnt the murderers killed thn MRed i'ou|i|t« before entering the lillDH". Thf house IM pntctlcaliy torn to pieeei*, r*arpeti» were ripped up and pIvtiireH torn from their plnre*. Tho body of Mrn. B«;ker wax partially burned, and it IH believed by the officer* that" lamp wan tipped over during her death »trtigi?l««, It IN known that on hint Thunuhty or Krlday Becker rfjceiv«kl $3.000 In 0a»h from on« of hl« reutern. it wan also known t hut -thin money wan not depended in any bank, but was taken to th* BM>k»r home. • ' at Cenernl hendiiUrttlem. t T t«m his ret.urti Palmer will recrenent the A»- Sfwlated I'lfHs «»vhts<lvi;_li i at Urltl^ti lnv»il<jii»irtfr?>. The situation then will l>f> Idi-nticnl wltlv that at tho. .Iflreneh front, wliere only two American cor- nm lu« <!i«<'ti«>miii of the ff«id iirolifa ni ntii tin- i|in'«-tion i>r in. in jumcr. ^ Tin- tofijicr of li'f t!ritii-li peoplt tuu.irtl vrm e wn.M IndlraV-d wh«*n a liui:i' ninli >«•».»»•! da* nttai.'k^tl. .Mis.* H vla. Pankhnt 't as a "p;u inst.". , .With jjiDtiii "! Hjsrni-nthlwrB 5h«> 'ntU'tn|>l t«i ho!. I rt f' d<>moiw*ttnthin" at ttVc <|tilrkl SIM*] ilrt-n are |»ermanently accredited. Robert Herty for the A»«oclnted ami Henry Wood for the United TABLET DEDICATED Marks Spot Where The First Ohuroh Was Built In The Township Of Palmyra, Y««»u«rd«y was th«* day .for tho MURGUIA UNDER FIRE Gen. Oarrauza Will Probe His Failure To Come To The. ' Belief Of Gen. Trevino. . ttr Webb Miller. (Staff Corrt-wpoHdrnt of United Press.) Kr~PHM>. Tes,, Dec. 18.— intimating thnt First Hilef CiirrortRn will Inmltute an Investigation into the conduct of O«n. MurgiiMVfor bin failure to come to Ui* r«tl»f of Chiliuaiuia t;ny durl:i« tho banJH attack tlirce weeks ago until Villa was in po»f«i'*Hlon af the elty, t*en. Trevino la*t night 011- toute to Mexico t'lty' for a conference with Prettideitl ('urixtnxa. - callon to murk wher*> Ht««>J ilu« tlritt church In i*rtlmym township, (Jen. Tn-vlno denied h1n action In cmcuatlug the city of Chlluinhuu hn* .\ti«s Pnnklini'Ht ami party front IH»(. Police Interfen-nre put an end to the, InH the (w>r- inj4 (row,! folloui'il the v.-i>ti),-n to )> lice heiidiio.irteiK where they were held ntider bail f.«.i rxiitiihi'ition by a rnaaiS' time, . It l« exfie ted thin Premier l.loyd (Seorge wfll ssiv»" 'i i otnprchentJive r view of the w&r and outliiM* what Hrt* accumpllKhed under the ok! regime and what he exp,-Hi» to aceompliih under the new «.«r «.tnictl. «"ominpfit n» to what ii'ft to the upheave! that pluce.l him it the l;«-nd of i!:e cabinet, in n«'.( pxpectrd t'i be mn«le by the premier. Food Control Begins. Foo<i control went Into effect ihroufiliout ICn«inntl tod.iy. IteKiiUttionti curtnillns menlH became effective thii mornhifc and wer<> met by the Hriiii'h people In ;i nort of nchool boy humor. wStb tolerant'e stul ini:'f»nni|,i|ninK ( . "I eat .toti miH.'h anyway and food control will,h«IP me reduce." Thic Indlcute-l the -general feeling «f the ueople. A tew lover* of food have devlncd "trick whic.n clrc'umven* itie pur|w««e« of the fooij furtulltiuMit, but comj with the in mote 1H- Henrv Wood. |of the 'KtBff i'oi respondent <if t'nited Pre«s.«s.) i the l-'rench line, n e.irth. forts point of vantage permlttlng n view of the entire line from Vnchervllle to beyond ttezonaux* The artlllerv piepnratlon Which had extended alutiK I b". en tiro Verdun lln« With The French Army al He' 1 IS - A ronr that rocked II H fskv with a appearance of a volcano of fbe ami smott* 1 , nnd an vance of clock-like pn-rision, every Mo SI, Mthlel, ex-ldently pulled " th« man abreast «f bit Mluw tn>ldler«> along Ui(<rtnan<t. They expected nn attack n, fi-ont of five mile*. thiH wn« -the j elsewhere «nfl therefore were unable French victory of Frldriy nt \>rdun. |lo be K in their ImrrnKP fire nntll th* bad swept up a goodly portion Germans Lost 40,000 Men. When the it) for no of fire and «moke had died tbiwn, tln> Freuoh calculated the.v had wiped r<ut two whnle t!i\is!nu«! of IVppr-r The French assault wn« wTTli mien chirk work prcctnitin. the entire »d•40,00" nii'ii. Ttif net rexnlt \vw« \nnce of two mlM-x was accompltvbml thruHiliiK hack the (ictnian line more.-it « nniform-pre-efitabHtihed pace. than three iluu'a l:i»t J mllef* from Bouvflle, Ver- Protected By Curtain Fire, Tln»- f4«»r tn»of>» nMVftin>*Hl under>••»- tJermntij* in July j were Meparatcd by-perfect curtain of artillery lire,, while only ,*,uo ynnK Alwi the ground taken trifle nnd hand gremide barragett start- nt which the t>ermanx f-ir nlXj^d at each 'utop. Thin barrage Wiped, bad worked dav and nlitht en-(out nny (Setman opjMinent« who pncap- ig ajid fortlf>!nc. )e«l th«. artillery mtil the Infantry nefpT fell behind 'the pn'-eftaidlKlied pace In Witriested Great Battle. tbbi great battle. from one LITTLEJCTION Nothing Of Importance Is Re- orted Today From Tin Various War Fronts. It* advance. ,_T|i«» attack wan launched nt 10 o'clock Fnrt.iy morning following .n day's artillery preparation, combined with an iinhrokeo.. rumble of nforefl of. aero* . planes over head, the nir and earth literally trrmbl.-d and vibrated tog«;th» M-. When th«t French had nwept Up *. Dotted Tdday From The goodly portion of Pepper ridge them ' wan to be xeen a straight line of white wmoke Hlong the aide of the ridge. There the grenade throwera were #xe-» cuting their barrage fire, while wait-* RUSSIANS ARE REPULSED Enemy Recreating. To Braila, Roumania. ilty t'nlted PICHM.) a Tow mile* t»f Htcrting. (jver thri'c-i|»arleij» «,»f ago the f|»'vi'nit El OHIO GUARDS PROTEST A Round Robin Protesting The Food And 4 Sanitation, (By United Pre«u>.) • „ PUHO, Tex., Dec. 18.~-Spomdlc denion^tralionn of diflcoiitent among be national guardsmen 'over being it»ld any longer for border duty, arc ngtiglng the attention of tin- military authorities today. Tho latest outburHt wax participated n by tut> Klghtb Ohio Infantry nn<) ook the forjn of a "round robin" signed jy a Hinall group of Holiiicrti p century tlu» littlt- met niul croctP'l the eililii'e fur thf worship of the 8iu>rvtm» llrlnK, and on a mint where but n tvw short vc-Hi'M jirevions the HUVHKC Indliin hunt* ed the buftAlu. tlu«-lH'*j»r nnd HIP wild U»»or, the Itaniy frontiersmen hewed out .'ind joined together H chitrch w|iom» H|)irt« (w yea 1 8 wan u litndnutrk the dktcM <>f the rolling tirolriew. I Marked With Tablet. And s» yc«r« Inter,' though tilts food and military conill- (ona of their camp. la wild ther* are u large number |% of. men wh« wunt the Job. memiwfW of the city ct»uncll will in Tf«igulttr oi'Mniun t'lirl-stmus ^ *0 trantWCt «ny other day. the WARNING AGAIN ISSUED reience Of German Commerce Raider In Atlanta la 8u»p*ctod.- (By United Prewa.) New York, N*. Y., Ucc. IS, —The prc«- nee of u C5,>rmatt cmmneivo laiilor In \w Atlantic wiu* again Indicated today when K. Urilitih battli«liip off Han- chunrh M' none. Urn H'oj»h» of town of I'uliMvra huv«> murkwl wlt'j a tablet to the trnvi'lev Hllfhvvny, o« the tubiPt cnrv.ct| lit * tho the the thai will toll n tht Lincoln face of t'ic h< v may re.ul; been c-riticiin^d by the Alexlfan administration. und »lat«l luck of ammunition and fviir for the siufety of nou- comhatuntx cnii»tt>tl his ntuMulonment of the northern t'lipltal. AnontinK to Trt- vlua fh-n. Aturttufii stuy«»d P(X dnyg at ^uiita HowjUia und tailed to. coma to the ,«ld of the for of the )ieed «if rolling siock triMip nHivi-mcufji all |wnniMiKvr tralllc between thr border and th«» northern t-Apltal JuiK.bvc'ii ordered. FUNERAL HELD SUNDAY Mr>. Susan Banion Had Been III For Over, A. Year. Mrw. Swur BtMtiMin, who had been III for more than ti year .and hnd been «uff»"r<»r, ' \ut« relieved of her Friday- morning when death tu her relief, Mrn. |tennt>n was QERARD IS INTERTSTtD. (By United Prewn.J <'tiris.tiapia, Norway, Dec. J8.— "I am eertwlnly v?ry inter»»iite<l," wai« ritl Am baHHddnr Gerard, enrotite bjaok to hi i<i»t in K«rlln, Would any tbday when neu*npu|>ernu>n wiught to question hln on Uermnny's peox'e proposals, Gerard arrived here on the SeaniHnr. via- Amor ir.tii Liner Fre-ltrkk VIII.. NOTE DELIVERED TO. ENGLAND, (Uy 1'nited Prewi.) London, Kng.. !>«'<'. 18. -7 American umbntMudor I'nge to.lay delivered tin note to the l'5rllli<h for "One Mimlrnl t'e**i went i>S mark- r erected In lh* year ISja tint llrtit ehurch in f'almyni Town. Hev. A«n- inon <la«tri«. i'MMUir." Community Church. Tho dedication \V«H held In Palmyra town bull uiul V\HM itttended by u I'Vntured on the i>r«>Knim by Hev. I-', ('. Kuinsdon i>f Dlxun, und l»r, \V. M. Jtmea ot the church of St»>run the told blk ||nif< Hi'v. Ltnnvden "tHmimunlty i'iiurch.". He dy Hook it u warning to ' not v««« HOW WOULD WHITE FURS GO? At if 13.1*5. for a lurgc rou'nd nuiit' anil animal Hhupe ecarf ut " > The Murphy Dry floods Htore,* j,— THE CROWDED STORES ADVERTISED The big storos that 4o tl»e most ndvi»rtisin^ in Ster- ling'of other towns fwve the uio.nt buHiiioss, tlu*y hnvp the l»rgewt oi-owtl.^, they null tho most goods, and day Uy v day the'year through they st'll fhoapor than tin* storeB that do .not advevtisu, ^_' -. Thet'0 are always except loirs to all rules aiufnov,' ' £heil a i'foiv that does little advertising has » iii<'*- ess, hut they are e.Xj.'.e.ptjons. Tlie st»r*'s that crowded in Stmiiug'as u r.ule, the stores that art- doing n nice, proiitabie business, are the stures that ar» regular advertisers in 'jMu* Dully (i.uettc. These stores have been having a hit*- tnulu ami MI t'lli'as Th« Ua^t'ttt' has lieanl tlu-y'im* all well j»li'nsc<| with results. Home of them are already ahead of last 's sales, with all of this week to add to their out •——'—•-••••-••-—• • ••' . ' '• , , ,—,—,— . —_—, ,—_™_ hw»rer«, to he Jojitl l» their rutitt chnrcheM, to muk«» them the nodal centers tit' the coniiniinity. He alho H|>oKr of HIP eurly settlern »vho had luid.thc fouiultttlun for country churches. Pilgrim's Heritage. Dr.,. Junes' discourse im liie PHsrlm's Hwltuge" dealing With the. history of tho CoKKM-Biitloiiul cbuic-b from UH In- c«*(>t(on in the old New Kngluiu! tttuteii, IU marcli weMtvvurd vUtli the old iilon- t«er«i, ttji'to the jin.-wnt. Uute. J4i*s. l^eo IU' ul suut Mrs. Kuthoi-lnc- llullou of J»lxon wttc In vh«rgi> of the xlnging, Klincr Fuhrney luenided ul Till) tnurUer has hern |»luced at the r(uut»lilu IIM> t'tet east o.rMhr iJuf Urove (•cboul. I Hiephen Veltoux m\tl Job/ ll! I'.tge a. Judy ».oin»' JM'Vftity years old and waa native of Bwt'dfii. coming <o tlila country many years «KO with her bunt»und, livintr on a farm, mtwt of the years \\hen* they nix-uniulated a good i uim- Brine yeara ago they moved to Pro- lili.Hi-ti.un and purchiuied » beautiful hiun* k -whii'h hail Bliu-t; been their abode. Uui'lng mont of this time Mrs. Denson hud been III and no her happiness hart been Impaired to ^hiit extent. ''--A«ioral wnw held Sunday, »t»r- being held botb :»t tiu* home und at iluj cjtureh. Hht» wan a devout t'hrUtlan nnd wan a regulur church nt- tciulant whi'ii lid lii-altli would -permit. ."Mrs, Hfmwn leaves betiides the devoted liunhaml Mfverul children, a greater portion t>f whom are married. Th«» yottngetit . daughter. Mitw Alice, IUIK been ( tiu« home maker for «. loiig linn" buck' jyt nd thw care of the mother devolving upon her iu a grt'ut eign oHlce. URQE POPE AND U. 3, TO ACT. ** (By I'nllcd l*rtM«,) ilomo. .Italy, Ivc. J»,— The t>ntt»! Powers lmvt« drirtil tbo P^-JM* nnfl thi I'm«il Ktiitcw of ,\t)ieri»'.i to bad; i'j tin* Herman piwc propotuiln, ai'cor.iiii to r«'ioit> fn circulation here totl«v.' PREMIER WILL RESUME WORK. (By United Press.) tendon. ICng., J^cc. 18. r - Pfet.ilcr I«loyd <!eurs!e; hopt'H to 'get out today and resume practically all of bin du- after hiM ilin.Hh latitng lu-iuiv a certain tb^ prentUr will be nble to addreHH tlii= house uf coinmuna tomorrow outlining the i il- Icy ot" iho innv govoriimetit and KbitlnK Britnln M view' of fl»»unany'» PCHCO t<ro- children all Hv<» in the vicinity of fiiiH-rul NCI vice* Alfit^l Nt'lson ICIi« wen- couduricd by unit buiutl «.i.-j ninth- etery, DEATH OF MRS, JOHNSON Died at Home of Son, Ecjward, In Bur.t, lows, Sunday Morning. \Mr. au.J . JUDGE RAMSEY PRESIDES Will Hear Case of Man Charged With Murder «t Rook Inland. Uly t'lilted Pre»«».) / Rock Island, III., Pec. 18.— Inminity Will bf thV Plea of Carl T. Huhn whoxe trial o|>''iie(| hero today. He in clnut;- ed with thtt tiuirdor of t'harlew \V. |{ruetivr, a Haloor keeper , of thiH «Mty la»t Heptember. I'omwel tor the tie- fendant will urghr that he w«« mentally unbalanced ut the tlmo of the Lawyer** for Ituhii will Bhoottm/, ing an artillery curtain for a further advance. Then the Una leaped^for,,, , . —, ward again and there wa» a second. AltaCKeO I ne| grenade barrage. All nf the barrage | tires continued smoking In the w»t> , Micky nlr. The entire line of battle jwa» marked by long white nmoklnff 'lines showing every advance. » j Fierce Near the Summit. t An the French neared the tumitilt licriin. tjer.. Hy WireleM To Say- jof the height the fury of the battle U|* ill*. U 1., I>PC. IS, — "Xo Important creased. Innumerable rockeU ahot VP vent*" waa t«»dny"» German , offlclal jakyward a» the different' Prenoh Mter, •uteimmt on tbe we*tern front fight-j-lorj» ulgnalled the aeraplanea of theur> ing, Tlpre \va» little ttghting on the Swmme nnd M«»»ne *ect«rt>, the report Varying KUC-CCSH of local engag^- nt^itn In thf '">• valley were reported fitmt Archduke Joxeph's front. In tbe "McBtecanencl xector . east of Oolden . a violent artillery duel is In Iletreat of RuHtm«Rr»umanlan8 to Hrallu und wttucUn'oti these retreathm cohtmtiH by Oermun ueroptanea wr» re- iMdte.l In olllclnl statement. "HoHtlle had^ succeeded In^ paKMlng this curtain cidttmiiH, retreating from Braila, were tit lacked by oi-r llyera S«UCCPSS, The general < i-haiiged/'jlici gtatemen UiiKhian uttncKit around H»»f I'ornl; u-ere rcpulKctt. advance. It looked Ilka a great pyre* technical diupluy on a glorlou* Fourth of July. ' . , , ^ ••'''. The (i«*rm*n barrage which opened' at nhort range, lengthened «« th« French ancended from the front «lfl» of the hill and the two curtaina of flr* met at the Muminlt In a frightful Intermingling of esphwlona thnt turned the entire ridge' Into a smoking volcano. Yet a t mome'nt afterward** were . up that gave notice tlje French !H "in- and .near Nlrt-t Invest of Luck the liiih»iian.s htrove in vain to pture I'osiltinns wjuclj tho took on Uoccmbef ,16. ThcHu were repi*aUtj at night. Near Augiri- tovka and 'loiitn or J^ftoiov, Mmllnr at I'lu;, to reKitin .iilvanUiKes olittiinetl by Teiiliibic IriHipH, likvwlHe t'ailfd, THE BULCARS (Hy United Sofia, Hnlgiiriit, Dec, }:,'—Advance a: iun tro HIH in IXibrtidju and <n\a of fire and were dencending on th» op- Iionltu .Hide of the hill. • Within nn Iniur the entire ridge wk« captured. -Then 'began «. mad roc* for the rear olLthe Krenc.h line* by a d(»» Vn aeroplanes" I-5very aviator Bew low and UK fnnt at* be could drive hta machine, intent on being the flrat to drop the joyful newK of the French victory. Town Apparently Burning, While these French forcen were at- tackinif Pepper hlghta other French dlvlHlons were advancing tigalnat * Varherauvllle. lying at the Xoot,of r th» : Pepper valley of the Meunt». They^ ~ j progrc'Htted in hand to hand fighting . '.jade smoke marking the fighting .line. 3 rn Wallachiu, \\na ( .-eporte<| In th» of- Mtntvmeut today. In IVtbruJja he Teutonic line wu* atlvtutced to the tiic i roin lueran nnd nent ttlmi Solovix.i to' I>okuxeri»a. The ftn'te- the tjVrmaus were ad- The fiithtintf-waH no fierce In the eltj' 'f that the volume of amoks from th» s« grenudeti which we'ne hurled into the J ' ' ciiiK on toiiiuunln. the Calmuttnul rivel and houttett where the Oermana alill reauted made |t appear that thV -ft entire, village wan afire. Yet when the . struggle wa* over and the French were/ „ 111 HII control and the nmoke cleared away,- | ft here was not u Mingle house aflame, v • ? WHh tb« |O«H of Pepper rlrtge th*. OernifiiiH turned almoat their . artillery force IOOBU in an effort -,.,,. Pan! Reports Orally jchwk a further French advance. Fur* r •- NO DECISION ANNOUNCED On Conference With Carrania. (By Suited Pros*,) . ther cant they uhot an almost solid flre over Ixivemont, Chambrettea farm, Hiirdaumont and Bossonvauic. ; Philadelphia. Pa.. Wee. is.—Cnrnui- Tbe fjerman artillery 1 flre continued. ;o 1 " ' with Incredible violence and pemiat. during tho en tire, afternoon—but it's decision" regarding the bj'i'der pro ocol .signed at AtlaniU* <'lty wa* not Midi 1 knoyii_ today. Albeit" J. Pan!, - document to the tteck to prove that the defendant Intuxii'atfii at the. time of the murder. The HtHtt' will liwUt that i»v» eu If Ituhn WOM under the Influence of U«iu«ir. he w«« ctipuble of judging bi». right ami wrung and {hut the wu« iii revenge for a Injury at the hands* of Krueger iiU4. Karl Johnson, u ti legram IUM •,vi«to iitUU'iis the lit I'luui'li. ,\Jt l-VIUnvi. iTTen in 'Us I'lineval VUK the Hist to be held Uoin lue etlitik'e, 'I'lie oiiKhiul Fellow »» t item by iw iw\\ owne.l by a BIG SfSlKE : tN -NEW YOHK About .|5,oSrCTotUing Workers Pi?kot- , cd The Fn«t»i4»» Today. ! H>,,,l'i,itt'ii I'll s,- > . y_. l»«-n t.'. in i i^i'i, 1 nm s.uii.lru 'lo'hiiii. Moil-ii 1 - n.n .1 'Uielr bills ;iii»l iiwi.iu'i to |ll.HH-» fit e}lli,UlJ»lvllt \Vh»'le t'.K l lu.t.''M ,t i I. «r! diili tint l« {In* jii.iniita' tu4 s ••. ot > It-tiling h:n t» HJI't' iljt" i'|.i n Hn U r HJI't' iljt" i'|.i n Hn U l.ulojiis .i K to llvi ot 1 1 Am "ul, i>ie>*iili'i(i ' lo'tli'lct; In. i nul-'t' t iil< I s i;iiit'ti -i. til WOUUP -'A PFtKTTY COLLAR 'rotn ISuii. lovvu. lt»tlUij4 liu'lii of the death ol hi'- tiiotliei', Mi;<, Mary .loluihoti .u tlt> v home .of her HOU, \\.ii'd, wlik'ii ocrtifivtl two The coroner'* jury brought out the fact, l hut at the time of the Mhooting Itrthn walked into Kru.eger'n ' umlonw wtaggered toward the bar and «ald Jo Kruegi'r: ."Vou've got to Hettle with nn\ And jou won't get »«" with any o'.-Kirt:, TJte body Will to Sii-iiin! 1 . iuuchiiiH hfiu Tu«*.-itl.iv, iinti U i» c.spevtei! tliu will iv- held hoint 1 titne Wmt- newia'y at the home ot her *ou. t I'J.trl. It iis pr«>-utneil tl.e .death of Mr«., Johnson \\nt ii.ukl-,'1! for li's>!< than h Vift-k ago ti Ii-Uei from, her'.Mated isiui was'in ^oo»! lu tilth. MIM, Joluthou has IK ell' ilvilij,;' \ViHi her s-on in SU'ilinK. aim -il'iint .--i\ wi'«-K>» u»;» ^^tt> went lo v.Hii ni ii I iiuilj Tbe d-t«.v>,id w.isi III, \\hi''\\ "t tiu- i',Ue ,lJnlt-i t J>ihil.^i,|i, .•I Jl«i;it.ii l<i\vii > -lnp II ! ,tt I' '« ei de«'H'ed I'C li";'t! tin- !IM'- i-iul *«-i . u i'j, \\ « d'i' -"i.t> at teint on- .ft oli>-, at tin- tionn nt h«'l jJiin, Mi -i!i.i Mi- li.t JohtiMUt, in. Hopl,iii»>. •h.'i K K( • il iiiti'tuii'ii 1 Mill •(«' (n I'M- ll|.i,i*i\ «Jio\i' i «-nii'i<>i j |50i>,"' IcMlitH'd thtit then- t chief, occupied the f the Joint sctusioii of the t-rH this nj)'nilij«. ivpor-tiMg. orally on his conference' with I'arrniiza ut-Quer- cturo. Hc-i>ITi»i't'il no AM'ltti'n document from 't'a The joint uitd tne It wan apparent because of, the eon** •$, tluued 8hurtenln«r of the range by e.nemy th^t thu French advance the entire 'front.wBM unchecked, TO TIME WAS EXTENDED wan a 1«UH a Mnilo on the face of ilie victim when Balm dtvw thu revolver IQ shoot him. - , v_^\^ WILSON. MARRIED A- YEAR They Played Golf ThU Morning And Will .Have A Famify Dinner Tenighlt, tBy ruitnl Pte*rf)' udjounifHl at noon Wv'IH into iietistoli wai»u The juinr Cities Will Be Safe From Hd>t* tile Attacks When |f«w Defenses Are Built. . (Uv United Press.) j ' Wniihliigion,. U O-, Dee. 18,—JSfoHiing ! could bu more pronounced that! th» ' complete failure of the tnobllieation eg tin* militia forccj* along th'e border f ° declared MaJ. tJen. Leqiutrd Wood, for* stssHloii will be resumed tit 3 o'clue'k. when Paul will cuniliiut- hia verbal report. ' . " i it 1* said Mtvretary '-une will n«.t HCC J, .1 It.-iuex, Villa's? rci-iesientalive, wh-» jit'i'tveu h-re todny from New Yotk ' HOW WOULD A KfU?F SUIT,' di'i'tl and Ml<. \\'it;->ii c'>ii HIM \%<-diUiix ;<nnhet:4iy today. TN ^L'lit iUll lia' illl -dLLtli.-LliUlul (.'!' S^ tb>one thi-'Jiflow (it'sxuiji lempetMtDi Tltije "ill :i i.uitttv <'i'in,T iu *.>. \\luli, 1 lioil-^e tiiiilKli! TJie I'Jt'Mii-l a(i,< -Vi<.' ) . \Vil.<-»n \xtil.wtll eistfi lain : H ill Utt J'.il't.V ,<Hi I Ulilds* I >!, i>, ) i-llllK-r ,'N(I' I'l't-Sltll'Ill .\\ tK Will . rl>'l'l«te lil>- It'lih luttlid<i> liiil 1 in.i.le !• i plan> i-T «>t»M'i v.ini'e of i! .Supreme Court Gives Judge Undi* In 'f <>UU>f(i " f stun '' bl ' fore th * Until January 18 To An»wor. hiib-comm1tfe»« on iiiliitury uffaira. MHJ. tiew U/.M, Weaver, chief of ttw ai't'lllfry «ervlct-, told the hoiigti imitti't'. (hv> Anu'ricun ^ea« itH-a on botli .the Atlantic and woilid be ma4e fr^b-frain bos" M V- l^'c, iv--The feii- 4_>icnie couH Uul.»y eMi-inled until Jun- uui> Jh the time to l-\ deral ,1'iilKe Lun»Hij ot I'tiiiago to s»ho\\ cause «vby lut.i tile altm-k witliln the i»Vxt yeatv, .Thlr» t.rdei' foiiMiltdniniK hundred** of dam- J ty tlioiiw.4iid jtird jmigu guns—out of ti%? .suits* «is.un»t the inlkinii Trans-} sight range—will be installed within pollution i'otiip.uiy. giovviut; out of tlu-[yi-ut' at the new count defence »tationa | ..'a^li,utd Ujsui-U'i."' should not M>i«\eil i.-, a.--Ut'<l by tiu- ronipan wauls to tr* '[. h, ii> ;of the li-, of tbe I yi-ur at Jjc re- iTn't- poh I ,-- , them. The new coast Tin- f dt-feuv,' station at Han F|-ancl»co will tb«-j liaVc-lii-invh 40,000 yard range Kuim. r-.b.n ~ SUBSTITUTE OEf EATEP RECORD 1, NEW COAJ BE I :o- Srwoot OH«i«d A Biil To Diktr.'ct Absolutely .Dry. ' i I'.v fattte-1 I'l.'i.-. i \V\tt.ii|llUl.i!i 1» I', | ti-i !S Sc Miioi-l •• ' .>)*.> ol id ill > hilt r ", i.iilei 7i o U O •- H11) t' I \ •(• «^-*(- n (j. fj f S* 1 il ,ik j Twenty-sight Holdup* Artdl^ Mur- 'filer Occurred In 8t, Louii. ' ' (U> 1'nlU'd I'ies») _' J ,st l.oui,-,. Alo, Jfx-e. IS. -Tweniy- t'UUil hiiltiiipri )>,v auto UiinditH uttd unn 'murder, St -I.,,nli..' u-cord night ^f I Will- fii'MMI •Vollll'll U'.'ll* llU'IUile«t 'Ill- Ut i I. t J»t\ ll.lkf tin It -M I '' ' li'.i I, \ '.,i- i|>l*-it, t, !i, .1 ' i<tl-, il| ll'e \iriliiin nt a 1 ,vcot«* of roll Tho ,1'i'iiM v i-ottliei t |.|k{ >; vilih uulo tuki III uj|n-(

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