Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 18, 1973 · Page 8
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 8

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 18, 1973
Page 8
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6 GQlesburg Registef-Mdil, Gdlesburg, III. Wednesday, April 18, 1973 SuptrviMr't Annual OGNfiRAL^ASSISTANCG Town of Cify of Oototburg STATE OF llilNOlS, ) )S9. County of Kfwx ) The foUdvt^ng is a statement by Ridtaftl M. fiurstend, Supervisor d tte Town of City of Oaiesbwg in the County and State aforesaid, of (he amount of piMic funds received end ex* pended by him during the fiscal year just dosed, ending cm March 31, 1973, showing the amount of public funds on hand at the commencement of said fiscal year, the amount of public funds received and from what sources received, the amount of pulWic funds expended and for what purposes expended, during fiscal year ending as aforesaid. Tile said supervisor, being duly sworn, doth depose and say that the foMowing statement by him subscribed is a correct statement of the amount of public funcb on hand at the commencement of the fiscal year above stated, (he amount of public funds received, and (he sources from which received, and the amount expended and purposes for whidi expended, as set forth in said statement. The attached pages two through three is a complete list of exipenditures for the fiscal year ending March 31, 1973. Richard M. Bui^land, Supervisor Signed and sworn to before me on March 31,1973. Lova L. Fritsoh, Notary Public RECAPITULATION GENERAL ASSISTANCE FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Taxes from Levy of Previous Years 95,785.81 Balance on Hand (at Beginning of the Fiscal Year) 4,729.55 Money Borrowed this Fiscal Year 16,000.001 Balance Due from Ofcliers Received During Fiscal Year 1,568.00 Amount Received from State of lilinods (Spec. Assist. Grant) 3,343.79 Refund from Clients 1,211.02 ChristyJpeople's Coal & Heating Co., Fuel West Main Coal Yard, Fuel —Illinois Power Company, Gas & Lights, (aients) — City Treasurer, City of Galesburg, Water Service, (Clients) Barker's Shoe Store, Shoes Kinney Shoe Store, Shoes - J. C. Penney Co., Inc., Total - $122,638.17 EXPENDITURES For What Expended Amount Home ReUef $ 38,993.03 Hospitalization & Ambulance 19,570.78 Transient Cases 1,797.23 Burial of Poor 115.00 Administration 19,236.71 Payment of Principal and Interest on Bonds and sihort- term notes, Warrants - — 16,115.77 Total $ 95,828.52 Total Receipts $122,638.17 Total Expenditures 95,828.52 Balance on Hand . $ 26,809.65 DISBURSEMENTS Account No. 1, Cash Relief, Oasih Assistance $ 16,910.27 Hawbiiopne 175.24 Shane & Showers iFamily Shoe Store, Shoes Agha B. Babanoury, M.D., Medical Services John L. Bohan, M.D., Medical Services J. B. Bronny, M.D., Medical Services -Drs. Robert L. Cannon & John Holland, Medical Services — B. W. Coan, M.D. Medical Services Drs. Stephen Oontro & M. A. Claman, Medical Services Drs. E. A. Orowell & R. W. Reed, Medical Services J. R. Doores, M.D., Medical Services (Jalesburg Clinic, Medical Services Gal^urg Medical Arts Clinic LTD, Medical Services W. L. Giles, M.D., Medical Services — Roderlc B. Howell, M.D., Medical Services Kent K. Kleinl«auf, M.D., Medical Services Drs. Marltivee & Grossl, X-rays M. A. Marvelli, O.D., Medical Services J. W. Packard, M.D., Medical Services Charles B. Paisley, M.D., Medical Services Robert H. Quilty, D.D.S., Dental Services Andirew J. SUensky, M.D., Medical Services -— Fred Stansbury, M.D., Medical Services E. G. Tribbey, D.D.S., Dental Services A. C. Watson, M.D., Medical Services .Richard C. Westergren, D.D.S., Dental Services G. E. Whiteside, D.D.S., Dental Services Duane A. Willander, M.D., Medical Services Virginia Eary Shop, Medical Support Witte Hearing Aid Center, Batteries — dark Drug Store, Prescriptions -- -- Oronin Rx. Sfiop, Prescriptions ---Galesburg Clinic Pharmacy, Prescriptions Drug Co., DeLuxe Cafe, Meals Forrie's Red & White, Food, etc Giant Food Stores, Food, etc 5,880.35 Hi-Lo Groceteria, Food, etc Jerry's Foods, Food, etc. Pete's Market, Food, etc. Sam's Coffee Comer, Me^s Catherine Club, Room & Board Ollie Heady, Room & Board Rescue Mission, Room & Board Schrader's Room & Board Benny Amato, Rent Gene Baker, Rent --. Barry Barasii, Rent Alberta Carroll, Rent R. B. Cecil, Rent Leonard Commean, Rent Hotel Custer Harry Davis Oiarles Dortch Leo Fancher, Rent William L. Fox, Rent Roy Hiigenberg Richard Hillier, Rent Ethel Hodgin, Rent Edna Homeker, Rent Loraigne Inman, Rent Evedean Jones, Rent Knox County Housing Authority, Rent -r I. Lflsser, Rent Hong Lee, Rent RDbert MoCuUough, Heat Haroid Quimby, Rent Beroice Hose, Rent -- Hpnry ^atm, Rent — HsUci Tswnimie, Rent Connie Tucker, Rent William Tucker, Rent James Walsh, Rent Marilyn Wooisey, Rent 78.00 346.68 579.79 110.48 116.17 61.00 23.35 70.00 30.00 150.00 87.50 30.00 50.00 75.00 55.00 427.75 75.00 90.00 245.00 85.00 75.00 12.50 20.00 10.00 220.50 60.00 302.00 20.00 50.00 310.00 82.50 25.00 26.00 310.00 165.00 35.00! Prescriptions Norbii Side Drug Co., Prescriptions North Side Medical Arts Pharmacy, Prescriptions Osco Drug Company, Prescriptions Walgreen Drug Store, Prescriptions West Drug Company, Prescriptions Galesburg Cottage Hospital, Hospitalization Si Treatment Metiiodist Hospital of Central Illinois, Hospitalization & Treatment St. Mary's Hospital, Hospitalization & Treatment Farrell's Ambulance Service, Ambulance Service Foley Mortuary, Bur- j ial 262,50jContinental Trailways, Transportation - Galesburg Independent Cab Co., Transportation LeGrand's Service, Transportation — Petty Cash, Miscellaneous Bills Dorothy E. Hand, Caseworker, Salary Lova Fritscii, Salary Payroll Clearing Fund, Deductions from salaries & Contributions for IMRF ---First Galesburg Nat'l Bank & Trust, Office Rent Widmer, Inc., Yearly EMiphone Service & Supplies American Public Welfare .'\:-i->oeiation, Welrate Direclory 100.40 39.60 898.23 107.71 23.98 17.91 25.93 9.90 828.00 74.00 41.00 80.50 27.00 1,427.00 142.00 56.00 2,727.40 392.00 90.00 7.00 246.00 7.00 24.40 266.00 31.00 I 30.00 128.00 28.00 320.00 589.50 Howard L. Hallberg, Postmaster, Postage 100.40 SUPERVISORS REPORT City of GfllesbUJig — Galley 3- Knox Office Equipment. Inc., Equipment Repairs 24.85 Office Systems, Inc., Office Supplies ..... 4.00 R. L. Polk & Company, City Difeotory 40.50 Prairie Printing Company, Office Sup. plies, etc. — 185.70 Ross Shaver & Typewriter, Office Supplies - 3.75 Wilkinson's Office Supplies, Office Supplies 69.53 City Treasurer, City of Galesburg, Water City Treasurer, City of Galesburg, Water Service 18.72 Illinois Power Company, Electric Service 99.01 Intra State Telephone Company, Telephone - 245.58 Dorothy E. Hund, Caseworker, Travel & Professional 36.10 Galesburg Industrial & Clean Towel, Clean Rug Service 48.85 Peereless Window Oeaning, Janitor Services 91.00 Wilson Paper Company, Janitor Supplies --- - 6.05 Bank of Galesburg, Interest on Warrants 115.77 City Treasurer of Galesburg, Group 248.64 Health Insurance 248.64 Warrants . 16,000.00 Grand Total $ 95,828.52 TOWN FUND RECEIPTS Funds Received Amount Taxes from Levy of Previous Years ...$ 52,834.32 Balance on hand (at beginning of the fiscal year) 19,600.65 Money Borrowed this Fiscal Year 14,500.00 Balance Due from Others Received During Fiscal Year III. Spec. Assist. „ 2,193.21 Lawrence D. Johnson Agency 343.00 City, Sale of typewriter . 25.0C Intra State Telephone Co. -.i. 19.45 Prances Dyer, Salary, Assessor's Clerk — 1,029.88 htrntm 0. Gillham, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 388.84 Robert Olaser, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 53188 Grace Goad, Salary, AssessOT's Clerk 307.82 Helen ttalrshbarger, Assessor's Deputy 528.00 Carolyn HiUard, Salary, Assessor 's aeck 280.17 Victor Kraft, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 418.07 Mildred C. Landes, Salary, Assessor 's aerk 6,205.72 Phillip Lind, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 503.72 Ray Moberg, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 159.22 Carolyn Nelson, Salary Assessor's Clerk 550.68 Herbert Nelson, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 378.68 Olive Page, Salai^, Assessor 's Clerk ... 290.61 Florence M. Ro(>s, Salary, Assessor 's Clerk 601.05 Helen Rouland, Salary, Assessor 's aerk 940.09 Velma Sears, Salary, Assessor's Clerk — 4,633.93 Albert D. Stivers, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 588.81 Ruth Stoulfer, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 439.61 Alice M. White, Salary, Assessor's Cleric 772.26 Payroll (bearing Fund, Deductions from salaries & contributions for IMRF & Social Security .. 15,429.91 Barry Barash, Office Rent 1,785.00 City Treasurer, City of Galesburg, Water Service 89.08 Illinois Power Company, Gas & Lights 454.40 Intra State Telephone Company, Telephone Service - —- 366.60 American Appraisal Co. Inc., Renewal Subscription 30.00 American Institute of 21.11 R«al Estate A{)prai- ten, PitifestioiMil hm |.w B. 8c B. Btml^iridery, OKke Supplies .... 43.88 Black Brothers, Office EquilJment etc S^ems-Kwi- kOf)y, Oifk^ Supplies .- «.50 aty Treasurer, City of Galesburg, Directories 8t (Mice Sup* f^es 88.38 Credit Bureau of Galesburg Inc., Membership & Of- ffce Supplies 60.00 Dunswodh's Book & Stationers, Office Supplies 29.09 First Galesbuiig Nat'l Bank tt TVust, Printing of Checks 7.80 Howard L. Hallberg, Postmaster, Postage 80.00 The Labor News Co., Office Supplies .... 66.00 Midwest Photo Service, Equipment 50.00 Prairie Printing Company, Ofifice Supplies 163.65 Ross Shav^ & typ^- writer, Office Equipment & Supidies ... 144.45 Evar Swanson, Postmaster, Postage — 480.00 Wilkinson's, Office Supplies & Equipment - 307.17 Marilyn F. Anderson, Travel Expenses .. 159.00 Ronald F. Hararmin- cich. Assessor, Professional & Mileage 440.66 Walter Cofoid, Treas., Township Assessors of 111., Professional Membership .. 5.00 Illinois Property Assessment Institute, Professional Meeting 92.00 Illinois Welfare Association, Professional Men)bership, Supervisor 8.00 International Association of Assessing-Officers, ftxjfessional Membership & Supplies 43.00 Township Ofificials of HMnois, Troy Kost,' Sec., Professional MefMbenliips 87.50 GAlealturg thdustrial it dean Towel, Cleaa ^ tmitt Sehrtee ..— 37 .80 J. k L. Cleanifig Serv- ke, JefUtor S^ces 358.00 Oteeft Rtte VeneX^^ BlKid Laundry, deanlng of Blinds 13 .80 Mildred C. Lendes, iRehnfeurBeffient, JaftUior Services ... 8.00 Peeriesi Window Cteaning, Window aeaning 80.00 E. W. ShoU, Trash Hauling 38.00 Breslins, RefMir of Town Hall 8.07 Galesburg Termite & Pest Contrri, Pest Cofltrol, Town Halls 127.90 V. T. Givens Sign Service, Sign, Town Hall 12.00 Kenneth McDonald, Painting 454.00 Harold Mlagoon, Painting 50.00 Harry Swanson Lock & Key Shop, Locks & Keys 28.50 Tile Gflle ^butig Register-Mail, Printing & publishing 224.90 Clilfonl L. Anderson Agency, St ^iervi- sor's Bonds & Insurances 661.00 €% of Galesburg, Treas. Office, Health Insurance .. 497.28 First Galesl)urg National Bank & Trust Co., Glass Insurance 25.00 The Lawrence D. Johnson Insurance, Insurance, Liability 77.00 MoGrew & McGrew Agency Inc., Fire Insurance, GA Office 55.00 Sanborn Insurance Agency Inc., Asses^'s Bond 10.00 Hethert F. Kamerer, C.P.A., Annual Audit 725.00 Harden & Ruedig, At- tomies. Legal Services - 46.25 Barney Olson II, Attorney, Legal Services -. 100.00 Klaus Nordgren, Recorder of Deeds, Recording of Deeds .. 716.00 Second to Join Knoxvilh Resident For Center^s IS'Gallon Club Biehlrd D. NeIsM, Knoxville, beeame the se^idnd inefn' b«r of the ifi^gatton donor's club at the Galesburg Reghrtiat Red Cross Blood Center's operation April 10. Other new gallMi club members include: John W. Poplett^ 689 W. Berrien St., 11 -gallon; Earl Park Jr., 1218 N. Academy St., 8 'gallon; Raymond M. Griffith, 437 Oak St., Roy E. Brackett, 1568 8. Henderson St., and Dale L. Johnson, Rio, 7 -gallon; Earl S. Wagher, 8 -galIon, and Clarence Mohr, Alexis, Donald Beetter, Oneida, and Carl J. Bland, 1109 N. Cherry St., 4 -gaIIon. Marilyn Rice, Woodhull, John Mahnesmith, Wataga, Wil* liam Krupps, 465 N. Pleasant St., 3 -gaUoin; Marjorie Mudd, 424 Kenwick Dr., Dale May, 1013 Beecher Ave., Lyle Plnck- ney, 1860 McMaster Ave., Leslie R. McConnell, Oneida, 2- gallon, and Roland W. Fiestad, 1640 N. Kellogg St., James K. Powell, 978 Maple Ave., Eugene P. Holt, Oneida, Joyce Ruber, Williamsfield, Leo B. Carr, 587 Monmouth Blvd., and F. E. Bailey, 1572 N. West St., 1 -galIon dub. A total of 187 donors registered during the operation, and 172 units of blood were collected. Dr. William T. Kamp ahdDr. DonaldGrieme were physicians on duty. Antenna Topples, 4 Electrocuted JUNCTION CITY, Ark. (UPI) — A television antenna on a house toppled onto a high voltage wire and electrocuted 'our persons inside Tuesday. The house caught fire and burned. Coroner Dr. J. H. Pinson said he four victims, two adults and wo children, were burned but he said they died by electrocu ion before the house caught on ire. The dead were Maggie Mae Clayborn, Leon Turner and Nelie Turner, all of EI Dorado, Ark., and Ruthie B. Love of Junction City. Their ages were not known. Central Patriotic Committee, Gordon Mui- looly. Decoration of Veterans' Graves .. 100.00 Bank of Galesburg, Interest on Warrants 78.45 Bank of Galesburg, Warrants 14,500.00 Grand Total .$ 74,649.51 READ THE WANT ADS! Group at Alexis Chooses Officers At April Meeting ALEXIS - Mrs. Fred Van Fleet has been elected president of St. Theresa's Church Altar and RoSary Society. Other officers elected at a meeting April 10, are Mrs. Lawrence Shunick, vice president; Mrs. Ed Olin, secretary, and Mrs. Lawrence Reynolds, treasurer. New officers will begin their terms June 1. A combined confirmation ceremony and 50-year dedication program Will be held at the church May 8, it was announced. A teen dance, sponsored by the Alexis Pastoral Alliance, will be held Apri^29 at the Alexis Grade School gymnasium. Members of the Alexis Senior Woman's Club will hold their •spring luncheon April 24 at 1 p.m. at Alexis United Presbyterian Church. Reservations are due April 19 with Mrs. Marie Pease, Mrs. Mollie Farrell or Miss Grace Dew, a club spokesman said. 85.00 Mimeographing Services, OMice Supplies Total Receipts 89,515.63 EXPENDITURES Compensation of 21.001 Town Officers $ 17,880.3 Town Hall Expense .. 668.4 Town Officers' Ex- 325.001 pense 39,835.03 Maintenance of Ceme- I teries - 100.00 207.00 Payment of Principal and Interest on 28.00 Bonds and short- term notes, War- 2.91 rants 14,578.45 Other Services and 65.03 Expenses 1,587.25 Total Expenditures $ 74,649.5 21.35 Total Receipts $89,515.63 Total Expenditures 74,649.5 349.50 Balance -$ 14,866.12 DISBURSEMENTS 23.35 Rioliard M. Burgland, Supervisor, Salary $ 1,867.02 161.68 i Ronald F. Haramin- dch. Assessor, Salary 5,756.56 367.00 1 oiga E. Nelson, Town aerk. Salary ...... 390.49 116-98! Lois Swanson, Town Secretary, Salary .. 47.24 237.85 iLova Fritsch, Town Bookkeeper, Salary 917.46 347.30 icurtis H. Erickson, Town Auditor, Salary 227.13 8,589.10 Russell L. Gifford, Town Auditor, Salary - 219.69 Howard L. Jackson, 116.72 Town Auditor, Salary 85.32 William C. Jackson, 12,541.31 Town Auditor, Salary 227.13 Frank L. Johnson Jr., 50.00 Town Auditor, Salary : 219.69 115.00 Donald H. Johnson, Town Auditor, Sal- 26.85 ary 219.69 William E, Lemmer, Town Auditor, Sal- 61.40 ary 113.37 Carroll D. Wilson. 48.00 Town Auditor, Salary 227.13 76.51 Mariyn F. Anderson, Salary, Assessor's 5,895.60 Deputy 1,402.27 1 3,875.28; Larry Asher, Salary, I Assessor's Deputy 378.25 Helen Belhke, Salary, Assessor's Clerk ... 565.28 7,085.31 Louis E. Borst, Salary, Assessor's Deputy - 245.56 1,020.00 Gladys Brattstrom, Salary, Assessor's Clerk 984.40 107.00 :Mar>' L. Gates, Salary, Assessor's Deputy 496.70 15.00 Lorraine Dickson, Salary, Assessor's i 6.00 Clerk - 982.27! HELP WANTED Production Workers Wontedf Shifts PERMANENT EMPLOYMENT 5 DAYS A WEEK EXCELLENT NEW BENEFITS Higher Starting Rates; $360-$3.88 per hour plus Incentive Bonus and Progressive Increases. Company Paid Group Insurance including: Hospitalization, Surgical, 'Major Medical Insurance up to $10,000. Accident & Sickness Benefits- iCompany Paid Retirement Plan With New Increased Benefits. ilO Paid Holidays-11 in 1974. Improved Vacation Plan including 6th Week of Vacation Plus Mony Other Fringe Benefits. Apply At Personnel Office Open Doily 8 AM-5 PM Mon. thru Fri. 2 3 4 DMIRAL CORPOR Midwest Manufacturing Div. Monmouth Blvd. Golesburg, III* An Equal Opportunity Employer

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